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[#B8860B "Bl-lasphemy..." ] The male said, he had golden hair along with matching golden eyes and he had freckles all over his pale face. He seemed too injured to harm anyone but even without being hurt, he seemed to innocent to hurt a fly.

Asphyx was crying as Lunaria placed her on her back, her leg totally broken.
  -The Scorpions Of Quotes- / Scorpius / 185d 12h 9m 34s
Lunaria gently placed Asphyx on her back before turning to the male, growling, "Who are you?"
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 185d 12h 14m 36s
[#FF4500 "My... h-head..." ] Asphyx cried from the ground, her vision blurry and her right leg twisted in a weird direction.

The boy next to her was groaning and rolling over, holding his stomach in pain.
  -The Scorpions Of Quotes- / Scorpius / 185d 12h 15m 52s
Lunaria heard the sound and turned to the man, blood dripping from her mouth as she tackled them, ripping his head off.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 185d 12h 17m 50s
The left man screamed in pain as he fell with Lunaria's fangs in his throat. The right man that was holding Asphyx suddenly slammed her into the wall, her body hitting the wall with a crunch. He then dropped the bloody Asphyx onto the ground next to the boy.
  -The Scorpions Of Quotes- / Scorpius / 185d 12h 19m 52s
Lunaria angrily attacked the left one, going straight for the throat as the leaped, claws and fangs out.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 185d 12h 21m 57s
Two boys where holding Asphyx by her arms, they seemed to be like giants standing about nine feet tall. Asphyx was crying and trying to kick her way out. A young boy was laid out on her feet with a pool of blod around him. [#FF4500 "HELP! THEY WANT TO KILL ME!" ] Asphyx screamed, tears dripping off her chin.
  Scorpius / 185d 12h 24m 30s
Lunaria went fenrir and bolted in, growling as her eyes turned red.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 185d 12h 27m 16s
[#FF4500 "LUNARIA!" ] Asphyx voice screamed from the alleyway, sounding scared and hurt.
  Scorpius / 185d 12h 29m 40s
Everything seemed to slow down for Lunaria as she waited anxiously for her mate.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 185d 12h 43m 3s
Asphyx looked back before being engulfed by the shadows of the alley. [#FF4500 "I will, believe me." ] Asphyx said as she then stepped into the shadows and there was silence.
  Scorpius / 185d 12h 51m 36s
Lunaria's ears flattened as her tail curled from fear, watching her lover go into the alley, "Be...careful..."
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 185d 12h 53m 0s
Asphyx looked around the city, curious to whom needed her help. Eventually, her feet touched the sidewalk and she walked down the street. She then turned to face an allyway, feeling like something was there. [#FF4500 "If I cry for help, come get me." ] Asphyx said before walking into the dark and shadowy alley.
  Scorpius / 185d 12h 54m 38s
Lunaria followed, grabbing Asphyx's hand so that she wouldn't get lost.
  Chibidragon / RamaAmor / 185d 12h 56m 23s
[#FF4500 "Indeed it does look crowded." ] Asphyx said, her fingers twitching as she began to walk towards the nearest street with her orange hair showing brightly in the snow. She felt like someone that needed her help was in this city.
  Scorpius / 185d 12h 57m 25s

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