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I will litterally make a profile for anyone. Like anyone ever. I love editing pics and coding. I hate you with every fiber of my being? Doesnt matter. I will make you a hecking profile that isnt even salty or anything, just straight up what you told me to make.

Unless i cn angry joke with you then i will angry joke

But hey enjoy my hecking profile and ask any time. I might not like ya that much but i like to look at good profiles
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 2y 2d 14h 18m 58s
OOfffff. One more appointment and i should be able to get my letter. I'm so excited! AH.

I mean yeah i have to get a jb and shit to afford T but ah. I can get T soon! Im so happy, I feel like I'm gonna like die from happiness.
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 2y 2d 22h 14m 56s
Right. I was hella petty and egged on people who litteraly mean nothing to me. No it wasnt right but like i dont fully care. I do appologize for being petty as fuck about it though.

That being said i watched this vid where this person was reacting to a gender fluid persons vids and calling them a trans trender. And like this "trans trender" was like actually really explaining their dysphoria nicely, saying they saw what their body was, acnowleged that it wasnt right, and then acknowledged that they were not able to change it.
And this person reacting to it was talking about how chest surgury is a thing and that they didnt have dysphoria because in the vid they werent binding so they had clevage. All i could think was absolutly no one can tell this person that the way they feel dysphioria and cope with it is wrong, and lets not talk about how not everyone can get surgury because it is fucking expensive. This person doesnt know them irl so how the hell can they say "You arent trans" to them. It just made me think like i already knew that all trans people arent exactly the same and they might express it all so different. Online I automatically tell people when they message me like "Hi I'm trans and i like the male pronouns so please use those." but irl I never tell people that and just kind of suffer the social dysphoria that ensues because I wear dresses and "girly" clothes in public. Obviously when im wearing a low cut dress my binder is gonna show and lets face it my binder is not easy to put with things because of the print. Even with the dresses that cover my binder i will never be flat enough until i can afford to get top surgury. So its easier to just bear the misgendering. My brain tells me not to burden them with not understanding or make them worry about the pronouns that they are gonna forget. Maybe its partially because i hate the appologizing that comes after someone accidentally calls me she or my birth name or something. uhg idk what i was even aying and this has gotten really rambley so imma just stop kay
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 2y 6d 21h 51m 11s
10/10 music
  AbracaFuckYou / 2y 8d 6h 39m 24s
I seriously hate to love drama.



  AbracaFuckYou / 2y 8d 7h 18m 11s
Ah yes up at 2 again. I am a responsible adult who is doing responsible things.

Its really nice though. I can hear the crickes and shit because its not kareoke night at the bar accross the street and for once my mom isnt playing her tv way too loud. Nature is beautiful.
  AbracaFuckYou / 2y 8d 9h 20m 57s
Yeet yep im a salty mo fo but hey it always gets me hecking profiles amiright?
  AbracaFuckYou / 2y 8d 11h 34m 44s
Why is this an underrated bop?
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 8d 13h 13m 7s
Ah yes that time of the month when i get severe dysphoria. So happy to be here. So dont want to curl up in a ball and die.. Nopeeeee. Im doing great.
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 9d 38m 59s
I know its dumb but being around more than one adult person is so draining. I love hanging out with my friends so much and i really had fun but god damn running on zero sleep i am so fucking drained now and i just want to nap
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 10d 18h 1m 21s
Just finished the 4th episode of Adventure zone and im fucking crying from laughter

Brian is beautiful.

This whole thing is beautiful.
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 11d 4h 43m 8s
I think i will shoot for one chapter a week maybe a month? Then it should be done within the year and i can go back through it for corrections. I wish that publishing wasn't hard because im sure that if its any good it would be pretty popular in the lgbt comunity. I mean im never gonna be simon and the homosapien agenda famous but i think it could go pretty far.
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 11d 21h 2m 5s
Worrying about coppyrights and shit in my books is hard as fudge uhg. I looked it up and i think i kinda get it but blehhh its not something i want to worry about when ive got the ball rolling.


Someone please just give me a title. FFS it shouldn't be so hard.
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 12d 14h 40m 34s

Get me


My tummy is craving spagitty and metbulls
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 12d 17h 28m 31s
real board, i need anime sudgestionsssss

Send halp please.

Im dying over here
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 12d 18h 57m 4s

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