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  Anelle / Reiji / 1y 229d 5h 27m 40s

[b Heirarchy]
It's undisputed that their military is the major power of the Kingdom. However, it's traditionally set with the King as the head of it. With the loss of the previous King, the current King's companion has stepped in as a "temporary" leader. As was left in the will of the previous King, should anything ever happen to him- ... but this cannot be confirmed by the scribes and is a really odd matter that just seemed to happen overnight.

  Anelle / Reiji / 1y 234d 16h 37m 1s
Name- Mythos Banbury
Alias(es)- If applicable
Age- twenty-nine
Sex/Gender- Male
Sexual Orientation-
Blood Type- Cannoli
Nationality- Sweets Kingdom
Occupation- Prince
"A vivacious Prince torn between his desires for adventure and his loyalty to his home, for he is concerned of the future of his homeland and the growing animosity with the Drinks Empire. He is soft-spoken, but extremely bold."
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 1y 360d 11h 35m 37s
Mythos has dark brown hair which frames his face, voluminous and curly on the tips. He has two larger curls that come into his cheeks, but longer bits down the front that almost come to his shoulders.
He has a splotch of white on his head, which he likes to cover with a miniature tophat. From this splotch, there are occasional white strands and toward the front of his hair, his tips are white.
He wears almost exclusively white clothing, he dislikes colour and gold. He wears silver adornments and always sticks to soft lime greens, the occasional brown, beiges/tans, and soft blues. He occasionally will wear a very muted pink and purples. He likes floral patterns and thick, tight material such as brocade and drapery.
He is just SLIGHTLY tanned and his eyes are gold.

  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 1y 360d 11h 35m 50s
Okay, I've been fantasizing about this Kingdom for- .. um.. well, when did I meet you? I latched onto Mythos before I did Astrid, I think. Anyways, don't feel pressured to make any of this canon at all. It's just been my mind going off for the last couple of years. I've never *properly* fleshed it out, I didn't want to get too attached to it, so there's some plotholes and stuff. But use as much or as little as you like, or even none, I'm just idea-spilling.

Wise and just King for quite some time, who is caught between a war and tortured until mad in another Kingdom. His first son takes place as regent during that time. For unknown reasons, the King is returned. But within three years of his return he takes his own life and the life of his only daughter who was sought to wed one of the Princes of Fruits to further solidify an alliance. SPOILER WARNING Spoiler: He's actually introduced with slow poisons while being tortured, and thoughts planted into his mind. He goes insane because of the poison. Everything he did was the result of his mind essentially destroying itself because of it, and then his entire body shuts down and the pain is so severe that he kills himself. His first son is behind all of this and the way he kind of built his own power behind his brothers' back was because of one of the noblewomen in the Veg Kingdom who is on the council. Probably bedding her and more than just her for assistance. Why remain a councilwoman when you could be Queen of an Empire?

His first son is now King and one of the first things he does is entirely cast the Drinks and Sweets. His sister died, he blamed them for her death and for the abduction of his father, and told them to f off. He highly favours the Vegetables because of how military-driven they are. Spoiler: He intends to wait until Vegetables hibernate, and then he'll storm the country and take it - their armies included.

Mythos Banbury is now the First Prince. Desparate already for a wife and child to strengthen his claim to the throne, as he's suspicious of everything going on in his country. He's favourable to the Drinks and Sweets, and knows to some extent what his brother and current King is planning. However, he's torn between his duties in overthrowing his own kin or just making sure his brother doesn't destroy everything - and he wants to see the world. He craves adventure and he knows he's not the type to be tied down easily, he doesn'tw ant to stay home forever. It was never the plan until his Father passed. Now he feels compelled to stay home. His heart was wrecked when he heard the Fruits siblings were setting sail, he wanted so badly to join them on their voyage and to attempt to ease the distress between their Kingdoms.

Danavar is one of the leading men when it comes to technology and favours entirely closing off Sweets from the rest of the world, using their abilities to just create a paradise away from all the issues. He's semi-friendly with Mythos and the two kind of collaborate in thinking that the King is a little crazy and might need to be dethroned. But Danavar is kind of, "Um, if we do that we need to be advanced enough to protect ourselves against our own army and I'm not there yet, or we need to re-ally with Drinks and Sweets and something tells me that won't come easily. Kinda exhausted all our chances tbh"

One of the esteemed generals in the Pepperment army is extremely behind the current King and firmly believes in ruling by strength of hand. There's concerns he's going to lead a coup.

And, of course, this is all behind closed doors; making the Kingdom seem extremely unfriendly after more than 3-4 days to visitors. Like something is brewing beneath all the fantastic beauty that Sweets has to offer. As if the Kingdom itself is attending a masquerade ball, and their smile is a facade.

They appear fairly flimsy; the King reaches out toward Vegetables but the Prince intervenes. The Prince reaches out to Drinks or Sweets, and the King intervenes. Drama drama drama.
  [ ⊥ ] / Reiji / 1y 360d 11h 40m 30s

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