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Chibi lowered the blanket and tightened his hug, "Don't worry, I'm here."
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 125d 6h 50m 45s
[raleway [#228B22 "I'm scared." ] Jayfeather suddenly said, pulling the blanket cover over his head and whimpering into Chibi's chest. He wasn't ready for scary movies really, it wasn't something that he really liked. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Alerion- / 125d 6h 55m 40s
Chibi smiled as the movie started to gain momentum, getting freakier and freakier.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 125d 7h 7m 57s
[raleway Jay kissed Vern back as well, her hands behind his head as she pulled him deeper into the kiss as well.

Jayfeather blushed as Chibi kissed the top of his head, watching the movie with interest as he had never seen this before. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Alerion- / 125d 7h 9m 18s
Vern smiled, turning around and kissing her.

Chibi hugged him from under the blanket, kissing the top of his head.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 125d 7h 11m 40s
[raleway [#9400D3 "Then let's do it~!" ] Jay said happily, beginning to slide her hand out of Vern's pants as she smirked at him.

Jayfeather smiled as he watched the movie, feeling comfortable for once with his head against Chibi's chest. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Alerion- / 125d 7h 22m 39s
Chibi grabbed a blanket and put it over Jayfeather, kissing his forehead.

Vern smiled, "I'm up for it whenever you are~"
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 125d 7h 29m 48s
[raleway [#9400D3 "Do you wanna have fun or no right now? I don't care anymore actually." ] She said, keeping her hand there as she looked up at Vern.

Jayfeather shivered slightly as he cuddled with Chibi, feeling too cold and thirsty to enjoy the movie so far. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Alerion- / 125d 7h 32m 8s
Chibi fixed his shirt and cuddled back.

Vern was caught off guard, blushing a bit and looking at Jay, "I thought you said that we weren't having fun right now~"
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 125d 7h 34m 26s
[raleway Jay watched Vern get dressed, her face purple as she watched. She ended up hugging him and sliding a hand into his pants for a few seconds.

Jayfeather sighed, he wasn't one for scary movies but he didn't care as he cuddled closely with Chibi on the couch. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Alerion- / 125d 7h 37m 52s
Vern nodded and stopped, getting dressed for the day.

Chibi smirked and put on IT, he had seen it before, not to mention that scary movies weren't really scary to the dragon.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 125d 7h 39m 42s
[raleway Jay let out surprised pants and breaths as she felt Vern caressing her body, [#9400D3 "Stop, we can have fun later... I want some coffee and some cuddle time." ] She said, getting slightly annoyed for once in her life.

Jayfeather blushed but got comfortable with his head on Chibi's chest. He didn't know what to watch so he would let Chibi pick whatever they were gonna watch. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Alerion- / 125d 7h 46m 25s
Vern caressed her body, moving up and kissing her passionately.

Chibi nodded and set him down on the couch, turning on Netflix before sitting behind Jayfeather and pulling him onto his lap, resting his mate's head on his chest.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 125d 7h 49m 53s
[raleway Jayfeather smiled and blushed as he kissed back as he was taken downstairs. [#228B22 "We're gonna watch a movie in the living room." ] he finally said with a huge smile.

Jay let out soft pants, letting the back of her head rest against Vern's shoulder as he kissed her neck. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Alerion- / 125d 7h 55m 36s
Chibi nodded and kissed him before taking him downstairs.

Vern stayed silent as he softly kissed her neck.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 125d 7h 59m 4s

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