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uhg my nose is back at it again and i cant get up for tissues. Im covered in stuffed toys nose, stop being inconvinient! Good greif.
  ooc(male) / DogVotes / 52d 18h 38m 5s
I didnt know there were people who ACTUALLY BELIEVE Australia DOES NOT EXIST! Wat? WAT? Im sorry Australia, a whole fucking country with MILLIONS of humans in it, isnt real. All those people who live there? Fake. Actors. 100% truth right there. When you go to visit Australia...well then thatsn not australia, its just a random islad that is called australia to make you think you went there.

WTF IS THE HUMAN POPULATION! I am legit so done with the earth today i just....uhg. I cant with humans.
  ooc(male) / DogVotes / 53d 17h 25m 22s
Really want some eggs benadict or eggs and rice right now.....Or both? Nope thats fat.

Im just hungry af.

Someone get me some snacks because im dying
  ooc(male) / DogVotes / 54d 14h 39m 3s
Being poor is great. I love it so much. I love having only 300 in the bank and not knowing if mom is gonna get fired or not and not being able to get a job. I have applied EVERYWHERE that I can work, but no one has hired me. FFS I am so sick of it. And the worst part is knowing im a burden on mom. If i werent living here she wouldnt have to wory so much, she wouldnt have to worry about paying for my shit.
  ooc(male) / DogVotes / 54d 22h 34m 50s
My birthday is comeing up. Its like a little over a month away and its just..oof...i cant belive im gonna be 18 soon. Like wowza. Its all just like flying by. Time is like all mushed together. Im excited, like really excited.
  ooc(male) / TheBoyDetective / 58d 5h 17m 32s
Yes. I feel heking true
  ooc(male) / TheBoyDetective / 61d 17h 38m 30s
oof i siped the tea. Im more awake now after reading that shit and thats good.
I slept for 9 hours i dont know why i was and still am tired. Like i was dreming. It was like the good kind of sleep... Well actually i dont know my dream was weird. I dont remember it but i remember it was weird and a little creepy. Meh it doesnt matter. I should get up and make some food now since i havent eaten yet and im hella hungo.
  ooc(male) / TheBoyDetective / 62d 5h 10m 23s
Few things to note my hair looks fucking amazing. future me remind me to take lots of pictures. Also its almost long enough for a man bun and my cowlick isnt so bad today so im feeling a okay my mans.

And i introduced my dnd buds to taz today and i feel like he will either go down a very dark hole like i did and binge it all and never sleep again or he will just not want to listen to it and either one is fine by me, but if he doesnt watch it i will be sad i cant talk to him about it. mean im obsessed as fuck, but its probably because i dont have many friends to share my shit with so I'm in this constant state of "Ive gotta like share but must just lock it all up. Its not as big a deal as it sounds though to me because i would rather not have a lot of friends than have a bunch of people who barely listen to me when i talk and just give me small talk. Like that shits garbage so ill stick with my one friend who like talks to me all the time that 1) Enjoys my company and 2)I enjoy their company. Like thats real important. If you piss me off constantly or are some kind of chore to talk to or are toxic af I don't have to, nor do i want to be your friend. And maybe i wont outright say that or maybe i will depends on the person, but i want to have a genuinely enjoyable life and i know i dont have to include everyone to do that, especially the toxic fucks, so yeah. Hi im selfish about some things. I mean fuck i will give away all my food to my friends, make sure they are comfy, make sure they dont need a drink or a snack or anything 24/7 but like i dont do the stay friends with people i dont enjoy thing. Nope. Sorry. I'm good out here.
Wow a rant, how exotic in my journal. Oh well. Now i sit and wait, see what hot garbage i get.
  ooc(male) / TheBoyDetective / 64d 18h 33m 20s
OOf am i ready to have red hair again? I mean i look hella cute but i havent had such a saturated color in forever. Big oofs are happening. Pray for my hair my guy. Now to wait an hour...well maybe 30 min. idk i didnt read instructions. my hair is going to fall out omg
  ooc(male) / TheBoyDetective / 65d 4h 54m 31s
Not often am i reduced to snot bubbling sobs over a completly fake fantasy story, but this podcast.


I was sobbing. Like ive cried at the beauiful story a couple times before but never


did this make me sob

Until today. I have not sobbed like that in a while and I could barely stop it.

It hurt too. Like my tears have been extra burny lately

so like

that was a plesant but unplesant thing to have happened omg
  ooc(male) / TheBoyDetective / 66d 9h 45m 44s
"ill be having my body back you undead fuck" is possibly the most iconic thing i have ever heard and im shook as heel right now.
  αη∂ү / TheBoyDetective / 68d 18h 13m 47s
I had one more appointment before i could get my letter, and then all i needed to do was find the money for t. I had one fucking appontment. And now i had to fcking cancle it because i dont have insurance. I have to wait however fucking long it takes to get insurace, whether through my mom or on my own. I cant frucking do this jesus fuck. I feel like crying. ANyone wanna spot me the fucking money for this because i need this so bad.
  αη∂ү / TheBoyDetective / 69d 3h 59m 32s
Um hi google can you not give me that anti feminist shit for adds? Wtf is that? Feminism is not oppressive, Radical feminists and terfs are oppressive i guess but fuckkkk not the who kit and cabbodle please and thanks. Jesus!
  αη∂ү / TheBoyDetective / 70d 15h 45m 28s
OOf i havent lisened to the podcast all day. The spell is broken. Im no longer addicted.

Also i relized that i havent posted about anything but TAZ in days and i need help.
  Abe / TheBoyDetective / 70d 23h 6m 59s
This bitch

Straight up

Just ate a fucking magic rock.

wtf is this?
  Abe / MagicBrian / 71d 16h 45m 42s

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