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The icy girl nodded slowly and began to smile as well. "Y-yeah...I do..." She said, sighing for a few moments as she let the last of her tears fall. "T-thank you, JJ." Evie told her, before leaning in and kissing her on the lips for a few moments. She let it last a little bit...just long enough to bring them both wonderful comfort, before she pulled away and heard Blasphemy. The girl went over and formed an ice rose, putting it to his forehead and tapping it there. "There you dream sweet dreams..." She consoled him gently, knowing he was asleep but also having a feeling her words would reach him. Afterwards, Evie went back over to the bed Jay was at and sat next to her.
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[raleway Jay was silent as she tightened her hug around the other female. [#9400D3 "You did what you had to, I did what I had to as well... And you've got someone to rant to... Me, of course." ] Jay said, her lips curling into a smile as she looked down at Evie, her black wings still wrapped around them. Jay seemed so tired still but she already was awake, there was no sense to go back to sleep. She slowly let go of Evie and barely slid out of bed, staring at Blasphemy as he whimpered in his sleep once again. She didn't know what to do for him so she just looked back at Evie and pointed to the golden boy. ]
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Evie could feel the other girl's embrace, unable to stop crying. "B-but I d-didn't want to hurt them...I hadn't wanted to kill anyone..." She said, before feeling a comforting warmth as she began to lean upon Jay, hugging her too. "I h-had been bottling things up for so long...I c-couldn't help myself anymore. I...had no one to t-talk one who c-cared about one to v-vent to...and I c-couldn't hold it in any longer..." The icy girl said as she cried, but Jay could notice she was calming down, which was good.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 13d 12h 41m 26s
[raleway Jay sat up at the same time that Evie had woke up, her tired purple eyes turning to Evie. She didn't know what to say or to think about what she just seen. She bent down and hugged Evie and said comforting things to help calm down Evie. She had done the same thing pretty much when she escaped, the blood of everyone was on her hands. [#9400D3 "You did what you needed to do... They treated you like shit..." ] Jay finally said, her black wings extending out and wrapping around the two, creating a warm cocoon of black feathers. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 13d 13h 25m 28s
Evie smiled gently when she felt Jay's forehead against hers, and she had soon drifted off to sleep. Unfortunately, the use of all that energy let evil and dark things drift into her dreams. The girl could see herself, young, looking up towards her parents. The young girl form of Evie was...crying, hatred in her eyes. All of a sudden, the girl had used ice spikes to impale both of the adults' heads, blood pouring everywhere as she ran from her room. Many people had tried to stop her, looking like they had been intending to hurt her even before she had performed such an act. Her body had been bruised and thin, as she ran, farther and farther away. Anyone who came near her, she killed in an instant, not looking back. It made no sense. This was nothing like Evie...why would she have done such a thing when she was younger when it goes against her beliefs now? The young girl of the dream ran out of her village, nothing but blood and bodies left behind. Then...suddenly, the real Evie woke up with a gasp, sweating and crying, before sobbing into her hands uncontrollably.
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[raleway Jay nodded weakly and scooted into the bed next to Evie, wrapping her arms around Evie. She put her head against Evie's forehead, her purple eyes slowly closing as she smelt like smoke. Eventually, she had fallen asleep, her warm breath against Evie's neck.

Blasphemy opened the door to the bathroom and looked over at Evie and Jay and yawned, beginning to go into his own bed. He instantly passed out, hoping nightmares didn't run into his dreams again. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 13d 13h 48m 55s
When Evie was picked up, she practically was dozing off right in the fallen angel's arms, seeing blurred images pass by as they were entering the inn and going up the stairs. When they slowed down and had stopped in their room, her vision cleared a little and she noticed how Blasphemy had went into a bathroom, and she had been placed on a bed. "C'mere and gimme a hug before I faint, JJ." The icy girl said very drowsily, wanting to fall asleep with the other girl again since it brought her a lot of comfort.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 13d 13h 53m 59s
[raleway Jay nodded and swung her arms underneath Evie's knees, picking her up from her standing position in a bridal-style. She began to stumble towards the big and tall inn, the villagers cheering as they followed them. Jay fought through her exhaustion to make sure Evie was comfortable, climbing up stairs and opening doors with her foot to get into their room. Eventually, she found the room that they were given for free because they had saved the village. She breathed the fresh air as she stepped into their room and went over to one of the huge two beds that were in the room.

Blasphemy followed numbly behind Jay, his arms swinging as he walked into the room and shut the door behind them. He made his way into the bathroom, closing the door behind him as Jay put Evie onto a bed. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 13d 14h 33m 21s
"I...guess they do..." Evie said towards the comment about the villagers, before nodding at Jay's next suggestion. "I..r-really am..." She mumbled, pale as a ghost. She really had used all her energy. "L-let's just go d-didn't burn in the f-fire..." The icy girl suggested, her mind slowing drastically as she needed help getting around to the correct places. "I used too much energy I...c-can't even t-think...straight..." She admitted to Jay, hoping the girl would help her get to where she needed to.
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[raleway [#9400D3 "I'm fine Evie, I should repay you." ] Jay said with a big smile on her face as she hugged Evie. She closed her eyes, exhaustion finally setting in as her adrenaline suddenly failed. She felt sick, tired and hunrgy as she hugged the cold female. She felt like hugging Evie forever but she pulled away to face the villagers as they were cheering and whatnot. [#9400D3 "Looks like they love us, huh?" ] She said playfully before leaning against Evie with tiredness. [#9400D3 "Maybe we should stay here, it looks like we're gonna pass out at any second." ]

Blasphemy smiled at the people and waved, his face showing happiness that they helped someone today. He felt tired as well, most of his energy had gone into Evie and he wasn't even sure that he could make it back to their cottage. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 14d 12h 26m 0s
Evie had watched, the main thing she noticed being how the other girl had been scratched on the hips a bit. Although it shouldn't have worried her, the icy female rushed up to Jay again after the creature had been killed and she used her abilities once again to heal the girl, going even more pale. "Y-you're okay, right? A-anything else I need to heal?" She asked quickly, bags under her eyes as Jay realized how much energy Evie had used to make her able to fight the beast and feel more energized.
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[raleway Jay smiled at Evie as she felt the ice on her skin, [#9400D3 "Listen, don't worry about it." ] She said with happiness in her voice before she growled and pulled away from the hug. As Jay pulled away, she grabbed Evie's wrists and yanked her forwards with her as one of the black creatures jumped at where Evie just was a second ago. Jay then let go of Evie and spun around, facing the creature as it turned around to face her.

The villagers gasped and stepped back, staring at the creature and Jay as the stare off happened. Blasphemy was in front of the group of villagers, wanting to protect them just in case anything happened and the people were in trouble. He had a warm and light aura around him, making him glow with light as he held his curved dagger and flintlock tightly.

Jay kept staring at the creature before the creature stumbled back in fear, making Jay let out a battle yell as she ran forwards with no weapons in her hands. She jumped up into the air and simply kicked the head of the monster before barely landing on her feet. The creature stumbled back before charging again at Jay, it's claws wrapping around her hips as it picked Jay up.

Jay growled and yelped in pain before disappearing in shadow. The shadows then circled the beast until they came together to make Jay again behind the beast. She kicked at the back of the creature's knees before looking over at Blasphemy as he threw his knife to her. She barely caught it by the hilt before bringing it across the beast's neck, killing it finally. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 14d 12h 46m 8s
"JJ!" Evie cried out, running up to her and instinctively pulling her into a hug, using ice to cover the burns and cuts as quickly as she could to stop the bleeding and make the girl feel more energized, the icy female's own skin going pale as she used as much energy as possible to help Jay. "Y-you'll be o-okay...I put out the f-fires in the other buildings and saved who I c-could...I'm sorry I couldn't get to you in t-time to keep you from getting hurt..." She said, feeling guilty even though nothing was her fault...most likely due to how she had used so much energy and negative thoughts were seeping into her mind.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 14d 12h 57m 44s
[raleway Blasphemy watched with a look of disgust on his face before following Evie, standing behind the girl as he watched. He placed his hands on Evie when ever he could, giving her some of his energy as the moonlight shone on them brightly. It took a few moments before he looked over at the other villagers that seemed to be grouped together, their eyes set on a large cottage that was on the point of collapse from the fire that was engulfing it. Someone was in there, he knew it too.

Jay slowly stood up and pulled up the small female with her, another creature bursting into the flaming room as it stared at the two. It had heard the screams and ran to them as it clicked it's claws and snapped it's sharp teeth. Jay looked scared and fearful for once but she knew what to do, her legs pumping as she ran towards the nearest window.

Jay let out pained breaths as she felt the fire lick at her body, leaving burns as she jumped to go through the window as she wrapped her body around the smaller girl. She went through the window with a crash, her body sliding across the mud as she landed in front of the group of villagers that looked surprised. She let go of the crying girl, her arms and wings going limp as her purple blood covered the child. Jay was still alive but hurt as she stood up slowly and groggily. ]
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When Evie finally got the creature's attention, they seemed to charge at her at full speed. She started to run back towards Blasphemy, but motioned for him to get behind his wall she had made as she looked behind her. They were already gaining...crap. The icy female hurried and increased her speed, reaching a safe spot just in time as the creatures were closing in. In an instant, she made the ice wall Blasphemy wasn't behind grow into large spikes that stabbed through both of the creatures' heads. They screeched and went limp, blood leaking out over the ground that smelled absolutely terrible. "D-disgusting..." She said, wanting to gag a little before getting Blasphemy. "We need to put out the fire now in the buildings that can be saved while Jay does her thing in the other ones!" Evie exclaimed, running over from building to building, entering and using her ice to cover over things that were on fire, and the water that came from the melting ice was able to put out the fires rather quickly. Eventually, she had put out everything in all the buildings that could be saved, while the others had to keep burning due to being engulfed too much.
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