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Plot #5 Modern, School Life, Fantasy

In a school full of magic, a school body president is chosen as well as the vice president. They are seen as the most powerful students in the school, each with their own unique ability. Muse A, the vice president, who has always excelled in both magic and her studies flew through school with a breeze, getting straight A's and never being beaten in strength. That was until she was placed beside Muse B. Not use to the feeling of losing she begins to detest Muse B blindly, always trying to beat and overcome them but she never seemed to be able to. Now Muse B hadn't been without their hardships and struggles and had fought their way to their position though they try to make it seem like they don’t. When magical students within the school start going berserk one at a time, it becomes the President and Vice President job to defeat the Rogue students and to find out what's making them act the way they are.

[b President:] Amanda
[b Vice President:] Kittie
[b Rebel:] Shawn
[b Crush:] Chris


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Amanda smirks. [#Af18ae I’m the new president. I’ve done a few bad things. I just don’t get caught. But you asses out on the detention. You deserve it. But know I’m changing the detention time. It won’t be during class hours. It’ll be after hours and on the weekends so you better shape up.] the girl sits down sighing. [#Af18ae Can I do one and two? So the second one won’t be as bad?] she asks not looking at him. She may regret this. But she needs help. Even if it meant getting in bed with the devil. Although he can’t be that bad. Is he?
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Chris snakes an arm around her neck. [b Listen Harry Potter you’re always the good one. I think you may be more fun without that title.] he whispers to her. He did take first dibs on the drink. [b We need a hide out. Can’t grt caught.] he says handing her the bottle back.

The boy lets his arm drop to his side. He was trying to think of where they could go. Can’t be the dorms. Library has people. [b Think the council room would be empty? I take it no one should be in there. It does have limited access.]
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 3d 15m 27s
To have the girl come and find him had been the last thing he would have expected. She had struck him as a goodie-goodie who would have stayed in class. So to see her out of class was interesting to the boy. And what was more interesting was the fact that now she was asking for his help. Maybe he could play this to his advantage.

[b "Fine, think I can help the new Prez out. But you should know my services don't come without a price. But I'll have you pick which option. One...go to the party with me this weekend. Two...try and help me with this detention crap... Or three the new Prez has to pull one prank with the rebel."] He said a faint smirk over his lips. Oh how much fun this was.

[b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


[#e84a70 "Food is always amazing and life. Soo can't say I blame you for the thought and talk making you hungry."] She said with a faint laugh. His words of the being a "rebel" and starting the party early made her cheeks pinken a bit more than was their normal colour. That was not fair at all.

A faint smirk came to her lips. [#e84a70 "Chris, when have you ever known me to behave fully? Besides, 'what's life without a little risk?'.."] She asked as she quoted a line she so very loved from Harry Potter and waved her hand over a water bottle, the contents becoming wine. [#e84a70 "Cheers."]
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[b Yeah but sneaking off of campus to get real food. I can so go for a burger with mac n cheese as a topping with bacon and BBQ sauce.] he says grinning. It’s hard to tell if she actually thinks Amanda’s idea would work or not. She does hate the girl for taking her major role. It’s understandable. But she should get over it. It gives her more free times. He learned to live with losing his position.

[b Speaking of food made me hungry again...] he says. He stops to bite his bottom lip. Yes. He actually did forget about that spell. [b Girl, trying to start the party early? Switching over to the rebel side I see... I dig it.] Chris said with a quick chuckle.
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Amanda was in close to walking back inside. Her head turns a little. She could use him. He can help her. She ended up going to class to get her things and used her presidential status as an excuse to get out of class. It’ll come around to bite her in the ass. She runs out to look for Shawn. Where could be at?

Instead of wasting time she grabs her planner and looks for the schools map. A quick spell helped her pinpoint his location. When she found him a sigh of relief escapes her. [#Af18ae I need your rebel skills. Find out who’s talking bad about me... I feel like he or she may make a bad play against me. I can’t do it because it’ll be too much stress with school and this stupid but honorable position... what do you say?]
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[#e84a70 "Her idea MIGHT help if we can get it put into play. But you know as well as I do that there are certain things not even magic can work on. The food though for lunch might be an easy enough change."] Kitty said as she brushed her hair over her shoulder.

She would have gym herself but at least it was not next. A faint smirk did come to her lips. [#e84a70 "Think we can manage to get a drink. Remember that water to wine spell we learned?"] She asked wiggling her eyebrows. Kitty couldn't help teasing the boy. But then that came with the fact that she had a crush on him. Just sucked that she was NOT brave enough to tell him.

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


It wasn't that he didn't like Chris. Hell, everyone loved the guy. It was just Shawn thought he was a bit soft and because he was so kind that ANYONE could manipulate or ise him. Not that he would say it to anyone. He did have a reputation to keep up as the badboy. If anyone found out he could be soft himself they would use it against him.

He had only taken a few steps away and then there was black ice. And it was not long before he was on his ass. A smirk crossed his lips and he nodded. Oh she would be fun to pull tricks on. And she had just proved she could take it and dish it.
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Amanda suddenly felt bad. It made sense for a moment. He obviously hates Chris. Maybe he’s allergic to kindness. The thought of it made her laugh. Although she won’t apologize because he did pull one on her. That stupid basic joke. It’s not basic! She had a panic attack. He caused it.

The girl shakes her head and snatches back her notebook. Although she’ll give it to him for somehow getting out of what her magical defense. Her magic isn’t strong when she’s emotionally hurt. Watching him walk away Manda touches the ground and whispered a spell. Black ice appears as he was taking a step. As much as she wants to watch him fall she runs away apologizing and saying he had it coming. When she got to class she wasn’t afraid of what she missed. She has a tap recorder. Always have to have a backup. Something she learned.
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Chris was a good boy after that. He even raised his hand to answer questions and participate. Simply to make up for disturbing the class. He wasn’t sure what else to do. He was a little bored but he had to do it.

When the professor got called out he sighs in relief. [#4682B4 Don’t judge me but I’m starving... and I have gym next. If I die make sure there’s good food at my funeral and some kinder bueno.] he says goofing around. Everyone seemed to be relaxing and using magic to goof around. [#4682b4 I so need a drink now. Maybe a few shots...] he says running a hand through his hair. [#4682b4 So rumors have it that the Perez has a good idea that should help with improving the school graduation rate. I’m slightly intrigued. But my concern lays on better lunch.]
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It seemed her could not speak. The girl was pretty and he could give her that. But she had a temper and he was lifted from the ground and against the locker. Shawn had talent but preferred not to use it. Though the boy would not take being accused the way that he was and used his own magic in fighting hers as he was back on his feet.

[b "The jock and I never speak. Only on occassion when he lends a hand. You have figured out by now he's a softie. So no, the letter was NOT from me. Hell I didn't know anything about it. Your paper on the other hand I did know. Only a joke because I was bored."] Hw muttered and soon her pages were in his hand and he blew on them, EVERYTHING she had written being there. [b "Invisible ink spell. Basic for jokes. See ya around, cutie."] And with that he turned away from her, not even bothering to go back to class. He would be in detention AGAIN but that was fine with him. Besides there was something weird even he could feel and he wanted to know WHAT it was.

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


A slight smirk came to pretty pink lips as blue eyes fell on the boy. It amused her that he did not trust her. [#e84a70 "You want to know then take my hand. I will let you see EVERYTHING. It seems the only way you can tell if I did something. But really this does get old that you won't trust me unless I show you. Honestly you are the ONLY one I see no need in lying to.."] Kittie muttered quietly.

She then fell silent to listen to his words. There had been an odd feeling going around but until now and it mentioned she thought it was in her head. And she also knew that he wanted to do good with his magic. Everyone knew his father to be the Protector and that Chris wanted to too.. Another reason she found she fancied the boy. But before she could speak again, their professor was scolding them about talking while they happened to be.

A weak smile graced her lips and she passed a note under the table saying [i 'We'll talk later..']
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It took a while for her to relax. She washed her face multiple of times. Her trembling eased a little as she walks out. The girl froze seeing her crush leaning against the lockers. What is he doing out of class? Why is he there waiting for her?

[#Af18ae Cutting again?] she asks brushing her hair off her shoulder. She looks at both ends of the hallway. No one else is around. This could be a good or a bad thing. What is he up too? Crossing her arms Amanda watches him. [#Af18ae I need to head back...] she graban to slowly walk back but stops. Why is she stopping? [#Af18ae Why mess with me? I’ve done nothing to you. All I’ve been doing is busting my ass to make something of myself. A somebody and I’ve been getting my ass chewed. People like us can do better. Be better and I’m trying... are you the one who sent Chris the letter saying I’m little miss perfect and a no body or some crap like that?] Manda asks pushing him against the locker with her magic. She even lefts him up off the ground.
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Chris watches her as she spoke. He couldn’t tell if she was lying or not. [#4682B4 I can’t tell if you’re being honest. She seemed really upset. I’ll find out.] yea, he’s popular for his looks, sports skills, and the fact he cares. His teammates crack jokes on him. Calling him gay for caring. For always making sure everyone is okay. For also doing the good thing. He doesn’t always go rogue but when he does it’s for a good reason.

When they got to class he sat with her. He got ready to learn as he ate his chocolate. Slowly. [#4682B4 So about this party... I honestly feel like something is going to happen.] he tells her about the weird feeling and thing imhe saw at the library. He is always paranoid when it comes to safety. His father is a protector. Uses his magic for good. He wants to do the same. His mother did the samethint but she changed. She gave up faither on her magic. She hasn’t used magic in a while.

[#4682B4 I’ll go but I want stay long. I got some reading and practice. But please do take a shot for me when I leave.] he says wiggling his eyebrows. He couldn’t speak because something was preventing him from speaking.

“No talking in my class while I’m talking, Chris.” The professor continues to talk and as time passed he could fill his lips go back to normal. He lets out a soft sigh of relief.
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Kittie was one known for her power and the ease in which she had mastered her magic. Half the time others were envious of how easily she got it. And soon the note came back from Chris and the girl rolled her eyes. He told her to do what she had to do. Figures he would be so kind. Sometimes the boy was too soft for his own good. Probably the reason she had the crush on him that she did. She was not known to show fear in ANYTHING but she could not manage to tell the boy she was crushing on him. Sad right?

Class had gone easily enough and was boring as it was a charms class. Actually a review of one they all SHOULD know too. So she had spent the time reading rather than really participating. It was when the class ended and she met with Chris were her eyes rolling as she held her books to her chest. [#e84a70 "I didn't do ANYTHING to her. All I did was help lead a meeting and the note I sent to you calling her 'Little Miss Perfect'.. otherwise I've not touched Amanda.."] The girl muttered.

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


The class was one on the Midieval witches and wizards so it REALLY caught his attention. Shawn may have been trouble but history was one thing that kept his mind busy. It was always interesting to know what time a spell was created and by who. It was also easy to remember as to him history seemed a great big story that merely led to the present but he would NEVER admit that anyone.

Crystal gaze was on the new president and he could not help snickering. Seemed his spell was working and she was freaking out. IF she had been smart she would have blown on the paper and it would have been like powder falling off the pages. Seemed she was not used to these sort of things. [b [i 'Whelp that was fun.']] He thought. Or did until she had near bolted from the room. With a roll of his eyes, the boy asked for the bathroom and figured he should "apologise". Or show her it had been a trick. Great and soon he was outside the girl's bathroom waiting against some lockers.
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Amanda wasn’t sure why Chris was walking with her. she politely asked him to leave. He continued to talk to her walking backwards. A messages pops in his hands she peeked and only saw [i ‘not from a family like ours’] and [i ‘little miss perfect’]. Who the hell sent her that? It did annoy her.

The girl went to class a bit annoyed. Magic history is one of the classes she struggles in. she knows why it’s important and how witches makes it in the history books, but it’s just too much dead people to remember! She settles in her normal seat. The girl got ready to listen and allow her magical pen to write what the professor is saying. Time passed, and she looks down to her notes and it was empty! She flips the page and nothing. Her heart sank. The girl tucks a chunk of hair behind her ear as she looks around nervously. Great. Someone hates her and now is planning on ruining her life. ‘Manda asked to use the bathroom to escape. She needs some alone time to freak out and figure out what’s going on and how to fix this.
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Chris was sitting on grass reading the message he received. He wasn’t sure what to say. He’s a friendly guy. He doesn’t judge anyone. All he does is try to help… the boy shakes his head. [i ‘Do what you have too.’] was all he replied. He got up scratching the back of his head. He heads back inside to the library to do his own research. Magical defense and attacks to go along with the physical kickass moment.

The boy had a weird vibe entering the library. It was weird. Instead of staying her checked out four books. Two for each subject. He looks back and swore he saw something weird. As he was heading to his dorm room he saw Amanda rushing out of class. Weird, again. [i ‘Are you sure there’s nothing going down at the party?’] he says asking it through a letter. He took too long, so he dropped of the books in his room. He even grabs a Kinder Bueno as he walks out. He walks towards Kittie’s class to walk with her to their next class. [#4682B4 Did you make a move on the new prez because she seemed upset. I wouldn’t mess with someone who fought to get to where they are now. It can be messy.] he says happily eating his chocolate bar.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 33d 1h 40m 41s
Detention was detention which meant boring as all hell. There was no talking or notes to be sent. But that didn't stop Shawn from his usual antics and drawing new ideas he could try out or TRYING to keep his mind busy. It really wasn't his fault he was like this but in a case his parents. But he would NEVER admit that.

Only when the bell rang did he grab his bag and race from the room. He had another class and the next class was one he actually kind of liked. And also would you look at that? One of his targets, Amanda as he had learned the name to be was in there.

So he slipped in and took a seat in the back. He used a simple spell that would make ANYTHING she wrote down end up invisible and seem as if it had not been written. A simple trick but also a way to tease her.

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


Kittie gave Amanda a look as the girl spoke her words before the meeting was adjorned. It was amazing what the new girl thought. Amazing as incrediy stupid. Yes they had power but they did NOT decide what happened when it came to rebels or trouble makers. But of course before she could even voice it, the girl was thanking her and on her way out.

The blonde rolled crystal eyes and flipped her hair back over her shoulder. She had wanted to walk with Chris but he went for the new President. And that in itself had her blood boil. [i 'She is the new President. Not from a family like ours and seems to try and be little Miss Perfect...but that is all I know. I was going to see if I could dig deeper..'] Kittie sent the note before she went to her class.
  Struggles- / SheDevil / 33d 18h 39m 33s
Amanda watched Kittie receive a note. It made her question who it was. She shakes her head to get rid of the thought. Before the meeting ended she stood up to interrupt Kittie from ending it. [#af18ae Wait... I have an I idea I would to propose before we end out meeting. The detainees are always missing classes during the day and it has dropped out success rate a little. my idea is for them to have detention after school hours and weekends. Why have the privilege of having days off to continue with their rude behavior. This doesn't have to be answered today. I say let this idea marinate in your head for a few days before we decide. I think we can end this meeting now unless anyone else would like something to say?] when they shook their head no they left. Her pen drops. The girl smiles at Kittie and thanks her for helping before leaving.

Chris was there and greeted her congratulating her on the role. He waves to Kittie before walking off with Amanda to talk to her.
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Chris wasn't paying too much attention to class. The reply from Kittie was taken by the professor and read it out-loud. Chris slouches down a bit embarrassed. When class was over he was going to tell Kittie what happened but he say Amanda first. He decided to take her to her next class to get to know the new President.

It wasn't a long walk. She told him he doesn't need to walk her. She fine. So he left her because she told him too. Which is new. He's not used to it. Confused, he walks around. He sends Kittie another message saying Amanda is a but weird and asked what she knows about her.

He went to defense class. He thrives there. It is one of his favorite classes. He even leaves early because the teacher knows he's good. He didn't want to leave early, but the teacher told him too since a few of them is having a hard time so they're going to review.

He walks back out to his favorite tree to start working on some homework assignments.
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The blonde flipped her hair over her shoulder, icy blue gaze on the other girl. But she couldn't help the faintest of smirks from gracing pink lips. It amused her to no ends that the other didn't know what she was doing. Oh she could have so much fun with this. But for now she would simply lead because it was what she was born to do. And she had spent the last three years as head of the student council.

[#e84a70 "I think it would be easy enough. Actually a continuation of before the summer."] The girl said as she rose and moved to the front of the room. It has of course been after their head mistress had given her speech and left. Her smirk still stayed upon her lips as she was going over some of the clubs that would be doing a rush of sorts and even their firsr school dance. It was at that moment oddly enough did the note come to her from Chris. The girl was quick to answer, telling him they really would have a dance and this time is was NO joke to play on freshmen. And then she was back to it, every now and again letting her gaze fall on Amanda. There was almost a challenge to the other girl in her words and eyes.

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


[b "Being the 'Prince' is my thing and can't let another have it. So thanks Professor."] Shawn said with his classic smirk. He knew it would not last long, but it was fun for him. And it allowed him to at least get a little of his free time used. What he had NOT been expecting though was to be thrown quite literally into detention.

[i "Back again, Mr.Lindsay? I was hoping that it would take longer for you to get in here..But too much to expect. What would your parents day?"] Professor Winters muttered with a sigh as she motioned the boy to a seat.

Shawn had wanted to smart off. But he only took the seat. He had done what he wanted for now. Besides he was thinking how best to get the President, Vice President, and the Jock with pranks. They for the time being would be his targets. And so would some of the others in detention. He just needed an angle on what to do.
  Struggles- / SheDevil / 38d 14h 23m 20s
Amanda wasn't sure what to do or say at the council meeting. She writes a letter to her professor and uses magic to send it to him to inform him she's attending the council meeting and would either miss a part of the class or the whole thing. She walks in nervously. Smiling no matter what. [#af18ae Good day my fellow witches... I'm Amanda your new President and I was just informed about this meeting so I'm not prepared. I swear it won't happen again, but since this is my first meeting I would greatly appreciate it if Ms. Kittie Nicholas would run this meeting.] the girl sat down at an empty seat ready to use her magic to take notes.

The head mistress of the school interrupts them to congratulate Amanda on her position. Gave a beautiful speech and disappears. She smiles and waited for Kittie to do her thing.
[center [pic]]
Professor Rosser was made, but made the cloud disappear with a snap of a finger. With a rotation of his right hand and his hands turning into a fist, Shawn was magically pulled and magically bounded in invisible straps. "You never learn do you Mr. Linday? Still trying to be the Prince of Detention? Keep this up and you'll be either suspended or expelled. You're going to drag your family's name deeper into cow manure." As if tossing a ball as hard as the professor could Shawn went flying in the speed of light into the detention room. The door opening and closing for him to enter the room.

Chris shakes his head at Shawn. For once he had nothing to say. When the professor was able to talk they exchanged a few words before they both walked into the classroom. He sent a message to Kittie magically asking if it's true there's a party. He's only asking because the seniors tend to use it as a prank for the freshman's to embarrass or scare them.
  Valentina / Simply_Random / 38d 21h 50m 24s
A smirk came to his lips as he leaned on a wall. Shawn was known to be a rebel and to do what he wanted when he wanted. Already he was the "prince" of detention. And he was already so bored with school and the classes. Usually he used his magic for practical jokes and nonesense. Not that he was brainless and talentless but he preferred not to take things seriously. And now was no different as he had all sorts of papers flying away from students doing last minute homework.

His eyes did follow both the president and vice president. They also followed the "jock" curious of what they would be doing. And a smirk came to his lips as the professor passed him and he had a personal rain cloud over the man. And so he was called to be in toe, obviously getting in the way of whatever. A smirk came to his lips when Chris caught up. [b "Sorry did you have business? Seems I'm in trouble again. Oh damn."]

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]


[#e84a70 "Ugh don't remind me of little miss perfect. I still can't believe she had beat me out for the presidency. But it's whatever. If she thinks I will make this easy on her then she has another thing coming."] Kittie muttered with a roll of her eyes. Oh she knew she sounded catty but she really did NOT care. She had always had things her way or no way. Had always had school and grades easy. And now she had to watch her spot be taken by some new girl.

But she did lighten up a bit when Chris said he had to go. [#e84a70 "Yeah, catch you later! You were still coming to that party right?"] But he had already jogged off to catch the teacher. Ugh why couldn't she admit she had a thing for him and ask him out already? Stupid!

That being last she could do, Kittie made her way to the student council room. She had a free period and they had a meeting. Oh she wondered what that Amanda girl had up her sleeve now. Taking a seat, the girl had pink and perfectly manicured nails tapping on the desk impatiently as she waited to see how this would go over.
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Welcome to Magic School. The name of the school speaks for its self. Amanda Hope Marshall is the school’s president. She never thought she would earn such a title. It is such a hard road. The struggle is real. Amanda isn’t from a week known family or is stupidly wealthy that money can help solve their problems.

Since she earned the most honorable title she is now going to study her ass off. She’s more of a visual learner than audio and physical. It makes it so much harder because it’s mostly hands on and audio. ‘Manda was in potions class using her magic to write down everything the teacher is say as she tried to create a potion. While everyone else is having some sort of reaction she was getting nothing. The witch sits on the chair sighing. Part of her wants to yank her hair, but it won’t do any good. She shouldn’t be showing any weakness. Although most of them knows she does struggle and claim she somehow cheated.

Amanda stayed behind when class was over. She her pen that was jotting down things stopped when the professor stopped. She clears her pot and tried starting over by memory. Still nothing! [#af18ae Come on… come on…] Again, nothing. Growling from anger she cleans up her station and leaves ready today’s notes.
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[pic]] Chris Angel Bennett. Is an okay student. His grades are always up and down. He is well known. In a way popular, but he was simply friendly and spoke to anyone. He loves combat and defense magic. Not to mention normal self-defense. Although playing football should help. He can tackle anyone.

Chris was didn’t have a class. He was sitting outside practicing some defense magic with friend who’s practicing on her combat. It was a win, win since she’s doing poorly, and he just wants to practice. Not to mention he has a heart and want his fellow classmate to pass. When the girl had enough she hugs him to thank him before scattering away. He grabs his backpack pulling out a pop tart to munch on while he walks to his next class.

He spots Kittie and waves. [#4682B4 Hey! I heard someone actually took your president title. How are you handling it?] he asks walking along with her, munching on his snack. He offers her a piece. Seeing Amanda walking by he waves to her not knowing she’s the one who took it. [34682B4 Hey so there’s a rumor weird things is happening, so be careful. You know I don’t listen to them but there’s a kid that freaking people out a handful of people.] he puts his snack away. [#4682B4 Catcha ya later. I need to speak with Professor Rosser before class starts.] with that he jogs away to catch up with the professor who’s walking.
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