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Bella becomes a Cullen, leaving Jacob all alone. They decide that she is a little too dangerous and decide to move away and allow Bella some time to get used to being a newborn.

Now Jake is left alone heartbroken and needing to pick up the broken pieces of his heart. He still hangs with the pack and everyone, but he seems more down and less willing to be the wolf that he and the others are.

But what if a new girl, _________________ moves to La Push because her parents forced her to? What happens when Jake meets her and imprints on her? How will he tell her? How would he handle with Bella eventually coming back for help? Would he still have feelings for her despite being imprinted on or is he officially over her now that he found his soulmate?

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Name: Serena Mari Teller
Age: 17
Favourite Animal: Monkeys
Likes: the sun & stars, Google, movies, desserts
Dislikes: spiders, clowns, thunder, her ex
Short Bio: the girl was forced to move to get away from an abusive now ex boyfriend. She’s living with her god mother. She’s going to be a secret nerd. It’s a pain to have everything ask for help and either bribe or pay for her to do their assignments.

Username: cerealKill
Name: Jacob Black
Age: 18
Favourite Animal: Wolf
Likes: Thunderstorms, running, the woods, hunting with his pack, yellow canaries
Dislikes: Cats, extremely spicy food,
Short Bio: Jake has lived with his father all of his life, his mother dying when he was still at a young age. His father took the best care of him until he was 15 and that's Jake's father fell and broke his spinal cord, leaving the man paralyzed from the waist down. Jake takes the upmost care of his father, but sometimes they do have their quarrels and Jake loses his temper. Jake never was one to talk about his feelings with people at LaPush. He prefers keeping to himself and his new pack mates. Jake has always loved one girl, but he knows he cannot have her and that eats him inside each day. But each day is a new one and he hopes that one day he'll be happy just like Bella is with Edward.


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Serena slowly nods her head. The teachers will love her. The girl is almost a straight A nerd. But she’s not going to be that nerd out here. It’s like a dream come true. She can start a new life and be anything she wants to be. A rebel. A musician if she knew how to play anything but a piano. It’s a stressful trying to pick a new school identity.

[#Af18ae Later.] she says to his friends. Henry disappeared for a minute. He surprised her by wrapping an arm around her shoulder seconds after walking out of the cafeteria.
“Hey boo. Let me walk you to class. Rumor has it we have class together. History right? Dumper the zero for a hero.” Henry says grinning. His eyes secretly throwing daggers at Jacob.
[#Af18ae Don’t boo me and I guess we do but I’m not going. I just need something from my locker before Jacob and I cut school...] crap, is it too late to take back her statement? It’s her first day! What is life? Serena shrugs off his arms off of her shoulders. Henry pinches his nose irritated.
“Ight. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Boo.” Henry walks backwards to watch them before turning a corner.

[#Af18ae What a first day... I’m a girl of her words. Even if it’s fake. I’ll follow behind you.] she says digging out her godmother’s car keys. [#Af18ae So why cut and go to the beach? There’s no sun out.] she asks following him out. Serena got in her car and drove him to his even though it was a short ride.

As she followed him she got a call from her best friend. Apparently she’s cutting too and wanted to check up on her. Besides the fact she probably has a school stalker, no friends as of yet, and she’s cutting school with the only person who seems nice. Word has it her ex lost it. He’s been partying like crazy. Harassing everyone she knows to find out where she is. Not to mention he’s sleeping around too. Which is nothing new or surprising.

When they got to the beach she saved the location on Google Maps for the future. She grabs her sweater before stepping out of the car. Serena has never gone to the beach when the sun is absent. The smell of the sea salt is nice though. Crossing her arms she follows them into the beach. [#Af18ae Hey, do you know anything about Henry? Not sure if he’s a jealous type or has bad blood with you. Can’t be me since I’m new.]
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While the group of friends walked over to the table Serena was sitting at, both Liam and Paul looked at Serena and then at each other and then at Jake who seemed to be in his own little world. Still listening to his music, he turned to look at his friends who seemed to be staring at him. [#5F9EA0 "What is everyone staring at?"] he asked, oblivious to the world and what was going on around him. Neither Paul nor Liam had a chance to say anything before they reached the table Serena was sitting at, eating a pear. Jacob sat down at the table and then pulled his earbuds out and shoved them into his jeans pocket.

[#5F9EA0 "Ah, being alone has its perks, but being with your friends is what's really fun,"] he smiled casually and looked at all his friends. [#006400 "I'm Pau-"] he was cut off by Jake who had forgotten all about introductions until Paul started to introduce himself. [#5F9EA0 "This is Paul, Liam and Emily and guys this is Serena,"] Jake said, nodding to each one of his friends, but ultimately returning his gaze to Serena's face for a moment before grabbing his knapsack from his back and pulling out a green apple. [#006400 "Pleasure to meet you,"] Paul smiled and bit into his sandwich. Liam nodded and smiled tentatively and pulled back the plastic seal on his chocolate pudding. Emily didn't really smile, just looked at Serena and crookedly grinned at her and then went back to her doodling.

[#5F9EA0 "We were thinking about going to the beach after lunch today, if you wanted to join us?"] Jake offered to invite Serena, because even though she was new, he knew what it was like to be the new kid in the school. Everyone staring at you like you had three heads or something. [#5F9EA0 History with Mrs. Cameilo. Classic. She's been here for years. You'll love her class,"] Jake said, looking over his shoulder and eyeing another guy who was standing on the other side of the cafeteria who had been looking at him intently. He turned back around and growled under his breath. [#9932CC "Just like how Liam loves to sleep in her class because its so BORING!"] Emily laughed and looked up to see if anyone had heard her. Liam grinned and playfully punched Emily in the arm. [#DC143C "I don't love sleeping in her class and it's not boring. My allergy medication makes me tired as all hell if I take it in the afternoon,"] he chided, taking a scoop of pudding and shoving it in his mouth. Paul looked to where Jake was looking and his face darkened slightly and shook his head.

Jake was looking at another student who was just staring at the group of them. He disliked it when people just stared at him with no reasoning behind it. As soon as they noticed Serena getting up and gathering her things they all did the same. [#5F9EA0 "Sure. I'll walk to Mrs. Cameilo's class. She'll love you,"] Jake said, clenching his jaw tightly before anything else came out of his mouth. [#5F9EA0 "Let's go,"] Jake got up and grabbed his bag and walked with the group out of the cafeteria, eyeing the unnamed student who had been eyeing him from the other side of the room.
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Okay, he actually acknowledged her and waved back. All day she's been feeling like a one hit wonder. Once when the class ended they ignored her. This Jacob guy seems to be okay. Taking a bite from her pear, she kept watch of Jacob until she saw Henry. Who waved at her shortly after Jacob. Henry is the guy who asked if she's DTF. In all honesty she didn't think people out here would know what it means. Surprise, this is what happens when you assume things in this gloomy place.

Henry did a nice slow movie walk. All cocky like until Jacob at down at her table. Henry did a hard U-turn bumping into Liam and Paul, and a few others. It was pretty funny. [#af18ae Hey, either you really enjoyed our awkward first meeting or you just want to sit somewhere to be left alone.] she says removing an earbud.

Taking another bite from her pear she watches his friends join them. All she did was wave. They seem to be having this debate. They included her from time to time. It was as if they acknowledged her but at the same time they didn't. It was actually fun. [#af18ae You have some interesting friends there. I have history next with Mrs. Cameilo...] She says putting away her things before lunch was over. She got up to toss her trash out before grabbing her bag. [#af18ae Give the new girl instructors on how to get to class?] Serena says looking around. Her eyes catches Henry watching her. He is such a weirdo. A simple smile was given to him before looking away.
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Jacob went to his third period and it went by with a breeze. He was your average student and got decent grades in his class. He didn't goof off or completely zone out while he sat in those white tiled rooms, white boards and tacky pale yellow walls. He sat roughly in the middle of the room, towards the black right corner of the class where he could periodically peer out the window. He liked to look out the window of his classes. He felt as if he could sometimes actually feel the wind on his face even when the window was completely closed.

Jacob sat hunched slightly over his desk writing a letter to his mom who had passed away while Jake was still relatively young. His friends Liam, Paul and Emily all came up to him talking away. He had his earbuds in so he didn't entirely notice them right away. Paul, his best friend tapped him on the shoulder and they all stood expectantly across from him. [#5F9EA0 "Hey what's up guys?"] he asked, smiling at all of them. [#006400 "How's your day going, man?"] Paul asked, stealing the chair at the desk next to Jake's and pulling up a seat. [#9932CC "We were thinking about going to the beach after lunch today, did you wanna come?"] Emily asked, crossing her arms over her chest and exhaling sharply with no apparent reason. [#5F9EA0 "Sure, sounds fun. We meeting there or are we all driving together?"] Jake asked, looking at Paul and then at Emily and then back at Liam. ["#006400 We can pick you up if you need to hitch a ride."] Paul smiled cheekily.

[#483D8B "Alright class, if you wouldn't mind taking your seats and we'll begin..."] the teacher called out as she walked into the classroom. [#483D8B "My name is Ms. Gordon and I am your substitute teacher for the next week since Mr. Lechowski is on sick leave for the time being,"] she turned around after writing her name on the white board in almost perfect cursive. Everyone let out an audible sigh and got text and writing books out to sit through another Chemistry class. Ms. Gordon went on and on about different chemical reactons, formulas and how to even write out complex formulas for basic chemical compounds. While the teacher was in mid sentence, the bell rang and everyone got up in a rush to get to the cafeteria for lunch. [#483D8B "Now remember to hand this in tomorrow!"] she said as a group of students left the room.

Jake, Liam, Paul and Emily all made their way to the cafeteria. It was a bustle of activity in the halls. He made his way through the crowded hallways and made it to the cafeteria in the basement of the school. His friends had disappeared. He guessed that they were in the lunch line. He looked around and saw a hand waving at him, the face it belonged to seemed familiar. Serena. It was Serena. He raised his hand up and waved back. He looked to the right and then the left and started to walk over to the table Serena was sitting at.
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Serena was surprised he knew her name. that was until she remembered that her schedule has her name on it. Duh. [#af18ae I am. I have to say you’re somewhat the first person to talk to me. Another guy asked if I was DTF…] she said with a chuckle towards the end. [#af18ae But if I do I’ll let you know… w-what’s your name?] it would be weird to ask for help without knowing his name, [#af18ae Jacob. Okay, well good to meet you Jacob. Hopefully I’ll see you around.] that one friendly greeting made her day.

It wasn’t hard to find her class. Although to be honest she barely paid attention. They’re going over thing’s she knows already. It is obvious that her lab partner wasn’t liking her [i attitude]. Looking into the microscope for about five seconds and she guessed what the cells are. Her partner is an air head. It got so bad that they did their work without talking and when she was done she flipped the paper so her female partner wouldn’t copy.

Serena ended up needing help to find her fourth period class and the lunch room fifth period. Lunch time was a bit better. A few more people actually introduced themselves and wanted her to sit with them. Instead she grabs a seat at an empty table and continued to draw a map of where the rooms are. There’re a few rooms missing, but as long as she has her classes on it who cares?

The girl looks up hearing some weird commotion. A friendly one, but it was hard to ignore it. Sighing, she puts on her headphones before connection it to her phone. Multitasking from eating, mapping the hallways, and scanning the lunchroom Serena spots Jacob and waves at him.
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Jake looked out at the grey skies that surrounded his house in the little town. Known for cold, dreary weather. Forks was just the place to be if you were someone who didn't hate the cold, the rain or the slower pace of things. Away from the main city and off of all the main roads, Forks was nestled between two cities. Quillayute and Beaver. It was a small place but Jake had always liked it small. Him and his dad moved to Forks not long after his mother passed away and since then, he's been here, in the small, cold town of Forks.

Jake pulled into the parking lot of the school in an old truck that his father had given him him for his 16th birthday. He started driving as soon as his dad gave him the keys and he's been driving the old Chevy truck since. It had been reliable up until a few weeks ago where it had started to have engine and transmission issues, but other than that its been a dream to drive for Jacob and his dad when he was able to drive the truck before his accident. He parked the truck in an open space and turned off the engine. Jacob didn't mind the rain, as long as he didn't get too wet while making his way to the school.

The day went by pretty slowly. By the time third period classes hit he was dreading the rest of the day. He was walking by himself when he saw a girl walking down the hall with her eyes glued to a piece of paper. He had heard the rumors of a new girl coming to the school but he didn't actually believe them himself until she was there standing in the hall. He walked up to her and decided to be the nice guy of the school and introduce himself to her. Her hair was long and of a medium brown colour. It suited her face shape nicely and her eyes were stunning. He was very drawn to them and couldn't help but look at them. [#5F9EA0 "Hey..."] he muttered, stretching his left arm over and behind the back of his head. [#5F9EA0 "I'm Jake,"] he said, looking at her and using a more confident tone of voice. [#5F9EA0 "You must be new here.. judging by the piece of paper you have in your hands,"] he asked glancing down at her sheet of paper, smiling and letting out a small laugh. [#5F9EA0 "Serena, right?"] he asked cautiously, not sure whether it was rude or not to assume her name. He had seen it at the top right hand corner of the paper seeing as his vision was pretty keen. [#5F9EA0 "Let me know if you ever need anything!"] he smiled and turned slowly to walk away and head to his third period class.
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Serena looked out the window of her car. The sky was tar-black, and the large clouds looked like they were about to ambush her. It began with tapping on the window and then it became a pitter-patter. People ran for cover outside and umbrellas were opened as the clouds spat out their beads of water. Puddles began plinking as the rainfall became heavier. She could hear the murmuring of the rain through the window and on the roof of her car. It sounded like the buzzing of angry bees. Why couldn’t the sky have been a postcard-perfect scenery? A beautiful cocktail-blue shade would’ve been perfect instead of a gravel-grey sky with large pillows of cloud were blotting out the old-gold color of the sun.

Perhaps she should’ve checked the news. The girl rushed to take shelter under an old oak tree. Droplets of moisture began to drip from the leaves. The rain became more intense. God, she misses the big city… Serena took a deep breath before sprinting towards the school. Her first day of school seems to be going well. It was nice to arrive early, so she can roam around to find her class and locker. Not to mention getting her schedule. Her eyes were glued to her schedule when she bumped into someone. Cause of it there was a small bullying interaction. The girl shakes it off and continues with her journey. [i Two classes down. Next is…] [#af18ae “Ope…”] she says bumping into someone else. Why is this happening it her? Her right hand quickly runs through her hair to remove her damp hair out of her face, [#af18ae “I’m so sorry! Yes I’m no and no I’m not lost. Again, I’m so sorry…”] Her eye scans him for a moment before shaking her head gently. He looks off… why is everyone giving her weird looks? Do they all treat new people like this? It’s unwelcoming and just creepy.

[center [i ‘I heard she’s in the witness protection program.’]] [center [i ‘You can tell she’s new. I haven’t seen anyone that big in the school until now.’]][center [i ‘She looks like a sad, homeless wet dog.’]]
Great, a school full of five-year old’s. The girl was quick to turn around to head to her third period class.
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