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[raleway Jay let out a small but cute screech as she felt Vern's tail around her, pulling her into his lap. Her wings were relaxed and not even twitching as her mate kissed them, making her blush a lot.

Jayfeather groaned, still very hungry as he heard the timer of the oven go off. He then smiled and sat up, banging his hands against the table as he was very hungry.

Ela slid over to the oven, opening it and casually taking the pizza out with her bare hands. Heat and fire didn't bother her. ]
Vern began kissing her wings gently, his tail pulling her closer by the hips.

Chibi laid his head on Jayfeather's and laughed.

Nekroma mixed the two drinks, sipping it casually.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 294d 12h 44m 46s
[raleway Jay smiled as she finally relaxed, letting Vern freely touch her wings. They felt soft and fuzzy like a normal feather should as they were all black.

Jayfeather groaned into the kiss but kissed back before pulling away, waiting for food.

Ela brought over the hot coco to Nekroma and poured the vodka into the cup, sliding it towards Nekroma as the pre-heat timer went off. She then went to do whatever. ]
Vern continued, smiling reassuringly. Chibi kissed Jayfeather as Nekroma waited for the vodka.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 294d 12h 53m 22s
[raleway Jay let out a gasp as she felt Vern's hands on her wings, just sitting there as the black wings twitched a tiny bit.

Jayfeather sat down next to Chibi and put his head on the table besides Chibi.

Ela quickly made the hot coco and went over to the pantry that they had, taking out a small glass bottle of vodka. ]
Chibi sat down and said hi to Nekroma, looking confused when she didn't answer. Nekroma just stared at him. Vern smiled and nodded, removing the sweatshirt before caressing her wings.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 294d 13h 3m 47s
[raleway Jay blushed her purple and sat up in Vern's lap, [#9400D3 "Can you help me take off this sweater then?" ] She asked, sound very innocent.

Ela smiled and placed her mate back in her chair as she went to make the hot coco, her back turned to Nekroma.

Jayfeather smiled and made his way down the stairs, still softly gripping Chibi. Eventually, he made it into the kitchen and put Chibi in a chair next to Nekroma. ]
Vern nodded and kissed her forehead, "Of course, your wings are beautiful."

Nekroma nodded reluctantly, smiling the smallest bit.

Chibi went red as he hung on to Jayfeather.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 294d 13h 16m 13s
[raleway Ela sighed and hugged Nekroma, [#DC143C "I'll make it up to you and put vodka in some hot coco for you." ] She said, after all that was kinda her favorite drink.

Jayfeather stood up, gently picking up Chibi bridal style. He was smiling and blushing, [#228B22 "I'm carrin' you now." ] He said, taking his mate out of the bathroom and into the hallway.

Jay frowned, [#9400D3 "Really? You do?" ] She asked, kinda surprised. ]
Nekroma growled at Ela the whole time, understandebly pissed off.

Chibi nodded relunctantly, sitting down.

Vern chuckled, "I wish I could see your wings a bit right now..."
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 294d 13h 31m 14s
[raleway Jay snuggled against his chest, feeling his warmth as she felt cold even with her sweater and leggings. She hid her wings as usual because she didn't need them, the black feathers trapped underneath the white sweater.

Ela laughed hard before going over to help her mate back up.

Jayfeather pulled at Chibi's hand softly, wanting him to sit back down. [#228B22 "It's my turn to take care of you..." ] He finally said, looking worried. ]
Vern laughed, holding Jay close.

Nekroma screeched falling onto the floor before flipping Ela the bird.

Chibi awoke soon after, wobbling a bit as he started getting up.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 294d 13h 39m 16s
[raleway Ela smiled back at Nekroma, putting the oven on a steady 450 Degree temperature as she waited for it to heat up. [#DC143C "Wake up!" ] She screeched at her mate.

Jay smiled, [#9400D3 "No, I guess I got lucky~" ] She said back, cuddling close to his chest as she was still in his arms.

Jayfeather woke up in the bathtub and sat up, looking around before looking down at Chibi. He stayed there for several moments, his brain trying to start. ]
  |тнε αρσтнεcαяү| / RoyalBlood- / 294d 13h 44m 21s
Nekroma nodded sleepily, watching Ela prepare food.

Vern laughed a bit, "I guess I got lucky~"
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 294d 13h 47m 36s
[raleway Blasphemy wrapped his arms around Lunaria, gently kissing her shoulder. He felt very warm, a comfortable warm to Lunaria as his hands were around her waist.

Ela smirked and giggled, [#DC143C "Maybe later sweetie~." ] She said as she pulled out a frozen pizza.

Jay smiled and giggled as she was picked up, hanging onto Vern as she looked up at his face. [#9400D3 "Why are you so handsome?" ] She asked, squishing his cheeks together. ]

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