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[raleway Blasphemy stayed behind the second wall, his golden eyes barely peeking over the wall. He watched Evie with a sense of anxiety, he didn't want his friend to get hurt which is why he was still gripping onto his flintlock tightly still. He watched as two of the creature's head turned towards Evie but the three others turned around and let out a screech as they ran into a burning building.

Jay felt something slam into her, dropping the child she was carrying. Two female screams were heard, one coming from the child and Jay as a creature stood over them. Jay yelled in anger and sent out her foot to kick out the creature's legs, making the black monster fall to the ground hard. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 14d 14h 33m 25s
The icy female watched Jay go to save people, before she saw Blasphemy pull his gun out. "Wait!" She whispered to him. "Those creatures have no eyes. They're blind. They're close enough to the fire that they probably can't even smell us. We just need to move slowly and maybe we could get their attention, and lead them into a trap. Watch." Evie told him as she formed an icy wall that she could use for something in a minute or two. "If I make one notice me and they follow, then I run back here, I can use the ice wall to form a spike going straight through their heads...or at least through them, then I can make another one that goes through their heads." She explained, wanting Blasphemy to be safe so she made a second ice wall that was meant to be a shield for him as she approached the creatures, just needing one to notice her for her to be able to put the plan into action.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 14d 14h 45m 7s
[raleway Jay and Blasphemy both nodded and looked at each other, Jay's smug smile and Blasphemy's serious face met each other. Jay was the first one to run towards the village, her feet barely even touching the ground as she ran. Her wings broke free from her clothing and gave a strong flap, sending her into the air as she landed in one of the windows of the flaming buildings. She was going to make sure no one was in there, just in case. She ran through the buildings, jumping over tables and whatnot as she grabbed people's wrists and dragged them out without hurting them.

Blasphemy then ran forwards, looking at the strange black creatures, their backs hunched over and sharp teeth and claws growing out of their mouth and nails. The creatures had no eyes though but it defiantly had a nose, the nose sniffing the air as they turned to the boy. The boy growled and raised his flintlock pistol, his finger on the trigger. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 14d 14h 52m 8s
"W-wow..." Evie said to herself as she had rushed to Jay, looking out and seeing the village in the distance. "We need to get there as fast as we can and help those people out! Do our duty!" She exclaimed, as they all had started to run towards the area. They had to go through a few trees and run for a minute or two, but they made it to the village and it was partly on fire. The flames from the explosion hadn't spread all over yet, and only certain buildings were burning. "If we hurry and save the citizens, I can put out the fire before it takes the entire village with it." She told the two next to her, noticing strange creatures emerge from the flame-engulfed buildings.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 14d 15h 4m 41s
[raleway Jay shrugged, thinking about what they could possibly do. [#9400D3 "I want to go adventure into the night, I love to do that." ] She said, leaning forwards in her chair and watching the two eat. It felt like several seconds of awkward silence before there was a loud [b explosion ] outside, making Jay scramble out of her chair. She stood up and ran to the door, flinging it open as the wind blew into her face. Her jaw dropped as she saw the village that was a little far away from there was on fire and several figures were running wildly.

Blasphemy had dropped his sandwich as he heard and felt the explosion and he slid out of his chair as he heard Jay. [#9400D3 "GUYS!" ] Jay yelled. Blasphemy knew something instantly was wrong, sliding into the living room as he grabbed his pistol and knife. He made his way to Jay before looking out the window and onto the fire. [#B8860B "No..." ] He cried out. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 17d 2h 56m 48s
"I think someone is hungry." The icy female said with a smile as she held Blasphemy's hand and led him into the kitchen, giving him a sandwich after he sat down. "Here you go! I hope you like it...I made it myself. Even though it's just a sandwich." Evie watched him eat for a moment, before looking over at Jay for a few seconds as well. Then, she grabbed her own sandwich and took a bite, actually thinking it tasted rather delicious for a boring old sandwich. "So...what do you two think we should do? We could get more sleep until the morning, go out and explore...anything you want, really." She told them as she took another bite.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 17d 3h 1m 47s
[raleway Blasphemy snorted as Evie shook him awake, his golden eyes flying open and looking into Evie's eyes. [#B8860B "Food?" ] He grumbled, his stomach giving out a sharp growl. He slowly slid off of the couch, he had luckily changed before he had fallen asleep last night. His white sweater and his black pants were replaced with a long sleeve white t-shirt, white bleached skinny jeans and a golden scarf that was wrapped around his neck.

The boy grabbed Evie's hand as he always did, his warm and her cold meeting in both of their palms. It was a spark of magic but neither of them felt anything. He looked over at the kitchen where Jay was sitting down at the table, [#B8860B "FOOOOOD!" ] He cooed again. ]
  Blasphemy Falchia Morris / Scorpius / 17d 3h 6m 16s
"JJ, I thought Blasphemy's job was to eat like that! Not yours!" Evie giggled, placing her hands on the other girl's stomach for a second and letting a little energy flow from her to Jay. This energy helped the fallen angel's stomach feel better and digest the food. "There we go, you need to eat more slowly than that from now on." She chuckled. "After all...I don't want my JJ to get hurt." Evie said, smiling and looking into Jay's eyes for a few moments.

"I'll get Blasphemy up so he can eat and we can all decide on what to do today." She eventually told her precious one, before going into the other room and gently shaking the young boy awake. "Rise and shine! Well...rise and...glow? Cause it's nighttime." Evie told him, chuckling a little again. "How was your dream, Blasphemy? I hope it was really good...and also I made sandwiches." She said.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 17d 3h 13m 23s
[raleway Jay took the sandwich and stared at it in her hands for a bit. [#9400D3 "I-I... Not really a meat person... I only eat bacon really but... I hangry..." ] Jay cooed to herself before shoving the sandwich in her mouth, eating like she had never been fed before. She had inhaled the sandwich in a few seconds and groaned, holding her stomach. [#9400D3 "I ate too fast..." ] She groaned, looking at Evie with a lazy smile on her face. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 17d 3h 24m 29s
"So we had the same dream..." Evie told herself quietly, blushing at the thought before hearing Jay ask about making food. "I'm the worst cook this world has ever seen." She admitted, being rather embarrassed to say so. "I can at least...make some sandwiches though." The icy girl said, before going through the pantry and getting out a few ingredients including bread, meat that had been kept cold with an icy shell Evie put near it that seemed to be ham, some cheese, and a couple other things before she assembled three sandwiches in total. "I hope they taste alright...cause making sandwiches is about all I can really do in terms of making good. Cooking is almost out of the question unless you want something burnt...but maybe another day you could teach me." She said, handing JJ one of the sandwiches.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 17d 3h 32m 53s
[raleway Jay nodded, she indeed did love that ice rose. [#9400D3 "Yeah... That was me as a child, obviously I am different." ] She said, a sad smile on her face as she faced Evie. Her stomach growled at her to get some food but she ignored it, feeling like talking to Evie was more important. She seemed so sad at the sight of her memory, the memory of happiness that she clung onto so hard. That memory is what kept her sane, she wanted to do it again and maybe it'd be better to do it with someone else this time.

Jay coughed and held her chest, she couldn't catch her breath. Eventually, she cleared her throat and she was fine. [#9400D3 "Are you hungry? Can you make something this time?" ] She asked, curious to if Evie would make some food. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 17d 3h 42m 10s
Evie had walked to where JJ had been changing, blushing deeply as she couldn't help but watch. Afterwards, the icy girl giggled a little bit from the fallen angel's joke. "Good night to you too." She said in a grand voice like how an overly enthusiastic person would say good morning, but not loud enough to wake up Blasphemy. "D-did you like rose? I used it on both of us so I was wondering what your dream was about. Mine actually had you in it, chasing butterflies as a kid, and us looking over all of heaven and stuff..." Evie told her, blushing deeper since she thought Jay hadn't had the same dream and might have found it embarrassing.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 17d 9h 24m 13s
[raleway Jay was busy picking clothes, taking a black t-shirt along with some jeans that were bleached white. She began to put on her clothes, the clothes skinny and tight on her before she looked back at Evie. Her face turned purple from blush as she noticed that Evie was most likely watching her change clothes too. [#9400D3 "Good night." ] She said jokingly, pointing towards the moonlight outside. She was basically saying good morning but the moon was up. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 17d 10h 1m 33s
When Evie was taken over by the embrace of sleep, she saw images that she had never seen before. Then she realized these images were Jay's, and in her sleep she smiled. It was beautiful seeing the young Jay run after the beauty that was a butterfly, and herself standing at Heaven with Evie herself next to her. The icy girl physically blushed from the final portion of the dream, wanting a moment like that to last forever. Just to be with Jay and watch over beautiful would that be...?

In a few moments, Evie's eyes opened and she yawned loud enough for Jay to hear that she was awake. Her eyelids fluttered for a moment, and she rubbed her eyes, looking out the same window that Jay had less than a minute ago. The image of supervising all of existence with the angel still fresh in her mind, Evie blushed a deep purple and had a pleasant grin on her face as she was beginning to stretch and stand up as well.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 17d 11h 32m 51s
[raleway Jay instantly felt unconsciousness spread over her brain, rendering her asleep now. She sped through her dreams, seeing Evie, Blasphemy and herself watching a glorious kingdom as everything was beautiful. The picture in her dreams then changed to her as a child, chasing after butterflies, her small white wings were laced with golden feathers as she ran after the butterflies happily. The picture then changed once more, Jay and Evie standing at the edge of Heaven, holding hands as they watched the world.

Jay suddenly sat up in the bed, her eyes instantly looking out the window and looking at the moon. She sighed in happiness as she stretched a bit before looking over at Evie. She smiled, smacking her lips slightly as she quietly slid out of bed and went to go put on some clothes. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 17d 12h 7m 56s

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