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“Yes no I don’t fucking know.” He said putting his head in his hands. “ I don’t have anyone but Shelby, I drink because i have no one and Shelby has always been there to hold me together and pick up the pieces even after I binge she finds me the next morning and dumps the alcohol or takes my pills away but I can’t be me if there’s a baby coming. I grew up without a dad...he’s in prison for killing a man over drugs. I don’t want that to be me.” He said tears streaming down his face now.

“I just...I have to be a better man than I am for her. Career aside. Help me. Shelby told me I was killing myself and am I doing that? I don’t know. All I know is I need help and to stop I have to get that help.” He said shaking his head. “I know I’m a mess. You don’t have to tell me. I take pills to wake up, pills to fall asleep. Pills to get energy, pills to calm down. There’s nothing I don’t take. It’s insane.”
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Alessandra looked up when Kane all hit stormed into her office. She was working a mile a minute, trying to set up some events that would get Kane good publicity. It seem he would need that now more than ever. She was blind sided when he asked her to find a program. [b “Kane.. Uhm”]

She really didn’t know what to say. He would willingly go to treatment? Didn’t they basically fight about that the first day they met? [! “I’ll call around and see what I can do. How is Shelby going to take you being gone from home for months at a time? I truly believe that you need so stay at a halfway home. You can leave on the weekends, I think. But only if someone checks you out.. which would be me...”] she explained.

[? “are you she that this is something you really want to do?”] She was just completely thrown off guard by this entire situation. Of course she would help him do whatever he wanted, but she needed him to fully understand.
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The next day Kane was in her office when she got there. He had a worried look on his face. "Alessandra.. will you.... find me a program... rehab... something?" He asked seriously. This was Kane asking for help. "Shelby asked me not to drink and last night I was sitting in the bathtub hiding from her drinking wine because it was all we had. I realize how sad that is... and I know I need help now."

It had taken everything for him to ask for help. Alcoholics didn't ask for help... addicts did... " I'm addicted to a few things... its not just the liquor." He muttered looking at the ground. "I'm asking for help but I'm asking you as a friend, make sure Shelby doesn't know. I don't want to stress her out since shes pregnant. We went to her doctor yesterday and saw the baby... I... I can't lose her and the baby and she will leave if I don't stop drinking and using. I need help and I need you to help me."
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Instead of apartment hunting, her first stop was the Label. She needed an office. If she was to continue her job as Kane Brown's manager, then she needed her own office. She needed to have a set place to work. She wanted her home, to be her home life. She hadn't spoken to her family in a few days, and she was definitely missing Italy. She missed her Mama's family.

She flashed her badge as she headed for Smith's office. [b "I'm not prepared for this. I need an office. It need's to be ready tomorrow. I will be here at nine in the morning."] she said, simple. After that, she left. She called a realtor that was recommended to her. She planned to go all out with her apartment. She wanted to be comfortable, it wasn't like she was hurting for money. She received a large sign on bonus plus, she had her trust fund.

By the end of the night, she had found a furnished apartment at the Olympus Midtown. Next was getting a car.
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"No I don't mind. Its your job." Shelby said smiling and Kane followed Alessandra and smiled, "We can announce it somehow, maybe a picture on Social media. Shelby doesn't like the spotlight like I said and our other news was unplanned. Neither of us were wanting a baby right now but it just happened. I'm scared to death but I can't tell Shelby that. Shes so happy, shes going to be a mom and seeing her that happy... I would do anything to keep her that happy. We will keep the baby quiet until she starts to show." He said sighing.

"I'm sorry you know, I don't want to make your job any harder and Shelby poured out all my alcohol last night... told me if I want to marry her and have a family that I had to stop drinking... so I haven't had a drop since you saw me yesterday. I'd kill for a shot but Shelby is worth it right?" He asked himself and sighed. "I'm sorry.' Kane was only different around Shelby, taken away, he was the same messed up guy.
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Alessandria smiled softly. [b "Well, congratulations.."] she said. She glanced up at Kane. [b "Mr Brown.. May I have a word with you?"] she asked. [b "Just a few minutes. Do you mind, Shelby? I apologize."]

Once she had all pulled Kane away from Shelby, she stared up at him. [b "I'm sorry.. Okay. Please tell her I'm sorry, I'm just trying to do my job.. I need to know how you want to do this. Once the press see her engagement ring, they're going to have a field day. Do you want me to set up something so you can announce it? I think it's in both of your best interets to keep the other news quiet for now."]

After she made sure that Kane was inside the meeting, she went off. She couldn't believe this. She wasn't even the one pregnant, but she was stressing out! She just started managing him and she already had some many issues to cover. Not that a baby was an issue, but it sure was something.
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Kane chuckled and nodded, "Yes she said yes and yes we're having a baby." he was a much nicer person today... with Shelby around he was completely different. It was obvious the baby had been a surprise to both of them but Shelby wanted a family and Kane wanted Shelby happy.... but that gave him a reason to try to stop drinking. In 9 months there would be a baby that he was the father to and he couldn't be drunk.

Shelby held Kane's hand, her engagement ring glittering in the light before she held out her hand to show Alessandra. "Of course I said yes... we've been together four years today." Kane smiled, "Four years shes put up with my shit." Shelby rolled her eyes and playfully smacked his arm, "Language Kane." Kane nodded, 'I'm sorry baby." He really was a different, happier person around her. Now all they needed to do is make this Kane the only Kane... and get rid of the drunk one. for sure.
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Alessandra just blinked as she listened to Kane. [b "But I was fully prepared to tell people to fuck off... In a nice way of course."] she said. She nodded slowly, confused as to why Kane was being semi nice to her. [b "Thank you."] she said once she was safely in the truck. [b "I guess you seen how I struggled eariler."]

She was once again emailing everyone she knew, trying to get new things to get Kane Brown's name on. [b "Take your time. I'll be right here."] she said. A few moments later, Kane came back. She eyed the ring box and shook her head. [b "I'm sure I'll see it soon enough."]

The next morning, Alessandra was dressed more causal, in Nike capris, a tee shirt and tennis shoes. She didn't plan on staying for the meeting. She was sure that Shelby could handle that. She was planning on searching for an apartment. And she needed to buy a car. It didn't make sense to rent. It seemed like Nashville would be her home for awhile.

[b "Alessandra Romao."] she said. [b "It's nice to meet you, Shelby."] She smiled. She had to be polite. [b "I'm sorry... Did you just say your having a baby?"] She looked up at Kane like a deer in headlights. [b "Dear lord. Did she at lwast say yes?"]
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Kane shook his head, "They won't touch me. They'll yell questions but they won't touch me. Your in the south sweetheart, we have more class than that down here. Ladies first." He said holding the door open for her. Walking to his truck was difficult but he held the door for her and helped her inside and then got in himself. The paparazzi backed up so he could leave but didn't stop snapping pictures and he hadn't answered anyone's questions.

Kane drove in silence with Alessandra and pulled up in front of a upscale jewelry store, "Five minutes I'm just picking it up." In less than five minutes Kane came out with a small black box that read, Shelby, on the outside in gold lettering. "If you want to see her ring you can... I just... I hope she says yes."

He started his truck, "I'm taking you to your hotel and you'll probably meet Shelby tomorrow."

Later that night Kane purposed and Shelby said yes... she had a bomb to drop of her own... she was pregnant. The next morning Kane and Shelby showed up to the meeting five minutes early and he looked to Alessandra, "Shelby, this is my new manager Alessandra and Alessandra this is my fiance Shelby." Shelby smiled, she was a beautiful girl. Kane looked to Alessandra and said, "We have something we need to say." Shelby blurted it out, "I'm pregnant."
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Alessandra nodded. [b "I don't blame her not liking the spotlight. But it's just something you have to deal with when you're in this industry or with someone who is."] she said. [b "If you can promise to me that you'll go, I promise not to drag you in by your ear."]

She stood in the back while Kane did the on air interview. He could definetly put on a show, that was for sure. After the interview, she walked outside with Kane. Some how the press had gotten a hold of Kane's arrest and were flocking the stairs of the building. She just groaned. [b "You've got to be kidding me."] she muttered. [b "I need to find security."] She glanced up at Kane, she couldn't read his facial expression. [b "Please. Wait here. Stay away from the windows."]

She couldn't find any security guards, which only pissed her off more. [b "Give me your keys, please."] she said. [b "I'm going to pull your truck up and then escort you out. I know I'm small, but I can pack a punch."]
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"Shelby is private... everyone knows that. She doesn't like the spotlight and she would prefer if I quit completely and went back to delivering packages for fedex... she wants marriage and a family... and I don't see that for myself but I'll give her anything she wants because I love her. This is the most mush you will ever get from me. Tomorrow is my anniversary but I'll come to your meeting just tell me the time. I might have Shelby with me because I was taking her out for lunch tomorrow and shopping for anything she wants."

Kane said walking into the building as they signed him in and ushered him to the room where the interview would take place. Kane sat down on a stool. "We have Kane brown in the studio with us today, Kane how are you?" Kane smiled and spoke into the microphone, "I'm doing great how about yourself." Kane's act was spot on... he was a better actor than most people knew.
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[b "I'm risking my repuation, my name, everything on you. Mr. Brown. If shit hits the fan with me as your manager, your ass isn't the only one that will be within the firing line."] she said. [b "You need to stop with the drinking. And whatever else your doing. I've set up meetings every other day that start tomorrow. You will be required to attend, even if I have to drag you there myself."] she said.

[b "It's not a problem.. I would appreciate it if you dropped me off at my hotel. I'm staying at the Cambria until I can get an apartment through the label."] she said softly. [b "That's really nice... I'm sure it was expensive. I'm sure she'll love it if nothing else for the effort you put in it."] she said.

[b "They're going to ask where you get the inspirtation from. When the album will come out, any new singles, they might even ask about Shelby."] she said. [b "Just be cool and please think a few seconds before you answer."]
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"I'm asking her to marry me tonight." Kane muttered softly. "Its our fourth anniversary tomorrow and I did get her flowers this morning, I'm not a monster and before you tell me I know I have a drinking problem but to me its not a problem. I have my job, and my girl. Thats all I need."

Kane drove carefully through town and looked over at her from time to time. "I have to pick up her ring so I hope thats not a problem after the interview. It was a custom order and well... its in now and I need to go get it. Shelby deserves better than me and I know that and as my manager you are a part of my personal life as well because my personal life ends up in the news."

He pulled into a parking space for the radio station and turned his truck off. "Ready? I'm not sure what they want to ask me here but I know my new single is number one so I'm sure its something to do with that. Now I know your my manager now but I don't bite... you don't have to order me around."
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Alessandra nodded. [b "Good."] she said. [b "Are.. Are uhm, you okay to drive?"] She glanced up at him, he didn't answer her. [b "I'll take that as a yes."] she said. She followed him outside, almost running in her heals to keep up with him. [b "At least you smell a hell of a lot better."]

The climb in the truck, proved to be a struggle for her. With her pencil skirt, her legs didn't have much range of motion. [b "Next time. We take my car."] she muttered. She nodded when she reached over and buckled her seat belt. [b "Correct."]

[b "Not that it's any of my business, Mr Brown. I'm paid to handle your professional business life, not your personal. But I do think that it would be in your best interest to make up with your girlfriend. Flowers, maybe even. She is the reason that you're not sitting in a jail cell right now."] she said. She was typing an email, trying to get Kane Brown some nice press options.
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Kane nodded, "I do." He muttered. He wasn't too sure about this woman yet, yes she was gorgeous but he was also taught to not trust his managers too quickly. He walked outside to the parking garage with her, smelling of ivory soap and some expensive cologne. He clicked unlock on the key fob in his hand and a black truck blinked. "Hop in." He muttered opening the driver's side door.

Inside the truck was an air freshener that looked like a gold record hanging from the rearview mirror and on the top, strapped to the fold down mirror above the driver's seat was a polaroid of Kane with his arms around a beautiful blonde girl, they were laughing and smiling. "Nash FM right?" He asked turning they key and the truck roared to life. He plugged his phone in to charge and noticed he had 3 messages and 8 missed calls from Shelby... he couldn't answer her now.. not with Alessandra in the truck. She would think he was cheating.
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