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[Magra [center [size15 Of course the man walked in half naked and not a care in the world. Colin felt disgusted and was thankful for the one named Rin handing him a jacket. To be fair, the man would rather Rin be stark ass naked on his coffee table than to have that other fucker exposed in any way. Thank fuck he atleast had the decency to take and put on the jacket instead of denying it.

Felix was eager to start the conversation and so was the manager, wanting nothing more than to get this over with and get them out. Finishing off his last sip of beer, he set it on the table and leaned back against the chair, legs still apart a bit nonchalantly. It was his house after all. [i [#9c00cc "Yes, well we had no need for your card until you sent your rat- excuse me.. Rin to follow us. I'm glad you seemed to have gotten something out of tonight. I'm assuming the video was sent to you and that the one on the phone isn't the only one that exists now, am I right?"]]

His finger lazily pointed towards the pile of broken scattered pieces that used to be Rin's phone. [i [#9c00cc "So, what do you plan to do with it, is my main question. If you're planning on using it as blackmail, that won't work. We've had that happen before. Video similar to that leaked and we were able to damage control, convincing his following that the video was hard core fetish porn with special effects. We even made an actual second one with actors for good measure. So if it's for blackmail, go ahead and try I suppose but you won't get anywhere with it. Sure some names and such were used but there's ways around that as well."]]

Lifting his leg, Colin hooked his ankle over his thigh and watched the other. Something told him that the video was going to be precisely used as porn for this freak.]]
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Rin was surprised to hear that the other was bothering to grab him a beer. Something stronger was more preferable after the way his night had gone but he wasn’t about to turn down alcohol. At the very least it was something to do while they waited for Felix to show up. After, Colin disappeared to change and grab the beers Rin found himself looking around from his seat to get a better feel for the guy. The place was clean and modern, which made sense. Apart from the whole murder thing Colin seemed put together. The more responsible one compared to the model. It was something he could relate to.

The sound of footsteps snapped his wandering mind back to the current situation. Colin set down the two beers and Rin’s hand immediately grabbed the one set in front of him, eyes still watching the man across from him. Only seconds after beer touched his tongue he watched his being thrown towards the opposite of the room at the wall. The small device was no match for the force used against it, everything flying apart. Rin choked on his beer, his finger wiping away the liquid that attempted to spill from the corner of his mouth. Regaining composure, he set the beer back in front of him and stared up at Colin. [#808000 “That was unnecessary. But...fair. To be honest if we weren’t in your house I would probably feel obligated to punch you in the face.”] His shoulders sulked a bit as he picked the beer back up and put it to his mouth, not setting it back down until it was completely gone.

Teeth clenched, Rin watched as the man took a seat and pulled out his phone to make a call. As much as he did want to hit him he was rather distracted by the way the man was sitting. Elbows on knees, the way the bottle swayed from his fingers. Not to the mention the change of clothes. [i Wait….what the fuck? Ugh when is Felix going to get here? This night has just been really weird and I need to sleep.] Rin looked away from the seated man, ears still listening in on his conversation. He was up to something though he had no clue what that something could be.

After what felt like years of silence there was finally a buzz at the door. Rin’s shoulders tensed, still doubting Felix’s ability to play it cool after having what he considered to be a “fun” night. He watched the other man leave to let his leader in, eyes glazing over as he tried to prepare himself for whatever mood he was about to be subjected to. Colin’s voice snapped him back to reality. [#808000 “It doesn’t matter to me. Rat or Rin. Sounds pretty close, really,”] he mumbled, shrugging his shoulders.

There wasn’t time to say much else before Felix stepped through the door. Still shirtless with a bit of blood smeared across his chin. [i Always keeping it classy], Rin thought, taking in his appearance. Overall he looked calm. Even so, it was always hard to predict his next move or what would come out of his mouth.

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Felix immediately gave both men a shit eating grin. [#B22222 “I hope I didn’t keep you two waiting for too long. We can skip the casualties though, no beer for me. Let’s get to the talking,”] he chuckled, taking a seat in the chair closest to Rin. His eyes did a quick scan of the scarred man.[i No apparent injuries. He’s not bleeding...I guess everything is fine.] Leaning one arm onto the chair he rested his chin in the palm of his hand and looked over at the tall man. [#B22222 “Although I do appreciate you looking after Rin for me, if you wanted to talk all you had to do was make a simple phone call. I was a little...busy. But I guess I’m here now so I’ll listen.”]

Rin regarded Felix with tired eyes. Whatever Colin had to say probably wouldn’t be what Felix wanted to hear. Inching out of his jacket he tossed it over to his leader. [#808000 “Cover up. You’re in someone’s house,”] he scolded. Felix caught the jacket and smiled, slipping it on. He was still shirtless but it was better than nothing. [#B22222 “Well, don’t you sound like grandma? So cranky after your exciting night out,”] he pouted. The two men locked eyes with each other in a serious way that lasted for no more than five seconds before they were both smirking. Felix removed his arm from the rest and leaned back, crossing one leg over the other and waiting for the other male to speak.
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[Baumans [center [size15 Colin listened to the conversation that took place between the man and his boss, occasionally hearing laughter, only setting it in deeper when the guy actually held out the phone for him to get a better listen. He sounded nuts and Colin wanted Felix to have nothing to do with him or Abel ever again. But this guy didn't seem like he was gunna go down easily. He'd have to first have some sort of security net just in case. The manager was well aware of the danger he was putting himself in but he'd rather any sort of meeting be on his own turf.

As the phone was held out, Colin took in and slipped it into the pocket of his pants, glancing up to see Abel float into the room with a tank and sweats. Thank god he could finally get out of these uncomfortable clothes. Sending Abel back to lock himself up in his room, Colin glanced down at the man sitting in one of his chairs. [i [#9c00cc "I'm gunna go change, then I'll grab us both a beer."]] he stated, not waiting for a reply before disappearing into a half bath to change. Leaving his old clothes folded up on the counter, Colin came back out, going straight into the kitchen and opening the fridge. Standing up, he looked into the living room to check on the other, glad he had a modern, open concept house.

Kicking the door shut with his foot, two beers in one hand and two phones in the other, he walked back in and stood infront of the chair sat opposite of the shorter male. Setting his beer on the small coffee table between them, he set the other on the man's side of the table. After placing his phone on the arm of the chair, Colin reared his arm back and threw the phone the man gave him across the room and crashing into the wall. While it did leave a nice mark in the wall, the force was enough to shatter it quite well, the back popping off and screen breaking, battery all but flying out of the device.

Nodding in approval, Colin took his seat and pried the top off of his beer, taking a swig before grabbing his own phone and calling a number. The line rang for a moment, the man leaning over to rest his elbows on his knees, letting the bottle hang down from his fingers and sway softly as he waited for an answer. When someone finally picked up, Colin put on a slight smile. [i [#9c00cc "Hey. Yeah, it's Colin. Look I need you to get in contact with Kimi and get her to call me back. Mm.. soon. Alright thanks. You too.."]] and with that, the phone screen went black and was placed back on the arm of the chair, Colin leaning back and letting his eyes rest on the one across from him.

[i [#9c00cc "Well, rat. Now we wait."]] he said a bit more up beat than how monotonous he usually sounded. Something obviously had him a bit more confident in this whole ordeal.


After a while of what felt like just a silent stare off, sometimes looking away but mostly just watching the other, Colin heard a buzz near the front door. [i [#9c00cc "Oh goody, we have a guest."]] Standing to his feet, looking very relaxed and unconcerned. Reaching the metal pad on the wall, a finger swiped to unlock it, video feed from the gate coming up. The face of that vile man filled Colin with anger but he wanted to play this cool. He couldn't let his hatred for the guy come out in rage.

Pressing a button, the gate buzzed and opened slowly and the com played his voice out at the keypad outside. [i [#9c00cc "Come on in."]] he grumbled flatly. Unlocking the front door, Colin left it slightly cracked and walked back to his chair, glancing at his phone for a second before realizing there was something very specific he wasn't aware of from the other. [i [#9c00cc "Right, it just occurred to me you likely have a name other than rat. What would it be exactly? Less you just wanna stick with rat for now,"]] he questioned.

Shortly after, the door opening made him look up, seeing the man he'd love no more than to choke to death walking into his home. Calling out to him, he decided he'd give the man the same courtesy he gave the rat, [i [#9c00cc "Feel free to grab yourself a beer from the fridge before we get to talking."]] Colin honestly could go for another beer or twenty before dealing with this freak, but he'd rather just have one nicely broken bottle. Perhaps that would be better suited for the current situation.]]
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Hot shot big boys. Rin had never thought of himself and Felix in such a way. They were definitely flashy, well Felix was, and liked to use their influence. But it was strange hearing the perspective of an outsider. Everything else Abelin had to say was spot on as well. Felix was twenty-five and believed that the world, or the city at least, was his oyster. While he hadn’t revealed his plans to Rin it was a safe bet that he wanted a piece of Abelin’s business. It was inspiring to hear that Abelin wouldn’t let him have it. That he would go out guns blazing. Perhaps Felix had met his match, however Rin had his doubts. He hadn’t seen Felix fail yet so what would stop him from completely controlling this man?

His thoughts of what was to come were disrupted by Abelin zoning in on his statement about not being into men. It was true that his eyes told a different story earlier. [i Is what he saying true? Every man has it in him? That just sounds...crazy. I couldn’t sleep with a guy. He’s just trying to fuck with me. Yeah.] A relieved sigh escaped his lips as they pulled up to a gated house.

As they walked into the house Rin’s eyes followed Colin’s finger that pointed up at a camera. A small smirk formed on his lips. [#808000 “Yeah, I’ll tell him know. Don’t know how much he’ll care.”] He followed the dark haired man further into the house, unsure of what to do to make himself at home. He already felt weird for not taking off his shoes. Now wasn’t the time for manners and if he needed to run for some reason his shoes would be necessary. However, that didn’t negate the fact that he felt incredibly rude and out of place. [i God damn ingrained culture making me feel bad in this freaks house.] He lowered himself onto the nearest chair, watching Colin and Abelin hang their clothes. Abelin was left wearing basically nothing which made Rin immediately turn his head in the other direction. Nope. He wasn’t going to look this time. It was easy to ignore the man’s body but he couldn’t stick his fingers in his ears like a child to block out his words. [i Lalala not listening, not listening.]

Once Abelin was out of the room, Rin’s shoulders loosened and he returned his attention to the other man who was in the process of removing his shirt. Which was fine. Totally normal. [i It’s not weird if I look at him. It would be more weird if I tried to look away.] It was the comment from Colin that broke the cool and collected face he was working so hard to keep. [#808000 “Fragile masculinity? Ouch. I don’t have a comeback for that one,”] he sneered, digging his phone out of his jacket pocket.

It only took a couple of rings for Felix to pick up. [#B22222 “Howdy, howdy. This better be important. I’m in the middle of some good ol’ fashioned fun. Although I did enjoy the video you sent my way. I’ll definitely watch the full thing later.”] Rin could tell that Felix was in the middle of doing something strenuous by the way his words were broken by pants. Probably hacking someone apart as they were talking. [#808000 “Jesus. I don’t want to know. Sorry to interrupt your fun, but I need you to come get me. Those two took me back to the tall, brooding man’s house because of a certain video. I’m going to delete it.”] He heard a sinister laugh from the other line and the sound of water running. [#B22222 “They took you back to a home? That’s...unexpected. I’ll finish up now. I track your phone so I’ll get the address from that. See you soon, try not to have fun without me.”]

Rin rolled his eyes. Of course Felix was tracking his phone. That explained how he seemed to pop up wherever Rin was when he wasn’t in the mood to deal with him. [#808000 “Oh yeah, he wanted me to tell you to behave yourself. There are cameras.”] This only elicited more laughter from the man on the other end of the phone. Rin held it out towards Colin so he could hear the laughter before the line disconnected.

After the phone call was over, Rin slid the phone towards the other with the video pulled up. [#808000 “It’s yours to delete.”] A sound behind him caused him to look over his shoulder. He didn’t entirely trust these two just like they didn’t trust him. However, instead of something unpleasant it was just Abelin bringing sweats and a tank for Colin to change into. After the male took the clothes he sent Abelin away, telling the model to lock himself in a room. Rin was surprised that the other listened, but it made sense. Even he didn’t know what kind of mood Felix would be in when he arrived. The man’s unpredictability was bad news for everyone.

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Felix disconnected the call, holding a bloody hand over his mouth where laughter continued to spill out. Lucky sauntered back into the bathroom, leaning in the doorway. [#7B68EE “What the fuck are you laughing about?”] She had left the man for one minute to get ice for the heart he was so intent on removing. Coming back to find him laughing like some mad scientist was a tad irritating. Her face failed to hide her emotions. [#B22222 “Oh, princess. Don’t be like that. I’m just laughing about how well this night has turned out,”] he cooed, caressing the chin of the ginger. A smear of red was left behind when he removed his hand so that he could run it under the running water of the sink.

[#B22222 “But, I have to go. Those two men have Rin and I can’t just leave him there. I’ll send someone over to help you clean up this mess. I’ll see you back at my place. Oh! And don't fuck up the organs or you can kiss your new ride goodbye.”] Felix was already out of the bathroom and heading out of the door to the hotel room before Lucky even had time to process what was going on.

Every minute of his drive was agony. He wanted to be at that house and in the mix. The thought of someone laying a finger on Rin was a definite motivator but he hoped that another view of Abelin would also be available. Rin didn’t sound distressed over the phone but the his cousin's nerves were so fucked up that it was a hit or miss when it came to feeling pain. [i He could be bleeding out right now and I wouldn't be able to tell by his nonchalant voice. Motherfucker.] Felix gripped at the steering wheel and growled.

His heart was pumping from the thrilling kill of the night and he felt somewhat invincible. He needed to regain composure. Sure, he could waltz in there in his current crazed state but it was best to save that side of him for later. He took a deep breath and adjusted his glasses in the mirror, smiling at the smeared blood on his chin, deciding to leave it there. When he finally reached the house he gave himself a minute of deep breathing outside the gate before pressing what he assumed to be a buzzer.
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[Baumans [center [size15 Colin raised his lip in a bit of a snarl, glancing down at the blood on his shirt. [i How would I not smell like death? I just killed a man.] Shaking his head and staring out the window, the man found himself a bit unable to ignore how obvious he had just been with his interest in the other.

Surely he wasn't feeling anything for him. He couldn't Abel was the only one he had eyes for. Then again his dealings with anyone else were always quick conversations or bland meetings that were strictly business. Having this man near him, it was as if Colin's body was making him aware of another option.

He wouldn't take the bait though. No matter the pain he endured day in and day out, he would not let himself fall victim to anyone else's heart. Yet there was something inviting about the notion that with anyone but Abel, perhaps he wouldn't feel so inadequate. Colin never felt like he deserved the model. The few times they shared intimacy were as much as he could hope for, as much as he'd allow. But with someone else, maybe he could feel enough. For once, being an equal and not a peasant looking up to their god from the earth below.

The man brought him out of his thoughts and his chest began to swell with pride. Abel's eyes lit up as well. Colin had been right after all. Partially anyway. [i [#00878e "Mmm real hot shot big boys huh? How cute. So young and full of vigor. Let me guess, he's in his mid twenties? And he's gunna want part of or all of my business as his own. Well that's nice and all, but it isn't gunna happen. I'd die before I gave my company to him. And if I die, your whole operation will go down with me, I'll make sure of that."]] Reflecting for a moment on what he said about not being men, Abel met with the male's eyes.

[i [#00878e "I wouldn't bank all your money on that one though, sweetie, your eyes told a different story. Every man has it in him. And as I like to say, women are just too oblivious when it comes to men's bodies. Who knows a man's sweet spots better than another man, hmm?"]] he purred, pulling into a gated house and reaching out to tap at a keypad near the gate. [i [#00878e "But don't worry, I won't tell Felix you're resolve is wavering if you don't tell him that I think he'd be better suited as a toilet brush than a boss, kay?"]]

They pulled into the driveway, the gate closing behind them and parked by the rather modern home. Once the car was off, Colin opened the door and with a hand around the male's arm once again, he pulled him out but let go this time. [i [#9c00cc "Come on."]] the dark haired man spoke lowly. The cogs were turning in his head and he knew exactly what his next course of action would be.

Watching Abel walk up to his front door, unlocking it and walking in, the tall man pointed up to the camera in the corner of the main entrance hall. [i [#9c00cc "May also want to tell Felix to behave himself when he comes over. Everything get's recorded here."]] Once the man was securely in the house, Colin closed and locked the door.

[i [#9c00cc "Feel free to make yourself at home."]] with that, he began to loosen his tie, slipping it off and sliding out of his jacket, opening an empty closet and hanging both on a hanger. Abel removed his loose top and tossed it over the hanger with Colin's jacket, being left in only his rather revealing shorts and boots. [i [#00878e "I'm gunna go get all this blood off of me, feel free to join me in the shower in you like~ I'm sure that'd be a fascinating story to bring back to your dear Felix."]]

Giving a soft wink to the man, Abel left to another room to find something else to wear. Colin however was still busy unbuttoning his white dress shirt, shedding the bloodied garment before closing the closet door and turning to face the other. [i [#9c00cc "You can go ahead and call him up. Unless you're wanting to stay the night here. I don't think that'd be safe with Abel here though. Your fragile masculinity might shatter if you did."]] he quipped with a mischievous grin plastered on his face.
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Rin did his best to ignore being called out by Colin. It was bad enough that he had certain feelings stir within him from watching the dance, but the man pointing out that his eyes had been glued to Abel made him feel shameful. He hadn’t even taken the time to process those thoughts from earlier and now he was being confronted with them again. [i Ugh, I should have just called over Felix and walked away. Now I have to think about weird feelings and shit…] He shifted in his seat and avoided eye contact with both men, hoping he wouldn’t have to spend much longer with them.

Just when he thought things couldn’t feel more awkward, he felt Colin inches away from his neck. Breathing, no, sniffing. [i Is this sick fuck seriously sniffing my neck right now? If I wasn’t at their mercy I’d punch him right in the eye.] Rin’s whole body stiffened as his eyes slowly glanced to the side. When the man stopped sniffing he commented that he smelled like shit, causing Rin to raise his eyebrow. He had a hard time believing the statement. [#808000 “Oh yeah? You’re one to talk. You smell like actual death. Besides, no one told you to sniff my fucking neck,”] he replied with a roll of his eyes.

When the man in the front seat spoke, Rin was happy for the distraction from the strange act that had just taken place. Listening to Abelin explain his love of murder did little to help Rin understand what was so great about it. He had never felt “deliciously hooked” to taking lives. It was a necessary evil, but definitely not something he enjoyed doing. Rin also had a hard time processing the statement “being abused is just as good”. Abuse wasn’t something he could ever see as positive. To include it in a sexual experience just seemed...strange. Not even in his realm of imagination. His fingers automatically reached for the scar on his face, but he stopped and rested his hand in his lap.

Noticing the reaction that Colin had to the same comment, he regarded him quizzically. Although the rest of the teal haired man’s words filled in the blanks for Rin. [i That’s uh...a bit too much information. But okay. I guess it’s good to know.] He eyed the man sitting next to him, seeing him in a different light.

[i Yakuza.] The word made Rin’s ears perk up. He hadn’t expected the conversation to change so drastically. He was slightly impressed that the man next to him had pegged them with so few details. [#808000 “Very clever man. Most Americans are oblivious about the existence of the ya-ku-za~,”] he chuckled, waving his stunted left pinky in front of the man’s face. He then rolled up his sleeve to reveal a [ tattoo] of flowers and the scales of a dragon that stretched up his entire arm. It wasn’t easy to show the whole thing off from the backseat of a car but the full extent of the tattoo continued onto his back, though it was left unfinished.[#808000 “Ex-yakuza, that is. And technically Felix was never officially [i in] the yakuza. Although when you group up around it you might as well be. His dad was at the top, as was my father, Felix’s uncle. Shit went south and there was a power struggle. Nothing new. Felix’s dad was adamant that his mother move back to America. Me, being the young dumbfuck that I was, sought out revenge. Not a great idea but I did put four bullets in four heads and that made me feel better at the time. My triumph was short lived...”] he trailed off, eyes glazing over.

He stopped himself from giving away too many details. Mostly because he had no desire to talk about his time in the hell hole he’d been thrown in. Talking about it would only replay memories and force images into his mind that he would rather forget about. Felix was the only one that knew about what happened there and he wanted it to stay like that.

[#808000 “The Black Cats as a whole aren’t a purely Japanese group, however. That would be too difficult to manage here and Felix is suspicious of most other Japanese. I’d say we run things pretty similarly to the yakuza but he’s put his own flare into this group,”] he spoke again, looking up at the front seat. [#808000 “I owe Felix my life.I’m just about as loyal to Felix as Colin is to you. Except without the weird gay shit...because that would be incest. And I’m not into men.”]
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[Baumans [center [size15 Abel and Colin both flicked their minds into overdrive, being very cautious of anything the man said hereon out. Searching for anything they could use against them. Abel let out a soft "tch" sound from between his teeth hearing the club owners supposed intentions. Figures it was the business. Men couldn't simply be enamored by just him anymore, they always has some deeper motive. [i Am I just getting too fucking old?]

Colin could sense the aura of nerves radiating from the front seat and chimed up quickly in attempt to help his friend with the thoughts he just knew were plaguing him again, [i [#9c00cc "Sure, just business.. That's why both of your eyes were glued to Abelin on the dance floor before we left tonight."]]

Abel felt like he had been caught by the other and he was sure to get a stern talking to by Colin later about how his age wasn't in any way taking away his beauty or alluring body. Something he had been worried about a bit more than usual lately. But Colin was always there to reassure him. Feeling a tad bit better, Abel listen to the man speak up again.

So he couldn't peg them with the car, but he was learning more about them. They weren't just a half assed group. They were organized and thought out. It was likely quite a large group.

There was something about the man and this Felix guy that rubbed Colin the wrong way but he couldn't put his finger on it. All he could do was stare the man down as he tried to work over the pieces in his head. Under the film of a lusty haze he was in currently in however, it was making things difficult. He couldn't deny the man next to him was good looking and the smell of cigarette smoke on him was the tiniest bit enticing to Colin. Leaning closer, he let his nose rest merely an inch from the other's neck, taking in a deep breath of his scent, closing his eyes to take it in. [i Mm.. he smells nice.]

[i [#9c00cc "You smell like shit. I'm gunna have fun getting your stench out of my house.."]] he lied to cover up what he realized he had just done. Abel on the other hand was now busy at working on a response to the man's last statement. Tapping the steering wheel for a moment, he spoke up, [i [#00878e "Since you so kindly told me more about you and your friend, I suppose I'll tell you a little about us. Equal exchange. As far as the murder goes, I've always loved it. Even at a young age, it started as a fascination for gorey movies, then as I got into makeup, I dabbled in making cuts and gashes with it on myself. But it was never enough. I grew my business and in self defense one day, the opportunity rose for me to get my first taste of it. Been deliciously hooked ever since. Mm but being abused is just as good though."]]

Colin had a physical reaction to that, his whole body jolting lightly as if he was called out, looking away from the man sat beside him. He was uncomfortable with this topic. [i [#00878e "I guess what you'd call me is a sadomasochist, emphasis on the masochist part. And since you told me a bit about both of you, it's only fair to learn a little about Colin as well. He doesn't like those things on his own. It's only when it's with me. A bonding experience you could say. A way to be intimate in a way that no one else likely could be with me. He's very possessive~"]] he cooed, making his friend blush.

[i [#00878e "Alas, he still wont be with me. He's too kind and wont make me be with him since he can't satisfy my need to be hurt."]] Abel said in a mockingly fake sad voice, knowing he was teasing Colin but finding it cute as he could see the man glancing up at him every so often with embarrassed eyes. It was too cute and way too fun. Though maybe he had said too much.

Suddenly Colin stiffened as he made the connection he needed, eyes darting to the man next him. [i [#9c00cc "Yakuza..."]] he said, almost dreading the word. Abel coughed a bit and furrowed his brows. Well this brought down the fun he was having. [i [#00878e "Excuse me?"]]

His eyes stared into the other's as he searched for any sign of confirmation or denial. [i [#9c00cc "They're obviously Asian. They operate with a loyal pack mentality. Top calling the shots, dogs following orders but they don't seem as closed off as us. Felix is too open to run a closed off operation like us so he must have a wide open network. And the tattoo on his back. Yakuza. Am I right?"]] he finally questioned directly more towards the man than to Abel now.
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Simply mentioning Felix seemed to set off the man in front of him. Rin was still unsure what exactly his leader had said to them, but clearly he knew how to make a good first impression. The shorter male rolled his eyes at how Felix handled things.

Listening to the words through gritted teeth, Rin smiled smugly. Although he didn’t know the exact reason for Felix’s interest he had many theories. Which one did he throw out at them? The teal haired man approached them and echoed the same question. [#808000 “I have theories, but I’m no Felix. Probably business related? He doesn’t tell me everything that goes through that perverted mind of his so you’ll have to ask him yourself. As to why he had me follow you...well I suspect he had a hunch that something like this would occur and he does love being right.”] His tone was nonchalant since Abelin expressed that he didn’t care. If he didn’t care then Rin would just keep some things to himself.

The dark haired man, who Rin could only assume was Colin, grabbed his upper arm in preparation for getting in the car. Rin let out an irritated sigh. He wasn’t going anywhere. Trying to run now would be a stupid decision. Besides, he knew Felix would want him to ride this thing out. "Get information and make them squirm." His cousin's voice played through his head. This was one of his least favorite tasks. Somehow he was always the one getting into situations like this. Not that he minded too much. No matter how many venomous words Lucky spouted his way, he would go crazy if she was stuck in a situation like this. Better him than her.

Rin watched as Abelin slid his hands into Colin’s back pockets. [i I hope he’s just getting the keys instead of having a gay ass moment right in front of me…] He shifted uncomfortably and averted his eyes, relaxing a bit when he heard the jingle of keys. Sliding into the car quickly he was happy that the model would be the one driving. He didn’t want to be closer to the man than necessary. Not after that weird stunt he pulled at the club. Feeling a strong hand grip the back of his neck, Rin shifted his eyes to Colin. [i On second thought, maybe sitting back here with him is worse.] [#808000 “I wouldn’t dream of doing anything stupid,”] he replied with a smirk.

Hearing the man say to drive to his place caused Rin’s calm expression to shift to one of surprise. His eyes widened as he listened to the two bicker. Colin’s reasoning was logical and Rin was starting to get a feel for what the guy was all about. Loyalty. If there was one thing he understood it was loyalty.

For instance, it was loyalty that was currently keeping his mouth closed instead of voicing how dumb Colin was being. If they took Rin to his place then Felix would know where he lived. He would be obligated to tell him. And Felix knowing where this man lived was bad news. No matter what his leader had planned for Abelin, Rin knew that Colin would be a problem. A problem that Felix would think nothing of getting rid of. How or when he didn’t know, but something bad would come from this. Still, he sat silently. [i Geez, why the fuck am I suddenly feeling empathetic? Maybe I’m going soft. OR maybe I need a vacation. Somewhere on a beach away from blood and torture.]

Feeling eyes on him, Rin glanced at the rearview mirror. Those eyes again. He quickly looked away and back to the window, ears still listening to what the man had to say. [#808000 “Eh, I’m sure he’ll handle it. Not really sure whose name the car is under but it’s probably in the system. That car isn’t my personal think I’m stupid enough to drive my brand new baby to follow some weirdos? Nah. Anyways, nothing is tied to my name. I don’t exist,”] he responded, letting a yawn escape from his mouth.

Technically he was in America illegally. Felix had assured him that not applying for citizenship was the safest way to keep his whereabouts a secret from the yakuza. [i Trust no one.] Felix had gone through a lot of trouble getting him out of the hole he had been thrown in back in Japan. Thinking about it now gave him the motivation he needed to see this situation through. He didn’t know how Felix would want this handled but he would improvise like always. Just getting the address of Abelin’s puppy man would be a victory. That and the video.

[#808000 “So...murder? You know I’ve seen that kind of shit countless times and I still don’t get how it can make someone horny. I thought Felix was the only one, but I guess there’s more of you. Which is just [i great].”] Sarcasm dripped off of the last word. Dealing with freaky shit was getting a little old. Rin sighed and placed his chin in one palm and looked between the driver and the man with him in the backseat.
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[center [pic]]
[Baumans [center [size15 Colin noticed the demeanor of the man didn't change even with the threat. This group was bad news. Smoke left the man's nose, spreading across the manager's face, making a slight shudder creep it's way down his spine. He hated this man's ignorance but something about the mood Colin was in and the defiance that the man's action showed just felt exhilarating.

Though the man mentioning his boss' interest in speaking to Abel set Colin's blood boiling. There was nothing he wanted more than to end that man's life. The anger and hate was evident in his gaze, though not pointed at the man infront of him. With his jaw clenched and an eye giving a single twitch, the taller male was able to force through nearly grit teeth, [i [#9c00cc "What does he want with Abelin? Why is he so interested in having contact? Why did he want you to follow us in the first place?"]]

Having assessed that nothing violent was happening, Abel stepped in and slid a hand to cup Colin's shoulder, cocking a hip and resting his free hand on it, brow raised curiously at the man. [i [#00878e "Yes, why IS he so interested? Actually, I don't care. I have no interest in him and that's really all that matters. For now, get in Colin's car. Colin you sit in the back with him. Keep an eye on him and I'll drive us back."]]

Colin hated the sound of having to sit next to this.. freak. He wanted to drive Abel like always, to pamper him in every little way he could, but instead he was put on rat duty. Better than Abel sitting with him he supposed. Huffing, Colin nodded and moved forward to grab the other's upper arm. The closeness was maddening, disliking being so close to someone he saw as a threat to Abel without decking him out flat.

With a sharp inhale and eyes closing as Abel slid his hand into the back pocket of his slacks to teasingly pull out his keys, Colin stiffened, obviously a bit shaken. Right now, everything was getting to be overwhelming. Perhaps an annoying car ride back next to this man would help sober him up.

Waiting for the man to get into the car, the taller man rolled his eyes and scooted in next to him, raising a hand to keep a good firm grip on the back of his neck, leaning in and whispering as Abel got in, starting the car. [i [#9c00cc "Don't do anything stupid. I'm not in the fucking mood."]]

Shifting back, he roughly pulled his hand away, looking up towards Abel. [i [#9c00cc "Just go to my place for now, I don't want these creeps knowing where you live."]] Abel turned to make eye contact, expression as baffled as if he was told that Colin was an alien.

[i [#00878e "Excuse me? Are you nuts? Then they'll know where YOU live, and I'm not having that either. We'll just go to a hotel or something."]] he tried to reason, but Colin was having none of it. He didn't stand up to Abel often but when he did, he was convincing enough to make the other listen to him. [i [#9c00cc "The business relies more on you than me, if they know where I live, it'd be a minor inconvenience to lose me. And we don't know where all they have connections. I don't trust any place that's not ours. But your place is too dangerous for you."]]

Daggers were glared into Colin's eyes. It was obvious that Abel wanted to spit some choice words but the other's loyalty and care for him made him resist. He wanted to rant and rave about how it'd be much more that an inconvenience, about how losing him would be like losing his other half, but the look in the other's eyes wouldn't let him. The man wouldn't badger him about his plans and downplay what all he could have been sacrificing to do this for him.

After a painful sigh, Abel turned to start driving, growling under his breath, [i [#00878e "Fine.. your place it is."]] Trying to distract himself from the hurt he felt at Colin thinking so little of himself, Abel let a grin light up his face, glancing at their captive through the rear view mirror. [i [#00878e "Hope that boss of yours is okay with your car being towed and your plate number being in the system. I dunno though, hopefully you guys business isn't THAT low key. Surely it's already in the system somewhere, right?"]] he cooed. He knew there were many cars of theirs that they had to be sleazy with, not registering them or having them anywhere on file for- reasons.]]
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[center [pic]]
Rin did nothing to change his demeanor as the two torturers made their way outside. His facial expression did little to say that he even saw them standing there. The dark haired man approached him while the teal haired man hung back which didn’t surprise him. He could tell by the way the man had flicked away Felix’s business card at the club that he was protective. Not that he could blame anyone for disliking Felix sticking his nose in business that wasn’t his.

Once the tall man stood in front of him, Rin paused with his cigarette at the corner of his mouth to signify that he was all ears. [i Blackmail. He doesn’t know the half of it…he takes the shit to a whole new level.] His eyes glanced down to the man’s feet as the expensive shoes stepped closer and then back up to his eyes. He suppressed a chuckle at the notion of the two giving Felix a call. If there was one thing his cousin didn’t take kindly to it was people telling him what to do. God, he really didn’t want to open that can of worms. The mention of scarring his face did get a small chuckle from him. What was one more scar anyway?

The two men were crazy and seemed just as sadistic as Felix, but he had been through worse. He was sure of it. And hell, death would be welcomed at this point. He took a long drag on the end of his cigarette, inhaling as much poison as he could, before letting the smoke flow from his nose and into the other man’s face.

[#808000 “Yeah, Felix is into blackmail. It’s a hobby of his,”] he said with a shrug of his shoulders, failing to mention that the video was mainly filmed for jacking off purposes. Felix loved a good torture video. Rin’s lips sucked against the cigarette one last time before he tossed the bud to the ground, this time blowing smoke towards the sky. [#808000 “Oh? You want to give me a matching scar? Well, if you have a katana I guess you could. I don’t scream though, not anymore. And you two seem like you’re into that kind of shit. Anyways...I’m sure Felix would love to hear from you, well not you, your friend over there, but I wouldn’t mention the whole cutting my face thing. For your own safety.”] The tone of his voice turned serious on his last statement, not wanting the man to take his warning as a joke. He had no reason to want harm to come to these people even if they had just brutally murdered a man. It was none of his business, after all.

Rin leaned forward and met the intense gaze of the other. His owns eyes glinting like a mischievous child. There was no backing down. While he didn’t particularly want another scar on his face he would suck it up and deal with it if he had to. He knew that Felix would have his back, he was the only one that ever did. Besides that, sacrifice was something that was rewarded well in the world they grew up in. [#808000 “So, are we going?”]
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[Baumans [center [size15 Watching as the other male retreated, a slight shine caught from the light in the storage box reflected from some device, causing a wave of panic over Abel. The man was recording. He couldn't let that short little fuck expose him. Of course he'd record and not be scared shitless by all of this. [i Atleast that confirms my theory.] They had to be involved in some dark shit for him not to just run away from the start.

Abelin shifted, finding himself stuck in place from the arms that were holding onto him, Colin still lovingly holding onto him and nuzzling against him. [i [#00878e "Hey, he made a recording, we gotta go get it from him before he leaves."]] the man warned. No moves were made to let Abel go. Colin was nearly in a daze. He did good. He ended the man and made Alebin proud of him. Head in the clouds, the man was abruptly yanked out of it by his hair, hissing a bit and looking up to meet eyes with the object of his affection. [i [#00878e "COLIN!!"]] the teal haired man shouted venomously, obviously pissed.

What was once a proud dog now felt like a kicked puppy. Colin felt like trading places with the man he'd just ended, retracting back a bit, obviously confused. [i [#00878e "I said he took a fucking video!"]] Finally it hit him and the black haired man felt like an idiot. If he had let the man get away because he was being clingy, he might as well just jump off the warehouse roof. Quickly raising to his feet, the manager rushed to the door of the container, the model following close behind.

He couldn't let this guy get away. Stopping and blinking a few times, Colin narrowed his eyes. The man was standing by his car, smoking casually as if he hadn't just seen everything that happened. Glancing back at Abel, Colin put a hand up. [i [#9c00cc "Stay here, he could have a weapon. I'll go get the video."]] When he noticed the other about to speak up, he shook his head, interrupting, [i [#9c00cc "No. I won't chance you getting hurt. I don't trust that guy and I'd rather me get hurt than you."]] After a moment of the two staring each other down, Abel let out a defeated sigh. [i [#00878e "Fine, do whatever you have to."]]

With a nod of acceptance, Colin stepped away from Abel and made his way over to the man in question. Sliding his hands into his pockets, the dark haired male lifted his head condescendingly. [i [#9c00cc "Tell me.. what does a rat like you need with a video of all that? Blackmail? I'm sure your boss would be into that sort of thing wouldn't he?"]] Taking a step closer, Colin continued and narrowed his eyes. [i [#9c00cc Either way, I'll tell you how this is gunna go. You're gunna come with us, we're gunna call your boss and tell him not to send his lapdogs to follow us again, smash your phone to bits and send you home with a pretty little scar to match the one you've got. If you've got a problem with any of that, then feel free to try to stop me, but have fun trying to make it off this property with your life."]]

The man stared the other down with intent and fire in his eyes. This little bitch wasn't going to destroy everything Abelin had worked so hard to built. He'd stop the pest here and now, save his love's business. No matter what it took.]]
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No one had been at the front desk of the run down hotel to greet Lucky and Felix upon their arrival or ask any questions. From a quick observation of the lobby there was only one camera that was clearly non-functioning. Now the two strolled through the shitty hallways looking for their target’s room number. Booming music, yelling, and moans mixed with the sound of Lucky’s dangerously high heels, that almost put her at the height of Felix, clicking against the bare floors. Although there were no people to speak of in the hallways, if there were the two would have no problem blending in. Felix was still shirtless and Lucky’s skin tight dress gave her the appearance of a hooker. When they reached room 216 the tall man stopped far enough from the door so that anyone inside would be unaware of his presence. [#B22222 “You know what to do, princess.”] Lucky smirked and gave an affirming nod before lightly rapping against the door.

A sleazy looking bald man opened the door, eyes widening as he saw the redhead that stood before him. His eyes trailed up and down her body before giving her a toothy grin. “Well, hello hot stuff. I think you have the wrong room but youse can come in here.” Lucky stepped towards the man with a lascivious smile. She leaned closer, putting her face only inches apart from the man. [#7B68EE “Are you looking for a good time?”] she said each word as slowly as possible, the sleazy man hanging onto every one. This got the man to open the door wider, nodding furiously and repeating the word yes. Lucky could see inside the messy room, mentally gagging at the empty food containers and other trash that littered the floor. With the door now wide open Felix saw his opening, stepping out from his spot against the wall. [#B22222 “That’s good to hear, Charlie. I’m looking for a good time too. Maybe we can help each other out,”] he said grinning at the man who now realized what was going on. Before he had the chance to slam the door Lucky kicked into his abdomen using the heel of her shoe, forcing the man back into the room. Felix followed after them, closing the door behind him.

Once they were in the room Lucky stepped back from the man and Felix’s hand clutched around his neck. [#7B68EE “This room is fucking disgusting,”] she groaned and kicked an empty Chinese container out of her way. The man struggled under the grasp of Felix to no avail. [#B22222 “Alright, Charlie. I’m going to let go. But if you scream I promise that my friend’s heels will go straight into your dick and not in a sexy way.”] Lucky nodded and showed off her foot with a model pose. Charlie nodded as best he could and Felix loosened his grip before finally releasing the man’s throat. The man broke into a fit of coughs which only caused Lucky to roll her eyes.

[#B22222 “Now, Charlie. I think I’ve been nice. I haven’t bothered you about my money. I put my trust in you. But how do you repay me? By hiding from my men and trying to make a fool out of me.”] Felix spoke casually to the man while slipping on a pair of black gloves. This signaled Lucky to remove the piano wire from her purse. She forcefully grabbed the man’s wrists and led him to the bathroom, Felix following behind. Inside the small, tiled prison she forced him into the bathtub, pulling his arms above him and tying both wrists to the shower head. The man started to cry out and her hand promptly connected with his mouth, her pointed nails digging into his face. [#7B68EE “Shut the fuck up.”] She made sure to wrap the piano wire tightly so that it would dig into his wrists. The man whimpered and Lucky stepped away from the bathtub, giving Felix room to step up.

A devilish glint shone in Felix’s eyes, one Lucky had seen many times before and would see many times in the future. [#B22222 “So, Charlie, what do you have to say for yourself? Where’s my money? I don’t have all night. I’m very busy.”] The man started to whimper out unintelligible words and Felix gave a signal to Lucky who stepped up with a bejeweled switchblade. She said nothing as she dug the blade into the man’s shoulder, burying it before dragging it down his arm a couple of inches. The man screamed, tears spilling from his face as he begged them not to hurt him. [#B22222 “I’ll tell you what. Let’s make a deal. I won’t kill you if you tell me where my money is and give me a little extra. Does that sound good to you, crybaby?”] Felix smiled at the man, rubbing his shoulder where blood now poured out. Charlie whimpered but managed to nod. “I have it. I have-i-it all...I-m so sorry. It’s in...the safe he--here. Pl-please the combination is 34-26-19,” he blubbered.

Lucky clicked out of the room to check out the safe. Sure enough the cash was all there. The debt owed was nothing more than thirty thousand, Felix was just out for blood. She walked back into the bathroom holding a few wads of cash. [#7B68EE “It’s all there,”] she confirmed. Felix smiled and looked back at the man. [#B22222 “Was that so hard? Now, Lucky you keep that and buy yourself something nice but first let’s get these fingernails off. And did you bring a bigger knife? I guess we can make do if you didn’t…”] his sentence trailed off, lost in thought. The tied up man widened his eyes and squirmed against the shower head. “You! Yo-you said you wouldn’t ki-kill me!”

This response only made Felix laugh. A hearty laughter that soon turned dark. He paused and wiped a fake tear from his eye. [#B22222 “Well, Charlie. I lied. Your organs could fetch a pretty penny you know. And I think my associate deserves a nice new car,”] he said lovingly, stroking Lucky’s bright locks. She only beamed at her leader. New car was like music to her ears. [#B22222 “Plus...I just want to watch you bleed,”] he growled turning back to the man, fist connecting with his gut.

[center [pic]]

Rin sat in the driver’s seat of a shiny black SUV, eyes locked onto the two men that were forcing someone into the backseat of their car. [i Great. Of course this is the shit I get into. God damn it, Felix.] He waited until the car had pulled away to start up his vehicle and follow behind, all while grumbling about his shit luck. With his phone on no-hands mode he spouted words to be sent in a text to Felix. [#808000 “I hope you and Lucky are having fun because I’m probably going to get into some weird shit. They kidnapped some guy which...did you know that the model guy was in some shit or did you just guess? Whatever. Anyways if they fuck me up or something you owe me. Big time. Like you’re buying me a big fucking house, [i bakayarou.]”] The robotic female voice from his phone read back the text and then confirmed that he wanted it sent. Hell yeah he wanted it sent.

As a warehouse came into view he refocused his attention on the current objective. He stopped the car back and turned off the lights while he waited to see what the men would do next. The dark haired one got out of the car to unlock the gate and then pulled through. Rin noticed that he got back out to close the gate once the car was on the other side. Hopefully he wouldn’t have to pick a lock. He wasn’t the best at it. Waiting until the car wasn’t in sight from the gate he drove up to it and got out. The gate was closed but had been left unlocked. Good for him, but not a good sign. Rin groaned to himself. [i That guy is no idiot. They know I’m here.] Sighing he pushed open the gate and drove his car through, not bothering to shut it behind him incase he needed to escape quickly.

Driving with his lights off he navigated the quiet lot, stopping when he spotted the car. He stopped his car a little away from it and killed the engine. Rin took a few deep breaths and triple checked for the gun the was shoved in his waistband, not liking the current situation at all. Eventually he clambered out of the suv and tried to walk as quietly as he could towards the storage containers. All of the storage containers had closed doors except for one that was barely open. Still, it confirmed Rin’s earlier thought of his arrival being not so secret. Rin stepped up to the storage container and positioned himself in a way where he could see what was going on without having to stand right in front of the gap. He arrived just in time to witness the snapping of the man’s shoulders as his arms were lifted into a strange position. When Rin saw the teal-haired man grab a nine tails whip his stomach dropped. [i What the fuck is this? He’s a freak just like Felix. I swear its like he’s drawn to them.]

Without further thought he pulled his phone out from his back pocket and switched the camera to video and hit record. If he watched this encounter without recording any of it Felix would give him so much shit. The last place he wanted to be was on Felix’s bad side. As Rin listened to the model’s description of the whip he felt himself growing uncomfortable, grateful that he wasn’t in the room where chunks of flesh would be flying all over the place. Even though he could tell there was no happy ending for the man in the chair he continued to watch and record. Fucking over a sadistic man’s company was a death sentence. He knew from experience.

As time ticked away Rin wondered how long the torture could continue, surprised that the man hadn’t died already. He was used to witnessing torture but it definitely wasn’t how he liked to spend his nights. Plus, he really didn’t like the way the model and his dark haired friend kept looking at each other. Hearing the dark haired male warn the other that the man didn’t have much life left made Rin breathe a sigh of relief. Finally. [i No one can just kill people anymore. It’s all blood and torture. Power trips. Big egos.]

When the man finally spilled the information he watched the teal-haired man hand a knife to his associate. The man didn’t slice into the dying man’s throat right away, only doing so after Abelin egged him on. Rin shuddered at the smile the dark haired man wore as he slit the neck in front of him. It wasn’t like he could judge. He had killed, though he never smiled when he did it. Killing didn’t bring him joy or satisfaction like it brought Felix and apparently these two. He watched as the man sputtered as blood poured from his neck. After the deed was done the man with the knife dropped to his knees and pressed into the models stomach. [i This is,uh, pretty fucking gay,] Rin thought, eyebrows scrunching together. He stayed at his spot in the door waiting to see if anything more would happen but ending the video recording on his phone and slipping it away into his pocket.

Rin’s eyes met with the eyes of the model through the slit of the door. An unsettling feeling washed over him and he felt frozen in place. The man’s dancing at the club replayed in his mind. [i What the hell?] He stepped back from the container, running his fingers through his hair. Every instinct in his body told him to get as far away from the two as he could, but he was no pussy. He had stayed this long so he might as well hang around to talk to the sickos. Instead of leaving he walked back to his car and leaned against the front, lighting a cigarette that he desperately needed. Taking a drag on his cigarette he pulled his phone back out and sent the long torture video to Felix.
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[center [pic]]
[Baumans [center [size15 Slipping into the back of the car, Abel grabbed the man's wrist and tried to pull him in, receiving some resistance from the terrified man. Opening his mouth to scream out for help, Colin quickly met his jaw with a quick, firm punch. Stunned a bit, Abel was then able to forcefully pull him into the car, the black haired man slamming the door behind them. Cracking his knuckles as he rounded the car, the man glanced around before getting into the drivers seat, closing his own door and starting the car.

In the back seat, Abel held a hand around the man's mouth and rested his head on the other's shoulder, free hand absentmindedly rubbing the man's chest. [i [#00878e "Shh.. don't weep. Surely you knew my reputation from what your friend told you about me, right? There was reason for his paranoia about being caught after all wasn't there?"]] Snickering, he closed his eyes and nuzzled his face into the squirming shoulder under his head, muffled cries coming from the other. Abel took note of how the man very intelligently didn't use his very free hands to try to attack Abel. Thankfully it seemed his reputation was known well enough. Fighting back usually only led to a more drawn out torture.

The two drove for a while, heading for one of the model's nearby warehouses that manufactured a majority of his makeup products. He liked producing in the US, even better, close by so he could keep an eye out on production and make sure no one was using shortcuts. Only the best for his adoring fans. But quickly, Abel caught on to something being off, a rock forming in his gut. Lifting his head, he glanced out of the back window, narrowing his eyes. [i [#00878e "Colin, we're-"]] he was cut off by the man in the driver's seat speaking up, keeping his eyes forward, occasionally turning his eyes to the rear view mirror. [i [#9c00cc "Being followed. I know. I'm willing to bet it's that guy with the scar. He never stopped watching us at the club. The owners lapdog, I'm sure. What's the plan? Should I lose him?"]]

Abel thought for a moment before returning his attention to the man next to him, grinning and running a finger along his jaw, hearing the man let out a shaky breath through his nose and a muffled "please" from under the hand on his mouth. [i [#00878e "No, let him follow. In fact, let him come see what we're all about. That guy from the club was off. They're definitely involved in some fucked up shit like us, so let's see what the man's reaction is to seeing what we can do. If he stays to watch and listen in, then we know he's used to seeing shit like that and can gauge their potential danger accordingly.. if he gets scared and flees, we have our guys catch him before he gets away and take care of him but then we know that those guys aren't a threat to us."]]

Colin thought it over for a moment before pulling out his phone, dialing a number and lifting it to his ear, speaking as the phone rang, [i [#9c00cc "It's risky, but you're right. We need to know what they're capable and comfortable with- it's Colin. Abel and I are coming to the warehouse and we have a visitor likely coming in after us. I want you and the guards to take a break and stay away from the container in the back. We don't want this man being scared away... Right. Thank you."]] with that, the man ended the call and put his phone away, looking at Abel in the mirror. [i [#9c00cc "And now there won't be any interference."]]

The teal haired man grinned at Colin. [i [#00878e "Excellent. I can't wait to see how he reacts.~"]] the man purred, seeing his warehouse come into view. Pulling up to the gate, Colin got out and unlocked it, opening it up and going back to the car to pull through. Once the car was on the other side, he got back out and closed the gate, not bothering to lock it. Normally there would be someone manning an automatic gate on another side of the warehouse but their goal in leading the man to them required the least amount of outside contact with other people.

Once back in his car, Colin drove off to the back of the warehouse and past a few storage containers. Finding the one he desired, the man pulled next to it and stopped, turning the car off and moving to open the door for Abel, the other pulling the man out with him. Colin glared at him as Abel drug him to the container. [i [#00878e "Scream and we go after your loved ones too."]] he warned, the mand tearing up but nodding in defeat. Letting go of his mouth, Abel unlocked the padlock on the metal container and opened it, the man widening his eyes in shock but before he could protest, Colin kicked the back of his knee hard, causing him to drop forward with a pained gasp.

Following the man in, Abel closed the doors mostly, leaving a small gap for their visitor to get a perfect side view of all that would be happening as Colin began to drag the man to a chair that sat in the middle of a large red brown stain on the floor, the chair itself covered in dried blood. As per usual, Colin stood infront of the man and grabbed duct tape from a small table with various tools, ripping a piece off and covering his mouth with it. Tossing the roll, he placed his hands on the man's shoulders to hold him down, the slightest of grins on the managers lips.

Abelin felt himself shiver as he grabbed a rope, placing it between his teeth and rounding to the back of the chair, smile wide around the rope. Grabbing the man's writs from around the chair, the model pulled them down and back behind the chair, eyes locking with Colin's for a brief moment of understanding and some sort of intimacy. The two broke eye contact and turned their eyes to the pitiful man's shoulders as Abel used his strength to forcibly lift the other's arms. Further and further they strained until finally, two loud crack and pops sounded through the container followed by muffled screams. Shivering at the feeling of the shoulders snapping under his hands, Colin closed his eyes and let out a shaky breath.

Abel grabbed the rope and as he began to tie the man's wrists up to the top of the chair, forcing his arms to stay in their painfully bent position, a soft demented laugh bubbled up from his lips. Both men backed away from the man, Colin grabbing a knife from the table, getting to slicing open the shirt of the man they captured. With his chest bare, Abel walked over to a cabinet, opening it and scanning through multiple much larger tools than the ones rested on the nearby table. Humming in thought, Abelin finally settled on one, pulling out what looked like a small whip with multiple smaller ones on it, small metal claws on the ends.

Stepping up in front of the man, the teal haired beauty lifted a foot to step against the other's crotch, holding up the whip. [i [#00878e "The cat o' nine tails. Are you familiar with it?"]] he questioned, enjoying the look of horror on the other's face. Smiling and stroking the ends of the whip in bemusement, Abel starting speaking as if to himself, voice calm and low as if speaking about a loved one. [i [#00878e "It was used on Jesus himself in old times. Most people find them unethical now a days but there are some places that still use them for torture. Nine small whips with these cute little metal claws on the end. I swing, and they dig deep into that unmarked skin of yours.."]] he paused, slowly dragging the whip down the man's chest and pressing his foot against his crotch. [i [#00878e "Then you know what happens, love? When they're nice and deep in your flesh and it feels like you could never get them out, I rip it back and you loose little bits and pieces of yourself. And then they'll be flung-"]] another pause, Abelin removing his foot and turning to motion to the open space of the container. [i [#00878e "-all over my little room here. I wonder how long you can live when so much of you will be strewn about the floor~ So.."]] Abel looked back at the man with a wide grin on his face, eyes singing with joy and a raw, primal heat. [i [#00878e "Shall we begin?"]] he cooed, Colin standing behind the man and cupping his jaw to pull his head back out of the way of his torso.

Hearing his love so deranged and excited, Colin couldn't help but to feel himself get turned on by the other. It only increased as he heard the growl that left Abel's mouth as he used all his force to swing the cat o' nine tails down against the other's chest and rip it away just as quickly. Blood and small chunks of flesh splattered to the floor and Abel snickered lowly at the broken screams and the flailing of the man's legs. Reaching out his free hand, the model trailed a shaky hand down the bloody torso, the feeling of the warm wet blood smearing on his hand eliciting a soft groan of satisfaction.

Suddenly, his eyes grew darker, the joy of the experience turning much darker, his stance much more domineering and threatening. [i [#00878e "Play time is over now.. I'll teach you what happens to anyone that fucks me or my company over. Not that you'll ever have the chance to do it again.."]] his voice was low and came out in a disgusted growl, rearing back his arm once again to begin the onslaught the man was in for.

Nearly thirty minutes later, fresh blood coated the floor and the man's legs and thighs were just as battered as his torso. Colin watched with eager eyes the whole time Abel was at work, seeing the man as some sort of murderous art piece before him. He felt truly blessed. He never wanted this to end, but he could feel the man's grip on his consciousness fading quickly. It was his turn to chime in. The man was crying and sobbing in pain, only having the energy to give small cries each time the claws met his skin. He knew they didn't have much time. [i [#9c00cc "He doesn't have much life left to him. If we want to get info out of him, now's the time."]] he warned his friend.

Giving a slight huff, the teal haired man ripped the tape from the man's mouth, only gurgled breaths and groans leaving his mouth. Abel gripped his hair and tugged his head down after Colin let go of the man's head. [i [#00878e "I bet you thought I would come in, give you a chance to speak, maybe start out small and give you time to confess before shit got too bad. Well, I don't work that way. It's no fun. I like bringing people close to death, having the reaper breathing down the back of your neck, ready to take you. Then I refuse him your soul until you tell me what I want to know. If you tell me, I let him have you and your suffering will be over. If you don't, I keep you alive for as long as I can and continue to torture you until you barely have any body left for your soul to attach to.. so tell me, what will it be? How badly do you want to die tonight?"]] he asks, looking into the man's glossy, distant eyes.

Finally after a few moments, the man was somehow able to find his broken voice. [i "He s-sold the-them.. M-man named F-Freddie.. Freddie.."] the man's head lulled back a bit, but Abel held it up and shook it roughly. [i [#00878e "Speak! Freddie [b who]?"]] Abel demanded. Regaining a bit of focus, the man answered back, [i "Fred-ddie Ja-James.. I s-swear... p.. pl-please..."] Abel grinned triumphantly, standing straight and grabbing a knife, handing it out towards Colin.

Colin accepted the knife as if he was just receiving a million dollars, letting out a shaky breath. Pressing the knife to the man's throat, the black haired male looked up to his love, wanting to hear his voice tell him what to do. To urge him on.

Abel knew what he was waiting for. How endearing. [i [#00878e "Do it, Col. End him for me. Let your love pour from his neck with his blood."]] and those words were all he needed to hear. With a shiver and a shaky breath, Colin grinned in bliss, slicing the knife through the flesh of the neck in front of him, blood pouring down the neck and chest of the gurgling, sputtering man. Killing was one of the most intimate things he did with Abel. Anyone could fuck and show their love that way, but to kill for the one you love. Colin felt it was the strongest way to prove his love and loyalty to the man that had saved him years ago. And nothing pleased him more than to show the god before him how much he truly adored him.

Abel walked around the chair to stand next to Colin, now faced to the opening of the container, the man infront of him turned and fell to his knees. His manager wrapped his arms around Abel and nuzzled his face into the man's stomach, the teal haired man watching him with demented eyes and a soft smile. Petting his hair acceptingly, Abelin lifted his eyes towards the container opening, hoping to lock eyes with any prying eyes that may have been there. Only wishing that the man following them was still there.
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Rin’s eyes honed in on the two men at the bar. He had no real understanding of Felix’s type. All of his victims were attractive in some way but there wasn’t typically any defining similarity that connected them. Felix just enjoyed owning people and he enjoyed disposing of them just as much. There wasn’t much that he could do or say about the matter once his cousin had his sights on someone.To Rin’s surprise the companion of the teal haired man looked up at him, their eyes meeting. They weren’t the eyes of a pleased man which made Rin wonder what Felix had said when he was down at the bar. He watched as the two men interacted, eventually leading to the white business card being flicked over the bar. Another look from the dark eyed man. A glare that oozed confidence. Rin could only sigh and rub his temples in response. [#808000 “I don’t think you’ll be getting a call anytime soon. While you’re over there fantasizing like some teenage girl that guy with Abelin,whoever he is, just threw away your card.”]

Grumbling, Felix sat up from the couch. There were other ways to get in touch with the model again. He would play it cool, slowly insert himself into the man’s life.[#B22222 “Not sure about the man with him but I assume they’re fucking. He had teal lipstick on his neck. Tsk, something always gets in the way,”] he sighed.

The scarred male ignored his companion, too caught up in the scene unfolding out on the dancefloor. He watched as the teal haired male swayed his hips, moving to the rhythm of the music. When another man joined his dancing, Rin felt something inside of him stir. He found himself unable to look away. Shaking his head, he tried to regain his focus. Why had he lost focus? [#808000 “Hey, you two might want to see this,”] he said quietly, waving over his two comrades. Felix shot up from the couch and Lucky followed. All three leaders of the Black Cats leaned against the balcony, taking in the dance floor below. Another man had joined Abelin and the other man. Lucky fanned herself and elbowed Felix, [#7B68EE “This is fucking beautiful. Pure art.”] The tall male simply nodded, eyes locking onto the tangled bodies. [#808000 “Maybe we should get him to teach the girls how to dance and replace you,”] he joked with the red head. As always, she didn’t take the joke lightly. [#7B68EE “Oh, go fuck yourself,”] she sneered, her middle finger slamming into the side of his face.

Chuckling, Rin returned his attention back to the dancefloor just in time to catch the model looking up at him. His eyes tried to avoid the male's gaze but he couldn't tear them away. When the male licked his lips and smiled, Rin shuddered and turned away from the balcony. This earned him quizzical looks from both Felix and Lucky.

Felix found himself captured by the erotic dancing of the other. Too captured to ask why Rin had so suddenly turned away from the action. His eyes followed Abelin as he made his way to the stage and tossed the money he’d been given while putting on his little show up towards the dancer. This man had the balls to talk shit about his club to his face and then collect money from his patrons? What a turn on. Eyes still on him, his heart stopped as he saw the model look back up at him and do a move with his ass. And then he was gone. [#B22222 “Well, I’m turned on. Let’s go hurt somebody. Lucky, you can come with me. Rin...follow those two,”] he spoke quickly, wanting to get out of Dazzle. Rin looked less than pleased that he was expected to follow the teal haired man that had just given him questionable thoughts.

Unconcerned with whether his colleague wanted to follow the men or not, Felix linked arms with the tall red head and started walking downstairs. [#B22222 “There are a few delinquents on loans to follow up on. How do you feel about removing fingernails? I don’t think I’ve taught you the best method.”] Rin listened to the two discuss their plans for the night as they disappeared from the balcony while he tried to mentally prepare himself for leaving the club. He could not go and say he did, but he was shit at lying to Felix. Sighing, the short male slipped on a black satin jacket with a cat embroidered on the back and left the balcony as well.
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[center [pic]]
[Baumans [center [size15 Every fiber of Colin's being longed to fling himself right over the bar with a firmly planted fist into the shit eating smirk that the shirtless man was wearing. The anger he felt was hidden under the surface but as he glanced over at his friend, he could see something in Abelin's eyes that he only saw when the other desired a man in a dangerous way. A way that he himself wouldn't ever be able to provide for his love. He wanted the man to hurt and abuse him. Which only made the black haired manager hate this cocky guy ten times more.

Abel watched as the man walked away, glancing down to the card and picking it up, turning it over and seeing the number. [i [#00878e "Talk business, huh?"]] his voice was quiet, thoughtful. Colin's dark eyes shifted up to the balcony, meeting with the eyes of a man that stood there watching them. His eyes were intense and filled with disdain for this whole situation, this whole visit. The feeling of the card being slipped into his suit pocket brought his attention back to the model.

[i [#9c00cc "I don't like the sound of it. Any of what he said."]] the man admitted. Leaning in closer, Abel kissed softly at the shell of his ear, a hand resting on the other's thigh as he whispered softly, [i [#00878e "Then what are you gunna do about it?"]] They both knew. Around Abel, Colin had no shame. Normally he was prideful and wouldn't want anyone to see him as jealous or weak. But with Abel, there was nothing about his manager the model couldn't read straight from his eyes. There was no hiding or being ashamed about his feelings being written on his sleeve.

Taking the card from his pocket with two of his fingers, the bitter man flicked the card stock over the bar like a piece of trash, earning him airy laughter from the other. A small smirk spread his lips out, feeling accomplished that such a small expression of his jealousy made his love amused in some way. Confidence renewed, the man looked back up to the balcony to glare at the short man, this time a cocky grin making his whole person seeming to shine with power and superiority. He really was living when he was with Abel.

A buzzing in his pocket spurred Abel to pull out his phone, eyes taking in the picture sent to him of the man they should be looking for. About damn time. Showing his comrade, he received a nod and the two stood to their feet. Pulling out a few bills, the model set down the cash to pay for the drinks, giving the bartender a wink before turning to the rest of the club.

[i [#00878e "You ready to show that asshole what money a real dancer should be pulling in?"]] the sound of his words made a shiver run down Colin's spine. Nodding in agreement, his friend wrapped his arms around Colin's neck and pulling him closer to whisper in his ear. Moments passed and the man took his seat from before, facing the club to watch what was about to happen. To scan the faces of the crowd.

Making his way to the dance floor, eyes were already beginning to settle on the teal haired man, his spirits lifting as he softly swayed his hips to the pounding of the music. Once he was in the center of it all, he really started to get into the music, his body moving in a very natural rhythm, dancing like a natural. Feeling brave enough, one man came up to Abel and this time, he was accepting. Pressing against the man and grinding his ass back against him, the two started gaining more attention from others, the bodies on the dance floor all bouncing and moving in unison.

The longer the music played, the more sensual Abel's body moved, occasionally bending down and rolling his body upward, his booty shorts leaving little to the imagination. Before long, another man had come up in front of Abel, hands on the model's hips as he was pinned between the two bodies, grinding between the two. The new man nibbled and kissed at Abel's neck and a arm rested on his shoulder, Abelin's hand fisted in his hair.

Nearly all eyes in the club were on the erotic male practically having a three way on the dance floor, his grey eyes looking up to the balcony and locking with what he assumed to be the owners lackey. Licking his lips before parting them in an open smile, Abel panted and a thin layer of sweat coated his skin. It wasn't long before the man started moving his dance partners along to let others have a turn, the men beginning to fill the waistband of his shorts with cash. A lot of cash in very large bills. More than what the dancers were graced with.

He continued to put on a show until he glanced back at Colin, the man nodding in sign, Abel knowing it was time. He parted through the sea of eager dancers, money practically falling from his clothes. Without glancing back up at the balcony, Abelin stepped up to the edge of the stage that the dancer of the moment was on, pulling out all the money and tossing it at her condescendingly before blowing her a kiss and giving a wink.

Approaching the bar, Colin nodded his head towards the front of the club. With the dance having died down, the man they were looking for was now aware of their presence. With Abel done dancing, the man was also no longer distracted from making an escape. They both hurried behind them, an adrenaline fueled smile of success on teal lips. Giving one final glance back, he saw the owner, snickering and dragging a hand up his thigh before popping his ass on their way out to follow the man.

Though he tried to make a quick escape, the man they were looking for wasn't fast enough to get away from Colin, the man catching up and wrapping a firm arm around his shoulders. [i [#9c00cc "Don't tell me you aren't excited to see us after all the profit your friend made thanks to us."]] he nearly purred. Both manager and client were practically buzzed in a heavenly pleased bliss. One from engaging in an amazing dance and the other simply from having witnessed such an erotic sight.

[i [#00878e "Come on, Manny. Let's go talk, shall we? I have something special planned for you."]] Abel cooed, running a hand down the man's chest, the scared male trembling. He knew what was to come. Though he tried, there was no escaping the two to safety as they lead him back to Colin's car. The two had a long night ahead of them.]]
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