The Guardians Of The Blood Gates

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[raleway Jayfeather let out screams as he hit the floor with a thud, sending his sickle sliding down the hallway. His heart felt as if it was going to bust out of his chest, his hands pinned against the floor as he flinched from Michael's teeth that was an inch in front of his face. [#228B22 "I DON'T KNOW!" ] Is all he screamed, not truly knowing why he was here in the first place. He seemed to be too afraid to say anything else because he had his head to the side as he trembled, too afraid to die right now. ]
  Scorpius / 229d 5h 32m 39s
[google-font][Kurale [size15 Michael growled at as the male open the door. Seeing the sickle in the young males hang angered him even more. His snarled baring his sharp ivory colored teeth. Was this child the reason he was here chained down.

[+Darkred "Are you the reason I am here boy?"] he said with a raspy voice. His fiery colored eyes burn with hatred they watched the frighten child closely. [+Darkred "Do you honestly think you can keep me in here?"] he said as he pulled harder on the chains. He leap froward snapping the chains as he did. He knocked the male to the floor growling and baring his teeth in the males pale face.

His sharp claws pressing into the males soft skin. [+darkred "Who are you why did you bring me here?"] he said with a growl. The ebony colored wolf was still cover in the snapped chains that once pin him to the floor.
  Michael Bloodthorn| / Catnip / 231d 3h 36m 52s
Jayfeather flinched at the sound of the howling, his eyes widening in fear but still, he approached the room where the noises was coming from, his scarf covering over his mouth slightly. He then looked down at his hands, two rings on each middle finger. He had an instinct to flick his hands to the side and sickles appeared in his hands. He then reached for the doorknob, fearing what he was about to meet.

[#228B22 "Hello?" ] He softly asked again, turning the doorknob and pushing it softly, slightly opening the door. He peeked in and he let out a soft squeak of fear as he saw the wolf that seemed to be chained. He pressed his back against the wall of the hallway, staring at the wolf. He had mixed feelings, like he wanted to cut the wolf out but he was in too much fear, which was rare for him.
  Scorpius / 241d 8h 1m 5s
[google-font][Kurale [size15 Chained down in another room was a wolf. This wolf was different from other wolves. He could shape-shift into man at will. He was more of animal than a man. Hearing movement made the ebony color wolfs eyes snap out. The wolf had bright red eyes that resembled the flames that burned in hell. Snarling a growling as he tried to rise to his feet. He could hear someone down the hall.

The chain rattle and he let out a loud snarly growl. How dare someone think they could tie him down. He couldn't remember what happen or how even got here. All he knew was he was looking for his younger sister. She hadn't come home in days it worried him. Michael let out a an ear piercing howl. As he pulled on the chains hoping that something would give out. This place was old and dirty. He could smell the dust, the rotting wood that consumed the room he was in.

Maybe if he was luck the person he heard down the hallway would be daring and wanting to know what was make such ruckus. Michael just had to get out of here. He do what ever to took. Even if it meant killing what what lurked down the hallway.
  Michael Bloodthorn| / Catnip / 244d 11h 31m 15s
The boy woke up as a flash of lightening flew past the window of the room he was in. He sat up, feeling odd and dizzy as he put his hands on his head, not sure where he was. He looked around the dark room, only able to make out shelves filled with herbs and potions along with a desk in the corner and a window that showed the pouring rain outside. It was nighttime, the clouds covering over the moon as the pouring rain hammered against the old wooden house that he seemed to be in. He slowly stood up, the floorboards creaking underneath his feet. He seemed starved and tall, his head almost reaching the shelves. He was about 6'3 but was really under weight as he looked down to see the black pants and white t-shirt he was wearing along with a forest green scarf he was wearing. He ran a hand through his hair, grass seeds and dirt spilling out. All he remembered was a name, Jayfeather. He guessed that was his name as he walked towards the door of his room.

Jayfeather then opened the door and peeked his head out, looking at three other doors that was in the hallway that his room was on. "Hello?" He softly called, his forest green eyes showing fear and confusion.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 245d 11h 15m 55s

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