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[center Place to put my thinks an shit

cuz my stupid ass

deleted my last one

If i blocked you and you make new accounts i will block them all

[size8 Okay maybe I step out of my lane a bit when im salty. Oh well. ]


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I wonder how my boyfriend feels about dateing a trap cuz god damn do i make it work but god damn are we both so fucking gay.

im supposed to be looking for movies to watch when he comes over tommorow but im not doing that. lmao.

Im so excited to see him again tbfh. I miss him real bad
  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 4d 18h 26m 2s
its been so great getting to know new people. And the fact they are his friends makes it just that much better. If he cares about them i want to meet them. It would be different if he didnt include me but hes always making sure im ok and a part of the conversation. And when he isnt his friends are. Im getting myself into a good group of people and im very happy.
  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 6d 19h 7m 24s

We love a good lewd song
  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 7d 19h 39m 50s
Hey dysphoria can you like not today? Ive got plans.

I cant find any shirts cuz i dont have any male shirts that are clean. All my sweatshirts are low cut and show off my binder. I cant figure out how im supposed to pack and i want to cry so thats not helping. I just want to get through today. Jesus fucking hell.
  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 9d 23h 23m 44s

Dont mind me. Im not having a breakdown while listening to cavetown and trying to clean.
  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 12d 16h 4m 23s
Its been really jaring looking at myself in the mirror the past few days. I dont feel disconnected anymore. I look like im supposed to. I look like a boy and not like a girlish boy, like a boyish boy. Its so amazing but also its like new and fresh and weirdbut good weird. Its good.
  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 16d 15h 59m 20s
had a really good day today. I cleaned a little and i sang along to broadway and danced around like a madman. I think it helped let out a lot of negative energy ive stored up the past few months. I even threw out all the pills ive been saving up. Im taking that step. i havent thought about taking them, actually forgot i had them, but i found them and without thinking just threw em out. Its a big step in the right direction. Im really happy about what im doing for myself
  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 22d 12h 21m 56s
  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 23d 13h 1m 16s
Im just so drained. I cant fall asleep either.
  ooc + sample / MyBoy / 24d 48m 5s
Friendly reminder that writing a dnd thing when you barely have a grasp of the rules and are going off of what youve read online with, granted, lots of research is real hard. Im just hopng that this time around will be less of a mess. Im going in more prepaired this time. But also I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT IM DOING.
  ooc + sample / Tybalt- / 62d 3h 55m 7s
Hi. My cat just opened a door and im dying. Send help. My cat is way too smart.
  ooc + sample / Tybalt- / 67d 18h 23m 21s
So mom and i saw a rando guy just dancin and having the time of his life in the MIDDLE of the freaking road. wtf my guy?
  ooc + sample / Tybalt- / 99d 9h 21m 54s
Im fucking sick uhhhhggggg.

Also i was listening to this song and i was like "Omg me rn when im sick" like a dramatic bitch
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 101d 18h 59m 28s
Someone help me name all the characters in my holiday dnd thinggy because i dont want to give them cool names i cant use later cuz they arent important.
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 110d 5h 2m 27s
Its my birthday.

Happy birthday me.
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 117d 17h 53m 11s

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