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[center [size10 Two men living a life of crime find themselves in a struggle for power. One, an entrepreneur and leader of a gang, hungry for power and possessions, the other a famous model who secretly runs a network of crime. When the gang boss finds out how large the other's network really is and desires it for himself, how far will he go to get what he wants? Both men equally twisted and malicious, who will come out on top?]]
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[Magra [center [size14 Colin had the urge to see what Rin thought of what he shared with him. Being a curious and borderline nosy man had it's ups and downs, but seeing the other wiping away tears caught him off guard. He wasn't sure how he expected Rin to react, but shedding tears over a guy that was probably just a thorn in his side wasn't anywhere in the realm of possibility to him. Yet here the man beside him was, doing just that. A bit unsure how to feel about the feelings stirring in his stomach, Colin looked back to the bar, trying to refocus.

Shit. Rin was right, he didn't have to share any of that. Already his lips were a bit too loose for comfort and Colin decided that any more alcohol was a bad idea. He was never able to drink as much as Abel. There had been a few occasions in his late teens when the two would play drinking games to see how high Colin's tolerance was. It always ended in the younger male passing out while his friend barely even seemed tipsy. Which had always been his boon around the crafty model. That was always how he convinced Colin to have sex with him, getting him a bit drunk and being a bit too enticing to deny.

The hand on his shoulder reminded him that he was supposed to be "enjoying" his time and not thinking about his love who was probably being beaten up at that moment somewhere in the hotel. The other spoke and Colin felt himself half comprehending what was being said and half zoning out. [i No way. I'm such a fucking lightweight.] Eyes shot, the drunk man tried his best to recall what the other told him. Recollections of his father giving him the scar and once in his life he was fifteen and- [i Shit, wait he's in the yakuza?] The dark haired man hoped he wasn't going to be tested on this later. His brain was already pounding and telling him that he needed to stop being such a big boy, thinking about big boy things.

Seeing the shot pushed towards him, there was a very brief moment of knowing it was a bad idea, but the thought left as soon as it came and he took the glass, lifting it a bit. [i [#9c00cc "Cheers to that."]] he slurred a bit, giving Rin a half grin. Knocking back the shot, Colin felt pressure on his thigh, looking down and letting out an unintentional groan. He stared for a moment as if not quite realizing it was Rin's hand but then tilted his head back to meet eyes with the other man. He wasn't sure why but the manager enjoyed the feeling more than he normally would, but damn did he.

It felt like his lips were suddenly dry, licking and parting them for a moment to speak. [i [#9c00cc "You- You said you were- mm.. look I-"]] he wasn't exactly sure what he was trying to ask. Surely if he was sober he'd as if the other really was straight or maybe even slap the fuck out of him for touching his thigh. However what came out shocked even himself a bit, but it was too late to stop the words as they spilled out. [i [#9c00cc "Do you want me to suck your dick?"]] he asked nonchalantly.

A voice in his head, the last reasonable thought he was able to have before his logic broke into pieces spoke out in the back of his mind. [i Bad idea bad fucking idea.] But with a place of his hand on the other's thigh, rubbing it softly, his offer was locked in place. He was gone. [i [#9c00cc "Cause like... I can if you wanna.."]]
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Rin wasn’t sure what to expect from Colin after placing his hand on his and now he was slightly regretting his decision as the other turned to him with a furrowed brow. Expecting his hand to be brushed off, he was surprised when nothing was done to remove it. His heart squeezed at the question the man asked. There were those words again. [i Why the fuck do I like him calling me his little rat so much? I’m really fucked up.] He shifted on his bar stool, not bothering to answer the question.

His demeanor towards the man should have been harsher and more vile, but he couldn’t bring himself to act like that to someone who was already down. Not without orders specifically stating that he should, at least. All Felix wanted from him was to keep this man out of his hair. Rin had accomplished that and how he chose to speak to him now was no business of Felix. Feeling Colin’s finger tracing circles on the back of his hand sent a shiver down his spine, knocking all thoughts of his cousin from his mind.

Colin began to speak, still using Japanese, which made Rin wonder if he was only doing it because he had complimented his use of the language. However, the words that came out of his mouth made Rin scold himself for thinking such a thing. The man was sharing personal details about his past and probably didn’t want anyone nearby to hear. Every word that came out of the other’s mouth made it harder to breathe. [i This is really sad. I feel like a dick about everything that’s happened recently and even more so about what awaits in the future. Even if it is out of my control.] Maybe it was the alcohol that had him feeling so emotional about this man’s past or maybe it was the fact that he could relate, although his own issues with his father were pretty opposite, he could feel the pain associated with being an unwanted child. A burden.

When Colin was done speaking, Rin’s bloody mary was finished and he urged the bartender to pour him two shots of bourbon. He watched as his new companion downed another shot, trying to get a read on his mood. A few tears had streamed down Rin’s face and he wiped them away, seemingly not embarrassed by his display of emotion.

[#808000 [i “ didn’t have to share that information with me. Now I’m all teary eyed and shit,”]] he sucked in a breath before downing one of the bourbon shots placed before him, quickly following with the second shot after the first glass was empty. Sliding the two empty glasses away from him, he turned to look at the other. He reached an arm out and placed his hand on Colin’s shoulder, giving it a supportive squeeze. [#808000 [i “Uh, seriously though. I’m glad you got out of such a bad situation. I can’t really say I relate since my father never beat me. Well, he gave me the scar on my face but that wasn’t really up to him. It was a punishment for both of us. But he did ignore me a lot as a child which was shitty considering the fact that I had no mom. He only started acknowledging me when I beat the shit out of other kids and showed an interest in joining the yakuza. I just started doing shit to get his attention. So I was what...fifteen at that point? Then he got to play the proud father role ,even though Felix’s father is more of a father to me than he will ever be.”]]

The bartender brought him two more shots of bourbon and this time Rin slid one over to Colin. [#808000 [i “Cheers to never having children,”]] he said in a bitter tone before downing the shot. He retracted his hand from the other’s shoulder, forgetting that it was still there, and moved it to his leg. [i My shot count is too high.I’m doing and saying stupid shit...but it's nice talking to him.] Rin’s brown eyes lingered on Colin’s face, trying hard to focus on his features despite his blurring vision.
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[Magra [center [size14 Rin ordered himself another drink and feeling about ready for just letting himself go, Colin threw caution to the wind, getting a shot of straight vodka, making sure to let the bartender know that he would likely be asking for more soon enough.

He liked his Japanese? He supposed he was fairly good at it. Japanese wasn't the only other language he knew aside from English. The one's he used most aside from it were Japanese and French. Japan and France were both highly into fashion, including Abelin's makeup and clothing line. Rather than using a translator, Abel decided that it would be more convenient for his little manager in training to learn other languages himself to do their dealings with overseas companies. The young man had happily accepted and tackled every language that the model threw at him seemingly flawlessly. He'd never imagined all those years ago that his Japanese would one day be used to win some sort of favor with this ex yakuza.

Glancing at Rin, he took in what he said. Part of him still wanted to suffer by his own thoughts. To drown in the self deprecation. But there was something in the man's words that tore right through the wall of ice that had surrounded his heart. Fuck this guy was thoughtful and attractive. Just what Colin needed in his vulnerable state. [i I'm gunna be screwed.] Letting out a soft huff through his nose, Colin saw the shot being dropped off along with Rin's.

The man didn't waste time, knocking back the drink readily and hissing lowly at the sting that was traveling from his mouth and throat all the way into his chest. He let out a cough and signaled the man behind the counter for another.

Rin's question caught him off guard but the hand on his sent a spark shooting right through him. Blinking a few times down at the hand, Colin furrowed his brows and turned his head to look at the other. No attempt was made to remove the hand. [i [#9c00cc "Are you sure it's safe to be showing the enemy such an open heart, my little Rat?"]] his voice was low and his eyes narrowed, not in anger but in curiosity. As if squinting would allow him to see further into the man, letting him see something that Rin wouldn't be showing on the outside.

Eyes returning to their hands, Colin traced a finger from his free hand lightly up and down the back of the hand on his. Colin knew his backstory wouldn't effect Abel's business or well being. There was no reason not to be an open book about his past with Rin. Taking a breath to prepare himself for going back to a place he had long since forgotten about, Colin traced light circles against the other's skin.

[i [#9c00cc "I was beaten as a child. For anything really. Being gay, talking back, getting angry, crying when I got hurt. Sometimes just for existing in my parents world when they'd realize what a burden I was. Eventually I picked up scratching myself as a way to keep myself calm. When I'd want to talk back or cry, I'd scratch myself to remind me to keep my mouth shut. Heh, I recall a time I was peeling an apple and sliced my finger open.. I wanted to cry and scream. Blood got everywhere but with the mess I made and my parents in the other room, I knew I couldn't say anything.. So I just started scratching. That time and many other's, I ended up scratching my arm raw. Anyway, I cleaned up the mess and wrapped my finger and my parents were none the wiser. Maybe that's why I'm usually so monotonous these days.. I just learned to listen and be quiet, not to feel anything. Least not to show it anyway. But eventually I got tired of it and ran away. When Abel found me and took me in, it wasn't long till he realized I had that habit. He taught me that when I'm stressed or feel the need to scratch, inanimate objects are far easier to replace than I am. So he told me to try to scratch anything else I could. And I'd do anything for him, so I stopped."]] he spoke in Japanese, atleast wanting to use an uncommon language so no one else would likely know what he was saying, trailing off and his hand was now just rested on Rin's.

His eyes looked distant and a bit more calm than before. It was bittersweet. Thinking about back then gave him bad memories yet being saved from that gave him new life. Life that would be taken away soon. A smile crept it's way on his lips and he chuckles as he blinked away tears, looking up and taking the replaced shot that the bartender left for him during his talk, swallowing it whole and leaning back. He had let go of the other and already his hands felt more lonely on their own.]]
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Rin watched as the man beside him downed the drink and let out a groan. When Colin spoke it was in Japanese. Hearing that voice again was what he had been looking forward to all week. A chill spread through his body at the sound. For once he was glad that Felix was right and that they had come here. He just wished he had managed to say more than “You look unhappy.” Though in all honesty he had no idea how to navigate expressing any kind of interest in a man. And as much as he tried to deny his interest in Colin his body always made his true feelings apparent.

The powerful thoughts had troubled him after that first night which is the only reason he had confided in Lucky. Currently he regretted the decision but at the time her opinion was comforting. There was nothing wrong with being into men and women. Or being in to men more than women or women more than man. Of course he knew this deep down and could have gotten the same advice from Felix, however it was better hearing it from someone a bit more normal. Even though Lucky wasn’t too far off from Felix, she wasn’t at his level yet and he doubted that she ever would be.

The man’s sad eyes met with his as he leaned back from the bar and Rin’s heart sunk, his thoughts dissipating for the moment. It was probably stupid of him to feel bad for someone Felix considered an enemy, but if there was one thing that set him apart from his cousin it was his empathy. Felix only acted empathetic when it benefited him. [#808000 “Eh, it’s not that entertaining of a story. Unless you’re turned on by torture as well,”] he paused to finish off his third drink. [#808000 “I don’t know enough about you to confirm or deny how entertaining you are, but your voice entertains me. Your Japanese entertains me.”] Rin ordered a bloody mary, requesting extra hot sauce, before turning back to Colin who was grinning.

Listening to the words that poured from the man’s mouth made Rin feel even worse. Nearly half of his life wasted? Did this man have that much belief that Felix could steal Abelin away from him? Maybe there was a piece of information he was missing. [#808000 “Don’t speak so harshly about yourself. That is what makes someone truly pathetic. You’re hardly unattractive and you don’t seem that average. Besides, you talking about being more dog than human hits a little too close to home. People do what they have to do to get by. If that means following around some power hungry, sexual maniac then there’s nothing wrong with that. At least that’s what I keep telling myself,”] he said, managing a chuckle. Bloody mary appearing in front of him, Rin pulled the drink closer, plucking the olives from the straw and popping them into his mouth.

He chewed thoughtfully, turning around from the bar to check on the spot where Felix and Abelin had been. They were nowhere to be seen. He pushed the thoughts of what might be happening between the two out of his head. Turning back to the bar he let his eyes fall onto Colin. Silently, he admired the man’s bone structure. [i He has the nerve to call himself unattractive? That’s total bullshit.]

Even when the man was angry he was still quite attractive. Rin sipped at the drink in front of him, still eyeing Colin. [#808000 “You scratch at things when you’re mad. Like that leather chair. Why? Does it calm you down or make you even angrier?”] After asking his question he moved one hand to Colin's and placed it on top of his, to get him to stop scratching at the bar.
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[Magra [center [size15 Colin heard the two other's come up behind him, Rin sitting next to him and the woman - he guessed - standing behind them. At the mention of the woman's tight dress, Colin shook his head. If he were even slightly interested in women he might have looked, but he was terribly set in his interests and tits were not on that list. Lifting his glass to take a sip of his beer, wanting to just try to ignore them, Colin suddenly choked on his drink when he heard the woman mention wet dreams that the man had. Thoughts flying around in his head made the dark haired man feel dizzy. Surely it was a joke, Colin was boring and nothing special in the slightest. There wasn't any way someone could find him THAT attractive.

Once his coughing died down, the man's voice make him glance in Rin's direction. So it wasn't true then. He figured. Shrugging it off, Colin noticed his beer was now gone. As Rin ordered a gin and tonic, a hand raised up slightly. [i [#9c00cc "Make that two. It's gunna be a long night."]] he huffed out. There was nothing he could do to even remotely act like he was having a good time here. He wished if the two were going to get a room they'd hurry up and do it. While he hadn't even turned around to see if they were still there, he was always very aware of his friend's presence. Colin just knew they were still there. The man's body was tense, fingers tapping on the bar anxiously.

Abel could see the desire in Felix's eyes and knew he already had him atleast somewhat wrapped around his finger. For now. Closing his eyes as the other whispered in his ear and smiling with parted lips, Abel's body shook with a wave of shock and pleasure as he felt teeth sinking into his skin. The hands in his hair tightened and the man moaned, leaning his head back as he pressed his body full against the one that bit him. Melting into his touch, the teal haired man let out small pants, his skin now hypersensitive and hot. The temperature of his body was climbing steadily and there was nothing stopping him from absolutely loving it.

Looking into the eyes that peered back into his, Abelin licked his teal lips and smirked a bit. [i [#00878e "A room would be great.. But if you thought that bite was anything close to what I can handle, then you better step up your game, big boy. I wouldn't want to be disappointed by you on our first night. Otherwise it might turn into an 'only night'. So I do hope you've got more in you than just that."]] he challenged Felix. It had been a while since Abelin had spent a good violent night with another man and he was about ready to burst. Felix seemed promising enough and he really just wanted the man to tear him apart. [i [#00878e "So, lead the way, baby. I'm right behind you."]]

Colin snorted when the man beside him mention him looking unhappy. How was he supposed to look happy? The feeling of tension left him, meaning the two lovebirds had probably left the club. Probably heading up to a room to do god knows what. Downing the drink on the bar, the man groaned and rested an elbow on the wood, rubbing his face with his hand. Just as he did last time he saw the men, the words spoken were in Rin's native tongue, flowing smoothly as always. [i [#9c00cc "No no, I'm super happy."]] he spoke out bitterly.

Rin spoke of them being stuck together for the night and honestly, the thought comforted Colin. While he wasn't very familiar with the other, knowing someone he had at least spoken to once before was here to watch over him made him not worry so much. Colin chuckled and leaned back a bit, sad eyes meeting with Rin's. [i [#9c00cc "Not entertaining? You at least look like you have a story to tell. What's entertaining about me?"]] The bitterness he felt was turning into something rather spiteful and cocky, his eyes sang of hurt and of remorse, a wide grin on his lips as he rested his chin on his palm, turning a bit towards Rin in his seat. [i [#9c00cc "An average, no personality, unattractive, bland at best man that's more dog than human.. following behind an owner that he can't ever seem to please but continuing to follow him none the less. Following like a lovesick puppy for twelve years and now it's all going down the drain.. Nearly half of my life wasted.. Heh. Least you aren't pathetic."]] he nearly growled out the last few lines, turning back to the bar and scratching lightly at it's surface, trying to cool himself down. The few drinks he'd had mixed with the anger he was already feeling were not a good mix.]]
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The ginger moved her head away from Rin’s ear, not bothering to be gentle as her teeth left his ear lobe. She moved her sharp nails to the short male’s chin and turned it so that he was looking at Colin. [#7B68EE “Wow. He really isn’t a fan of Felix. Look at the hate in his eyes. It’s such a pity. Wouldn’t a threesome between Lix, Abelin, and him be so fucking hot? Oh and I guess you could get involved too. The more the merrier,”] Lucky said quite loudly, eyes moving between the group of men and lips curling into a smile of approval. The scarred man squirmed under her grasp until his chin was free. He didn’t want to look at Colin while she was spouting that kind of bullshit. [#7B68EE “Aw look he retreated to the bar. Let’s go join him.”] She was already tugging on Rin’s arm before he had a chance to respond.

Once they reached the bar Rin took a seat next to Colin and Lucky remained standing, placing herself behind both of their bar stools. Rin ordered two shots of bourbon before turning on his stool to face Lucky. [#808000 “Not to offend, but your tits are screaming to be let out of that dress? Who’s your victim tonight, Lucky?”] he smirked, eyes trailing down the short green dress. He wasn’t surprised by her attire. Mostly he just wanted to piss her off as payback for biting his ear. [#7B68EE “Oh, shut the fuck up. You’re just jealous because I have a date and you’re stuck here. Although...I guess you being stuck here isn’t all bad. Should I tell ol’ Colin about those recent dreams of yours? I shouldn’t be the only one getting dicked down tonight, after all. That wouldn’t be fair,”] she pretended to whine. Rin glared up at the red head. He should have known that she would retaliate. It was his fault for even telling her about the dreams he’d had about Colin after that night.

Hearing the bartender slide the shots onto the bar, Rin turned around quickly and pounded both back. His eyes darted over at Colin, trying to think of what to say. [#808000 “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. There aren’t too many thoughts floating around in that empty head of hers,”] he mumbled. [#7B68EE “Fuck you. I was trying to help,”] she snarled, double fisting her middle fingers at his back before stomping off. A sigh of relief left his mouth upon hearing her deprature. [i Making not very subtle statements isn’t being helpful. What a dork.] He ordered another drink, this time a gin and tonic. It was hard to say how long he would be expected to sit around and keep an eye on Colin.

Felix had lost sight of his associates but was finding it hard to care. Abelin was approaching him and that sidekick of his was nowhere to be seen. That was all the encouragement he needed. All of his waiting had paid off and damn did the model look good tonight. His eyes wandered over the skin tight dress as the man spoke to him. What did he want to do? He was still determined to discuss business, but the way that Abelin stepped close to him, fingertips wisping over his throat, threw all of his plans out the window for the time being. The suggestion that came after the enticing move made him chuckle.

[#B22222 “I was wondering if you heard that,”] he responded, biting his lips at the feeling of the others fingers in his hair. [#B22222 “Well if you’re all mine for now, there will be plenty of time to talk about my delusions later. Now...about my desires. They require a place more private. Would you like to hear more about how I want to make you scream or would you like me to show you?”] Felix leaned in close to the other, lips against his ear as he whispered. Without warning Felix moved his lips down off of Abelin’s ear and onto his neck, where he opened his mouth and bit down hard. The kind of bite that would surely leave a nice bruise the next day.

When his mouth finally released the perfect skin from it's grip, Felix smiled. [#B22222 "So, should we move upstairs or is that not allowed? I don't know if you noticed but I don't like following rules."] He looked into Abelin's grey eyes while his hands grazed over his swaying hips.

Turning around from the bar to check in on Felix, Rin instantly regretted the decision. There were some things he had no desire to see. It made sense now that Colin had moved to the bar, facing away from the two men. [i Aren’t him and Abelin a thing? Why is he all over Felix?] Rin shook his head unable to come up with any clear answers. He decided that he should probably say something to Colin although he had no idea what. The man was pretty much a stranger. A stranger that had a sexy voice. Which only made it harder to strike up a conversation. [#808000 [i “You look unhappy,”]] he mumbled in Japanese. Rin wanted to smack himself in the face. [i Obviously he’s unhappy, dumbass. Abelin came here to see Felix and he’s sitting at the bar drinking. Why the fuck would he look happy.]

[#808000 [i “Unfortunately you get to be stuck with me all night since Felix doesn’t trust you. And I'm not a very entertaining person,”]] he stated matter of factly, still speaking in his native tongue, while signaling to the bartender to bring him another gin and tonic.
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[Magra [center [size15 [i [#00878e "Not on the list??"]] Abel gawked, surprised and a bit angered that for a man wanting him so bad somehow Felix hadn't made sure he could get into his clubs without trouble. About ready to cause a full blown riot, the voice of the man passing them made both men perk up. Rin. Colin rolled his eyes and looked away. Great of course he'd been following them. Why wouldn't he?

Lips pursing up into a satisfied smirk, Abel followed behind Rin, Colin following his lead and once they made it in, resting a hand on the small of Abel's back. [i [#00878e "Thanks for the help, Rinny. You're such a dear~"]] Abel said in a sing-song voice, raising a hand to ruffle the man's hair. Abelin and Colin looked around at the club. It was much classier than the one they had been to before. The music and the dancing was calling Abel to the dance floor but he had some important business to take care of. The hand on Abel's back tensed as Colin saw the detestable man and the redhead from the other club standing there just waiting for them. Suddenly Colin became over aware of just how short the tight dress was, wanting desperately to cover Abel up.

He was used to his friend wearing shit like this but not in front of such a disgusting and vile man. [I They fit perfectly together..] The thought hit and made him retract his hand from Abel. That's right. He couldn't get in the way of this if it could work out for Abel in the end. Unfortunately, his hatred for the man could not be hidden from his eyes and expression, lip raised in a slight snarl just from the sight of him.

Abel stepped ahead to confront the man head on, eyeing him with determination in his eyes, not a sliver of fear or worry in his grey eyes. Colin decided to look away, seeing the woman with her arm around Rin. He felt a sink in his chest but wasn't quite sure why. [I Hm. I guess they're a thing. Lucky him, she's definitely pretty.] Seemed the only distraction for him tonight was indeed going to result in him getting drunk off his ass. Heading to the bar, Colin took a seat and glanced one more time at Abel. Well, at least the view was good. He let out a soft whistle, eyes glued to his friends ass. Forcing himself to turn away, he called over the bartender and started out slow with just a beer. He'd rather work up to blackout drunk than to smash into it like a brick wall.

Abel looked Felix up and down before speaking up. [i [#00878e "Mm, yes. Though it was actually a rat that dragged us in, not a cat. Oh, but you know all about that don't you? But I have to say, this place is a lot nicer than your other one. You actually look like you tried here. Hmhm~]] Letting his eyes trail off to Rin, he then gave Felix a smirk. [i [#00878e "So, I'm here now and I'm all yours for the time being. So what is it you want to do? Should we dance? Go somewhere private to talk over the delusion you probably have that you're gunna touch even an inch of my business? Or maybe-"]] he paused, stepping dangerously close to the man and outstretching his arm to ghost his fingertips across Felix's throat, grinning deviously. [i [#00878e "Maybe you'd rather play out that desire to have my pretty neck in your hands~"]] His voice was low and sultry, enticing. His eyes were a bit lustful as he looked up at Felix. Perhaps he was laying it on a little thick, but he was quite certain the other wouldn't mind it in the slightest. Sliding his hand up Felix's chest to rest his arm on the man's shoulder, Abelin threaded his fingers in the back of the other's hair and began to sway his hips to the music.

Colin just knew if he turned around he'd be seeing something he wouldn't want to see. He knew Abel too well. The man was way too straight forward and wasn't against using seduction to get people close to him. Letting out a sigh, he grabbed the drink and took a few large gulps of the liquid before slamming the heavy glass on the bar and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Lifting his hand, Colin loosened the tie around his neck. This was going to be one long god damn night. He just hoped he'd get too drunk to worry about what Abelin was busy with the entire time he would be in here.

There had been many times that Abel would leave Colin to be with a man for a night that could give him the intensity and the pain he desired. Of course Colin had always insisted that the man do so but it didn't ever make it hurt any less. The only thing that ever comforted him was that he gave Abel more of what he needed day to day. The intense trust and companionship they shared. He knew the men the model slept with would always only be a fling. But this was the first time he had met a man so on Abel's level. So intense and dark. It was difficult to stomach that everything he had done up till now, all he had worked towards and the closeness that he and the teal haired man shared could be wiped off the map. Though at this point, it wasn't a fear. It was defeat, knowing there was no way it wouldn't happen. For now it was nothing more than a waiting game.
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A week had gone by and the model still hadn't been in contact with Felix. However, the leader of the Black Cats seemed to have faith that he would turn up soon. Rin was doubtful but didn't voice his opinions, fearing he would ruin the surprisingly serene mood Felix had been in. He had his doubts that the man was actually calm about the situation considering the fact that he was still tasked with following the pair daily. Not all day and not everywhere. He just had to make sure he had new information to tell Felix. So far his reports always ended with [#808000 “I don't think they'll come. They seem busy with other things.”] Felix would then tell him to be patient and assure him that they would visit soon. Rin found it ironic that Felix was telling [i him] to be patient when he didn't care either way.

Today was just as boring as the last few. They disappeared into a building for a few hours just as they had on the other days of the week. To do what he wasn't entirely sure, but he could only assume it had something to do with modeling or the teal haired man’s business. Rin passed the time by playing an anime rhythm game on his phone. Perhaps Felix's new obsession was a good thing for him. He was getting out of all the other things he hated doing just to sit around and watch a guy. On the other hand it was proving difficult to remove Colin from his thoughts when he saw him daily from afar.

Seeing the two emerge from the building encouraged Rin to slide down in his seat, even though the windows in his car were very tinted. His slide caused him to break the combo in his game and he cursed to himself, slipping the phone away in his pocket. He waited for the car to fully leave the parking lot before pursuing, leaving a few cars between them. As he followed his curiosity began to build. The way they were heading...were they going to The Vault? It seemed so unlikely, yet as the glamorous building came into view it had to be true. He broke away from the direction their vehicle was headed and used the parking garage, taking his reserved spot. His black boots echoed through the garage as he jogged downhill towards the entrance of the nightclub.

As he approached the two men from behind, he slid his phone out and sent two texts, one to Felix and one to Lucky. Felix's response came almost immediately. [b Good things come to those who wait.] Rin snorted at this and slid the phone away, reaching the two men just in time to hear the bouncer say, “Friend of Felix? He doesn't have any of those. You're not on the list.”

The man’s words were unsettling. He rather liked the bouncer at The Vault but if he unknowingly turned away Felix’s new interest he was as good as dead. [i Luckily I'm here to save this idiot's ass.] He stepped around Colin and Abel, so that the bouncer could see him. [#808000 “Kurtis, do you value your life? If you do I would suggest letting these two in...unless you're looking for a fight with Felix?”] His tone was serious and non-threatening. The bouncer looked between Rin and the two men behind him before realization washed over his face. “Ah, sorry! Yeah look at that. There are your names. Haha the print is really tiny. Go right in,” he scrambled over his words, pointing on the list in an attempt to save himself.

Rin sighed and looked back at the two men, trying his best to keep his eyes on Abelin and away from Colin. He motioned the two to follow him inside before entering the nightclub. The inside matched the outside in glitz. Felix had gone all out in renovating the club after he acquired it. Everything was shiny and new, with a dash of vintage flair here and there. The high ceilings and small chandeliers that dangled over the seating area only added to the grandeur. Attractive men and women packed the dance floor, grinding to the vibrating [ music].

Lucky and Felix were waiting for him as he walked in with the two men in tow. The red head looked past Rin and at the men behind him, green eyes landing on Colin. She eyed him before glancing back at Rin with a knowing smile. [i That’s the last time I tell her about my wet dreams. I swear if she fucking says anything…] Rin looked down at the spiked heels his associate was wearing. [i Actually I’ll just scold her later.] As she approached him he prepared himself for the words that might come out of her mouth. However, when Lucky reached him she simply slid her arm around his waist and whispered her approval of the man’s looks in his ear, being as obvious as she could. Rin elbowed her in the ribs and she bit down on the lobe of his ear.

The exchange between his comrades was lost on Felix. His dark eyes were locked on Abelin, a satisfied grin on his face. He smoothed down the bottom of his black suit jacket and hooked a finger onto the gold chain that was attached to the collar clips of his black shirt before speaking, [#B22222 “Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. To what do I owe the pleasure?”]
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[Magra [center [size15 Colin watched the other leave. There was an oddly calming effect washing over him. Rin at first had made the man uneasy and disgusted. He had pegged Rin to be just as fucked up as Felix and while he may have still been a bit fucked up, the fact that he told Colin to be careful showed that he had atleast some decency. The man lifted and arm to run his fingers through the back of his hair. Now that they had left, he didn't know what to do. There was still so much he felt he didn't know about them despite everything Felix had opened up about.

The thought of the bespectacled man using the video of them to get himself off was giving the dark haired mail a queezy feeling. Thankfully, the bedroom door opening pulled him out of his thoughts. Abel leaned against the doorway, looking over to the man with worried eyes. [i [#00878e "You okay Col?"]] he asked surprisingly soft. The kindness in the other's voice melted Colin's heart as he made his way over to the model. As he closed the space, Abel wrapped his arms around the man's neck, threading his fingers comfortingly in his hair.

Letting out a relaxed sigh, Colin closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against the one in front of him, holding the others waist gingerly. [i [#9c00cc "You heard all that from the cameras..?"]] Colin asked and the nod was enough for him to feel a bit bashful.

Abel took Colin'd head and rested it against his shoulder, stroking his hair and smiling, his own eyes closing slowly. [i [#00878e "You did good. You stood up for me.. Can't say I'm surprised. But I've never seen you get that aggressive before.. it was- sweet."]] he praised the other.

A feeling of weightlessness took over Colin and he nuzzled his head in the others neck, holding him tight. There was something bittersweet about the embrace that Colin wasn't letting himself show for the time being, but finally he pulled back and looked at Abelin. [i [#9c00cc "You need your sleep. You have a photo shoot tomorrow. I'll take you."]]

Something was off about Colin but Abel wasn't quite sure what it was. Knowing that the other was right, he let out a hesitant huff and nodded. [i [#00878e "Fine fine. You sleep good, Col. I'll see you in the morning.."]] Leaning forward, Abel places a soft kiss on Colin's cheek before going into the room for bed. Turning away, the dark haired man headed for the guest bedroom. Despite it being his house, whenever the model was over, he'd insist on Abel using the bigger and more comfortable room. Sometimes they'd share the room but when Colin needed time to think or was feeling particularly sensitive, he'd usually go to the guest room to relax.

Once he was in the room, the man fell back onto the bed, sprawled out and staring at the darkened ceiling for a few moments. Here in the silence with nothing but his own thoughts, he could feel wetness bubble up in the corners of his eyes. Before he knew it, the tears were streaming, turning onto his side to curl in on himself and weeping silently, trembling uncontrollably. A hand covered his own mouth to make sure no sorrowful cries could escape. His biggest fear was right in front of him and he couldn't stop any of it.

Colin was going to lose Abel to Felix. Sadistic, forward, powerful, snarky, good looking and confidant. Everything that Colin felt he wasn't. Everything Abel wanted. His love would be lost to that mad man and to be supportive of the other, Colin knew he would have to force himself to accept it. No matter how much it tore apart his heart. Unaware of the world around him, the crying man eventually wore himself out and passed out, tears staining the sheets beneath his head.


A little over a week had passed from the visit to Colin's house and the two hadn't noticed Felix or Rin hanging around anywhere. They were both a bit on edge but it didn't stop the two from doing what business needed to be done. Abel had been contracted to do another set of provocative religious photos, coming into the studio almost every day that week. The last night of the photoshoot was finally wrapping up and the model was ready to wind down and celebrate somewhere nice.

[i [#00878e "Why don't we go to Vault~?"]] He cooed, causing Colin to choke and start coughing on the water he was drinking. Once his fit was over, he let out a heavy breath and wiped his mouth. [i [#9c00cc "You want to go to the people that are trying to get to you and your company? Why not just offer yourself with a drink and some sides as well?"]] he bit back a bit harsher than intended.

Going to see those guys was the last thing Colin was wanting to do tonight. Especially since he knew Abel wasn't likely to change out of the tight white dress he was wearing. For a photo shoot it was fine but going out to a club, one with not only drunk handsy men, but an owner that wanted to do such... vile things to him? Colin wouldn't be able to stand it.

He knew Abel was really just dying to finally have a sit down with the guy himself. He had a much calmer demeanor than Colin did when having his buttons pushed. He wanted to test Felix and see how the man tried to test him. Abel had been asking Colin the whole week. The manager would always use the excuse that they should focus on work before anything else, but now that this shoot was over, they didn't have anything else scheduled for a while.

There'd me no holding back Abel now. Sighing in defeat, Colin shook his head. [i [#9c00cc "Alright, let's go then. Just don't leave the building."]] Abel took the white veil off, liking his hair too much to want it hidden. As they headed out to the car, Abel glanced to Colin. [i [#00878e "What exactly do you mean, don't leave?"]] Colin unlocked the car and got in, Abel following suit. Once the doors were closed and locked, Colin pulling out of the parking lot, he spoke up to answer Abel.

[i [#9c00cc "I know you. You're bold and unafraid. But I can't protect you if you leave. If he tries to get you to leave with him, rip off his dick, don't be bold and foolish and just follow him thinking everything will be okay. Please."]] The teal haired man pouted a bit and looked out the window. He was giving Colin the silent treatment for calling him foolish.

While he didn't want to admit it, Colin was bothered by the other's silence, but the silent treatment only meant that Colin was right about what he said. His friend was probably now mulling it over in his head. He continued doing so until they finally pulled up to The Vault. Knowing he couldn't leave Colin to worry about him, Abelin ruffled the man's hair and gave a knowing smile. [i [#00878e "You got it big guy~ You just try to enjoy yourself while I'm busy okay? Have a few drinks, relax for once. I'll drive us home so don't worry about it okay?"]]

After a few moment of the two staring at each other, the taller of the two trying to gauge the sincerity of the other, Colin broke their gaze and rolled his eyes but said nothing. He got a bad feeling about this whole situation but sometimes he just had to put his fears aside to let the other either get what he wanted or learn from his mistake. The only solace Colin had was that from the sound of it, Felix wanted more to do with Abel than to just kill him or something drastic like that.

Getting out of the car, both men walking towards the lively entrance to the night club, Abel glancing up at the glitzy hotel above, whistling at how big it was. Getting to the man at the door, Abel grinned at him. [i [#00878e "Hey, handsome. I'm sure my buddy Felix has my name on that list of yours somewhere.~"]] he purred, swaying his hips a bit excitedly.]]
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[i My little Nezumi.] The words echoed through Rin’s mind as he made his way to the sleek vehicle that waited for him, sending chills down his spine. Out of all the things that could have happened tonight, hearing someone call him a rat in japanese was something he hadn’t envisioned. When he opened the passenger door he was happy to see his jacket waiting for him. It meant that Felix was half-naked again but it didn’t matter too much now. Plus, the jacket was perfect for covering the growth in his pants. [i Better safe than sorry. I would have no idea how to explain this to Felix. Hell, I can’t even explain it to myself.]

The car was silent until they emerged from the gate. That’s when Felix let it all out. Rin felt sorry for the steering wheel, expecting it to break with the amount of force being used to hold it.

[#B22222 “I’ll slit his fucking neck. No...but he’ll have to suffer first. How should I do it? I need it to be slow and painful. Somewhere small. Somewhere with no sunlig-”] he stopped himself mid sentence, glancing over at Rin. Shit. That was the wrong thing to say in front of him. He could see the irritation just in his eyes. [#808000 “Your mood swings are showing.”] Felix took a deep breath and tried to focus on the empty streets. Rin was right. He had let that man get to him. Which angered him even more. [#B22222 “I’m sorry. My thoughts were going so fast and I spoke before really thinking about what I was saying. Especially in there. You know how I am. And him calling you a rat just pissed me off. As for right now...I just didn’t think about how that would sound.”]

Rin shrugged his shoulders, staring out the window. [#808000 “It’s fine. I’m not a pussy. I’m used to your lack of a filter and the comment you just made about slow and painful death in a small, dark room was only mildly annoying,”] he mumbled. Reaching his arm out without looking, he patted his cousin’s head a few times. [#808000 “For the record though, I did tell him I didn’t care what he called me.”] He kept quiet about actually enjoying the way the nickname rolled off of the other man’s tongue. If he let that slip out he would probably only work Felix up more. [i Anyways I’m not into men...I just...need to get laid. That’s all. That’s why I’m feeling so weird.]

A small laugh escaped Felix’s mouth. [#B22222 “ still pisses me off. I guess everything ended better than it could have. I should be relieved. You’re not injured or anything. Your phone on the other hand has seen better days. I suspect Lucky will be doing a bit of shopping tomorrow, you should tag along and get a new phone.”] They arrived at Rin’s house after a short ride. [#B22222 “Rin, I want you to keep tabs on that man while I work on my agenda. I think it’d be best if I had very little contact with him,”] Felix stated through the rolled down window before bidding him goodbye.

Rin could tell his cousin was paranoid about leaving him alone but somehow he had managed to convince him that he was fine. Even though he was everything but fine. He had felt way too many feelings in one night and his brain was slow at processing every single one of them. Still, Rin wanted to be at home in his own bed. He entered his home, slipped off his shoes, and went straight upstairs to his bedroom. It took mere seconds to strip out of his clothes and crawl under the covers. Sleep. That’s all he wanted to do, but as soon as his eyes closed that voice creeped back into his thoughts. [i My little Nezumi.] Rin shot up from the covers and groaned. [#808000 “What the fuck.”]
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[Magra [center [size15 Colin kept a grin on his face, listening to the other give him more information. Before Felix spoke again, Colin added a quick quip. [i [#9c00cc "Don't worry, Kimiko is good at what she does. She'll give me much more info than you're willing to give."]]

While it seemed as if the tall man wasn't effected by what he said, he knew now that Colin was also cunning. So what Felix was trying to pass of now as a failure, could only be seen as a success in Colin's book. It felt nice to be on par with someone that saw himself so highly. His anger was relieved and now he simply watched the other appear physically distraught at the name he gave the handsome man beside Felix. [i Hm.. He is nice to look at now that I think about it. Not as nice as Abel but.. no one's that nice.]

The man snickered softly as he saw how pissed Felix was getting just from the name he gave Rin. He felt like he had won, if even a little, getting to see the man that was normally all smiles stomping off angrily. He hadn't expected Felix to get this pissed. Now there was reason to keep doing it, threats or no threats. Colin wasn't usually controversial outside of when Abel was involved, but currently his mind was now buzzing with all the ways he could potentially get under Felix's skin with Rin. Standing up and stepping towards the other, Colin watched the front door, listening to Rin speak.

Glancing over to him, he spoke once again in Japanese, nodding softly. [i [#9c00cc "You too. You seem more level headed than your boss, but if you get into Abel's line of sight, I won't stop him if he wants to hurt you."]] The honk signaled the male to start heading for the door, Colin calling out to him in English now. [i [#9c00cc "Don't let him push you around too much, my little Nezumi."]] He nearly purred, amused that his friend hated that name for Rin for whatever reason.]]
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The tense moment was interrupted by the man’s phone ringing. Rin relaxed his shoulders, placing one of his hands on Felix’s shoulder to hold him in the chair. He could sense that the next time the two got that close to each other it would end in an all out brawl.

Expressions on both of their faces brightened with surprise upon hearing the Japanese pour from Colin’s mouth. To Rin his Japanese sounded pretty damn good for being an American. At least he could only assume the man was American. The contents of the conversation were worrisome. He could feel the start of a headache just thinking about what kind of danger this could mean for him specifically. His hand gripped Felix’s shoulder a little harder. However, it was hard to be entirely distressed while listening to Colin speak. [i He sounds really good. Really really good. Really really really good. Fucking amazing. I’m going fucking insane. Maybe I just miss hearing that language coming from someone other than Felix and his sister…]

Felix felt the tightened hand on his shoulder, but his demeanor didn’t change. He could assure Rin that everything would be fine in private. Because it would be. Clapping both hands together, he shot a devilish grin at the man before responding in Japanese. [#B22222 [i “Very good, Japanese. I have to say that I’m impressed. I’ll help your friend out though. Yokota Daichi and Yokota Rin. My father is Seiichi. Our yakuza family was Sumiyoshi-kai. My mother is American which is why I’m here. After my father was framed for murder of a civilian, stabbed in the back by one of his own, he convinced my mother to move back here. While I take great pleasure in murder my father is not that kind of man. As for how I got Rin here...we’ll just say it was very difficult. If you do turn up dead because of me I’ll gladly welcome whoever they send with open arms. Do you think that I fear death? The only reason I won’t set foot in Japan is out of respect for my father.”]]

Looking up through his glasses at Rin, he could tell that the conversation had unsettled him just by his small frown. He didn’t enjoy playing games as much as Felix. His dark eyes moved back to the man in the chair and he continued speaking, switching back to English. [#B22222 “And excuse me, but [i your] rat? Staking claim on him? Call him out of his name one more fucking time so I can justify slicing open your throat,”] he growled, standing up from the chair. [#B22222 “I’ll be waiting in the car, Rin. Finish up with this motherfucker.”]

Felix didn’t take his time leaving, making sure to slam the door behind him. Rin was left standing there annoyed that Felix had allowed the conversation to continue long enough for his feathers to get ruffled. [#808000 [i “I respect you for knowing my language. I doubt this is the last time we’ll meet and you seem very confident and capable. careful,”]] he responded in Japanese, his voice softer than it had been with Felix. [#808000 [i “And I’m not trying to be threatening when I say that.”]] The sound of a car horn from outside alerted him that Felix was more than ready to go. He gave a slight nod of his head towards the man before heading out of the door.
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[Magra [center [size15 [i Daichi. More leverage. Perfect and before the call too.] Stepping back, Colin tilted his head to the side, cracking his neck as his upper lip twitched in anger. He was ready to throw down here and now. [i [#9c00cc "I wouldn't give you the pleasure, asshole."]] he spat back, turning away and running a hand through his hair.

Finally a much awaited ringing sounded from the phone. Reaching out to grab it and lift it to his ear, his whole demeanor changed. His confidence was back and a satisfied grin was spread across his lips. Taking a seat back in his chair, leaning back and crossing his legs, he let his eyes fall between the two before finally speaking up.

[i [#9c00cc "Moshi moshi Kimiko."]] he began, his Japanese damn well near fluent for a non native speaker. He continued, his Japanese flowing well, everything coming out perfectly as intended, [i [#9c00cc "I'm glad you were able to get back to me so soon. Yes, I'm doing good, and you? Perfect, that's great to hear. Listen, I need you to reach out with your connections and see what you can find out about two.. "friends" of mine. Oh yeah, go figure. From the information I've gathered from them, their names are Rin and Daichi. Cousins who's fathers were both in the yakuza. Came to America, though I'm not sure how legally. Mhm. Ones got a nasty scar on his cheek and the other runs some nightclubs and strip joints here. Please, by all means, use whatever means you like. Sure thing, oh. And Kimiko, if I happen to turn up dead, make sure their old group knows exactly where they are. I'm sure they probably don't want the past coming back to haunt them but I'd be damned if I didn't get em back from the grave one last time. Thank you very much. You too, bye."]]

No matter how uninterested Felix may seem he wouldn't back down because he knew that this was atleast something that'd be a thorn in the other's side. Colin set his phone down and crossed his hands in his lap, still speaking in Japanese and looking fairly proud of himself. [i [#9c00cc "Now, if you'd like to play games and forgive me, but you do seem the type, we can play them. But you aren't going to get what you want from us so easily. However for now, you may leave. And don't bother leaving your number again. I'm sure you'll have my little rat follow behind us again soon enough."]] he said with a slight smile.]]
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Rin’s eyes moved from Felix and over to Colin who didn’t look pleased about the perverted comment that had been made. He could see the man clawing at the arms of the chair. And not lightly. The action didn’t escape the notice of Felix either, who was still smiling like an asshole. [i Felix is trying to get us killed for no fucking reason. He’s just toying with this guy for fun.] Rin frowned and rubbed at his temples to keep himself from grabbing Felix by the arm and dragging him out of the house.

The sound of feet slamming to the ground made Rin jump. He watched as the table was slid away by the push of the man’s foot. Rin was out of his chair and next to Felix’s chair seconds after the action, brows creased and a frown on his face. The other man had beat him there and was now inches away from Felix’s face.

[#B22222 “Such vulgar words. I’m a little turned on,”] he whispered, moving his head even closer to the man so that their noses were close to touching, the smile never leaving his face. Rin slipped his right hand between the two faces. It was scarred and looked as if something had been stabbed right through it at one time. He used his hand to push Felix’s face back. [#808000 [i “Enough, Daichi. Shut the fuck up,”]] he said in Japanese, his voice louder than usual. He lowered his hand and gave Colin an apologetic look.

Felix licked his lips at the other man before shooting eye daggers at Rin. [#B22222 “I was just having a little fun with him. I didn’t know you two were such good [i friends],”] he answered mockingly in English, rolling his eyes. [#B22222 “I meant what I said so I won’t apologize. So, anyways, before we leave, do you have anything else to say? Maybe how you’ll end my life. Give me the dirty details.”] This comment earned him a punch in the arm from Rin. A real one. He frowned up at his cousin who only scolded him silently with his eyes.
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[Magra [center [size15 Colin watched with unamused eyes as the man burst into laughter. [i What a child.] His voice was like nails against a chalkboard. Screeching annoyingly in his head. This bitch needed a good stab to the gut. Hearing the man speak of the video the way he did made Colin's skin heat up. Eyes widened slightly and everything in him was fighting to fling him over the coffee table.

Taking a breath and looking away in disgust, jaw tightening as he clenched his teeth together tightly. He wouldn't break, not before his call. Even if this man wanted to act like the call would mean nothing, he'd atleast see that he and Abel still had plenty of tricks up their sleeves. That they shouldn't be taken lightly.

Hearing the next jab, Colin felt something snap inside him. He would kill him. He'd fucking kill Felix. Jail be damned, Abel wouldn't be safe with Felix around. But with Rin here, there wasn't any way he'd get away with it now. Trying to keep his calm, he clawed into the arm of his chair, leaving very obvious marks in the leather that would have to now be replaced.

It wasn't enough. The realization that this man could be everything Abel wanted. Everything that he wasn't finally set him off, slamming his feet down and shoving the table away with one foot before closing the distance between him and Felix.

Hands gripped the arms of the chair beside Felix hard enough to go pale white, his face inches away from the other's, voice low and full of unstable rage. [i [#9c00cc "You fucking touch him and I'll be damn glad to pay for your fucking closed casket funeral, you filthy piece of shit."]]
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