Its The Sour Hour

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Damn back at it with the music dumping. noice.
  RoughLove / 98d 20h 57m 5s
Heckin enjoy spending time with my family. Like for realz its nice to be around people who care its easy to get inside my own head when im in my room so much, but it kinda fixes it when im with my friends and family. Like i love the unending support im getting from my peeps.
  RoughLove / 101d 6m 12s

Descovering new halsey is wonderful
  RoughLove / 101d 20h 28m 18s
I might as well rename ths music i like wtf
  RoughLove / 102d 12m 17s

Why do my friends know i have weird taste in music? Lmao

Hella like this song thoo
  RoughLove / 102d 7h 19m 11s
Okay for real at this point half of my block list is you.
  RoughLove / 103d 19h 53m 52s

It went so well my friends

she said that as long as me, her and my primary therapist are all on the same page she sees no problem with writing a letter of approval after my 18th birthday.


Im DeD
  RoughLove / 105d 19m 58s
OOf today is le day. Going to the conseltation and im fucking hyped.

Welll i mean kinda tired cuz i stayed up all a dummy.

But hella happy i got up the courage to contact people and get this started.

I did it my guy. Despite whats been going on the past few days im really proud of myself for this. Like im really proud i could do this.

just 6 and a half hours till i start this.

And i schedualled it. Not my mom. Not anyone else. Me.

OOf. I cant wait.
  RoughLove / 105d 8h 58m 23s
Why am i getting obbsessed with this song wth?
  RoughLove / 106d 3h 26m 0s



Stop it



  RoughLove / 106d 3h 41m 12s
Big oof

like offiest of oofs

uhg so happy. God please let me be able to start HRT

Uhgggg its comin together bois
  RoughLove / 110d 2h 23m 14s

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