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[i “If I can’t have you, no one can”.. Something everyone’s heard at least once or twice while in relationships.. But what happens when it truly comes with a price?]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/GG7L05D.png]]

[#e84a70 [b Muse A was the boyfriend/ girlfriend to Muse B who happened to be in a gang. Everything in the beginning was almost a dream come true. They were happy and so very in love. Or that was until Muse B happened to become so wrapped up in their role of the gang that they no longer could separate their gang self from who they were with Muse A.

Muse A tried to give Muse B multiple chances. Tried to see them as the one they had fallen for. But the more that time passed, the harder that was. Only could they see their former lover as the monster they’d become.

“If you leave me, remember this.. If I can’t have you, then no one else can” Muse B said to A the night they left them.

Now sixth months later, Muse A is starting to try and move on in their life. They’ve changed jobs, met new friends, and are even starting to fall in love again. The threat that their ex made is nowhere in mind and they just think it’s a threat.

Muse A starts to date the new person and for a little while everything seems fine. But what they don’t know is B has been watching the whole time. And the more B watches, the stronger the feeling of betrayal and hurt gets. Keeping to their word, Muse B offs Muse A’s new lover.

So now, A knows what B meant. They would not be the one to suffer but those around them would.

Where does this leave the sanity of both? And who wins the game of Love and Lust? Or will there be nothing more but a bitter end to the messed up tale?

Help me decide by joining Heed My Words!]]


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[i We used to be so close. She was the sweetest girl that I had met and I remember that when we met we were both shy. And then we got to talking and it all melted away. I know it's silly but it felt like a missing piece had been found. So we decided to hang out more and more.. Movies, clubs, random walks at night.. You name it and we probably did it. Finally, Pris asked me to be her girlfriend and it was the best day of my life. I remember feeling fully happy and loved. Still we were so close.. But then I found out she was hiding something from me.. She was in a gang! When I asked she told me the truth and I loved her still. I wanted us to work because NO ONE had ever made me feel the way that she did. She was my world. So we tried and tried again. At first everything seemed fine but then I noticed her gang-self became mixed with the woman I loved. She was changing so much and before my eyes too..and I couldn't stop it. The worst part about this....I have to break up with her..but I don't want to..She was the love of my life...and to an extent always will be. I just can"t do this anymore though..]

Blue eyes looked down at the journal page she had just written. She had been writing things like this a lot lately and often had to keep this particular notebook hidden from Priscilla because she didn't want to fight. Mostly the writing helped her clear her head and tbink things through. Or that was what Grace told herself. But the more she reread older entries and wrote new ones, the closer she came to breaking up with her girlfriend. Well actually this one DID make the decision..she just had to follow through.

The young woman looked to the clock and bit her lip. Pris would be home any minute and she had to decide whether to do this or not. [b "If I don't this time...I'm never going to. I guess it's time to as they say face the music."] She whispered as she hid the notebook and sat at the table, eyes on the door.

It was when the came in did Grace give a weak smile. [b "Pris...we have to talk.."] She began as she stood. And soon she was explaining a basic of what she had written. She ended telling the woman that she loved her and always would BUT she just couldn't do this anymore.
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