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[i “If I can’t have you, no one can”.. Something everyone’s heard at least once or twice while in relationships.. But what happens when it truly comes with a price?]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/GG7L05D.png]]

[#e84a70 [b Muse A was the boyfriend/ girlfriend to Muse B who happened to be in a gang. Everything in the beginning was almost a dream come true. They were happy and so very in love. Or that was until Muse B happened to become so wrapped up in their role of the gang that they no longer could separate their gang self from who they were with Muse A.

Muse A tried to give Muse B multiple chances. Tried to see them as the one they had fallen for. But the more that time passed, the harder that was. Only could they see their former lover as the monster they’d become.

“If you leave me, remember this.. If I can’t have you, then no one else can” Muse B said to A the night they left them.

Now sixth months later, Muse A is starting to try and move on in their life. They’ve changed jobs, met new friends, and are even starting to fall in love again. The threat that their ex made is nowhere in mind and they just think it’s a threat.

Muse A starts to date the new person and for a little while everything seems fine. But what they don’t know is B has been watching the whole time. And the more B watches, the stronger the feeling of betrayal and hurt gets. Keeping to their word, Muse B offs Muse A’s new lover.

So now, A knows what B meant. They would not be the one to suffer but those around them would.

Where does this leave the sanity of both? And who wins the game of Love and Lust? Or will there be nothing more but a bitter end to the messed up tale?

Help me decide by joining Heed My Words!]]

[center [#81e66b [b Cast]]

Character Name: Adelaide Dahl
Nickname(s): Addie
Role you Want : Muse A
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Likes : Strawberries, Good Music, and Wild Adventures
Dislikes: Lemons, Gang Violence, Orange Soda
Personality: Addie is a pretty keep-to-herself kind of girl. She's shy and quiet. She's not exactly timid, though. She is very stubborn and if she has an idea in her head, she'll stand by it.

Username: SheDevil
Character Name: Mystique Dawn Fipps
Nickname(s) : Misty or Dawn
Role you Want : Muse B
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Likes : Parties, Motorcycles, and Anything that won't get on her nerves
Dislikes: "Her" girl with anyone else, Rival Gangs, and People thinking they can own her
Personality: Best to find out in the Role Play


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The redhead would have expected her oartner to try and get it out of her. Had expected a fight on this. So when it did not come and Addie had accepted that she would explain in the morning, Misty was more than relieved. She honestly was still trying to wrap her own head around all that had gone down that night. To tell Addie and to not be sure would lead to more hell than she knew would be unleashed.

[b "I know I worry you when this stuff happens and I'm sorry. Just know I'm a big girl and can handle myself.. And I promise that I'll always come back to you."] She whispered quietly. She meant the words too as she would be damned to die and leave the woman she loved. It had happened to her and so she didn't want to put someone else through that.

When on her side of the bed, the young woman had curled up on her side but bright green eyes were on Addie. She couldn't help watching her as she always found the way she tried to get comfortable adorably endearing. But more than that, Misty deep down almost had a feeling this could be a last time..a last time they would be like this.
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[center [Bad+Script Addie agreed with her partner, following her to the bedroom. At first she didn't really want to wait until morning, but then she thought about how tired she really was and how she probably wouldn't even really listen much. Whatever it was was bithering Misty and knowing that bothered her.

However, her own instinct took over and told her to get back to sleep. Who was she to tell her own body no? After all the sooner she slept the sooner she'd know. She slid in to their comfy bed and pulled the covers up, snuggling in to a pillow. She had no idea what Hell was coming.

[+teal "I'm just very glad you're home safe. I worry so much."]

She hummed, wiggling her body to try and find that just right position to fall asleep in.
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God did she not want to answer that question. She had promised Addie, Tara, and Stef over and over again that she would NOT lose herself so badly as to let her "demons" take over like that. But she had hurt three people seriously and had killed at least five more. BOTH things she knew Addie would more than likely have her ass for.

Her eyes were closed as the images played again and again in her head. She had been so far gone that at that time she had not cared. It..it had even felt good. But now..now it was haunting her. She had killed before granted but that had been kill or be killed. This time she was doing it because she was only seeing red and had to or the others would have had her ass. Fuck. Her. Life!

It was Addie's weight to the armrest that had green eyes open and look up at the sleepy beauty. An almost pained smile traced her lips. [b "How about I tell you what for in the morning when you're more awake, babe? I tell you now and you won't get back to sleep. Hell this time I may not even be able."] She muttered as she slowly stood and took the other woman's hand and led her back to the bedroom. She didn't want to face it at all but in the morning she would at least keep the promise and tell her what had happened.
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[center [Bad+Script Addie heard the other come in, she was a really light sleeper. However light, though, she was tired, and didn't really want to move, so she just kept her eyes closed in hopes to fall back asleep. When the other approached, and...

Addie slowly sat up, groggily rubbing her eyes.

[+teal "Sorry for what, Misty? I'm used to you coming home late."]

She said sleepily, following her sentence with a yawn. She felt almost too sleepy to stay awake for the answer, but at the same time was more than curious. She could tell something was getting her partner especially down. She slowly stood, wobbling over to the armchair and sitting on an armrest, so she could be closer.

She let out another yawn, covering it with her hand before leaning against the back of the chair.

[+teal "Let's go to the bed, okay? This is so bad for our backs."]

She mumbled, lazily throwing her arm in the direction of the bedroom as if directing Misty as to where to go. She really did not do well with waking up in the middle of the night. She wasn't much a morning person period, honestly. Sometimes it would be great; she'd wake up bubbly and get all the things done bright and early; but most of the time she was a tired wreck.
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As the redhead of twenty-three rode through the dark streets to meet the others, her mind kept going to Addie, Tara, and Stef. Addie she knew would tear her a new one possibly as would Tara. H twin brother on the other hand would literally kick her ass. He HATED that she did this and they were known to hurt the other badly. Hell she hoped Tara would keep her mouth shut. The only reason she and Steffano had not been into it lately was he had gone away to school and she kept her mouth shut about all this gang stuff. If he knew about tonight he would get the first plane ticket home he could.

[#81e66b "It took your pretty little ass long enough to get here. Now get to shooting."] Grady said when Misty got there, earning the man a death glare. Oh she was still fucking livid with the man. [b "I'll get invovled when I have to. And say it again and I may misaim."] She hissed as she ducked behind a car that was now being shot at.

And the night seemed to go on like that for hours. She had "turned it off" so to speak and so had killed a good four or five people. At one point she had run out of bullets and got into a hand-to-hand fight with one of the rival guys and ended up stabbing him in the chest, watching the blood and even getting a good deal on her. And when finally it was over, only three of their own had been killed but ten of the other gang's members had been.

The woman stood with her arms crossed and icy glare upon the others. [b "One fucking night. That was ALL I wanted."] She snapped, temper still flaring as she did kick some of their asses as promised. Only after she had Grady's did Misty return to the appartment around three and slip in as quietly as she could to wash the blood off and to not wake a sleeping Addie.

As soon as she was cleaned off, the young woman turned off whatever Addie had left playing and covered her with a blanket. [b "I'm sorry Ads..."] She muttered as she leaned down and kissed her head and soon was curled up in the arm chair.
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[center [Bad+Script Addie sighed. Another night alone. When would Misty come back? Four? Five? Will she even come back? Addie opened the closet, reaching to the top shelf for a large lockbox. She kept all sorts of things in this box she didn't want Misty to discover. She laid it on the bed and grabbed her pillow, inside the case she had sewn a little pocket to hold the key. When you live with a gang member you get pretty good at hiding stuff.

She opened the box, pulling out a police radio. She bought it after she found out her partner was doing illegal things. This way she could know what was happening if the cops got involved. The last thing she wanted was Misty dead or arrested. She plugged it in and tuned it to the city's officer's radios.

Once that was all set up, she returned to her box, pulling out a small glass pipe, and a bag of marijuana. She hardly smoked, but on nights like tonight it helped calm her. Otherwise her mind would race a mile a minute.

Six or seven bowls and two movies later, the blonde had fallen asleep on the couch, a random series she had found left on autoplay.

[+teal [i Please just be safe, Misty. Please.]]]
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If looks could kill, the one that Addie gave her the moment that she gripped onto her arm very well could have. Hell, the redhead almost wished it would have. Usually she wouldn't give a shit less about this sort of thing but this time it made her break her promise and she was pissed. Very near was she actually seeing red but she still had enough control of herself to not hurt Addie as her arm was still held a few more seconds in that tight grip. For being as beauiful as she was, her partner did have one hell of a grip.

No further words passed between the two of them. Only the looks passed. Addie's said she was angry and Misty's was one of anger laced with apology. But that didn't and wouldn't fix a damn thing. When she got back or in the morning there would be one hell of a fight on her hands. Yeah, Grady's ass and whoever else thought this was a good idea was as good as hers.

As soon as her arm was released, the redhead moved away from the other woman and was soon at the door. With one last look over her shoulder, Misty was out the door and scampering down the stairs that led out of the building. Only a couples minutes later was her helmet on and she was off to join the others. Tonight she knew both blood and spilled lives would be on her hands.
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[center [Bad+Script Addie stood quickly as soon as the conversation was over. She knew what the redhead was doing, especially when she changed in to leather. Addie had researched at one point why gangs wear mostly leather or jean, and the answer was pretty obvious; it was the closest thing to protection they could usually get their hands on. When the other holstered the gun, Addie grabbed her arm very firmly, giving her a very angry and serious look in her eye, but she didn't speak a word.

She held on to her partner for a good few seconds before letting go. She knew she couldn't hold her here. She knew she wasn't able to stop her. She couldn't change her partner and she was realizing that now.

She turned away, going straight to their bedroom. She waited to hear the door close before dialing her big brother on the phone.

[+crimson "Hey, Addie-bug, what are you doing calling so late? Isn't tonight big date night?"]
[+teal "Yeah, it is. But work came up. Could we..."] She cleared her throat. [+teal "Could we do lunch sometime?"]
[+crimson "Yeah...sis, always. What's wrong?"]
[+teal "Nothing's wrong, I just miss you and mom, is all."]

She had kept Misty's other life a secret from her family, as she knew it would just cause them to worry or possibly say the wrong thing to Misty and get on her bad side. While Addie wasn't scared of Misty, she was very aware of how uncontrollable the other's temper was. She just wanted to talk to her brother, just to see if he could help her kind of wrap her head around things, but she'd have to try and be as vague as possible, Cas was a pretty smart cookie.
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[#81e66b "Seems the others AGAIN can't handle the job they were given to do. It's turned into almost an all out war. We need EVERYONE out there tonight! Which INCLUDES you!] Grady damn near shouted into the reciever. He was frantic and was not at all composed as he was "speaking".

Of fucking course this would happen. She wanted ONE night to herself and to Addie. But no, the fucker had to get them into an all out turf war. [b "I told you one fucking night I didn't want to be out there! ONE fucking night and you pull this shit!"] Misty didn't care that she was shouting because she was near seeing red with her anger. The man KNEW she wanted off. KNEW that she had planned this. But no she was going to have to quite literally get blood on her hands because some idiot couldn't wait before making a move.

She was shouted at again for her smarting off but now she gave no fucks. She was going to have to leave Addie. [b "When this is done your asses are mine."] Misty hissed as she hung up and changed into a pair of her black leather pants, boots, white tanktop, pulled up her hair, and black leather jacket. She even slipped the gun Addie got her into her pocket along with the bullets.

[b "I'm sorry but I have to go..."] The young woman said as she had her helmet under her arm, green eyes on the other woman. And she was sorry for it.
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[center [Bad+Script Addie watched the other and her blue eyes sparkled at the mention of a movie. The two hadn't watched a movie together in what felt like forever, and the idea of cuddling until they slept just sounded euphoric. However, the whole mood changed in a matter of seconds when the phone rang. She knew who it was. Or at least, she had an idea. Misty had a habit of giving everyone certain ringtones and when this one went off, Misty usually went away.

Addie looked genuinely hurt for a moment, but didn't let the other see and just cleaned up the kitchen; of course leaving dishes; and going to their living room to set up the streaming so she could pick out a movie. She had a feeling she'd be watching it alone anyway. Happy anniversary, Addie. Well, a dinner with her partner wasn't that bad, some couples get even less than that so she should be thankful, right? So why did it hurt so much?

[+teal "You know, sometimes I think the gang thing was just a lie to cover up you cheating on me.]"

She said, laughing after. To her, it was a pretty funny joke, as she would rather the other be cheating than...well whatever she was doing. She purposefully scrolled through movie after movie in attempts to listen to at least Misty's side of the conversation. ]]
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This time Misty had NOT stolen anything and had actually saved. She wanted for Addie to have at least one thing that was special and honestly gotten. So when she saw the look on the other's face, a smile was upon her lips as she KNEW that tje bracelet was liked.

Her kiss was soon returned. And it was one deeper and more passionate than others have been. One that she had so missed the feeling of. Misty could still say "I love you" where it seemed that as of late, Addie could not. The redhead did think to ask about it but she didn't want to stir shit tonight of all nights. It was the first peaceful night without a fight they had had in months and she wanted to just have it while it lasted.

[b "How about I do the dishes and we can watch a movie or something? Just have a lazy and relaxing night?"] The young woman of twenty-three asked as her partner stretched and yawned. Knowing Addie as she did, Mystique figured she had busied herself most the day. And she was about to ask something else when her cellphone began to ring. Oh she would kill Grady for this as he had a specific ring she used for him. Green eyes fell on the other young woman as she made a face before she had to leave the kitchen table.
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[center [Bad+Script The blonde stared at the bracelet in awe and shock for a good a few seconds. The sapphires were so beautiful and such a deep blue, it really impressed her. For a while she said they were her favorite stones, which was still true. How did she get the money for this? Well, Addie had saved up, who's to say Misty couldn't save up too? This relationship was important to the both of them, and today was the first day in months they hadn't fought.

Addie returned the other's kiss after she opened her own present, a kiss with more passion than usual. Yet, for some reason, she couldn't say [+i I love you]. Not lately.

[+teal "Happy anniversary."]

She said softly, a gentle smile on her face. She stretched and yawned, ready to complete the day. She had worked her ass off today to get her mind off of the stresses of this month's hardships, and she just wanted to relax.]
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Hearing Addie whine over the fact that she had seen Tara without her was cute. She knew that her partner adored seeing her sister and her fiancé but it had been a quick visit as she was dropping something off for them. And she was also getting her usual lecture of what the gang life was doing to her. That had NOT been something she wanted Addie to hear as it was the SAME sort of lecture Addie herself was constantly giving. She honestly would have had them both on her ass and she would have snapped off quite badly. Everyone knew when her temper flared and she didn't have it controlled she was dangerous. Today was not a day she had wanted to get into that or to actually hurt someone she cared about.

[b "They're actually doing pretty good. Tara and Luke are both actually almost done with med school and are deciding on children in the next couple of years. They still want to have a wedding first and get used to working."] Misty answered with a smile. Even when she could be a bitch, the young woman was actually happy for her older sister and the life she led. Half the time she wished that she had her sister's life. Well she would NEVER give up Addie though.

It was when the shoe shaped box was pulled out did she blink. She had NOT been expecting it at all. But then she remembered the words said when she had gotten back. And soon she had the box open with a gasp. [b "Oh. My. God. Addie it's amazing!"] She squealed. Misty did like her toys and this one was a beauty. She got up and went to the other and hugged her before kissing her. After a moment she pulled back and slipped the long black velvet box from her pocket and opened it to reveal a golden bracelet embedded with little sapphires. [b "Happy anniversarry.."]
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[center [Bad+Script The woman ate quietly, listening to every sound coming from her partner carefully. The food turned out a lot better than she had thought, pink Himalayan salt definitely was better than just plain table salt.

[+teal "You went to see your sister without me? Mean!"]

She teased the other, lightly nudging the other's leg playfully.

[+teal "How are they doing? Its been too long. How is their health? When are they looking at having their family grow?"]

The blonde didn't hear anything about the gang. Did that mean her partner had found a way out of it, even just for a little bit? And she actually worked today, so that was incredibly helpful towards their financial struggle.

Too excited, she pulled out a medium sized box, around the size of a shoe box, pushing it towards her partner. Inside the box was something Addie herself never thought she'd buy, but if it meant her partner was safe then so be it. Inside was a beautiful custom handgun with Misty's name engraved on the wooden-accented handle.

[+teal "I really hope you like it. It took a lot of saving up for.]"
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The night could be a good one. She was actually determined for it to be. Misty didn't want to think of the gang or ANYTHING she had done that day. It ways left her feeling more and more hollow. Not because she cared but because she KNEW what kind of an affect that it had on her partner when she heard about it. Misty wasn't known for a soft and sensitive side but she did have that for Addie and some of her family who knew how to not get on her bad side. Otherwise, she was a complete bitch not to be crossed. Her "friends" knew it too. And if they knew what was good for them they would NOT be calling in tonight.

How Addie had ever chisen to be with her always was a mystery to Mystique. The young woman who she had been with the last three years was a looker. The "it" girl. She had the body, the hair, and the personality that could allure anyone. And it sure as hell had her. But the look had not been what Misty had fallen for, it was her personality. That and the fact that they both ended up running when they met all because her wild mouth had pissed of some guys. Sometimes she truly wished she could give it all up for her partner but she couldn't. She had ended up in too deep and to get out would be hell to pay for her and anyone she cared about.

[b "You're always so amazing. How I get to be with you.. I'm lucky."] She muttered as she took a seat across from the other woman. The question was one she wished would not have come but it did. She would NOT open her mouth on the gang activity part only the first part of the day. [b "I got you something to say happy anniversarry and also had seen my sister and her fiancé for a little while. After looked over some bikes and got to fix them.."] She worked as a mechanic when she wasn't running with the gang and getting Addie something. She just could not mention the rest if she wanted a peaceful night. [b "How was your day?"] She asked and tilted her head a bit as she took one of her carrot pieces and popped it into her mouth.
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