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[#9400D3 "...But the future looks bleak... I don't belong to anyone, I don't belong here." ] Jay said, looking up at Evie with tears in her eyes. She began to cry, her tears running down her cheeks as she curled into a ball again, the plate of food in front of her.

Blasphemy wanted to reach out and hug Jay but he didn't want to get snapped at and slapped. He sat back and watched Jay, a look of concern and sorrow on his face. He wanted to help people, he wanted to help Jay but how could he help with this? [#B8860B "I..." ] Blasphemy trailed off, looking at Evie for her to tell him what to do.
  Scorpius / 25d 12h 56m 46s
Evie's face began to show a slight bit of solemnity as she noticed Jay not eating the food on her plate. Before the icy female could say something, Blasphemy had gone over and had tried to talk to her before being rejected quite quickly. "Hey...there's no need to be rude..." She said, sighing then continuing. "I'm not happy about what happened earlier, but...we can't change what happened. We have to...look to the future, even if we remember past events and mourn them." Evie tried to reassure Jay, becoming more positive now that she had gotten over her own breakdown from earlier.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 25d 13h 4m 6s
Jay had troubles sitting up but she did it, reaching out and grabbing the plate before nodding in response to Evie. She didn't say anything as she picked at the food but she didn't really eat anything. She was feeling guilty for making Evie feel guilty for something she did so she had decided on just letting herself rot. She just leaned against the wall that the bed was in the corner.

Blasphemy watched Jay with concern as she leaned against the wall. He slid off of Evie's bed and made his way over to Jay, climbing on the bed with her as she scooted a bit away from him. [#B8860B "Are you okay?" ] Blasphemy asked softly. Jay turned her head at him and hissed, [#9400D3 "Get away." ]
  Scorpius / 25d 13h 38m 11s
"Well...I don't really know where the nearest beach is to here. I never had a map of the land..." Evie admitted with a sigh, before seeing Jay begin to wake and then look at them. "Let me get you some food." The icy girl told her, opening the pantry and making a plate of basic, energizing fruits along with some bread. She gave Jay the plate, hoping it would be enough for her. "If you need anything...just ask." Evie explained gently, wanting the other girl to feel welcome in the cottage.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 25d 13h 50m 48s
Blasphemy smiled as he listened to Evie as she talked to him. [#B8860B "D-Do you think we can go to a beach one day?" ] He asked, his hands in his lap as he had his cheek still on Evie's arm. He was looking up at his friend, smiling as he usually did. He then looked over at Jay as she started to wake, her legs and arms uncurling from her ball.

Jay rolled over on the bed, her wings limp against the sheets as she let one of her arms hang off of the bed. She felt sick as she retched a bit, feeling weak and sick. She then looked up at the two, her bright purple eyes seeming a bit dull.
  Scorpius / 25d 14h 19m 26s
The female sighed, before hearing her friend ask a simple question. It was obvious that it was to evoke some words out of her, but she knew it would probably be the only way to break the awkward silence and actually get her mind off of what happened a little. She placed her arm around him, cuddling ever so slightly. "Sometimes. I've never been to a beach before...I don't really know what they're like. All I know is that they're on the edge of the land and it's where you can find the beginning of the ocean." Evie replied.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 25d 15h 4m 45s
Blasphemy sat next to Evie, a blank look on his face. [#B8860B "Don't you ever think about beaches?" ] He asked as he stared at his feet as he swung them like a kid would do because... well, he was a kid. He was slightly leaning against Evie, his golden hair floofed up as his cheek rested against Evie's shoulder. He was trying to lighten her mood still, thinking about water and the sun.
  Scorpius / 26d 12h 24m 42s
Evie gently took the plate that her friend offered, nodding her head gently as she told him "Thank you." and began to eat a little bit. She ate a little slow, but she was still eating at least. When she felt the warmth of the cottage's fireplace, the burning reminded her of the village for a short moment before she shoved it out of her mind as fast as possible.

"She needs food, yes...but I think she needs rest first." The icy girl replied to Blasphemy's question regarding if Jay should eat. Evie went silent once again, taking her time with the bread and fruit that were on her plate as she ate them. She still did not know what to say. The atmosphere in the small house was calm and warm...yet she didn't feel the emotions associated with such surroundings.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 26d 12h 35m 15s
Blasphemy took a deep breath as he entered the cottage, instantly going over to where he'd seen Evie get food for him earlier tonight. He managed to grab lots of food and made two plates for Jay and Evie before going over to the fireplace in the main room, a flame coming out of his hands as the firewood caught fire, giving the cottage a comfortable and soft atmosphere. [#B8860B "Evie... Do you think Jay would eat or...?" ] He trailed off as he watched Jay curl into a ball. He felt an urge to make her eat when he was finished with Evie but he went against it, not sure of what would happen.

Jay had managed to go to the bed that Blasphemy was laying in earlier and she curled into a ball, her head tucked close to her knees as she closed her eyes and lured herself to sleep.
  Scorpius / 26d 12h 41m 43s
"Y-yeah...I'll lead us back." Evie finally said when Blasphemy tugged at her, and she motioned for Jay to follow. "Let's go." She told them, leading them away from the fire and into the nature-filled forest of the area. She took them along the same path, with the same trees and the same plants, before eventually reaching the small house in the same clearing she had shown Blasphemy earlier in the night. When they entered, the icy female sat down on the side of her bed, her stomach rumbling but her being too deep in thought to get up and eat something yet. She just wasn't sure how to feel anymore...nor what to do.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 26d 13h 9m 39s
[#9400D3 "Listen, I know you feel guilty but they caused so much pain to Blasphemy and I..." ] Jay said, reaching out towards Evie as her face showed concern for once. She seemed to be feeling what Evie felt but she didn't know how to help so she then just stepped back and went silent, her black wings spreading out behind her.

Blasphemy grabbed Evie's hand, gripping it tightly as he tugged her back in the direction they had come from, wanting to get back to the house. [#B8860B "P-Please can we go...?" ] He whined a bit, wanting to take care of his friends as they had taken care of him. He knew how to help people emotionally, he just needed to be in a comfortable place to do it.
  Scorpius / 26d 13h 17m 59s
Evie's eyes glanced back to her male friend, although she didn't really reply to what he said. She was more focused on forming the icy bandages on Jay's cuts and other wounds. "No prob." The cold girl simply said when Jay had thanked her for the [i "bandages"], hugging back for a second before going silent again. She stretched a little, looked at Blasphemy again, and just kind of quietly thought things over. It wasn't like her to be so silent, but it wasn't like her to fail to protect an entire village.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 26d 13h 24m 10s
Blasphemy watched as he stood up as Evie went over to Jay. [#B8860B "Maybe... we should take Jay back to the house and think things over..." ] He softly said as everyone seemed a tad bit calmed down and quiet. He stood there, his warmth fading as he stared at the two. He didn't know what to think but he knew that other villages were just like this one, they didn't accept powers, mostly because they were afraid. [#B8860B "W-We have other villages to help too you know..." ] He said, a slight smile on his face.

Jay had her eyes closed as ice bandages formed over her wounds, her breathing heavy and deep as she tried to regain at least a bit of energy to travel. She felt exhausted and heavy from how much power she had used as she opened her bright purple eyes, seeming really tired. [#9400D3 "Tha-ank you..." ] She said, standing up slowly and hugging Evie quickly before letting go and taking a step back.
  Scorpius / 26d 13h 34m 19s
Evie eventually stopped crying, but she was a lot more silent than she normally was. She sat in his warmth and eventually sighed gently, watching Jay. "L-let me help you..." The icy female said quietly, but loud enough to hear, as she went over to the other girl and formed ice bandages over all of her wounds. "It will...stop the b-bleeding and help them heal quicker." Evie told her, still being rather quiet besides saying those words.
  Evie Aico / AskTheStaff / 26d 13h 42m 35s
Blasphemy smiled at Evie as he continued to hold her hand as his warmth continued to stay around the group. The warmth actually lifted up a bit of the sadness around the three as he actually looked back at Jay with a smile on his face. [#B8860B "She destroyed the village but... We have others to protect and she did save the children and the women..." ] He said, not thinking that Jay was fibbing but he just tried to brighten Evie up.

Jay watched silently from a few feet away, swaying as she felt dizzy and sick from all the blood coming out of her body. She sat down in the grass and groaned, laying back against the ground as the grass around her was coated with her purple blood.
  Scorpius / 26d 14h 27m 22s

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