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[raleway Jay sighed as she slid down the trees finally, smiling happily as Ela helped her stay steady. [#9400D3 "Thank you guys." ] She whispered, very happy. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 7d 19h 24m 17s
Nekroma got Jay over to the others, Lunaria was carrying Vern in her mouth.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 7d 20h 7m 8s
[raleway Jay slowly followed Nekroma, grabbing at Nekroma's hand so she didn't fall. She hated heights and was deathly afraid of them.

Jayfeather let out a single pant as he felt his mate's teeth against him, laying back down against his bed as he let Chibi do whatever. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 7d 20h 59m 44s
Nekroma finished and began to slowly walk towards the others.

Chibi smirked and brushed their teeth against Jayfeather's skin.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 8d 16m 58s
[raleway Jay snorted and opened her eyes, staring at Nekroma in surprise. She wanted to ask what she was doing here but she couldn't, there was webbing around her mouth.

Jayfeather blushed even more, looking like a dark green plant as he nodded, not knowing what else to do. [#228B22 "R-Really?" ] He asked, looking a tad bit weirded out. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 2h 25m 35s
Nekroma slowly began to cut Jay's webs as Lunaria dragged Vern away.

Chibi smirked and leaned into Jayfeather's ear, using their free hand to massage his shoulder, "I swear, sometimes I just want to simply devour you whole~"
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 8d 2h 29m 26s
[raleway Jayfeather smiled and that made him blush even more, turning his shy head away from Chibi.

Jay was wrapped in webs, sleeping heavily as she stayed on a web platform, her purple eyes closed.

Orcus was totally knocked out, laying on her side and snoring [b super ] loudly. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 2h 34m 26s
Lunaria slowly went over to Asphyx as Nekroma began to near them, still in cat form.

Chibi laughed, his hand on his mate's cheek, "You're so cute when you blush~"
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 8d 2h 38m 59s
[raleway Jayfeather breathed for air as well, pulling his head away too. He seemed shy once again as he always did when it came to love.

Asphyx screeched, noticing that she sees Orcus, Vern and Jay right next to her, all of them sleeping. [#FF4500 "Guys!" ] She said silently, looking back at the others. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 2h 45m 36s
Chibi turned the kiss into a full on make-out session, breaking it for air.

Lunaria looked back at Ela and went over to Nekroma, taking the lead as Nekroma went back to humanoid form.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 8d 5h 4m 43s
[raleway Asphyx began to climb up the tree as well, using her pike as a climbing tool.

Ela stayed at the bottom, she wasn't much for tree climbing. She watched her mate and Lunaria go up as she stood there with her greatsword in hand.

Jayfeather let out warm breaths as Chibi licked his bottom breath. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 5h 9m 29s
Nekroma began climbing it in her cat form as Lunaria followed below.

Chibi smiled into the kiss as they licked Jayfeather's bottom lip.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 8d 5h 12m 41s
[raleway Jayfeather blushed more of his green as Chibi kissed him, his tongue pressed against the bottom of his mouth as he kissed back.

The web did vibrate and the string seemed to go upwards. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 5h 18m 2s
Chibi nodded and kissed him softly, caressing his cheek.

Nekroma went over and did a quick pull on the web, seeing if the vibration could help lead them to Orcus' lair.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 8d 5h 30m 47s
[raleway Jayfeather frowned, [#228B22 "You don't have to move me~" ] He said, sitting up on his elbows.

Asphyx and Ela both followed their mates still, looking up for webs until Ela tripped over a string of web, landing on her stomach. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 8d 5h 36m 28s

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