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Ado had but a single chance to get what he needed. The house seal had yet to be found, and he now had an army pounding on the front door of the city he currently occupied. Of course they had given him the option to vacate the city, and while that would mean he failed what he needed to do here for his brother. He had to gain the lands of House Maeras for his brother. The issue however was everyday the army would launch a small assault before sending a messenger stating the same term of surrender for him and his troops. Which he would give the same answer he did on the day they had arrived, it was not to be done unless he had orders from his brother. Of course none would come from his brother until troops arrived or until war season was drawing close, but neither was likely to happen. Ado knew the only way out of his predicament was to find the house seal and force the royals of House Maeras to bend at the knee to Anjui.

The house seal gave Anjui the power to take over the house again through diplomacy without the loss of any lives like he had been trying to sense he started his take over of the isle. The issue however was that Ado was now here trapped, and he knew even if he vacated the capital without the seal himself and his troops would be like mice trapped in a maze between the forts and natural barriers. They would be hunted down until the war season is done, or they were all dead. Likely the latter of course.

Walking from the place he claimed as his room for the time being Ado joined a few of his troops on the wall to watch as the ballista and catapults drew ever closer to the walls after their morning stunt and before the messenger was sent. The commanders were watching the walls closely to see if any of them would fall. Had the boulders and such been all aimed at the same spot every time perhaps one would have already, but it had been nearly a week and the projectiles hit a different wall if not landed inside the city itself destroying some of the buildings.

Ado watched as the white horses came approaching, however he had grown tired of giving the same answer, and so he had his second in command answer them every time. Ado would continue the hard search of the city for the seal which could be anywhere. Before he left the wall however ado heard the approach of metal hitting stone behind him. one of the troops came running up. [b "Lord Ado, a band of Mercenaries is headed this way. from the waters. Lord Anjui sends them with his greetings and his blessing of protection. Also my lord the seal has been found, However its not within the city."]

Turning to the person he blinked twice [#f5990a "What do you mean?"] the troop only pointed to the troops outside of the wall. [b "A spy has informed us The commander Lady Kardoli Maeras has it."] Ado nodded with a disapproving deep take of breath. So they had been smart and taken the seal with them when they left the capital. This meant they could not force the house to bend at the knee using diplomacy, however the news of Mercenaries coming was a different story. What was it that his brother was thinking when he sent for mercs? Even more so where had the come up with the funds to buy them? Even more so how is it he got them to agree to come to his brothers aid knowing that House Maeras was well known for it's war weapons and such. While they lacked trained troops their siege weaponry made up for it and their ability to hold their own forts and such made them a hard pressed house.

Ado looked to the tents that sat across the field in front of the city. Even farther out somewhere was a group of elves coming to his aid sent by his brother. He had a breath of relief, and a hard thought his brother had not abandoned him, in fact he sent him aid what little aid he could.
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Anjui had only watched as the older elf just marched his army full fledged into a run almost like they were flying across the woods. Of course it would yet take several hours for the forces to even get to the border on the otherside of the Belore'shan lands. It was not his plan to reveal everything, but it wasn't like this man could do much anyways. The Belore'shan were a house surrounded now by that of his own. A devil's smile played upon his face as a bird reached the army his brother sat with. There were no words that escaped Anjui's lips as he moved his hand forward. He had a job to do and that was to make sure the two houses did not come past this border without his knowledge.

It wasn't long however before another messenger bird appeared in the sky this time landing on Anjui's shoulder instead of the outstretched arm of the general. The general made to grab for the bird, but stopped when Anjui held up his hand. Reaching for the bird himself it came down onto his hand allowing him to grab the small scroll. Taking in the message he looked to the east then allowed the message to float back to the general who read it. [b "It seems Lord Ado is in trouble. Lord Belore'shan, The remains of House Maeras, and those of House Per and Parn are at the front door to the capital. He also has yet to find the seal upon which would give House Maeras lands and army over to Masjhol. This could be a problem."]

Anjui closed his eyes a moment and took in a deep breathm Letting it out far slower then he took it in. Thinking was his strongest suit, but he knew if he went to give his brother reinforcements it could mean the demise to his lands, but if he did not he could potentially loose his twin brother. Worse even he could loose the only member of his that stayed loyal to him and stood by his side against all odds. [#b62e11 "General, I want you to send a message out for me. And make sure only the person it's intended for gets it."]

Looking confused the general nodded. Taking the note from Anjui has he finished writing it the general sent the bird off, at first it only circled above the group, but took off to the north and disappeared from view. Anjui's face went from the blank face to a devilish look. [#b62e11 "General, We are moving out. We have much border to patrol and not a lot of time to do so. War season is still going on we must be ready for anything."] Anjui turned his head over his right shoulder and nodded. Several men and women appeared from the forest close by where the army had mustered. It was far more then what Lord Belore'shan had seen, but had he seen them he wouldn't have rushed off so quickly.

Anjui made a clicking sound and continued the slow march process that would make up the next few weeks of patrol. A slow going process, but it would be worth it if it meant he would have less worry later on next year.
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Lunas had but a single order to follow from his higher ups. Stop the orcs at all costs. To make sure they no longer affected the forests of the moon elves and their fellow brethren the wood elves. He had become the Avatar of Eluna and with it became far more powerful then the average moon elf, but even that did not prepare him for the next move the orcs made. While the goblins and ogres and trolls they had asked for aid from had ran away after seeing how the elves held the advantage of the field they knew better.

Lunas had given his commands to collect the arrows, but it was the sea of flames that made him stop and watch as Orcs forced their way past the front lines the wood elves and moon elven forces had made. past the cliffs and into the passageway that would allow them access to everything beyond. It was madness to think the night would be simple and quite without some form of trickery from them, but it was expected.

Lunas like javi had given orders already to his soldiers to make preperations for a fight incase something like what was following happened. Drawing a single arrow out from his quiver it wasn't much just a firework really. a flash of light one could say. Drawing his bow back as far as it would go he young elfling let the arrow fly. At first nothing happened as the arrow whistled past everything the elves the orcs everything. Up, up, up even further still it flew until finally the bang. The flash of bright white light burnt in the sky like the sun for but a moment.

The light showed the field covered completely in Orcs flowing over the hills. The elves that had been sent out screamed as the were ambushed their plan had faltered. Yet more screams came as elves guarding the pass fell to nasty poisons and arrows alike before the orcs rushed in. It all seemed lost this night, but Javi gave a battle cry and joined the fray. Wood elves and moon elves rallied around the ranger and would fight until their very last. Lunas looked to the sky and held up his hand before dropping his eyes to the field of battle and his hand to his side.

Clearing his throat Lunas let out a whistle and charging in from the field came his War cat. Solia's eyes glowed the strange purple like Lunas's own even her strips had the same glow. [#9138cc "To the Goddess Goes the Glory."] the war cry heard over the field and the cries joined by the others as they charged into battle themselves. Lunas jumped onto his war cat and charged into battle stopping only after reaching the front lines. With Javi on his left and his war cat on his right Lunas gave out a cry of vengeance.

It was just then the Stars began to fall out of the sky. It was the power of the Goddess herself coming at the male's command.
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Watching as his orders were followed out Javi noticed a few things wrong in their plan on how to collect their arrows. The most obvious being that orcs had better night vision then Elves did, while yes Elves had amazing eye sight and even better hearing orcs had the nack of not following their eyes, but the smell. Orcs had a very high sense of smell and it's usually what their eyes followed shortly after. The Orcs were after all corrupted elves from long ago twisted to the darker gods purposes and would forever be held in such esteem as lowly dogs to their basic instincts of kill or be killed. Trolls were no better standing, but they at least were not twisted, no they instead evolved from the elves.

Javi also knew the second largest down fall to the plan was that the arrows they did send out could be unusable, broken, damaged, or coated in blood that they wouldn't fly when released properly. Even worse the arrows could be lodged so far into armor or flesh that the elves sent out to collect arrows can't remove them from the bodies itself. Holding his head up Javi nodded to the commanders as the barrier was removed and the middle passage was opened up. Javi had picked in favor of his two handed blade instead of the bow this time. The blade was a simple one in comparison to most other weapons the ranger carried. Like a claymore to humans, only instead of a single straight double edged blade. the blade was single edged and curved slightly to remind one of a Spear, half of the weapon being handle the other blade.

This was the blade of the twelve ancient weapons made to combat the dragons in ages past, The Rose King. Once held by the hand of the Shol Meylr. Javi had it reworked so it would fit his hands better, but not much more beyond that. The blade still held the glaive type statue among the elves, but to most humans they would consider it a claymore as its full length was twelve feet long six of them being sharp steel made to cut through even fine dragon scales.

Javi looked upon the blade as he prepared for the battle to come, however his eye's shifted to the darkness ahead of him as fires began to pop up among the lines across the field. At first he could not tell what the fires were from, but his eyes registered what it was once they started dancing across the hill like they were charging. It was the orcs they had purposely waisted the bodies. They weren't looking for an opening they were wanting the elves to use all their arrows and draw out their forces and make an opening for them to crash through like water would through a damn. [#9dcc38 "Commanders Get our men out of there, and fast."]

It was to late however and Javi knew it the moment the screams began from the direction the orcs were running. [I Those bastards are cunning, cruel, and brutal, none the less I will not go down so easily.] the young wood elf had thought to himself. Pulling the blade close Javi went to the front lines right on the inside of the now open pathway as the orcs stop but a few paces away. Hearing a whistle Javi began to twist his blade in a circle in front of him to have arrows bounce off his blade. Once again however he heard the screams of anguish as elves died around him from either being shot by arrows, or likely by the poison the orcs dipped their arrows in. That or the agonizing pain of the arrows themselves. [#9dcc38 "Shields to the front."] Javi had called it out just in time to see the waves of orcs now pushing into the narrow space, but their bodies would only fit two at a time into the narrow passageway.

[#9dcc38 "Their numbers count for nothing in the passageway, Keep them there as long as you can."] with that Javi surged forward with elves at his heel carrying shields, blades, and spears alike. Swinging his blade in a dance of death Javi had received no actual cuts, but there were a few close calls indeed as they sliced the air where he had just been or just nipped his hair instead of his neck or head. It was however this deadly dance that had caused a flurry of bodies to pile up around him made of orc's limbs and dead bodies.

[#9dcc38 "Is there none that would challenge me? I am Javi Twinshade. Death will find all of you if I am not cut down today."] It was a challenge the elf shouted out across the field as orcs stopped and looked at their comrades gathered at his feet their bodies lifeless. [#9dcc38 "Come on!"] waving his hand in his own direction like he was begging them to come charging at him Javi had death in his eyes and a fire burning brightly behind them. [#9dcc38 "YOU WILL ALL BURN."] It was at that exact moment Fire was flung in front of him at the orcs from where the elf did not know, and did not care it scared them. The orcs tuck tailed and ran away from the elf, and they were more frightened of him instead of the master holding the whip behind them.
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The plan had worked, well mostly. The Fortress had indeed fallen like his brother had hoped, but the forces that should have been marshalled to retake the fortress stayed exactly where they would sit. This would become a problem until peace time, as without a fighting force the throne to Maeras would fall to Anjui as well. So far everything had fallen into place exactly like his brother had predicted The fortress was defended by a minimal force, no more then one hundred soldiers comprised mostly of house guards with little training and the few personal guards to the Ruler as it sat. The ruler however sat upon their throne when Ado had taken the fortress and came to take them as a prisoner. The women took it with dignity, but would say very little words other then a few times she proposed marriage to Anjui, but of course Ado knew better then that she would take his head the moment she could for the trickery he used.

[b "Lord Ado, still no sign of the army gathering."] It had been nearly two months sense the fortress had been taken, and yet still no army came to aid the fortress even when their crown was threatened the troops stayed in their border forts and watched the pathways they set to. [#f5990a "Have we found the seal yet?"] Ado spoke of the house seal that went onto all official documents from the house itself as proof that it came from the throne itself. [b "Not yet sir, and the Lady Maeras is not speaking a word, but keeps to herself in the White garden."] Looking to the south the male slammed his hand on the table in frustration.

This plan had gone so well up to this point, but if the army still stood and still claimed loyalty to that of Lady Maeras it meant house Maeras could claim their house lands still, and Anjui would have but claimed a single city which he would end up loosing by next war season and it meant their time studying house Maeras would be all to waste. Ado had taken the crown but did not sit upon the throne, instead he called those within the city to repair the wall and such and to keep an eye upon the outlying lands to make sure nothing approached without Ado knowing of it.

Hearing scampering of feet Ado stood as a guard from the wall busted into the room heavy breathing as he stopped and took deep breaths to catch his breath. [b "My...My Lord...My lord there is an army approaching."] Not even hearing the rest of the message Ado tied his sword back around his hip as he clattered down the hall from the throne and to the wall. He could see the banner even before he had gotten to the ramparts and hear the shuffling of armor clanking together. Stepping up to the wall he could see the combined army of House Per, House Parn, and the forces of House Maeras, even troops from House Bel'ore'Shan were here.

A smile spread across Ado's face he knew that the other houses were foolish, but to know that these troops had left their lands to come take a single fortress delighted the young elf as he looked out. Hearing a single voice call up to him. [b "Release Lady Maeras, and Vacate the walls of Kaer Syrdaes or be buried on this day."] A laugh escaped Ado as he pulled the ring blade up to the wall with him. [#f5990a "And by what authority do you command me?"] The women stepped away from the line of soldiers. Her armor glistened like amber her hair set black like a raven's wing against it. Her skin pale like that of his own kin. [b "I am the rightful Hair to these lands you now occupy. I am Kardoli Maeras."]

Ado nodded this was the women his brother would claim as his prize to return to Masol Thysaer when he took the house lands, as a sort of guarantee that the house stays loyal. [#f5990a "I am afraid I can not vacate Kaer Syrdaes without loyalty sworn from House Maeras to my brother Lord Anjui in the Ancient language."] a laugh this time came from the army that stood outside the wall. Ado however did not move nor did the smile from his face disappear. [#f5990a "I am also to return with Krdoli Maeras to Masol Thysaer as a guarantee that the house will remain loyal, and that you will receive Taraern Thaelyr as a guarantee from us that we will not completely remove the Maeras line from this world."] silence.

One would think they could hear whispers on the wind as deadly as the silence was, but it was only met with a twang from a bow. An arrow shot at Ado which he deflected easily with a swing of the moonring blade. [b "Begone or be dead those are your choices."] Ado only leaned over farther. [#f5990a "as I have said. It can not be done."] A siege was the best option, the more tired they were the easier his goal would be.
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Anjui had one goal in mind. He would protect his newly founded land of Starlight from his enemies. While his brother lead the main force Anjui and Lord Aelori lead a quarter of the force's mustered by both houses under his name. While the forces were small a show of forces alone would stop House Per and house Parn from attacking the young king. Considering his plan as fooly harty trying to take over the houses through diplomacy or through sheer will and show of force. No elf had ever done so before and no elf had broken tradition and taken a house over from their parents through a coup either, but as so far it stood Anjui had done just that.

It was what gave him the upper hand from the other houses, he had done things away from traditions which made him unpredictable and it was a wild card on the battle field. While others knew their enemy strategies and learned them well over years and years of observing them Anjui's were a new testament and any who could learn them would see them during this battle season, and they would fall to them. At least Anjui would hope they would do so. It would be hard to tell without first hand knowledge of them being put into play.

Anjui looked towards the moon as it's light set to the west and the sun began it's climb into the sky in front of him. Sending his thoughts to his brother he had only hoped the plan he envisioned had come to pass. His brother Ado was a key figure in it, and to loose him early on would be dreadful, especially to keep Lord Aelori and his house bound to him at this pitiful role. House Masjhol was small and even a small break away from it would prove to be a disaster.

Waving his hand high and forward he commanded his troops to patrol the Eastern border, while the Fort in the hills of their original house lands, House Aelori was only safe because it's buildings and cities were well hidden in the forest. Which meant their troops would have to make sure the forest wasn't set to fire, or the enemy didn't march troops into the lands without knowing where they were at all the entire time.

To no surprise Anjui had come face to face with the only land that now lay completely surrounded by the land that would be his own. House of Belore'Shan the House of the Sun honored. Their troops had of course mustered on the field ready for war. Little did they know that Ado had just taken control of the land that lay across their borders. Anjui held up his hand again and the troops came to a halt. Taking the standard two men as guards Anjui went forward and stopped at half way between the two forces who seemed to eye each other with care. [#b62e11 "Lord Belore'shan. To what pleasure do I see the troops mustered on my border. Are you that worried I would push what troops I have into your lands this early into the war season?"]

A deep earthly rumble came from the old, bigger elf as he laughed. Wiping away a tear from his eye he looked over the forces gathered and turned his eyes upon the golden ones of the young king. [#a210da "Far from it Young Lord, I more heard the mustering of forces upon my border and came to answer it in kind. I see that it's nothing more then a single thorn upon the bush I have mustered."] laughing again the older of the pair once again looked to Anjui this time a serious note took to his voice. [#a210da "Leave these lands as your muster of troops will be taken as an intent to invade the lands My house and I have claim to."] Anjui only bowed his head slightly to the left as the guards put their hands on their blades. [#b62e11 "I can not do that Lord Bel'ore'Shan. You see I expect invasion from the lands of Per and Parn as my siblings are not ones to forgive that I had taken the thrown from our parents before the war season."]

The old elf's face only grew into a scowl of hate for the younger. [#a210da "Then lead your troops away from this place this instant."] Anjui just stood his ground a blank face on him. [#b62e11 "Alas I can not do that either knowing there is such a force upon my border either. While I may not stand a chance and your's would surely run mine to ground I can still put up a fight in hopes that reinforcements will arrive in time."] At the hint of more troops showing up Belore only seemed to grow angrier. [#a210da "And how much of your troops do you plan on withdrawing from the forts to defend your open borders? I am told Aelori fell to you without a single life lost. I'm even told that house Maser, House Kyli, and House Pandrylyli fell the same way."]

Anjui nodded a smile upon his face as he held up a single finger. [#b62e11 "And without a loss of life, House Maeras fell in the same manner or so to speak. You see my brother has taken their capital. and from within it's walls force's their leader to abdicate their crown in favor to me."] It was with that news the old elf turned his head around to look at his own forces, but his focus wasn't on them, but on the lands on the other side now. He knew he had all but exposed his rear in hopes to scare Anjui away from his border by show of force. The question to face though as Anjui knew was would this man be able to guess that his was but a bluff as it meant taking a fort yet full of forces loyal to house Maeras. Still the smile upon his face Anjui continued. [#b62e11 "You see Lord Belore'Shan I am not here to fight you, but to insure that my borders here are safe from the other houses. While Lord Aelori makes sure our Western border is safe. You just so happened to come upon the mustering place for my forces."]
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Javi had watched as the Moon elf guards had taken down waves of the orcs as they searched for a way to get over the cliff at the elves themselves, but to the orcs they couldn't find any. Being slightly hypocritical of the moon elf use of their arrows and wasting them like they were easy to come by made him cringe slightly. He remembered his academy days when he would have done the same tactic against fellow students shooting arrows to distract them mostly but not attempting to kill them like they were here with the orcs.

The difference in their abilities as archers was immense to Javi, even to his commanders who looked poorly upon the moon elf archers as they fired volley after volley of arrows into the charging orcs. Hearing the sound of retreat the orcs fell out of arrow range, but the bodies of the dead still laid where they had fallen. While the arrows of other races, humans, goblins, etc would have snapped under the weight of other bodies elven arrows were not to be taken so lightly. While not made of wood like many would think, but of pure metal and hollow inside of it so they flew just as far if not farther then normal ones.

Javi had held up his hand as he listened into Lunas's plans on how to retrieve arrows from the orcs. It was sound opening a single passage, but to command his troops to focus their fire upon the pathway was folly in the most desperate of ways. Hearing a whisper from one of his own commanders [b "He would do better pulling his archers off the cliffside and pull them away from the cliff sense they have a limited amount of arrows they can use now until the retrieval can come back, that is if they even come back."]

This had given the young wood elf an idea. They were after all in a clearing and while moon elves relied heavily upon the forest for their blending wood elf rangers did not. [#9dcc38 "Commander Lunas if you would hear me out."] seeing the moon elf turn his direction he pointed to the mounted archers he had at call. [#9dcc38 "Send out the riders to collect the arrows. They can grab them and protect themselves in the process by firing off the arrows they had just grabbed or even the arrows we have can be used to defend them at a far easier then shooting from the cliffs. They also have the advantage of speed so they can go collect quickly as they won't leave their mounts and can come back faster then sending an expedition out on foot."]

Getting an approval nod Javi turned to his own commanders. [#9dcc38 "Commander Elin Your are to take charge. Lead the mounted rangers to collect the arrows. Be sure you bring all of your people back, but as many arrows as you can. If you need to leave arrows, but do not loose a life. This is not a fight this is a restocking of our supplies."] The commander saluted with anger look on her face, but said nothing again as she knew the punishment was her outspokenness against the moon elf use of arrows. The group all bowed as Javi went to his own table. all the commanders followed him also. [#9dcc38 "We will support the moon elves this round of fighting. I want the wind lances on the hills here."] he stepped away from the tent and planted his feet as he spoke.

[b "But still that could hurt our own men and the barriers we put up. [#9dcc38 "I didn't say we would be using them yet, but we must be ready incase they break through as well."] Stepping back to the map he continued. [#9dcc38 "I want the spell breakers on the front lines with the rest of the soldiers. Anyone at close range I want guarding one of the passes, I don't see the central one being the one they try and rush. Make sure you put at least one of every kind of unit at each one. I also want rangers posted at each one as well. Two units of rangers at each entrance as well."]

The commanders nodded saluted and headed out, but Javi cleared his throat getting their attentions. [#9dcc38 "I want all the mounted units running between the field. They are the most mobile, and can keep the information up to date and assist if needed. Keep the mounted rangers in reserve once they come back. Keep the mounted Spell breakers also on reserve. And the White Phoenix unit will be here on the hill. I want our magic users as far away from a battle as possible, but close enough they can engage if necessary."] The group nodded and set to work.
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It was a quick process the battle was. One mistake would cost anyone their life, however the orcs were not so precautious as the elves had been made to be so. They didn't care they numbered in the thousands where the elves only went to maybe ten thousand or so until their reinforcements came from the High elves if they were to expect any, or even the other elven forces marching this way from the Capitals of both the woodland elves and his own kind the Moon elves. Lunas had to keep his mind on the battle at hand. The barriers stood tall yet as the orcs searched around to try and find them.

The arrows from the elven forces blacked out the sun as the volley of arrows were a constant flow until they either ran out and had to restock or the orcs fled out of arrow range. Of course it was short lived as the orcs pressed again and again a constant wave of new bodies to add to the count. Eventually the elves would have to show one of the pathways to their well protected camp in order to gather up the arrows from the bodies of the dead orcs. Lunas was trying to not do that, however with the depletion of their stores of arrows fast approaching it meant they would have to gather up arrows from the dead or send for more arrows from the closest cities, but it was unlikely to get to them before the stream of orcs once again pressed for their search.

Lunas had turned his attention to the table that was under the pavilion just behind him. [#9138cc "Commanders we need to figure a way to collect our arrows from the orc bodies, but the orcs are ever pressing and they are searching for a way up to get at us."] looking closer at the map Lunas could see no good way to go about this. Moving a few more units forward he placed them specifically at the very center wall they had made up. [#9138cc "This is what we will do. I want four more units of archers placed on this opening. I also want two unit of shields and two of swords and spears. and two Calvary units."] moving three ballista to the opening as well. [#9138cc "I also want Six siege weapons moved to the middle opening."]

Waiting for his commanders to all nod he went on. [#9138cc "We shall wait until nightfall to send out units to collect arrows, however expect the orcs waves after that to specifically target the rocks in this area. Likely with fire or a bunch of bodies to be thrown at it. We will in answer leave this gap open and focus all of our defense there. This will be critical, because its at this point the orcs will likely send their archers and such to attack our own archers on the ridges and such, but we can not leave them defenseless either, so we shall keep the guards on the ridges and the ballista on he ridges as well to keep firing."] Moving more pieces forward he could only hope he wasn't stretching the forces to thin over the ridge and pulling forces from the other barricades to watch the center where they would open it up.

The cliffside itself was the only way to get past the elves, however the elves themselves had placed themselves upon the ridges and blocked off any further advancement besides the way of sea, but orcs did not do water, in fact they did not even do tunnels like their goblin cousins. It was their biggest flaw is never adapting to what they could use as advantage.
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Ado had become prepared. They were using the hall of their first conquest as their war base. It was of course a logical place to do so. Ado's trust in the commanders was known that they were loyal to the end, but Anjui took no chances in such an exchange. He had already sent Mylos Aelori back to the citadel the fully constructed city had been completed a few days before, but Mylos would take command of the defense of the Capital. Ado had little trust in the boy, but Mylos also knew that his entire family would be killed if he took over the fortress and he would find little help in doing so from the guards who swore an oath to the crown that now sat upon Anjui's head.

Ado had eyed Aelori as the war council had begun. his brother spoke how it would only be the three of them in war councils for now as he did not wish for the enemy to know the plans he would make. Listening to them his brother's ideas were crazy and a scheme hatched out of either desperation or complete faith in the ability to win the battles.

Ado had gathered up the soldiers he would be commanding and set out upon the mission his brother had given him. He would take on the White tower and the lands of House Maeras. Carring with him the Moonring blade the commander had felt oddly alone. He normally had his brother sitting at his side upon his mare as well, but he was the one in charge of the pressing of the lands of Parn while Lord Aelori would press Per. It was all a guessing game at this point for Ado. Would his brother survive? Would Aelori betray them even after giving his oath of loyalty in the ancient language? Even more so would he survive the battle?

He didn't have time to think of that now. Continuing the march with his forces through the narrow pass to the white tower he quickly surrounded the citadel and set siege to the grand city.

The city was hard pressed and it had taken most of the month to get the guards to finally admit defeat, but they never expected to be sieged and so had not the supplies to last more then a week, but with rationing they had gone three expecting reinforcements or aid from the border forts and perhaps an army to remove Ado and the Force he had commanded. But they did not come as Ado made sure that any messengers did not reach out. Not until after the citadel fell without a single elf loosing their life. It was just the threat of starvation that had made the fortress fall.

Ado had placed his own forces within the Fortress, even went so far as to gain loyalty from the common folk within the fortress by offering a Feast that same day. While his supplies were running low he knew it would not be long before the army itself showed up to push their luck against the fortress itself, including that of Lady Mylos who would be the only one to possible fall in battle if Ado could help it.

He knew the army would be gathering most likely out of range of sight just on the other side of the field hills from the Fortress as it was the connecting point of all the border forts. He also knew they would come because Ado himself sent out a mass message to the forts to send Aid to the capital as it was about to fall.
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War Season was coming in less then a week and the plans would be followed out. Anjui would see them followed out or those under him would feel the sting of the punishment he would give them. The people loved him because of his daring boldness, but others would learn to respect him, others would learn to fear him. He would see the people united under a single banner again starting first with the unity of the Crescent isle and from there he would have the elves under his banner to call for war. They would reign as a supreme race like they had back in their golden days of the empire.

Anjui had watched as his brother Ado left followed suit by lord Aelori they would follow his commands, but as they left a single person stepped from the shadows. A pale purple tinted skin tone male stepped into the room. [#90478b "Greetings Lord Anjui I am Ursa Starcrowned."] Keeping his golden eyes upon the male as he took his bow Anjui raised and waved his hand for the guards to step away from the guest. [#b62e11 "What is a dragon Born doing here? Your people were Banished from the Isle long ago. Yet you return? Even knowing punishment for such is potential death."]

Eyeing the Dragon he could tell he wasn't young in age for elves, but much younger then Ado and himself. His horns gave his age away to be perhaps a few centuries old, but no older then four hundred by more then five or so years. What most of all was the striking feature was that the dragon born in front of him had no pupils to his eyes even for dragon born it was an oddity. [#b62e11 "Speak before I have you beheaded and your body returned to your people and your remains on a pike outside the isle's rim."] The male stepped forward, a daring move considering he was in a place he and his kind were unwelcome. They were after all banished to the isles of the North and were no longer considered elves due to their half dragon base nature they were territorial to the extreme mesure and would fight until they were all dead before giving up their lands.

[#90478b "As I said I am Ursa Orvini, High Druid to the Dragon born elves on the Airi os Kaes. The Isle of gems. I have come here to pledge our aid to your cause."] Anjui stood straight up after hearing what the young male spoke. His Elvish was a bit rustic, but his meaning was clear, so was his position and power within his own kind. He was High druid, it meant that he was very important to the dragon born and even more so he was very powerful considering his age and position.

[#b62e11 "And what is it those of the Gems wish in return?"] Stepping to stand just across the table the male had become a bit to bold for the guards liking, the only thing that had stopped them was Anjui's hand once again in the air. [#90478b "We wish to have the recognition of the Crown. We are elves by right and would be considered as such. This also being said we wish to return to our roots and allow our Eternity tree The Masol Maelolaer has long sense been abandoned by our people accept for prays to Sosti the Timeless. I wish to see our people return to the fold of the elven people and to see us florish under the crown again. I shall help you place it upon your head in return I will take a peace of the waters from the Moon well placed under the Eternal Sentinel and water from the Sun well from the Shrine of stars and soak the earth to reguvinate the Forest of the Gem Isles. The Teiralyl Kyli will florish and be home to the druids of all kinds once again. The Crystal song Grove was once a powerful place of magic, I will see it returned to that once beautiful time."]

Taking a moment to pause and think of his answer Anjui looked upon the elf that stood in front of him. Sizing him up Anjui knew of two things, Firstly his guards would be no match against him, Anjui would likely put up a good fight against him but without Ado to finish the pair he would surely die as well. The second was that he knew the Dragon born would have to come under his crown eventually and this was a golden time to do so. Looking up to the ceiling a devil's smile seemed to be a constant on Anjui's face. [#b62e11 "This is acceptable, however I wish to have all Dragon born Swear Loyalty to me in the ancient language. I will also have the crown of those who rule."]

It seemed this Ursa nodded also in agreement before disappearing into thin air like he had appeared.
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Javi had been haunted. He had nightmares now more then ever being away from the sanctuary he called home. At the least he felt safe within the woods that he patrolled, he knew them in a euphoric sense. He could tell you how old each tree was and what tree grew where and who planted it, down to the last detail. He could even tell you which tree grew what fruit if any and what animals have lived in the branches, or inside the tree. It was far different then any other wood elf including the king himself, but it was Javi's job to know who and what was in the forest of the Twisted glens.

With blood pouring off his body Javi awoke his sheets once again soaked through from his body's output of water and his dreams still haunted his waking moments. Of course they would have to wait he had an army to command and a battle possible a war to win in the coming hours. He would not distract himself from it and even if allowed he would not cost his troops their lives on a simple thing called fear. Logic is what the elves have always relied on, if not logic then reasoning and precision even skills. The one thing they would always pride themselves on was their use of bows it was unmatched and would forever be so.

Taking up his blade Javi marched himself to the marshal field and stepped up next to Lunas the commander to the moon elves. While not in command of the wood elves the pair was a very strong mind together. They would of course mind each other and even consolidate each other for battle plans. Javi had heard the battle cry and shouted his people's own people who answered him in kind. [#9dcc38 "Thys Si Kaer Si."] For the Great tree, The wood elves always praised their Eternity tree as their god it was their home and would remain so.

The battle horns sounded from across the way and the orc roars could be heard to the elven ears.
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Lunas had stayed awake with the night patrol of the walls and camps they had made upon their arrival, While their camp was a mass of tents and such they were not without protection. Those capable had put up walls around the camp's outer edge, and dug trenches just the other side. While made of wood materials the wall was still sturdy and would stand ten feet tall from base to top and six feet thick packed with dirt and mud to make it stead fast and so it would not fall. The trenches were dug six feet down and six feet across to make a gaping hole that would take a good chunk of time to cross even if the bottom wasn't full of mud and such.

He had also made sure to check upon the barriers they had placed upon the pathways up from where the orcs had made camp, yet none were tampered with and even less activity was coming from the orc camp. It was like the only people awake were those on watch and the were far and few in between marked easily with torches. That was at least normal human eyes would see but Lunas's eyes were far more powerful and would show that the torches were up on a wall not to far from designed like the elves, only their surrounded the army and not the entire camp. Between the two was what would be the "followers" camp, Full of slaves, peasants, disciplined soldiers and non-soldier people alike. It was also where the animals were kept and tended. Although a bad place as an easy raid on it would force the orcs back, but it could also arouse them.

It was at the beak of dawn that Lunas saw the flashes of golden hues drown out the blues and blacks of night time. Normally he would be heading home to sleep, but war was upon them and a battle yet to be decided. Lunas had found his way to the Wood elf commander's tent just in time to see the Ancient Weapon Vyraejol, The Rose king. A little surprise sprung through him, he had wished to be given his fathers blade upon battle, yet it would not be so this time. Nodding his approval of waking the troops Lunas gave his own commands to do the same to his own commanding officers who ran about.

Upon the entire gathered forces Lunas raised himself upon the tiger he had called friend sense childhood and the cat's cub years. Going up the hilltop to stand above the entire army he spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. [#9138cc "Today is the day."] he paused a moment to look out across the entire marshalled force of the wood elves and moon elves to fight the orcs. [#9138cc "Today we shall decide who shall be the victor of this battle. I want all of you to look to your left."] all who gathered had done as the moon elf commanded. [#9138cc "Now look to your right."] once again all followed directions. [#9138cc "I want you to know that not all of us will make it from this battle, but know that with us stands the Goddess and she will make sure we make it through this battle together. Will you stand and fight? or will you flee and fall?"]

Raising his war glaive to the sky Lunas gave out the Moon elf battle cry. [#9138cc "Thys si Kydaer. Tae mi shar olaes iar."] For the goddess, May she watch over us was both a battle cry and a blessing, as her eyes were indeed upon the field of battle. Once he finished his battle cry the Keligar the Dragon had appeared behind him, with the giant beasts appearance all the elves answered with the same battle cry. To Lunas they were ready.
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For Ado the world was an easy going place mostly. The issue was the constant reminder of who he was from his own kind. While his brother was seen as a Noble High elf of the people, he was seen but as a low half breed between his parents, of course when they find out that Anjui and Ado are twins they look at him in a much different light. Of course the difference between them was Anjui now had a title of Lord of house, while Ado was still yet a Noble of the house his brother ruled. Those around were always eyeballing him and it made him uncomfortable.

The walk back was a breeze to the elf lord as he already knew the path he would take and with the guard leading the way as well It was a cute little pathway. The scenery of the golden leaves of the forest trees were so vivid and bright they drew his attention like no other would, even the golden flowing fields of the place he called home. The towering white walls and red roofs while a far cry from where he was now was still yet home to him and he began to miss it.

Seeing the entryway to the city Ado paused a moment. Looking up to the sky he sent up a prayer to the Gods of their people. The lasting of his brother, himself, and the ever lasting stand of their house. Ado would see it through even if it costed him his life and of those who would follow him in such regard. Walking into the city Ado watched as the city came into view as the forest cleared away from his vision. It was clear he had seen the city several times now that allowed him to clearly make out the walls of the buildings.

Hearing the construction going on around him Ado spotted construction happening to the wall that guarded the entrance. While already a thick tunnel the gate itself was nothing more then cast iron bars crossed around. Ado should have known that his brother Anjui would have the city capable of sustaining itself across all of the nation his brother would one day make his own. Still walking across the greenery that would make the city grounds Ado stopped at the front gate into the citadel and paused as he waited for it to open.

After the door opened Ado was greeted by Lord Aelori. The two walked in silence to walk across the citadel. The two stopped at the end of a door as it swung open to be greeted by Anjui already in the room. A plan set into motion by Anjui and being ready for war. If The last house would fall it would give them the greatest advantage as they would control the North of the Crescent Isle, while a small house The House Maeras didn't hold rank six for nothing.
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The young elf had looked over the crown several times. The crown would be restored to its former glory, however for now it would only hold the vines of the houses he would conquer on the Crescent Isle. The problem was that in order to do so he would have to weave the vines together in a very intense pattern to hold all of the house's crowns upon his head. What others did not know was that the two houses had had already under his thumb made up his current crown. The first was that of his parents. A simple piece of metal and easy to work with in the forge to create the vine he needed for the crown. The silver molded easy to purpose. Rubbing the silver vine between his left thumb and forfinger he held onto the crown and saw the gold one as well that would sit upon his head. The house of Aelori's crown while also a solid piece of metal was a bit harder to work to its needed purpose. The gold was easy to melt, but to reforge it into the vine around the first already made vine was a much more precise art that would only get more complicated as more crowns would be added.

It was the sound of the clatter of metal outside the hall's doors that had made the young king to look upon his council. The first member and really the only person he trusted in the world was his brother Ado. Like himself Anjui could see the passage of time had not affected his brother and in the length of a breath their differences could be shown under inspection of a person who knew what to look for. For instance Ado was slightly more built but that would be from wielding shield and sword where as Anjui was master of the bow and arrow. Both used knives of course, along with their grandfather's ancient weaponry. which would come in handy in the next standoff they would have.

Anjui had looked upon the next commander. He had appointed the noble of the second house Lord Aelori as a council member and commander. Anjui had no intention of removing the importance of the nobles on their land. He would however have them all flying his colors and if diplomatic talks failed and it came to force of arms he would use it. Aelori would lead his own soldiers and his own armies into battle. He would be an Equal to Ado in command, both directly under Anjui himself. Ado would command the Troops from House Masjhol all accept the Guard and that of the Legion that Anjui had commissioned upon his leave of the Capital.

Anjui had watched as the two came into the room both looking at each other in silence and back to the lord himself. [#b62e11 "This is all that will be gathered for war councils for now Lord Masjhol, Lord Aelori. I will not have our enemies know of the plans I have, and so this is a gathering before war season as many spies will be sent out with the last group of traders before battles wage across the isle."] Looking the two in the face he bent over a table he had already prepared for the council. [#b62e11 "My plan is simple. From House Masjhol we will attack Kaer Syrdaes, and with the fall of the Tower we will secure the land from house Maeras. Their Capital will be hard pressed, but without their army there they won't hold out for long as their natural borders upon the land make it hard for them to be breach just like Masjhol, only difference is we know a pathway that will allow us to travel behind their fortifications and straight into the capital."]

Looking across the map Anjui continued. [#b62e11 "From the lands of Aelori we will move to show force upon the borders of house Per and House Parn. I will not have the lands I just recently acquired fall to old fools. Once House Maeras falls we shall protect our borders until the end of war season and press again for answer from nobles. It is also at the last day of war season I expect the Dwarven king to press for favor asked of us. I will personally go to aid him in returning Karaz Khaz to the dwarven people. If I am to send soldiers to their deaths they must see that their ruler is not afraid to face death himself."]

Anjui stood and walked around the table to stair into a glass container. Inside was a giant ring of what seemed like solid gold. Its wrap the same color. The blade Anjui carried from his Father's family lineage the Kylarn, The Gold dawn blade. A simple work of metal one would thing had it not been for the sharp sword edge upon the thing's entire outside. The blade was meant to be used like a holla-hoop and spun around a person's body in a deadly dance. The hoop got its name from the giant dragon. A hulk of a beast even for dragons, a massive size that almost to rival the Great wyrms, the thing was ancient even for elven recollection and the warrior Cern had used the hoop to do battle and kill the dragon.

Turning to face the two again a smile across his face he spoke his tone almost a whisper like what he was speaking would be only rumor. [#b62e11 "I will carry Kylarn with me. While my brother will be carrying Tylol."] Tylol, the Moonring. A war glaive meant for only the best of warriors Its design was like that of the Kylarn, only instead of being a solid ring it was a small handle ring that was surrounded by three equal size and curved blades. A weapon given to their mother and passed down to Ado as a sign of her love and her approval. It was a solid red color its wraps also the crimson red. It was but two of the twelve ancient blades.
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Dreams had evaded the young wood elf lord. It was hard to sleep with looming eyes upon his tent, upon his every action. When sleep had finally taken him into her arms it was full of nightmarish vision and dreams. The civil war he had not been apart of flashed in front of him in waves of images. It was almost to much to bare the young elf, yet sleep would not release him into more relaxed things. It was a horror in its own right, but the waking world would offer little solace to the flashes behind his eyelids.

The Elven Great war, The only war fought among all of the elves. Two would lay claim upon the crown of the Empire, yet neither would claim it in the end. The first noble was the Child of the First King, Eci Bloodbane. Noble elf thought to be of higher quality because of his pure bloodline, Considered a big candidate for the Throne and the crown of the elves many nobles back him in his claim, yet he would not see the crown of the elven people even with his long life and ambition. Both would be his own downfall. The second was a noble from a lesser standing, the child of the Forest, an elf of note due to his unnatural form and ability. Cern Thaelyr He would also not see the crown due to a blade being stuck into his back.

While Javi was not yet born, and not considered even a twinkle in his parents eyes considering he is yet seven eons after the end of the war. Of course the time had allowed for several thousand different smaller wars to happen among the elf people. The only way a wood elf had been allowed to learn of the wars was through the ancient text, which had long sense become a treasure to their people. Unreadable to most, a few nobles and those of the Royal bloodline learned the language.

The Wood elf prince had awoken to the dawn light of hues of gold and orange with shades of blues and blacks. rising from his bed roll the young male dressed himself first in his cloth, and under armor, followed by the solid plating of his armor and weapons clad to his sides. Unlike the traditional rangers garb Javi was now dressed in the war armor of the wood elves. Forged from the dwarven armor smiths with the use of the Masali found under the White sentinel.

Javi stepped out of his tent to be greated by a group of elves clad in armor of different colors. One in blue, one in green, one is yellow, and one is red. [#9dcc38 "Commanders rise the troops and prepare them. Battle will be started soon and I will not have my soldiers caught unaware with a blade in their hearts or their heads removed. Dress them and be quick about it."] As the commanders about to set off he add in [#9dcc38 "Be sure to be silent as well. I will not have the enemy know we are ready for them as well. I would rather have them angry then dead."]

The commanders nodded and set off to work. Javi had himself set to work, stringing his bow and testing it several times by drawing the string back. A good bow sense it came from the Kalyraes Sholyrn. The Grandmother willow was the heart of their kingdom and the tree that marked the Grand hall to the King. It was also the forge upon which all of the great woods came from. The weapons of the old riders, the twelve houses all had one, the difference however was each one had become apart of the collection now lost to time. All save four of them.

Javi had withdrawn from its sheath the Vyraejol, The Rose king. A simple blade, curved like all other elven blades, only this curve was the other direction. its metal had a rose vine sketched into it and enchanted to repair itself with the enemies blood. The hilt made of simple oak wood wrapped in a dragon's scale. The blade itself would be green its sheath the same shade of Emerald green. The blade had been passed down the family line of Melyr once the original house of High nobles in the elven people.
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