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"Hey hey don't cry." Kane said wiping her tears. "I'm just as much to blame sweetheart, this isn't on you. I should have never left but we're together now and thats never going to change. I love you sweetheart." He muttered as he pulled her into his lap and kissed her lips gently. "We will have a baby when your ready, I'm not pushing you but I want you to know, I never stopped loving you and I always hoped I'd get you back, even if Danny was involved. I was prepared to fight him... then Trey asked me to come for the summer and I saw it as my oppurtunity to see you again, he didn't tell me you were going to be there. I had just hoped."

He held her and laid the ultrasound on the counter. "We keep this. Forever. No Matter what, this is a part of our story." He wanted her to be okay with talking about it but also didn't want her to think that it was all her fault. They would have a baby had he not left.
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Abigail sighed softly as she looked at Kane. She just shook her head. She didn't want to go through this again. It would be way to hard and upsetting... But maybe it would help her and Kane? Give them some sort of closure. [b "I didn't know I was pregnant until the day you left.. I was sick. Went to the clinic.. And yeah."] she explained [b "It was a boy."] she whispered. [b "A baby boy."]

She shook her head as everything came flooding back. [b "Kane. I didn't want to do it. My Mother would've kicked me out if I hadn't.. I didn't have anywhere else to go. What was I supposed to do?"]

[b "I heard the knock that day, I assume it was you. I was upstairs, trying to take a nap.. I heard Danny get angry, so I asked who it was, and he told me not to worry about it.."] she explained. [b "I guess I should've fought harder, stood up for myself and my baby..."]
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Kane looked to her, "I have the picture we took the day before I left... I looked at it everyday and I never once thought you were fat. I didn't know you were pregnant or I would have stayed and married you right then. I know I shouldn't ask but I want to." He said touching the ultrasound with his thumb, "Was it a boy or a girl?"

She knew that Kane and her had always talked about their first kid and what the name would be and then she got an abortion. He hadn't been around and he knew now that her mother and brother had most likely pushed her into it as he had came back for her only two months after he left.

He read through the note... "He apologized for knowing I came back and telling me you didn't want to see me. Then I came back later to try again and Danny slammed the door in my face. I had no idea you were pregnant but I remember Danny asking me if I'd done enough and I had no idea what that meant."
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Abigail grinned as she listened to Kane. [b "Mhm. What're you doing?"] she asked as she felt Kane pull her closer. [b "McDonalds."] she muttered. She shivered as she felt his lips trail down her neck. [b "Kane, baby. We're in public. We need to get home."] she said as she slowly pulled away from him. [b "Lets get our things and then head out."] she said as she went to pick up everything that they had bought with them and shoved it into her bag.

She stopped at the front gate as their security guard waved them down. They had a package. She handed it over to Kane and pulled the truck into the Garage. [b "It's from my dad?"] she muttered as she followed him inside. [b "What is that?"] she said, all but snatching it out of his hand. [b "This was my ultrasound... I found out the day after you'd left. I thought I was just getting fat, but I was actually pregnant..."]
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"You do and I can't say no." He said kissing her again, tugging on her belt loop to pull her closer to him, "We can just pick up a couple pizzas or drive thru McDonald's, it doesn't matter. I just want to go home with you... and Alabama Rae Brown does have a nice ring to it." He muttered letting his lips kiss down her neck.

He was hoping a baby was in their near future but he knew she wanted to finish her degree first but as of now that was on hold and he had no idea what their future would hold but they were together and that was all that mattered. Kane didn't want to do anything without her.

When they got home there was a package at their gate that the man at the gate had said that the mail man dropped off. It was from Gulf.... but who? Kane took it inside and opened it. "Its from your apology from him... and whats this?" In the bottom of the box was her ultrasound, dated the day before Kane left.
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Abigail couldn't help but dance along as Kane preformed. She absolutely loved watching him.

Once the show had ended, she all but walked on the stage to get him. She could tell that he was week. [b "We need to get you home. You need rest."] she said. She walked with him backstage to Kane's makeshift dressing room as she fiddled with his insulin. [b "I havent done this in a long time."] she said softly.

After it was finished, she grinned up at him. [b "I love you so much."] she whispered. She just shook her head when he mentioned the name for their first child. [b "I still like Alabama Rae, but it will go by Rae."] she said. She stood up and lent her hand down to help him up. [b "I'm driving home. We can stop and get you dinner.. What do you want?"] she asked.

[b "Oh, and you know I always get my way when I poke out my bottom lip."] she said.
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“I love you baby.” Kane said looking to her when the song ended. Everyone could tell Kane wa sun love with this girl. He was happier, calmer, all around a better person. When the show was over Kane looked to her and said, “Insulin.” He couldn’t do it himself as he was shaking so much. He needed it to live and doing shows took a lot out of him.

Kane watched her inject him like she had before, she was the only other person that he trusted to do it. Leaning into her he smiled kissing her, “I love you and I hope you liked your song sweetheart. By the way I do remember our fights over what we will name our first kid...everything we used to the way I’m still sticking with Alabama or Luna for a girl.” He muttered smiling to her. He knew they should have a two year old right now but he didn’t say that, maybe someday they would have a baby or two.
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Abigail smiled as he said Wife sounded better, which it did. She loved the fact that she was Kane's wife. [b "It's really nice to meet y'all."] she said.

She nodded as she held onto his arm. [b "Come on. I can help you."] she said softly. She followed him backstage, to his dressing room. [b "Are you okay? You good to preform tonight? I'm not letting you go out there if you aren't one hundred percent."] she explained. She hated the fact that Kane had to deal with him, as if he had nothing else to deal with. It was just another thing to add to his list. [b "You want me to do it?"]

She watched intently as Kane walked out on the stage, she was standing at the side, semi visable to his fans. Some of them spotted her, and she couldn't help but wave to them. She grinned as she heard Kane's words. [b "I love you."] she mouther, never taking her eyes off him.
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Kane chuckled, “This is my band, they need to know plus wife has a better ring to it.” He muttered kissing her. He was starting to shake a little. “Sweetheart I need to go take my insulin.” He mumbled to her. His blood sugar was all over the place and insulin was the only way to keep it under control. He needed to wear a insulin pump but he was too embarassed to.

“I’ll be back for soundcheck in ten guys.” Kane called out and the crew nodded as he held Abagail’s hand to take her backstage. Injecting his insulin into his stomach was easy but he was always worried that t would freak her out even thought she had seen him do it a million times over the years.

Later that night when the show started fans spotted her on the side of the stage and we’re taking pictures. It was about four songs in when Kane spoke, “Y’all know by now I have a girlfriend, well I’ve loved this girl since I was 17 years old and I wrote a song for her, do y’all want to hear it?” The crowd went wild and Kane began to sing, “she puts that braves cap on her head...every time it rains...”
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The next morning, Abigail all but ran around the house to get ready for Kane's concert. It was the first time that the public and world would be introduced to Kane Brown's new "girlfriend", and she wanted to make sure that they liked her. She ate breakfast with Kane and looked up when he mentioned her parents. [b "Thats good, I guess.."] she said softly [b "I have a feeling we wont be getting an inviation to the end of summer party.."] she mumbled.

After breakfast she headed upstairs to get ready. She was sure they would run into Nashville traffic, so they were going to leave and hour and a half early, just to make sure they got their on time. She ended up going with the burgany romper that she had bought. She still was a Gulf girl after all. Nashville hadn't changed her that much, yet.

She held onto Kane's arm as they walked into the venue. She smiled as she was introduced to everyone. [b "It's nice to meet y'all!"] she said. She looked over to Ryan and smiled softly. [b "I moved to New York and started school."] She looked to Kane when he said wife. [b "I thought we were going to tell everyone I was just your girlfriend?"]

[ outfit]
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Kane smiled, "We will make new friends, its alright, don't worry about it now." he said as he held her close and Rambo snuggled up on her feet. The next day was the show and Kane was up early, he showered and made breakfast sandwiches before getting her up, "Sweetheart, time to get ready for the show, I have soundcheck at four and I want you to meet the band and see them. I talked to momma, shes not mad and shes driving up next month to visit again. Movers are getting your things, they said your parents didn't say a word." He kissed her softly.

At the venue, Kane held her hand. "Sweetheart, this is the band, Alex is my guitar player, Ryan is my drummer, and Kevin is on Bass." Kane introduced her, "Guys this is my wife, Abagail..." Ryan smiled, "Hey I remember you! I used to drive down to Gulf and play with Kane, I wondered what happened to you."
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[b "I just want to go to sleep, Kane.. Just hold me."] she mumbled as she crawled into the bed. Rambo tried to jump up. [b "Will you lift bubby up here?"] she asked softly. She buried her face in the pillow and just sighed, she was still listening to him speak.

[b "I cannot wait to see you preform... You have to help me pick out an outfit... Wait. Have you talked to your momma? Did you explain why I didn't stop by before I left?"] she asked. [b "I hope she isn't mad at me..."] she said.

She turned over so she was facing him. [b "I never in a million years imagined that my Momma would turn her back on me, like she did."] she said [b "Anna just looked at me, didn't say one word while Danny was yelling at me.. Kane.. I have no friends. Who in the hell are we going to invite to our wedding? We have to have bridesmaids and groomsmen..."] She was already stressing.
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Kane followed her inside and locked the door, setting the security system for the night. "I'll unload your things in the morning darlin', we can relax in the hot tub tonight or we can just go to bed, I know you have to be tired, that was a lot of driving you did sweetheart." He muttered hoping that just rest would make her feel better.

He was already in his sweats he liked to wear to bed and just a t shirt, his hat upstairs as he didn't wear it when he was home a lot. "I can't wait to take you to the show and you can see what I do now. You haven't seen me preform since high school." Even though it was a small club this time and not an arena, Kane couldn't wait to show her everything he did. He had built his career up from nothing and he came from that tiny town of Gulf... hated his whole life and now he was someone and it seemed everyone back home hated him.
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Abigail Layne sighed as she listened to Kane. She knew that he was just trying to make her feel better, but right now, she felt like shit. [b "I cannot believe they acted like that.. Kane, Daddy and Anna didn't even stick up for me, not even for a second.. Don't they remember how happy I was with you?"] she questioned. [b "I hate that Gulf is still so into the color of people.. If I do anything great in my life, it will be that our children never have to put up with anything like that."]

She rested her head against Kane's chest. He was so tall, she was a shorty compared to him. [b "I love you."] she whispered. Her eyes scanned the text message from Danny, and her heart broke a little more. [b "Kane.. I can't handle this right now."] she said before walking into the house, Rambo right behind her. She just wanted to go to bed. She wanted this day to get better somehow, she knew it wouldn't.
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"No you haven't. We will invite them to our wedding, be nothing but kind to them. They will come around. I love you. My momma goes to church with your parents every Sunday, they like her, I will have her talk to them and I will have movers get the rest of your things tomorrow. Don't worry about it. I'm not making you go back to them. I love you and you don't deserve to be treated like that." He said holding her, "You know what I used to be called in high school just for my skin color. That was one of the big reasons I left gulf in the first place."

He held her tightly, "Rambo is waiting on you and I know you said you would stop for fast food but I made tacos sweetheart. I didn't know if you would be hungry but I was so theres stuff for tacos and I promise you, this will be okay.I got a text from your brother after I talked to you, I figured they had taken the news badly." He showed her his phone where Danny called him every name in the book and told him how he was glad he convinced Abagail to kill their baby.
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