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  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 1y 141d 14h 1m 52s
Im just so drained. I cant fall asleep either.
  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 1y 142d 1h 48m 41s
Friendly reminder that writing a dnd thing when you barely have a grasp of the rules and are going off of what youve read online with, granted, lots of research is real hard. Im just hopng that this time around will be less of a mess. Im going in more prepaired this time. But also I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT IM DOING.
  ooc + sample / Tybalt- / 1y 180d 4h 55m 43s
Hi. My cat just opened a door and im dying. Send help. My cat is way too smart.
  ooc + sample / Tybalt- / 1y 185d 19h 23m 57s
So mom and i saw a rando guy just dancin and having the time of his life in the MIDDLE of the freaking road. wtf my guy?
  ooc + sample / Tybalt- / 1y 217d 10h 22m 30s
Im fucking sick uhhhhggggg.

Also i was listening to this song and i was like "Omg me rn when im sick" like a dramatic bitch
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 1y 219d 20h 4s
Someone help me name all the characters in my holiday dnd thinggy because i dont want to give them cool names i cant use later cuz they arent important.
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 1y 228d 6h 3m 3s
Its my birthday.

Happy birthday me.
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 1y 235d 18h 53m 47s
okay for my birthday my gran got me chocolate bars and when i opened it i offered it to my brother and his gf. It was legit the only gift my gran gave me and i was like "Here take it" If that aint hufflepuff
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 1y 237d 7h 56s
Oh look. I'm up at almost 2 again planning this god damn dnd shit.

Why was i the one these people trusted with this? Me? I am confusion.

But i dont mind. Cant say I will do great but i mean if we all have fun thats all that maters. I think my story is pretty cool.

But fr i need to sleep or ill be dead tired for our shit tomorow. I cant have that.
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 1y 244d 8h 19m 16s
Im just kinda waiting for the people who dont like me to get all pissy cuz im starting t soon and "a trans trender" or whatever.

Nah fam. Nah. They just jelly cuz im out here living my best life and shitttt.

Also got all my cloths cleaned so real good time to be had.
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 1y 244d 17h 45m 11s
Tottaly a swiitch from yesterday i feel like POOP today! Im sick and my nose is bleh and im crampng and i want to curl up and do nothing. I was suppposed to clean today but bleh. I feel like too much poop to do that. I wont feel much better tommorow im sure but i will go to bed early today so i wake up early tommorow and i actually get something done. I just need today to feel like poop in peace.
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 1y 246d 14h 39m 47s
Hi. Hey. Good day today. I woke up a little late as usual but it was earlier than usual, if that even makes sense. I woke up at 10 as opposed to 12. Yep. I stayed in bed till 1 though so not a 100% improvement. But after that the fam went to check out a house, and im thinking if i get a job ill ask the brother to move in with me there. Its 800 a month so thats 400 for each of us if its just the two of us. If we invite Sherry and the gf then its 200 for everyone and that would be awesome. Its a 3 bedroom so It might be good if they share a room. Im sure its not a problem tho cuz they are dateing. The only problem is the kitchen is real small. Big bedrooms and living room but small bathroom and kitchen. I think i could live with it though.
After that i went to the last meeting with my gender therapist. She gave me the letter and now all i have to do is contact planned parenthood to talk to them about testosterone and stuff. Its reall fucking exciting. I wouldnt start it till i have a job and am 18 so mom doesnt have to sign stuff but that is 18 days away so. Yeah.
And after that we went and got some asian food and looked through old photos. Iits so hard to tell us kids apart with baby pictures. It is insane how simmilar we looked. And mom had pictures where she looked exactly like ariana and it was so freaking weird. We all look alike at some point. Its freakyyyyy. We also read some letters from when Uncle contacted Grammy. I saw pictures of Great Grandma and of course i bawled my eyes out. I have a weird link to a woman i never met. I think its cuz she was like a mother to my mom when gammy was a bad mom. Also she died a year before i was born so thats a thing.
We also went to walmart and i got a cute comfy sweater and a poloroid camera. They match and i look so freaking hipster in it its sickening. Already burned through half a pack of film on my fur babies but its so worth it.
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 1y 247d 9h 59m 36s
I just love when i have a breakdown and there is no one can talk to about it. All my friends are away and here i am, not able to ge out of my house to stop my breakdown. God i hate this.
  ooc + sample / DogVotes / 1y 251d 15h 24m 39s
Ive been distracting myself from the real problem with a billion things, but jesus im sad. Im reallly fucking sad and upset and i dont feel good! My gradma is dying, my sister would rather spend thanksgiving with her boyfriend than spend it with us, and i have no one to invite to spend time with on my birthday. Im so fucking sick of life lately.
  ooc + sample / DogVotes / 1y 253d 21h 14m 16s

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