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Evie nodded in understanding. Eating the same thing over and over could get quite boring as time went it made sense for the fallen angel to be wanting something else. When Jay asked about finding something to eat, the icy girl blushed a medium purple "Sure...that sounds really nice." She replied, also sounding flirty as she gave the other young woman a happy smile.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 9d 1h 54m 48s
[raleway Jay slowly stopped eating, finally tired of eating just fruits. [#9400D3 "All I could find was fruit... i want something else." ] She said as her stomach continued to growl. She was still sitting in front of Evie, her hands in her lap for once. [#9400D3 "Wanna come with me to see if we can eat somewhere?" ] She asked, sounding very flirty. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 9d 3h 6m 54s
The icy girl giggled a little from Jay's joke, starting to feel better as she watched to make sure the fallen angel was continuing to eat. They had both looked over at Blasphemy at the same time, seeing him asleep. "Sweet dreams, little fella." Evie smiled and made an ice rose again, tapping it to his forehead before turning back to Jay and looking at her eat once more.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 9d 5h 55m 50s
[raleway Jay sighed after she swallowed some berries and nodded, [#9400D3 "I promise, but you might have to feed me one day." ] She said jokingly before putting a handful of more berries into her mouth and eating them. She looked over at Blasphemy and saw that he was actually asleep by now, his golden hair floofed up on a pillow. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 9d 6h 22m 8s
The female nodded in understanding slowly, her skin still a little pale again as she listened to the fallen angel. Evie watched Jay eat the berries, and soon began to gently smile. "T-thank you...p-please promise me..." She started to say again, just wanting to hear those words of vowing from Jay.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 9d 7h 13m 51s
[raleway Jay ate the berry as she watched Evie fall to the floor. She got up and looked down at Evie as she grabbed the icy females arms. [#9400D3 "Don't waist your energy on me, I need you to be strong again." ] She said, pulling Evie up and onto Blasphemy's bed before eating in front of Evie, making sure that she was watching her eat. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 9d 7h 56m 21s
Evie hugged back, but even after Jay had stopped, the icy girl was still sobbing. "Let me make your life worth living instead of ruining it for yourself..." She said, before getting up and looking down at the girl again. While Jay had finally let everything go, now Evie was stuck mentally bashing herself as her skin seemed to start to pale a little again. She grabbed a berry and gently put it up to the other girl's lips...watching it go and and get chewed. "P-please...promise me..." She sighed, falling to the floor again.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 9d 8h 47s
[raleway Jay just then wrapped her arms around Evie tightly, pulling her into a hug as she cried too. She stopped talking and just sobbed, letting out all of the guilt, sorrow and anger she had pointed at the world. It took a while for her to stop crying, still hugging Evie as her stomach growled and complained loudly. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 9d 8h 6m 8s
"You're right, I don't understand. But I'm [b trying] to! Whatever you did in your past...let it go. Your memories shouldn't make you hurt yourself every day. They shouldn't...t-they...s-shouldn't make t-things I've been trying to...t-to keep you from..." Evie could barely speak now, sobbing. "We're all guilty of t-things f-from our p-past but we're new p-people now! L-leave your past behind...and...l-look towards the...f-future...p-please...for the world...for B-Blasphemy.for me..." She went quiet again...completely finished with what she could say as she broke down even worse than the fallen angel was.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 9d 8h 8m 27s
[raleway Jay stared into Evie's face, trying not to show any emotions until she finally broke, beginning to cry with Evie. She cried even with Evie holding her face up a bit, the warm tears rolling onto Evie's hands. [#9400D3 "N-No... You don-n't understand..." ] She sobbed, the feeling of guilt getting heavier and heavier. She couldn't stand with so much guilt, it was the main reason she starved herself. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 9d 8h 14m 4s
"If you love me, then why do you [b lie] to me about something you need to stay alive? I want you to live a good life...a happy one...with no pain...why do you force yourself through what I'm trying to keep you from?" Evie asked, going completely silent until Jay could hear her crying lightly. "When I saw us looking over heaven...I thought you wanted that too..." She said gently, starting to cry even more. "Look at me." The icy girl lifted up Jay's face to look at her. "I'm not trying to be mean. I just...I you..." Evie finished, unable to form any more words.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 9d 8h 19m 37s
[raleway Jay was just silent, the uneaten berries behind her on the bed as Blasphemy looked at her. She was looking down at her lap, holding a single berry in her palm. [#9400D3 "I do love you... I just... I don't eat as much as normal people do..." ] She said, fibbing a bit as she curled into a small ball. She wasn't sure if Evie was going to jump onto her and just shove food down her throat so she curled up into a tight ball, not wanting to be fed even though she'd most likely have to be. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 9d 8h 24m 10s
Evie could see Jay eating...but then she noticed that the girl was hiding the berries. She wasn't eating at all. "Jay! I can see what you're doing!" The icy girl exclaimed as her mother mode turned on. "Why do you keep starving yourself? Why won't you eat? Don't you love me enough to know that I care about you? That you're killing yourself every day if you keep doing that?" She asked all these questions, her mind already going to negative places. Her eyes were already looking teary...Jay's actions had changed the icy girl's mood in an instant, but the anger was in a way of caring.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 9d 8h 29m 26s
[raleway Jay smiled and giggled a bit, [#9400D3 "T-Thank you." ] She said before pulling away and smiling at Evie. She turned around and sat on Blasphemy's bed and picked at some berries along with the golden boy. She wasn't really eating and she didn't want Evie to know she was starving herself. it was just something that she did a lot. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 9d 8h 33m 22s
When Evie noticed how long Jay had stared, she blushed deep purple as well, feeling embarrassed a bit before the fallen angel had come up and embraced her. "T-thanks." The icy girl said gently as she hugged, smelling the wonderful aroma coming off of the other young woman. "Y-you smell really nice..." Evie mentioned, trying to not be awkward as she blushed more.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 9d 8h 43m 18s

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