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[raleway Jay squeezed past Evie to get to the bathtub, picking up the sun child bridal style. She hefted him as her wings spread out a bit to help her balance with the extra weight. She squeezed back by Evie and carried Blasphemy over to his bed and laid him down, wiping his golden blood from his nose and chin. She pulled up a chair and grabbed his left wrist and hang tightly, closing her purple eyes as she forced her energy into him. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Alerion- / 15h 28m 24s
The orange creature glanced to the other girl, being even more uncomfortable. She was in a small room, with multiple people, all crowded together...claustrophobia was kicking in a little bit. "D-don't worry, this is Jay." Evie had told the poor thing, making sure to calmly pet her to try and help. Kuni did at least think the petting was kinda comfy, but a human with wings in the room made it even more compact and uncomfortable. "O-okay...I guess..." She replied, trying not to think of what a fallen angel had done to her family mere days ago, having a fear that the female was who she thought of.
  Kuni Ganto / AskTheStaff / 7d 3h 55m 27s
[raleway Jay let out a groan, a weak one at that. She dressed underneath the blanket and slid out of bed. Her hair was all tousled and messed up, several strands of purple hair hanging in front of her eyes. She went over to the bathroom and stood in the doorway with a friendly smile, hoping that Kuni would know her from legends. She was fine with being appraised by one person at a time but not a whole crowd. [#9400D3 "Don't worry about Blasphemy, I'll get him in a moment." ] She said with care in her usually dark and low voice. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Alerion- / 7d 8h 54m 48s
Kuni watched him and became really concerned when he passed out, being less comfortable than before now that he was like that. "I h-hope I'm not a bother..." The creature said, feeling kind of bad for having to take up these people's time with her own issues...even if they were bad injuries.

"Don't worry about it, it's fine. We weren't doing anything important today anyways, probably. Trust me...helping someone isn't a bother in my books." Evie replied, making Kuni feel at least a [b little] better.
  Kuni Ganto / AskTheStaff / 8d 14h 40m 41s
[raleway Blasphemy didn't know what to do anymore so he literally slid off of the toilet and into the bathtub, laying on his side in the tub. He let his golden blood just bleed from his nose, his mind getting foggy as he soon passed out just trying to make Kuni as comfortable as possible.

Jay snorted and woke up in the other room, feeling too weak to do anything as she just laid there and stared at the ceiling. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Alerion- / 8d 15h 37m 26s
"She'll be okay...with how everything is bandaged, she can't bleed anymore, and I can sense that her energy is increasing a little." Evie told Blasphemy before looking back towards Kuni, who still had tons of questions in her head.

"W-who are you...?" The creature asked gently, with a high-pitched voice that sounded really cute, just like everything else she said. "I'm known as Evie...and you?" The icy girl replied. " me Kuni, I guess..." The orange girl replied, her ears in awkward positions.
  Kuni Ganto / AskTheStaff / 8d 15h 41m 57s
[raleway Blasphemy continued to sit besides Kuni, his warm aura flooding into everyone that was nearby. The aura was calming and very warm, making everyone feel comfortable. He wiped his nose once in a while, golden blood on the back of his hand as he used his personal energy once again to calm and make everyone chill out. He looked over at Kuni in worry, golden blood trailing down his nose. ]
  Blasphemy Falchia Morris / Alerion- / 8d 15h 47m 50s
Kuni noticed the new girl walk in and became more nervous, uncomfortable with someone she hadn't even said a word to investigating her body. "H-hi..." The creature said with a bit of a shaking voice, unsure of what to say besides that. Evie was looking her over, and seemed to take her time making sure of where the injuries truly were underneath the bandages.

"Ouch...are you okay?" The icy female had asked towards this orange girl, seeing how small and frail she was. Any injury would definitely be worse on the poor thing than a human since she was so must have hurt like hell before Blasphemy had brought her.

Kuni simply nodded, although she still couldn't get up. At least she was finally beginning to calm down.
  Kuni Ganto / AskTheStaff / 8d 15h 52m 2s
[raleway Blasphemy nodded, grabbing Evie's hand and dragging her into the bathroom where Kuni sat on the toilet. [#AA9240 "She got stabbed through her chest." ] He said, pointing to the bandages that were wrapped around the girl's chest. He sat next to the girl, hoping his aura would help calm her a lot. It made Kuni felt like she fit in, because she wasn't the only one who got weird looks. ]
  Blasphemy Falchia Morris / Alerion- / 8d 16h 1m 8s
Kuni, when she was carried, looked around at where she was. The town...the people at the inn who seemed to stare at her awkwardly as if never seeing a creature like her before...then the bathroom where she was sat down. There was still pain throughout her body, mainly in the spot where she was stabbed, but it wasn't as bad as before. She'd be able to manage would just take a little time.

Evie had felt herself being shaken a little, and her eyes opened slowly before she looked up at Blasphemy by her. "G-good morning." She said, letting out a little yelp as she realized she was still naked. She grabbed her clothes and changed back into them while her body was under the blanket, before getting out and standing up. She stretched, looking back at Jay and seeing she was still asleep. "W-what is it, Blasphemy? Do you need something?" The icy female then asked him, trying to ignore the fact that he most obviously knew what she had done last night.
  Kuni Ganto / AskTheStaff / 8d 16h 4m 54s
[raleway Blasphemy went on and on, finally reaching the inside of the village. He reached the inn and began to climb the stairs to their room, eventually making her way into their room. He took Kuni into the bathroom where he placed her on the toilet sitting up. He then walked out, shaking Evie awake, ignoring the fact that she really had no clothes on. ]
  Blasphemy Falchia Morris / Alerion- / 8d 16h 11m 2s
The creature winced once again as she was picked up, but as she was being carried she was able to say a gentle "T-thank you." and get a better look at him. She didn't want to admit it, since she had just met him, but...he was adorable. definitely wasn't the best time to think about that. For now, she needed to focus on getting rest and energy so she could feel better. Even so, something about the boy just fascinated her and made her glad he was there. Almost like...some kind of bright aura?
  Kuni Ganto / AskTheStaff / 8d 16h 57m 4s
[raleway [#AA9240 "Don't move then." ] he simply said, beginning to pick up the girl bridal style. He stumbled under the weight of the girl but began to walk back towards the village, the golden dog following behind him. Blasphemy had a little bit of golden blood trickling from his nose, using his own personal energy on Kuni since he hadn't been able to gain energy from the sun in a while as it was just the breaking of dawn right now. ]
Kuni sighed a little as she began to feel better, both because she wasn't bleeding anymore and because the male had been using energy on her. However, her ears were still slightly down in an awkward position, which was showing she was still in pain and tired. She had looked towards the bush suddenly, before seeing the dog and trying to calm down once again. "I...c-cant...get u-up..." She told him in all honesty, struggling to stay in her sitting position. It would take some time for her to replenish enough blood to move.
  Kuni Ganto / AskTheStaff / 9d 25m 39s
[raleway Blasphemy then went silent, going into his autopilot as he sat up the girl and wrapped the stab wound tightly so no more blood could be lost. He then put his hands on her shoulders, sending his warmth into Kuni's body to make her feel more better and healthy. He then froze as he heard the bushes behind him rustling, just being frozen out of fear. He didn't think to bring a weapon with him so he looked at the girl with fear in his eyes.

He then sighed deeply, smiling and giggling as he felt a tongue on his back. He looked back to see a huge golden doggo, staring at him with it's tongue hanging out as it went to Kuni and licked her face. Blasphemy took his hands off of Kuni and looked down at her. [#AA9240 "Are you okay now?" ] he asked, petting the dog softly. ]

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