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Lilyana took in the situation ahead of them. There were a lot of the machines ahead of them, and Lilyana was sure at least the beast looking ones were a higher level. High level enough to be trouble, but at least the four of them weren’t the only ones here.

Still, they needed to beat some of these if they wanted to earn any points! They couldn’t let the other teams do all the work. Lilyana held he bow tightly and raised it,”We take down some of these machines. Go for the weaker looking ones first, they should go down easy and then can’t cause us trouble later. The big ones are going to be trouble… So, to start out with, boys just stay out of the way or be distracting while I take them out. Celestina, keep the boys safe. Once the big ones come into play I’ll probably need you two to get in on the fighting. Try to work [i with] the other teams rather than against them, if possible. We don’t need more enemies to deal with right now, but maybe staying out of each others way would be best. Got it?”

Celestina nodded, holding her staff in front of her. She looked determined, if a little nervous,”R-right. I’ll do my best.” Defense was something she was more comfortable with, she was just nervous about keeping other people safe now. Deflecting things with wind, or even going so far as to push or pick up the boys to get them out of the way were going to be the main things she focused on. The three of them were going to need to keep the machines from bothering Lilyana while she fired her arrows at them.

Once everyone seemed clear on the plan Lilyana drew her bow back and a light arrow materialized. She fired it at the nearest of the machines, which looked a lot like the others they had seen. She expected these ones to go down in one or two arrows, but the rest of the machines would be a mystery. How many would be big ones like wolves take? Five? Ten? Twenty? She wasn’t sure, but she hoped she had enough energy to take them all down.
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[center [h3 Marching Onward]]

[center [b Arthur was trying his best to catch his breath but he was spent from exerting himself. He'd normally coat already existing armor and weapons with his Blast Heart. Creating them from nothing was rather hard maybe after the exam he'd be able to have his stuff from back home? Regardless he had pushed himself rather hard. Rex seemed a bit tired but ready in case something happened. Would Arthur have to rely on the others if something happened?]]

[center [b After what felt like aimless wandering they had decided to see a large group of students trying to push through a path. Something about this path the fancy decoration the bigger bots and the students all around? It screamed this was the final bout and Arthur still hadn't felt he was ready. Rex had gripped his sword ready to move forward but he hadn't as Lilyana asked him and Arthur to be careful.]]

[center [+brown Lilyana what do we do?]]

[center [b It looked like there was three teams of students so a dozen and at several dozen bots and past all that? Were a new type on all fours similar in appearance to wolves but mechanical with a giant towering beast of a machine standing at 15ft tall. Yup... This had to be the "Final Stretch" Arthur thought.]]
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Lilyana nodded,”Ready. We don’t know how long we have left, so we should hurry. Not enough to tire ourselves though, since we’ll also need to be ready to fight. If anyone needs the group to slow down, let us know.”

The time limit was starting to weigh on her mind a little. Had they wasted too much time coming to the lockers for their things, or was there plenty of time for that as long as they didn’t get delayed too much? It would suck to get their whole team together, fight through to to the finish, only to find out they were a couple minutes too late to pass. She didn’t voice those concerns, she didn’t need the rest of the team worrying about it too. It wouldn’t actually help anyway. They just needed to hurry.

Celestina followed along, a little behind Lilyana. Celestina thought Lilyana looked pretty confident in the lead, taking them back to about where they had fought the other students and continuing on. She had her bow out and looked ready and comfortable with the weapon. Celestina shifted her hands on her staff. She just wasn’t sure this was the right weapon for her,”I wonder how much further we’ll need to go… And how many more of those machines there are around here.”

Celestina sounded a little worried. Lilyana glanced back,”We do need them for points. I’m just hoping we don’t run into something we can’t handle.”

The machines had different levels that they couldn’t see on the outside. She hadn’t bothered to check the ones she’d beaten, but she assumed they were pretty low level since they went down easily. So they needed to beat a bunch of those, which wouldn’t be hard, or at least one or two of the tougher ones. The machines were bound to keep getting tougher as they got closer to the finish and the easy ones got defeated already.
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qTghUgMOeY]]

[center [b Arthur nodded with Lilyana he could grab some stuff but would he need too? Probably not though it wasn't long before they learned that Celestina was part of the team. She had commented about her fighting style as he gave a smile and patted her on the back.]]

[center [+brown Defense huh? Don't worry about it! That just means you got our back! It takes time for me to create metal barriers so you'll be a big help! Wait Rex yours increase's physical properties further?]]

[center [b Rex had looked away looking at the ground. Rex's thoughts rushing to. "I know they say those types have no real future. That-]]

[center [+brown Sounds really cool! I can tell you must still train a lot though! I got an eye for that kinda thing! You seem scrawny with that vest but I can tell you've got some bulk under it all! Nice!]]

[center [b Rex had blinked looking at Arthur before turning his face again. Celestina had wanted to go to the lockers right? Arthur had grinned pointing at Rex.]]

[center [+brown Well he knows where they are now he went ahead and got himself a weapon! Air Heart sounds like a really cool Blast Heart by the way!]]

[center [b Rex remained quite as they went ahead and Celestina was picking herself a weapon. Arthur had found a locker with his name on it? Zero had gotten his stuff from back home. His base blade and armor crafted from his family. He'd normally just harden this armor with his own Blast Heart it was easier on him. He decided to grab the blade and armor but he was still exhausted. He almost considered ditching the armor but probably better he didn't huh?]]

[center [+brown You guys ready to get going?]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Sorry the short post having this writers block DX]]
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Lilyana was relieved when it looked like the wounded students would be taken care of. So apparently there were some safeguards in place during the test in case they were hurt. It was some comfort, but needing that safety net would also probably mean failure. Best if they didn’t end up needing it.

So the white haired boy was Rex, and he had something of a reputation. She could vaguely recall hearing something about a talented white haired swordsman, but Lilyana hadn’t been paying much attention to the gossip really. So if that was him, then their team was looking pretty good in her opinion. “I don’t need anything from my locker, my Blast Heart is all I need really.”

[pic http://i66.tinypic.com/33xbvqw.jpg]

Celestina held the paper with her number close, trying to catch what Arthur was saying. He was very talkative, which was fine with her. She followed along and gave them a little smile,”I could use a trip to the lockers, actually. If it’s not too much trouble. I’ve already caused you all to go out of your way to help me already.”

She felt a little bad about that, but then Lilyana motioned for her to hand over the paper with her team number,”Let’s see if we can help find your team.” There was a pause after Lilyana read it, then she continued,”You… Wow. Found your team.”

“Wait, really?” Celestina almost couldn’t believe it. Found her team already? “You’re all 36 as well?”

What a lucky coincidence. To run into all her teammates at once, and they were all so nice too! “I’m glad to meet you all. Um, so… You two have chevalier types? And Lilyana, yours is arcane? They all sound amazing. Mine is arcane too, it’s called, um, Air Heart. I’m afraid I haven’t quite gotten… um, very good at fighting with it yet… Not offensively, I can defend okay though. Sorry.”

Lilyana smiled,”Don’t worry about it. Now, what did you need to get? Then let me see. So Arthur is worn out, Rex is alright for now, but I think Celestina and I are probably in the best shape since we haven’t done much fighting and we both have arcane types. So for most of the rest of the test, leave most of the attacking to me. If you’re better at defense, just stick to that for now, Celestina. And as for Rex and Arthur, especially Arthur, don’t jump in too quickly. Just watch and help when it looks like you need to so you can conserve your strength for the stuff we can’t handle just the two of us. Does that sound like a good plan?”

Celestina returned from her locker with a staff nearly as tall as she was that she used as a weapon. For now. She wouldn’t say she was especially skilled at it, and in honesty so far kept switching weapons because none of them so far had felt quite right to her. It was obvious enough in the way she held it that she wasn’t terribly comfortable with it,”Sure, that sounds alright to me. I’ll do my best!”

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[center [h3 Regrouping]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b It was almost like those three on the ground looking at the white haired boy knew he was. Arthur was sure the two girls would have to finish the fight but the woman instead had fled. Lilyana did seem dangerous with that bow and their "leader" didn't wanna take chances. The white haired swordman shocked Arthur too he seemed so... Timid and weak but he ended up being. Brutal way too brutal! Arthur gritted his teeth taking a deep breath. They could die! It was just a test! Yes these guys were bullies but people can change! They don't deserve to be murdered outright! Arthur hadn't asked the boy or this girl for a name. Was now the time? He needed to at least get introductions out of the way.]]

[center [+brown T-That was crazy huh?! By the way my names Arthur! What about you two?]]

[center [+orange E-Err.. My name...? It's..]]

[center [b Arthur saw the boy tense up and contemplate the question rather shyly. Maybe Arthur was too hard on the boy? Maybe he didn't mean to be so brutal he seemed gentle and almost fragile in this moment. looking down at the ground he had mumbled to the team.]]

[center [+orange R-R-Rex...]]

[center [+brown Wow what a weird name! Is that really your name?]]

[center [b Arthur saw that Lilyana had came in to help the students offering her help. Rex looked rather pale when Arthur asked if that was his name but he walked over with Lilyana.]]

[center [+brown You can help them really? H-How do we get them to safety though?]]

[center [b As Arthur thought of it the ground had opened up and a few smaller bots came up. Though.. They had medical signs over there heads picking the students up they had declared the students unable to fight. Before they left the spearman had looked at Rex with a wry chuckle.]]

[center At least it took the white swordsman to beat me... Is it true? That you killed a D rank monster by yourself? Without any professional training? The rumors say that's how you got recommended to come here!]]

[center [b Rex held his arm rather shy and uncomfortably as they took the students away. Arthur had patted Lilyana on the back and smiled.]]

[center [+brown Thanks for helping those guys they weren't exactly our friends so you didn't have too! Wow you guys aren't what I expected!]]

[center [b Arthur had smiled and turned around as the blue haired beauty apologized and introduced herself. Arthur had scratched his cheek and gave a bit of a smile.]]

[center [+brown Wow Celestina? What a pretty name! It sure beats "Arthur" haha, Oh hey don't apologize!]]

[center [b Arthur waved his hands frantically before rubbing the back of his head with a slightly nervous chuckle.]]

[center [+brown So Celestine what is your number and block? Maybe we can help find your teammates? Us three are a team! You can stick with us till we find yours though. I'm not really the idea guy but... Maybe we should go to the lockers and get the girls here a weapon and armor? If they use it. I don't because of my Blast Heart- Oh which I can't use till I get some rest and food. Sucks I started this on an empty stomach... I don't think I'll be able to fight anymore till the test is over. At least not with my Blast Heart.. How about you guys?]]

[center [b Arthur blushed a bit embarrassed that he'd be dead weight here on out. Hopefully he could make it up to them after the test.]]

[center [+brown Oh and what are your Blast Hearts? How do they work? I know Lilyana's is Light Heart right? It turns Light into solid objects? Or what? Is it an Arcane type? Mine is a Chevalier type called Metal Heart. I can create special metal and control and use it.]]

[center [b It was a bit more complicated than that but that was how Arthur could best explain it. Arthur had nudged Rex to lead them to the lockers while they talk. He wasn't sure the next game plan after the lockers. He wasn't going to take charge with these many people here. Arthur may be the first to run into a fight but that didn't exactly make the boy a good leader or anything.]]

[center [h3 Next Move?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur had taken the reins of the conversation talking plenty. Rex was nervous when Arthur asked if that was his real name. Even more uncomfortable when that man asked if Rex was that man in the rumor. "The White Swordsman" it was an annoying rumor cause it drew attention to Rex. It seemed Arthur didn't hear of it, hopefully the girls hadn't either. The new girl? Celistine? Was of course gorgeous Rex's rotten luck. You'd think that'd be good luck but Rex was even more self conscious to say something. He stared at her for a bit before looking away. "What was that?! You trying to creep out the girl who just got attacked?! Really Rex! She was really cute almost like a heroine in one of his favorite stories.. NO listen to yourself Rex! That is beyond creepy!" Rex shook his head blushing lightly. Arthur had nudged he take the lead? Oh! Back to the lockers yeah Rex could do that. Though he couldn't come up with a plan after that and Arthur didn't seem to be the type for strategy either. Rex may not seem like it but he liked doing things head on and even though he was creative and could come up with strange strategy's he was too shy to ever take charge. So it was better someone else did anyone else but him. Arthur had asked about there Blast Hearts. Arthur's was a chevalier type? So he could train his body even further? Probably focused on endurance,durability,brute force knowing that Blast Heart. Rex had grabbed his glove at the back of his own hand looking away as he began to timidly answer.]]

[center [+orange E-Err... H-Hu.. I mean.. S-Sword H-Heart! It amplifies the physical properties o-o-of.. Of a Chevalier t-type even further...]]

[center [b That.. Was a lie but Rex didn't want to share the real name. "Hunters Heart" or known as Ryoshi Heart. It was a dangerous surgery that involved many who tried getting it to injury or even death. A lot of these people have had Blast Hearts all there lifes! Rex had a week to train with his before coming here he had to take this kinda surgery. He was already physically strong and dexterous before. Though his Blast Heart didn't exactly make it more durable he did micro fracture his bones to be as hard as humanly possible. Hunters Heart increased his strength and speed. His speed and dexterity were even more so though his strength was enough to be considered at least a brute of sorts. Maybe not anywhere near as brutish as Arthur's approach though. The toll on his body was unreal but it the way the heart worked? Increasing his physical parameters even his stamina and accessing his adrenaline whether he wanted it to or not. It sounded amazing but there was a catch Rex was learning. The Blast Heart had limiters of what levels of increase he was shooting for. Even using level one for a short period of time? Was hard on his body but that wasn't the real catch. The catch was Hunters Heart is unknown territory. It attacks the own users mind and takes control of the user. It can even split the user into another persona if he uses it to long. He was told it can get so bad that if he wasn't careful he may attack friend and foe alike and he may be put down like an animal. He didn't understand his weapon yet why he had to put it in this specific blade. How it worked? There was a lot he didn't understand about it but it was rare not because it was powerful. People rarely would want to use such a double edged weapon.]]

[center [b As Rex lost himself thinking about it they found themselves at the lockers and Rex had turned taking guard. Answering Arthur's earlier question of whether they could still fight or not.]]

[center [+orange A-As for m-my condition.. I-I can still f-f-fight.]]

[center [b A half truth Rex was too prideful to admit his limitations. He was tired wielding the Blast Heart even at level one. It could go up to five levels but apparently settings four and five were lethal for the user. He couldn't even trigger the second setting. If he used the Blast Heart again his body would take a toll but the real problem was he might lose control. He'd have to use it even shorter burst. Literally seconds at a time and even than? He'd be mostly fighting without it in no time. Still he didn't want his allies to think he couldn't fight or handle whatever was thrown at them.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I just wanted to say that Hunters Heart is also kinda considered not great but high ranking knights for it's lack of utility and only having more physical prowess. In the lore it was created awhile ago as an inhumane weapon to give to novices or those with little Blast Heart and physical training in period. It was used in times of war and in darker times was forced on to thousands of kids to get powerful soldiers that short burst of usefulness. Back than even making them crank the setting to five for their first fight to obliterate enemy forces but it would kill these patients every time.]]

[center [b Though he is a prodigy in swordsmanship I don't want Rex to seem OP. Honestly he's the most short burst Blast Heart user. Also he lacks ranged attacks of ALL kind even Arthur can create unique ranged attacks like Steel Rain. So Rex has a lot more limited options with only physical fighting. Even Chevalier fighters aren't known for ONLY having physical fighting.]]
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Lilyana wasn’t sure how to take the compliment. Was he flirting? It could have been that, but at the same time it didn’t quite sound like it. She hadn’t had to come up with a response because of the call for help. Nor did she learn their third teammates name. He had rushed off, leaving her and Arthur to follow. “Oh? Yeah, we should go.”

What had he meant about Rune Knights? It wasn’t the time to ask though. She rushed after him to lend her help to the girl as well. And it looked like the girl needed it. Four on one was hardly fair, so the three of them coming certainly evened the odds. While the boys jumped into fighting right away, Lilyana went to check that the girl was alright.

[pic http://i66.tinypic.com/33xbvqw.jpg]

Celestina was glad for the help, and quickly backed away to but some more distance between her and her pursuers to catch her breath. “Thank you.”

It was only a matter of time before she couldn’t run anymore, and with four on one they were bound to beat her, and probably pretty badly too. All this over a stupid grudge! Celestina didn’t even understand why Zofia had never gotten over it. It was an accident! Or a series of accidents.

Another boy showed up, and Celestina just nodded. She wasn’t even sure what to say, he had asked so many questions so quickly. When another girl came up and asked if she was alright Celestina nodded again,”Yeah. I’m really glad all of you showed up.”

Except one of them ran off. Had he… gotten cold feet? Lilyana was still fussing over Celestina a little bit,”Did they hurt you? I can’t believe they would attack like that.”

Celestina shook her head,”I’m fine. A little out of breath. Thank you so much. I think your friend might…”

He might have needed help, but he was getting it from the boy who had run. He was back and with a weapon. The girls were both watching, shocked at just how aggressive the white haired boy was. He had speed they could barely keep up with, and the skills to take down all three of the other boys.

It took Arthur calling for help for the boys to snap Lilyana out of her dazed stare,”Ah, I can help a bit. I think. How do we get them to safety though?”

It wasn’t quite healing, but it might help with the bleeding. She went to the downed boys and tried to do what she could. She could use her Blast Heart to create stitches, or something to bind the wound and slow the bleeding, but it wouldn’t help long term. They were going to need something beyond what she could do.

While Lilyana worked on them Celestina cautiously walked forward. Zofia was looking furious and a little pale, but hadn’t moved to attack. She was more afraid than she was letting on. Celestina fidgeted with her fingers,”It’s fine. You don’t need to worry about it.”

“It’s not fine! You always ruin everything! Just get out of here, out of my sight. I hope you all fail!” At that point Zofia wanted to get away from the group, but didn’t want to look like a coward so she lashed out. Even if she was a little terrified of the white haired boy. It could have been her imagination, but it looked like he was ready to kill her for a moment. She turned and stormed off, knowing better than to attack while she was outnumbered.

Celestina sighed,”I’m sorry you all got tied up in that mess. I hope I didn’t ruin your chances of finding a teammate or anything. I um, was hoping to find my teammates too…” She fished her number out and help it up,”A-anyway, is there anything I can do to help you all? It’s the least I can do. I’m Celestina, by the way.”

  Lilyana / Yavanna / 1y 25d 3h 51m 44s
[center [h3 Lucky Indeed!]]

[center [b Arthur had decided to brashly shake Lilyana's hand as she introduced herself and her Blast Heart. He had let out a bright smile before peering in a bit closer.]]

[center [+brown Wow! I didn't notice while you were fighting but your actually really pretty! So white hair? What's your name?]]

[center [b Arthur had said so rather bluntly almost like a naive child who had hardly knew any better. He went from looking at Lilyana to Rex waiting for the boys answer.]]

[center [h3 White Hair?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KWMVnz2XZk]]

[center [b Rex was surprised to see Lilyana had the same number as him and this "Arthur." "Lightheart huh? That sounds pretty cool.. I wonder what types they are." Rex thought to himself but it wasn't long before Arthur had made a strange comment. "Your actually really pretty?! Is he crazy?!" Rex had let out a small squeak. This was so uncomfortable... How did he get caught up with a teammate like him? Rex didn't even know the guy but he already seemed so draining. He didn't seem like a bad guy or anything he just... Seemed way too direct and Rex well.. He'd rather talk about small things if he was forced to be in a conversation at all. Now Arthur was asking for his name! Right after that? Rex had grabbed the back of his hand as his pulse began to throb. His heart was racing more than it had been since the test started. Would he really tell them Rex? He didn't exactly wanna share his real name with.. Well anyone. Even his master let him sign up to school with this Alias as obvious an Alias it was. How could he follow up and say anything normal after such a flirtatious comment? Rex saw the boys childish brimming smile. It was apparent he hadn't meant it like that... Well it was a possibly but would she take it that way? Rex couldn't believe how forward this man was.]]

[center [+orange Umm my name..? Umm..]]

[center [b Before Rex could say anything there was a cry for help. Lilyana had turned her head first than Rex and it was followed by Arthur. Before Arthur could even open his mouth Rex had taken off running to the source of the sound. Was he quick to avoid the conversation? Or was he quick because... Rex had shaken his head shrugging the thoughts off. He ran across a few corners till he came across another student this one was being attacked by a team of four! Rex had found himself growling and at complete reaction he came in from a blindside punching the man in the lead. The boy had reeled back looking forward as he spun his spear around looking at Rex. Rex had lowered his body looking forward scanning the enemy in front of him. Three men and a woman, were they a team? Why attack this girl? It didn't matter Rex had started a fight and he needed to finish it. One man had clashed his brass knuckles together as he rushed in at Rex. He had avoided each punch shoving his fist to the side as he backed up. The spearmen had came in with a quick lunge as Rex twirled his body away his cheek received a glancing scratch. Bleeding Rex looked forward and knew they weren't playing around. "When people have power and they are told they can use it? They won't hold it back." Rex hated it but he understood that anxious feeling to hurry himself on the battlefield. Though be it a petty reason or not he didn't like they took that idea in this direction. Four people attacking a girl who didn't even want a fight! Rex may have been craving a battlefield to fight on. Though that being said he wanted to be seen as... A hero on that battlefield. He knew it was a cheesy dream but it was the whole reason he wanted to become a Rune Knight. He'd rather fail the test than let these four get away with this!]]

[center [b Tough talk but how was he going to do this without a sword? His natural instinct was "just beat them down like always!" though he knew that wasn't a sound strategy despite his urges to fight. Even though he was timid in a conversation he was always eager to throw himself into danger no matter the reason. Arthur had came up panting a bit as he gave Rex a bit of a smile an idea had hit Rex. Though he was too shy to really share it with his new "team mates"]]

[center [h3 Taking Off?]]

[center [b Arthur had saw the white haired boy take off like the wind. Arthur had looked at Lilyana with a soft smile and a light chuckle.]]

[center [+brown Guess we better follow him huh? I like your Blast Hearts name by the way! Sounds really cool!! Here I thought people trying to become Rune Knights were kinda- Well nevermind that lets go!]]

[center [b Despite the appearance of a white knight Arthur didn't like the Rune Knights. He believed they were paper pushers they cared more about rules than they did about people. If their precious law told them to forsake someone? They would that wasn't Arthur's idea of a knight not at all. Yet that boy seemed eager to help that girl out and Lilyana here had helped him out in a pinch. Arthur had tried to keep up but the boy was just too fast! Arthur may have been around the boys height (5'6) but he hadn't trained or built his body for speed. It was hard to with his style of fighting but after he heard a bit of fighting he was able to catch up with the young man. Arthur looked four and gave a slight smirk.]]

[center [+brown What a classic scenario these guys are more what I imagined Rune Knights in training to act like. Hey you with the pretty long hair are you okay? Can you stand? Fight? If not than get somewhere safe okay?]]

[center [b Rex had given Arthur a bit of a dirty look at his comment on this group acting more like the Rune Knights he knew. The white haired male shook it off as he stammered and chocked to explain something to Arthur. The group they were facing began to laugh suspecting he was scared of them. Arthur saw the fire in the boys eyes earlier so why was he so timid now? He just didn't understand Arthur had tilted his head confused as the boy sighed frustrated with a light blush. He had turned his head and began to bolt! Arthur had blinked a little surprised. Was that boy afraid? Angry? Arthur barely had any energy he couldn't muster his blade and his armor. He gave a strained reassuring smile to the girl behind him as he began to sweat. The smile was strained but it wasn't forced as far as first days were? It was pretty exciting to not one but two chances to play the knight in shining armor. He had painfully grunted as he mustered the energy to summon only his blade completely unarmored.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkX5Hzzb9N4]]

[center [b Arthur charged in as the spearmen held his ground the third guy had pulled out a staff. Shooting a fire ball as the brawler dashed to the side punching at Arthur's side.]]

[center [b Arthur was forced to break his charge on the spearmen as he blocked the fireball ahead of him. His enchanted metal was able to withstand the heat but the fist had found it's mark sending him back a bit. The mage had casted even more fire balls the spearmen and brawler had started glowing there blasthearts as well. The spear user had created a small energy barrier around the girl behind him. "A barrier type Arcane hearts are more effective against that kinda thing... Guess I'll have to hit it harder!" The fist user had encased his arms in hard rock "An Earth type huh?" Two elementals and the barrier was probably an Arcane? Before Arthur could even think of a strategy the fist fighter was pummeling him with several blows. Arthur had grunted and managed to counter with only a headbutt knocking the guy back. Though the fire users fireballs had all came crashing down swallowing Arthur in fire. His blade had managed to slash through the spell but his body was still burning up. The spearman covered his body in a barrier as he charged into Arthur knocking him back.]]

[center [+brown Heh.. I guess this is the part where the hero makes an epic come back right?]]

[center [b Arthur was wheezing now he didn't know how he was going to get himself out of this. Maybe Lilyana? Or this girl could do something? Even at tip top shape these guys would be... The girl hadn't even moved yet to make matters worse. Before the three could charge at Arthur again to finish the boy off there laid a flash of steel as the fire mage fell over covered in blood.]]

[center [h3 "Flawed Heart"]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7cPUez_7v8]]

[center [b Rex had returned now with his long sword in tow and his Blast Heart finally activated. His body was trembling as the effects of his Blastheart as he begun to tightly grit his teeth. "I need to finish this quickly" Rex had stayed at the side for a moment to watch how this team was fighting Arthur. It turned out the lockers weren't far away. Rex should've figured with the spearmen having his weapon and the test hadn't been up for too long. Rex's Blast Heart was equipped into the empty hole in the hilt of his blade. He can't wield it without this blade even after the surgery he went through to be compatible with it. The spear user turned around to rush at Rex. The man was physically conditioned well but if his Blast Heart wasn't a chevalier type? There would be limits to his speed and power. Rex had easily avoided the man's strikes with several counter attacks of his own each hitting the man's barrier. Rex's eyes gave a glint of excitement as he charged forward. Though he sped right past the spear user at inhuman speeds at the fist fighter. He managed to block one strike before Rex slid under the mans legs slashing up hitting another barrier. The man shifted his own barrier to protect his friend. Releasing the barrier on himself Rex had taken the chance to throw the sword at the barrier user stabbing it through his stomach. Losing the effects of his Blast Heart he rushed a punch into the brawlers jaw. The brawler hadn't flinched much countering with several strikes. Rex had back flipped and took a few leaps back while managing to barely dodge the mans blows. He found himself over the spear user kicking his blade back up and blocking the strikes. His blade was holding well against this mans boulder arms. Rex had grunted each clash. Grabbing the blade tightly enough to cause his hands to bleed he felt his mind muddled as his own Blast Heart began to take effect again. He managed to parry each punch and kick much easier now. Charging in the man sharped the rock at the end of his arms. Rex had parried one arm as the other closed in Rex slammed his own shoulder through the arm. Letting the mans spiked arm shove through his left shoulder. The man found himself stuck inside of Rex's body as he gave a wide grin. Slashing downward at the man before coming up with an upperward slash the man attempted to block with his other arm but Rex had smashed through the rock. His fingers bleeding even more after carving through rock he stabbed the man through the stomach with vicious intent. The man had fallen over as Rex turned to the girl with a grim smile. Though before he could charge her he shook his head removing the blastheart from his sword. Falling to one leg he found himself panting and badly hurt. Rex could have used this power to fight her but... He'd have pushed his injured body for starters. For second he would have lost control and completely killed the girl. Hopefully he hadn't killed her friends... It wasn't against the rules but it wasn't what he wanted.]]

[center [h3 Prodigy]]

[center [b Arthur had watched awe struck as Rex read his opponents like open books. His dexterity his speed and his strength not to mention his swordplay? Not a single movement wasted his swordsmanship was almost.. Perfect. That risky move at the end? What was his Blast Heart? He just took out three other candidates while Arthur was struggling. The fire user had crawled a bit with a slash on his back grunting as he adjusted himself. The way he looked at Rex it was almost as if he was realizing something. Who was this guy? Arthur would have to ask after this test. He wondered why the man wouldn't finish the fight? Was he that badly hurt? Why did he stop using his Blast Heart? Arthur wasn't in any shape to fight himself. All the ruckus would attract more suits... Maybe they could check those knocked out for any notes for extra points? With maybe extra tips? That being said Arthur had spoke up for those he just fought against.]]

[center [+brown They are bleeding badly! Can anyone heal them! Does anyone have an Arcane heart that can heal? This doesn't look good... We gotta get them to safety or something.]]

[center [+orange W-What.. I..]]

[center [b Rex was confused on why Arthur wanted to help the people who attacked this poor woman to begin with.]]

[center [+brown Hopefully none of these guys were actually our fourth team mate haha.. That would kinda suck huh? So you! I'm guessing you were the leader! Why did you attack this girl? I'd give up now if I were you!]]

[center [b Arthur said despite the bad shape him and Rex were in. He had a feeling that Lilyana would be able to handle her and faith in her that she would do the right thing. Despite the fact she was a complete stranger.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b We can share control of the guys chasing Celestine if you want? Or if you want full control I can change my post a lot I don't mind. I thought I'd leave the girl to you cause I'm not sure exactly her grudge but I was sure the boys were only her muscle.]]
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Lilyana looked past the downed machines to see two boys. It looked like they had struggled taking down the machines a bit, but she supposed that was natural if they normally had weapons but lacked them now. It seemed pretty cruel to her for their weapons and armor to be put in the locker right before being thrown into a test like this, but she didn’t make the rules.

She approached them to check that they were alright, the one seemed pretty shy but the other started talking before she could even pick her way through scattered bits of metal to them. He was talkative. “Oh, thank you. Um, it’s Light Heart, actually. Arcane.”

She fished out the paper with her number and showed it to them. To her great surprise it matched [i both] of them. What were the odds? They only had one more teammate to find now. “Make that one left. I’m Lilyana. How lucky we must be. We should hurry, we don’t know how much time we have.”

Lilyana didn’t want to waste too much time, after all they had no idea how long they had to finish this ridiculous test. She heard someone yelling for help and turned to see what was happening.

[pic http://i66.tinypic.com/33xbvqw.jpg]

Celestina was not having an easy time with the maze. Apparently the girl who often teased her decided she wasn’t making an exception during the test. While Celestina had tried to help the girl take down a machine the girl wasn’t ready to set things aside and work with Celestina.

As soon as the armor was gone she was the new target, and the other students chased her. There were four of them and one of her, the girl had convinced a few boys to join in, so she was on the defensive and running. Her Blast Heart let her deflect projectiles with a gust of wind, so she was desperately trying to keep some distance between herself and the students chasing her.

She scrambled around another corner, nearly stumbling to the ground but she managed to stay upright and kept running,”Help! Oh please help!” There were other students ahead of her, she hoped they’d help instead of joining in to mess with her too.

  Lilyana / Yavanna / 1y 30d 4h 14m 21s
[center [h3 Cooperation]]

[center [b Arthur had fought with the other students pushing his way through. At first he took the lead but the students had begun to disperse the group he had started with? Well they had seemed nice working to make sure no one got hurt rather than attacking one another to eliminate competition. Arthur had separated from the group and in his loud and clunky armor he wasn't able to find many opponents. In fact his classmates all seemed superior in moving ahead after his first initial burst of speed. He wasn't exactly fast but he couldn't waste energy either. "Ugh I started off so cool! Right in the lead! Now here I am lagging behind! I can't find any bots to smash! I'm in trouble if I can't score well" anxiety had begun to settle in as he thought about Zero and the Rune Knights arresting his family. Could he fight them? The entire kingdom of Radiance? No way he'd have to fight through and.. "What live on the run?" could he? Could he even beat Zero? He grit his teeth and than followed by his fist. He wasn't going to fail here he wasn't going to have his family live on the run! "Clank!" Arthur's thoughts were cut off by the sounds of fighting. Perfect! Maybe he could jump in! He turned around a few hedges to see a young man with white hair and leather armor with a single gauntlet.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Step back I got this!]]]

[center [b Arthur saw the boy with a demure face. The boy had a straight face as he performed an acrobatic handspring forward. Before flipping backwards kicking his feet with thick shoes into the bot. It hardly done any damage but the boy's force had at least caused the cold steel to stumble. Arthur had stopped for a bit giving a bit of a whistle. The boy had dodged the stab of a blade elbowing into it's core. Again only causing a stumble as he slammed his metal gauntlet into it's head. It caused a decent crack but it kept going. Arthur saw a few unarmed students and they were all timid and afraid to get into a fight. This guy seemed to really be holding his own! Arthur had saw the boy drop kicking one bot as he was about to fall to the ground he caught himself with both his arms! Kicking into the machine several times before jumping back up while dodging its counter attack in mid air! Stepping on the ground one charged from behind with it's fist and he managed to block with his gauntlet but it had sent the boy flying back. His feet firmly planted in the ground as he slid through the dirt with a solid grunt. Looking back up this boy had fire in his eyes. A spirit that seemed overwhelming a spirit that surpassed the boys physical traits. "If looks could kill"]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Are you okay?]]]

[center [h3 "Rex Rider"]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b The boy had to find a way to his weapon in his locker. He already came to the ceremony wearing his armor he even came with his blade! Only cause he felt weird not having it... Yet they hadn't let him take it in. The reason wasn't as something as studious as always being prepared. Rex was uncomfortable wearing casual clothes afraid his sense of style would be judged. The boy was very self conscious. He was easily uncomfortable in social situations. He was sweating bullets at the entrance he loved the idea of being a Knight! Problem was being a student! In his fantasy novels a hero was always some hero in some kinda school! Course with the development of Blast Hearts it was getting harder for Rex to tell the difference between reality and magic. "Well Blast Hearts can only tie themselves to a single ability right? So it's not as versatile as magic would be." Rex wasn't very well studied he loved fantasy and myth but as for real studying? He was a bit of a hopeless case. He seemed the type to be a bookworm since he wasn't socially involved or had a loud and brash personality. The truth was he got bored with it just like most students. He just wasn't very honest about it. Truth was he was embarrassed about the fact. Rex had ran through the hedges and walls with these thoughts in his head. It was than that he saw a group of students completely unarmed and surrounded. Rex had picked up a few rocks throwing each of them at the bots with extreme precision the suits had turned over to look at him.]]

[center [+orange O-Over here!]]

[center [b One would think the boy was stuttering cause he was scared. Truth is? He was but not cause of the bots he always struggled with speaking in front of others. Even in a dire situation such as this he struggled with that. Rex had gripped his fist as the suits came to follow him and the students dispersed looking for their equipment. Rex was incredibly dexterous with plenty of upper and lower body strength. Not to mention his entire body was micro fractured from head to toe. The boy had gone through intense training everyday. That? Was before he learned that wasn't the proper way to train ones body. That was when he met he met the woman he would call master.]]

[center [b Rex had looked fought as best he could but it seemed he couldn't do a finishing blow. He gripped his hands was this really his limitations? For all the complex acrobatics and blocks he was performing his brain was completely blank. Not a single strategy was in his mind he was going to crush these things simple as that. Though he ended up being flung back and things weren't looking good. He had slammed right into metal plating. "A Knight in Shining Armor" he thought playfully. Though he only found himself stuttering. It wasn't that he was exactly star struck he was just too shy being close to another human being.]]

[center [b Rex inched away shyly as grabbing his arm as Arthur tilted his head a bit confused.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Umm? You okay? You hit your head? Well don't worry about these guy-]]]

[center [b Before Arthur could finish the suits had turned their arms into new weapons. Canons Arthur had grunted as he stabbed his blade into the ground. He focused as he began to summon several plates of metal as they formed a massive wall as the cannon charged. He was closing his eyes as he visualized the forming of the metal. Focusing on the incantation as one with a blade arm charged in Rex had taken the chance to trip the bot over. Arthur had created a reinforced dome around the two after a moment it was blasted all around as the metal hardened withstanding the punishment. Arthur grunted as he held his hands up he crushed the metal together using his blast heart. Controlling the metal he sent it into the air raising his arm up. Clenching into a fist he slammed it down into the Earth as the metal went above all the suits before falling down into rapid large shards showering them with lances of hyper dense arcane metal.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Steel Rain!]]]

[center [b Arthur cried out as as he fell over coughing a bit. The suits were all destroyed! It took a bit of a cast time and it took a lot outta of him but it was impressive! The boy's armor and sword had vanished as he fell over on one knee.]]

[center [+orange Umm.. I-I..]]

[center [b Rex wasn't sure if the man was okay though another group had turned the group pursuing them! "Oh great!" Rex couldn't protect this man without his blade Durandel. Though before he could do anything a woman had turned the corner blasting the bots apart with light. Rex had looked to see she had a bow made of light. "Light Heart?" he wondered on the boys Blast Heart with that thought too. "Steel Heart?" those would be cool names. Names aside? The woman in question? Seemed rather well.. To be blunt beautiful. Rex had blinked looking away inching even further away. Rex's biggest weakness was a pretty woman well.. All people of the opposite sex were impossible to talk to but even worse when they were attractive. He couldn't say nothing right? That would be so rude! "Come on Rex say something! You can't just be quiet that would be so disrespectful! She's gonna hate you! Say something anything!"]]

[center [+orange Anything.. I-I mean no wait I..]]

[center [b He had saw the arrows in the machines stuttering over his words before the blonde knight chipped in. Actually speaking of of which his hair had turned back? He seemed much more childish in this state. Despite seeming kinda banged up he had a wide grinning childish smile.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [+brown Heh thanks for the help! That was a close one! Wow your bow looks awesome! What's that power? Bright Heart? Is it an Arcane or physical type? Oh the names Arthur by the way! What numbers do you guys have? Been trying to find my teammates around here! Maybe that's one of you?]]

[center [b Arthur said rather straight forward and cheerfully. "How can he just.. Talk to her so easily?" Yes Rex agreed her bow was cool but you can't just throw compliments at strangers like that. Can you? Rex didn't know.. It felt awkward to him but maybe it wasn't that weird at all. Rex had gulped showing his number to the other two. Arthur had grinned rather wide.]]

[center [+brown Well partner! Seems I finally found you! About time! I just got two more to go!]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Hope this was okay that I did it this way! By the two boys Blast Heart are physical types just to let you know. Physical types usually give some kinda physical prowess. Arcane can however be used much longer requiring both mental and physical fortitude these are actually more rare users. These can have more uses for an example Elves in this world use true magic. If there is a seal or a barrier? Or maybe even a curse one with an Arcane heart could combat this. So with Lilyana she would put her light into the curse and connect her Arcane Blast Heart to the spell. She would See a visual puzzle of some shape or firm. Like massive threads all tangled needing to be undone. With physical stamina and mental focus she could attempt to undo the problem. That is of course you decide she is an Arcane type. I would like her to be though because it'd be nice for the group to have at least one. I don't mind if both your characters are Arcane but having at least one would be nice. I do wanna say that Arthur's physical heart gives him more brute strength and durability. Rex has actually yet to use his Blast Heart too by the way.]]
  Arthur / Knight- / 1y 34d 17h 37m 17s
For this part of the maze it wasn’t until they had thinned out a little that they started to run into the machines. Lilyana manifested a bow of light with her Blast Heart. As long as she had the energy she could manifest weapons out of light. The bow didn’t look very solid, made of thin lines wrapped into patterns in the right shape, but the glowing weapon was plenty solid enough to use.

She pulled back on the glowing bowstring and a matching arrow materialized. She fired and it hit the head of the armor suit. With a flash the arrow vanished, after doing some serious damage to the machine. One arrow wasn’t enough, so she drew and fired quickly again, taking out a big chunk of the chest in another burst of light.

The armor suit went down and Lilyana hurried on ahead. Teammates from the other start points wouldn’t be too near, but they couldn’t be too far either. It wouldn’t make sense to set it up so they’d only meet at the end, right? She hoped that was how it worked. She kept her bow ready as she ran, not wanting to waste any time in case an armor suit surprised her when she turned a corner.

Which of course it did, but then she started firing at it almost immediately. The light arrow tore through the torso and she took a step back briefly, concerned one shot wasn’t enough but not wanting to waste arrows. She didn’t have a normal quiver with only so many arrows, but there was a limit to how many she could create without rest or food.
  Lilyana / Yavanna / 1y 35d 5h 42m 45s
[center [h3 Ready Set..]]

[center [b Arthur had looked at his paper before heading to the starting line. C-36 so how he had to do was find others with 36 as well right? A-36 with B-36 and D-36. Or he could try to this alone? Though finding weapons and armor? That part wouldn't be a problem no not at all. As the "professor" made his countdown. Arthur hunched his legs over as he bent to the starting line. His hands on the dirt as he looked up with a grin of determination. Sweat began to fall from the boy's face as he drew on a crooked smile. He was nervous but he was going to smash through all this anxiety in one fell swoop and gave it all he had. When the countdown hit zero immediately suits of metal began to emerge from the walls themselves. Almost as if they were built into the maze itself somehow! The students had taken a step back a bit shocked but Arthur had acted on impulse dashing forward. As one with an axe slashed downward at the boy he drew on his BlastHeart.]]

[center [+brown Metal Heart!]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGeEh9g3g6w]]

[center [b His body encasing in it's usual armor as a massive blade formed into his hands. His eyes closed as he focused materializing the metal. It was the design he knew best so it was the quickest metal he knew how to summon. Using the unique high density metal combined with his years of physical training. He blocked the strike letting it slide to the hilt of his blade. Twisting the blade to use the hilt and base of the blade he snapped the axe in two! It seemed even high tech metal like this was brittle against his metal heart. That was a relief Arthur had let his mind go blank. Not a plan or strategy in mind as he shoulder bashed the machine back. Raising his sword and cleaving it into two. As three more charged him he hopped back winding his blade blade back with two hands on the hilt. Gritting his teeth as he firmly planted his off foot into the ground behind his waist. Placing his right foot forward as he gripped the blade tightly. Lowering the blade he wound up a massive arc of the blade. A broad horizontal slash as he shouted giving it all he had into one blow. Slamming through the three of the suits the first went down easily but his blade had slowed by the second more thick model. Pushing enough momentum to hack into the third he didn't cleave it outright in half but his blade went in deep enough that it was unable to function. He wanted to see how tough each one was but more had came at him. He didn't have time to look into the models.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Damn it! Cause I'll just have to carve a path through!]]]

[center [b One student the young pink haired female before had stared in awe at Arthur's lack of hesitation to push forward. He may have looked unstoppable here and sure he felt that way but his Blast Heart had its weaknesses. The stamina consumption was a heavy drain even for a physical type. It required he trained his strength to wield the heavy metal itself. He had to train his stamina to summon the metal itself though sustaining the metal didn't take much in the way of physical stamina it was summoning it that was hard. The focus it takes to summon any metal besides his main suit and blade could take a moment to envision the design. Summoning also took more than stamina itself it took a lot of nutrients from the user himself. Arthur didn't know the exact science but unless he ate a lot? He'd find himself very drained or even dangerously passing out unless he had tons of stored calories in his body. Not to mention the weight of the metal itself made it hard for him to be more of a speedy fighter. Despite all of this Arthur still was rather cocky feeling like he couldn't be stopped.]]

[center [b "How did that Zero guy beat me anyway? Probably a fluke I hadn't exactly eaten yet. Wait when did I last eat? Oh crap.." He had felt his stomach rumble as he groaned. "Fine I just can't summon anymore metal the blade and armor I have now will have to suffice. So no big flashy moves no big deal." with that he began to slash his way through on an empty stomach.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Ha! This will be a cinch! I can't believe I was even worried!]]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I was gonna write my second characters backstory like Arthur than his opening sequence to the RP. Though I think it's better Arthur meets Lilyana first and I save the next characters backstory. Though they'll team up with him of course and with your second character as well.]]
  Arthur / Knight- / 1y 41d 7h 24m 23s
Lilyana almost couldn’t believe that [i this] was the test. It wasn’t at all what she expected, but that didn’t really matter, did it? Whatever the test was she had to pass somehow. Even though they gave the option to duck out, Lilyana stood firm and took a number with the others at point A. She didn’t blame the ones who decided not to try this time, she just couldn’t afford to write back to her family telling them she had willingly backed down at the first opportunity.

The fact that their weapons and armor were tucked away in lockers and inaccessible was only a slight inconvenience to Lilyana. Some others would be more hindered by that. Lilyana waited for the signal to go, already formulating a rough plan. She planned to find her teammates, it would help maximize the possible points and reduce the chances of them failing. Especially if they ran into any particularly tough suits, she wasn’t sure how difficult they would be but they didn’t seem to be messing around with this maze and she didn’t want to underestimate them. It wasn’t going to be an easy test. If she failed though, she’d never be able to face her family again most likely. Writing [i that] sort of letter was the stuff of her nightmares. Her parents were pretty strict.

At the word go Lilyana surged forward with the other students into the maze. They started out as a pretty big crowd, but soon thinned out as they picked different branches. So far no one was interested in attacking each other, probably because none of them could have anything of value yet, and everyone was in a hurry to find their teammates or the scraps of paper with information and worth points.
  Lilyana / Yavanna / 1y 52d 3h 59m 55s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur had tried to stop many of the well dressed students.]]

[center "Err sorry but I'm trying to focus kay?"]]

[center "Ehh? What are those clothes? I think your lost kid"]

[center [b Whether the words were polite or not the faces were the same. Full of confusion and disgust perhaps he wasn't dressed well for the occasion. "Like I hardly had a warning" didn't matter either way he didn't have much money. He let out a soft sigh with a smile across his face as he rubbed the back of his neck.]]

[center [+brown Guess I'll just wing it huh?]]

[center [b Arthur had decided to try and take in his surroundings. It seemed he was in front of a fine academy and the students hadn't seemed armed. Would they only be allowed a Blast Heart? Or would they suit up after they announce the test? There was a large stage in front of the academy probably for big events. Arthur's thoughts were cut off as a man had came and entered the stage grabbing a mic on stand as he offered a strange smile.]]

[center [pic https://d1zfszn0v5ya99.cloudfront.net/user/16097251/profile_picture/59e5dc4493c9a_square.png]]

[center [+blue So this is where we escort students in the building for the written test. At least that's what I'm sure you were expecting right? The written test before the practical. Hello if you don't already know me you have obviously poorly studied but just in case. I'm Edward Muller head of R&D in Radiant Academy. Though I'm sure your all wondering what I meant by earlier comment.]]

[center [b It was than the man gave a sly grin as he reached into the pocket of his coat grabbing a pen. As he span the pen around in his hands he looked to the crowd. As the ground began to rumble metal walls had begun to grow all around. Almost like a... Maze? What the hell was this? What kinda academy was this?]]

[center [+blue Though I'm a man who believes the pen is mightier than the blade. One cannot grow to certain of a set schedule. Rune Knights must always be ready to adapt we are the professionals after all. Even the rookies are looked to with a certain expectation. We have you sign those wavers for a reason but if you wish to leave now? Than be my guest to flee if this is too much too handle. The task however is rather simple you will moved into teams of three. You must make it through the maze with any means possible. There in the maze we will release my personal weaponized suits of armor. "Empty Knights" though these weapons aren't ready to defend our borders yet they are still quite capable of dealing some damage in large numbers. Each suit is worth a certain amount of points to your score. When you reach the end of this maze you will be granted further score based off how quickly you finished this maze. Take too long? You'll be deducted points instead now... Any questions?]]

[center [pic http://i65.tinypic.com/be7c46.jpg]]

[center [b A timid girl had raised her hand as Edward gave a wry chuckle pointing her way with his pen.]]

[center [+blue Yes? Shoot child.]]

[center [+pink Umm.. Err.. Well it's just.. how do we know how many points a suit gives? How much time is considered too long? How do we know where to find our squad mates? Sorry for so many questions but I've got another and it's probably the most important. We've already placed our weapons and armor in the lockers behind the school so how are we to fight without them?]]

[center [b That's where Edward had given a wide grin before giving a light laugh before answering the womans questions.]]

[center [+blue Those aren't bad questions at all so very perceptive not all first years ping every important question like that. For the suits? They have a number on their models... In the inside of them anyway.]]

[center [+pink But!]]

[center [+blue You gotta defeat it to learn that models worth? Of course intel is something we fight tooth and nail for everyday. I will share an obvious tip the ones with more combat prowess? Will be worth more as for how long is too long? There are pieces of papers spread through here to let you know such a thing. For the heroic ones that wish to share this paper with other squad should know returning with the paper in tact? Gains an even higher grade as for finding your squad mates? That'll be a truly tricky matter no question about that. All over the school are starting points such as these from the school grounds to even the hunting grounds are maze takes place. Your two teammates will be from the nearest points from points A and point B. For the record we are point C you'll grab a ticket here on stage with a number. Find another member with the same number with point A or B? They are one of your teammates. Now in matters regarding your equipment? The Blast Hearts on you? Combined with whatever personal experience or training you may have? Are the weapons you have of course you can find the lockers behind the school and retrieve your weapons and armor if you wish.]]

[center [+red What?! That's ridiculous! Were basically going in blind! Are you crazy!? This is impo-]]

[center [+blue Impossible? Rune Knights are asked the impossible everyday. Were asked to fight wars nay to win wars sometimes even prevent them in covert ops. To deny those who are caught behind enemy lines in search of freedom we are asked to save those who are beyond salvation. We are asked to perform the impossible when you gain your real badges you are expected to be unwavering blades and shields. To be something no one should ever ask of a man or a woman. So if this is something you do not feel comfortable with? I'll escort you out of here myself.]]

[center [b With that Edward waited as Arthur looked around and he had seen that... More than half the students raised there hands! Edward had given them all a necklace with a chip inside?]]

[center [+blue Those wearing this necklace will not be attacked by the suits and if you attack these students wearing necklaces? You will be unable to become a Rune Knight. Ever period never can you try this trial again.]]

[center [b With that Arthur saw even more and more offering to go he had noticed Edward had made a large amount of these necklaces. Did they expect so many to leave? They look ashamed embarrassed even. Many of them probably wanted a more realistic test somewhere to start before gaining some training. Was the test always this hard? Or was the kingdom trying to weed for the cream of the crop? As the ones with necklaces left Arthur had looked to see only twenty students around him. "Wow! That's a lot! Right off the bat!" As Edward handed each student a piece of paper with a number on it Arthur had decided to ask.]]

[center [+brown Do we need our teammates with us to pass?]]

[center [+blue No the choice is yours to go it alone or seek aid.]]

[center [+red Pfft easy I'll do this alone than crazy test or not.]]

[center [b Arthur heard that same man grumble but he didn't really look his way to get a good look at him. He had however got the gaze of the pink haired girl from before. He had blinked shyly offering a bit of an awkward wave. She had seemed rather distraught looking left and right as she hid her face in her scarf. "How can someone so faint hearted still be here? God though she's adorable it's a shame she can't be one of my teammates. Awe well! Such is life!]]

[center [b Arthur had taken to the starting line with the others as Edward began to count down.]]

[center [+blue Five!]]

[center [+blue Four!]]

[center [+blue Three!]]

[center [+blue Two!]]

[center [+blue One!]]

[center [+blue ...Go!]]
  Arthur / Knight- / 1y 56d 1h 55m 22s
It was the day of the exam and the pressure was on. Her family was counting on her to do well. Generations of effort were on her shoulders. It made for a stressful morning, especially when she overslept.

She hadn’t been able to sleep most of the night, so she fell asleep pretty late, and woke up with a start. She couldn’t be late. She untangled herself from the sheets and threw on her clothes, got ready in a hurry, and ran to catch up with the others. No time for breakfast.

She caught up to the crowd making their way to the exam and slowed down to catch her breath,”Not late. Good. Good. Just need to do well.”

Lilyana hurried still, not wanting to be one of the last ones there. She had hoped to be early, but that was last night before she had slept in. “Being early probably doesn’t matter that much anyway,” Lilyana muttered as she walked,”What really matters is doing well during the exam.”

If she didn’t do well, she was pretty sure her family would be furious.
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