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[i “If I can’t have you, no one can”.. Something everyone’s heard at least once or twice while in relationships.. But what happens when it truly comes with a price?]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/GG7L05D.png]]

[#e84a70 [b Muse A was the boyfriend/ girlfriend to Muse B who happened to be in a gang. Everything in the beginning was almost a dream come true. They were happy and so very in love. Or that was until Muse B happened to become so wrapped up in their role of the gang that they no longer could separate their gang self from who they were with Muse A.

Muse A tried to give Muse B multiple chances. Tried to see them as the one they had fallen for. But the more that time passed, the harder that was. Only could they see their former lover as the monster they’d become.

“If you leave me, remember this.. If I can’t have you, then no one else can” Muse B said to A the night they left them.

Now sixth months later, Muse A is starting to try and move on in their life. They’ve changed jobs, met new friends, and are even starting to fall in love again. The threat that their ex made is nowhere in mind and they just think it’s a threat.

Muse A starts to date the new person and for a little while everything seems fine. But what they don’t know is B has been watching the whole time. And the more B watches, the stronger the feeling of betrayal and hurt gets. Keeping to their word, Muse B offs Muse A’s new lover.

So now, A knows what B meant. They would not be the one to suffer but those around them would.

Where does this leave the sanity of both? And who wins the game of Love and Lust? Or will there be nothing more but a bitter end to the messed up tale?

Help me decide by joining Heed My Words!]]


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This was the last thing she wanted to be doing but she had no choice. How much longer could she really take the absurd schemes, the killings and even just the gang in general? There had to be a line drawn and this was where she was drawing it. She HAD to draw it no matter how much she loved Jas.

There was that cold blank-face staring at her as she spoke her words. [b "We need to break up."] And then that smile, the one she KNEW meant the other was pissed but not wanting you to know. Scarlett had been with Jasper long enough to know it and had seen it given MANY times before but never to her. And it scared her, though she would not show her fear.

[#81e66b "Of course we don't Red, don't be silly."] Jas said as those eyes, the ones she had fallen in love with stared into her own. The only difference this time were they were so very much like ice and were like staring into her soul. Always she hated that and it took her a second to regain her composure as she spoke again [b ""No Jas. You've changed, this whole thing has changed you. I can't do this anymore."] It was those words that happened to have Jas begin to move towards her and had her stepping back.

[#81e66b 'I see."] Jas muttered and straightened up and gave the girl a deadly glare, while her sick smiles remained. [#81e66b "You will come to your senses, and realize you will always be mine. Go ahead Little Red. Run away from the big bad wolf. But remember; if I can't have you, no one can."] Jasper finished, her face returning to that absent cold look as she turned from Scarlett and simply walked away.


Since their break up time passed and she seemed to be getting back into a form of life. Scarlett had found a new home, job, and new friends. Things seemed to be looking up. Or they did aside from the pictures and messages that she would get off and on from Jas. They seemed to be some form of reminder, though Scar tried to put them out of her mind. Jas was her past, she HAD to move forward. She just had to.

Scar began to get attached to a blonde beauty name Sara. She was funny, sweet and attentive. It had not been long before the two young women began talking more and even going out. Slowly she was letting down her guard and letting herself fall for Sara. It was their firsr official date when she kissed the other for rbe first time, it being a soft and sweet kiss. One that she thought she could get used to.


Brown eyes stared at the message on her phone. Almost was she too terrified to open it. For a little while the messages had stopped. She had though that Jas was over these games. Had MAYBE found another girl to forget about her with. Or that had been her hopes.

With shaking hands and a sinking heart, Scar opened the message follow and tears began to all but pour from her cheeks. For there was a picture of Sara completely blood covered and near ripped apart. Just looking at it made the young woman sick and she was soon bent over the trashcan by her bed and throwing up.

It took her many minutes to even stop shaking enough to open her contacts and click onto her ex's name. [i 'What do you want from me Jas?'] This was the WORST idea she had and thing she could be doing but this..this had shaken her to the core.
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[center [Jura [size18 About Six Months Ago]
[size14 Jasper stood blank-faced as her girlfriend spoke to her, [i "We need to break up."] The other girl had said to her. Jasper's famous smile, the one she gave when she was pissed off but didn't want you to know it yet, split across her face. [#74ef1a "Of course we don't Red, don't be silly."] There was a coldness in her eyes as she seemed to stare holes into the other girl's soul.

[i "No Jas. You've changed, this whole thing has changed you. I can't do this anymore."] As Jasper moved towards her, Scarlett seemed to back away, she stopped.

[#74ef1a "I see."] She straightened up and gave the girl a deadly glare, while her sick smiles remained. [#74ef1a "You will come to your senses, and realize you will always be mine. Go ahead Little Red. Run away from the big bad wolf. But remember; if I can't have you, no one can."] Jasper finished, her face returning to that absent cold look as she turned from the other girl and walked away.

[size18 ----]

In those last six months, Jasper watched Scarlett closely, but never too close to be caught. Every two weeks or so she would send a photo to Scarlett; shower photos, photos of her at work, photos with her friends, and so on. However, things changed when Jasper noticed a pretty little blonde had seemed to take up a bunch of her love's life, despite the reminders that she was still there watching. All it took was a kiss good night, to make Jasper snap.

She waiting until the girl went home, walking alone on the dark street made it seem as if she were just taunting Jasper. As if to say "I've taken what's yours and you can't do anything about it." But Jasper would show her.

[center [Jura [size18 Present Day]
[size14 She stood in the aftermath of blood and gore, the pooling of life on the ground, that she had so willingly spilled, for what? for love? That was what Jasper believed anyways. Her eyes narrowed at the lifeless corpse and she kicked it with her boot. Definitely dead. It felt good, better than other lives she had taken in the name of the gang. Jasper had planned this death to be ceremonious, a warning and reminder to the one who held her black and rotted heart.

Jasper stood and straightened up, she pulled out her phone to snap a picture of her trophy, blood smearing on the screen as she did so. She opened up the contacts and scrolled to the name "Red" staring at it for a moment with cold eyes before clicking it and typing away a message.

[i 12:34 am
Sent to Red
A red gift for a red girl.
-Photo attached-]

A tight almost sick grin stretches across her face, her eyes blank with icy cold nothing behind them. Jasper pockets the phone and turns away from the scene before opening a zippo lighter and tossing it onto the body in the hole, and walking away.
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