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Jay stumbled into a run and looked behind her to see Vern. She then took a deep breath and did a complete backflip but it was almost like she was in slow motion so Vern ended up charging past her and she ended up behind him. She then yelled, the shadows that were following her snaking up on Vern and wrapping around his body, constricting him.

Ela frowned, "I think Jay's using too much power, what do you think?" She asked, looking over at Nekroma.

Jayfeather ended up picking some flannel shirts and other stuff before looking over at Chibi. "Do you like dresses or...?" He didn't know what to ask him and he didn't want to sound mean or anything.
  Scorpius / 38d 7h 19m 5s
Nekroma sat by Ela, panting.

Vern growled, taking the cut as an insult and barreling towards her, jaws wide.

Chibi looked worried as he finally found a tailor shop, going inside with Jayfeather.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 38d 7h 24m 33s
Everyone in the village gave Jayfeather weird looks but not Chibi. It seemed almost like they disliked Jayfeather as he walked down the street of the village, looking around.

Jayfeather was looking for a tailor or at least some kind of clothing shop that fit his needs for now.

Jay laughed before rushing forwards, shadows following where ever she went. She ended up sliding underneath Vern, barely slicing at Vern's stomach so there would be a tiny, cut. It was almost like giving him a paper cut.

Ela had simply opened her window and jumped out her window, landing on her feet and just sitting underneath her window, watching the two.
  Scorpius / 38d 7h 27m 8s
Chibi nodded, wiping leaves off his dress as he walked with Jayfeather.

Nekroma nodded, grabbing her mask and sprinting outside in the form of a panther.

Vern growled and charged at her again, not thinking out his movements.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 38d 7h 30m 15s
Jay gave out a small laugh as Vern twisted around her, no one could ever trap her. She lived in the shadows and was a child of the shadows. She smirked as her wings wrapped around her and she disappeared, appearing a few feet away with a tiny nosebleed. She whistled to get his attention too.

Ela smiled and got up a bit, glancing out his window to see Jay and Vern. "Woah... Wanna go out there and watch them?" She asked, curious to her answer.

Jayfeather just stood there, feeling dizzy as Chibi cleaned off his blood. "We should... go get some clothes and food." He grumbled, stepping into the village after his blood had been cleaned.
  Scorpius / 38d 7h 34m 15s
Chibi looked embarrassed before noticing the blood, immediately cleaning it off.

Nekroma got off her and smiled, blushing a bit.

Vern narrowly escaped, twisting around her when she hit the ground.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 38d 7h 37m 40s
Jay smiled and closed her eyes, her instincts taking over. Her wings folded outwards and flapped once, sending her into the air. She then did a backflip before trying to slam her foot down on Vern's head.

Ela smiled and blushed a bit, her legs straight out and again, her hands were trapped underneath her body.

Jayfeather sighed, "Stop." He said, putting his hand on the branches instead. He closed his eyes and focused harder than ever, the branches straightening and moving back to reveal a small village. When he was finished, he gave a crooked smile and opened his eyes as his green blood ran out of the corner of his mouth.
  Scorpius / 38d 7h 42m 45s
Nekroma purred, her hands on Ela's shoulders.

Chibi started trying to cut the branches down, hoping they wouldn't run into monsters or demons.

Vern charged in a snake like fashion, jaws open as he hissed.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 38d 7h 47m 32s
Jay smiled underneath her mask, her scythe becoming a metal stick again. She thought to spare Vern from being subdued instantly, her skill with her scythe was so good, anyone going against her would have to be a god to beat her. She just placed her metal stick in her hoodie pocket and pulled her hunting knife out of it's sheath as her wings folded back against her back. She then yelled in a battle cry as she instantly sprinted at Vern, hunting knife in her left hand.

Jayfeather kept walking, the flowers and grass growing and trying to grab Jayfeather's attention, still rubbing against his legs as he walked. Eventually, he had stopped, looking at a huge wall of branches that blocked his path. "Fuck."

Ela giggled as Nekroma playfully tackled her to the floor, her hands trapped underneath her body.
  Scorpius / 38d 7h 56m 49s
Nekroma silently sat by her, shimmying her shoulders and chest before tackling Ela down to the ground in a playful manner.

Chibi held on to Jayfeather, still scared of the forest as they entered.

Vern chuckled and shifted into a knuckler, hissing. However, his inability to breathe poison mist due to being in practice put him at a severe disadvantage.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 38d 8h 41s
Ela ended up sitting at the desk she had in the corner of her room, yawning and stretching out in the chair. "Today was something." She grunted, looking out the window.

Jay took a deep breath of air as she exited and went into the clearing, standing a few feet from Vern with her scythe and her hunting knife now in her hands and her crow skull mask on her face again. Her black wings spread out behind her, making her seem larger than what she truly was.

Jayfeather looked over at Vern and Jay with a smile as they walked past, finally reaching the forest. Everything nature seem attracted to Jayfeather, flowers and the grass reaching out towards him as he glowed a slight green color.
  Scorpius / 38d 8h 11m 45s
Vern followed, his hands growing scales as he slowly shifted.

Nekroma waited until they were in Ela's room to take her mask off, letting out a sigh.

Chibi stayed close to Jayfeather, still scared of the forest as they headed outside.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 38d 11h 58m 57s
Jay nodded, a smile on her face. She then pulled out a small metal stick out of her hoodie pocket with her left hand and her right hand went to her left hip where her hunting knife was strapped to her thigh. "Let's go outside."

Ela kept hugging and whispering to Nekroma as she opened the door and walked past Jay and Vern, bringing Nekroma up to her room that she had woken up in.

Jayfeather smiled and began to walk out, now going down the hallway and going past Ela and Nekroma and down the stairs.
  Scorpius / 38d 14h 24m 49s
Chibi held Jayfeather's hand and nodded.

Nekroma finally calmed down but didn't want Ela to stop, purring loudly.

Vern got up, his tail shifting as to not knock anything over, "Wanna do a few sparring matches?"
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 38d 14h 30m 37s
Jay looked back at Vern and nodded, "I just need to... practice a bit with my combat a bit." She said, almost like asking Vern if he wanted to fight her. The way that she fought with her friends was just practice, she wouldn't try to hurt them but she'd try to at least try to subdue her friends. That's better than killing them.

Ela held Nekroma close her chest like a child as she walked, soft spoken words still coming out of her mouth as she reached the front door.

Jayfeather smiled back at Chibi, the satchel hanging from his side. "Are you ready?" He asked, reaching for Chibi's hand.
  Scorpius / 38d 14h 36m 4s

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