Its The Sour Hour

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Damn i forgot how sad this episode was. OOf now im bawlin like a baby

Bigg oofies
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 14d 12h 20m 8s

I am bleh

Writeing posts is hard

I forgot what writing long posts was

and just

oshrgkjiopfvijhukgjiblof;dijrgklvo;daijlgsdblov;pdkijlsgdbcop cdokf

Dood so hyped to start my brain baby though. Hella happy i finished it and shit.

Already have four characters in it

Mmy baby is alive

for now

hopefully we can finish it.
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 14d 22h 52m 52s




Who took WiltedWaffle? I'll beat them up cuz loke bro thats my name for nerdy sheet like this bro.

OOf time to terribly build a character like a whole noob
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 15d 20h 22m 48s
i need





My tummy is making noises and i feel like im dying halp
  PinocchioTheRealBoi / 2y 16d 9h 46m 9s
OOf its a day. I want to find more stuff to read, preferably something gay af but after that one fic idk man. I am really obbsessed with it at this poit and its freaky man. Or mabe im just obsessed with the ship and afraid to try and find more fics with this ship cuz you cant always win with fanfics. IdK mAn halp. I need my daily fix. Its not a ship i see the creators sailing considering how they barely let a gay couple be a thing. Like come on killing off the gay character as soon as he is introduced? It would have hit hella hard if he was the only one who survived the attack and there was this cue gay reunion. At this point im ranting. I just want the gay.
  PinocchioTheRealBoy / 2y 18d 23h 4m 23s
Ah yes. Misgendering someone when they've told you that they are trans is exactly how you pick them up.

Just because im not wearing my binder and not "Presenting" as male doesnt mean you can misgender me. Sure if you dont know go ahead and call me girl but once I've said "Actually im trans." You should respect that and change your pronouns or if you aren't feeling that stop flirting with me. I mean we are strangers on the street so you dont have to talk to me so just like bippity boppity back the fuck up. Thank.

Also @ that one person who is misgendering me fuck off fam. Names Lance. Im not a woman. KTHANKSBYE
  RoughLove / 2y 19d 23h 35m 33s
I need to make a playlist for this shit uhggg
  RoughLove / 2y 19d 23h 55m 36s
Damn back at it with the music dumping. noice.
  RoughLove / 2y 20d 13h 2s
Heckin enjoy spending time with my family. Like for realz its nice to be around people who care its easy to get inside my own head when im in my room so much, but it kinda fixes it when im with my friends and family. Like i love the unending support im getting from my peeps.
  RoughLove / 2y 22d 16h 9m 9s

Descovering new halsey is wonderful
  RoughLove / 2y 23d 12h 31m 15s
I might as well rename ths music i like wtf
  RoughLove / 2y 23d 16h 15m 14s

Why do my friends know i have weird taste in music? Lmao

Hella like this song thoo
  RoughLove / 2y 23d 23h 22m 8s
Okay for real at this point half of my block list is you.
  RoughLove / 2y 25d 11h 56m 49s

It went so well my friends

she said that as long as me, her and my primary therapist are all on the same page she sees no problem with writing a letter of approval after my 18th birthday.


Im DeD
  RoughLove / 2y 26d 16h 22m 55s
OOf today is le day. Going to the conseltation and im fucking hyped.

Welll i mean kinda tired cuz i stayed up all a dummy.

But hella happy i got up the courage to contact people and get this started.

I did it my guy. Despite whats been going on the past few days im really proud of myself for this. Like im really proud i could do this.

just 6 and a half hours till i start this.

And i schedualled it. Not my mom. Not anyone else. Me.

OOf. I cant wait.
  RoughLove / 2y 27d 1h 1m 20s

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