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[center [size10 Two men living a life of crime find themselves in a struggle for power. One, an entrepreneur and leader of a gang, hungry for power and possessions, the other a famous model who secretly runs a network of crime. When the gang boss finds out how large the other's network really is and desires it for himself, how far will he go to get what he wants? Both men equally twisted and malicious, who will come out on top?]]
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Rin could feel the increasing tension in the room and was already expecting the bottle to fly before it had even been thrown. Lately, it seemed Felix was more on edge than usual, though this outburst was obviously caused by the large Russian man. He watched Lucky spring up from the couch, happy to see her untangled from the white haired stranger. If the man wanted to hurt her, or any of them, he assumed he would have done it already. However, that didn’t mean he trusted the man or wanted him anywhere near his associate. Rin watched the man as he walked to retrieve his boots, his face and stomach dropping at the smile and kissy lips that were clearly meant for him.

[i Shit. Fuck. Does he know? How? Did Colin tell him? So….does Colin remember? Fuck.] The thoughts whizzed around his brain faster than the rate of his heartbeat, which had increased significantly because of what Vadim seemed to know. Cautiously, his eyes traveled to Felix. The only expression that currently resided on his face was anger. Rin breathed a sigh of relief inwardly, hoping that Felix simply missed the exchange in his rage.

Felix watched Vadam tie up his boots. It was taking everything in him to not start a physical fight with this annoying Russian who had come out of nowhere, bombarding into his home and disrupting his plans. Yet, the man was bigger and Felix didn’t see himself winning a fist fight against him. So, he stayed in his chair and listened. The first part did surprise him but his facial expression remained unchanged. Perhaps he respected the other as well, although he didn’t want to share it out loud. He especially felt no need to share it as he watched him step back onto the rug. [i Asshole.] Felix remained silent, looking up at Vadim as the grip on his shoulder tightened. The warning seemed serious and he didn’t doubt that the man would hunt his ass down if he did something awful to Abelin or that manager of his. Finally he spoke, [#B22222 “That’s fair. Thank you for the ‘friendly’ warning. The same goes for me with Rin and Lucky. Especially Lucky.”]

As the male left he made a comment about security and Felix rolled his eyes in response. The only person left in the house was Rin who was lifting himself off the couch to leave. [#B22222 “You can stay. I just wanted Lucky to stop fucking with me.”] Rin sighed and lowered himself back onto the couch, his discomfort obvious. [#B22222 “What was that kissy face about, by the way? You’ve never met that weirdo before, right? Something you need to tell me?”] Felix's face gave nothing away, wanting see what Rin would say. He had assumptions about what could have went down between Rin and Colin, and the look Vadim had given only helped him fill in the blanks. But he wanted to hear it from Rin himself.

Lucky’s eyes lit up when she saw Vadim exit from the front door. The distance between them was immediately closed when he reached the car. “Aren’t you worried the big baby will get mad if he see you with me?Or maybe you just don’t care, da?” She couldn’t decide if Felix would actually be mad or if his anger was mostly because he wanted to protect her, or at least that’s what she wanted to believe. [#7B68EE "He's always mad about something, he'll get over it. And he's never been one to actually stop me when I go after something I want,"] she responded, biting her lip from the warm kisses across her skin. It was enough to give her goosebumps. Yeah, Felix could throw a fit if he wanted but there was no way she would deny herself of the beautiful man that was currently giving her all of his attention.

Lucky considered his offer, casting a glance over her shoulder, half expecting Felix to be looming nearby. [i Feel true freedom…] The statement puzzled her. She was more free than she had ever been before meeting Felix, though perhaps to an outsider it looked like she was restricted. And perhaps that was true at times, but if she desired to leave this life behind she knew that he would be the first person to back her decision. She looked over the male that was leaned into her. Maybe she was reading too much into the statement and he simply meant that riding a bike was true freedom. Surprisingly, she had never been on one. Most of the men that caught her attention were wealthy with drivers of their own. People that thought themselves to be dangerous, but couldn't hold a candle to some of the things she had seen or done.

This man, Vadim, however was unlike any of those men. He was obviously dangerous. Unpredictable. A tiny whisper at the back of her mind tried to talk her out of saying yes, but her lips were already moving. She had made up her mind. [#7B68EE "Fuck. You just keep getting more attractive by the second. Alright, let's go for a ride. I'm sure you can show me a good time."] She hopped down from the hood of her car and began to strut towards the front gates. [#7B68EE "And not that I really give a shit about what Felix will say, but let's keep this between us. I don't need the long lecture.”]
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[Monda [center The words spoken in such a sultry tone in his ear combined with the nip at his earlobe set off a landmine in Vadim’s chest. Clearly she was into him just as much as he was into her, so there shouldn’t be any issue with him taking her here and now? Lucky’s following words began to quickly raise regret and disgust, the man feeling it nearly bubbling up from his stomach. Fucking Felix? Surely that wasn’t- Thoughts caught off by movement, Vadim reflexively gripped Lucky’s thigh a bit firmly, ready to move her if needed. He decided with a glance that with the angle Felix’s arm was in, no one was in line of fire. Vadim looked back away, acting as if he hadn’t noticed, calculated and dismissed the thrown glass in a matter of seconds without seeming to have noticed the ordeal at all, not even jumping when it shattered.

With a smile, the Russian stood after Lucky promptly made her escape. Holding his hands up in mock defense, he chuckled. [#44bdff “Da da, I leave now. No need to get so worked up, friend.”] Stepping to where his boots were tossed, the tall man passed Rin and shot him a grin before making slight kissy lips at him and winking. Maybe he’d get the hint this time. Sure, Vadim knew that Felix finding out about what happened between Rin and Colin would be a tragedy. But that didn’t mean the man wouldn’t have the desire to let Rin know he was aware as well. He figured Felix would just take this gesture as another sliver of proof that Vadim was just a crazy Russian.

Turning to face Felix as he crouched down to retie his boots, the man looked up at him. [#44bdff “You know, for all differences, I can respect you. We are bad men, do bad things. But the one thing Vadim does not tolerate..”] he paused, standing upright and making a point to step back onto the rug in his boots, an eerily friendly smile on his face. Reaching out, he patted Felix’s shoulder a few times before his grip tightened enough to cause plenty of discomfort, borderlining pain. [#44bdff “Is anyone.. [b anyone] hurting my sem’ya. My family. That includes Abelin and Colin. Just friendly warning.”] With that, he backed away and held up the top of his hand that bore the previously explained [i omut] tattoo. A show of “if you hurt them, there will be no running”. He hoped that would be enough of a warning for the violent male to keep his mind about him when dealing with Abel from now on.

Making his way to the front door, Vadim couldn’t help but to add in an overjoyed sing-song voice, [#44bdff “And don’t forget to update security! Would hate for such beautiful house to get broken into!~”] Closing the door behind himself, the Russian snickered and shook his head in amusement. However, the bombshell on the hood of a sexy ass car waiting for him took his train of thought and tossed it aside. Watching with wide eyes for a moment, Vadim finally let out a deep sigh and narrowed his eyes. [#44bdff “You waited..”] he said more than asked. Nearing the car, he reached a hand out to cup the small of her back before leaning over her, his free hand on the hood of the car, holding himself up. His body now against hers, faces inches apart, he spoke lowly as if Felix might be able to hear from inside the house. [#44bdff “Aren’t you worried the big baby will get mad if he see you with me?”] he joked, lips finding their way to her neck. [#44bdff “Or maybe you just don’t care, da?”] Soft nips and kisses were peppered across Lucky’s skin, thumb rubbing at the small of her back. Vadim took great pride in knowing that this particular spot of the driveway [i was] indeed in the camera’s field of vision.

[#44bdff “You know, my bike is parked just around corner. Want to get away a bit? Feel true freedom for even a moment?”] he questioned. While he knew Lucky seemed to be interested, he wasn’t quite sure if she would go as far as trusting Vadim to take her for a ride or not. It wouldn’t be a completely terrible idea to not trust someone like Vadim. Though he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to do anything too bad to this woman. She was tempting, beautiful, and most likely just as bad of a person as he is. How alluring.

Vadim lived a life that made him keep himself away from most people. Other than the others in his gang, he was only close to Abel and Colin. And even then, his bond with his gang was that only of necessity. He had to play the game to get the high score. Abel had offered him work as a private informant, Vadim agreeing once he realized the budding possibility of him being able to one day take control of the entire organization. Abel being aware of his desires, would trade resources and funds in return for the Russian’s help. They grew only closer, Vadim seeing Abel and his manager as close friends, family even. They became the only ones he truly cared for on a meaningful level.

That being said, relationship wise, Vadim could only keep women at arm’s length, not letting anyone too close. The majority of his life revolving around either the gang or his work with the model, he knew he couldn’t let a girl into life that far. One night stands being the typical beginning and end of his attempts for affection and late night loving. Anything else that got too serious would be cut off quick.

But with Lucky, he almost questioned this cycle. She was already involved in the criminal world. Maybe she would be different. Perhaps she would be the one woman he could let into his bubble.
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The more attention Lucky paid to Vadim the more Felix became annoyed, and although she was faced away from him she could feel his gaze piercing into her back like daggers as she leaned into the hand on her cheek, smiling wickedly. She didn't feel bad for Felix. Nor did she feel guilty. There was no way in hell she was going to turn down even an ounce of attention from the beautiful specimen on the couch. She craved attention. It was something she had picked up from spending too much time with Felix, who she was certain believed that the world, or at least the city, actually did revolve around him.

"What a shame. Seems he doesn't know how to take care of anyone, da?"

Lucky, however, did feel a pang of guilt for her comment about him not satisfying her needs. A few glasses of wine and she was in her ultimate bitch zone. Based on her own experience, Felix was well versed in the ways to make someone feel special. Of course he was stubborn and usually just plain mean, but when he actually put in the effort he wasn’t half bad at giving out special treatment. Even if it was just for his own gain it was easy to suspend belief, to feel as though he considered you to be the most important person in the world. She wanted to retort that he had taken care of her just fine. In fact, he had rid her of all the problems that once plagued her life. If not for Felix she would be poverty stricken and maybe even dead in a ditch somewhere. Yet, he came along and taught her how to take control of her life. She now knew he took her in for his own gain and not because he was caring or kind, but because he realized that if a person owes you for their very life, the chance of betrayal is slim. This knowledge didn’t bother her. It was Felix. And she would much sooner slit her own neck than stab him in the back. No matter how much her antics said otherwise, she was devoted to him.

Judging by the additional words that came from Vadim, it seemed he took her comment to mean that Felix was unable to satisfy her in the bedroom. This only made her chuckle. The two had never slept together. It wasn't like she'd never tried. She could still remember being enamored with him when they first met and how,once she had taken charge of her own desires, that awe quickly developed into lust. But Felix would never honor her wishes. It was a sore subject for her and one Felix usually avoided.

Not wanting to dive into their long history together, she didn't correct Vadim. And even if she felt a little guilty, the annoyance Felix would feel from being accused of not satisfying partners brought a small bit of glee to her heart. She liked to play games, especially when there were no consequences. Something told her that Felix wouldn’t bother scolding her about tonight. To scold her would be admitting how intimidating he found Vadim and Felix hated advertising his flaws and shortcomings. It was probably one of Lucky's favorite things about him. To the public, other members of the mob, or employees at the clubs he seemed perfect. But once you got to know him you saw how his unstable moods and violent outbursts and realized he was actually the worst kind of person. It was why she handled most of their real estate acquisitions. Plus, she made a damn sexy realtor.

Her thoughts snapped away from Felix, the hand resting on her thigh capturing her full attention.She watched as Vadim pulled his shirt off, her hungry eyes traveling over every inch of his revealed skin. She admired tattoos, but only had two herself. A small rose between her hip and bikini line and a knife on the side of her left thigh. Admittedly she had been drunk when getting both. Needles made her squeamish, which was funny considering all of the things that didn't make her squeamish but should have. She traced a few of the lines belonging to the cross in the middle of his chest with her black, pointed nails, nodding in response when asked if they were to her liking. Fuck yeah they were to her liking. And here she was thinking that this man couldn’t get any hotter.

Vadim went on to explain the meaning of each one. Lucky especially liked the oskal. She had initially saw the wolf and paw prints with bands and assumed the man had a wolf kink. Some kind of furry, maybe. The explanation of these tattoos was relieiving. “Don't fuck with me" to those with authority. That was something she could get behind. As he went on, Lucky soon realized the importance of all the tattoos. It was a way to tell his story as a criminal. Not only were the tattoos aesthetically pleasing, they represented the person who received them. "It tell man who reads that he can run from Vadim, but he cannot get away. I always find who I want.” The statement made her shudder. God damn. Did someone turn the heat on while she was busy looking at this man?

As a child she had never envisioned herself as someone that would find crime attractive. Actually, most things in her current life were out of the realm of what she imagined for herself as a child. Herself becoming a criminal being the biggest. But there was something about taking someone's life that she had come to appreciate, perhaps thanks to the help of Felix. The feeling of twisting a knife into a heart or stomping her pointed heel into an eye socket, nothing could compare to it. So just imagining Vadim killing someone, chasing them until he found them, made her want him even more. Many women had their definition of what makes a real man and for Lucky a real man was a man that would take another life, either for a reason or just because he could.

Vadim's explanations had made Lucky completely forget about the two other men in the room. When it occurred to her that they were not alone she hesitated for a moment, a troubling thought occurring to her. Felix had a pretty good memory. Twenty eight years but they could only hold him for a few... would he remember that and somehow use it against this tall, beautiful man? If only, at least, to piss her off. She looked back at her boss, who looked somewhere between interested and heated. It was hard to tell if he respected Vadim or if he still felt some type of way about him, from the reasons she had blurted out a bit earlier.

Lucky turned her attention back to the man she was pressed against and was met with a sly grin. "But maybe some time.. can show my Boginya just how willing I am to kneel just for her.” Fuck. This guy was good. She felt his fingers on her thigh, just barely, as he leaned closer to her, speaking in her ear. [#7B68EE "We could try a few positions out right here. I'm sure no one would mind,"] she whispered, bringing her mouth closer to Vadim's earlobe to nibble at it playfully while she let her fingers graze across his bare torso. She continued, though this time her words were louder,[#7B68EE "Hmm, but you know what I might enjoy even more than that? You ramming Felix into a wall and showing him-]"

The sound of glass shattering interrupted the mood and Lucky's sentence. Or the mood between the two of them, at least. An empty, now broken, whiskey bottle lay shattered on the floor just behind the couch. A few drops of the caramel liquid dripped onto the black wooden floor and not the new rug. Lucky cringed at the sound and pulled away from Vadim. Felix was clearly the culprit. his expression had changed from mostly even-tempered, though somewhat annoyed, to enraged. Lucky sighed, already knowing the words about to spill from her boss' mouth.

[#B22222 "Get the fuck out of my house. All of you."]

Not waiting around for him to say it again, Lucky sprung up from the couch and swayed into the entryway. There was no point in saying anything to Felix once he started throwing things. He had already decided to be angry and it was best to get out of his way. Although, she had to wonder if his anger had just been building quietly or if he truly didn't like what he had seen between her and their new Russian friend. She'd probably hear about how trying to fuck an enemy in his house was crossing the line but--was it? If it had been for his gain instead of for her own enjoyment he wouldn't have shit to say.

Black Manolo heels waited for her, four inches added to her height after she slipped them on. With a huff she swung open the front door and let it slam behind her. They were both acting like children. It's how they all were with each other. Murderers that constantly acted like they were eight year olds. She expertly stepped down the stone walkway to the bright red sports car that awaited her, grumbling to herself about all the things she would say to Felix in the morning, which she probably wouldn't.

When she got to the car she paused, hand on the driver's side door. She wasn't in Felix's house anymore so who was he to dictate who the fuck she talked to on her own time. In her attitude, she had forgotten about the whole snack, nay, whole meal, that she had been toying with. Though, toying wasn't exactly accurate, since she had definitely decided to fuck that man. Not tonight. She did have standards, after all. But sometime soon. So, instead of jumping in her car and speeding off, she placed herself on the hood of the car, crossing her legs as she waited for Vadim to make his way down the driveway.
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[Monda [center It was good to hear that at the very least, Felix seemed to respect tattoos. As Vadim saw it there was a tier system when it came to the most common mobs. Of course, the man felt that the Russian mob was on the highest pedestal, followed by the yakuza under that. However, Vadim felt that the Italian mob was not only many tiers lower but also rather off hand and away from the other two. Pride in the story that was written on his flesh ran deep to his core. While more common a few many years ago, it was typical to be able to tell all you needed to know of a man from the tattoos on his body. The sins of a man’s crimes, the years he was sentenced to, if he was a thief - active or retired-, if he had killed before, even as detailed as if the man had turned of age while in jail or if he was an orphan. Even snitches got their own tattoos so everyone in prison knew not to associate with them, albeit those types of tattoos were typically forced.

To have those things displayed permanently on ones skin, to own your story and your crimes, to Vadim took balls. Anyone could get artistic pieces, but it took a man with no fear of authority to do what the Russian mob did. The yakuza also had an affinity for tattoos. While they seemed to be more of one cohesive piece that was to show other members the pain they were willing to endure, Vadim preferred the notion of knowing someone’s story by just a glance. Though their tattoos were still appreciated by the Russian. He could see the appeal.

However the Italian’s he didn’t think very highly of. The few groups he had either heard of or had run ins with made sure that no tattoos or identifying features were in their ranks and even though the Russian hadn’t done drugs in years, he found it humorous that a criminal gang refused it’s members something like drugs. He understood that perhaps they did things in secret and thus wanted no ties back to them, no way to identify members or get anyone thrown in the slammer for being caught with illegal substances.. But that didn’t stop him from thinking they were cowards.

Vadim wasn’t afraid to be imprisoned. He was experienced and tempered. No amount of torture or bribery would break and make him turn on his family. The wolf oskal on his chest proved just that. That he would fight against the man, refusing them cooperation. If the Italians were so weak that they couldn’t proudly wear their status for all to see, then Vadim couldn’t even see them as being on the same playing field. They could continue to hide if they wished. “Why don’t you take off your shirt and show us the rest?”

The angel’s voice and obvious interest made Vadim smile like a big ol’ doof. Trying to recover, he shrugged and held up a hand to the side. [#44bdff “Anything for you, my Boginya.”] He nearly purred out, eyes undressing her as best as they could. The foreign words spoken from the man in the chair seemed to be understood by the woman. While curious what they meant, the man let it go as Felix began to speak in English once again. Vadim would rather the man be speaking in that gibberish though, as the Russian didn’t much care for what Felix had to say. The last bit of what he said could be worked with, however.

[#44bdff “I don’t mind staying to ogle your associate more at all. Spacibo, friend!”] he chuckled out, glaring at the man. As Lucky shifted, the man was completely forgotten and something feral stirred in the white haired man’s chest. Eyes narrowed, a hungry fire in the icy blue orbs, there was no more acting seemingly innocent. A grin spread across his lips which he let his tongue swipe across to remedy how suddenly dry they felt.

Like a predator stalking it’s prey, the Russian followed the woman’s every movement, rather delighted as she sat against him. The words that left her lips gave Vadim’s stomach knots as he let out a slow, steady breath, obviously affected by what she said. And he felt no need to hide the fact that she was doing a number on him. Listening to the slight back and forth, the man decided they were making this far too easy for him. As Lucky mentioned that Felix didn’t satisfy her completely, Vadim clicked his tongue in disappointment. [#44bdff “What a shame. Seems he doesn’t know how to take care of anyone, da?”] he spoke in a sad tone, shooting a smug grin and piercing eyes Felix’s way. Not wanting to give him too much attention while this angel was attached to him, he turned back to Lucky and lifted his hand to stroke her cheek.

[#44bdff “Don’t worry, my Boginya.. I know [i exactly] how to make you feel like goddess. I don’t leave partner unsatisfied.. Only craving more.”] his tone was low and sensual, eyes holding all adoration and need as he looked into hers. His hand moved down to rest on her thigh, rubbing it gently. Vadim wasn’t afraid to take things further, even with a very apparently frustrated ex yakuza and his gun wielding henchman both only feet away. If she didn’t like something he did, he’d gladly welcome and become more aroused by a slap to the face.

Eyebrows raising, he let out a bit of an ‘oh’ sound before shifting away from her a bit. [#44bdff “Right, speaking of satisfying.. You wanted to see other tattoos, da?”] he asked but didn’t wait for an answer before pulling his scarf off. Slowly, he began to drape the scarf around her neck to hang loosely over her shoulders. With that out of the way, he reached over his back with a hand, gripping the fabric of his shirt, tugging it over his head and tossing it next to him. Leaning back again, most of his [ tattoos] were now visible. Raising a brow, he watched her to gauge her reaction, not caring about anyone else in the room at the moment. [#44bdff “Well? Are they to your liking?”] he questioned, looking down at his own torso.

Vadim assumed Lucky might not be aware of what everything meant and he felt in the mood to show off. Brushing a hand over his chest, he then pointed a finger against the cross in the middle of his chest. [#44bdff “This cross is like.. Symbol of thief in law. Living life of thief. Most in mafia get. Same also for cathedral on back. Dedication to life of thief.”] he paused to lean forward a bit so she could see the cathedral covering most of his back. Leaning back, his finger now pointed at the wolf, then to the skull on the other side. [#44bdff “Oskal. Like.. baring teeth to authority. “Don’t fuck with me” to those in charge. Got after warden took this to make an example of me.”] he held out his hand to let her see what little nub was left of his left ring finger. Some scarred tattoo ink near the end showing there was once a tattoo on his knuckle. [#44bdff “Skull simple. It tell other men I kill. Makes men more wary.”]

Pointing to the spider, the bands around his arms and holding up his arm to show the rose and dagger, he continued to explain their meanings. [#44bdff “Spider tells men Vadim is active criminal because it faces up. Thief who leave the life has spider turned down. Mm.. Band and paws are like- Volkovich family brand. Volk meaning wolf. This one tells that I turn eighteen in prison.”] Vadim looked prideful in everything he said. It was clear he had a passion not just for the ink in his skin but the story that each one held. He was proud of his journey and all he’d been through. How much he had endured.

Getting to the Russian writing on his arm, his finger followed each line as he read it, speaking the words in his native tongue. [#44bdff “Ne sidi. Ne nyt'. Ne prosi. Don’t sit. Don’t whine. Don’t ask. In other words.. Don’t kneel for anyone. Don’t complain.. Take life as it comes and fight back without crying about it. And don’t ask what you can do, just do.”] Finally, Vadim held up his hands, many tattoos littering the tops, most of them small ones on his knuckles. The man slightly shook his left hand, [#44bdff “Sun rays one for each year of sentence. Twenty eight rays. Was sentenced twenty eight years to life. Could only hold me for a few.”] he snickered, very pleased with himself. Vadim moved each finger on his hand starting with his pinkie. [#44bdff “Dot mean I am orphan. Did have cross on ring finger but it gone now so I had to get on middle finger, haha! It mean I have been in jail. Only once so far. Skull on finger is charged for battery. It also tell other men not to fuck with me. Ah, and the letters on hand, omut. It tell man who reads that he can run from Vadim, but he cannot get away. I always find who I want.”]]
[center Lifting his right hand, there wasn’t as much going on on the top of his hand, only three letters, though there were still four ring tattoos, one on each finger excluding his thumb. [#44bdff “Here you have mir. It say that only death can fix me. No correction or rehabilitation. Net. Death. Only death can correct Vadim.”] again, he moved each finger, this time starting with his ring finger. [#44bdff “Snake with dagger is warning again. Warning that I have been convicted for murder so.. Watch out. This type of cross means Vadim belong to a group. Do not work alone. Makes men know if they fuck with me, they fuck with something much bigger than just me. Spade means.. I don’t listen to authority. I was problem for wardens. And sun.. I follow my father’s path. Before he died, he was part of Russian mafia. After he died, others took me in. Now I rank higher than even he did. This is as a nod to him. For leading me down this path, even if he may not have wanted this life for me.”] he finishes with a bit of a fond smile. Vadim couldn’t remember his father, he was only two when the man died. But hearing the stories of the man was enough to make the young man wish to pay him some sort of respect.

Letting out a breath as if his talking had gone on forever, Vadim let a sly grin grace his features. Time to bring back the mood. Just a bit. [#44bdff “Also have stars on knees. Will kneel to no one. But maybe some time.. can show my Boginya just how willing I am to kneel just for her.”] he ghosted his fingers over her thigh once again before closing his eyes and leaning close to her. His voice was deep and rough, but quiet as he spoke again in her ear, words dripping with desire just for her, [#44bdff “But maybe more fun could be had in other positions, da?”]]]
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Felix watched the man remove his shoes, some of the tension melting from his shoulders as the boots were tossed aside. With the boots came the gloves. It was hard to miss the tattoos on his hands which left Felix even more curious about the Russian’s background. Clearly he was skilled at breaking and entering. That paired with the tattoos made it seem more likely that he was in the Russian mob. However, the missing finger was puzzling. Felix wasn’t well-versed in the way Russians did things and figured the a removed could be completely unrelated to the man’s life as a criminal. He didn't think too long about it because his attention was soon grabbed by the keys being tossed to him. Tucking the key into his pocket, he nodded as a small sign of appreciation, though his expressionless face didn’t quite scream ‘I appreciate this’.

On the couch, Rin was silent and attempting to will himself to fade into dust particles. Never to be seen again. Despite thinking really hard about disappearing he remained on the couch. If he couldn’t disappear after Lucky’s careless comment, he felt that keeping his eyes down was the next best thing. He didn’t want to see if Felix would give him a questioning gaze, or worse, a look that suggested he knew exactly what she was talking about. When the white haired male lowered himself onto the couch, Rin shifted his gaze over to him. Felix made him remove his shoes, sure, but it wasn’t exactly an invitation to sit down and get comfortable. [#808000 [i “So, you gonna kick him out or…?"]] He spoke in Japanese, directing his question at Felix while still avoiding eye contact. Felix, however, was unphased by the man taking a seat and merely waved a dismissive hand at his cousin. He wanted answers to his questions first it seemed.

The Russian revealed his purpose for the visit, talking about making a mental blueprint. While Felix still harbored a burning hate for the man he couldn’t hide that he was impressed, eyebrows raising slightly. He wondered if Abelin had assigned the task or if he had taken it upon himself. Getting to know the enemy was a good idea and there was no better way to learn about your enemy than breaking into their home. Not that Felix kept anything very incriminating at a location that could be linked directly to him.


The name of his foe revealed, Felix chuckled when he stated that they had nothing to find on him. Vadim pulled the neck of his shirt down and revealed more tattoos. This clearly got Lucky’s attention and she leaned into Felix to catch a glimpse. After letting go of the shirt he held his hands up, allowing Felix to get a better look than before. “I am my tattoos. I assume you know what this means?” It was as Felix expected. There was no way someone so skilled at breaking and entering with a significant amount of tattoos wasn’t involved in a criminal network. And since this Vadim was Russian, he could only confirm that his early assumptions were correct. [i Fuck. I really hate dealing with the Russian mob. They’re much more difficult than shitty American gangs.] He nodded and tilted his head to rest in the palm of his hand, elbow leaning on the armrest that wasn’t occupied by Lucky. [#B22222 “Yes. Tattoos are important in our world. You have many. That says a lot about you.”]

There was never much emphasis on the meaning of tattoos in the yakuza. Everyone was different when it came to their choice of tattoo. Of course it looked more badass to have a demon or dragon tattooed on your back than a cute panda, but the tattoos were mostly to show off how much pain you could endure. There was no electric gun. The tattoos had to be hand poked with bamboo or steel. The more detailed the tattoo, the longer it took, and the more pain for the recipient. Felix had managed to get his back piece finished within a year because he liked to show off, but having to leave Japan prevented him from getting it continued onto his arms and down his butt and legs. Hell, some members even continued the full body tattoo on their junk. It would be impossible to get his tattoo finished traditionally in America and it was far too dangerous to get it finished in Japan. Especially using the same person who had started the tattoo, who was very connected with the yakuza.

[#7B68EE "Mmf, I love a man with tattoos. Why don't you take off your shirt and show us the rest?"] Lucky chimed in, eyeing the tattooed hands. [#B22222 [i "Down girl,"]] Felix said in his native tongue. He used the phrase enough with Lucky that she knew what he was saying. She had already made it clear that she found the man attractive and Felix hadn’t failed to notice the way Vadim’s eyes lingered on her body. Normally he was all for Lucky having her way with whatever man she pleased, but he hoped nothing like that would happen between the two. It wasn’t quite jealousy. Just a strong urge to protect her since this man wasn’t like any of the business men and daddy types she usually sunk her claws into.

Felix could only smirk when Vadim explained his conversation with Abel. No shit talk? Calling someone a bastard kind of qualified as shit talk. The rest of what he said reminded Felix of his exact conversation via text with the model. It was true that the man was on his level and probably deserved to be treated as such. However, treating him as an equal could be dangerous, as he could easily lose sight of his goals if he wasn’t careful. It was already a little disturbing how badly he craved the man. “Only.. suggested that if the bastard can’t treat how he should be treated, he not worth keeping.” While the statement irked him coming from Vadim, it reminded Felix that he now had no choice but to treat Abelin better. He wouldn’t accomplish anything if the man cut ties with him altogether. This was something that Abelin might have released himself, even without the meddling of Vadim.

Rolling his eyes at the goddess compliment given to Lucky, Felix spoke, bitterness dripping from every word, [#B22222 “How kind of you to give that piece of advice. So, now that you’ve made a mental map of my house I’m guessing you’ll be on your way? Or do you intend to sit there all night ogling my associate?”]

The compliment wasn’t lost on Lucky. She winked at Vadim and leaned across the chair, towards the couch in a way that purposefully let her loose blouse dip to reveal the black lace of her bra. [#7B68EE “A goddess? Wow, Fe, take some fucking notes because you’ve definitely been slacking on the goddess treatment.”] She was well aware of his eyes all over her and how it was mildly annoying her boss since he had taken the time to comment about it. Not caring much about Felix’s opinion on the man, possibly because of the effects of the alcohol, she was all about the way he was looking at her.

Lucky stood from her spot on Felix’s chair, slinking over to the couch. There was plenty of space on the other side of Vadim but she choose to squeeze in right between Rin and Vadim, pressing herself against the white haired male with a smile on her face. [#7B68EE “I have a feeling you know all the right ways to make a woman feel like a goddess.”] Rin snorted at her comment and she reached back without looking to pull down on his earlobe. [#B22222 “Princess, please. I satisfy your every whim.”] Lucky didn’t turn around to meet Felix’s gaze. She rolled her eyes, something that only Vadim would be able to see. [#7B68EE “Not all of them…”] she said under her breath, though it was definitely loud enough for Felix to hear since they were in such close proximity.
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[Monda [center Vadim stared down Felix, smug grin on his face as he enjoyed the anger in the other’s eyes. It thrilled him to put himself in dangerous situations. Perhaps it was due to him knowing that he wasn’t actually in any real harm. Hearing Rin pull out a gun to aim at him caused the Russian to glance over and let out a chuckle, obviously finding the weapon a joke. He knew he could rip them all to shreds in a moments notice if needed. A gun didn’t intimidate him. Eyes trailed down to the woman peering back at him from around the shorter male. God she was like heaven on legs. Trying to keep his thoughts in the right place, he looked back to Felix, tucking the keys back into his pocket.

Though the movement caught his eye and he followed the predatory gaze of the woman that was looking him up and down. How he’d love to do the same to her, unclothed preferably. What he wouldn’t give to have just a night with her. He felt like a dog drooling over a juicy steak even with her as she was now. But given the chance, that dog would turn into a wolf if he got ahold of her. He couldn’t help the sink in his chest when she placed herself on Felix’s lap. For even a moment, the man wished that was him. He’d hold onto her and never let her go.

The man began to speak a few times to reply to Felix’s questioning, though it seemed as if Lucky was good at commandeering the conversation at any chance available. It was rather cute and endearing to the intruder, a soft smile and a snort at the mentioning of keeping him. Oh, he’d have no problem with her keeping him. She found Vadim attractive and he wouldn’t be lying if he agreed with her. Many of the people he worked closely with were rather.. Unappealing. Though his friends Colin and Abel were beautiful people. In a way he felt closer to them than his own people, and he thought that the three made a fairly attractive group.

One comment Lucky made caused Vadim’s nose to scrunch in disgust. “He always gets so angry when he has a desire to fuck people he's already decided to dislike.” On one hand he was flattered that Felix at least had good taste, though on the other hand, the man wanted nothing to do with that chink. He’d rather shoot himself in the foot. When the woman turned to snap at Rin, her words reminded Vadim of hearing from Colin that he and Rin had kissed at the club. That was the man’s reason for ghosting Abel all of yesterday. And from the sound of how angry he was at himself, the Russian knew it may be another day or two before Colin could bring himself out of his guilt enough to speak with the model again.

Turning his head, the white haired man raised his brows as he gave Rin a knowing gaze, one side of his lips upturned. If the man looked up at him, he wanted it to be known that he was aware of exactly what Lucky spoke of. Or at least the parts that Colin could remember happening. The way Lucky spoke to Rin had Vadim feeling some sort of way, he had to admit. Why did he want her to talk down to him like that? He could fully admit to himself that he’d let her step all over him. A bit frustrated that he couldn’t keep his mind off her, the intruder decided on focusing on the man he came to start conflict with. Thankfully, the woman removed herself from the man’s lap.

A few questions were thrown his way, taking note of each one. Were shoes really that important? He kept his boots very clean. Rolling his eyes, he held up his hands. [#44bdff “Da da. I take them off, calm down.”] he stated, crouching down to unlace the tops of each boot before yanking them off and standing back up. Tying the laces together, he tossed the boots to land on the floor making sure not to get them back on his precious new rug. Pulling the gloves off of his hands and tucking them back into one of his pockets, the man then took out Felix’s keys once again. With the gloves off, his hand tattoos were now revealed, a couple on his hands and some on his knuckles. It was also now rather clear that he was missing most of his left ring finger. As Vadim tossed the keys over to Felix, he dropped himself down on the couch next to Rin, draping his arms across the back of it.

[#44bdff “Okay. So answers, da? I came to check your place out.”] he began, glancing around the room. [#44bdff “Not a bad place but security is shit. Wanted to make mental blueprint.”] he tapped on his temple with a grin before glancing from Rin to Lucky and back to Felix. [#44bdff “Me? Name is Vadim. I zdes’, since I know so much about you and you have nothing to find on me, I give you podarok.. Ehh.. gift.”] he spoke, sitting up a bit and lifting his scarf to hook a finger over the neck of his shirt, pulling the stretchy fabric down to show a bit of the tattoos on his chest. The corner of a cross in the middle of his chest as well as a skull next to the cross. Letting go of the shirt and fixing the scarf before holding the backs of his hands up for Felix to see. [#44bdff “I am my tattoos. I assume you know what this means?”] he questions, cracking his knuckles and leaning back again, hooking an ankle over his knee.

It was time to address his mention of Abel. The Russian was straight forward and having no fear of anyone in the room - bar his fear of how much Lucky was already on his mind - he found no reason to lie. [#44bdff “I called a bastard a bastard. Not much shit talk. Only told Abelin a god should be treated like a god, net? Only.. [i suggested] that if the bastard can’t treat how he should be treated, he not worth keeping.”] he informed with an unconcerned shrug. If that bothered Felix then it would speak volumes about his own pride.

A chance arose and Vadim be damned if he wouldn’t take it. Eyes falling on the bombshell on Felix’s chair, the man smirked and nodded his head toward Lucky. [#44bdff “Just as goddess should be treated like goddess. Is only right.”] he added matter-of-factly, not hiding his wandering eyes. Plant the seed. How he wished she’d come sit in his lap. He was fairly sure by now that he would be weak to her, doing anything she could ask of him. Vadim had never felt so happy to be at a disadvantage.]]
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A body swooped down into the living room, appearing out of nowhere, and landing with a thud right in front of Felix's chair. It wasn't hard to recognize the man he had just seen last night. No matter how much he hoped it was just a trick of the mind, or that he was more than drunk than he thought, the man in front of him still remained. Felix groaned and muttered under his breath in Japanese, cursing himself for his last spoken sentence. Lucky and Rin stared at the surprise visitor in shock. He seemingly posed no threat to them, his eyes on Felix, but Rin stood from his seat to step in front of Lucky. He pulled a gun out and pointed it at the man. Nothing like this had ever happened before, at least not in Felix's own home, so he thought it best to air on the side of caution. The man’s Russian accent filled the silence of the room as he explained how the home needed a security update. Felix only stared up at the man with a blank expression, unaware of how anyone else in the room reacted. The only movement he made was a slight gripping at the arm of the chair upon seeing his keys in the other's hand. Just the thought of the bastard anywhere near his car made him hungry for blood.

Accent paired with the way he spoke to Felix made it fairly easy for Lucky to figure out who the white haired man was. She tilted her head back and let out another chorus of laughter, breaking the silence between her associates.[#7B68EE "No fucking way. There's no fucking way. This is the guy? Shit, Felix, you could have at least mentioned he was handsome. Now I feel cheated by your story."] Felix's eyes snapped over to the two, finally leaving the man in front of him. He rolled his eyes at Rin who still stood guard in front of Lucky, [#B22222 "I appreciate it, really, but the rug is brand new. Put the gun away."] The shorter male lowered the gun with hesitation, not letting his eyes leave from the Russian.

Lucky on the other hand pushed Rin out of her way so she could get a better look at their boss' new enemy. A sly smile spread across her lips as she looked him up and down, starting from each side before getting a nice view of the back. There was a lot to take in considering the man was almost a foot taller than her. He definitely look dangerous, though that might have been because she watched him vault jump into the living room like some Olympic medalist. Or maybe because she knew he had drawn a knife on Felix. Either way, the man standing before her was damn sexy. Most people that talked down to Felix quickly met their end but if this man was a friend of Abelin's, she knew her boss wouldn't actually try to end his life. She could get used to having the other man around, even if his only goal was to irritate Felix.

[#B22222 "What the fuck are you doing in my house?"] Felix spoke through clenched teeth. A little worried about the deadly look in his eyes, Lucky took it upon herself to put some distance between the two men and did so by placing herself carefully on Felix's lap. She looked up at the intruder, smiling sweetly.[#7B68EE "Aw, Fe. He doesn't seem so bad. He must be really good at his profession to break in here and he was even kind enough to let you know,"] she reasoned, eyes sparkling as an idea came to her. [#7B68EE "Oh! Oh! Can we keep him?"] Looking back at Felix who looked less than amused by her antics, she had her answer. [#B22222 "He's not just some fucking puppy that followed me home,"] Felix griped.

Pouting, Lucky returned her attention to the standing male.[#7B68EE "Ouch, he really doesn't like you. I bet it's because he finds you attractive and is mad at himself about that. I mean he purposefully left you being hot out of the story. He always gets so angry when he has a desire to fuck people he's already decided to dislike. And you're taller than him, so he's probably pretty grumpy about that too,"] the red head voiced her thoughts out loud. While Felix still looked pissed, Lucky was doing a good job at turning his annoyance away from the Russian and towards her instead. [#808000 "Lucky you're drunk and being-"] Rin tried to stop the girl, knowing that she would get an earful from Felix once the outsider had gone, but she interrupted him before she could finish. [#7B68EE "Shut your fuckin mouth, Mr. Hotel Lover boy. I'm not nearly drunk enough to deal with Felix being a little bitch boy because someone trampled on his fragile ego."] Rin's cheeks turned bright red and he immediately lowered himself back onto the couch, casting his eyes away.

Felix tapped the chair’s arm. Knowing that he probably wanted her to shut up so that he could speak to the standing man, Lucky sighed and moved from his lap to the armrest. [#B22222 “Enough of that nonsense, princess. I just want to know what the hell he’s doing here, who the fuck he thinks he is, and why he’s walking around in my house with shoes on.”] He was well aware that what he referred to as Lucky’s “nonsense” was pretty damn close to the truth. There was no way in hell he’d admit to it in front of someone he considered to be his enemy. Yet, out of all the things that the man was doing to piss him off, him wearing shoes inside was all Felix could think about. He noticed it when Lucky was seated on his lap and now that he was aware of the shoes, the thought wouldn’t leave his mind. [#B22222 “Did you come here to brag about hyping Abelin up or something? His texts last night seemed slightly different than before and I'm guessing you talked shit about me after I left. Or did you break in here just to piss me off? And before you answer those questions, please remove your shoes before I lose my temper.”]
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[center [pic]]
[Monda [center Abelin took his time in retrieving his first aid kit. Or what was more like a huge plastic bin of first aid supplies. The man was used to having to wrap and treat many wounds. He might not have been the type to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, but he was damn sure prepared to treat himself if a bear broke in and mauled him half to death. In this case the bear being in the form of a sexy Japanese asshole. Hearing the front door finally open and shut, Abel rolled his eyes and carried the bin into his room. His Russian friend Vadim was already seated on the edge of the bed, waiting for the teal haired beauty to take a seat on the chair in front of him. By now, Abel had already collected and dressed himself in underwear and a clean pair of baggy teal and black checkered pajama pants, a black tank slung over his shoulder.

Setting the tub on the floor next to the chair before taking a seat, Vadim spoke up a bit hesitantly. [i [#44bdff “He um.. He le-”]] [#00878e “He’s gone. Yes, I know. I waited for him to leave. No reason to wait for him to confuse me more.”] Abel interrupted the man. The lid of the bin was popped open as Vadim began to go through the supplies, brows furrowed. [#44bdff “You are confused by him? Are you wanting more than..”] A gesture is made towards the battered back in front of him. The back that Felix had torn up. [#44bdff “This?”] A bottle of alcohol was opened, held between the Russians thighs while he got other things. With a groan, the model shifted to hug his arms around his legs, resting his head on his knees. [#00878e “Hell no. I don’t want more from him than what we’ve already been doing. A good fuck, some pain and him walking out like I’m some prostitute that did my job.”] he finished, sounding less than thrilled about the words that came out of his own mouth.

Vadim took the towel from before and bunched it up, holding across the small of Abel’s back. [#44bdff “Oooh, you like him don’t you? I can tell, Abelin. Hold.”] he said the last word as a gentle command. Grabbing the edges of the towel, Abel pulled it taught against his skin, ready to puke at the thought of him liking that bastard. [#44bdff “Well, he’s a bastard. So I don’t know if he is good to treat you like you should be treated, da?”] Abel snorted at Vadim calling the ex yakuza the exact name he was just thinking. Then with a soft ‘pff’ sound, the model shook his head. [#00878e “What in the nine hells are you- AGHH! Fuck!”] the man growled out as the alcohol was poured down his back, the liquid being caught and soaked into the towel that was being held under him. He could feel the burn and sting of every individual welt and open cut on his skin. After being bashed against multiple surfaces that night, his back was nearly as raw as the night before. Taking a moment to gather himself after that unpleasant surprise, the man attempted to continue. [#00878e “Now [i what] the fuck are you talking about? Treating me how I should be treated? And how exactly should I be treated, VeeVee?”]

The Russian hummed a bit in thought, taking the towel away after drying the other’s back with a clean cloth. [#44bdff “You have god complex, yes? Then should not you be treated like god?”] he asked in a tone that showed no signs of a joke or sarcasm. Vadim knew a lot about Abel, the fun he had and how cocky he always was. It seemed as if the man’s question had Abel stuck in the realization that he had lost a bit of his confidence. His self assurance. Lowering his head back on his knees, he pouted a bit. There was no reply. [#44bdff “You know I am right. So Vadim says, be treated like you deserve or kick the bastard to the curb, haha!”] he finished with a hearty chuckle at the rhyme he had made.

Abel did know he was right. He was always the top dog. The model saw himself above everyone else. So why would he let Felix make him feel any differently. Sure he was a good fuck, but a good fuck wasn’t more important than his love for himself. And if Felix continued to treat him like anything less than glorious, he’d walk. It was as easy as that. Only Abel knew it wouldn’t be that easy. He was already attached.

Vadim let the man think over his words, not forcing him to make any further conversation. Though he could tell the moment Abel began to think better of the situation when he felt the other straighten his back. There was his pride. As the Russian finished dressing the wounds, taping gauze patches to some, having to wrap gauze bandages around his torso for the larger ones that the patches couldn’t cover, he sat back. [#44bdff “Better?”] he questioned, patting Abel’s shoulder softly. The beaming smile he received over his shoulder brought a smile to his own face. Good. He was relieved to see his friend felt better already.

The smaller of the two turned and playfully swayed his hips like a cat about to pounce. To which he did, tackling Vadim back onto the bed, hands on his chest, the other’s hands holding his sides in a failed attempt to catch him before they fell back. The white haired male let out a long string of laughter, this kind of childishness expected from Abel. The two of them being together always seemed to turn them both into children. Often times, Colin would be too done to deal with them after only an hour of their joined company. Abel looked down at Vadim expectantly, raising a brow in curiosity. [#00878e “Sooo.. VeeVee, are you turned? Did you like watching? Have I turned you gay yet?”] The man beneath him raised his hands defensively. [#44bdff “Da da. I know you want to turn me gay but I still like the women. It is okay though because you already made me think maybe a man is okay. So you help to make me not straight. You are good looking man and you made me more.. Open to seeing other men and think ‘I may could fuck him for sure.”] he admitted, causing Abel to hug him tight as the model giggled in accomplishment. [#00878e “I’ll take it!”]

Vadim helped his friend to sit back up, shaking his head with a smile still on his face. Abel grinned as he leaned in, both men kissing the other’s cheeks. [#44bdff “I will go for now, Abelin. I must go pay your kotyonok a visit, da?”] As if on cue, Abel’s phone let out a “ding”. Both men looking over, Abel rolled off of Vadim to grab his phone. The taller male received a wink from the model, suspecting that it was Felix that messaged him. [#00878e "Thanks for everything tonight, hun. As always, you were a big help. Fuck him up for me, huh?”] he asked with a sweet, innocent smile. [#44bdff “Anything for you. Uvidimsya!”] the man got up and gave a slight wave before slipping out to let the other focus on the current object of his affection for the night. Meanwhile, he was on his way to visit said object a visit.


Eyes peered down over the three in the living room from the balcony that hung above. Vadim Had been there long enough to see the man named Rin make his way reluctantly into the house, being dragged in by the absolute goddess that was the redhead named Lucky. Vadim felt some sort of way just seeing her and hearing her speak. Most of the time his eyes could only focus on her and the- rather lovely overhead view of her chest. It was deliciously appetizing.

The bastard began his story of what happened the night before. Everything was normal until his nose scrunched as Felix continued casually with, “It was kind of a turn on so I can’t complain too much. The watching thing, not the man himself.” Vadim knew he was attractive. He didn’t feel offended, simply in disbelief. This man’s eyes must not work. What came next had the man clasping a hand over his mouth to keep from snorting out a laugh, tucking back out of view in case he actually let out a noise. Felix looked absolutely ridiculous. But again, there was no fear of himself looking ridiculous even knowing it was himself that Felix was mimicking. The Russian peaked back over the balcony as Rin began to make some sense. “You said it was a turn on. That’s actually kind of creepy.” See, he got it. He wasn’t a freak like-

Lucky and Felix both shook their heads at what the man suggested. Vadim felt his cheeks heat up for a moment. Did the woman really think- “This man sounds amazing. I bet it would have been even hotter if he joined in.” Reaching a hand up to grip his chest, Vadim nearly couldn’t believe his ears. He was used to Abel liking some crazy shit but because he was another guy, the white haired male didn’t think much of it. But now that this beautiful lady seemed so into this crazy shit, thankfully so far just [i some] of the shit, he was far more interested. The man was weak for pretty women and he had a feeling this Lucky would easily get him into some wild encounters.

“Hopefully I’ll never find myself in a room with him again.” With a grin at hearing Felix want oh so badly not to see him again, the sneaky man finally decided to reveal himself. No use in just listening any longer. Standing and vaulting himself over the railing of the balcony, the man landed with a thud, only slightly having to crouch to break the impact of his landing. Landing right in front of Felix’s chair, crossing his arms over his chest, looking down with a wide, condescending grin and a fire of animosity in his eyes. [#44bdff “Privet, friend! That will be hard to do seeing as how we’ve been in the same fucking room for ten minutes now.. At [b least].”] he emphasized the last word so that they’d be aware he could have been here for much much longer. Which he had been.

[#44bdff “You know, you should consider a security upgrade, kotyonok. So far I’ve found five blind spots on your cameras and.. Tsk tsk. Those window alarms aren’t all you think they are. Only two windows I couldn’t cheat. Ah, speaking of, you might want to relock your windows, da?”] he said in a coo, pulling Felix’s car keys out of his pocket and spinning them around his finger. The keys that Vadim had snatched from Felix’s night stand last night when he broke in while everyone was asleep.]]
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Felix sped away from Abelin's home and towards his own, the Lycan quickly whipping around corners and zipping past yellow traffic lights. His time with Abel had been everything and then some. Truthfully he wished he had time in his schedule to fuck the man daily. Thoughts of Abelin soon drifted to the white haired male that intruded upon their evening and how he hoped they would never meet again. It was wishful thinking. If he was friends with Abelin, they would most likely meet again and Felix would hate him even more the second time around.

Reaching his house, he punched the code into the gate and pulled into the long driveway where Lucky's red sports car was already waiting. Felix parked his own car in the garage and entered the house from the garage door. The lights in the kitchen were off but a dim light shone from the connected living room. Entering the room, he saw Lucky standing in the center smoking a cigarette, a rare action for the red head. She cared far too much about proper skin care to fully embrace the habit, only smoking when she was truly stressed.

Blood stained her face and her clothes, though it was hard to tell with her all black attire. [#B22222 "You sure-"] Felix began to speak, but she raised a hand to stop him. [#7B68EE "The blood isn't mine, like I said, I’m fine. Maybe a lot of the crazy shit that went down could have been avoided if you hadn’t decided to fuck off and well...go fuck. It’s all handled though and I forgive you, in case you were wondering."] Lucky’s slight attitude was apparent as she eyed his shirtless frame.

The dark haired male let out a deep chuckle. [#B22222 "Well, I’m glad you forgive me. It is partially my fault that I forgot about the meeting. Why don't you tell me all about it after you take a shower? Stay the night. By the way, where's Rin?"] Lucky snorted at the word ‘partially’. Technically it was completely his fault. He was the one that set up a meeting with an already hostile party and should have foreseen them taking offense at his absence. Yet, he was surprised that neither reminded him of this before leaving the karaoke bar for his booty call so he refused to take full responsibility. [#7B68EE "Rin went home to sleep. So typical. Though I will say that he was helpful tonight. Got pretty angry. I think you would have enjoyed it." ] Felix smiled, always pleased to hear when Rin showed some small sign that he might return to his old ways.

Finished with her cigarette, Lucky glanced around the room for the ashtray. Felix stepped forward and offered his tongue, making her laugh as she handed over the cigarette. He dabbed the stick onto his tongue quickly and in multiple spots, the trick to avoid burning. Lucky sauntered off to the guest bathroom and Felix sunk onto the couch, pulling out his phone to send a text to Abel.

In the morning Felix prepared Lucky's favorite breakfast, apple pancakes and mimosas. After hearing how the simple transaction last night had turned into a minor bloodbath, breakfast was the least be could do for her. Over breakfast she pressed him about his night with the model but Felix kept his lips sealed. He wanted to tell the story with Rin there as well. While his cousin hated hearing about his wild nights, Felix was sure that Rin would enjoy him getting interrupted by a strange Russian man. [#7B68EE “You’re really going to make me wait? I live for this shit. And you know Rin won’t wake up until late afternoon,”] Lucky whined. She was right. It would probably be hours before they even got a text from him.

The two spent the rest of their morning and afternoon day drinking and flipping between bad movies on TV and by the time Rin did show up, sometime around six, the two were well past the point of tipsy. As soon as he walked through the door Lucky accosted him, though he found her hard to take seriously without her usual four inch heels that allowed her to tower over him. She yelled back to Felix excitedly about how he could finally tell his story. This only made Rin want to back out of the house but Lucky was already dragging him into the living room. The sleek coffee table was piled with bottles of wine and liquor, half empty glasses using up all of the coasters available. Felix welcomed his cousin with a warm smile, holding a glass of whiskey out to him which Rin didn’t hesitate to take, figuring he would need the alcohol to get him through the story to come.

The story started like any other. Felix asserting his dominance over some man, in this case the man was Abel. [#B22222 “So there we were, just starting to fuck and then someone puts a blade to my neck and this Russian voice speaks up. We all know I’m not one to back down from a challenge so I lean into the blade. He called me a freak, as if that was news to me. Abelin ended up sorting it out. I guess he knows him, but god, the guy ended up staying the whole time. Just watched us. It was kind of a turn on so I can’t complain too much. The watching thing, not the man himself. He actually pissed me off.”] Rin and Lucky looked at each other in disbelief before bursting into laughter. They had heard their share of ridiculous sex stories from Felix, but this one took the cake. [#7B68EE “Fuck that doesn’t even sound real. How did he watch? Give us a demonstration,”] Lucky spoke up after her laughter died down.

Felix leaned forward in his seat, rested his elbows on his knees and laced his fingers, resting his mouth against his hands. He stared at the two intensely without saying a word, even managing to keep a straight face. [#808000 “You said it was a turn on. That’s actually kind of creepy.”] Rin cringed and finished the whiskey in his hand. Felix and Lucky shook their heads in unison, obviously disagreeing with him. [#7B68EE “Oh, sweet little Rin,”] Lucky sighed. [#7B68EE “This man sounds amazing. I bet it would have been even hotter if he joined in.”] This time it was Felix’s turn to cringe. He had no interest in doing anything with that man.

[#B22222 “You can think that all you want, princess. Hopefully I’ll never find myself in a room with him again.”]
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[center [pic]]
[Magra [center [size15 That night was a new kind of hell for Abel. Of course he and Colin had been in many fights before, but was there even a [i fight] at all this time? Laying back in bed, the model let out a soft sigh, staring up at his ceiling. Surely his friend wasn’t mad about being called a zombie. Abel was certain he’d been called much worse. Thoughts tumbling through his head, a chuckle left his soft, colorless lips. How funny would it have been if Rin and Colin had gotten down and dirty while he was busy with Felix. There was no way though, his manager was too enthralled with the teal haired man to ever do anything with another man. Stretching his limbs out with a comfortable groan, he folded his arms behind his head. Whatever was wrong with the other man, Abel figured Colin would be better once morning came and his loyal friend would be softly papping his cheek to wake him up as usual.


Yet as a groggy moan filled his room, a messy headed Abel peeled himself up off of his bed. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, the male glanced around. He was immediately in a bad mood, no sign of Colin anywhere. Reaching over to the phone charging on his night stand, he yanked it unplugged and hit a button on the side. Screen lighting up, Abel’s grey eyes narrowed and he let out an exaggerated huff. Already 10:30. He overslept. It wasn’t really too early but he enjoyed getting up around 8 or 9 to workout with Colin some. And by work out, it really meant just Abel working out and Colin drooling over him. Though the model would really just enjoy both equally. Perhaps the man was here just not in the room. [i [#00878e “Colin~!”]] he called out in a tone that betrayed his underlying frustration.

No answer. Once more, and in a rather childish, throwing a tantrum manner, he yelled out again, [i [#00878e “COLIIIN!!!”]] A short pause. Silence. Falling back on his bed, Abelin felt a sinking in his chest. Unlocking the phone, he went back to his texts with Colin and sent him a few. Surely the other would answer back soon. [i [#00878e “Well, no use in sulking.”]] he assured himself, swinging his legs off the side of the bed and pushing himself up. Slipping the phone into the back open pocket of his sweats, the model made his way to the kitchen to make what would now be more like a brunch fruit smoothie. Of course, as a man of many pleasures, the model did indulge in bad, fatty foods now and again. However, with the intense desire to stay fit and beautiful, he also made sure to start every day with a healthy blend of fruits and protein. Once he had the drink in hand, Abel leaned back against the counter, sipping the smoothie through a metal straw. Looking at his phone again as if he hadn’t spent the whole time listening out for an alert, he began typing another message to the manager. He had to respond this time. Colin was an early bird, he must be awake already.

With drink now finished and his temper rising, Abel now resorted to question marks and emojis. Though he always seemed to fit emojis into most of his messages, regardless of his mood. At this point, he knew there were two choices. Abelin could either lay around in his sweats and be gloomy all day, feeling like a slob.. [i or] he could get all fixed up and be gloomy all day, feeling sexy as fuck. Obviously much more enticed by the second option, Abel set his phone down on the counter and left the kitchen to go get himself ready. After showering and brushing his teeth, the man had to blow dry his hair before putting clay putty in it for styling, ruffling his fingers through the silky strands to give it a wild but sexy wave. Slipping on underwear some odd in between of lingerie and a jock strap, - because he loved the way it cupped his ass - the model turned away from the mirror and looked over his shoulder at his back. The welts and bruises there made him sigh. He loved them but at the same time, he wished his extracurricular activities didn’t pose such a threat to his career. If he got any modeling gigs that’d require back shots he knew those would be gigs left untaken. Money lost. Giving a scoff, half towards himself and half towards that god forsaken sexy son of a bitch, Abel continued to ready himself.

Scanning through his walk-in closet packed with expensive clothing, he finally set his eyes on a pair of leather pants and fishnet shirt. Fuck yes. Pulling them out, he put the shirt and pants on before deciding to pull a button up shirt over the fishnet for some pictures. Heading into a second walk-in just for shoes and accessories and grabbing a couple of straps, he wrapped one around each of his biceps. Finally, he topped off the outfit with a pair of leather gloves and leather heeled boots. Walking back into the bathroom, heels clacking on the tile floor, he opened his makeup drawer, carefully selecting a few items. It didn’t take him long to conceal and foundation his face, deciding on keeping the black theme and opting for a nice dark smokey eye before completing the look with black lipstick.

Stepping back to look himself over in the mirror, Abel decided that he looked like a snack, now satisfied with his work. Grinning, he walked back to the kitchen, swiping up his phone to swiftly send a few more [ texts] to Colin before bouncing into his living room. Using instagram the night before reminded him how much he loved to post even just simple selfies of himself. And to be fair he had been so busy with his last project that he nearly forgot the app existed. Head feeling a bit inflated, Abel set to fixing up a few scenes before taking a couple of nice pictures. Of course the fox had the focal point his leather wrapped thighs.

Reaching out to grab the remote, he clicked on the flat screen, a news story catching his attention. Within a minute of watching, the phone was locked and set aside, instagram forgotten once again. Abel spent most of the day watching television, clicking through channels and fixating on some sappy shows, pausing only to fix himself something for dinner. Stretching his sore muscles from sitting so long, the man turned off his T.V. He was surprised there wasn’t some kind of ‘shocking footage’ of himself nearly naked aside from a robe in a club threatening a man. He mentally smacked himself. Perhaps being half naked wouldn’t be so bad, nor threatening a man at the bar. But he was sure that both together would have had some cameras out recording last night. This time, he was pleasantly relieved that the world didn’t always revolve around him. Even if it actually did.

Reaching down for his phone to check for messages from Colin again, instagram popped back up where he had left off. Right, he was supposed to be posting hot pics. Before he had the chance to post them, a notification popped up with a ding. The famous model got dms nearly every day, but this one caught his eye. As he nearly swiped the notification away, he pulled his thumb back and blinked a few times. Felix.y was the username. No way.

With a fast beating heart, he opened the message. It was him. What a cheeky shit. An uncontrollable grin spread across his lips as he [ messages] back and forth with Felix a few times. With the tease of sending the other pictures, Abel chuckled as he posted the pictures he had just taken. Though they were posted on his account, not to Felix. The [ pictures] had a caption of “Home alone with no one to take off my pants. But at least I’m looking good~!” with a fire emoji following. He then went on to ‘apologize’ for his not so accidental public post. Felix’s reply challenging anyone to please Abel like he could made the teal haired man feel something stir in the pit of his stomach. How dare Felix make him feel this way. God did he crave it.

Abel bit his lip and spoke playfully back and forth with the ex yakuza, yearning his touch more and more with each passing moment. Standing up, Abelin clacked out of the living room and into his bedroom, unbuttoning and tossing the dress shirt. Apologizing for his earlier ‘mistake’, the coy male finally sent a [ picture], just to Felix this time. He was quite pleased with himself and it seemed Felix was as well. With a few more teasing messages, Abel brought himself to hint at inviting the other over. Which was eagerly received. While Felix asked for Abel’s location, the man gave a snicker, knowing full well that the man knew exactly where the model lived by now. To which Felix confirmed such, making the man shake his head with a smile. It probably should have concerned Abel, but it only managed to excite him further. Thankfully not all of his life and secrets were known. Wherever Felix was, he took a mirror [ selfie] of his body. The dark pants, the boots, the open leather jacket showing off his shirtless abdomen.. Abelin was nearly drooling on his phone. A needy yet possessive growl left his lips while he typed his response. It was all he had not to type like a needy whore begging for more. Instead he just playfully told the other to hurry.

While he told Felix that he’d leave and find his own fun if he didn’t hurry, he knew it was a lie. A lie that Felix seemed to catch him in as well. So far, that delicious Japanese delicacy was the only man that could complete him physically. No way he’d give that up for just a few minutes difference. Or hours. Or lifetimes. Damn, he had it fucking bad for Felix.

Letting out a shaky breath, knowing that ‘walking sex appeal’ would be on his way soon, Abel stood to his feet and rushed to the bathroom to make sure his day of lazing about watching the television didn’t make him a mess. Thankfully the worst of it was slightly worn eye shadow, making a bit more grungy style than before. Something he wasn’t entirely displeased with. It wouldn’t be a bad look for getting fucked. Not in the least. Deciding to go with it, Abel brushed his teeth since he had eaten not long ago. Ready to take on that hunk of man, the model went to the kitchen, unlocking his front door on the way. He then pulled out a bottle of Vavoom Vodka and placed it carefully on the counter. Maybe they’d drink, or maybe they wouldn’t. He could care less so long as he got what he wanted from the man tonight. And boy was he ready to pounce on Felix the second he walked through that door.]]]
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Rin awoke in the afternoon with a dull throbbing in his head. It was a weak reminder of his excessive drinking into the wee hours of the morning. He had never been lucky enough to forget all of his drunken exploits when the next day came, though he had hoped just this once he wouldn’t remember a single thing. Unfortunately, despite his desire to forget everything from last night, a rush of images flooded into his head. Groaning, the scarred male reached for his phone that was carelessly perched on the end of his bed.

Eight texts from Lucky and two from Felix. He read through the messages he had sent to Lucky in his drunken state and cursed to himself. It wasn't that he didn't trust her to not spill to Felix, but now she wanted to ask more questions that he didn't have the answers to. Ignoring the previous texts, he only responded to the most recent one about karaoke. One of the few normal activities Felix actually had an interest in. [b Karaoke at seven. Got it. I'll meet you guys there because I'm so fucking tired.] Rin sent the text knowing that his red headed acquaintance would be irritated that he had ignored every other message. Though the only thing he could find himself worrying about was going back to sleep.

Unlike his cousin, Felix had been wide awake since nine in the morning. He spent the first few hours of his day in the gym, even remembering to post a shirtless selfie in sweats on his Instagram story. After the gym, he sat in a real estate meeting that he dominated until acceptable terms were offered. So, when he received Rin’s text he responded with a roll of his eyes. [i Lazy motherfucker. That’s what he gets for doing god knows what with that awful manager.] Felix had also spent a good part of his afternoon watching footage from the club and hotel last night, curious as to what Abel’s manager had done after they departed. When he saw Rin on the footage disappearing into a room with the man and appearing [i much] later, he could hardly believe his eyes. Though he would keep quiet for now, curious to see if Rin would mention it to him on his own. Not responding, he sunk further into his couch and opened up Instagram. The dms he obtained from his story photo didn’t really matter to him. He just wanted to scroll through Abel’s feed again.
Felix and Lucky were already waiting in a private karaoke room when Rin strolled in. Felix was dressed in his usual black attire, wearing a leather jacket, no shirt, and tight black jeans. Lucky wore the tiniest of black tops with a leather skirt, her neck adorned with strings of gold. Rin looked as if he had rolled out of bed, his appearance that of someone who simply didn’t care which was unusual for him.

[#B22222 "You're late and you look like shit. Rough night? Sorry I left you to babysit that manager,”] Felix cooed, his intense gaze fixed on his cousin’s face. Rin tried his best to ignore the fact that Colin had been mentioned. Straight faced, Rin looked Felix dead in the eye, [#808000 "I'm used to being the babysitter. Don't worry about me though, it seems like that model had the roughest night of us all."] His composure didn't falter at what he assumed to be some kind of test from Felix. The tall leader only smirked and patted the seat on the couch next to him. [#B22222 "Judging by how much fun we had, I wouldn't call it a rough night."]

Lucky looked knowingly between the two men, her expression clearly amused. [#7B68EE "Forget all that. Last night is last night. Plus, I've already heard all the juicy details about Felix’s night. I came here to sing some damn Ariana Grande."] Rin shot the red head a thankful look and took a seat next to Felix. [#808000 "Ah, yeah. Three criminals belting out the lyrics to pop songs in a karaoke bar. Isn't that just the American dream?"] He joked and reached for one of the shot glasses that was already waiting on the table. She snorted in response and handed him a microphone after his shot, before the three began to argue over which song to start with. Felix eventually ended the argument with saying that he was in charge so he got to choose the first song, even though his attention had mostly been on his phone. Lucky and Rin both rolled their eyes but went along with it. The leader of the two typed quickly on his phone with a toothy grin before taking one of the microphones and selecting the song 'Bang, Bang'. [#B22222 "Rin can sing Ariana's part because he's the shortest. Lucky, you're Nicki of course. And I'll do Jessie's part,"] Felix announced, patting the shorter male on the top of his head.

They sang more songs, some duets and some solos. All the while Felix was consistently preoccupied by his phone, though it wasn’t out of the ordinary for him. Whoever he was messaging made him laugh hysterically and Rin took a peek over his shoulder, slightly cringing at the messages he saw. Abel. No surprise there. His conversation in the club last night popped into his head, or what he could remember of it. Was Colin okay? Instead of saying anything he took another shot.

[#7B68EE "Sing Toxic with me. You know you want to,"] Lucky spoke up, shoving his thoughts about the manager away. Rin laughed and obliged her request. Felix was now completely fixed on the small device in front of him, taking no note of what the other two were doing. His expression was something Rin had seen too many times. It was an expression that said “I’m horny and want to hurt someone.”

By the time Rin and Lucky finished their Britney Spears tune, Felix was up and ready to leave. [#B22222 “I've got some business elsewhere but you too are under no obligation to leave. It's all on my tab anyways."] Felix pulled a cigarette out of his jacket pocket as he exited the private room. Instead of exiting the karaoke bar and going straight to his car, he sauntered over to the bar. The barkeep greeted him by name, since him and Rin frequented the place. Always drinking too much and singing off key in front of the other patrons. He ordered a gin and tonic and placed himself on a stool. Once he had his drink he took his time, enjoying the fact that he was keeping Abelin waiting. There was a small chance the other would get bored of waiting and find some other entertainment, but he highly doubted it. Even after he finished his drink he didn't rush to leave. Instead, he took a selfie in the bathroom mirror, wanting to tease Abel even more. He was more than pleased with his appearance. Sure, he looked good in a well-tailored suit but he looked equally as good shirtless with a leather jacket. Felix gazed at his appearance for a bit longer, sending a few more messages to the other before finally leaving the karaoke bar.

Back in the room, Rin shifted uncomfortably as Lucky's eyes pierced his very soul. [#7B68EE "Okay, bitch. Felix is gone so there's no way you're escaping my questions. I need DETAILS. You can't just let another man suck your dick and not give me details."] Lucky set the microphone down and moved even closer to Rin. There was a moment of silence but she continued to stare expectantly. [#808000 "It didn't feel...bad? Fuck. I don't know. What do you want me to say?"] He cast his gaze down at the floor, unsure of what she wanted to hear. There was no way in hell he was going to go into detail.[#7B68EE "Fuck. I always forget how hopelessly awkward you are. Well, you must have liked it. There’s no way that man doesn’t know how to suck dick. You dirty boy."]

Rin mulled her words over in his head. Did he like it? Yes. Yeah. But what the hell did that mean for him? [#808000 "Can we...let's forget that it happened. Forget that I even texted you last night. He probably won't even remember, so let's just not."] Lucky pursed her lips and connected her fist to his chest roughly. [#7B68EE “I’m sure he didn’t just forget. Hell, he probably wants to do it again sometime. I’ll drop it I guess...but I just want to see you happy, Rin. Seriously.”]
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[center [pic]]
[Magra [center [size15 [i “Don’t mention anything about your feelings regarding Colin to my cousin. Please. I would feel bad if…”] Suddenly, the man felt his curiosity pique. What was Rin about to say? While he did seem smashed, Abel wondered if he was about to let loose something he realized the model shouldn't know. Though with the way the man spoke, he already had a few ideas swarming. Watching as the man hopped off of his stool, Abel let out a bit of a chuckle. Perhaps Rin wasn't as bad as he had first thought. Soon enough however, the shorter male abruptly finished the conversation and took his leave. Abel couldn't help but to let out a snort.

Now that he was alone, the model could feel all of the eyes on him. He [i was] wearing nothing but a robe. This response was expected. After spilling his guts about Colin, all he wanted to do was to down something strong and forget his worries, but unfortunately on this night, he was the designated driver. Meaning he had to be 'responsible'. Normally he would have simply had a glass or two of wine at the very least, but he would have very precious cargo in the car with him. Sure he might have driven slightly under the influence with Colin in the car before. But with his current sentiments, that would prove difficult to allow himself to take such a chance.

Remembering that he had an Instagram account that he rarely used for personal pursuits, opting mainly to tease new photo shoots on the account, the model pulled out his phone. Opening up the app, he found himself a bit lost in scrolling through his feed. It was interesting that despite his lack of posting at times, his following only grew. Though with the provocative content he already had on his account, he was sure at least a good number of people probably used his pictures for their spank bank. After some time, Abelin remembered what he came here to do, opening the camera and holding it out with his arm, able to see himself on the screen. Using his unoccupied hand to make his wet hair at least a bit more presentable, he then rested his chin in his palm, leaning against the bar. With a seductive grin and his tongue swiping across his lip, Abel snapped a picture, making sure to get an angle that clearly showed he was shirtless under the robe. Though it was unintentional, as the male swiped through filters, he noticed the bruise around his neck.

Despite the bad press it was sure to get the next day, he set to typing out a description.

[i "Chilling at #thevault with some new acquaintances. Pretty sexy place and the owner is bangin~! Come check it if you get the chance!"]

Just as he posted the picture, he heard a phone go off next to him, eyes darting to his side to see a very dead looking Colin. He looked absolutely terrible and even worse was the sour look on his face. He was disappointed. Maybe that was good.

Feigning a smile, Abel hummed and stood up, slinking his arms around Colin's neck. There was an underlying protectiveness he felt over the other at the moment, though he wasn't sure why. [i [#00878e "Hey there, handsome zombie. Come here often?"]] His voice was low and sultry but he could plainly see the other's eyes fixated on his neck. Great. To Abel's surprise, Colin shoved him back and looked away before grumbling out an almost incoherent, [i [#9c00cc "Home"]]

Shock set in, the teal haired man's eyes wide. [i I can't believe he shoved me.. He's never gone that far before. Fuck, what happened? Is it really that bad?] He wondered, trying to let his unsettled half smile give an air of aloofness despite his current distress. [i [#00878e "Okay okay, Col. I'll take you home and we'll get you all nice and-"]] the manager cut him off, [i [#9c00cc "[b My] home.."]]

Colin's words might as well have been daggers stabbing with the most potent venom through his heart. The tone used by his friend could have nearly been laced with hatred but toward who or what? The situation most likely. Yet Abel still feared the worst, smile faltering as his eyes fell downward. [i [#00878e "Sure thing, let's go."]] Leading the way out of the club, Abel wanted to make a joke or say something. Anything to break the silence. But this situation was just too stiffening. He was admittedly terrified of where things would go from here.

The ride to Colin's house was no less maddening. Dark eyes stared lifeless out the window. How Abel wished that one of the times he'd look over, those eyes would be on him instead. But could he handle seeing that hatred again? Perhaps he fared better with the cold shoulder for now. When they arrived, the other got out of the car and slammed it hard before Abel could even tell him good night.

Watching his manager stumble up to the door and struggle to get into his home, Abel wanted to help, but he couldn't stand being pushed away again if he tried. Hands gripped the wheel tight enough for pale knuckles to whiten even more. The model bit his lip, hands trembling before he slammed them against the wheel, letting out a frustrated growl. [i [#00878e "FUCK!!"]]

Once his outburst was done and he had a moment to collect himself, all Abel could do from here was head his own way and hope that all would be forgotten tomorrow. Somehow, he didn't believe it would be at all.]]
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Rin couldn’t believe he was about to possibly get into a fight with a man wearing nothing more than a black robe. He breathed a sigh of relief when the model finally let go of his shirt and took the keycard, though tensed up immediately when he felt the arm trail across the back of his shoulders. The man was attractive, even if he tried to convince himself otherwise, but the touch was unsettling. What unsettled him even more was the question Abel asked upon taking the seat next to him. Admittedly he didn’t want to hear about his cousin giving anyone the best fuck of their life. However, he wouldn’t call what he was feeling embarrassment. Maybe he was a bit disappointed that Daichi had gotten his way once again and even a little annoyed that he would have to listen to the dirty details, no matter how many times he told his cousin to shut up.

He opened his mouth to make a snarky comment but stopped when he noticed the change in Abel’s facial expression. To his surprise, the model began talking about his relationship with Colin and he had a lot to say. The model approached the subject in a matter-of-fact way that Rin could appreciate. New information came flying at him from left and right, his alcohol addled brain trying its best to keep up. At first he couldn’t get past the fact that Abel claimed he had been in love with Colin for a very long time, though as the model explained more he was able to wrap his mind around it.

[i This certainly explains some of the shit Colin was saying earlier. And some of his he just stubborn? It sounds like Abel cares for him and he says that he doesn’t need the rough sex if he has Colin. Isn’t that enough? Hell, relationships are complicated.] Rin studied the face of the model as his eyes reopened. Was that...sadness he detected? As much as he wanted to dislike this man after witnessing him murder someone in a storage container and taking great joy in the act, he couldn’t help but to feel bad for him just as he had felt bad for Colin earlier. Something he would never admit out loud. “-But perhaps this is what he needs.. Daichi and I.. to see us, bodies perfectly aligned.” Rin felt his stomach tighten. His cousin would be pleased to hear that he had won, in a sense. Maybe he didn't have exactly what he wanted from Abel, but Felix did show an intense hatred for the manager the few times they had encountered each other. So just that statement alone would surely bring a smug smile to the sadist's face.

The scarred man wanted nothing more than to tell Abel to leave with Colin and never come back around. To forget about Daichi because getting involved with him was like signing away your soul, but of course he kept his lips shut only pursing them slightly in discomfort. He wouldn't say such a straightforward damning thing about his cousin to what was basically a stranger and something told him Abel wouldn't listen anyway. His brain worked slowly trying to string together words that would preserve his loyalty to one of his very few family members.

[#808000 “Earlier Colin seemed--down on himself I guess. Your feelings for him seem genuine, though again, it isn’t my business.”] He turned around on the stool, eyes darting quickly in every direction before he turned back to Abel. [#808000 “I appreciate the conversation, but I really wish you wouldn't have said any of that to me. The less we know about you the better off you are. So, let’s just keep this between us.”] Rin paused and leaned in closer to the model, his tone serious. [#808000 “Don’t mention anything about your feelings regarding Colin to my cousin. Please. I would feel bad if…”]

Instead of finishing his sentence he hopped down from the stool and rubbed at his temples. [i Fuck. This is all messy a...messy mess.] He realized that he could just go home and pretend like nothing about this night had ever happened. If Daichi asked for any new information on the two he would lie, even if the lie would be easily caught. [#808000 “I think your affinity for Daichi might break Colin, but he seems strong. I think he’ll survive it. He’ll rebuild his crumbled world...or something. I’m pretty far gone. Uhhh- good talk.”] Rin gave an awkward wave goodbye to the model before he stumbled off, exiting the club using the street entrance.
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[center [pic]]
[Magra [center [size15 Abel was nearly seeing red, his senses shot and his head pounding both from nearly having the life choked out of him earlier and from rage. One false move from Rin is all it'd take for Abel to take one of the glasses and shove it through that already fucked up face of the man in front of him. It wasn't lost on the model the sneer the other made that quickly made his blood boil. Teeth began to grind together as the man's fingers twitched, seconds away from grabbing the small shot glass before the man's words came at just the right moment to save him the fight.

Hesitation washed over him. He doubted Rin's words, but the hands let go of the crumpled shirt all the same. Narrowed eyes scanned his features as if trying to value the truth of the statement. Rin didn't seem as off his rocker as Felix, though with these men he knew he couldn't be too sure. [i "-maybe cover your neck."]

Somehow, the man's awkward presence let Abel feel at ease. He was uncomfortable, but any vibe that Rin could have hurt Colin rolled off his back. Taking the card, he slid it into his pocket with his wallet. A grin spread across his lips as he stepped past the ex yakuza, letting his hand trail across the back of Rin's shoulders slowly before taking the seat beside him. [i [#00878e "Does it embarrass you to know your boss railed me and gave me the best fuck of my life?"]] he nearly purred in satisfaction. Leaning sideways against the bar, and elbow against the wood, cheek in his palm, Abel crossed his legs. The robe around his legs shifted partly and with one wrong move, his nether regions would be completely exposed, his milky thighs already an uncovered treat for many of the onlooking club goers that seemed to be drooling over him from a distance.

Grey eyes watched Rin for a moment before his smile faded. He was certain that the man must have thought badly about the relationship between himself and Colin. [i [#00878e "I'm not sure how much he told you, though with him being passed out in a room, I'm sure he had some loose lips. Firstly, don't get me wrong, I don't care if you hate me, I'm used to that. I'm not seeking your approval nor am I hoping to change your opinion on me. The only reason I'm saying this is for clarification. I don't want you getting any wrong ideas about Colin and I.."]]

Abel closed his eyes and let out a huff before speaking up again. [i [#00878e "Believe it or not, I've been in love with that boy for a very long time. I know, it's shocking. Someone like me, able to feel love. We were actually a thing for a little over a year and damn were we amazing together. Nothing could stop us. My biggest regret was letting him see the masochistic side of me. It was something he was always insecure about. We were perfect in every other way, but as time went on, he became increasingly aware of the part of my desires he couldn't fulfill. I tried to assure him it was okay, but he took it very hard. I tried to help him ease into doing those things, not for myself but for the him that wanted to feel like he was enough. He could never stomach hurting me though, even if I wanted it. Not when he saw me as his savior."]]

A hand ran through his wet hair, it getting increasingly hard for him to continue speaking on this subject, but he persevered. [i [#00878e "I told him I could live without that part of my sex life if it meant being with him but he just wouldn't have it. He felt too bad making me settle. So in the end, he broke up with me. Funny isn't it? For years I kept trying to pull him back to me, but it would never last long. Sex with him blew me away, but that didn't matter as much as me being "fully satisfied." The back and forth hurt him, wanting to agree but feeling terrible for it and even I felt terrible for the push and pull I was putting him through. So I told him I'd agree to what he wanted.. even if it wasn't what he truly wanted. To at least save him the confusion."]]

His eyes finally opened and he looked at Rin, a bittersweet smile on his lips and a melancholic look in his eyes. [i [#00878e "It's hard on him, I know and I've wanted to push him away to save him the pain of seeing me with others. But I can't bring myself to break his heart and take away his world.. or mine. So perhaps I'm selfish, but to me, this is the lesser of two evils, you see? What we... did in that container.. That's the closest he's able to feel like he can satisfy me. If he can't hurt me, he can hurt others for me. It means everything to him. If I left him, I'd be terrified that he'd do something.. permanent.. something he can't undo. So truth be told, I feel I'd be a very special kind of cruel to walk away from him completely at this point. Though perhaps I'm still cruel to him all the same."]] Abel lets out a dejected breath, wanting to wave over the bartender and drink himself sick, but he knew he had to drive them both home, what with Colin being passed the hell out. A final thought popped into Abel's head, one he knew he might regret later.

[i [#00878e "I wholeheartedly believe us to be soul mates.. I'd give up anything for that boy. But perhaps this is what he needs.. Daichi and I.. to see us, bodies perfectly aligned. To see someone who satisfies me completely physically. Maybe that would help him to- get over me once and for all. Or perhaps it would break him. I just haven't figured out which one it would be yet..."]]
  Mun / 136d 10h 21m 18s
[monda Figuring that there was no way Felix had finished with Abel so quickly, Rin made his way back down to the club part of the hotel even though he wanted nothing more than to go home. The night had taken some unexpected turns and he wanted to process them away from all the people and noise. However, if Felix needed him he wanted to be nearby. His cousin was unpredictable and it was hard to say exactly what was going on upstairs. [i What if Felix fucking murders that guy? It wouldn’t be the first time he went too far...I hope he controlled himself.] It wasn’t that Rin cared what happened to Abel, truthfully the man seemed just as fucked up as Felix, but he could only assume that Colin’s world would come tumbling down without the model. They seemed attached at the hip.

The pounding music greeted him as he entered through the club doors. Rin pushed through the sea of people and took his place back at the bar. [i Should I keep drinking? Who knows how long Daichi will take.]He told the bartender to give him something strong, not caring what he drank. He just needed the burn in his throat. Something to distract him from thinking about Colin and his mouth. The bartender slid a shot glass full of mostly gin across the bar top and shrugged. Rin nodded and took no time consuming the drink. Unfortunately, the burn was only a momentary distraction and soon his mind wandered back to the man sleeping upstairs. Would Abel be angry if he found out what they did? Would Colin even remember? Hopefully they both forgot this night. It would make everything easier. Though deep down Rin knew that he wouldn’t forget.

Without needing to be prompted the bartender slid more gin across the bar. The corners of Rin’s lips turned up slightly at the gesture. The bartender had the right idea. More alcohol would solve all of his problems. Rin checked his phone for any messages from Felix. Of course there were none. Time felt like it was crawling, but everytime Rin checked his phone only a few minutes had passed. Before he knew it there were two more glasses sitting in front of him.

“You fucking rat..!"

Had he heard that right? The words sounded like they were meant for him but the loud music made it hard to tell. Seconds later he felt hands grabbing onto his shirt and yanking him forward, nearly pulling him from his seat. It took his eyes a moment to focus on the man before him. Everything in the room was either blurry or doubled. There seemed to be multiple copies of the teal haired man in front of him. [i Shit...wait. Does he know?] Rin’s eyes widened before he realized there was no way he knew. He was looking for Colin, so he couldn’t possibly know. The alcohol in Rin was begging him to tell but the rough hands on his shirt were all he needed to convince him to keep quiet about his night.

Rin squirmed backwards, trying to release himself from the hands. The thought of swinging his fist at the model was tempting, though all he really wanted was to have some space between them. In the past he would have taken the punch. Taken the risk. But nowadays he just wanted to be left alone. If no one bothered him he had no reason to bother them. Still at a loss for words, Rin took in the appearance of Abel. He was wearing a black robe and the bruises on his neck were more than apparent. Rin sneered at Abel and let himself slide off the bar stool.[#808000 “I didn’t hurt him. I’m not Felix.”] he responded, eyeing the neck bruises. How would Colin feel about those?

[i This isn’t my problem. I shouldn’t care about Colin’s feelings.] Even with this thought, he couldn't help but think about seeing Colin cry. Alcohol always revealed people's true feelings and there was some deep shit going on with that man. Rin fished the room key out of his pocket and held it out to Abel. [#808000 “He’s sleeping. Just...don’t…maybe cover your neck. Or, yeah, nevermind. It’s none of my fucking business.”]
  横田大地 / mephistopheles / 136d 19h 11m 46s

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