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[center [pic]]
[center [b [size25 Si Tysedaer Maelolaer]]]
[center Four years have passed sense the noble houses stood together against the might of the Corrupted King. Though Tauron was saved from his corruption it came at a cost. The Tenuous pact between the nobles had all but evaporated. The dull life of every day society to elves has returned, the nobles never allowing for another king to be placed upon the throne fearful of what a person could do. A council of the top ten noble houses was formed and rule the elves, but the power held within is dismal and always changing. Like their Dark elven brethren the elves have decided power can only be held by those who can keep it. ]

[center The Noble's Cycle is one of hatred; Alliances forged and broken. They have paid the price for sharing the world with each other and have forgotten what makes them strong, but they will need to stand as one to fight a common enemy once again, or fall one by one divided. With the constant raids from the humans in the northern lands, The orcs to the East, the Dwarves to the west, and the unknown lands to the south the world seems to be pushing the elves to the limits, but the elves have finally had enough and are starting to push back.]

[center It was said once That the elves Ruled the world surface with their might empire, but recent years show that was a dwindle of the past, and their race is forced to live upon small islands and fight each other for land and power and riches, but there are a few who would yet see a leader to bring the elves once again to the golden days of an Empire spanning across the world. Others would see them settle the way they are and hold to traditions.]

[center [b Known elven races]]
[center | Col Aer/ High elf | Shyr Aer/ Blood Elf | Mel Aer/ Sun elf | Paeraes Aer/ Desert elf | Bol Aer/ Night elf | Tyl Aer/ Moon elf | Mas Aer/ Star elf | Pas Aer/ Dark elf | Madyrn Aer/ Shadow elf | Pyrn/ Drow | Shyr Aer/ Wood elf | Shor Aer/ Wild elf | Sia Aer/ True elf | Thyr Aer/ Frost elf | Aili Aer/ Ice elf | Sharaes Aer/ Water elf | Tyr Aer/ Chaos Elf | Tyser Aer/ Corrupt elf | Paestyl Aer/ Demon elf | Eilaer Aer/ Angel Elf | Thae Aer/ Fae elf | Per Aer/ Druid elf | Pandryl Aer/ Dragon elf | Cylysaer/ Honorless | Cyraelaer/ Houseless | Sarys/ Traitor | ]

[Center [b Known Elven Homelands]]
[center Soraer Thysaer, The Twisted Forest Capital Aistysar Car ]
[center Paestyr, The Dreamwoods Capital Bali Toria ]
[center Shaloli Jhaji, The Blackice lake Capital Tostyl Syrdaes ]
[center Taerael Airi, The Crescent Isle Mi Olaesyl ]
[center ialaes shae, The Underway (Drow) Capital Modaes Baer ]
[center Bondrli Shyr, The nightgrove Woods Capital Bol Caer, ]
[center Airi os si Saestas, Isle of the Templar Capital Moli os Kyr ]
[Center Airi os Kaes. Isle of Gems Capital Teiralyl Kyli ]
[Center Shoraesol Shasael, Whispering Barrens Capital Shasmal Kyl ]

[Center [b Known Elven Eternity Trees]]
[center Aeraesar Sharaes --- Eternal Watcher (Destroyed)]
[center Kaer Ol Maelolaer --- Great Oak Sentinel (Destroyed)]
[center Tylshaer Maelolaer --- Moonwell Sentinel ]
[center Shori Maelolaer --- White Sentinel ]
[center Shyr Maelolaer --- Blood Sentinel ]
[center Melshaer Maelolaer --- Sunwell Sentinel ]
[center Aeraesar Maelolaer --- Eternal Sentinel ]
[center Teirar Maelolaer --- Crystal Sentinel ]
[center Kyr Maelolaer --- God Sentinel ]
[center Masol Maelolaer --- Starlight Sentinel ]
[Center Sosti Maelolaer --- Time Sentinel ]
[center Thos Maelolaer --- First Sentinel ]
[center Jhyr Maelolaer --- Lost Sentinel (Unknown)]
[center Bali Maelolaer --- Vale Sentinel (Unknown)]
[center myli Maelolaer --- Stone Sentinel (Dwarf)]

[center [b The Crescent Isle]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Known Crescent Isle Houses and ranks]]
Masjhol --- Starlight Capital Masol Thysaer
Thaelyr --- Felwood
Maser --- Stardust Capital Tyl Toria
Verdia --- Ruby Capital Kaes Tyrn
Per --- Dusk Capital Tyl Males
Parn --- Dawn Capital Mel Males
Aelori --- Ecplise Capital Shyr Tadorar
Molaes --- Silver Capital Tas Syli (CraftThrone)
Myrdar --- Snowfall Capital Myrn Tylal
Jhol --- Shadow Capital of Kaelyr myli
Madyrn --- Light Capital of Shardys Syrdaes
Maeras --- Seafair Capital of Shori Syrdaes
Kyli --- Goldsea Capital of Molaes pys
Pandrylyli --- Dragonstone Capital of Teirar Moli
Sia Eilol --- True Ancient Capital of Airi Kesael
Balore'shan Capital of Molaesthas Caer

[center [b The Black Ice Lake]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Known Black Ice Lake Houses and ranks]]
Shydali --- Bloodbane Capital Shor Syrdaes

[center [b The Night Grove Woods]]
[center [pic]
[center [b Known Night Grove Woods Groups]]
Aeraeleli --- Eye of Elune Capital Tyl Saesti
Thysaerasael --- Forest Warden Capital Mel eil Mas Kyli
Melaelolaer --- Sun Sentinel Capital Shasos Car

[center [b The Twisted Forest]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b The Twisted Forest is under a single Banner of the King. Royal House Melyr (Sunwood).]]

[center [b The Dream Woods]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Known Dream Wood Noble houses and ranks]]
Kydaeryli --- Goddess Speakers Capital Maedaes Tyli
Siacol --- True King Capital Syli Toria

[center [b Isle of the Templar]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Known factions to the Templar]]
Aeres --- East Guard, Capital Olael Vaes
Taesoscol --- Cleric Knights, Capital Moli Shasas
Saestikes --- Temple Guard, Capital Mor Kari
Jhondrar --- Light Watch, Capital Shori Jhondryri
Eisalaendryli --- Mage Grove, Capital Thyrol Toria

[center [b Isle of Gems]]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Known Factions to the Dragon Born]]
Per os si Tarn --- Druids of the Claw, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Per os si Saer --- Druids of the Teeth, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Per os si Shol --- Druids of the Wings, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Per os si Aer --- Druids of the Eyes, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Per os si Thal --- Druids of the Fangs, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Per os si Malaer --- Druids of the Scales, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Per os si Kyli --- Druids of the Grove, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Per os si Cys --- Druids of the Horn, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Per os si Baer --- Druids of the Nest, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Per Os si Shaer --- Druids of the Breath, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Per Os si Tandros --- Druids of the Magic, Capital Teiralyl Kyli
Kaes Kes --- Gem Guard, Capital Capital Teiralyl Kyli

[center [b Whispering Barrens]]
[Center [pic]]

[center [b The Underway]]
[center [b Photo Unavailable]]
[center [b Known houses of the Underway and ranks]]
[center Shyrmyli--- Bloodstone , Capital Vylasor Tari ]
[center Information unavailable at this time]

[center [b Known elven names]]
[center Olael Mi -- The Ocean Sea]
[center Tylodi Jhaji -- Moonring Lake]
[center Tosys jhaji -- Mirror Lake]
[center Meloli Tylal -- Sunspine Mountains]
[center Masyrn Tylal -- Starcrown Mountain]
[center Thos Thysaer -- First Fortress]
[center Shori Toria -- White City]
[center Kaer Syrdaes -- Great Tower]
[center Kyr'm Kari -- God's gate]
[Center Masali -- Starscale]

[center [b Known names]]
[center Gron Khaz -- Crown Hall ]
[center Karaz Khaz -- Enduring Hall ]

[Center [b The twelve Ancient elvish blades]]
[center Forged from the Scales of Dragons mixed with Masali and magic the Twelve Ancient elvish blades are known across the world in both reputation and rumor. Most lost to unknown lands and time. Enchanted to resist rusting and ware. Many have a special quality to them and are designed for their names.]
[center 1. Vyraejol, The Rose King. Current Owner Javi Twinshade. First owner Shol Melyr. Green color, Special quality is repairing itself through blood of enemies. Sword type weapon.]
[center 2. Kylarn, The Golden Dawn. Current Owner Anjui Starcrown. First owner Cern Sia Eilol. Gold color, Special Quality is cutting through dragon scales. War Ring type weapon.]
[center 3. Tylol, The Moonring. Current Owner Ado Starcrown. First Owner Ra'sha Shori. Red color, special quality is constant rotation of the blades creating a shield also. Glaive type weapon.]
[center 4. Paerys, The Death Touch. Current Owner Ursa Starcrown. First owner Erdil Shori. Gray color, Special quality is instant death with just a scratch from blade. Short sword type weapon.]
[center 5. Maelor, The Spell shield. Current Owner unknown. First owner Casha Bloodbane. Purple color. Special quality is ability to expand and Contract size of shield. Shield type weapon.]
[center 6. Kydaes, The God tears. Current Owner, Bali Kydaeryli. First owner Shaelia Bloodbane. Rainbow/Clear color. Special quality is ability is to see other's desires. Sword type weapon.]
[center 7. Saendas, The Tree Harp. Current Owner, Unknown. First owner Casha Bloodbane. White color. Special quality is the bow produces arrows itself by pulling on the string. Bow type weapon.]
[center 8. Colali, The King's bane. Current Owner Lunas Sunfury. First Owner Tyrdaer Siacol. Black color. Special quality is the fact the weapon is a living creature. Animal Type weapon.]
[center 9. Shydys, The Blood horn. Current Owner Unknown. First owner Orion God of Wilds. Yellowish white color. Special Quality is the ability to call plants and animals to aid. Bow type weapon.]
[center 10. Mylaedi, The Soul edge. Current owner Unknown. First owner Arid Sia Eilol. Blue color. Special quality is the ability to bring people's worst fear against them. Spear type weapon.]
[center 11. Kydaeror, The Goddess's Fist. Current Owner unknown. First owner Systar Taer. Silver color. Special quality is the ability to cause explosions where none should. Hammer Type weapon.]
[center 12. Eisalae, The Arcana book. Current owner unknown. First owner Jhori Goddess of life. Unknown color. Special quality is able to acquire any knowledge within the pages. Book Type weapon.]

[center [b The Cast]]
[center [b Casted Characters]]
[center [ Anjui Felwood] --- #b62e11]
[center [ Ado Felwood] --- #f5990a]
[center [ Lunas Sunfury] --- #9138cc]
[center [s [ Javi Twinshade] --- #9dcc38 ]]
[center [ Eci Bloodbane] --- #e642f5]
[Center [ Calaes Starwoods] --- #bb822a]
[Center [ Ursa Orvini] --- #90478b]

[center [b Important NPCS]]
[center [b Crescent Isle Elf]]
[center Lady Tasia Thaelyr ---- Lady Felwood #1ba77f]
[center Lord Systar Thaelyr --- Lord Felwood #0a8a39]
[Center Shaelia Thaelyr --- Shaelia Felwood #08541f]
[center Lord Tasaer Aelori --- Lord Eclipse #771390]
[center Lady Shaer Aelori --- Lady Eclipse #652376 ]
[center Lord Torydaes Molaes --- Lord Silver #7fc3a1]
[center Lady Eilae Molaes --- Lady Silver #c9c9a6]
[center Lord Aeloran Myrdar --- Lord Snowfall #42f5e8]
[center Lady maedali Myrdar --- Lady Snowfall #42b6f5]
[center Lord Seilaes Maser --- Lord Stardust #103dbc]
[center Lady Taroli Maser --- Lady Stardust #1065bc]
[center Lord Bostia Verdia --- Lord Ruby #cb343e]
[center Lady Saer Verdia --- Lady Ruby #910811]
[center Lord byraer Parn --- Lord Dawn #f494f0]
[center Lady Vastalae Parn --- Lady Dawn #b658b2]
[center Lord Balyr Per --- Lord Dusk #f69079]
[center Lady Vyrdol Per --- Lady Dusk #761a05]
[center Lord Eilael Kyli --- Lord Gold sea #ed7731]
[center Lady Aelae Kyli --- Lady Gold Sea #a14108]
[center Lord Cazer Pandrylyli --- Lord Dragonstone #5073be]
[center Lady Shel Pandrylyli --- Lady Dragonstone #526998]

[center [b Moon elf]]
[center Moon Elf High Priestess Bali Kydaeryli ---Priestess Bali #df24eb]
[center Moon Elf King Tyrdaer Siacol --- King Tyrdaer #2b18d8]

[center [b Wood elf]]
[center Wood elf Crowned Prince Vyr Melyr ---- Prince Vyr #108417]
[center Wood elf King Shol Melyr --- King Shol #7f2f30]

[center [b Dark Elf]]

[center [b Drow]]

[center [b Night elf]]

[center [b normal NPCS]]
[center North wall Guard Captain Tystalaes shar --- #ae0f1c]
[center East Wall Guard Captain Tadal Shar --- #8d3f46]
[center South Wall Guard Captain Kaelaesar Shar --- #c85b88]
[center West Wall Guard Captain Eidosar Shar --- #3c6877]
[center Moon elf Captain Calos Malos --- #6d3b87]
[center Moon elf Prophet Maes --- #18a4d8]

[center [b Other race NPCS]]
[center Kaydos Aisylodi --- Dwarvish King Godric Ironside #562c12]

[center [b Mentioned NPCS]]
[center Taraern Thaelyr]
[center Bastaer Thaelyr]
[center Baelae Thaelyr]
[center Toria Thaelyr]
[center Saesia Verdia]
[center Eilaer Per]
[center Eidas Madyrn]
[center Tasi Jhol]
[center Voli Kyli]
[center Jhadia Maser]
[center Byrdi Pandrylyli]


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Roleplay Responses

[#6806cb "Kaerol Shas voli."] The title seemed unfamiliar mostly. Being called War prince was not something his people would title those who lead in battle. Calaes had always been titled battle cleric, Shas Taesos. War Cleric. It was common placed. Raising his hand the elf only answered back. [#bb822a "Kaerol Pandryl Voli."] Greetings Dragon prince. They were well known, but to actually see their face was a different matter. Calaes looked upon a female figure who stood a little taller then himself, her long hair white as snow. was braided up, but he guessed if she let it down it would reach to her ankles.

Calaes watched as the High elves bounded off the boat and took up position with the wood elves and moon elves around the boats themselves to fight off more waves of the orcs. Their bows drawn back ready to fire their spears and shields forming a spiked wall around them. As the ships hit the sand and were dragged up so they didn't float away and planted into the ground the war machines and mounts started coming off the ships as well. Soon all the high elves were mounted on some cats, others were on horses. Calaes noticed however the Dragon prince sat upon the spine of a dragon. Taking her bow and arrow Calaes watched as the dragon prince decimated the ranks of the orcs as she road the sky. Arrows being burnt by the dragons flame before they reached, the war machines only threw stones but none hit the dragon either.

As stones seemed to land closer and closer to the elves still on the beach Calaes whistled for the mages to come forward and put up a shield to prevent the boats from being damaged or the stones from hitting the elves. Of course that put the mages at risk, so he had the ring of shields and spears step out a bit to protect them. More stones came flying but bounced off the shield to have it shimmer a golden color as the stones made contact and slide down the barrier.
  Elf cleric / Colorful_insanity / 13d 9h 5m 50s
Stopping in front of his brother for a moment as those who chased him had stopped their press upon his back due to the troops of his brother. Taking several deep breaths Ado had a moment's rest before his brother had asked of him the account of what had happened with house Maeras. It was before he could even say a word that his brother spoke first. [#b62e11 "I am glad to see you my brother."] his brother had raised his hand in a formal greeting between kinship.

Raising his own hand in response taking a few more deep breaths in the process of all of this going on. [#b62e11 "How does House Maeras Fair? How did the treatment of the house go?"] Ado smiled a devilish wicked thing [#f5990a "It was not bad, slightly less Hospitable then what I would have liked."] As he spoke Ado remembered that he had been given the House Insignia that he had been sent out for. tapping around his tunic for a moment or two he pulled from his breast plate the ring.

Seeing his brother confused he held it out. [#b62e11 "What is it?"] Having Anjui removed the ring from his hand and turn it over and over a few times Ado spoke up. [#f5990a "It is the seal you sent me to get. House Maeras will fold to your crown brother. With words from Lady Maeras, she appraises you for the effort you are putting into restoring the elven people to their rightful place in the world. As one people."] Seeing the tear escape his brother's face made Ado that much more determined to see his brother's plan come to fruition and without much hassel from the other houses like he hoped. It was old news however to hear houses were gathering forces and alliances to turn Anjui's plan to ash.

It was the words that his brother spoke next that had set his mind to one goal. [#b62e11 "We have yet so much to do for it brother. With this House Maeras, and the northern part of the Island has become ours. House Belore'shan will not think to appose us."] It was true Belore'shan was ruled by a very wise elf, however he folded to easily to the houses in power around him. With Maeras's fall that only left House Masjhol around him and his land. Not unless he bent to the will of another house, in which case his house would fall just like any others.

Seeing a different banner among his brother's troops Ado started to look around and eyeballed the banner and the soldiers that stood upon the field under its battle prince. This was of course answered quickly by Anjui as well who drew Ado's attention back to him. [#b62e11 They are here on orders from their house head. They have also come to pledge an alliance to us, however they do not wish to merge our houses. I told them on this field of battle it would be acceptable, however once this war season is over. A reevaluation of the alliance terms is to be done. They were given time ot accept their house merging into ours by diplomacy or by dominance."]

Nodding to his brother It had finally caught up with him. The fatigue of his long hall. The adrenaline had finally wore off. Falling forward Ado had been caught by his brother, but the words he yelled were not auditable to him. His vision blurred out and back in a few times before he went unconscious.

It was hours later that he had awoke in the healer's tent. It was a moment he would be ashamed for. He was suppose to be his twin's best warrior and at a moment he needed him most he had failed him. House Belore'shan still stood. his men taken from him in the grasp of Victory. they had fallen. While still accomplishing what he had set to be done the lives lost would forever be on his hands. his commands should have been better chosen so lives wouldn't have been lost without being meaningful towards their king's cause. That would be House Masjhol would hold the lands of forty of the houses to the Cresent isle. The major houses there was Six of them, minors made up the other thirty under their banner.

Raising his hand up towards the top of the tent Ado had gripped the air and the healer came by his side. [b "You awake Lord Ado, this will make Lord Anjui happy to hear some good news at the least."] Hearing those words made the elf sit up a lot faster then before, but he grabbed his head as it spun around from sitting up way to quickly. [#f5990a "What do you mean At the least?"] It was those words that had caused pause to the healer. [b "Lord Belore'shan now sits across the field of battle with House Per and House Parn. He also has yet to take the city like he had hoped before the armies set to the field."] Ado had nodded as the nurse checked his head. [#f5990a "This makes for disastrous news indeed."]

Attempting to swipe his feet across the bed the healer pushed on his left shoulder and forced him back to the laying position in bed. [b "A warrior who can not stand is no good to kin. You are to rest on orders of the healer. You should be up and sharp as an arrow after a few hours more of rest."] Ado could not argue with it and allowed sleep to take him.
  High Elf / Colorful_insanity / 33d 12h 22m 28s
Anjui had a smile on his face as his brother rode to him. [#b62e11 "I am glad to see you my Brother."] Raising his hand Anjui watched his brother take a few deep breaths. It was not unusual to see this from a rider, and to match the same horse he had been ridding the entire time. [#b62e11 "How does House Maeras fair? How did the treatment of the house go?"] Ado had not yet answered only pressed into his armor and produced out a ring. At first Anjui looked at his brother confused. [#f5990a "It was not bad, Slightly less hospitable then what I would have liked."] Holding out his hand Anjui had taken the ring his brother had produced from his armor.

[#b62e11 "What is it?"] he asked turning the ring over and over. Having the ring shine from the sun the symbol for house Maeras appeared on the ring itself. [#f5990a "It is the seal you sent me to get. House Maeras will fold to your crown brother. With words from Lady Maeras, She appraises you for the effort you are putting into restoring the elven people to their rightful place in the world. As one people."] A single tear escaped Anjui's eye as he looked at his brother dead in the face. [#b62e11 "We have yet so much to do for it brother. With this House Maeras, and the northern part of the Island has become ours. House Belore'shan will not think to appose us."]

Anjui saw his brother eyeballing their uncle and the men that followed his banner. [#b62e11 "They are here on orders from their house head. They have also come to pledge an alliance to us, however they do not wish to merge our houses. I told them on this field of battle it would be acceptable, however once this war season is over, A reevaluation of the alliance terms is to be done. They were given time to accept their house merging into ours. by diplomacy or by dominance."] a nod came from Ado as he fell forward. Anjui had caught his twin and called. [#b62e11 "General, Take Ado to the medical tent. See he is taken care of."]

Watching as his brother is taken off to the medical tent Anjui turned his attention to the elf that was riding towards him, partly covered in dirt partly in blood. [b "Sir, Lord Belore'shan is on the move. He is marching his army back this direction along with Lord Per and Lady Parn."] Nodding his head Anjui click his mare forward. Reaching just outside the archer range from the wall. [#b62e11 "Defenders of Molaesthas Caer. I am Anjui Starlight. Lord of House Masjhol. If you throw down your arms now, none of you will be harmed in the taking of the city. I have Spies all over and know your soldier count. I know your patrols. I even know where all of your families are."] Waiting a moment the only sound that could be heard was a wisp of wind starting to pick up.

[#b62e11 "Lord Belore'shan is no where to reinforce you, Your wall is damaged and about to fall, Lives will be lost that could be used in future battles, Your brothers and sisters that you have known for a long time will no longer be around."]
  High Elf Noble / Colorful_insanity / 80d 2h 45m 20s
Seeing the Orcs flee from the field the Elves had indeed come through with their part, but at what cost would it come to their people? And more importantly when would it be paid? Knowing the High elves it would be a hefty price, for their aid it always was. Its why Lunas did not ask for their aid often and only when he desperately needed it. Raising his weapon he gave out a cry of victory. While the creature had indeed been released upon his command.

The Male just looked out over the battlefield. The bodies littered the ground of Orcs and his own comrades in arms. Many elves had lost their lives to orcs brute force and strength, but the number of orc bodies that littered the ground made it seem like there was a sea of green all across the field. The male placed his blade back into its sheath as the troops gathered themselves up in their groups under their commanders.

[b "Commander Lunas. We have Won the battle."] Lunas nodded relieved that his allies the high elves had decided to send aid as well as the gifts they had sent with the Wood elf prince who left the field shortly afterwards. It was a good sign of course. It meant they had a much better chance of holding the ground and the war would end a lot sooner. Orcs while did not like elves knew better then to try and go into the forest. The Commander pondered this for a few moments. What was in the south that the orcs were trying to get to? How was it all the orc clans formed a single war band? Least of all who was it that was now leading them?
  Moon Elf / Colorful_insanity / 82d 2h 51m 41s
The duel was over, but the orcs kept yet pressing on even when their leaders had just been killed in front of them. The Battle cleric elf had pushed his body to the limit, but the fight was not yet over. Exhausted and breathing heavy it was a relief to see the shadow of the ships glide over his body and in front of him. It meant the Crescent isle elves had landed, His hard task was done, now it was a matter of forcing the orcs away from the cliffside and back to their hovels and holes. Raising his blade to the sky the thick green liquid oozed its way down his blade.

Letting out a scream Calaes charged forward, swinging his blade once again in a deadly dance the orcs paused but a moment before pushing their waves upon the elves. Cutting them down and pushing his body away from the water it helped give those on the ships more room, but they didn't seem yet to jump from their ships, instead they used them as cover to fire arrows out across the tide of orcs. As he drove himself farther in Calaes realized his mistake. He would soon be surrounded by orcs, and no one would be able to help him.

Dropping his single handle blades into the ground he pulled the claymore from his back and started swinging it like a mad man. Spinning in circles both directions he became a tornado of limbs and metal and blood. Stopping long enough to catch a few breaths he saw the area around him cleared so that no orc would come close to him for fear of his blade. Speaking in crude Orcish Calaes called out [#bb822a "Is there no one brave enough to fight me?"] standing tall Calaes looked out across the orcs that looked at him. A fired burned in their eyes, but it was not a fire of bloodthirst or revenge, but of fear. They were scared of the elf that stood in front of them. [#bb822a "I am Calaes Starwoods, The White Warden."]

It was those words that sparked hatred among the orcs, they now knew exactly who was standing in front of them. He was the elf that had killed thousands of their kind, the only elf left standing in the battle of the Crimson Mountain. It took a few more moments and the orcs rushed at the elf who once again started his deadly whirlwind blade dance once again becoming a tornado of limbs, steal, and blood. It was after he paused his dance and took several minutes and orcs rushing past him to realize the orcs weren't running towards him or the elves behind him, but away from them, away from the cliffs, and back to the lands they claimed.

Looking behind him he understood why. A wave of more ships were approaching, only these were far bigger vessels a few of them even had dragons flying above them as they approached. The Crescent elves had sent the Prince of Dragons to the moon elves aid.
Ado was glad to see his twin in safe hands, but why was he right here in front of House Belore'shan's capital? That was not apart of the plan they had discussed. It did not matter much however to the young elf lord. As he brushed passed several hundred knights clad in armor he raised his hand and took several deep breaths in front of his brother. Gasping for air he spoke. [#f5990a "Hail Brother and king. I bring good tidings and even better news."] Holding up the ring out in his hand Ado saw the smile upon his brothers face as it grew even more. First watching his brother dismount Ado followed suit and was embraced in a hug from his brother.

[#b62e11 "The only news I need is to know that you are safe brother"] those words warmed his heart. His brother cared for him, no not just him his people with every fiber of his being and he was trying to make sure they would still be around for eons to come. Hugging back Ado only gave it a brief moment before pulling away. Showing the ring in his hand he handed it to his twin Anjui who only held it up in confusion. [#f5990a "I bring you the seal to house Masear. Along with word from Lady Masear. She agrees whole heartedly with your idea of unifying everyone under a single banner. She gave me the seal and with it the power it gives you over the house."]

A devil's smile played across Anjui face. [#b62e11 "This is great tidings. Brother for now we have one more objective in front of us. House Belore'Shan stands in our way now of unifying the entire Northern part of the Crescent Isle. With the fall of his capital the other cities will follow suit. We just need to take the capital and the entire land is ours. You see I have sent spies to spread word that Lord Belore'shan is willing to sell off lands to the other houses to make sure he keeps his capital. If the capital falls the other lands have willingly said they would join the lands around just to see Lord Belore'shan removed from his thrown."]

Nodding Ado placed a hand on his brother's shoulder and spoke. [#f5990a "Si Kydaer'm shaerol."] The goddess's blessing be upon you meant they were having good fortune and hopefully it would stay that way. Anjui and Ado were young yes, but not foolish in the ways of war and the art of strategy. While Anjui was Ruler of the house and its biggest strategist, Ado was the blade that would sneak into the armor and make an opening for the Sword his brother posed to pass through more easily. Walking with his brother to the camp he looked at the commanders and saw their uncle among them, even some troops from Lady Masaer came under their commander. The lord Aelori was here with the troops under his command even. The person that caught him most off guard however was the Dragonborn that stood across the table.

Eyeballing him Ado looked at the maps on the table of the city. [b "My lord its best to attack now while the enemy is still scattered across the realm and not yet gathered. Lord Belore'shan is still yet within other lands, and his main army with him. Those within the walls are barely enough to hold back riots if they break out. I say we demand their surrender and no one will be harmed."] Ado only shook his head. [#f5990a "That will not work. Lord Belore'shan would not leave his city with all his troops if he knew those inside were not loyal to him in one way or another. They will not surrender willingly unless forced to do so. We must force them outside of the city, or force our way in."]

Everyone looked at Ado as he spoke. [#f5990a "I know House Belore'shan its not going to break that easy. Allow me brother to bring this city to its knees for you. Send me with two hundred men to take it."] everyone's eyed Ado in disbelief besides Anjui. [b "There is no way you can take an entire city with such little force."] Ado looked to his twin. [#b62e11 "Can it be done?"] Ado only smiled when he spoke the next few words. [#f5990a "If you so wish it brother."]

Off again within the next few hours his brother had given the order for Ado and 500 men to take the city within six days.
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a smile spread across Anjui's face as the forces that Lord Aelori, and his uncle Lord Maser joined Anjui's own forces. hailing them both from his mount the group stopped a few paces away from one another. Anjui was still leery about his uncle and knowing that Aelori could just as easily turn on him as be a loyal subject to his own Anjui kept his guard up around the two. [#103dbc "Lord Anjui of House Masjhol. I Lord Seilas Maser have come to pledge the allegiance of House Maser to your cause. While we wish to stand as our own house still, for now we do wish for an alliance between our two houses and will follow your command in battle."]

Anjui only turned his head slightly, peering at the soldiers behind his uncle. While the forces of house Masjhol were far outmatched by themselves, to add into the battle field House Maser's forces on either side would greatly affect the battle. Aelori's own troops of five thousand greatly boosted his odds. Anjui kept thinking of what should he do. If he allowed Maser to join him in battle they would expect half of the spoils of war, which means he would have to concede at least one city to his uncle until the conquest was done, but if he put it as a condition that his house would be allowed to keep the cities and no one and nothing was to be looted or taken would his uncle agree? or would the man now in front of him turn his own blade upon him.

As he continued to think Anjui saw that Aelori came closer to him. [#771390 "Lord Anjui take the offer he gives to you. He is your family and can be a very strong ally in the war you are waging upon your own kind."] Anjui nodded and dismounted. [#b62e11 "I have conditions of my own to this proposal. And will have you swear upon the Ancient Elvish that your words are nothing but true and direct. Any deception, any betrayal and the forest will have you."] It was only at those words did the other two dismount and join Anjui. Crossing arms the three elves agreed upon terms for the alliance. As it was finished They heard hooves coming closer and closer. It was then that a single horse and rider emerged through the foliage of the forestine followed closely by several more.

Anjui took a few moments, but relized the first rider was that of his brother Ado. [#b62e11 "Hold your fire. The rider in front is my brother."] It was at his command the archers lowered their weapons. The mounted units rushed out to aid Ado, Anjui stayed with his battle line his horsemen could take care of a few riders themselves.
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Watching the field of battle proceed from his cliff view he could see it wasn't working out in the elves favor. Splitting their force was not the best idea, and it seemed the orcs remembered where the central passageway was as they had large force moving the rocks away from blocking it. Lunas had to divert some of his force to guard the passage just incase the orcs break through it. Of course this meant that the elves were strained even more then before. [b "Commander the orcs have found the far north passageway. They are driving forces through it."]

Lunas only looked on to the passageway. [#9138cc "Commander, Call them in."] The male elf looked at Lunas his eyes grew wide. [b "Lord, we need a yes from all the commanders in order to do so."] [#9138cc "We do not have time for that. In the name of the Sunfury Royal family. Release the beasts."] Lunas turned to the commander his face a dead serious look upon them. [b "Lord, Lunas Sunfury I can not do or allow it."] Lunas slowly drew his blade from its sheath and pointed it at the commander. [#9138cc "You have been ordered by your commander, and now I am invoking the right of Eluna as her Avatar. Release the beasts or face punishment."]

The commander yet still looked at Lunas in disbelief; the commander was about to say something, however Lunas spoke up, [#9138cc "Commander, If you delay this any longer more elves, no more of your brothers and sisters, your comrades will die in this battle, because you would not save them."] [b "I can not allow them to be released, if they are they will attack anyone and anything that gets in their path including our own kind. They are wild, primitive beings who can't be trusted. Its why they are locked away. in cages."] lunas turned his hand to the field of battle that was still yet flowing on. [#9138cc "Release the beast, in an area then that only the orcs will be attacked. The Far northern gate. They will defend it and purge the orcs. Their blood thirst should be sedated by the time they get to the elven forces in the central passage or even those on the beach."]

The commander's eyes as he remembered the elves on the beach protecting it with their lives to allow their allies from the Crescent isle elves to land and aid them in their fight against the orcs. [#9138cc "Our forces are dying commander. Make the decision and know it will have consequences. But if you do not release them our fight to protect our home. to protect our forest would be all for nothing."]
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It seems the Orcs paid no head to the elves on the side line. They were trying to drive those on the landing into the water or worse into their own blades. As The knights Calaes had brought with him kept riding it became more evident that elves had lost their lives for this spot on the beach. Hundreds of them at that. Drawing his bow from the satchel on the side of his mount he drew arrows from the bags and fired them off in rapid succession until there were no arrows left in his bags. As he drove his mount harder he grabbed arrows off the dead bodies they passed and fired them as well.

As he drove his mount into the still pushing Orcs he dove off the mount drawing his blade and swinging in a wide circle around him. He had taken several limbs, heads and body parts off the orcs around him. As the deadly dance continued Calaes pushed towards the group of elves on the beach. The ships were not far off from the shore and they would need a clearing. It was evident they drove even closer as arrows started to come flying across the waters and into the orcs. The elf stopped his dance long enough to see the ships hit landfall.

It was then the orc line stopped pushing and let some space between the elf line and their own. As he took the time to get his breath a giant white orc stepped forward and looked at Calaes up and down like a wolf does with meat. Charging at the elf the orc drew his giant axe and started swinging at the elf only to have the blows hit the elven blades or the sand where the elf had been standing. the creature had drove Calaes back and back and back across the open line, but soon it dove one last time at the elf.

Calaes had allowed the orc drive him back. As he went back he picked up swords and getting himself ready. As he took one last dive for a single blade he had what he needed. Throwing the blades into the air he grabbed two of them and threw them at the orc who blocked them. Of course the cleric expected this and took two more and threw them in quick succession and repeated the process until he was up in the orcs face. His own knives out and being stuck into the creature's legs driving it into the sand. Grabbing two blades as they fell he stabbed them into the orcs shoulders to make sure it didn't move its arms anymore. Grabbing the last set of blades as they came down he cut off the creatures head and broke the blades in the process against the creature's spinal blade.
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Ado followed the soldiers through the gatehouse. The group didn't seem to pay much attention to Ado, however the guards paid very close attention to the group. Ado had slipped with the group passed the guard. He knew there was only one way the guards would notice that he would be a give away was his blade had the family insignia on it. It was only then a messenger came up to the group. [b "Sir, Lord Belore'shan wants you and your troops to go to the fort and gather the troops. Head towards the capital. Its under siege from House Masjhol. Its said Anjui Masjhol is leading the siege."]

Nodding the male turned to his troops. [b "You heard him, We march to the Capital."] The male only nodded along with the rest of the troops. Ado knew not to answer, but it didn't mean that it would go unnoticed. Ado kicked his mount as the group passed the forts other gatehouse. It was only then that the male broke away from the group to surge forward pushing passed everyone as he could. [b "Soldier stop, your to far ahead of the group."]

Ignoring the group Ado kept pushing forward. Arrows began to wees passed his ears. [b "Take that traitor down."] The boy only laughed as he called back. [#f5990a "That would require me to be a part of House Belore'shan, House Meares, Or any of the other houses. I am Ado of House Masjhol."] It was then the elf drove his mare even faster and harder.
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Anjui had took only a few hours to set up the siege engines. Trebuchets, Ballista, catapults, etc. They started firing right at dawn and dust started to fill the air from the city along with horn blares from the city and screams. He watched as the boulders landed inside the city walls. The buildings could be rebuilt, the Walls were the hardest part to rebuild, and knowing they would need to stand yet quite a long bit yet. War season would be long still and knowing that houses were marching after his brother into the lands Anjui himself was in.

The horn call at first was softly placed upon the wind. As the waves of weapons started to reload the horn sound grew much louder. Looking to the horizon Anjui saw a single thin thread line of dust clouded from the horses throwing up the dirt on the pathway. However it was not what Anjui wanted, The banners while far off in the distance were still noticeable, Per and Parn they had marched their armies past House Maeras and into the lands of house Balore'shan. It seemed however they were unprepared to see the forces of Mashjol laying siege to the capital. [#b62e11 "Forces on the horizon. Battle Stations."]

The small force that was under Anjui's banner turned to face the other two house's gathering army and allowed the siege weapons to stop their firing upon the city and allowing it to regain some composure. Turning to his forces Anjui cried out as he looked at them. [#b62e11 "Men and Women of Masjhol. You are now across the field from your greatest of rivals. House Per and House Parn will stand in your way no matter what. The thing is however also you face the house of Balore'shan."] pausing a moment he continued. [#b62e11 "You are outnumbered at the least three to one if not by even more. Look to your left then look to your right. These people will be your best friends, your siblings, no your family. The shield wall is your home. You must protect those around you and you yourself must survive."]

Waiting just again another moment he kept going [#b62e11 "The Gods and Goddess protect us, but we ourselves must face these enemies with grace and dignity. We will also make sure to punish the enemies so much that they will wish to never have fought us to begin with."] It was at the end of the speech another horn blared behind him. It was the Lord Aelori and the army that had been placed under his banner, and with him flowed the Flag of House Maser. The young King turned to look at Aelori who only bowed his head to him. As he looked to the commander of the Maser forces to find it was his uncle who also nodded his head to him and looked up to the banner that the closest member held and it had still the symbol for Maser, however was colored yet the way House Masjhol would color theirs.
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It was short lived break from the fighting and the constant awareness of what was going on around them. His plan was set of course, but that doesn't mean it would go off like he wanted it to. With everything going on Lunas was waiting and waiting for Calaes to get here, yet the elf and his command had yet to. As the day peaked out up over the sea water showed the boats on the edge of the horizon making way towards the land fall.

Still yet no Battle cleric to help him, and even though he called him at dawn he did not expect them to show up right when he wanted them to, but Lunas knew Calaes would appear when he was needed the most. As the commanders set forth their troops they looked hopeful towards the hill upon which Lunas and the troops he commanded were sitting upon. While they blocked off once again the central pathway with stone, dirt, and magic. It would be a hard time breaking through it.

Lunas then raised the banner that was at his side to show he began the battle. The troops pushed open the left side barrier that was placed up and rushed forward towards the beach front where the High elves were set to land upon the shore. The troops had taken up position around it, but the orcs were not having it and pushed on the troops. [b "Sir Troops are coming."] Looking behind him Calaes had shown himself just in time.

Without words between the two Calaes followed Lunas's gaze as it shifted back to the field of battle. Calaes gave his orders to the troops he had brought with him, a small force to start with, but as more showed up he gave them all the same order, support the force on the beach. It would give them a far better advantage once the High elf forces landed but until then they were at a disadvantage because of number and placing out the army to thin.

Lunas drew out his blade and charged forward to block the orcs from pushing up the pathway and break off their supply lines. Of course it was a hard pressed battle like any of the. At first the rushing of air past his ears and the bounce of the tiger under him, That was until he was taken off his mount by a staff to the gut. Taking a sharp inhaling breath Lunas would have been swarmed over had his war cat not stayed to defend him. Swinging his blade around to get himself up off the ground.

Eventually he stood up and pushed the orcs back away from him. The elves of course pushed to form lines between the pathway and the beach front which kept it running. It was the Horns however that drew Lunas's attention long enough to make a realization that another wave of Orcs coming and they would not make it through. Behind him another horn rang out even louder. It was the High elves as their ships landed on the beach.
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The group had rushed passed several places all at once, a few times people in the group wanted to stop and take a look at the amazing sights, but Calaes wouldn't allow it. They had orders and while questionable he would not disobey them at all. The male kept the pace at a heavy and hard run. They were needed and he would see it the group would arrive on time. The Battle cleric gave a few whistles left and right and pointed off into the forest. From his collected troops pairs broke off every time his whistle and pointed taking a full speed to whatever direction their leader pointed.

Calaes had sent those people away to the other cities to gather the rest of the troops underneath his command. If the Prince Lunas wanted him and his regiment he would get troops that would bare arms. the entire army under Calaes's command all one hundred thousand of them. Close to the last light of day he whistled once more and pointed his hands both directions this time. His unit that he started with started at a single one hundred and now without the troops that were dispatched they had thirty or so.

Raising his hand they would stop for the night. It was a short break and rest they would have, but it was well deserved and much needed with the hours of travel they had done. With night falling they would travel better. [#bb822e "Water the horses, and put some food in your belly, we move out in thirty minutes."] A few groans came from the group. Calaes knew that those gathered around would of course listen to him and he tolerated their sounds of annoyance grumpy moods and everything else most people would not.

As the dawn rose on the morning the group reached the camp. Calaes rode right up on his horse to Lunas who was mounted upon his war tiger of course the creature knew its sibling like creature and gave a hello type growl. [#bb822e "Hail Lord Lunas. I am here as ordered."] He didn't even wait for his orders as he saw where the male elf was looking towards. It was the beach front and the boats that were on the waters. Turning his mount Calaes whistled and put his hand pointed to the beach front and the water. [#bb822e "Help down there."] As he gave the orders more and more of the battle clerics that were under his arrived. He looked to Lunas who only nodded at him. [#bb822e "Battle Clerics we shall move where we can. Aid those on the field of battle and put your lives on the lines like anyone else would do for you."]
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The sounds of the hooves kept creeping closer and closer. Ado's ears started to burn as he felt the ticking of arrows wiz past him dropping the few troops around him. Ado knew if he kept pushing his mare it would kill her however. Drawing on the reigns he spun his mare to the side and took off. He had to survive he just had to. He would give his life and that of any others around him to get his brother his dream. Would it happen, of course not if Anjui could help it.

It was as he was thinking that arrows once again started to fly by Ado's head left and right. He veered off once again to the side returning to the normal pathway he was taking. As he flew over hills and into brushes away from the guard that were chasing him Ado threw himself off his mare and into some brush. It wouldn't last long of course, but it would be all the cover he needed.

Digging through the bags on his mare Ado pulled split out of his own uniform and put on that of house Maeras. The border fort was really close by and Ado wouldn't have time to change after now as the troops would force him to keep pushing in the open fields between the fort and the forest that the elves claimed as their own. Of course there was little brush between the two, but nothing to cover both a horse and a fully grown elf. Stuffing the uniform back into the bag Ado had just heard the hooves beating over the hillside and into the area. [b "Find him. He couldn't have gone far. The seal must not be lost, Lady Maeras will have our heads if it is."] Ado had peered out of a peep hole from the bushes to see if he could spot anything.

Waving his hand in the air and saying something under his breath the bushes across the road from him started to shimmer and shake and as the troops approached went farther into the forest. [b "There he is after him."] with a little bit more magic poured into the illusion he made it appear as if he had started to run away from the road now. It gave him just enough time to jump back on his horse and ride towards the fort. Upon reaching the fort gate he waved up to the guard and had a small side door opened up to him.

Just as the door finished opening the troops that were chasing him came up on either side of him. [b "Damn he got away, but how? We had kept an eye on him the entire time and he just vanished."] One person to his left seemed to stare at Ado a lot. Ado just nodded to him. [b "It was smart work coming back to the fort, from here we can overlook the entire area in a small amount of time."]
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As the young king commander marched his army across the open fields he kept an eye upon the horizon to make sure no army would ambush him or attempt to stop him. It was a short lived dream as the shimmer of metal seemed to appear on the edge of the field. Marching still Anjui held his hand up. [#b62e11 "Commanders, battle stations."] the horn called out across the five thousand solders gathered up under Anjui. [b "Lord we are ready."] nodding he continued the much slower pace moving forward.

The pain staking slow pace hade Anjui anxious with the adrenaline pumping through his system. Stopping part of the way Anjui noticed a single thing, The army gathered in front of them was not from House Belore'shan. Calling across the field Anjui shouted. [#b62e11 "Hail stranger, what is your business in these lands?"] Nothing for a good minute came back until the voice came back. [b "Lord Anjui we are the Force of Maeras bound to service to the Queen and only her word, not those of the nobility or her children."] At those words both armies drew their weapons and had them at the ready. Anjui raised his hand however to halt the arrow from flying on his side of the armies.

[#b62e11 "What is it that Lady Maeras sent her army so far away when my brother still yet runs around with the Seal of Maeras?"] Anjui had a few thoughts running through his head already how Lady Maeras would take his head and his brother would then be left to run House Masjhol on his own and from there his dreams would be brought low with a single swipe. [b "Lady Maeras wishes to pledge her house, but for fear of her family's wraith has been forced to take the hard path of following the wishes of her family. She has given your brother the seal, and aids him in making his way here to you. She sent six hundred troops to aid you in getting to him, and secured a pathway for your brother's small band to travel without any more harm befalling it."]

Seeing even more plans come to his mind Anjui only smiled. [b "My Lady asks that you allow us to help you in your endeavor, but in order to do so we must switch colors and armor as she does not yet wish to be discovered by our allies that we have aided you. House Pern and House Par are very powerful and could easily cause her downfall."] Anjui nodded and waved forward the five hundred soldiers took to the supply wagons and changed quickly. Now he had a few more troops under his banner and the true war would begin.

Continuing their march upon Molaesthas Car They reached the walls to see it was prepared for the siege, but from the wrong side of the city. Perhaps they expected the other houses to take them on from House Maeras instead. It was their folly as it would be hours before their siege weapons would be able to be allowed against Anjui and his army. [#b62e11 "Commanders set up camp. House Belore'shan shall know the wraith of Masjhol for lying to me."] The commanders nodded and rode off to the lines behind them who broke rank long enough to set up camp and get the fires going for the camp itself and the sentries. Anjui may have been a young king, but not a stupid commander.

Anjui knew that the fires would give away the fact they were there, but to him he would rather fight a well prepared city over a sneak attack. He was not here to conquer the city, more keep it occupied and force that old man back to defend his capital and pry his eyes away from Ado as he rode as fast as he could here.
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