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I had one more appointment before i could get my letter, and then all i needed to do was find the money for t. I had one fucking appontment. And now i had to fcking cancle it because i dont have insurance. I have to wait however fucking long it takes to get insurace, whether through my mom or on my own. I cant frucking do this jesus fuck. I feel like crying. ANyone wanna spot me the fucking money for this because i need this so bad.
  αη∂ү / TheBoyDetective / 1y 283d 17h 45m 39s
Um hi google can you not give me that anti feminist shit for adds? Wtf is that? Feminism is not oppressive, Radical feminists and terfs are oppressive i guess but fuckkkk not the who kit and cabbodle please and thanks. Jesus!
  αη∂ү / TheBoyDetective / 1y 285d 5h 31m 35s
OOf i havent lisened to the podcast all day. The spell is broken. Im no longer addicted.

Also i relized that i havent posted about anything but TAZ in days and i need help.
  Abe / TheBoyDetective / 1y 285d 12h 53m 6s
This bitch

Straight up

Just ate a fucking magic rock.

wtf is this?
  Abe / MagicBrian / 1y 286d 6h 31m 49s
Why yes I have been binging the adventure zone for the past two days

No i am not going to stop.

I know how to adult
  Abe / MagicBrian / 1y 287d 7h 48m 55s
I needed some...some lil....some lil Magic Brian quotes....ANd i found this golden eyes are leaking i was laughing so hard yet again.
I swear im not a nerd who listens to DnD podcasts.....And no i dont play it.....not at all. Im a cool dood.
  Abe / MagicBrian / 1y 288d 8h 48m 33s
uhg i love this podcast but its so hard for me to sit here and do nothing why.

But hella worth it lmao

Please i need to get a better focusss
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 1y 288d 11h 13m 38s
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 1y 288d 16h 13m 31s
i was givven rum.

Its not even a shot

But it might help a little i guess
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 1y 289d 12h 46m 9s
Ah i love how people think i cant take alcohol.


I dont get drunk off of one shot of rum

and the fact you would accuse me of such



im flabbergasted
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 1y 290d 11h 19m 45s

  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 1y 291d 23h 50m 1s

Ah yes. The crush is back And its worse than it was. How lovely. And you like someone you say? Right. Thats wonderful. I'll help you get with him. I'm fine. I dont wanna die or anyhthing. Nope I'm just so happy you are happy. My hearts not yelling at me for being an idiot. Nope. Im fIiIiIiIiIiIiIiNnNnNnNnNEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeeEeEeEeEe
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 1y 292d 9m 49s
I will litterally make a profile for anyone. Like anyone ever. I love editing pics and coding. I hate you with every fiber of my being? Doesnt matter. I will make you a hecking profile that isnt even salty or anything, just straight up what you told me to make.

Unless i cn angry joke with you then i will angry joke

But hey enjoy my hecking profile and ask any time. I might not like ya that much but i like to look at good profiles
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 1y 295d 11h 30m 40s
OOfffff. One more appointment and i should be able to get my letter. I'm so excited! AH.

I mean yeah i have to get a jb and shit to afford T but ah. I can get T soon! Im so happy, I feel like I'm gonna like die from happiness.
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 1y 295d 19h 26m 38s
Right. I was hella petty and egged on people who litteraly mean nothing to me. No it wasnt right but like i dont fully care. I do appologize for being petty as fuck about it though.

That being said i watched this vid where this person was reacting to a gender fluid persons vids and calling them a trans trender. And like this "trans trender" was like actually really explaining their dysphoria nicely, saying they saw what their body was, acnowleged that it wasnt right, and then acknowledged that they were not able to change it.
And this person reacting to it was talking about how chest surgury is a thing and that they didnt have dysphoria because in the vid they werent binding so they had clevage. All i could think was absolutly no one can tell this person that the way they feel dysphioria and cope with it is wrong, and lets not talk about how not everyone can get surgury because it is fucking expensive. This person doesnt know them irl so how the hell can they say "You arent trans" to them. It just made me think like i already knew that all trans people arent exactly the same and they might express it all so different. Online I automatically tell people when they message me like "Hi I'm trans and i like the male pronouns so please use those." but irl I never tell people that and just kind of suffer the social dysphoria that ensues because I wear dresses and "girly" clothes in public. Obviously when im wearing a low cut dress my binder is gonna show and lets face it my binder is not easy to put with things because of the print. Even with the dresses that cover my binder i will never be flat enough until i can afford to get top surgury. So its easier to just bear the misgendering. My brain tells me not to burden them with not understanding or make them worry about the pronouns that they are gonna forget. Maybe its partially because i hate the appologizing that comes after someone accidentally calls me she or my birth name or something. uhg idk what i was even aying and this has gotten really rambley so imma just stop kay
  Abe / AbracaFuckYou / 1y 299d 19h 2m 53s

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