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"S-sorry..." Evie said gently, feeling bad for acting as such now more than what had happened earlier. When Jay got up, the icy girl seemed to stay curled up in a ball on the bed, not wanting to move yet. However, she did have to move a hand to block the sunlight from the window when the fallen angel had opened it. In the light, Jay could see Evie's skin was the one that was pale now...and she might have been like this all night for all the fallen angel could tell.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 10d 9h 11m 50s
[raleway [#9400D3 "You are too nice and sweet to put yourself down like this." ] Jay softly said, still petting Evie's hair as her skin cooled down to normal. She just had a tiny bit of sickness but that was gone, the food and water had helped a lot. She slowly let go of Evie and stood up from the bed, stretching as she went over to the window in the room. She opened the curtains, hissing at the sunlight as it hit her dead in the face. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 10d 9h 15m 15s
Evie held back tighter to, unsure of what to say. She was still crying, guilty, solemn, every form of something negative. When she felt her hair be pet, she couldn't help but lean into it like a cat would. Jay was the most important thing to her and she felt like she had failed. It wasn't like Evie to feel so much emotional pain over something small, but the fallen angel was now the most urgent and important thing that she had, along with Blasphemy. Eventually...Evie did begin to calm down, still leaning her head like a cat into Jay's pats/pets, breathing slowly but with still a feeling of guilt in the back of her mind that Jay could sense.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 10d 9h 43m 3s
[raleway Jay held onto Evie tighter, determined to make her lover happier as she groaned. She still felt warmer than usual as she hung onto Evie, her eyes looking around the room as she finally started to feel better. She smiled a bit and pet Evie's hair, her hand feeling gentle and warm. Jay seemed to be getting better, her lips slowly curling into a smile and her wings folded back against her back again, two black feathers left on the bed from her wings. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 10d 9h 49m 16s
Evie had hugged back tightly, but Jay's words didn't seem to help as the icy girl began crying a little at this point. "Helping the world isn't worth anything if I can't even help the one most important person on it..." She said, beginning to curl up into a ball on the bed a little bit. [i Useless...worthless...] She thought to herself, unable to control her emotions of guilt.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 10d 9h 55m 57s
[raleway Jay was silent for a few moments, Evie had tried to help the best she could and she tried hard. It wasn't right for her to put herself down like that so Jay reached over and pulled Evie into the bed with her, hugging the icy female tightly. She didn't let go as her skin felt feverish but she shuddered as she felt cold. [#9400D3 "You did your best, you put out most of the fires... I can't do that..." ] Jay finally said, her wings limp against the bed. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 10d 10h 43s
Even after Jay had eaten, the icy girl didn't notice a single change in the fallen angel's sick and exhausted appearance. Her heart dropped and her face seemed to as well, turning from one of concern to solemnity and guilt. "I'm sorry..." She said gently, but definitely loud enough for the girl to hear. "I should have done more back at the fire...I should have been actually useful...then I wouldn't have let you get like this..." Evie blamed herself for it all, wanting to cry...and the fallen angel could clearly see the dim light reflecting off of what was a forming tear in Evie's eyes.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 10d 10h 4m 17s
[raleway Jay nodded, she felt like Evie had done everything she actually could for her as she grabbed the plate and the glass of water. She slowly began to eat and drink, her eyes a bit darker than usual. This happens if she used way too much power and pushed her body to the limit, she'd get sick for a while and it was like she could barely do anything by herself. She finally finished eating the berries and food, leaving the plate besides her as she continued to sit up in the bed. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 10d 10h 25m 26s
Seeing that the other girl was still sick made Evie's heart drop, and Jay could clearly see that it had made the icy female feel emotionally bad. "Y-yes, of c-course! Anything for JJ." She said, quickly going to a nearby pantry that had just what was needed. Evie pulled out some water and poured a glass, giving it to the other girl, before also preparing and giving her a plate of basic fruits and bread that contained good amounts of energy and were easy to digest. "C-can I do anything else to help you feel better? A-anything?" She asked, the only thing in her mind being making Jay feel good again.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 10d 18h 52m 22s
[raleway Jay let out a groan as she felt Evie's energy flow into her. She began to feel better but the lingering sickness was still there. She coughed slightly from the bed, her hands shaking slightly. [#9400D3 "Get me some food... and water please..." ] She groaned, barely sitting up in the bed as she looked at Evie. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 11d 7h 49m 41s
"Let me help you..." Evie said, knowing that the fallen angel was feeling drained and sick. The icy girl laid her hands on Jay, sending her the energy she had regained from sleep to help her feel better. Once again, even in simple times, she was putting Jay before every form of her own comfort.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 11d 7h 55m 11s
[raleway Jay slightly nodded, a feeling of sickness going through her body. She felt like puking but she nodded anyways, thinking that food could help her. She was still leaning against Evie, feeling too weird and weak to stand up still. She had fought hard and quick and that had drained everything out of her. She slowly laid back on the bed, her eyes half-ways closed already. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 11d 7h 59m 13s
Evie smiled back towards the fallen angel, running her hand through the girl's hair a little bit. "S-so...what should we do now?" She asked, wanting to do anything Jay wanted as a way of repaying her for helping with getting over the flashback dream. "Anything you want." The icy girl then said, feeling her stomach rumble. " hungry?" She then asked, wondering if Jay would need anything.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 11d 8h 15m 34s
[raleway Jay smiled as she watched, the gentleness of Evie getting to her. She never could be that gentle with someone and it was even worse if you gave her a baby, she'd manage to accidentally drop it. She looked over at Evie with her smile, her purple eyes shinning as she grabbed Evie's hand and held it tightly. She didn't say anything as she placed her head on Evie's shoulder, drowsiness washing over her again. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 11d 8h 21m 33s
The icy girl nodded slowly and began to smile as well. "Y-yeah...I do..." She said, sighing for a few moments as she let the last of her tears fall. "T-thank you, JJ." Evie told her, before leaning in and kissing her on the lips for a few moments. She let it last a little bit...just long enough to bring them both wonderful comfort, before she pulled away and heard Blasphemy. The girl went over and formed an ice rose, putting it to his forehead and tapping it there. "There you dream sweet dreams..." She consoled him gently, knowing he was asleep but also having a feeling her words would reach him. Afterwards, Evie went back over to the bed Jay was at and sat next to her.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 11d 8h 27m 27s

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