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The icy female smiled and blushed gently as she listened to Jay for a moment. "I'm enjoying myself too, and the food...and being here with you makes it even better." Evie told the fallen angel sweetly, continuing to eat her spicy pasta dish until it was all gone. She had really stuffed herself, and as she looked towards her mate, she became curious of the wine. "Hey...could I try your drink? One won't hurt and I'd really like to taste it." The female requested.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 7d 21h 46m 32s
[raleway [#9400D3 "I am totally enjoying myself and you." ] Jay said with a smirk as she grabbed another cup of wine. She began to drink small sips, that one percent turning into a 33% chance. She was one of those, happy time drunks where she'd be overly happy and giddy. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 1h 50m 51s
Evie watched and began to giggle from the fallen angel's messy eating habits, then even more when the asparagus fell out of her mouth. "Didn't I tell you it was Blasphemy's job to eat like that?" She joked, still laughing and beginning to blush purple again as she took another bite of her pasta a few moments later. "Still...I'm glad we're both enjoying ourselves out here together. Even if we may be doing things a little...differently." the icy girl giggled again.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 8d 2h 7m 20s
[raleway Jay obviously seemed to be enjoying her meal, almost drooling as she ate and ate. She ate fast and drank fast as well, that's just how she was with food and since she hadn't ate something big in forever, she was just starving. She looked over at Evie with a piece of asparagus hanging from her mouth and she snorted, the asparagus falling out of her mouth. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 2h 9m 51s
Evie drank some of her water before beginning to eat as well, using a fork to curl up the pasta and stick some in her mouth. It was definitely spicy, was just enough that it could be sensed without overpowering the wonderful flavor of the pasta itself along with the sauce. Her face lit up with satisfaction from the deliciousness of her meal, and she looked over towards her mate to see if she was getting the same satisfaction out of her food.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 8d 2h 15m 25s
[raleway Jay smiled back, taking a sip of her red bounai wine. It tasted just like cherries and snow, just like she had remembered. She then looked down at her food and began to eat, cutting into her steak with a steak knife. She didn't know what to say to her mate as she ate. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 2h 18m 45s
Evie's stomach let out noises of desire towards the food too, but her mind and vision was still focused on her mate across from her. "I think that will always be the most enjoyable thing ever." The icy girl said in a slightly flirty but mostly sweet and cute way, smiling towards Jay as she took a drink of some water.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 8d 7h 48m 5s
[raleway Jay's stomach let out squeaks of happiness as she looked down at the plate that her food was laid out on. She grabbed her fork and knife, licking her lips that had the taste of Evie on it. She looked over at her mate, a grin on her face. [#9400D3 "I think that was the most enjoyable thing ever and that was kissing you." ] She said, her cheeks almost the color of a dark purple at this point. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 8h 10m 50s
"I'll make sure you don't get drunk." Evie then had said with a gentle chuckle before she had felt her lips collide with the fallen angel's. The feeling was so natural and enjoyable that she just let it happen for as long as she could, before soon pulling away with deep blush upon her cheeks as she grinned both happily and flirty. Soon, the waiter had approached them with their food and gave them both their meals.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 8d 8h 16m 19s
[raleway [#9400D3 "99% sure I won't get drunk. But that one percent might but us in the butt." ] She said with a smirk, eventually leaning so close to Evie that their lips collided. Jay was just in the moment at this point, hugging her mate tightly as well as she kissed her. She didn't care what other people thought anymore, she just did it without care. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 8h 20m 26s
Evie leaned towards the other girl too. "Do you promise me that?" She asked, squeezing Jay's hand as well and waiting for an answer. She just wanted to make sure that the fallen angel was doing the right thing and wouldn't end up getting herself hurt.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 8d 8h 24m 50s
[raleway Jay sighed, she'd have to tell her lover about what she did. She grabbed Evie's hand, squeezing it lightly. [#9400D3 "I rarely get actually drunk, I drink just enough wine to enjoy myself and not mess up my thought process. That'd be bad if something bad happened and there was a fight outside and I was fucking drunk." ] She finally said, a smile on her face as she leaned towards Evie. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 8h 28m 1s
"W-wine? But that'll just make it harder for you to think straight, right? Just because it may loosen you up doesn't mean it makes it easier to converse with you..." Evie told her, feeling like if the fallen angel drank too much then it would ruin the date entirely and she looked even more towards the table now.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 8d 8h 30m 3s
[raleway Jay smiled and nodded, [#9400D3 "Maybe we should talk about us. That sounds like a great thing to talk about." ] She said before grabbing a waiter and ordering a glass of wine. She then looked over at Evie with a small smile on her face. [#9400D3 "Uhhh... Wine helps me loosen up." ] She said, looking uncomfortable because she didn't know how her mate was going to react. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 8h 32m 5s
"How" Evie suddenly asked, blushing deeply as she did so. She hadn't meant to ask that but it just came to mind and she couldn't help herself as she had said it. "Unless you don't want to...which is okay." The icy female then told her mate, looking down towards the table a little bit.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 8d 8h 35m 44s

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