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Chibi blinked his eyes before hugging Jayfeather, "Lay down, I doubt it's fully healed..."

Lunaria nodded and found a well hidden place for them to set up camp. She laid down, setting Blasphemy on the soft snow.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 275d 14h 39m 5s
[raleway Asphyx let out a shocked screech as she fell backwards onto Lunaria's back and she huffed for a moment, trying to calm down. [#FF4500 "We should settle down somewhere, it's night time." ] She simply said, putting the three backpacks in her lap.

Jayfeather awoke with a snort, sitting up in the bed and moving his once broken ankle a bit, still wincing a bit in pain. ]
  Asphyx / NicoAndTheNiners- / 275d 14h 49m 12s
Lunaria followed, seeing that Asphyx was starting to get tired' She shifted to make room by her shoulders before running between Asphyx's legs and making her ride on Lunaria's back.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 275d 14h 54m 16s
[raleway Asphyx kept walking forwards, almost like following a trail of magic that had been placed down. She turned several turns and kept walking, groaning as her feet finally were throbbing and hurting. ]
  Asphyx / NicoAndTheNiners- / 275d 15h 58s
Lunaria smiled back as she trotted slowly through the snow as to not drop Blasphemy.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 275d 15h 28m 59s
[raleway Asphyx began to make her way through the snow, wearing two sweaters and some tight jeans as she stepped into snow. She looked back a few times to check on her mate and Blasphemy, smiling at them when she could. ]
  Asphyx / Alerion- / 275d 18h 40m 10s
Lunaria laughed and shook her head, snow crunching under her paws.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 282d 2h 52m 7s
[raleway Asphyx face palmed, remembering her friends name. [#FF4500 "Sorry." ] She said, marching with the three bags towards the forest again as eventually everyone else had. ]
  Asphyx / Alerion- / 283d 2h 34m 49s
Lunaria laughed, "Blasphemy, his name is Blasphemy." She smiled and walked out with him on her back.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 283d 19h 28m 22s
[raleway [#FF4500 "Is it funny that I forgot what his name is...?" ] Asphyx said awkwardly, rubbing her arm awkwardly from saying it. ]
  Asphyx / Alerion- / 283d 19h 33m 33s
Lunaria nodded and put Blasphemy on her back, "At least say his name."
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 283d 19h 37m 40s
[raleway Asphyx had three bags packed in her hands as she looked down at Blasphemy, [#FF4500 "I say you carry the boy as he sleeps." ] She said, not wanting to carry the boy what-so-ever as she slung one book bag over her shoulder. ]
  Blasphemy Falchia Morris / Alerion- / 283d 19h 45m 9s
Lunaria laid next to him on the floor and looked up at Asphyx.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 283d 19h 50m 18s
[raleway Blasphemy let Lunaria drag him back, leaving a trail in the mud and dirt as he was dragged along. He yawned and closed his eyes, dosing off for a bit. ]
  Blasphemy Falchia Morris / Alerion- / 283d 19h 52m 30s
This time Lunaria bit his shirt collar, dragging him back into the house.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 283d 19h 56m 41s

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