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[raleway Asphyx looked back at Lunaria and giggled at the sight. She poked the fire with a long stick, sitting on a fallen trunk. Her orange hair was almost red in the light of the fire, her pale skin showing more as her breath could be seen from how cold it was. ]
  Asphyx / NicoAndTheNiners- / 275d 11h 5m 51s
Lunaria smiled and licked the sleeping boy's hair, her tail wagging.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 275d 11h 9m 5s
[raleway Blasphemy let out sighs, mostly to relax himself as he slowly began having his usual happy thoughts. Lunaria's fur made him extremely sleepy and eventually, he fell asleep with her curled around him.

Jayfeather blushed as he was kissed, letting Chibi do all the work. ]
Lunaria stopped as soon as he said so, rubbing herself against him lovingly.

Chibi nodded and laid back down with Jayfeather, kissing them softly.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 275d 11h 13m 34s
[raleway [#228B22 "Up to you~" ] Jayfeather said, smiling up at his mate as he actually liked being picked up. He felt closer to Chibi as he cuddled against his mate's chest.

Blasphemy slowly calmed back down, poking Lunaria's muzzle as the effects wore off of him. [#AA9240 "There's no one out there..." ] He softly said, still looking a bit sad. ]
Chibi picked Jayfeather up bridal style, smiling sweetly, "Do you want to?~"

Lunaria felt confused, her fur blocking the effects as she continued howling, almost in a crazed manner.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 275d 11h 18m 2s
[raleway Asphyx heard the growl and looked around, seeing nothing. She would've totally felt someone close but she didn't. She felt odd though, a feeling of rage in her body as she fought it to stay calm.

Blasphemy began to cry again, clutching softly at Lunaria's fur as he sobbed into the pelt. He felt so cold, his fingers felt like ice cubes.

Jayfeather blushed more and looked away as he always did. [#228B22 "Whatcha wanna do? Something fun~?" ] He asked, looking at his mate. ]
Lunaria curled around Blasphemy in a protective manner as she smelled a stranger, giving an alarm-like howl.

Chibi wrapped his arms around Jayfeather's waist, kissing his cheek once more, "I could say the same thing~"
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 275d 11h 23m 44s
[raleway Blasphemy felt the fur against his own, calming down a bit as he curled into a ball. He just sat there, a feeling of hopelessness washing over his body. It wasn't him, it was something nearby that was affecting his emotions.

Jayfeather blushed his forest green and looked into Chibi's eyes. [#228B22 "You are the best thing that happened to me..~" ] He said, pressing his body against his mate's for some reason. ]
Lunaria licked away some of the tears, rubbing her furred cheek against Blasphemy in a loving manner.

Chibi laughed a bit and smiled, putting a hand on Jayfeather's cheek and kissing the other, "I would do anything for you, so there's no need to thank me~"
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 275d 11h 32m 47s
[raleway Blasphemy let out another whine, turning onto his side as he was facing Lunaria now. He seemed to be crying for no reason, his hot tears hitting the cold snow as the snow melted around him.

Asphyx didn't pay attention and kept on with what she was doing before taking out a box of matches. She eventually set fire to the wood, making it very comfy now.

Jayfeather nodded with a smile, squeezing his mate's hands. He stood there before kissing Chibi and pulling away, looking shy. [#228B22 "Thank you so much..." ]]
Lunaria laughed as she laid down next to Blasphemy, licking his cheek once more as she watched Asphyx.

Chibi smiled, still holding his hands, "Better? You probably shouldn't spend too long on it, I don't want you hurting yourself even more..."
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 275d 11h 43m 54s
[raleway [#FF4500 "Nah, I got it. Just make sure that Blasphemy doesn't manage to stab himself." ] She said with a playful smile, making a fire in front of the tent as she had the bags in the tent.

Jayfeather winced as he put his weight on his foot, slightly hugging Chibi to indeed keep his balance. Eventually, he eased off of his mate and took a step on the foot. It hurt a bit not so much to where it was killing him. He then let out a sigh of relief. ]
Lunaria licked Blasphemy's cheek before dragging him into the tent once it was finished, then turned to Asphyx, "I'll keep watch, just in case."

Chibi nodded, putting on their clothes and helping Jayfeather with his. He carefully helped up his mate, hugging them from the front as he helped them find some balance.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 275d 11h 53m 17s
[raleway As soon as Blasphemy was placed on the snow, it felt cold through out his body and he let out a soft whimper, beginning to open his golden eyes. His vision was blurry as he looked up at Lunaria.

Asphyx began to take blankets and sheets out of her bag, making a large tent that was supported by a tree, sweating as she did so.

Jayfeather smiled at the warmth of Chibi's hug and he slightly nodded, [#228B22 "But I think I should start to try to walk on it." ] He said simply, his hazel eyes close to Chibi's face. ]

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