The Corrupted Sentinel

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removing himself out of the moonwell Lunas stood basking in the star and moonlight like it was an extension of himself. He could see perfectly clear even on a clouded night like he had night vision himself. Of course knowing it was a blessing from the Goddess Eluna and her magic he could see where others could not even if they were sharp eyed or of his own kind that had an even better sense of vision at nighttime then their fellow kin of elves. Slowly the elf made his way back to his tent knowing that he needed rest and soon.

As the night dragged on Lunas got sparingly with sleep, what little he did get was not enough for most to survive, but he knew that with the battle to come his body would be pumping him soon enough and even that would wake him and his limbs up from their state of numbness. It would be soon that the battle for the forest was to come to pass and soon. Stretching himself across the mat that was used for his bed the elf stared at the back of his eyelids and waited for something. A horn to sound a battle perhaps? a cheep from a bird to signal dawn? Something other then just laying here more awake then when he had come into his tent.

Irritated the elf stood from his bed roll and went on patrol making his own route around the camp that would be the armies home for the next couple of days, possible weeks depending on how long the orcs would gather up forces. It would all depend on one next move and who made it. It irritated him like an itch he couldn't get to.
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Ado had watched silently as the exchange between his brother and the dwarven king had happened. It seemed his brother would know of his own plans before he could talk to him about them. Damn that fool of a king to come here in person to see to matters of the politics. He had told the ambassadors and the messengers even the damn Riks that had come and spoken to him to be sure to stay away from his brother and the rulers of the lands until he was certain his brother would agree to the plan itself least of all it would crumble.

It seemed however as the conversation strode on without a missed beat Ado understood he would have a strict watch upon his person now to make sure he did not conduct anymore business behind his brother's back or anymore deals with any of the other races pledging help from the elven people before his brother was for certain wearing the crown of the Crescent isle upon his brown and without a doubt ruling the people upon its shores with an Iron will and without question to his right to rule.

Ado also understood that while his brother seemed angry he was pleased at the price he had asked for with the aid of the elves. Of course Ado knew his brother had wanted the Stone Sentinel back from the dwarven people. It was a prize that everyone coveted above all else, and to show that they had regained its presence within their own realm would have helped Anjui's claim to the thrown, but to place it within Thos Thysaer meant that house Masjhol would not be holding the power of the Stone sentinel, but The Phoenix Order would be.

This saddened Ado greatly as he had plans to secure the grand tree and place it within the Shori Syrdaes, The White tower would be under Anjui's crown within the first few moons of the new war season, but yet to be denied that meant the White tower would strive all that much more to secure their own borders. Hearing the dwarf chuckle and agree to the terms present to him the dwarven king kept bowing and spouting out words that it seemed only Anjui caught bits of and no one else had heard.

Before he could be summoned forth in front of the entire nobility Ado had slipped past lord Aelori and the few nobles between him and the Exit of the Grand room. working his way into the hallways f the citadel Ado had found himself staring down a single elf whom he had never encountered before. The creature standing in front of him had stark bright golden blonde hair like that of the High elves of the isle, yet he stood slightly shorter and had on clothing that of which held a hue of greens and browns which he could never imagine worked together, yet this creature held them with flawlessness.

Having the creature bow to him and start speaking in a foreign tongue Ado held up his hand and spoke in the common tongue. [#f5990a "My brother is whom your message is for not myself. I am but a holder of lands in his name."] a look of confusion crossed the male's face, but his harp like voice cut Ado short. [#108417 "I am here to see the king of the Isle, but I am told at every turn that there is not one, yet here I am delivered to the highest house in power and I am told that the one standing in front of me is not the ruler, but just the person who holds the lands."]

Ado nodded a quick yes. [#108417 "Well then Lead me to of yours."] Ado pointed to the door behind him. [#f5990a "The door there will lead you to him, along with the nobility of his house, and the King of the dwarves."] The male seemed to tense up and looked to Ado with horror. [#108417 "May I have your name?"] [#f5990a "My name is previously Ado Thaelyr, Now I am known as Ado Masjhol. Brother to Anjui Masjhol and lord of these lands."]Nodding the elf looked at Ado with appreciation. [#108417 "I am Prince Vyr Melyr, The crowned prince of the wood elf realm of Soraer Thysaer."]

The Twisted Forest, Nodding Ado understood now why the elf in front of him was shorter, but fairer. He was a child of the woods, He was a Shyr Aer, a Wood elf. [#f5990a "Good luck on your endeavor Prince Melyr I am needed elsewhere."] Without another word Ado took off down the hallway the direction he had headed before being stopped. Not once looking back to see if the prince had found what he was looking for, he just wanted to be alone and only knew of one place he could do that at.
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Anjui had waved his hands for the guards to stand down. The dwarf seemed nervous as ever, but still had his hand away from the hammer that sat in the belt around his waist. That was until he drew the axe from his back. The guards stiffened up and went to draw their weapons again, but Anjui yet held them with the hand in the air. The king placed the axe next to him handle upon the floor. Seeing the axe stood the same height as the dwarf king himself Anjui guessed the thing was meant to be a last resort sort of weapon for the old king, but his face gleamed brightly as he looked at it with pride.

[#562c12 "Ah there now I can show court manners properly."] bowing the old dwarf didn't seem to move as stiff. Perhaps it was the axe keeping him from showing the curtsies allowed to his people by the elven courts even in their own realms. Clearing his throat as well as he could the old dwarf stumbled upon some elvish words as he spoke in his deep voice [#562c12 Kaerol….Kaerol Col os si Car."] the nobles around the room all seemed to turn their heads towards one another, but Anjui's golden eyes stayed focused upon the king in front of him the man's head pointed down to the floor in the bow.

Anjui spoke in the tongue of humans with ease. [#b62e11 "Raise your head King of the dwarves. I will not have a higher power bowing to nobility. Yes I am ruler of the land you have your feet upon, however I am not king of the Crescent Isle. My people would not allow another king to sit upon the thrown without a battle for it. And even though I am the highest of nobility in the sense of bloodlines my twin brother is here as well."]

Raising his head the dwarven king had a cherry redness to his face that even matched that of his beard and head. [#562c12 "Young Lord Anjui. It is with all honor that I am here. I have been given terms for your aid in returning our Home realm to us."] Anjui looked bewildered at the dwarven king, but cleared his face and set it to stone. It was workings of his brother Ado behind his back again and understood now what it was he was doing. He was making sure that Anjui himself stayed on the throne of the elven people by use of force if necessary and turning the dwarves on the nobles if they tried to kill Anjui.

[#562c12 "The terms are acceptable my lord, only I ask that you rename your price."] Anjui looked on at the dwarf king curiously, but also cautiously as he did not know what price the dwarven king had been put to by his twin and even less the side they were expected to uphold in order for it. The dwarven king not being given an answer from Anjui went on in his deep voice. [#562c12 "The myli Maelolaer has been in dwarven possession sense the peace treaty between the Elves and dwarven people ages ago."]

It was then that it had hit him. The dwarven king wasn't talking about Gron Khaz, but that of Karaz Khaz. It was an suicide attempt on anyone who tried it alone, and to know Ado had promised their help to reclaim the old dwarven capital city from when the Dwarven Empire first thrived had struck a nerve on him, but to know that the price he had asked was High. The Myli Maelolaer, the Stone sentinel was the tree given to the dwarven people from the elves and blessed by the dragons as a sign of eternal peace between the elves and dwarves. Sense its loss during the third age and the fall of the dwarven empire it has never been reclaimed or sought after accept by those attempting to gain honor for their family.

The outrage yelling and clammier of whispers across the room came to hit Anjui's ears as he pulled himself away from his thoughts. Standing up from his chair instantly drew everyone's attention and the silence of the room so much so the wind outside could be heard lightly brushing the leaves of the trees close by. [#b62e11 "To reclaim Karaz Khaz will cost many lives, not only dwarven, but elven as well. The price will not be lowered. The Stone Sentinel will be placed within elven control again, however it will be moved to the Thos Thysaer, The First Fortress will be the trading center between the dwarven people and those of the elves."]

The king's eyes beamed even more bright then before and he bowed many times over speaking in dwarvish that no one had caught ccept Anjui who had understood few of the words accept for thank you and it shall be done.
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He had witnessed something fantastic, frightening, and worst of all threatening. Javi the young wood elf commander had witnessed the creation of a moonwell from the nightelf people itself. Of course what he didn't know was its purpose on the battlefield other then perhaps the rumored traditions that moonelves always bathed in its waters before preparing for war themselves in hopes to gain favor of their main deity the moon goddess Eluna, Which Javi had learned was the namesake to the Commander of their forces Lunas.

Watching with fascination Javi had not dared venture close to the proceedings incase his being there denied the blessing from the goddess upon the well itself, or even if his own race being that of wood elf some how messed with the ritual itself. Watching and waiting the wood elf kept his eyes sharp upon the commander of the moon elves and the congressional process that had followed him to the ridge where the moonwell had been built upon and gathered for. On either side of Lunas as far as Javi could tell were three males and three females which made a total of twelve moon elves not including the male himself who carried with him three important items to the well itself.

Looking on Javi could sense a difference in the flow of magic coming from the well, at first it was a natural small flow, which grew and grew as the items were added into the well itself almost like the Goddess herself was watching and waiting to talk to the elves below to grant her blessing to them upon the well or even just to allow them to bask in her beauty and glory.

It was at the end of the ritual that the wood elf noticed the bigger change is his fellow commander. Javi had gone from his normal look to a darker skin tone, his hair had gone black as the night sky and he could have swore he saw lights twinkling in Lunas's hair, but most noticeable was the change in his eyes. They went from a faint purple glow to a solid silver like that of the moon itself just like the waters within the pool as well. To Javi this was an honor as he had never met a soul brave enough to become the Avatar of Elune; let alone a male to do it.
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Lunas had returned to his tent from where it was that he was stationed to watch the orcs. The mass of bodies they now had command of was an endless tide and while the elves had the advantage of skill and the advantage of High ground and the tunnel they had built, the supply of orc bodies would make them hard pressed even possible loose because of how many of them there were. If they were going to do anything about the problem they would have to act fast or get the orcs to start fighting among themselves which would be much harder to do then what one would think.

Lunas had gathered up a few items from his tent. The first was a vile of moonwell water brought with him from the pool around the base of the Tylshaer Maelolaer, The moonwell Sentinel. The next was a small piece of the tree itself wrapped in a dark red velvet bag which he kept guarded and hidden away as anyone who got ahold of it would know of its value to the Nightelves and even worse could use it as a bargaining chip for whatever they had desire for including the capital itself. The last ingredient he gathered was the blood of the Goddess herself; Luna had given her blood and her tears in the form of falling stars on the ground and the nightelves had regarded them as highly volatile and regarded things even if they were just chunks of rocks.

Taking the three things to the rise he was on earlier Lunas had ordered a moonwell be built up upon it so the nightelves could be blessed by the goddess before their battle to come. It had been the first thing that had been built within the camp next to the fortifications around the camp location itself. With the edge of the well sitting at the very edge of the ridge that overlooked the field that would soon be bathed in blood of both orcs and elves.

It was here that Lunas asked for the Goddess's blessing. First into the moonwell he put the water from the vial into the waters and undid the corck which allowed the other water to flow freely from the bottle. The water turned a deep black color like the night sky and even reflected the sky like a mirror. Next into the water Lunas placed the Stone of Eluna's blood within the pool. As the stone hit the water it began to grow like it was feeding off the well itself. As the rock grew however it began to glow a faint white which grew brighter and bright until it was like looking at a sun. The last piece that went in was the piece of the Sentinel tree which took away the faint white glow of the rock and returned it to the black that it was, but the pool went from the solid black mirror surface to that of a solid silver white like it was reflecting the moon itself back to the stars.

It was here a voice could be heard to Lunas, and only to him, but it had granted him the wish that he had asked for. He would forever be known as the Avatar of Elune.
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Ado had watched as his lunch guest sat down across the table from him, much like he had heard from servants his own brother Anjui had done with the young Mylas. Eyeing him at first Ado watched as the older elf had a goblet of water placed in front of him and a plate full o fruit as well placed in front. At first neither talked as their concentration was more taken by the rushing of the servants around the hall. Rumor had it a foreign ambassador was here to speak to the king of the house, and yet the house was out of shape even in the dinning hall which had been closed sense the afternoon meal had been over and the fire's put out until later for the final meal of the day.

It was Lord Tasaer Aelori that had spoken first. [#771390 "Your brother has been keeping the servants very busy as of lately. In and out of the house at all hours of the day and night like they were running around preparing for a grand festival or coronation fit for a king."] Ado only took another bite of the apple he had in his hand not minding much of what the lord spoke, but keeping a close attention to them to make sure the man did not speak of treason against his brother whom he swore his loyalty to; it was that or forfeit the life of his family starting with the young prince Mylas first. Hearing nothing come from Ado Aelori went on. [#771390 "Your brother it seems wishes to control the whole of Taerael Airi before the war season even hits."]

That had always been his ambition, but even Ado knew that would not be possible at this point as the houses of the Crescent isle would for sure gather up together against him like they had done to the Corrupted king and dethrone him before he could even hold power for a little bit. No he was doing it far more strategically then that. Lord Aelori however continued on his train of conversation. [#771390 "Your brother seems to be taking control of houses at random as long as he can do it through diplomacy instead of lifting a finger to do so by show of force or by outright Military occupation."] This Ado knew was also true. The more lives his brother could spare the more bodies he would have to survive the end purpose of his brother's plans and it was also more soldiers to have during the time of war when it actually counted.

[#771390 "First to go was your own parents house, the House Thaelyr which your parents ruled for hundreds of years he swept away through sheer coup, but he did it with grace he did denying any chance his family had of returning the crown to either of your parents, or any of your siblings."] Ado also had understood the concept of how his brother had taken over the house that was now their lands. [#771390 "With it he formed House Masjhol. From there he conquered the lands of my own Sovereignty House Aelori. That of your mother's family House Maser. Then felled in one motion the house of your father's family Kyli, and next was also your brother's own house that of Pandrylyli."]

Ado nodded he had already known the houses his brother had in talks with him, but did not expect all of them to turn over their banners to his brother, of course rumors were only that they had. Rumors of course had a strong word and if the lord or lady returned to their home would likely find that Anjui had already implemented the changes he had upon the lands of Aelori on theirs already as well. If they undid the changes Anjui would consider it an act of declining his claim upon their lands which then likely would mean another journey to another house's capital to claim its crown by challenge or by some other out worldly means."]

Locking his eyes upon the map that still yet laid on the table underneath his plate Ado moved his plate to the side and looked across it with intent. The words that came next surprised Ado out of his thoughts and back into reality for a moment. [#771390 "The Young Lord Ado even takes in his brother's plans. Its as if he is even left in the dark himself."] Biting into the apple and placing the remains of the fruit upon the plate Ado cleaned off his hand with the napkin that had been placed by his plate. Downing the water in his own cup which he had asked for after the wine was finished a smile played across his face. [#f5990a "I had made the request to not be told of my brother's plans. For the simple reason as what he plans I shall follow him through with it."]

Placing his eyes upon the map Ado once again returned to his earlier thoughts. [#f5990a "Lord Aelori what you do not see is the Big picture my brother sees. And neither do I. I can see the pieces falling into place, which is more then any other nobility as it seems, but the grand scheme yet escapes my vision."] Placing his left thumb upon the Earthy brown tone that marked House Masjhol on the map. [#f5990a "The Lands of House Masjhol before its expansion outword. Built like a Fortress to withstand a siege. Carved into the Masyrn Tylal. The Starcrown Mountain still yet remains the highest point of the Isle. The Only way to it is by the passes or the dwarven tunnels, all of which have fortress's upon them and are under constant watch."]

Taking a bite of a few of the strawberries from his plate Ado then moved his left hand to have the pointer finger upon the Magenta Pink color on the map. [#f5990a "House Aelori lands. The cities were built to be self sufficient during a siege and even hidden among the forest that it lays claim to as its lands. From here my brother has access to a lot more resources then he does with just Masjhol. For instance now he has a sea access and can trade outside of the Isle itself and establish trading with the other races besides elves and dwarves. Here he can also launch an armada to blockade other sea ports of the other houses if necessary. which means he can launch his army into the sea as well."]

Looking up to see if the information he had dropped gave the lord any hint of what was happening didn't seem to work as confusion was still upon the man's face. Looking back to the map he moved his hand again and placed his middle finger upon the Bright pink lands of the next house. [#f5990a "House Maser. The only threat posed to my brother's plans. With the house under his control he now has access to all the trade routes from them as well, along with their massive fleet and abundant ports and docks to launch the ships from. It also means he has no one to pose a threat to him on the isle from the north."]

Still seeing confusion on the older elf's face Ado moved his right hand and placed his pointer finger upon the lands of House Maser and moved his left hand so his middle finger moved to the Dark blue islands just a bit farther down from the other two. [#f5990a "If your accounts of the houses are correct the next to go was House Kyli. From here he can blockade any trade routes to the Western lands off the isle as all trade routes go through their Capital and port city. Its also from here he can launch another mass of ships which would mean he would be unopposable across the isle unless the other houses all gathered against him and attacked every city at once. As from just House Kyli and House Maser he has a massive amount of ships, troops, and ports and any of them can be used for transportation and attacking the other houses."]

It was then the Lord Aelori spoke. [#771390 "Even so that still doesn't explain why he took over House Pandrylyli, and even more so why he is trying to take over the isle without the use of military might, but instead does it through diplomacy or by force of admission."] Nodding Ado moved his left pinky to land on the Light gray marking on the map for the last house. [#f5990a "With house Pandrylyli he has control of the trade in and out of the inside houses on the eastern side of Tylodi Jhadji. He then can force them to submit to his rule when war does break out as to cut one off from their supplies of trade would cut them from their profits and their incoming trade as well. He knows this as well as the other houses."]

Leaning back into his chair again Ado kept his eyes on the map, but let his fingers come away from the map. He knew his brother had moved quickly with his plans as it meant less men he would have to loose and it also meant a quicker way to take over the isle itself and the more men he had at his command during the season of war the less likely the houses would take it upon themselves to attack house Masjhol knowing how much might they would have gathered by now.

[#f5990a "The disadvantage of these enchanted maps Lord Aelori is they update themselves until War is upon the Isle and only update after war has concluded, so as you can see none of the other houses my brother has claimed have turned to the same color on the map as his own. Why is because none of them have turned over their crown as of yet. The crowns will be turned over to him only after the map stops updating itself and then from them he can launch invasions across the isle and none would be the wiser for it."]

It was then the loud boom of the door being swung open and in came nobles streaming in their finery that they understood someone important was coming and soon. Lord Aelori stood and so did Ado just in time for servants to take the table away and the nobles to file into the rises on either side of the Throne including lord Ado and Aelori themselves as a dwarven person came at a fast pace into the room another loud bang of the doors hitting the stone reverberated in the room as it fell silent. All eyes were upon the dwarf who now clamored up the hall and stopped to see the chair upon which Anjui would be sitting empty.

The words from the dwarf had however come as a sting to his own pride more so sense they were direct towards Anjui. [#562c12 "eh, boy there is no ruler here. I thought I had told you..."] watching his brother the dwarf along with the nobility that had gathered seemed to trail after Anjui as he walked up the steps and placed the crown upon his head. At first nothing seemed off, but Ado figured it out the crown had been different. His brother had fused the crown together. The solid single silver band from House Aelori sat on his head, while the Golden vine crown of house Masjhol surrounded the silver band upon his head as well.

It was then Anjui had spoken his words [#b62e11 "I will not have you insult me anymore dwarf, name yourself and why you have come."] to which the dwarf laughed and pointed at Anjui. A short second later the short dwarf became stone serious when the young king snapped his fingers and guards drew up to the dwarf weapons drawn and ready to kill him in an instant. The dwarf answered back quickly. [#562c12 "I mean you no insult or slight young king, just I mistook you for someone else. The king of dwarves I am. My name is Godric Ironside."] the language the dwarf was speaking finally clicked in Ado's ears as he had not heard the human speech sense their academy days, but all elves were taught it so to one day communicate with humans, dwarves, and the other races alike if they were friendly.
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Instead of being able to find his brother on the search for the young Ado the new king ran into some familiar faces instead. The first was that of the guards that had stopped him and his brother initially at the gates upon their visit to the homestead of the house Aelori, the difference now however was instead of the pair carrying the banner and colors of the house they had upon their person the silver and black colors of their new house the one that Anjui himself ruled. The second biggest change was the symbol upon their cloaks was also that of their new ruling house.

Not saying a word as the pair went off on their business; likely to guard the front door yet again for another watch they seemed to be talking to each other about minor things like the leaves of the trees within the forest changed which must have meant that the Starlight festival was soon to happen. That would mean more nobility within the house lands and that meant guards would be double or possible tripled and patrols inside the forestlands of the house would have to keep a much keener eye upon the passageways in and out of the forest to make sure no one marched an army to the front doors without them knowing.

The young Anjui had let the pair be as he continued on his hunt for the idle twin brother of his. He would have words with the man, but before he could he happened upon a curious creature within the house's bounds. It was either the unluckiest dwarf to be caught in the middle of an elvish heart, but he seemed to have a purpose about himself and he carried himself with dignity. Curious to the little creature's intentions Anjui had caught up to the creature in a few strides of his long legs and started to speak to him in common human [#b62e11 "Hail travelling dwarf, how is it you came to these lands?"]

the dwarf lost and confused as to who was speaking to him stopped and turned to see a young elf looking at him. Mumbling something under his breath the dwarf continued on his way without a word. He seemed to only travel a bit farther down the pathway before looking at Anjui who was still yet besides him. His voice was a rich earthly tone that gave off a more song like tone then most dwarves. [#562c12 "I am here to see the ruler of this house child, now if you point me in his directions and be on with your duties for the day I would be grateful."]

awestruck by the dwarves lack of humbleness to his words Anjui only nodded to him. Leading the to be intruder into the hall Anjui had caught the eyes of several nobility of the house watching him, while both Lord and Lady Aelori sat in the High noble chairs anjui's eyes drew attention to the empty seats within the room and walked towards them at a slow pace that even a dwarf could keep up with. [#562c12 "eh, boy there is no ruler here. I thought I told you..."] holding up his hand Anjui had silenced the creature as he strode with pride up the steps to the dieses upon which the thrones sat and took the seat of the king.

With that addressed Anjui took from his robe the crown that had been made from the two houses he had claimed. The silver band that made up House Aelori's own crown and the golden vines that made up the House of Masjhol's crown. [#b62e11 "I will not have you insult me anymore dwarf, name yourself and why you have come."] laughing the dwarf pointed at Anjui, but became stone serious when the young king snapped his fingers and guards drew up to the dwarf weapons drawn and ready to kill.

[#562c12 "I mean you no insult or slight young king, Just I mistook you for someone else. The King of dwarves I am. My name is Godric Ironside."]
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The preparations were complete for the battle to come. The main force of the wood elves would be standing in wait for the signal from Javi as the archers would form up on the cliffs and shoot into the enemy lines and do as much damage as possible. Those who did not bring or have a bow to use would be stationed on either side of the archer group to protect them just incase the enemies broke through the barriers that the moon elves had placed and created. The young wood elf ranger doubted that the barriers would be destroyed simply for a single reason.

Orcs were brutes who relied solely on their strength and that of numbers. Elves have adapted to face orcs on countless occasions with lesser numbers and still come out victorious with minimal to no losses at all. Not because of their skill in swords, but the intelligence they held in high esteem as a race itself. Many races boasted about a trait of theirs. Orcs had their strength, Dwarves had their crafting, Humans had their cunning, trolls had their regeneration, and elves had their intelligence. It mattered little the number they would face, it was a matter of making sure the plan went flawlessly or as close to as possible.

Javi survived the new battlefield upon which the next encounter would be waged. There was a steep drop of three hundred or more feet from the top of the cliffs that the elves sat upon to the bottom accept the five passes, four of which had been blocked off by stones and trees to look like the natural surface of the cliffside. The last had been left open, but wood and other things had been piled into the rise so to force the enemy troops into an easy focused kill zone and if any got passed it would only allow for one possible two orcs to shuffle through at a time.

Next was the defensive structures they had built up around their own camp incase the orcs were to attack at night as was their preferred time to ambush or slaughter enemies. The first defense they would hit would be a pit ring that would drop ten feet onto spikes that were sharp enough to stab through a bone without so much as stopping for resistance. If they managed to make it past the pit then they had a wall of mud and wood that stood twelve feet in the air which they would have to climb past to get into the camp as the elves had hidden the gate by the use of their nature magic.

Lastly they would also have to get past unseen by a patrol of fifty elves that were a mix of both moon elf and wood elf. or kill all of the patrol before a single one of them made to raise the alarm which would be impossible unless a magic user stunned them all in time.
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The moon elf Commanders and their forces had arrived within a few hours after setting off on their march and only a couple of hours ahead of the main force of wood elves that seemed to be dispatched by the wood elf known as Javi. Of course as they had arrived the moon elves took over command of the pass as they were in the right to do so. The group was defending the Moon elf forest after all from the orcs and the wood elves were there for assistance and would not fight the orcs by themselves and if he could help it Lunas would have it so that the wood elves weren't needed at all, but with the recent casualties his forces were diminished and couldn't face the orcs across the way by themselves no matter how much funneling they did.

Of course Lunas would not have told anyone of it himself, but he would have died with honor in battle defending those he loved and the land he called home. The idea of dying by the blade always pleased a warrior, especially one such as Lunas, but to know the goddess was watching made him fight all that much harder against the enemies to bring glory to his family name and a reputation with his own that would one day outlive his very existence in song and stories told about him by his own people.

Looking across the cliffside the moon elf watched as hordes of orcs joined up with the already massive amounts of bodies in the camps. It was like an endless stream that just grew and grew as news spread. It was a battle that would become a fight for the ages to know and stories would be told of it for centuries to come on the side of the victor and the looser would only have rumor of the disappearance of the forces they had sent, and that would be only if the race itself survived. The moon elves would not be that looser if the young commander could help it.

Gripping his hand into a fist he shoved it to the sky and gave a great shout in defiance to the odds that now were placed against him. It was however the paused and stares of the orcs and even his own people that gave him the vigor to keep the fury within the scream going for several more seconds.
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The young prince and soon to be House leader watched as the Lady and young prince Mylos had left the building he had just exited himself. He had of course no intention of ruling a house if it could be helped, but in order for his brother's secret plans to move ahead accordingly and smoothly it must have meant for the young elf Ado that he would rule a house in his brother's name. Of course it also meant a lot of different things as well. While he was ruler of the house in name only his decisions would still affect the house like he was making decisions on the ruling itself anyways.

He had wished Anjui had allowed Mylos to still rule the house in his name instead of having Ado do it, however taking the only male child to the Aelori name secured their loyalty and would fortify their undying loyalty to know that their child was protecting with an unending vigilance in the capital and even more so to know that the pair were training him in the ways of war instead of having him sent to the sanctuary of stars to learn the elven ways of war instead. This worried Ado however as no elf had dared to go against tradition before like his brother was proposing to do and has done so already.

Taking the crown from their parents was the first step in his break away from traditional means, the next was the way he bargained house Aelori into merging into house Masjhol. Then there was the private meetings he was having between the family that either of their parents or siblings would claim or have claimed lands to. This meant that Anjui was going to be removing major players in the political game of the elven homelands of the Crescent isles. Of course this meant their plan would come to fruitarian sooner then anyone would expect. If things happened smoothly then house Masjhol would control the major trading routes to the isle including the sea entrance into the entire rest of the country itself.

Walking around the grounds Ado had summoned one of the elven workers running around the grounds and had them show him to the dinning hall and also to have them bring him a map of the Isle itself with its up to date markings of the houses. Of course the map itself wouldn't show the minor houses, but would show the major twenty five houses upon it. As he sat down a plate of fruit and some wine was brought to him from the kitchen. Chomping down on the apple first he looked over the map as it to was brought in front of him.

Finding the houses that Ado knew he was in talks with made it hard for Ado to imagine what it was his brother was doing. First there was their original house to the South of where they were at currently; which on the map had a magenta pinkish purple color on the map. The house of Masjhol was the earthy brown just southeast of their location now. The house of Maser was across the Olael Mi, just north of where they were at in bright pink. Next to be found was House Kyli Which from where they were at was across another house's lands in the southwestern direction. On the map they were the islands in a Dark blue. The last one to be located was House Pandrylyli. The Farthest house from where they were at the house was also the most valuable for his brother's plan to work.

Looking across the map he placed his fingers across the isle and located all the houses, last of course was Pandrylyli to the very southern part of the isle Which from the house of Masjhol was across the Tylodi Jhaji, The Moontide Lake was the name given to the body of water that was surrounded by the isle itself. On the map they were the light gray tone. Of course Ado expected his brother to bring more houses into the fold of his conquest before war time even struck, but to know these four houses alone fell within just a week's time apart from one another would shake up the political world of the elves alone. No one had ever taken rival of four houses both weaker and stronger then them and conquered them without even moving a single soldier.

Placing his hands across more of the map Ado found the houses his siblings were to rule. House Parn and House Per, both of which were also in strategic locations for house Masjhol's conquest of the isle. House Parn was the Red colored islands on the eastern side of the island and controlled much of the natural resources being brought in by the sea. House Per was the main land portion of house Parn, on the map its marked with a bright sky blue coloration also on the eastern side of the island. [#f5990a "Well Brother and king of mine, what is your next move?"]

Thinking about it as he looked at the map Ado had jumped when he had heard the voice come from behind him. [#771390 "Lord Ado may I join you?"] inclined the young male nodded an approving yes instead of talking with a bit of apple in his mouth.
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The new king had watched as it seemed the nobles gathered around the table considered his offer. Waiting patiently as they pondered most likely the positive and negatives to his offer he waited. The silence seemed to drag on for an eternity as it was, but the male would have no more of it. Slamming his left hand on the table and making a loud bang with the clatter of the wood. [#b62e11 "This is not a matter of debate lords and ladies. These are matter of fact states and if necessary I will follow through with the challenges as I have until War Season hits to claim the thrones of each of your houses."]

Placing his hand now flat against the table Anjui took a deep breath in. [#b62e11 "If you accept or do not I have given you the terms of both sides. The first if you accept was you will be returned a member of my family and yours. The second is that you will still have your lives and those whom are considered your family apart from my own. Thirdly you will keep your nobility rank, it will just be a High noble instead of House Noble. If you do not of course we will take everything from you by force anyways and take the life of your family and anyone else who resists House Masjhol. As I said when every house was gathered up at the winter festival I would reclaim the crescent isle under one banner again and it shall happen with or without the lot of you being alive."]

It was at this instance the nobles all stood and made moves to draw the weapons at their hips or backs, only to grip at empty air. [#b62e11 "You must have forgotten The guards had you relinquish your weapons before allowing you on the house grounds to even come to this meeting. And as you can see even Lord Aelori and myself have no weapons, but do not make the mistake that I do not see how you feel about what I have spoken."] clapping his hands together the pairs of guards that had shown up at the door with the nobles had reappeared. [#b62e11 "See our guests to the border of our lands and are sent on their way back home."] without a pause the guards stood now around their noble and started walking away from them. [#b62e11 "I expect your answer lords and ladies by the next full moon in four days time."]

Making his own way out of the building and away from the meeting he had other things once again to attend to such as the meddling of his own brother Ado in the political affairs of the house that Anjui ruled and Ado would rule along side.
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Javi had had his wood elves prepare to leave once scouts and such returned with information on the orcs that had amassed. The issue he ran into however was none of the scouts he sent out could confirm the same information other then that the orcs were massing on the border lands of the Forest and their own realms. How many there were, the clan they came from, and anything else was all jumbled into mess of numbers. The general couldn't make heads or tails of the new flow of information other then the forces they were gathering seemed to be a constant flow from inland to the border.

Concerned for the battle to come Javi had summoned all his commanders to join him in his pavilion where he had issues commands to them all. Four of the six would take their forces and set up a camp on the cliffside that Javi and the moon elf commanders agreed upon. It would give them the advantage of position along with a bit of cover from the Forest itself. While the moon elves would be hidden in plain view the wood elves would have to hide themselves among the tree tops as their armor was made to hide them in the golden woods of their homeland not the darker tones of the Dreamwoods.

Javi had given command to the other two commanders to send word back to the King that the army could use more supplies of Arrows, food rations, and possible more able body fighters due to the massive size of orcs massing on the borderlands. Of course the young wood elf expected to get only one possible two of the things he was asking for as their forces were stretched partly thin already with the constant patrol of their homelands, along with keeping a close eye on the goblins and orc lands that bordered them and the desert. Along with keeping an even closer eye on the Desert dwelling undead that seemed content to fight among themselves for rule.

Javi had been informed with the young moon elf commander awoke from his coma like slumber. He had also been informed in the same breath length that the moon elves would be moving into position among the cliffs as well that was just below the northern border. Javi had watched as the moon elves in march order taken off from the camp they had set up. Of course the young wood elf had sent his messengers with the intent of moving the rest of his forces to the cliffs once everything was settled with the young commander, but he didn't have time.

Upon arrival the wood elf had been taken back by the fast work of not only the moon elves who had already set up their camp and were marching but a few hours ahead of his remaining forces, but the forces he had sent before had as well. They had blocked off all but a single pass up the cliffside by sealing it off with rocks and stones. Both were set and inlaid so that they look like a natural part of the cliff itself and were held up by trees and the like so they did not fall over in either direction. With a little bit of help from some of the moon elves they had also created a natural pond which blocked off another one of the walkways into the cliffside and had reinforced the gate like structure that was placed upon the last and the only passage past the position they had. That is unless the orcs marshalled their forces and moved them about one hundred miles to the east and into the Burning sands of Shas Paer. The name of Black Death was given to the Desert due to its sands being a black color instead of a natural yellow or tan.

The only other option was to travel to the open waters to the West and no orc would willingly go on a boat to travel across uncharted waters even if it meant blood and glory were on the other side of the ship ride.
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The wood elves and moon elves marched as silent as their own race. The padding of their armor made no sound like normal metal would if it hit the hard earth. Perhaps it was the enchantments or their perfectionist ways. Either one could be behind it, but to Lunas it didn't matter it made their progress much easier as they didn't have to worry about the enemy finding them unless they run right into the army itself or their scouts happen to by chance spot them on the move. Their armor blended them into the dark forest around them.

Lunas and the moon elf guards that were under his banner stopped on the march of the forth day. The border laid north of them with the banners of the orcs still amassed upon the hill tops. There was Seven banners in total. It looked as if the mass of orcs they had fought earlier was but a small number they could muster, as it seemed the sea of black in front of them was endless as far as the eye could see form the vantage point of the cliffs overlooking the border he could see massive amounts of orcs gathered up. Small fires dotted around like little balls of Fire just being chocked out. Then the bigger camp fire in the center with its wicked green flames

The young moon elf looked out across the field across the many. Orcs while they all seemed the same to an untrained eye, however from this distance even for elves they were hard to point out the tiny of details in difference. To Lunas he could of course pick up the more noticeable differences such as the height difference between them along with the different gray and black tones to their skin and the small pitches of difference in their speak which the wind carried across to the elf camp. Even the stretch reached the camp and made it hard to concentrate on the task many of the elves were given of fortifying their camp and the advantage they had with placing themselves upon the cliffside before the forest.

As he looked out over the camp he now stood over it was medium and looked like it could easily be swallowed whole by the orc force that mastered against it, but elves lunas knew were resilient creatures and would fight to the end no matter what it took to kill them or an orc. They would take as many of their enemy with them as they could and would gladly go down on the battle field as it was great honor to sit within the halls of the Gods among the warriors and the honored.

Looking over his forces Lunas could tell the battle to come was going to be a very difficult one, and possible one they would not win.
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Running behind Ado had arrived shortly after it seemed time they were suppose to meet, however to his unending nerve Lord Aelori was not present, instead in his place was his wife standing next to her thin frame was their son Mylas who it seemed had been rushed through his dressing this morning likely to be presentable to the man who would become his superior both in Military and nobility rank. This had of course drawn more attention to the finer details of their clothing then Ado had wished.

While the young prince was clad in all white clothing with his blade resting at its usual place on his right hip his long golden hair tied up into a ponytail to keep it out of his face. His ears of course perked up like they would always do. His ice blue eyes first fell to Lady Aelori. Her thin frame was placed in a green lace dress which had a design of a river cut into it by the use of a see through lace itself which had hinted and hugged her curves giving her an attempt at seductiveness. Her lips were painted a faint strawberry color, her dark chocolate brown hair like his own was pinned up in a poinytail to keep it away from her face. her eyes a deep emerald green were only complimented by the lighter shade her dress was. Her eyes however never seemed to leave Ado's own blue ones.

Twisting his face to look at the young Mylos for the first time sense entering the Aelori lands that would soon be his own Ado had seen much of his mother in his stature. His figure was built the same almost to an exact replica. The difference between the two was the young lord Mylos had a lighter shade of brown hair and his eyes were a light forest green like his fathers. He was also a few inches taller then his mother at what looked to be a solid six foot. Of course he also was clad in green fine clothing, only his shade seemed to be darker in comparison to his mother's clothing. Of course an absence of a weapon was very noticeable to Ado.

Removing his own weapon from his hip he handed it to a guard [#f5990a "Have this returned to my room please."] his voice was quite like his brothers, but it still held a commanding tone that would allow no room for questions. Returning his gaze to the pair in front of him he approached the table. [#f5990a "Lord Mylos, Lady Aelori. I am at a disadvantage I did not know Lord Aelori was to be absent to our meeting."] His eyes had stopped on the Lady of the pair only to hear Mylos answer the hidden question instead. [b "I apologize Lord Ado for my father's absence, it could not be helped as your brother had called him to a meeting."]

Nodding Ado returned his gaze still to Lady Aelori. [b "I did not wish for my ears alone to hear of what this meeting was about and betray its words to my father on false account, so I asked my mother to come as well in his place."] nodding again Ado knew the truth would spill from one of their mouths to the lord or his would and the outcome would not be pretty at best. Looking around the room however Ado snapped his fingers. [#f5990a "Clear the room."] everyone bowed and left the room quickly. As the last guard exited the room the doors were shut behind them leaving the room in the sunlight given off by the open walls and the holes within the ceiling itself.

[#f5990a "Lady Aelori, Lord Mylos as you both know apart of the contract House Aelori and House Masjhol is that young prince Mylos will be returning to Masol Thysaer with my brother Lord Anjui, but I want to keep this reassurance for the three of you. Mylos will not be treated as a prisoner but a member of Masjhol family. His training will be taken up by the best of our weapons master, the trainer that my brother and I were taught under ourselves. At the end of his training Mylos will be put through another set of raining to become a member of the Star Guard. Mylos will be head of this group of soldiers."]

Ado could see the curiosity on young Mylos's face, but his mother's had both shock and horror on it. Her voice escaped her like she had wanted to protest, but no words formed from her lips as they bent into the shape of an O. Mylos's voice seemed to have been found first. [b "What does that mean Lord Ado?"] [#f5990a "It means my young Lord Mylos you will be leading the elite troops of Masjhol. Like The spellbreakers of the Temple the Star Guard are troops that are vigorously trained at a young age until adult hood and formed into deadly weapons. Originally formed to guard the Elf King it was disbanded when the corrupted king was dethroned as no group of elves could agree to a limited number of troops."]

Mylos's face lit up with a glow that seemed to be both praise and thanks as he looked at Ado. [#f5990a "Those who will be put through the training to become Star Guards will be hand picked by only three people. The first of course being Lord Anjui himself, next is Myself as second to rule the house. and third is yourself Lord Mylos as Captain of the Guard itself. These elves have to follow a strict conduct code of course and must be young of age when their training is to start."] Nodding vigorously it seemed Mylos understood what was being said, but to put emphasis on the point ado continued. [#f5990a "That means Lord Mylos that those entering the academy ages are to old to do so. Those who will be chosen for the Star Guards won't be going to the shrine for their years, but instead kept at the Capital to undergo combat training under the watchful eye of Saestas Cal, Templar Kain is the last known Spellbreaker and the only known elf to have survived the war with the dragons from the second age."]

Now it stuck how important his duty was to the young Mylos who had both now fear and shock on his face. It seemed his mother and his face appeared even the same at that moment as they both held horror, fear, and shock on their faces. [b "Thank you Lord Ado. I shall see I do not fail you with my station you have honored me with."] Ado only gave a smile to the pair. [#f5990a "It is not me who is giving you the position young Mylos, that is thanks to my Brother."] holding up a finger before more words were spoken. [#f5990a "Understand Lord Mylos that your position means you will have to stay at the peak of your skill. You will have to be better then any of the Guard you pick until the day you are removed from the position itself. This also means however that upon returning to Masol Thysaer your training will start right away and you will have less time to learn all the lessons many will have years to process."]

The meeting had ended just then as Ado turned and left the words hanging in the air.
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Getting up from the Table Anjui had left the young Lord Mylas to his meal. Of course not really watching or caring if anyone saw him at this point the people around him would be apart of his kingdom and he would live in a public eye if he could help it. Everything he did would be to better their lives and his own. If that meant burning down entire houses to the ground their lands included he would do so. If that meant killing families down to even a child he would, because if he did not they would one day grow to the age they could contest his power and even kill him if he was not mindful.

Stepping into the hallway from the dinning hall Anjui was greeted only by a single sentinel elf whom bowed to him. [b "Lord Anjui there are several groups of people outside the gate saying they are here to speak to you and Lord Aelori."] nodding Anjui waved his hand [#b62e11 "Please Lead them into the War hall."] nodding the Sentinel disappeared right before even Anjui's own eyes. Her armor allowed the elf to blend in with the environment with ease even while moving.

Finding himself another person running around the young king had the servant lead him to the War room himself; as he had yet to find the room itself, and even more so had not officially needed the use of it. In all of the Grander of house Aelori it seemed its war Hall was not a single room at all, but one giant building itself. Set off from the rest of the buildings that made up Shyr Tadorar it was the only one that would not blend in, but instead looked like a building had been overtaken by nature itself.

Stepping inside one could see it was well maintained and that it was intentional the look outside. Inside was a marvel all on its own. The room was round with twelve pillars placed like hour marks on a clock to hold up the ceiling which seemed to be made entirely of glass and allowed the natural sunlight to shine down inside without worry of the weather raging outside. In each little cubby between the pillars stood statues of elven figures each holding out their right arm at full length. in their left hand the statues held onto shields, in their right where a blade would be hung a brazier that could be lite if a meeting was called at night or the weather outside was grayed over or dark.

In the middle of the room sat a round table each seat exactly placed in front of pillars. Anjui stepped up to one of these chairs and inspected them with great detail. Each chair was made of a single piece of stone imbedded was veins of gold, silver, and coppers in designs meant to be the house symbol of the Original elven house of Sia Eilol, True Ancient. The house of nobles that had ruled as the first king of the lands, and the house that had seen the elven civilization into its downfall for producing the Corrupted king. smiling Anjui took a seat in the chair placed across from the door. He wanted to see exactly who it was that had answered his messages he had sent out before he had departed for the land of Aelori.

The first to enter the room was Lord Aelori himself who seemed both confused and flustered at the same time. He had dressed himself quickly it seemed. Nodding to him Anjui had a blank face as he looked back to the door and waited. Of course lord Aelori would be confused as to what was going on he had not been informed of what Anjui had done before hand and even more wasn't told that Anjui had told them to come here instead of Masol Thysaer. It was also to be expected his dress was more commoner then of his current position of his power. He had after all likely been training with the soldiers in preparation of the war season to come.

Seeing a few of the sentinels that held the Aelori symbol step to the door they bowed and put their hand out like they were leading people to the hall itself. Standing both Aelori and Anjui greeted their guests. First to arrive to the meeting was House Maser, House stardust was across the waters of Olael Mi, The Ocean Sea was a massive waterway that had cut the crescent isle into the shape it was.

Lord Maser was clad in his houses armor of gold with trim of red. He was Anjui's uncle and older sibling to Anjui's mother. While they now held rank one, they had not been that way when Tasia Felwood had been married off to her husband and house Felwood. It was years following Seilaes's succession to the throne that they would see an increase of their power and a few more to their rise of rank to one. His golden hair flowed freely behind him the crown of Silver sat upon his forehead. His bright blue eyes peered at the two standing in front of him.

[#103dbc "Lord Aelori, Lord Masjhol. I have come on Behest of this message."] Holding up the letter Anjui had sent his uncle. It seemed the attention was drawn to the young king as a smile played on his face. Anjui had seen the confusion from both of them and only said a few words. [#b62e11 "I will explain the letter once everyone is here. We have a few more guests to yet arrive."] Just as he finished his words another set of guards stepped up to the door and waved in their guests.

Anjui had seen the banner and received it with a smile, His father's sister had also been married off, only she had been married off to a long line of failure trade kings causing them to drop way low on their rank. It was house Kyli, House Gold Sea, they had lost much, but his father's sister still retained their little island fortress and capital of Molaes pys, The city of Silver docks was only accessible by ships as it was surrounded fully by water. Of course she had also retained the crown. [#a14108 "Greetings nephew. Lord Aelori, Lord Maser."]

The process had repeated itself only one more time. Anjui's aunt had also asked about the letter, only to get the same answer from the young boy as before. The confusion on the three faces set determination into Anjui's own. Keeping a blank face his golden eyes returned once again to the door and watched as one more pair of guards appeared at the doorway. [#b62e11 "Our final guest arrives just in time."]

Everyone's eyes appeared on the banner of course no one but Anjui could tell who it was as they were a small house in in comparison to Kyli. The lady stepped into the room looking at everyone else. Of course looking at everyone. [#526998 "This must be a Grand meeting if houses from all over the Isle are meeting under the same roof. Lord Masjhol, care to explain this?"] pulling the same letter out she placed it on the table. It was at this point Anjui had the same blank face as before. [#b62e11 "Welcome Lady Pandrylyli, House Dragonstone is the last house I needed to join us for the meeting to begin."]

Allowing the rest of the group to sit down Anjui had stayed standing, putting another letter in front of Lord Aelori, who of course didn't even get the chance to read the letter. Aelori grabbed the letter and scanned over it quickly he knew the words already as it was the last letter he had received before seeing the boy in front of him in person. [#b62e11 "I am claiming the lands that your houses now sit upon."]

Before protests from the ground could shot up Anjui held up his hand to keep the group silent. [#b62e11 "Lord Aelori has already agreed to this conceding of his crown to me, however I will not give any of you the same process I had with him. My terms are simple you will hand over your crowns before the full moon's time. If not then I will invoke my right to rule by challenge. Which I can enforce by blood right. You see besides Lord Aelori here you are all related to me in some way."]

Pointing first to Aelae Kyli. [#b62e11 "You are my aunt, my brother's younger sister and so I could challenge you by invoking his name and right of challenge for your crown as he no longer holds one. Being his younger sister you could not contest his right to your crown."] Next he pointed to Shel Pandrylyli [#b62e11 "You are my oldest brother's wife, and with his name I could challenge you for the right to rule your lands. That and your lands are within bounds of my own, so by that right I can challenge you for right to rule them and consider you a lesser noble house."]

Pointing last to his uncle Seilaes Maser [#b62e11 "And uncle you are my mother's older brother. Like Kyli I could invoker her name for a right to challenge you to rule as she does not rule one."] the group seemed stunned at first, but still no words spilled as Anjui returned his hand to his side he quickly placed in front of each one a treaty outlining details of the agreement all they had to do was sign them.

[#b62e11 "Instead of killing you, or destroying your families that yet live with you I will give you these terms in my treaties. You will be considered nobility still only High nobility of House Masjhol. All banners will be switched to the house of Masjhol, this includes the armor upon the soldiers and the sails on ships. And you will all accept that I bring into Masol Thysaer a child of yours of my choosing."] Taking on an even more stunned looked the three of them looked to Aelori only to look back at the paper in front of them. Shaking they couldn't refuse, but Anjui went on.

[#b62e11 "From house Kyli we will be taking Lord Voli Kyli. From house Maser we will be taking Lady Jhadia Maser. From house Pandrylyli, we will be taking Byrdi Pandrylyli. And each of you will be given one of my family members as well. To Kyli I will return my father, Systar Thaelyr. To Maser I return my Mother, Tasia Thaelyr. To Pandrylyli you have my oldest brother, so you will be given Toria Thaelyr."]
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