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[center [pic]]
[center [b [size25 Si Tysedaer Maelolaer]]]
[center Four years have passed sense the noble houses stood together against the might of the Corrupted King. Though Tauron was saved from his corruption it came at a cost. The Tenuous pact between the nobles had all but evaporated. The dull life of every day society to elves has returned, the nobles never allowing for another king to be placed upon the throne fearful of what a person could do. A council of the top ten noble houses was formed and rule the elves, but the power held within is dismal and always changing. Like their Dark elven brethren the elves have decided power can only be held by those who can keep it. ]

[center The Noble's Cycle is one of hatred; Alliances forged and broken. They have paid the price for sharing the world with each other and have forgotten what makes them strong, but they will need to stand as one to fight a common enemy once again, or fall one by one divided. With the constant raids from the humans in the northern lands, The orcs to the East, the Dwarves to the west, and the unknown lands to the south the world seems to be pushing the elves to the limits, but the elves have finally had enough and are starting to push back.]

[center It was said once That the elves Ruled the world surface with their might empire, but recent years show that was a dwindle of the past, and their race is forced to live upon small islands and fight each other for land and power and riches, but there are a few who would yet see a leader to bring the elves once again to the golden days of an Empire spanning across the world. Others would see them settle the way they are and hold to traditions.]

[center [b Known elven races]]
[center | Col Aer/ High elf | Shyr Aer/ Blood Elf | Mel Aer/ Sun elf | Bol Aer/ Night elf | Tyl Aer/ Moon elf | Mas Aer/ Star elf | Pas Aer/ Dark elf | Madyrn Aer/ Shadow elf | Pyrn/ Drow | Shyr Aer/ Wood elf | Shor Aer/ Wild elf | Sia Aer/ True elf | Thyr Aer/ Frost elf | Aili Aer/ Ice elf | Sharaes Aer/ Water elf | Tyr Aer/ Chaos Elf | Tyser Aer/ Corrupt elf | Paestyl Aer/ Demon elf | Eilaer Aer/ Angel Elf | Thae Aer/ Fae elf | Per Aer/ Druid elf | Pandryl Aer/ Dragon elf | Cylysaer/ Honorless | Cyraelaer/ Houseless | Sarys/ Traitor |]

[Center [b Known Elven Homelands]]
[center Soraer Thysaer, The Twisted Forest Capital Aistysar Car ]
[center Paestyr, The Dreamwoods Capital Bali Toria ]
[center Shaloli Jhaji, The Blackice lake Capital Tostyl Syrdaes ]
[center Taerael Airi, The Crescent Isle Mi Olaesyl ]
[center ialaes shae, The Underway (Drow) Capital Modaes Baer ]
[center Bondrli Shyr, The nightgrove Woods Capital Bol Caer, ]
[center Airi os si Saestas, Isle of the Templar Capital Moli os Kyr ]

[Center [b Known Elven Eternity Trees]]
[center Tylshaer Maelolaer --- Moonwell Sentinel ]
[center Shori Maelolaer --- White Sentinel ]
[center Shyr Maelolaer --- Blood Sentinel ]
[center Melshaer Maelolaer --- Sunwell Sentinel ]
[center Aeraesar Maelolaer --- Eternal Sentinel ]
[center Teirar Maelolaer --- Crystal Sentinel ]
[center Kyr Maelolaer --- God Sentinel ]
[center Jhyr Maelolaer --- Lost Sentinel (Unknown)]
[center Thos Maelolaer --- First Sentinel ]
[center myli Maelolaer --- Stone Sentinel (Dwarf)]

[center [b The Crescent Isle]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Known Crescent Isle Houses and ranks]]
Masjhol --- Starlight Capital Masol Thysaer
Thaelyr --- Felwood
Maser --- Stardust Capital Tyl Toria
Verdia --- Ruby Capital Kaes Tyrn
Per --- Dusk Capital Tyl Males
Parn --- Dawn Capital Mel Males
Aelori --- Ecplise Capital Shyr Tadorar
Molaes --- Silver Capital Tas Syli (CraftThrone)
Myrdar --- Snowfall Capital Myrn Tylal
Jhol --- Shadow Capital of Kaelyr myli
Madyrn --- Light Capital of Shardys Syrdaes
Maeras --- Seafair Capital of Shori Syrdaes
Kyli --- Goldsea Capital of Molaes pys
Pandrylyli --- Dragonstone Capital of Teirar Moli
Sia Eilol --- True Ancient Capital of Airi Kesael

[center [b The Black Ice Lake]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Known Black Ice Lake Houses and ranks]]
Shydali --- Bloodbane Capital Shor Syrdaes

[center [b The Night Grove Woods]]
[center [pic]
[center [b Known Night Grove Woods Groups]]
Aeraeleli --- Eye of Elune Capital Tyl Saesti
Thysaerasael --- Forest Warden Capital Mel eil Mas Kyli
Melaelolaer --- Sun Sentinel Capital Shasos Car

[center [b The Twisted Forest]]
[center [pic]
[center [b The Twisted Forest is under a single Banner of the King. Royal House Melyr (Sunwood).]]

[center [b The Dream Woods]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Known Dream Wood Noble houses and ranks]]
Kydaeryli --- Goddess Speakers Capital Maedaes Tyli
Siacol --- True King Capital Syli Toria

[center [b Isle of the Templar]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Known factions to the Templar]]
Aeres --- East Guard, Capital Olael Vaes
Taesoscol --- Cleric Knights, Capital Moli Shasas
Saestikes --- Temple Guard, Capital Mor Kari
Jhondrar --- Light Watch, Capital Shori Jhondryri
Eisalaendryli --- Mage Grove, Capital Thyrol Toria

[center [b The Underway]]
[center [b Photo Unavailable]]
[center [b Known houses of the Underway and ranks]]
[center Masyrn --- Starcrown, Capital Vylasor Tari ]
[center Information unavailable at this time]

[center [b Known elven names]]
[center Olael Mi -- The Ocean Sea]
[center Tylodi Jhaji -- Moonring Lake]
[center Tosys jhaji -- Mirror Lake]
[center Meloli Tylal -- Sunspine Mountains]
[center Masyrn Tylal -- Starcrown Mountain]
[center Thos Thysaer -- First Fortress]
[center Shori Toria -- White City]
[center Kaer Syrdaes -- Great Tower]
[Center Masali -- Starscale]

[center [b Known names]]
[center Gron Khaz -- Crown Hall ]
[center Karaz Khaz -- Enduring Hall ]

[Center [b The twelve Ancient elvish blades]]
[center Forged from the Scales of Dragons mixed with Masali and magic the Twelve Ancient elvish blades are known across the world in both reputation and rumor. Most lost to unknown lands and time. Enchanted to resist rusting and ware. Many have a special quality to them and are designed for their names.]
[center 1. Vyraejol, The Rose King. Current Owner Javi Twinshade. First owner Shol Melyr. Green color, Special quality is repairing itself through blood of enemies. Sword type weapon.]
[center 2. Kylarn, The Golden Dawn. Current Owner Anjui Starcrown. First owner Cern Sia Eilol. Gold color, Special Quality is cutting through dragon scales. War Ring type weapon.]
[center 3. Tylol, The Moonring. Current Owner Ado Starcrown. First Owner Ra'sha Shori. Red color, special quality is constant rotation of the blades creating a shield also. Glaive type weapon.]
[center 4. Paerys, The Death Touch. Current Owner Ursa Starcrown. First owner Erdil Shori. Gray color, Special quality is instant death with just a scratch from blade. Short sword type weapon.]
[center 5. Maelor, The Spell shield. Current Owner unknown. First owner Casha Bloodbane. Purple color. Special quality is ability to expand and Contract size of shield. Shield type weapon.]
[center 6. Kydaes, The God tears. Current Owner, Bali Kydaeryli. First owner Shaelia Bloodbane. Rainbow/Clear color. Special quality is ability is to see other's desires. Sword type weapon.]
[center 7. Saendas, The Tree Harp. Current Owner, Unknown. First owner Casha Bloodbane. White color. Special quality is the bow produces arrows itself by pulling on the string. Bow type weapon.]
[center 8. Colali, The King's bane. Current Owner Lunas Sunfury. First Owner Tyrdaer Siacol. Black color. Special quality is the fact the weapon is a living creature. Animal Type weapon.]
[center 9. Shydys, The Blood horn. Current Owner Unknown. First owner Orion God of Wilds. Yellowish white color. Special Quality is the ability to call plants and animals to aid. Bow type weapon.]
[center 10. Mylaedi, The Soul edge. Current owner Unknown. First owner Arid Sia Eilol. Blue color. Special quality is the ability to bring people's worst fear against them. Spear type weapon.]
[center 11. Kydaeror, The Goddess's Fist. Current Owner unknown. First owner Systar Taer. Silver color. Special quality is the ability to cause explosions where none should. Hammer Type weapon.]
[center 12. Eisalae, The Arcana book. Current owner unknown. First owner Jhori Goddess of life. Unknown color. Special quality is able to acquire any knowledge within the pages. Book Type weapon.]

[center [b The Cast]]
[center [b Casted Characters]]
[center [ Anjui Felwood] --- #b62e11]
[center [ Ado Felwood] --- #f5990a]
[center [ Lunas Sunfury] --- #9138cc]
[center [ Javi Twinshade] --- #9dcc38]
[center [ Eci Bloodbane] --- #e642f5]
[Center [ Ursa Starcrown] --- #90478b]]

[center [b Important NPCS]]
[center [b Crescent Isle Elf]]
[center Lady Tasia Thaelyr ---- Lady Felwood #1ba77f]
[center Lord Systar Thaelyr --- Lord Felwood #0a8a39]
[Center Shaelia Thaelyr --- Shaelia Felwood #08541f]
[center Lord Tasaer Aelori --- Lord Eclipse #771390]
[center Lady Shaer Aelori --- Lady Eclipse #652376 ]
[center Lord Torydaes Molaes --- Lord Silver #7fc3a1]
[center Lady Eilae Molaes --- Lady Silver #c9c9a6]
[center Lord Aeloran Myrdar --- Lord Snowfall #42f5e8]
[center Lady maedali Myrdar --- Lady Snowfall #42b6f5]
[center Lord Seilaes Maser --- Lord Stardust #103dbc]
[center Lady Taroli Maser --- Lady Stardust #1065bc]
[center Lord Bostia Verdia --- Lord Ruby #cb343e]
[center Lady Saer Verdia --- Lady Ruby #910811]
[center Lord byraer Parn --- Lord Dawn #f494f0]
[center Lady Vastalae Parn --- Lady Dawn #b658b2]
[center Lord Balyr Per --- Lord Dusk #f69079]
[center Lady Vyrdol Per --- Lady Dusk #761a05]
[center Lord Eilael Kyli --- Lord Gold sea #ed7731]
[center Lady Aelae Kyli --- Lady Gold Sea #a14108]
[center Lord Cazer Pandrylyli --- Lord Dragonstone #5073be]
[center Lady Shel Pandrylyli --- Lady Dragonstone #526998]

[center [b Moon elf]]
[center Moon Elf High Priestess Bali Kydaeryli ---Priestess Bali #df24eb]
[center Moon Elf King Tyrdaer Siacol --- King Tyrdaer #2b18d8]

[center [b Wood elf]]
[center Wood elf Crowned Prince Vyr Melyr ---- Prince Vyr #108417]
[center Wood elf King Shol Melyr --- King Shol #7f2f30]

[center [b Dark Elf]]

[center [b Drow]]

[center [b Night elf]]

[center [b normal NPCS]]
[center North wall Guard Captain Tystalaes shar --- #ae0f1c]
[center East Wall Guard Captain Tadal Shar --- #8d3f46]
[center South Wall Guard Captain Kaelaesar Shar --- #c85b88]
[center West Wall Guard Captain Eidosar Shar --- #3c6877]
[center Moon elf Captain Calos Malos --- #6d3b87]
[center Moon elf Prophet Maes --- #18a4d8]

[center [b Other race NPCS]]
[center Kaydos Aisylodi --- Dwarvish King Godric Ironside #562c12]

[center [b Mentioned NPCS]]
[center Taraern Thaelyr]
[center Bastaer Thaelyr]
[center Baelae Thaelyr]
[center Toria Thaelyr]
[center Saesia Verdia]
[center Eilaer Per]
[center Eidas Madyrn]
[center Tasi Jhol]
[center Voli Kyli]
[center Jhadia Maser]
[center Byrdi Pandrylyli]


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Lunas had stayed awake with the night patrol of the walls and camps they had made upon their arrival, While their camp was a mass of tents and such they were not without protection. Those capable had put up walls around the camp's outer edge, and dug trenches just the other side. While made of wood materials the wall was still sturdy and would stand ten feet tall from base to top and six feet thick packed with dirt and mud to make it stead fast and so it would not fall. The trenches were dug six feet down and six feet across to make a gaping hole that would take a good chunk of time to cross even if the bottom wasn't full of mud and such.

He had also made sure to check upon the barriers they had placed upon the pathways up from where the orcs had made camp, yet none were tampered with and even less activity was coming from the orc camp. It was like the only people awake were those on watch and the were far and few in between marked easily with torches. That was at least normal human eyes would see but Lunas's eyes were far more powerful and would show that the torches were up on a wall not to far from designed like the elves, only their surrounded the army and not the entire camp. Between the two was what would be the "followers" camp, Full of slaves, peasants, disciplined soldiers and non-soldier people alike. It was also where the animals were kept and tended. Although a bad place as an easy raid on it would force the orcs back, but it could also arouse them.

It was at the beak of dawn that Lunas saw the flashes of golden hues drown out the blues and blacks of night time. Normally he would be heading home to sleep, but war was upon them and a battle yet to be decided. Lunas had found his way to the Wood elf commander's tent just in time to see the Ancient Weapon Vyraejol, The Rose king. A little surprise sprung through him, he had wished to be given his fathers blade upon battle, yet it would not be so this time. Nodding his approval of waking the troops Lunas gave his own commands to do the same to his own commanding officers who ran about.

Upon the entire gathered forces Lunas raised himself upon the tiger he had called friend sense childhood and the cat's cub years. Going up the hilltop to stand above the entire army he spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. [#9138cc "Today is the day."] he paused a moment to look out across the entire marshalled force of the wood elves and moon elves to fight the orcs. [#9138cc "Today we shall decide who shall be the victor of this battle. I want all of you to look to your left."] all who gathered had done as the moon elf commanded. [#9138cc "Now look to your right."] once again all followed directions. [#9138cc "I want you to know that not all of us will make it from this battle, but know that with us stands the Goddess and she will make sure we make it through this battle together. Will you stand and fight? or will you flee and fall?"]

Raising his war glaive to the sky Lunas gave out the Moon elf battle cry. [#9138cc "Thys si Kydaer. Tae mi shar olaes iar."] For the goddess, May she watch over us was both a battle cry and a blessing, as her eyes were indeed upon the field of battle. Once he finished his battle cry the Keligar the Dragon had appeared behind him, with the giant beasts appearance all the elves answered with the same battle cry. To Lunas they were ready.
  Moon Elf / Colorful_insanity / 3d 15m 4s
For Ado the world was an easy going place mostly. The issue was the constant reminder of who he was from his own kind. While his brother was seen as a Noble High elf of the people, he was seen but as a low half breed between his parents, of course when they find out that Anjui and Ado are twins they look at him in a much different light. Of course the difference between them was Anjui now had a title of Lord of house, while Ado was still yet a Noble of the house his brother ruled. Those around were always eyeballing him and it made him uncomfortable.

The walk back was a breeze to the elf lord as he already knew the path he would take and with the guard leading the way as well It was a cute little pathway. The scenery of the golden leaves of the forest trees were so vivid and bright they drew his attention like no other would, even the golden flowing fields of the place he called home. The towering white walls and red roofs while a far cry from where he was now was still yet home to him and he began to miss it.

Seeing the entryway to the city Ado paused a moment. Looking up to the sky he sent up a prayer to the Gods of their people. The lasting of his brother, himself, and the ever lasting stand of their house. Ado would see it through even if it costed him his life and of those who would follow him in such regard. Walking into the city Ado watched as the city came into view as the forest cleared away from his vision. It was clear he had seen the city several times now that allowed him to clearly make out the walls of the buildings.

Hearing the construction going on around him Ado spotted construction happening to the wall that guarded the entrance. While already a thick tunnel the gate itself was nothing more then cast iron bars crossed around. Ado should have known that his brother Anjui would have the city capable of sustaining itself across all of the nation his brother would one day make his own. Still walking across the greenery that would make the city grounds Ado stopped at the front gate into the citadel and paused as he waited for it to open.

After the door opened Ado was greeted by Lord Aelori. The two walked in silence to walk across the citadel. The two stopped at the end of a door as it swung open to be greeted by Anjui already in the room. A plan set into motion by Anjui and being ready for war. If The last house would fall it would give them the greatest advantage as they would control the North of the Crescent Isle, while a small house The House Maeras didn't hold rank six for nothing.
  High Elf / Colorful_insanity / 9d 3h 44m 23s
The young elf had looked over the crown several times. The crown would be restored to its former glory, however for now it would only hold the vines of the houses he would conquer on the Crescent Isle. The problem was that in order to do so he would have to weave the vines together in a very intense pattern to hold all of the house's crowns upon his head. What others did not know was that the two houses had had already under his thumb made up his current crown. The first was that of his parents. A simple piece of metal and easy to work with in the forge to create the vine he needed for the crown. The silver molded easy to purpose. Rubbing the silver vine between his left thumb and forfinger he held onto the crown and saw the gold one as well that would sit upon his head. The house of Aelori's crown while also a solid piece of metal was a bit harder to work to its needed purpose. The gold was easy to melt, but to reforge it into the vine around the first already made vine was a much more precise art that would only get more complicated as more crowns would be added.

It was the sound of the clatter of metal outside the hall's doors that had made the young king to look upon his council. The first member and really the only person he trusted in the world was his brother Ado. Like himself Anjui could see the passage of time had not affected his brother and in the length of a breath their differences could be shown under inspection of a person who knew what to look for. For instance Ado was slightly more built but that would be from wielding shield and sword where as Anjui was master of the bow and arrow. Both used knives of course, along with their grandfather's ancient weaponry. which would come in handy in the next standoff they would have.

Anjui had looked upon the next commander. He had appointed the noble of the second house Lord Aelori as a council member and commander. Anjui had no intention of removing the importance of the nobles on their land. He would however have them all flying his colors and if diplomatic talks failed and it came to force of arms he would use it. Aelori would lead his own soldiers and his own armies into battle. He would be an Equal to Ado in command, both directly under Anjui himself. Ado would command the Troops from House Masjhol all accept the Guard and that of the Legion that Anjui had commissioned upon his leave of the Capital.

Anjui had watched as the two came into the room both looking at each other in silence and back to the lord himself. [#b62e11 "This is all that will be gathered for war councils for now Lord Masjhol, Lord Aelori. I will not have our enemies know of the plans I have, and so this is a gathering before war season as many spies will be sent out with the last group of traders before battles wage across the isle."] Looking the two in the face he bent over a table he had already prepared for the council. [#b62e11 "My plan is simple. From House Masjhol we will attack Kaer Syrdaes, and with the fall of the Tower we will secure the land from house Maeras. Their Capital will be hard pressed, but without their army there they won't hold out for long as their natural borders upon the land make it hard for them to be breach just like Masjhol, only difference is we know a pathway that will allow us to travel behind their fortifications and straight into the capital."]

Looking across the map Anjui continued. [#b62e11 "From the lands of Aelori we will move to show force upon the borders of house Per and House Parn. I will not have the lands I just recently acquired fall to old fools. Once House Maeras falls we shall protect our borders until the end of war season and press again for answer from nobles. It is also at the last day of war season I expect the Dwarven king to press for favor asked of us. I will personally go to aid him in returning Karaz Khaz to the dwarven people. If I am to send soldiers to their deaths they must see that their ruler is not afraid to face death himself."]

Anjui stood and walked around the table to stair into a glass container. Inside was a giant ring of what seemed like solid gold. Its wrap the same color. The blade Anjui carried from his Father's family lineage the Kylarn, The Gold dawn blade. A simple work of metal one would thing had it not been for the sharp sword edge upon the thing's entire outside. The blade was meant to be used like a holla-hoop and spun around a person's body in a deadly dance. The hoop got its name from the giant dragon. A hulk of a beast even for dragons, a massive size that almost to rival the Great wyrms, the thing was ancient even for elven recollection and the warrior Cern had used the hoop to do battle and kill the dragon.

Turning to face the two again a smile across his face he spoke his tone almost a whisper like what he was speaking would be only rumor. [#b62e11 "I will carry Kylarn with me. While my brother will be carrying Tylol."] Tylol, the Moonring. A war glaive meant for only the best of warriors Its design was like that of the Kylarn, only instead of being a solid ring it was a small handle ring that was surrounded by three equal size and curved blades. A weapon given to their mother and passed down to Ado as a sign of her love and her approval. It was a solid red color its wraps also the crimson red. It was but two of the twelve ancient blades.
  High Elf Noble / Colorful_insanity / 14d 2h 37m 58s
Dreams had evaded the young wood elf lord. It was hard to sleep with looming eyes upon his tent, upon his every action. When sleep had finally taken him into her arms it was full of nightmarish vision and dreams. The civil war he had not been apart of flashed in front of him in waves of images. It was almost to much to bare the young elf, yet sleep would not release him into more relaxed things. It was a horror in its own right, but the waking world would offer little solace to the flashes behind his eyelids.

The Elven Great war, The only war fought among all of the elves. Two would lay claim upon the crown of the Empire, yet neither would claim it in the end. The first noble was the Child of the First King, Eci Bloodbane. Noble elf thought to be of higher quality because of his pure bloodline, Considered a big candidate for the Throne and the crown of the elves many nobles back him in his claim, yet he would not see the crown of the elven people even with his long life and ambition. Both would be his own downfall. The second was a noble from a lesser standing, the child of the Forest, an elf of note due to his unnatural form and ability. Cern Thaelyr He would also not see the crown due to a blade being stuck into his back.

While Javi was not yet born, and not considered even a twinkle in his parents eyes considering he is yet seven eons after the end of the war. Of course the time had allowed for several thousand different smaller wars to happen among the elf people. The only way a wood elf had been allowed to learn of the wars was through the ancient text, which had long sense become a treasure to their people. Unreadable to most, a few nobles and those of the Royal bloodline learned the language.

The Wood elf prince had awoken to the dawn light of hues of gold and orange with shades of blues and blacks. rising from his bed roll the young male dressed himself first in his cloth, and under armor, followed by the solid plating of his armor and weapons clad to his sides. Unlike the traditional rangers garb Javi was now dressed in the war armor of the wood elves. Forged from the dwarven armor smiths with the use of the Masali found under the White sentinel.

Javi stepped out of his tent to be greated by a group of elves clad in armor of different colors. One in blue, one in green, one is yellow, and one is red. [#9dcc38 "Commanders rise the troops and prepare them. Battle will be started soon and I will not have my soldiers caught unaware with a blade in their hearts or their heads removed. Dress them and be quick about it."] As the commanders about to set off he add in [#9dcc38 "Be sure to be silent as well. I will not have the enemy know we are ready for them as well. I would rather have them angry then dead."]

The commanders nodded and set off to work. Javi had himself set to work, stringing his bow and testing it several times by drawing the string back. A good bow sense it came from the Kalyraes Sholyrn. The Grandmother willow was the heart of their kingdom and the tree that marked the Grand hall to the King. It was also the forge upon which all of the great woods came from. The weapons of the old riders, the twelve houses all had one, the difference however was each one had become apart of the collection now lost to time. All save four of them.

Javi had withdrawn from its sheath the Vyraejol, The Rose king. A simple blade, curved like all other elven blades, only this curve was the other direction. its metal had a rose vine sketched into it and enchanted to repair itself with the enemies blood. The hilt made of simple oak wood wrapped in a dragon's scale. The blade itself would be green its sheath the same shade of Emerald green. The blade had been passed down the family line of Melyr once the original house of High nobles in the elven people.
  Wood elf / Colorful_insanity / 14d 4h 10m 26s
Fear had gripped the Moon elf male, Never had it been done before. Never in all the centuries of peace between elves and dwarves has a single elven lord demanded as payment of help to the dwarven people the return of the Stone sentinel, the single solid binding agent of their long lasting relationship between the two races as a whole. While lords from one or the other race may hate each other and refuse help an all out war has not happened sense both were Empires in the golden area of the first age. Then again never has a dwarven king been given the answer of yes for aid in retaking of the old dwarf capital.

To understand the mind of the elf lord Anjui and his brother Ado would be a matter all of its own, the big picture behind the plan escaped even Lunas's capable mind being as old as he was one would think some simple High elf nobility which had fought among each other for eons now would do nothing, They were the reason the elven people had fallen so far, They were the reason why the elves no longer ruled the surface world, but coward in forests and glens and islands away from the other races. As his rage filled him a peace also came. It was the high elves that had also given the Night elves and moon elves refugee away from the Dark elves in their time of need, even lent them a hand in claiming lands that they would call home. They even aided in defending the lands, while yes when it would benefit them as well, but they still aided their race at needed times.

Lunas looked over the two gifts that yet remained with him as Javi left to make his own preparations for the battle that would come in a few hours time. Their god of the hunt would be on the field of battle, and so would the Avatar of the Goddess, the Moon would be blessed and they would not fall for this battle. While soldiers and weapons would have been useful in this fight the High elves had given more then what had been asked of them. The question however that came first to the moon elf's mind was at what price? What was the cost of these gifts to the wood elves? What cost would it come to the Night elves? The last of all of them was how soon would the lord Anjui collect upon this debt he was owed?

Lunas Nodded and waved away the Fire, the forges would get to work right away in reforming all the armor and weaponry they could with it before the battle. With the dragon's breath it would make the weapons harder to break, not ware down from the clashing of armor, bone, blood, or anything else that could coat the blade and dull it. Even more so anything forged would be made to not age normally, but instead become clear of rust for ages, and if taken care of properly last until its lost to time. The second the tearstones of the Goddess went with Lunas to the moonwell which had turned shades of black from the earlier proceedings. [#9138cc "Great Goddess, My namesake, Eluna. I return to you what was once lost to your people. I return to you the power of your Tears. Weep no longer for they shall be your power upon this world. With them those who fight in your name shall bring you honor, or die in battle to be reborn as a star in your kingdom."]

Taking each of the three stones one at a time and placing them within the moon well they turned the water from black back to the clear color it was before. As Lunas stepped back he felt the power radiating off the moonwell and understood now that the tearstones were far more powerful, even more so than history had said. As once the pool stopped glowing the stones lifted from the pool to form two eyes and a gemstone in the forhead for a massive dragon made from the moon well water. It didn't answer through a voice, but through thought to the moon elf commander. [b "Your honor for the goddess has been answered. I am Keligar Keeper of the waters. Servant to the Great Goddess. She has sent me here to aid you in the battle to come."]
  Moon Elf / Colorful_insanity / 29d 22h 36m 37s
As the day crept on Ado had finished his exercise he was trying to accomplish. He was slowly but surely fixing up the ruins that he had found with the use of magic. One would think using it would be easy, but in fact it was far from it. One would say the use of magic was like taking the same amount of energy and using it without the physical work to it. So if one wanted to move a bolder the energy it would take a person to move it would be the personal cost to them. Of course those with skilled magical talents had a way of using their enemies own energy against them instead of their own. Others had vast pools of "mana" to draw from history of course showed that the pools were stored in gems and other items. These items were usually passed down blood lines and so rarely left a family, however far and few were lost to time, or others were raided and taken as loot.

Ado knew his brother had an item believed to be lost to time always with him. The gem of Bysmas, The North star was a strong white gemstone that clung around the young male's neck at all times. While Ado had never seen or felt its truly vast mana pool he did know that Anjui had received the gem at a very young age and told to constantly store extra energy into it and only use it in dire necessity. Of course Ado had received something similar the Gem of Myrmas, the South star. like its twin was a solid white gem he kept around his neck. Also told like his brother to put extra energy into it he had done so every day sense his childhood. The vast amount of energy within the gem was a constant source of warmth for the prince as he knew while his skill in magic was not an excellent he would have no problem out lasting most mages in combat.

Drawing in a sharp breath as the male felt the cost of his work hit him he felt light headed. Sitting down on a still yet broken pillar he ate several things he had taken with him. Bread, Cheese, A few pieces of fruit, and some salted pork that had been cooked a few hours earlier. As the little shadows from his vision faded away Ado set off to the river he knew was close by. Stopping he removed his shirt and pants and plunged himself into the icey chill that helped cool his body from the day's activities. pushing through the surface he took in a sharp breath and floated there a moment.

It was the thump thump of the armor hitting dirt close by that had drawn his attention. [b "Lord Ado, The Lord Anjui has requested your presence. A war council will be taking place after the afternoon meal."] nodding Ado swam to shore and got out. [#f5990a "Lead the way."] was all the young prince had spoken as he dressed himself quickly. The guard had covered her eyes as the male came out of the water. Of course she followed his instructions. Leading back to Shyr Tadorar. It was the sprawling city that had first came into view as the construction of the city was well under way just like back at Masol Thysaer. His brother was preparing for war in every possible way and that meant his plan was coming much faster then Ado expected.
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The young elf Prince Anjui was no fool, he knew that while the Wood elves would keep the Piece of their Horned God, the moon elves would not so reluctantly give back the two gifts given to them as well. The Bark of the First Sentinel tree was all but a treasure of the Gods to them. Then the Tears of the Goddess was just the same no less as it meant they were more connected with their highest deity in the pantheon and would remain so until the end of the world or the connection was once again disconnected through other means.

Hearing clamor of the nobility from the houses now under his banner Anjui put up his hand. [#b62e11 "Lord Aelori what seems to be the matter of discussion with the nobles that I am hearing whispers about in my own court?"] The older male stepped down from his position in the rafters with the rest of the nobles and stood in the middle of the room. [#771390 "Well my lord Anjui, the nobles wonder at your motives for giving back the three items in question to the other elves. It will make them a harder pressed enemy when the time comes for that, and even less they now have weapons to use against us as well."]

Nodding at the opposition to his plan Anjui's devilish smile appeared on his face once again [#b62e11 "Do not worry lords and ladies of the Masjhol nobility. You see while we will one day fight the elves of the far lands, we are making a great progress in tying them to us through diplomatic debt. We will use that to our advantage and help the dwarves who then will return to us the Stone sentinel tree and with it the other elven houses will understand the might of house Masjhol is not to be tested. More so we shall use the Stone Sentinel and the magic of the Sia Aer, the True elf magic will help restore what was once lost a long time ago."]

More clamor came from the nobility only to have the Anjui raise from his chair to stand next to Lord Aelori. [#771390 "What Lord Anjui praytell is that?"] His smile still on his face Anjui looked toward the throne upon which he just vacated the crown for it upon his head. [#b62e11 "The Jhyr Maelolaer, The Lost Sentinel has long been missing and anyone who ever goes to the far southern deserts seem to disappear never to be seen."] Removing the crown from his head he began to twist it round and round. [#b62e11 "Your dismissed lords and ladies. Please return to your duties, we must prepare for war."]

Anjui placed the crown back upon his head and left the throne room, what the nobility including his brother did not know was that Anjui had also intended to bring back Thos Maelolaer, the First sentinel. That task was going to be much harder to do however, as the First Sentinel was the only tree blessed by the entire Collection of gods across the elven races. It also meant expanding out from the Isle as they would have to find the remains of the First tree outside of the chunk he had given to the elf emissary and sent off. That was an easy find.

The Bark of the First tree had come from the ruins of Shori Toria, The White city was the original Isle's huge sprawling city that covered all of the Isle and would forever be gone. Of course in the middle of the city was the First Sentinel, but with the magic of the King he had moved it to a different land and when the King fell he took the location of the remains of the tree with him, It was during the war that the tree had been shattered and burned and misplaced and lost. He would restore it with the magic from all the Sentinel trees, and the single branch woven into the crown of his house.

The Tear stones of the Goddess were also an easy find, one just had to know where to look. They had come from the Kaer Syrdaes, The Great Tower was and still stands as the massive tower that could be seen from all over the Crescent Isle. Home to the magic school and the scholars of the elf people. It was there that many houses went and discussed terms of peace during war season or trade agreements during other times. It was also usually there one would find items of power. The Tear stones were no acceptation to it found in the middle of the Grand Library in a the fountain of water with other gems of the hews of blue and whites.

The last gift the Horn of the wood elf god was a bit more of a challenge to obtain. While still within the hands of the High elves Anjui had to secret away to another house under the banner of a Mercenary group and during war season aid them in taking land from another house. It was during the raid on one of the cities he had stashed away to find the treasury and within it found many useful things, The Horn was one of those items.

Returning to his Throne Anjui took the crown from his head once again and held it within his hands. It was an accumulation of the items he would need to restore the elven people to their empire and this time he would not fall to the voices of the Demons and the Darker gods. Not like his Great Grandfather had done so many centuries ago, that had been the start of their downfall he had heard voices and it had caused him to go crazy and paranoid eventually leading to the war with the dwarves.
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Lunas had become the Avatar of Eluna, Her gifts where now his to use even if they were a limited version of it as his mortal body would not be able to take all the power she could give to her avatar had she so chosen. Lunas was important to his people and will be even after this battle, this war for the elven forest was long over. The Goddess knew this and so limited his body's input of power from her. Extended night vision beyond even that of his own moon elf people. He could see now even by starlight now and would forever be changed for it. Also granted to him was moonlight arrows. As long as the moon was shinning he could call upon its ray's to form arrows even if it was barely shinning. It also allowed him to have an endless arsenal of arrows at his command.

With her gifts he also was granted one more gift while elves already accurate and fast with a bow Lunas would now be able to fire his bow quicker then the elite rangers. With these changes Lunas's form itself took on several changes. He grew taller then his people, his skin turned even darker shade of purple then others, and his eyes most of all his eyes. They had turned a bright white like that of the moon. The Great Goddess had heard his plea and answered it and had a tender hand in doing so. Her last gift to her Avatar within Lunas was one more thing. She had summoned forth her Great hunt. A massive White stag upon which he would lead his people from and become the beacon he set himself out to be for it. He would in return show no fear in the face of the enemy and would even fight them to his end.

Upon hearing that the prince from the wood elven people had come to camp Lunas was curious, but cautious he wanted to know what it was that the wood elves had sent with their heir and next in line, however those gifts were gone when he left the tent of the wood elf commander Javi. Without words the Prince nodded to lunas who answered back in kind. The young wood elf returned to his mount and took off to the direction that the Twisted forest was. It must have meant he would return to his father's side and make sure no more orc incursions would attempt to come from their forest borders as well. That or possible gather more of their forces to march in aid of the moon elf battle to come.

Lunas watched as Javi exited with the three chests close behind him, but all three hung open. Before even speaking a word the avatar of the Goddess could sense the power come from the boxes. [#9138cc "The High elves have given us Powerful Gifts instead of soldiers and weapons as asked of them. I can sense the power leaking from the chests, but what gifts have they deemed would win us this war?"] Lunas looked over the boxes but could not make out what was inside of them for they were yet to far from him. Javi's voice drifted to his ears however as he approached. [#9dcc38 "They have given us weapons of the Great Gods of our each of our people."]

Lunas confused at first looked over the chests as they come closer and his eyes grew big. The three gifts were indeed gifts of the Gods and could not be replaced with any amount of bodies and weapons to go with them. [#9dcc38 "The First is for my people Lunas. The Last piece to the God of the Hunt we wish to revive one day. The second is a Host for this god to come into our world."] waving his hand both were taken away. [#9dcc38 "The second is for your people. The Tears of the Goddess, The Last drops of water gifted from Eluna herself to the elves for the Original Moon well that was placed at the base of the Thos Maelolaer."]

With those words Lunas took ahold of the tearstone shaped gems and with it a small tear fell down his own face. The Goddess could feel through him the power in them and with it the Moon elf knew exactly what it meant. [#9138cc "Javi we must make our last preparations. Summon your God of the Hunt. I shall bring forth all the power of the Goddess to bare against these vile creatures. They have tainted to far into the Forest and will be punished for it. We will drive them back into their holes."] Javi handed over the box with the stones in them, however before releasing the gems he spoke even more. [#9dcc38 "The last one is for both races."] waving his hand to the last box it showed the Breath of Flames which would go to the forges.

Waving his hand the last chest disappeared into the tent line and would be sent to the head blacksmith to use. [#9dcc38 "The last bit I will tell you is information. The High elf Noble Anjui and his brother Ado have pledged to help the Dwarven King return Karaz Khaz to the Dwaven crown."] pausing a moment to look into his eyes Lunas did not give away what he was feeling which was both fear and hate towards the high elves. Why after all would they help dwarves before their own kin of elves? [#9dcc38 "I am also told that the King of the Dwarves has pledged to give the brothers the Myli Maelolaer."]

Now it showed on his face. Lunas like Javi felt both fear, excitement, contempt, and hatred towards the brothers. The fear was because if the High elves were to get their hands upon the Stone Sentinel that meant they would have two eternity trees and could use their connection to the Gods to claim lands by forging a Forest with one of the trees. They could also gift it to another race and make them become like the dwarves and long lived. Excitement as it meant the return of the Closest thing the elves had to their Original Eternity tree and it would be back in its proper place on the Crescent Isle where the Original tree sat. Contempt as he would never see the tree unless sent by the High Priestess or the Goddess herself to the Isle to the dealings of the High elves. Hatred also as they pledged to the dwarves to help rebuild their empire even when the elves themselves were scattered across the world. The emotion that came across the most, was Excitement however as it meant all elves would rejoice with the news and they would feel the power once the tree was returned.
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Javi had spent most of the night on patrol with a few of his soldiers. Making sure many of the soldiers got as much rest as possible. Soon the fighting would start and it would not stop until either one side is wiped off the field or one turn around and ran away. Likely at least to Javi as far as he could tell would make the day of fights bloody and very high stress as to know how orcs worked made them dangerous enemies, even more so when they were in mass. Looking over the map of where soldiers would be placed he heard a person stepped into the command pavilion.

Holding up his hand before the person could speak Javi put his hand on the map he was looking at, more specifically where the archers would be and how close the sword and spear units would be to the entry way up the cliff and how close they would be to the archers. Even more so where the Calvary units would be incase of emergency, even more so how many soldiers of each type would be upon the field and which ones would be kept in reserve to send in as reinforcements.

Javi looked up to see that it was Prince Vyr. A smile gleemed in the light across his golden brown skin. [#108417 "Hello again dear friend. I come bearing answer from the Elves of the Crescent Isle."] stepping to the side he waved his hand in front of three chests. Eyeing the chests with anger in his heart and a fist clenching on the map. [#9dcc38 "We asked for soldiers and weapons yet they deny us both and even dare to give us money instead."] Taking a step around the table Javi looked at the chests and eyed them over repeatedly. [#9dcc38 "And small chests at that full of coin? Do they wish to insult the combine people of the Dream woods and the Twisted Forest?"]

Vyr just nodded towards one of the chests the smile still upon his face. Curious Javi went and opened the chest only to see a single antler piece that looked like it had come from a stag. Flipping the lid of the other two chests the male saw the Gem like drops in the shape of tears, The other was a piece of wood that seemed to be on fire, yet did not catch the chest itself on fire. Puzzled [#9dcc38 "Not even coin did they send us, but useless and puzzling items in times we need clarity."] Vyr silenced the elf however as he stepped up to the first chest.

[#108417 "These gifts are the turn of the fight to come."] pulling the antler out of the chest Vyr held it up in the firelight to show instead of being a dark shade of brown or a light tan the color was that of solid red. [#108417 "The Last missing piece of the God of the hunt."] Placing it back within the chest he moved to the next he pulled out the tear shaped gem. [#108417 "The tears of the Goddess. The last water of the Original moon well from the Thos Maelolaer. The only time elves were a united people."] Placing the stones once again back within the chest he moved to the third and removed the piece of wood with bare hands and didn't burn himself. [#108417 "The Breath of Flames. A gift given to the High elves from the Dwarves. It allows them to craft better armor and weaponry then during our golden age."]

Vyr returned the burning wood back into the chest as well to turn and look at Javi a smile upon his face. [#108417 "The high elves may not have given us soldiers, They may not have given us weapons and armor to aid in this war, but they have given us the means to defend ourselves and make sure no orc army will dare come into the forests again without setting it ablaze, and without cutting down the trees as they go farther in."]

Javi looked at the items now in a new light. Had the Elves of the Crescent isle really and truly held onto these treasures for so long even when asked to aid their fellow elven brothers in wars? Had they really just returned the God of the hunt to the wood elven people and allowed yet the last waters of the Moon well from the First Sentinel out of their eye sight, and more so off the isle itself? These were indeed strange times. Javi turned back to Vyr with one question burning behind his lips. [#9dcc38 "Who was it that gave these two you? The cresent isles have no King, and the houses are here soon to war with one another. What person has enough power to hold these and give them away without second thought or rebuttle?"] Vyr's smile disappeared at the question. [#108417 "The Lord of House Msjhol; Anjui Starlight. His brother Ado had the dwarven king in talks."]

Surprise and curiosity sparked even more so within Javi; but was it the time? [#108417 "There are talks that Lord Ado had pledged elven soldiers from their house to aid the dwarves in retaking their Empire's Capital. No not Grom Khaz from the Tyrant Warlord that now sits on the thrown, but that of Karaz Khaz. In return the Dwarven king has pledged to give Anjui the Myli Maelolaer."] Awe, shock, fear, and even joy hit Javi all at once. Awe because no one had ever dared try and take the Myli Maelolaer from the dwarves sense it was the seat of power for them, and even more so the seal upon which the dwarves and elves agreed to end the fighting between the two races. Shock because the dwarves agreed, even more so the Dwarven king had done it in person. Fear because with the Myli Maelolaer being held by the brothers meant they would have their own Eternity tree they could use it as a banner to get other elven people under their rule which meant their power was as equal to the Corrupted King, or the First elven king himself. Joy however as to have what was once lost was being returned to the elven people.
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The young elf Prince Ado had returned to his chambers for a few moments to gather things that he would need for his journey that would give him solitude. While his brother needed his aid, Ado knew he would be under the direct eye of his brother shortly after what had transpired with the dwarven King, especially after he had made promises that were not his to be making, even more so the young elf knew that his brother would not soil his honor by allowing the promises to go unanswered like many elven nobility did to their children to teach them a hard lesson.

Ado had grabbed his real sword not the one he would carry around that was nothing more then decoration. He was after all in a land that humans raided often if the borders weren't watched constantly. While House Aelori had stations of sentinels around their border and their villages hidden well humans managed still to find them or to slip past the guards in an attempt to get to the more richer lands in the middle of the area, or to other lands.

He had also grabbed his Spell book; magic was essential to elves, and while Ado had very little talent to the craft he would still apply himself in the study of it like his family expected him to. Now that he was second in command to the largest noble house on the Crescent isle it meant he would be a target of many things, Assassinations, blackmail, diplomacy, marriage, etc. He would have none of it if he could help. Most of all he would also use his magic study as a reason to get away from the noise of the house itself.

[center [pic]]
Going deep into the woods Ado had recalled in his history teachings The rumors that the reason Aelori claimed the golden Forests of the north was because of the Corrupted king himself. He had built a sprawling white city large enough to house all of the elven people within its walls. It had encompassed all of the Crescent isle during its Golden age, however the nobility in their fight against the King had destroyed the city as they went across the land. Of course the king's final stand was within the capital of the giant city itself and no one dare travel there today.

Finding the ruins Ado walked among the ruins themselves, the black soot mixed in with the destroyed buildings gave it an dreadful feeling, but that did not stop the young elf from pushing farther into the city. Curiosity had struck him and it would drive him even farther into the city that had been known as the Dread Gate. A city left abandoned from the elven golden age and would be so until a king once again sat upon the throne of the isle.

Finding the great hall still standing Ado went into the only standing structure to find the cold marble stone throne still yet remained unoccupied and untainted by the destruction outside. Stepping to the chair up past all the wood, shrubs, grass, and plants that had taken over the rest of the hall. It was almost like magic had been placed upon the chair so that nothing natural would go near it at all. Drawing out a small knife from his hip Ado drew it across his right hand and held his now closed fist over the chair itself.

[#f5990a "I Ado Starfall do here swear upon the blood of my family that we shall restore the Honor and glory of this once great city. We shall remove the taint from the name and honor the king that was here. Our Ancestor Eci Bloodbane shall be purged through fire and steal and come to punishment of Death for betrayal of his people. With his death our Family honor will be restored and forever be known as the Cleansing flame."] Hearing a little shuffling noise behind him Ado spun around to see an audience of creatures he couldn't make out with the sunlight in his eyes, but he could have sworn that one shown brighter then the rest, and one glowed a faint white, while another seemed to be wrapped in dots of lights. While another had a familiar presence about it.

They were there then they were gone like the creatures hadn't been there at all before. Ado placing his back against the leg of the throne began to dive right into the spells he would soon need for their war season. Mostly spells of healing, detections, accuracy, even cloning and images. While not a master at most of these subjects he was not lacking in the area. His brother Anjui however had the finer skills in magic and it would forever remain that way.
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The young Anjui had thought that with the dwarven king leaving the hall meant he had a few moments of peace to his own thoughts, but that was not to be so when a loud bang happened on the side door of the hall. Guards had their blades drawn and ready for a fight expecting assassins or possible soldiers filing through it to kill Anjui like he would have done outside of war season. It was to be expected that humans raided the elven lands of the Cresent isle, especially the northern lands if they were unexpecting them.

However a single young elf male came through the doorway. He looked odd however in comparison to the finery that surrounded him. He was dressed in fine Royal clothing, but not that of the High elves or their blood elf cousins that occupied the isle's major graphic, but an old wood elf colony thought long lost Ages ago during the First war between the elves, dwarves, dragons, and fae people. Standing in front of him was an elf of fair skin, that had a slight tan to it more so then a high elf, but less so then a sun elf. Hair bright golden blonde, but his hair was meant to hide him in the golden leaves of the Soraer Thysaer.

The Twisted forest was named not because it did not have trees, but in fact it was the only known place outside of the Crescent isle to produce Amber in Abundance. That and its Trees were unlike any other. The tree bark was not a shade of brown or black but a natural bright snow white. The leaves where a bright rose red through out the entire forest itself. On top of that the trees themselves also bloomed full of flowers all year round they would change color based upon the seasons and even some could even bare fruit at the same time during all the seasons as well. Some of the Forest stayed nighttime while other parts stayed daylight all the time. It was like magic permeated from the very trees themselves to keep itself growing.

The elves there had long thought been lost, but it seemed they had stayed like a few other colonies outside of the Crescent isle from the High elves. The Twisted Forest being one but of the few to adapt to their surroundings outside of the Dark elves and the others. Watching as this elf came forward Anjui's golden eyes flickered to the nobles who all eyed this new intruder as well. Returning his gaze to the wood elf it must have been another interference from his twin brother, but how would he know of the elves and yet Anjui did not?

No that couldn't be it, so why was this elfling here at this time? War seasons was coming in less then a cycle and there were other plans that had to be done yet before his plans could be put fully into action. Why of all things was Ado intervening in other race political affairs also? First dwarves who else would he call upon to delay the crown being placed upon Anjui's head? It did not matter his brother's intention was good and it gave the young elf a bold claim to the crown. First would be to see to the matter that would present itself with this new arrival.

[#b62e11 "Leave us."] Anjui had made his command and carried his voice so no one would dare question him. As the room cleared out Anjui never let his gaze falter away from the young elf. As the last of the nobility and guards left the door's once again gave a loud bang to signal they had been shut. Staying silent at first the young elfling waited for his guest to speak, but it seemed the stretch of time would last forever so Anjui spoke. [#b62e11 "I assume you have come here for a reason, I would not have myself sit in this chair waiting to find out why speak or be removed."]

a few more moments passed before the wood elf in front of him spoke in a slightly strange accented tongue. [#108417 "I am Prince Vyr and you will show me respect."] Anjui looked upon this new information with irritation and curiosity. [#108417 "I am of Royal Blood and I will be shown the manners the elven people show to outsiders."] Anjui stood from his chair slowly and took the few steps down from the throne to stand in front of the male. [#b62e11 "You would do well to remember who's hearth and house you are in. We are not in the Twisted Forest, we are leagues away and you are here for a reasons do not make the mistake my enemies here have and under estimate my resolve. I will kill you where you stand."]

The wood elf just hardened his jaw and set himself in a slight defensive manner his hand on his hip ready to draw a weapon that was not there. Anjui stood a few feet away from the elf his gaze right on the other elf. Neither of the pair looked away, but the wood elf spoke. [#108417 "I am here on behalf of my father King Shol. You would do well not to kill the messenger unless you want war with the wood elves as well."] Anjui's only reaction to the words were to step a few feet closer and taken in the elfling at his full height. [#b62e11 "As I said chose your next words carefully. Even Messengers are killed in war. And to know the messenger is the Prince makes the price of your ransom much higher. As for the guards that accompanied you I am sure just one needs to return to your father to give him the message."]

Vyr stepped back a few steps away from the high elf and puffed himself up a little bit. [#108417 "My father's requested the aid of the Elves of the Crescent isle in the defense of the Paestyr, The Dreamwoods are being burnt by orcs. Our forces and those of the Night elves are working together to defend the forest but as the orcs gather their forces ours become far out numbered."] Anjui stepped back and returned to the throne. [#b62e11 "And how many other elven houses here on the Isle have you put this same request to?"] Vyr grew a sly smile upon his face. [#108417 "That is private information I can not give away. I will not be used as a tool in the war here on the isle."] the young elf king nodded his approval a smile on his own face began to appear. [#b62e11 "A very good response. If you know of the war here on the isle then you know War season will soon be upon us again and so our forces will be better served here on the isle then in some foreign land especially knowing that even a little soldier can be the change of a battle."]

Vyr's smile disappeared only to be replaced with resolve on his face. [#108417 "If our forces can hold out until the war season is over will you aid us Lord Anjui?"] Anjui's smile only grew in size slightly. [#b62e11 "Only if your Father King Shol agrees that after my force's help him he will send aid to me as well. I shall not see my fellow elves slaughtered for nothing. So I will not send soldiers to your aid, but I shall send you something much better."] Clapping his hands a servant appeared out of the wall to step up to the young elf king who whispered into the ear. The servant disappeared only to reappear with another elf.

[#108417 "Why do you waste my time Lord Anjui? If you will not send soldiers to our aid what use do we have for our deal?"] Anjui just placed his hand upon his lips as he spoke to the elf who was now standing there. Speaking in very old elvish the young king said [#b62e11 "Great Mother Goddess I seek your aid. I have agreed to aid my fellow elves in a war across many leagues of water and land, but I fear with the promise of soldiers I shall fall. So I shall instead bless them with the gifts you have given to me with your blessing."] at first the elf just stood there, her skin seemed to be white like that of the marble around her. The dress she wore yet even whiter then her skin and her hair as black as the night sky. Her eyes as blue as the frozen sea. The elf answered in the same language. [b "My blessing is given."] The elf disappeared once again, but this time into what seemed to be thin air.

Anjui returned his attention to Vyr. [#b62e11 "I give to you Three things. The first is the Tears of the Kydaer. The Tears of the Goddess. Place it within a moonwell and its healing powers will heal even the greatest of wounds, the only thing that it will not heal is death itself. The second is that of the Breath of Flames. A fire that will allow you to forge weapons of stronger metal, and those weapons will melt through most items including wood, stone, even metal itself. The only thing it won't go through it other items forged with the fire. The third and last thing you will be given is the last remaining piece of the cysaer kyr, The Horned God is one of our most sacred gods as he is to your people. We return to you the piece of him that we have held for centuries past. With the Horned god Osol on the field with you he shall lead your forces to victory even under the most dire of conditions. The price however is Osol will only return to the lands if someone gives him a body to return with. For that I give you the prisoner I recently captured. An assassin by the name of Thodi. A member of the High elves long lost to the dark elves and trained under them as an assassin who has sense turned on his people. His last target was not so lucky, but he was captured by guards before he could get away."]

Vyr's eyes grew and his skin lost a little color as he heard the name. Anjui nodded. [#b62e11 "I will see to it that these gifts are placed upon your ship and that you are fed and well rested before you return home. Until then I have other matters that need my attention especially if I am to offer more help then what I have already provided."] Stepping towards the door he paused. [#b62e11 "Also remember the first two gifts are to be returned. As a gift in hopes of future talks with King Shol I will allow the wood elves to keep the Last peace of the Horned God."] Leaving Anjui now set his face with determination he would have his isle and his people.
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War it seemed was Inevitable. Even during the festival season for the elves it was like an unending tide of battle for the wood elves. Even more so it seemed they wished to become close to as perfect as possible, but even elves have their flaws and it was these flaws that caused their civilization's downfall in the end. Perhaps it was their arrogance, or even their pride, no to Javi the downfall of the elves was not their arrogance to the nature of the other races, or their pride as to being one of the oldest races of the world.

To Javi the downfall of the elven golden age was their vanity. They saw everyone and everything as lesser beings then them even the other races the gods had put on the planet with them. Every woodelf was taught while in school that the Gods made the planet, and from the planet made out of the six elements creatures to hold sway over the surface, and from these races branch all others influenced from one thing or another. From the Wind, the air, the moon, stars, sun and sky came the elves. From the stone, the earth, precious gems, and metal came the dwarves. From the sea, the water, rivers, streams, and lakes came the humans. From the Flame, the fire, burning embers, and lava came the Dragons.

From the element of life Came the Ancients, the closest creatures to Gods as possible. And from the element of death came the Primals. What he had just witnessed however was a blending of two of the original races, to understand now that Lunas was no longer just a moon elf, but was now an aspect of one of the Gods. He would be forever raised above those of his own kind considered more powerful then even the Priestess of Elune and guardian of the Sentinel of their people.
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removing himself out of the moonwell Lunas stood basking in the star and moonlight like it was an extension of himself. He could see perfectly clear even on a clouded night like he had night vision himself. Of course knowing it was a blessing from the Goddess Eluna and her magic he could see where others could not even if they were sharp eyed or of his own kind that had an even better sense of vision at nighttime then their fellow kin of elves. Slowly the elf made his way back to his tent knowing that he needed rest and soon.

As the night dragged on Lunas got sparingly with sleep, what little he did get was not enough for most to survive, but he knew that with the battle to come his body would be pumping him soon enough and even that would wake him and his limbs up from their state of numbness. It would be soon that the battle for the forest was to come to pass and soon. Stretching himself across the mat that was used for his bed the elf stared at the back of his eyelids and waited for something. A horn to sound a battle perhaps? a cheep from a bird to signal dawn? Something other then just laying here more awake then when he had come into his tent.

Irritated the elf stood from his bed roll and went on patrol making his own route around the camp that would be the armies home for the next couple of days, possible weeks depending on how long the orcs would gather up forces. It would all depend on one next move and who made it. It irritated him like an itch he couldn't get to.
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Ado had watched silently as the exchange between his brother and the dwarven king had happened. It seemed his brother would know of his own plans before he could talk to him about them. Damn that fool of a king to come here in person to see to matters of the politics. He had told the ambassadors and the messengers even the damn Riks that had come and spoken to him to be sure to stay away from his brother and the rulers of the lands until he was certain his brother would agree to the plan itself least of all it would crumble.

It seemed however as the conversation strode on without a missed beat Ado understood he would have a strict watch upon his person now to make sure he did not conduct anymore business behind his brother's back or anymore deals with any of the other races pledging help from the elven people before his brother was for certain wearing the crown of the Crescent isle upon his brown and without a doubt ruling the people upon its shores with an Iron will and without question to his right to rule.

Ado also understood that while his brother seemed angry he was pleased at the price he had asked for with the aid of the elves. Of course Ado knew his brother had wanted the Stone Sentinel back from the dwarven people. It was a prize that everyone coveted above all else, and to show that they had regained its presence within their own realm would have helped Anjui's claim to the thrown, but to place it within Thos Thysaer meant that house Masjhol would not be holding the power of the Stone sentinel, but The Phoenix Order would be.

This saddened Ado greatly as he had plans to secure the grand tree and place it within the Shori Syrdaes, The White tower would be under Anjui's crown within the first few moons of the new war season, but yet to be denied that meant the White tower would strive all that much more to secure their own borders. Hearing the dwarf chuckle and agree to the terms present to him the dwarven king kept bowing and spouting out words that it seemed only Anjui caught bits of and no one else had heard.

Before he could be summoned forth in front of the entire nobility Ado had slipped past lord Aelori and the few nobles between him and the Exit of the Grand room. working his way into the hallways f the citadel Ado had found himself staring down a single elf whom he had never encountered before. The creature standing in front of him had stark bright golden blonde hair like that of the High elves of the isle, yet he stood slightly shorter and had on clothing that of which held a hue of greens and browns which he could never imagine worked together, yet this creature held them with flawlessness.

Having the creature bow to him and start speaking in a foreign tongue Ado held up his hand and spoke in the common tongue. [#f5990a "My brother is whom your message is for not myself. I am but a holder of lands in his name."] a look of confusion crossed the male's face, but his harp like voice cut Ado short. [#108417 "I am here to see the king of the Isle, but I am told at every turn that there is not one, yet here I am delivered to the highest house in power and I am told that the one standing in front of me is not the ruler, but just the person who holds the lands."]

Ado nodded a quick yes. [#108417 "Well then Lead me to of yours."] Ado pointed to the door behind him. [#f5990a "The door there will lead you to him, along with the nobility of his house, and the King of the dwarves."] The male seemed to tense up and looked to Ado with horror. [#108417 "May I have your name?"] [#f5990a "My name is previously Ado Thaelyr, Now I am known as Ado Masjhol. Brother to Anjui Masjhol and lord of these lands."]Nodding the elf looked at Ado with appreciation. [#108417 "I am Prince Vyr Melyr, The crowned prince of the wood elf realm of Soraer Thysaer."]

The Twisted Forest, Nodding Ado understood now why the elf in front of him was shorter, but fairer. He was a child of the woods, He was a Shyr Aer, a Wood elf. [#f5990a "Good luck on your endeavor Prince Melyr I am needed elsewhere."] Without another word Ado took off down the hallway the direction he had headed before being stopped. Not once looking back to see if the prince had found what he was looking for, he just wanted to be alone and only knew of one place he could do that at.
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Anjui had waved his hands for the guards to stand down. The dwarf seemed nervous as ever, but still had his hand away from the hammer that sat in the belt around his waist. That was until he drew the axe from his back. The guards stiffened up and went to draw their weapons again, but Anjui yet held them with the hand in the air. The king placed the axe next to him handle upon the floor. Seeing the axe stood the same height as the dwarf king himself Anjui guessed the thing was meant to be a last resort sort of weapon for the old king, but his face gleamed brightly as he looked at it with pride.

[#562c12 "Ah there now I can show court manners properly."] bowing the old dwarf didn't seem to move as stiff. Perhaps it was the axe keeping him from showing the curtsies allowed to his people by the elven courts even in their own realms. Clearing his throat as well as he could the old dwarf stumbled upon some elvish words as he spoke in his deep voice [#562c12 Kaerol….Kaerol Col os si Car."] the nobles around the room all seemed to turn their heads towards one another, but Anjui's golden eyes stayed focused upon the king in front of him the man's head pointed down to the floor in the bow.

Anjui spoke in the tongue of humans with ease. [#b62e11 "Raise your head King of the dwarves. I will not have a higher power bowing to nobility. Yes I am ruler of the land you have your feet upon, however I am not king of the Crescent Isle. My people would not allow another king to sit upon the thrown without a battle for it. And even though I am the highest of nobility in the sense of bloodlines my twin brother is here as well."]

Raising his head the dwarven king had a cherry redness to his face that even matched that of his beard and head. [#562c12 "Young Lord Anjui. It is with all honor that I am here. I have been given terms for your aid in returning our Home realm to us."] Anjui looked bewildered at the dwarven king, but cleared his face and set it to stone. It was workings of his brother Ado behind his back again and understood now what it was he was doing. He was making sure that Anjui himself stayed on the throne of the elven people by use of force if necessary and turning the dwarves on the nobles if they tried to kill Anjui.

[#562c12 "The terms are acceptable my lord, only I ask that you rename your price."] Anjui looked on at the dwarf king curiously, but also cautiously as he did not know what price the dwarven king had been put to by his twin and even less the side they were expected to uphold in order for it. The dwarven king not being given an answer from Anjui went on in his deep voice. [#562c12 "The myli Maelolaer has been in dwarven possession sense the peace treaty between the Elves and dwarven people ages ago."]

It was then that it had hit him. The dwarven king wasn't talking about Gron Khaz, but that of Karaz Khaz. It was an suicide attempt on anyone who tried it alone, and to know Ado had promised their help to reclaim the old dwarven capital city from when the Dwarven Empire first thrived had struck a nerve on him, but to know that the price he had asked was High. The Myli Maelolaer, the Stone sentinel was the tree given to the dwarven people from the elves and blessed by the dragons as a sign of eternal peace between the elves and dwarves. Sense its loss during the third age and the fall of the dwarven empire it has never been reclaimed or sought after accept by those attempting to gain honor for their family.

The outrage yelling and clammier of whispers across the room came to hit Anjui's ears as he pulled himself away from his thoughts. Standing up from his chair instantly drew everyone's attention and the silence of the room so much so the wind outside could be heard lightly brushing the leaves of the trees close by. [#b62e11 "To reclaim Karaz Khaz will cost many lives, not only dwarven, but elven as well. The price will not be lowered. The Stone Sentinel will be placed within elven control again, however it will be moved to the Thos Thysaer, The First Fortress will be the trading center between the dwarven people and those of the elves."]

The king's eyes beamed even more bright then before and he bowed many times over speaking in dwarvish that no one had caught ccept Anjui who had understood few of the words accept for thank you and it shall be done.
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