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[Center [Poiret+One [size15 This is a place for my sissy and I to vent out our thoughts, if you have a problem with something in here then that's on you, since most of what is written has to do with real life people we're around and not people on es.


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[center [size17 [Caveat Aggressive spirits are no joke. Kyra you are literally draining me right now. x.e Please stop.
  Deadly- / 48m 28s
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[center [size17 [Caveat My girlfriend told me she loves me for the first time ever today. Even though I've basically accepted that I am head over heals for her, I wanted to let her say it first. She has a lot of issues in her past that make trusting hard. Needless so say I was very pleasantly surprised today, and over the moon.

Then messenger decided to be a goddamn dingus, and fuck up. So she was getting a weird message that said I wasn't receiving messages from her at the time, like she was blocked. Of course that had to happen RIGHT after her confession too so that kinda made things a little messy but I showed her her she was never blocked, and that messenger was glitching and so we were all call good, but still. Some day I am going to strangle the mods on messenger.
  Lilybird- / 1d 14h 46m 13s
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[center [size17 [Caveat People need to stop going to my sister about issues involving me. You need to know something, come to me. I have no problem holding a civil conversation or answering your questions. It’s not my sister’s job to deal with my issues.
  Deadly- / 2d 5h 43m 30s
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[center [size17 [Caveat I has a headache in my eyeball
  Lilybird- / 2d 21h 7m 16s
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[center [size17 [Caveat You hurt her, I will fucking destroy you. Don't lead her on, I don't fucking trust you and I never will.
  Deadly- / 2d 21h 33m 9s
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[center [size17 [Caveat All I want is to be happy again, not stressed, not angry. Fucking happy.
  Deadly- / 3d 5h 32m 34s
[Center My PTSD hit me hard today in both forms of my r---- PTSD from a PTSD dream that has been sitting with me since 9 am, and my ptsd from mother. My abandonment anxiety is also kicking me. I feel so fucking alone and angry and lost right now I just want to puke.
  Lilybird- / 3d 15h 18m 58s
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[center [size17 [Caveat Overwatch with Zac? I think so. I need to just be around chill people tonight.

Finished my race though, which was nice. Maybe I'll figure out Herolab later.
  Deadly- / 3d 20h 4m 42s
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[center [size17 [Caveat I can't even stay mad at him for longer than a little....>.< I hate that this is happening!
  Lilybird- / 3d 21h 45m 11s
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[center [pic https://media1.tenor.com/images/42296d0b22e14b614311d5253a969dc3/tenor.gif?itemid=9838452]]
[center [size17 [Caveat I just want to bury myself into cute romance and forget the whole world.
  Lilybird- / 3d 22h 25m 46s
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[center [size17 [Caveat I can not do this schedule thing. I just want my Dom D:<

In other news, I pulled the Reverse eight of swords, which is fucking great! :D
  Deadly- / 4d 2h 9m 57s
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[center [size17 [Caveat I’m pretty sure I am emotionally and mentally dead today. So I just don’t give a shit.

Also, side note. Ya’ll are nosy people, well only certain people, who claim to not care. Like bye, leave, you are unwanted.

That was just me being passive aggressive. I’m leaving it in there because, well dead, remember, emotionally dead. Lol
  Deadly- / 5d 7h 53m 7s
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[center [size17 [Caveat I cant believe you, I literally can not believe you. Everything you did last night has me in fucking awe. God I hate how much you can actually get under my skin.
  Deadly- / 5d 8h 53m 4s
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[center [size17 [Caveat It seems like i get to play scapegoat for everyone. Im now taking applications, you got a problem? Just blame Eli. Im charging 150$ though for every time someone claims ive ruined something. It will be easy money.
  ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ / Lilybird- / 5d 18h 55m 57s
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[center [size17 [Caveat I'm finally starting to feel at peace.
  Deadly- / 5d 21h 16m 25s

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