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[size11 [center Solana is a cruel and heartless Princess. She has been banished from her Kingdom and made into a lowly commoner by some mysterious magic. Lost and confused, she wanders into a dangerous territory belonging to an equally cursed Prince who had been exiled from his Kingdom as well. He tells her that they must complete three tasks to be able to gain back their reputation and normal lives. They both clash and are completely stubborn. After a while, they realize these tasks don't help at all. In the end, it seems they must find love to be able to break the curse, but mostly likely show love for each other.]]


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[center [size14 [Old+Standard+TT [#be4949 "Excuse me! Watch your tone. Is that how you speak to women? Wouldn't be surprised if you're single."] Solana scoffed, flicking her hair off her shoulder, being a complete and utter bitch now. Who could blame her? She wakes up in rags and find herself stripped of her title for some mysterious reason, while her parents seem to not remember her. Not even the guards. A strong gust of wind blew again, she shivered again. She had to find somewhere to stay for the night.. and figure this all out in the morning. In the back of her mind, she felt like this is the work of some magic. She may need to see the witch, her mother spoke about long time ago when she was younger. She missed her warm and comfortable bed. Sighing, she stepped past him, hugging herself tightly. Her legs already ached from walking this long.

[#be4949 "A princess shouldn't have to be dealing with this shit..."] she said through clenched teeth, then collapsing to her knees. She picked herself back up, feeling very fatigued and cold. She searched the small pocket of her dress, finding small coin purse. Solana looked at the coins inside, it seemed to be enough to stay at the inn. [i I just have... to make it there..] she thought, walking back towards town again.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/34oj1Sc.jpg]] When he stood there, it all of a sudden got cold. What time was it? he wondered. It was late at night. Anyway as he stood there. He wondered where he would get some food.
"Hey! At least look forward when you're walking! Fuck.." Does she know she's talking to?
"Seriously, how hard is it to avoid bumping into someone who's standing still."
"Well; if you were standing still, why didn't you move out of the way?" He said.
He felt like hitting her, but he didn't. Ever since he had left the castle. He had been hot headed. But he decided to just leave it.
"Anyway, if you haven't got anything better to do..." he said, which was probably pushing it a bit too far. But he didn't care.
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[center [size14 [Old+Standard+TT Solana hugged herself, rubbing her arms to try and keep warm. The later it got, the colder it seemed to get. It was the fall season. She shivered, regretting ever leaving that vacant home. Surely, someone within that town would've taken her in. She thought back to how all of this happened; she was laying in her bed, then the next she woke up, she found herself in the slums. She gritted her teeth in annoyance. How the hell will she survive like this? She didn't deserve this at all.

She never liked the dark.. or being alone in the dark. Since no one saw as royalty, she could be kidnapped or something worse. Not even a blunt object to use as a weapon to protect herself out here. All of the sudden, she found herself falling after being shoved from behind, or that's how it felt to her. She turned and looked up at the hooded male, eyes narrowed with much hate.

[#be4949 "Hey! At least look forward when you're walking! Fuck.."] she growled, standing up to her feet and brushed off her already dirtied dress. She gazed at the male, ready to defend herself if need be. [#be4949 "Seriously, how hard is it to avoid bumping into someone who's standing still."]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/34oj1Sc.jpg]] As he had found his doors locked, he walked away from the doors and down the hallway. Where it was all quiet. He was expecting to see some guards. But there were none.

Anyway, as he walked down the hallway, he wondered if he could steal some weapons, but he found that that was locked too. He sighed.

"Hey, what are you doing here?"

Alaric jumped, he thought that everyone was gone.

He turned around. And saw a knight. "What do you mean what am i doing here? I'm the prince of Avalon."
"Not anymore you're not, you were exiled by the King."
Alaric decided not to say anything, and be on his way.

When he was on his way, he saw many of the townspeople recognise him. He decided to walk as quickly as possible, And before he knew it, he bumped into a girl.

"Oh; sorry, i didn't see you there." He stopped for a moment. Looking underneath her hood. He thought he had seen her at one of his Mothers' balls. Wasn't she the princess of Alfheim?
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[center [size14 [Old+Standard+TT Solana grimaced at the taste and quality of the wine.

[#be4949 "This is awful,'] she said. [#be4949 "Not the best quality of wine, but I guess I can't expect anything different from a poor town."]

She placed the small goblet down, eyeing the one plate of food on the table. She pressed a finger on a cooked piece of meat, feeling the warmth. This confirmed that someone lived here. [i Why don't they show themselves?] she thought. All of the sudden, a sense of foreboding overcame her. This could be some kind of trap. That wine could've been poisoned.

[#be4949 "Hello?"] she called.

She stepped out of the kitchen area and into the living room. Fireplace lit and boots on the floor. Her eyes narrowed.

[#be4949 "Hello?!"] she called once one.

No response. She marched down the small hallway and looked through each room. No one seemed to be here. This made no sense. Why leave the door unlocked? Anyone could walk in and steal something. She paid no mind to it. She didn't need to steal, since she was a princess. Nothing valuable here anyway. Since she didn't feel safe here, she left the empty house and wandered the streets again. No one would pay her no mind. No one believed that she was the princess. She walked back to her home, two guards stopped her at the gate. Once she explained herself, they didn't believe a word of it. She tried to force her way inside, only to be thrown out on her butt.

She stood there, eyes narrowed. [#be4949 "This is unfair!"] she screamed. [#be4949 "I'm Princess Solana, you have no right to kick me out of my own home!"]

They didn't respond to her. They claimed the King and Queen's daughter had run away from home. That made no sense. She was standing right here in front of them. Why would she run away from home?

Solana found herself walking along the deserted path, not knowing where to go...
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/34oj1Sc.jpg]] When Alaric awoke; the sunlight was blinding him, it took him several.
second's to wake up.
"Sorry your highness, you have several meeting's today,"
Oh yeah, he forgot he was a [I your highness].
"Isn't it always the way," he said.
By this time, he was up. So he went to the bathroom to get washed and get changed, then he exited the bathroom.
When he had exited the bathroom, he was ready for breakfast.
So without further adieu, he went downstairs and entered the ball room.
The reason why they were eating in the ballroom, is because they had several guest's today.
"Ah; Alaric, you're awake." Said his Father.
"Yes Father, sorry i"'m late."

He looked at the table in front of him. And saw several eggs and bacon. He sat down.

By the time he had eaten his breakfast, most of the guests have left. And it was just him and his Father.
As he sat there, he thought there was something different about his Father. He sat there for quite a while before his Father said-
"Alaric, what do you think you're doing?"
Alaric frowned, "What do you mean what do you think I'm doing?"
"I mean you're just sitting there."
"Oh, well I thought I would give some of the servant's the day off."
His Father stood up. "That's it. You can't keep giving these servant's the day off anymore. I'm going to banish you from this Kingdom."
Alaric frowned, "Father, you can't do that."
"I can and I will. Don't come back to me until you have broken the curse."
What a strange thing to say. "Excuse me?"
"You heard what I said." And left it at that.
[I Perhaps he has had to much wine]. He thought. But found he was quite serious as he had locked his dorms.
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[center [size14 [Old+Standard+TT Alfheim was a peaceful Kingdom, ruled by King Jocelin, Queen Elyscia and their beautiful daughter Princess Solana. Everyone in the Kingdom respected the royal family, due to their generous nature and respect for those who have nothing. Solana, their daughter, was an equally well-respected princess who everyone adored. Even as a little girl, many boys from the village came to bring her flowers, chocolates, or even random objects as a confession of their love. By the time she turned 16, she had a chest full of them. She kept the chest hidden underneath her bed, cherishing it deeply.

Everything was good.. or so it seemed. Solana slowly began to change after her 18th birthday. Her kindness and respect everyone knew was gone, like an evil witch had sucked all of it out. She became cruel and heartless, mistreating the maids and butlers alike, even her parents who no longer felt they had control over her behavior.


[#be4949 "Worthless! You both can't do anything right! This is not how I wanted my nightgown designed!"] Solana yelled. She threw it on the ground at the cowering seamstresses. [#be4949 "Get out!"]

[b "W-We're sorry, Your Highness.."] one of them stuttered and bowed, leaving.

[#be4949 "Ugh, if you want things done, you have to do it yourself."] Solana felt annoyed now. She slipped out of her robe and pulled out one of her already made nightgowns for the night. Once she slipped it on, she sat down at her vanity dresser and combed through her hair. She turned off the lamp on her bedside table and got into bed.

An hour into her rest, a cloaked figure stood by the end of her bed, staff in hand. It swirled it around, a bit of magic made a slight aura surround her body. Then they poofed without a word.

A sudden breeze brushed past her face. This caused her eyes to snap open almost instantly. She stared up at the night sky, a confused look on her face. She sat up, looking around the smelly, dingy area. It looked liked she was in the slums of the village or something. Or maybe a darkened alley. She saw two guys beginning to approach her; she stood up and walked away fast, making her way into the shopping district of town. When she looked down, she no longer wore her nightgown. Rags covered her body. [#be4949 "What the hell is this?!"] She pulled at the rag dress she wore, frowning in disgust.

What made this worse, she had no idea where she was. This wasn't her town, nor did the village look familiar. [i Where is this?!] She grumbled to herself and walked over to a nearby bakery shop. A sweet scent filled her nostrils, making her stomach grumble. Cream puffs were her favorite thing to eat. She craved one right now. She stepped towards the door, which the lady who owned the store stopped her with a stoic face.

[b "You can't come in,"] she said. [b "Especially looking like that. You possible couldn't afford any of my goods anyway. I don't tolerate thieves."]

Solana looked appalled. [#be4949 "How dare you speak to a princess like that."]

The lady scoffed. [b "Princess of the slums? Ha. You wish, girly. Hurry and move, you're scaring away customers."]

The door slammed in her face. Her eyes widened in shock. No way her people would speak to her like this. She gritted her teeth and had the urge to barge in there. She turned on her bare heel and walked away. She had no idea what was going on, feeling overwhelmed by this situation. One second she's in her bed asleep, the next she appears in some alley. She wandered away from the town, finding a house. It seemed like a place to take shelter for tonight. She stepped inside, taking in a wonderful smell. Food laid on the table. It was like someone welcomed her here.

[#be4949 "I'm rather parched,"] she said. She poured herself something to drink.
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