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[Baumans [center [size15 Every fiber of Colin's being longed to fling himself right over the bar with a firmly planted fist into the shit eating smirk that the shirtless man was wearing. The anger he felt was hidden under the surface but as he glanced over at his friend, he could see something in Abelin's eyes that he only saw when the other desired a man in a dangerous way. A way that he himself wouldn't ever be able to provide for his love. He wanted the man to hurt and abuse him. Which only made the black haired manager hate this cocky guy ten times more.

Abel watched as the man walked away, glancing down to the card and picking it up, turning it over and seeing the number. [i [#00878e "Talk business, huh?"]] his voice was quiet, thoughtful. Colin's dark eyes shifted up to the balcony, meeting with the eyes of a man that stood there watching them. His eyes were intense and filled with disdain for this whole situation, this whole visit. The feeling of the card being slipped into his suit pocket brought his attention back to the model.

[i [#9c00cc "I don't like the sound of it. Any of what he said."]] the man admitted. Leaning in closer, Abel kissed softly at the shell of his ear, a hand resting on the other's thigh as he whispered softly, [i [#00878e "Then what are you gunna do about it?"]] They both knew. Around Abel, Colin had no shame. Normally he was prideful and wouldn't want anyone to see him as jealous or weak. But with Abel, there was nothing about his manager the model couldn't read straight from his eyes. There was no hiding or being ashamed about his feelings being written on his sleeve.

Taking the card from his pocket with two of his fingers, the bitter man flicked the card stock over the bar like a piece of trash, earning him airy laughter from the other. A small smirk spread his lips out, feeling accomplished that such a small expression of his jealousy made his love amused in some way. Confidence renewed, the man looked back up to the balcony to glare at the short man, this time a cocky grin making his whole person seeming to shine with power and superiority. He really was living when he was with Abel.

A buzzing in his pocket spurred Abel to pull out his phone, eyes taking in the picture sent to him of the man they should be looking for. About damn time. Showing his comrade, he received a nod and the two stood to their feet. Pulling out a few bills, the model set down the cash to pay for the drinks, giving the bartender a wink before turning to the rest of the club.

[i [#00878e "You ready to show that asshole what money a real dancer should be pulling in?"]] the sound of his words made a shiver run down Colin's spine. Nodding in agreement, his friend wrapped his arms around Colin's neck and pulling him closer to whisper in his ear. Moments passed and the man took his seat from before, facing the club to watch what was about to happen. To scan the faces of the crowd.

Making his way to the dance floor, eyes were already beginning to settle on the teal haired man, his spirits lifting as he softly swayed his hips to the pounding of the music. Once he was in the center of it all, he really started to get into the music, his body moving in a very natural rhythm, dancing like a natural. Feeling brave enough, one man came up to Abel and this time, he was accepting. Pressing against the man and grinding his ass back against him, the two started gaining more attention from others, the bodies on the dance floor all bouncing and moving in unison.

The longer the music played, the more sensual Abel's body moved, occasionally bending down and rolling his body upward, his booty shorts leaving little to the imagination. Before long, another man had come up in front of Abel, hands on the model's hips as he was pinned between the two bodies, grinding between the two. The new man nibbled and kissed at Abel's neck and a arm rested on his shoulder, Abelin's hand fisted in his hair.

Nearly all eyes in the club were on the erotic male practically having a three way on the dance floor, his grey eyes looking up to the balcony and locking with what he assumed to be the owners lackey. Licking his lips before parting them in an open smile, Abel panted and a thin layer of sweat coated his skin. It wasn't long before the man started moving his dance partners along to let others have a turn, the men beginning to fill the waistband of his shorts with cash. A lot of cash in very large bills. More than what the dancers were graced with.

He continued to put on a show until he glanced back at Colin, the man nodding in sign, Abel knowing it was time. He parted through the sea of eager dancers, money practically falling from his clothes. Without glancing back up at the balcony, Abelin stepped up to the edge of the stage that the dancer of the moment was on, pulling out all the money and tossing it at her condescendingly before blowing her a kiss and giving a wink.

Approaching the bar, Colin nodded his head towards the front of the club. With the dance having died down, the man they were looking for was now aware of their presence. With Abel done dancing, the man was also no longer distracted from making an escape. They both hurried behind them, an adrenaline fueled smile of success on teal lips. Giving one final glance back, he saw the owner, snickering and dragging a hand up his thigh before popping his ass on their way out to follow the man.

Though he tried to make a quick escape, the man they were looking for wasn't fast enough to get away from Colin, the man catching up and wrapping a firm arm around his shoulders. [i [#9c00cc "Don't tell me you aren't excited to see us after all the profit your friend made thanks to us."]] he nearly purred. Both manager and client were practically buzzed in a heavenly pleased bliss. One from engaging in an amazing dance and the other simply from having witnessed such an erotic sight.

[i [#00878e "Come on, Manny. Let's go talk, shall we? I have something special planned for you."]] Abel cooed, running a hand down the man's chest, the scared male trembling. He knew what was to come. Though he tried, there was no escaping the two to safety as they lead him back to Colin's car. The two had a long night ahead of them.]]
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Felix’s expression did not falter as he listened to the attractive man’s words. He loved the way he finished by taking a sip of martini, not breaking eye contact or missing a beat. So, he couldn’t be so easily won over by words. A challenge. Felix liked that. [i I wonder how long it would take to break him? What makes him scream?] The dark thoughts lingered at the edge of his mind as he continued to gaze upon the man that clearly held his interest, a smirk upon his lips. He noted that Abelin used the word “find” instead of “meet” which made it hard to believe the person he was looking for was actually a friend. Felix kept this thought to himself, deciding to keep an eye on him from above later.

The nearest bartender who’d heard the interaction looked as if he was about to shit a brick, clearly thinking that Felix would strike out. However, the dark haired man looked rather amused. [#B22222 “Who knew such pretty lips could drip such venomous words. Dazzle has been going through some...changes. I’ve had to rearrange some people. I appreciate your honesty because I really do strive to be the best of the best but that’s hard to do when nothing gets done right if you’re away. Sadly, I can’t be everywhere at once,”] he mused as he poured himself another shot. He tipped the liquor back and pounded the glass on the bar, chuckling to himself about using the word “rearrange” since that was literally what he had done to a few unfortunate souls.

[#B22222 “Well, I’ll be here all night if you want to berate me some more. I [i would] like to talk about some business related topics with you, but hopefully we can do that in one of my other establishments sometime soon. Preferably at The Vault,”] he said slipping a white business card across the bar. One side featured the outline of a black cat and the back had a glossy embedded phone number. The Vault was in a ritzier part of town and stood twenty stories high. It doubled as a night club and hotel, the nightclub in the basement being exclusive and not noticeable if you didn’t know where to look. Felix fell in love with the glamorous building and did everything in his power to obtain it, mainly blackmailing the previous owner combined with a little kidnapping. It got the job done.

Not having anything left to say, Felix stepped out from behind the bar and made his way towards the staircase that led up to the private balcony. [i This will be fun], he thought looking back at the man at the bar before going up the stairs.

Once upstairs he flopped himself down on one of the black leather couches that lined the wall. [#7B68EE “Why the fuck are you smiling like that? It’s creepy…”] Lucky immediately commented. Both associates were used to his usual blank expression and seeing him with something close to a smile was jarring. [#7B68EE “You only get like this when you’re plotting or thinking about dirty shit."] Felix only turned his head lazily, flashing her and Rin a devilish grin. [#B22222 “No, no nothing dirty. Not me. Never. I just want information. There’s always room to expand the empire,”] he gave the two an innocent pout though his words were everything but innocent.

Rin didn’t look too convinced by his response, his eyebrow raising as best it could. [#B22222 “Oh look at you, Rin. You know me too well, dear cousin. I really did just want some information but now…"] Felix didn’t have to finish his sentence because Rin knew exactly what he wanted to say. A new obsession. A new person for Felix to collect. [#808000 “I’ll keep tabs on him,”] he mumbled, turning around to look over the balcony once more.

Stretching his arms out and resting them beneath his head, Felix let out a satisfied sigh. [i A worthy opponent. I can't wait to own him.]
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[Baumans [center [size15 It was hard for the two partners at the bar not to notice as a shirtless man neared the bar and slipped behind the counter. Abelin's eyes lingered on his toned and inked back for a few moments before returning his attention to the people talking to him. Such terrible attempts at getting him into bed with him. He didn't even work here and people were already practically wet and willing to throw money at him if need be to get what they wanted. The ruse continued, the man letting out a soft giggle as a rather busty woman practically offered herself to him on a silver platter.

Raising a hand and shaking his head in disinterest, Abel spoke up to the woman's dismay, [i [#00878e "You're gorgeous, really you are but.. I'm just about as gay as it gets, love. Ask him, I'm not giving up dick any time soon, right Col?"]] an elbow bumped his friend in the side, glancing over his shoulder at the displeased look on his face. Oops. He didn't appreciate that. Looking back to the woman, she apparently didn't appreciate that either, turning with a prude flip of her product fried hair and walking off offended.

Rolling his eyes, he shrugged and waved a couple of the men off that still lingered beside him. As he looked back at Colin, he realized the other had an intense glare glued to the shirtless and fairly attractive man on the other side of the bar. The teal haired man might have been too occupied to notice the other's intent staring at him, but the man next to Abel sure as hell didn't miss a beat. Red flags went off in his head and a feeling of danger washed over him. He wanted to get Abelin out of there but he knew the older one wouldn't be swayed from his prize of the night.

When said mystery man began engaging in conversation, Colin looked away, Abel finally letting his eyes meet with the man now speaking to him. His voice stirred something deep in the model and he wasn't hating it at all. Letting the man finish, Abelin spoke up, leaning over the bar a bit as well and resting his chin in the palm of his hand. Trying to sweet talk him already? Time to shut him down quick. [i [#00878e "Ah.. don't worry sweetie, I'm only here to find a friend of mine. Though I'm glad to hear you have other places besides this one. More chance to redeem yourself what with the sub par dancers at this place. Hopefully the others are in a bit better taste than Dazzle~"]] he cooed, finishing up with a sip of his martini, keeping eye contact. His eyes were smiling but his words dripped in disgust.

On one hand Abel thrived on compliments, but just like a cat, it had to be when [i he] wanted it. And right now, he was far too focused on finding and beating this man half to death tonight to care about getting distracted by sexy men with deep sultry voices and.. eyes that bled sadistic seduction.. [i Fuck he's everything.] the man cursed to himself.

Beside him, Colin snickered and knocked back the rest of his beer, a smirk on his face. Of course he worried for nothing. He should have known Abel wouldn't be putting up with any bullshit from anyone tonight. Sometimes he felt foolish for being so protective and jealous. Though he couldn't help it. His client was his world and to him it felt like the world was after his beautiful friend. Like he was just waiting for the day that Abel would be taken from him. Thank god that day wasn't today.
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A few nights later and Dazzle was still at the center of the Black Cat leaders attentions. Things were returning back to normal and somehow Felix had managed to nab the person who’d been pilfering the profits. This left Lucky with the assignment of helping the newly hired business manager and Felix busy doing god only knows to the money thief.. Rin’s current assignment was finding out more about the teal haired model, but he was unsure of where to start. He still wasn't sure why Felix had an interest in him at all. The only information Rin gathered was fashion related. Felix did seem to have an interest in fashion though he never said much about it aloud. Perhaps he wanted in on the industry, at least that's the only thing that made sense to Rin. It was hard to say since Felix never let others in on his plans until they were a sure thing.

The scarred man let his eyes linger on the crowd from the balcony above that was reserved for Black Cat business. Dazzle was as lively as ever. All of the girls seemed happy that Jessica was in charge of managing things and it made for a superb atmosphere backstage and onstage. Rin’s eyes fell on a head full of bouncy red curls. Lucky was training a new dancer that apparently didn't know how to dance or at least how to dance in a sexy way. Lucky dropped low, quickly shaking her butt as she slowly lifted herself back up. [#808000 “Damn...”] Rin mumbled to himself finding it hard to look away. That girl would be the death of him. Or rather, her hatred of him would be the death of him.

Finally, tearing his eyes away he went back to scanning the rest of the crowd.What he saw was boring and typical. Married business men, lonely nerds, over juiced jocks. Same old same old. That is until he saw a bright teal head bobbing through the throngs of people and placing itself at the bar.[#808000 “No way…”] he whispered, whipping out his cell phone so that he could use the camera to zoom in.

There was no denying that the man sitting at the bar with people now flocked around him was the man Felix was looking to speak to. Rin laughed at his luck. This was the first time something had so easily fallen into his lap. He closed the camera on his phone and called Felix. The phone rang longer than it usually did before he finally picked up. [#B22222 [i “Moshi Moshi. This better be good because I'm kind of busy at the moment.”]] Through the phone Rin could hear muffled screaming. No surprise there. [#808000 "Your new subject of interest just walked into Dazzle."] There was silence on the other end before what Rin made out to be a chuckle.[#B22222 [i “That is good. I'll be right there.]] The line went dead and Rin smirked. He stayed up at the balcony to keep an eye on the male, not wanting to deal with the foul mood of Felix if he let the model leave before his arrival.

Felix ended the phone call with Rin, the cigarette in his mouth bobbing up and down as he chuckled. The chuckles soon turned into full blown laughter, the cigarette falling out of his mouth and onto the person tied to a chair below him. This elicited a soft cry which was only muffled by the rag tied around the young man’s mouth. [#B22222 “I guess you're in luck. I've got another important matter to attend to so you can just stay put and think about why it's a bad idea to steal other people's money. Especially someone who took you under his wing,”] he said with a low growl. Felix’s hand gripped at the exposed muscle and bone from where he had peeled skin and flesh from the male's thumb. Blood slowly dripped down, splashing onto the concrete floor. More muffled screams sounded into the dimly lit room. [#B22222 “Oh, don’t worry. We'll have more fun later.”] Felix mocked the man's screams as he exited the room, slamming the door behind him.

The room he was now in was dim but brighter than his makeshift torture chamber. His pointed black shoes clicked against the empty warehouse floors, echoing around him. Looking down at his outfit he scoffed at the blood splattered across his white shirt. He had no desire or time to go home and change. The white powder he snorted earlier was encouraging him to go, go, go. There was no time to waste. [#B22222 “Fuck it,”] he growled, tearing the shirt from his body and tossing it onto the floor. It wasn’t like anyone would scold him for showing up shirtless to his own club. He took off in a light sprint until he reached the sleek, black sports car that waited for him outside.

Felix reached the club, pulling into his reserved spot in Dazzle’s parking lot, and jumped out of the car. As he entered the strip club the colored lights shone down on his back, illuminating the giant snake and flowers that stretched from the nape of his neck to the top of his pants. A few of the dancers greeted him as he made his way onto the floor. Some glancing quizzically at his bare chest, eyes staring at his scar, and the tattoo on his back. He lifted a hand to say hello, though his eyes were wandering wildly trying to find Rin. His eyes flew to the private balcony that sat above all of the action and locked eyes with his comrade. Rin tipped his head down, motioning to the bar.

It wasn't hard to spot the teal haired man seated there. The man was definitely as attractive as he had appeared on television. Not that he was here to talk about the male’s looks. He loosened his shoulders and strolled over to the bar, slipping behind the counter. The bartender looked surprised by his presence. Felix wiggled his eyebrows at the stunned man and turned towards the wall of neatly organized bottles of alcohol, facing away from the people sitting at the bar. He listened to the mixture of conversations from the patrons, some of their words causing him to smirk as he turned back around and poured himself a drink.

The teal haired man was only inches away from him, separated mostly by the bar counter. Felix shot the drink back, eyes glued to the man. The burning liquid sliding down his throat did little to phase him. Although a hand on his back did cause him to turn around with a raised eyebrow. His red haired accomplice stood there, a new dancer trailing behind her. [#7B68EE “Felix where the fuck is your shirt? What's up? I mean I know you look good but you don't usually flaunt it like this.”] She studied his face, taking note of the slightly dilated pupils beneath his glasses. Felix simply nodded his head towards the model seated at the bar. [#B22222 “Rin called me. I was in a rush, hence my lack of clothes.”]

Lucky’s eyes widened when she realized who the man was.[#7B68EE “Holy shit! Why the fuck didn’t Rin text me. That piece of-”] her words were cut off by Felix's finger pressing against her lips. Lucky scrunched her eyebrows together half tempted to bite his finger, though she knew that would only turn Felix on. [#B22222 “I'd like to talk with him upstairs sometime soon. Go wait up there with Rin,”] he spoke in a hushed, serious voice. There was no arguing with him when he used that tone. Sighing she kept her mouth shut as she watched the tall man slide down to Abelin before turning in the direction of the balcony staircase.

Felix leaned his elbow onto the bar, staring down his glasses at the attractive man in front of him. He couldn't help but notice the man seated next to Abelin who sported smears of teal lipstick on his neck. [i That's interesting...] the bespectacled man thought, gears in his head thinking of how to use this information to benefit himself in some way. Nothing came to mind but he was sure that something would come to him.

[#B22222 “Well, I never expected to see a famous model in one of my establishments. To what do I owe the pleasure?”] he purred, his eyes looking the man up and down from what he could see above the bar. Knowing next to nothing about this man except that he was rich and worked in the fashion world he hoped flattery wouldn't be lost on him. In all honesty he [i was] surprised that the man had walked into Dazzle. It was a decent place but not as high class as one of the other strip clubs Felix owned.
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[Baumans [center [size15 A few days had passed since the young model and his manager had killed a man they initially gone to interrogate for information. The loss that night had set them back, the looming mystery of a leech in his company causing the older man to be much more on edge than usual. He was used to this sort of thing happening, the system that worked under him lowly nobodies that given the chance to undermine him to make some quick cash, most certainly would.

At a rather risque photo shoot, Abel posed in many provocative poses, his outfit barely leaving any part of him to the imagination. Colin watched as the pictures were taken with hungry eyes, not able to look away, even as someone would occasionally come up to ask him a question about production and distribution of this set.

A while later, the set was wrapping up and the teal haired man walked up to Colin, a knowing smirk on his face. Looking down pointedly at the bulge the other was sporting in his pants, Abel let out a chuckle of a breath, eyes meeting the predatory ones of the other. A hand slid over the taller man's shoulder as Abel leaned forward, breath ghosting over Colin's ear, [i [#00878e "It's been nearly a year since we tried and two months since you fucked me, Col. Come on, you can't keep resisting me like this."]]

The man stiffened and closed his eyes tight, body wanting to pull the man in but his mind too steadfast to give in. Taking in a sharp breath through his nose, Colin spoke lowly so that only Abel could hear him. "The sex is amazing, but not for you. I refuse to hurt you, Abelin. I'd rather you find someone who can take care of your needs. How many times must I say this?" he questioned, moderately annoyed that the other man wouldn't give up but part of him glad that he wasn't.

Slumping against the taller man, Abel let his body go dead weighted, causing his friend to hold him up, his arms wrapping around the brightly colored male. The glint of a smirk spread across his lips, knowing the contact he just forced between them both would lead to the other giving in. [i [#00878e "Until you cave and stop worrying so much about me and just give me what I want,"]] came his response. His head turned up to look at the other. The dilemma Colin was faced with was written all over his face. Brows furrowed and desire in his eyes.

Forcing Abel to stand up straight, the man scanned around the two to make sure no one was close, huffing a bit. "You being mine only leads to more problems. I'd want you to find someone that could provide for you what I can't and if you did, you know I might likely kill them.." he trailed off, recalling a time when that was a very real happening.

Wrapping his arms around Colin, Abel pressed their bodies together, a sultry look on his face as he smiled. [i [#00878e "You nearly already do even when I'm not yours, Col~"]] the man purred. That was it. That knowing look and Colin's inability to deny what the other said was all he could handle this time, grabbing the smaller man's wrist and dragging him out of the studio. Thankfully there was a nearby prop room that would be used to accommodate their extracurricular activities that evening. And oh how heavily it was used.

Once the two were done, the door opened to the prop room, teal lipstick all over the taller man's neck and lips. Abel would have told the other but he quite enjoyed everyone being well aware of who - atleast in his own eyes - Colin belonged to. Giving each other a knowing glance, the shorter winking playfully at Colin, they went to collecting their things, the model changing into something more casual though not much more modest than what he was already in and the two headed for the garage. Colin couldn't deny that the tight booty shorts, leather boots and the loose, flowy top that hung on the other's shoulders. showing off part of his smooth chest did nothing to calm the hunger he had for his friend. Regardless, they made their way to the garage, Colin's eyes unable to keep off of Abel's assets.

Finding Colin's car, they both slipped in and the teal haired man stretched his arms and let out a pleased groan as the car revved to life. [i [#00878e "See, you can have rough sex, why don't you just add a little choking or hitting? S'not that hard is it?"]] Abel questioned. Pulling out of the buildings garage, the other gave a single nod. "Extremely. I won't lay a harmful finger on you."

A sigh escaped Abel's lips. [i What a hero.] he thought to himself sarcastically. Leaning against the door and watching out the window for a moment, he jolted softly as his cellphone chirped to life. Pulling out the device, he answered the call and placed it to his ear. [i [#00878e "Yes?"]] a moment or two of silence as he listened to the other side had Colin wondering what was so important that his friend could shut his mouth for that long. As the person on the other side of the line spoke, Abel began reapplying his teal lipstick, popping his lips together softly to get a more even coverage. Glancing over, he caught a glimpse of that twisted grin he was so fond of. Oh boy, someone was gunna get hurt tonight.

[i [#00878e "Very good, thank you. You should expect a bonus for that. Thank you for your work,"]] he spoke before hanging up, leaning over to Colin who awaited the news of whatever got Abel so excited.

[i [#00878e "I was just given an.. anonymous tip to the whereabouts of a friend of that guy the other night. Someone who supposedly knew all about what he was up to and perhaps even knows the whereabouts of all those stolen pelts."]] At this point the model was beaming. Whether it was from the thought of getting to the bottom of this double crossing deal or just the anticipation of torturing someone who wronged him, the black haired man wasn't sure. Either way, he was willing to go to the ends of the earth for Abel.

"Alright, where do we go?" he questioned. The smaller man snickered. [i [#00878e "A lovely little establishment called Dazzle. Strip club a few blocks away. Not bad, I've been there once before but the dancers are amateur at best. If I worked there, they'd be as rich as I am~"]] that, Colin had no doubt about. The man set to where Abel guided him, parking and making their way in. It wasn't too hard to gain entrance and once inside, the pounding music and the lights gave Abel shivers. What a great atmosphere.

All the bodies and people dancing couldn't keep Colin's protecting gaze off of Abel, not liking the crowd of people here. He made sure to keep close behind his friend in case anything happened. Walking over to the bar, Abel sat down, the other sitting beside them and scanning the people behind them. [i [#00878e "Hey, less obvious big guy or you'll spook him. If he doesn't think we're here for him, he wont have a reason to dart. He doesn't know we know yet. So let's keep it that way. Let's have a drink shall we?"]] Waving down a bartender, he ordered Colin a beer and himself a martini, enjoying more fruity tasting alcohol.

The two sat for a moment in silence, sipping on their drinks but it wasn't long before a few people had gathered around him, engaging in conversation, obviously enamored by who he was, though some obviously only there for the view. The taller male watched, twinges of jealousy in his chest as Abelin spoke sweetly and slightly flirty with them. The only thing that calmed his jealousy was knowing that the other was only using a ruse and that he most likely found each of them disgusting. None of them were Abel's type.]]
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Three people sat around a large table in a small lit room, the pounding of music in the distance filling the quiet air around them. Stacks of money were laid out on the table, three money counters sitting in front of each body. The two dark haired men seemed more focused on the money counting than the red headed woman that sat across from them
She held a tv remote in her hand flicking through the channels, sighing in disappointment at every program.[#7B68EE “Hey Felix...remind me why the fuck we're here again?”]

A tall man with glasses briefly glanced up from the money counter giving his associate the slightest of looks. From his expressionless face to his black on black attire and the way he carried himself in this room of three, it wasn't hard to tell that he was in charge.[#B22222 “I told you. Dazzle has been mysteriously missing profits so I came here to collect the money myself. Believe it or not I'm tired of cutting off fingers...for now.”] Felix returned his eyes to the money in front of him, placing another stack in the machine. The shorter man next to him who sported a scar which stretched from his ear and stopped at the bottom corner of his lip, chuckled at their leader’s response. [#808000 “Plus, there have been a few customers giving the girls a hard time lately. We came to take care of that too, but if you're too scared or lazy Lucky, I guess we can handle it ourselves…”] he smiled wickedly at the woman, eying her skin-tight black dress.

Lucky turned her attention away from their leader and towards the scarred man. [#7B68EE “Fuck you, Rin. You get on my damn nerves,”] she spat, turning up the volume of the television while glaring daggers. She had settled on a news program. Mostly to break up the silence and the distorted music that had filled the room, but also because the news was a great way to keep up on the happenings of the city. It was also the best way to the see the crimes they had gotten away with. [#7B68EE “Oh shit, they're talking about Abelin,”] she said excitedly, turning the volume up even more.

Felix and Rin both looked at each other mouthing the word “Who?” unsure of what had gotten their companion so excited. Of course, she was now too engrossed in the screen to see that they had no idea who she was talking about. Felix pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and tore his eyes away from the money and to the television.

[i "-and it's no secret that he has a knack for the controversial. Abelin's most common gimmick is a play on religious figures and themes, often times using provocative photo shoots in such religious garments to mock the religious community. While many parents feel this display makes this man unsuitable as a proper role model, there are many who fully support him and the message he stands for. It's no doubt the man may have an overly extravagant lifestyle and way of presenting himself, but from the kindness he shows his fans to the events he holds in the wake of hate crimes whether by race or orientation, he leaves a large number of people rethinking their views on such discrimination. While ever a topic of controversy, it's undeniable the message of acceptance that he must really be trying to preach. Though no matter which side you may fall with him, his aptitude for business seems to be unmatched. No numbers have been confirmed but it's estimated that between his high end fashion chain, the fashion shows he put's on and his own modeling career, he is easily making millions. At such a young age, a self made model with such a sense of profit would make him quite the triple threat of the business world. This is Miran-"]

The red head turned the volume back down and turned to look at the confused faces of Felix and Rin. [#7B68EE “He's fucking hot right? Felix, you'd sleep with him, yeah?”] she questioned with a raised eyebrow. Felix didn't respond immediately. His eyes were still glued to the tv and he had that look that said his mind was plotting something. The silence persisted for another minute before he glanced to his side, at Rin. [#B22222 “High end fashion? Millions?….Check into this and the man,”] he mumbled in Japanese. Rin didn't need to be told twice. He nodded his head and went back to counting the money while Lucky stared at the two with a pout on her lips. Her question hadn't been answered and she didn't know what exchange had occurred between the two men.

[#B22222 “To answer your question, Lucky, my pouty princess, I would probably sleep with him,”] Felix said, exchanging a devilish look with the woman. Satisfied with this she went back to putting money into the counter in front of her. Only seconds passed before someone burst into the room. A dark skinned man wearing all black, an employee of Dazzle, apologized for interrupting but informed them that one of the men they'd been having trouble with was trying to abuse one of the dancers. Setting the stack of money in his hand aside, Felix stood up and exited the room with Lucky and Rin following behind him.

The manager rushed them to one of the private VIP rooms. Yelling and foul language could be heard from inside. Felix smoothed down the front of his black suit and reached for the handle. Lucky and Rin started to move forwards, but stopped when he put up a hand. [#B22222 “I can handle it,”] Felix reassured them before disappearing into the room, shutting the door behind him. Inside he found a well dressed man with his hand wrapped around the wrist of a stripper who was on the verge of tears. The man was familiar. He recognized him from another gang, one he didn't think highly of. Without saying a word Felix moved towards the man. “Who the fuck are y-” the man was cut off by Felix’s foot slamming into his face at full force. Blood gushed from the man's nose but that didn't stop Felix from giving him another kick to the face. The man fell from his seat and onto the floor, crying out in pain.

Ignoring the man's cries, Felix turned his attention towards the dancer. She looked surprised but definitely relieved. [b “I-I-thank you. I'm sorry that you had to come deal with this. there anything I can do to repay you?”] she stammered, trying to look away from the bleeding man. Felix looked unphased by the current situation. [#B22222 “It’d be bad for business if I didn't handle this scum. Anyways, what's your name? What’s your story?”] He lowered himself into the chair and looked down at the struggling man on the floor, placing his foot down on his mouth to muffle the cries. Clearly confused the woman furrowed her brow but answered his question. She had just finished her master’s in business administration but had been unable to find a job, yet she needed something to pay off her hefty student loans somewhat quickly.

Felix nodded, feigning sympathy. Though in truth he didn't actually care about this woman's life.[#B22222 “Well, Jessica, you asked if there is anything you can do to repay me. Would you like to hear my proposition?”] The blonde woman nodded hesitantly and Felix continued.[#B22222 “This establishment is in desperate need of a business manager, mainly someone to handle the profits. Collect and increase, preferably. I can’t be everywhere at once so I need someone I can trust and I feel like I can trust you, Jessica. So how about I pay off your student loans and you work for me for oh, let's say two years? At the end of those two years I can put in a good word for you at a couple of places or you're welcome to continue working for me. How about it?”] The woman stared at him clearly in shock. Although when she opened her mouth she accepted, expressing how thankful she was that he would give her so much for what seemed like so little on her part. Felix smirked and handed her a simple white card with a black cat symbol printed on it and a phone number beneath the symbol.[#B22222 “We'll work out the details.”]

Finished talking, Felix stood up and opened the door to the room. Rin and Lucky entered almost immediately.[#B22222 “It seems I've killed two birds with one stone. The problem with touchy customers should be solved and I've found a new business manager. Lucky, help the girl get acquainted and Rin take care of this pile of trash,”] he motioned to the man on the floor who was now unconscious. Lucky frowned, crossing her arms over her chest. [#7B68EE “Why the fuck do I always get put in charge of the newbies?”] Even though she was striking up an argument she made her way across the room to the dancer turned business manager, motioning for her to get up. Rin grabbed ahold of the man on the floor and prepared to drag him out of the room. They both were clearly used to the way Felix operated.

[#B22222 “I'll see you at headquarters. And Rin, don't forget to check up on that interesting new venture,”] Felix directed as he exited the door.
  横田大地 / mephistopheles / 245d 3h 24m 41s
[center [pic]]
[Baumans [center [size15 Muffled cries filled a small messy room, followed by a loud crackle of bone being snapped under the weight of an expensive black dress shoe. With a heavy sigh and a hand lifting up to stroke dark hair out of his face, a man in a suit then adjusted his tie. Cold eyes glared down at the man in pain on the floor, his pleading and teary eyes peering back into the void of the others, pleading for the torture to end. Turning away, the suited man flicked on the T.V to keep the man from being too loud. As he was about to turn away, a flash of teal hair caught his eyes and he stopped, watching the screen.

[i [#00878e "Motherfuck!"]] a voice spat with venom behind him. Glancing behind him to the real life man that was now on the television, he watched as they growled, lip raised in a snarl and angrily sliced open the throat of the broken man that was sitting in front of him, crying. Pushing the now dead weight to the side, the rather beautiful man stood up, narrowing his eyes at the station playing. Letting out a sigh at the man now being dead and unable to give them the info they needed, the black haired one turned back to the T.V. and turned it up so they could hear it clearer.

[i "-and it's no secret that he has a knack for the controversial. Abelin's most common gimmick is a play on religious figures and themes, often times using provocative photo shoots in such religious garments to mock the religious community. While many parents feel this display makes this man unsuitable as a proper role model, there are many who fully support him and the message he stands for. It's no doubt the man may have an overly extravagant lifestyle and way of presenting himself, but from the kindness he shows his fans to the events he holds in the wake of hate crimes whether by race or orientation, he leaves a large number of people rethinking their views on such discrimination. While ever a topic of controversy, it's undeniable the message of acceptance that he must really be trying to preach. Though no matter which side you may fall with him, his aptitude for business seems to be unmatched. No numbers have been confirmed but it's estimated that between his high end fashion chain, the fashion shows he put's on and his own modeling career, he is easily making millions. At such a young age, a self made model with such a sense of profit would make him quite the triple threat of the business world. This is Miran-"]

The screen shut off and Abel stretched his arms out above his head, groaning softly. [i [#00878e "What idiots. Hm.. at least they didn't talk too much shit this time. Think I'm winning over the heart of America yet?"]] the man grinned. [i "Not at all, but it's a start."] he replied flatly, looking down at the body on the floor in disgust, upper lip twitching once before kicking the man's broken leg and shifting on his heel to head for the door.

Smirking in pride at the stoic man's action, Abel followed behind him, picking up his knife on the way and slipping it into his pocket, coming up behind his friend and placing a hand on his shoulder. [i [#00878e Y'know, Colin.. I'm surprised they showed some of those pictures of me on T.V.. I know they were blurred out but damn, I guess the news is getting more raunchy every day."]]

The man named Colin raised a brow and glanced over at Abel, shaking his head in amusement. [i "With your sex appeal and body, they just used those pictures to up their views. Hm- bet it worked."] he quipped.

Teal lips parted to reveal a toothy grin and Abel nearly growled out in a purr, [i [#00878e "You bet your ass it did~"]] With that, the two left, knowing full well the mess of a scene they left behind was nothing to worry about getting them caught. Men would be by later to clean up and leave not a single trace of their visit there that night.
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