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[center [size13 [Josefin+Sans Akagi nodded and began to make notes, writing down what was said so far, plus some more tweaks of his own, but not too much. This magazine was going to be 100% personal, with no outside influence. He stopped writing when he exclaimed about taking out the fun in the whole project. He only blinked and stared at him. He raised an eyebrow, somewhat confused. [i What is this.. fun aspect?] he thought to himself. Work wasn't fun for him, even though he enjoyed the art of design. He was taken aback by the sudden questions, unable to form answers for them.

He closed his eyes and sighed. It's like this boy wanted him to hang out with him or something. But no, he must focus on this project and not get distracted with anything else. [#345ea2 "Okay.. okay.."] he said. [#345ea2 "Only because I need this to be a success."] He ordered another drink for himself and a slice of cake. Might as well make good use of this time he had.

Akagi knew they had nothing in common, as well as being different in age. How could they possibly hang out? [#345ea2 "Tch, kids..."] he muttered silently to himself. He preferred to be alone. They only needed to hang out when necessary though, he wasn't going to waste his time with anything else.
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[font "Bree Serif" [size16 Man, this guy...was something. Akira gave a friendly, sympathetic smile, and tilted his head slightly to rest it on his hand. [b [#E9967A "Don't worry about it."]] Was his only response to the apology.

Akira was almost intimidated when they binder was brought out, though. Wow, Akagi had his shit together. Organized, with lots of...effort put in.

And no compliment to his looks, even when prodded! This was going to perhaps be a new challenge, but Akira had a goal in mind for the night, and while Akira wasn't used to putting effort into his work, if there was one thing he put work into it was his targets. [b [#E9967A "Specific colors? Hm. Well, I've always been fond of navy. Or burgandy- but you're taking all the fun out of this! Isn't the best way to get to know my personality by just hanging out with me?"]]

[i Come on,] he thought, [i Take the bait. Let's dance a little.] [b [#E9967A "After all, is spending time with me so [i bad]? I promise I'm not that bad of company-"]] He perked up, a playful, devilish smirk on his face, [b [#E9967A "Or do you just not want to get to know me because I'm not a cute woman?"]]

[i Take the bait.]]]
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[center [size13 [Josefin+Sans Akagi pretended to "look" over the items, not engaging a conversation with their new model. The man is rarely shy around others, just non-social. He'd admit, he wasn't used to this kind of setting, so he found it hard to relax for some reason. A small sigh escaped his lips, blinking a few times when Akira lowered the menu to reveal his face. He swallowed hard and cleared his throat.

[#345ea2 "Sorry.."] he murmured.

He opened up his well-organized binder and ignored his planned outline that he made last night. 12 hours wasted when he should've waited until he actually met Akira. He wouldn't trash it though, maybe he could pitch the idea again with another magazine. He remained silent and let Akira speak his ideas of what he wanted. Incorporating his own ideas was a waste of his time, obviously. Sighing again, he hated the idea of flower crowns. Dark or not, it felt way too cute for a men's magazine, yet he'll keep his mouth shut. Pretty sure his female co-workers will love this.

[#345ea2 "So edgy... darker colors... add flowers..."] he muttered all this and wrote it all down to keep it as a reminder for tonight. [i This is literally giving them what they want...] he thought. He really hoped this worked. [#345ea2 "Give me specific colors,"] he said. [#345ea2 "Also, it'll help to tell me a bit more about yourself, so I can incorporate your whole personality into this. That's usually all I need."]
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[font "Bree Serif" [size16 God, he looked out of place. It wasn't a bad thing, Akira liked guys that could stand out a little- but it was amusing to see how he tried to hide himself, going as far as to put the menu in front of his face. Akira ordered his usual drink and then stayed quiet for a second as he smiled, before slowly reaching over to lower the menu in front of Akagi's face. [b [#E9967A "Kinda hard to get to know me from behind that, isn't it?"]] He purred playfully, [b [#E9967A "I'm not [i that] intimidating, am I? I mean, I know I'm attractive, but really-"]]

He kept eyeing Akagi, making note of his ever reaction, any small thing he got out of him for future reference. This is how it always went with his "targets". He liked to see how far they'd go, if they'd put up with discomfort for him, if they'd follow him no matter where he was going-

Honestly, with this one, though, he didn't know what he was getting himself into. Normally he could asses how far a person would go based on the way they presented themselves, what groups they were in and such. Jocks tended to go pretty far as long as they thought they'd get sex out of it, whereas more scholor-types so far...didn't go far.

Akagi on the other hand, was a complete mystery. How far would someone like him go for Akira? It fascinated him. Akagi in general fascinated him. He was going to be an interesting target.

But he [i did] need to also put [i some] focus in his work, even if his looks had been speaking for themselves so far.

[b [#E9967A "So...I was thinking...we could [i technically] kind of give the girls what they wanted? With the whole flowers thing, at least. We could stick with a dark color scheme, but throw in some dark flowers with it? After all, I don't want to stray too far away from my image-"]] He smirked, [b [#E9967A "After all, the edgy look is a good look on me, isn't it?"]] He just wanted to see if his current target was even into this look.]]
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[center [size13 [Josefin+Sans Akagi stood up and walked from around the table, heading towards the door rather slowly, very sluggish-like. He glanced at Akira, then back towards the door, wondering what he should have for lunch. He forgot to make his lunch last night, so he had to figure what they had in the cafeteria. It seemed Akira had something else in mind for them though. When an arm was wrapped around him, it caught him off-guard completely. No one has ever been this close to him before. He had no comment about it though. It did made him feel uncomfortable for some reason. Maybe having someone be in his presence for so long had him feeling some type of way. He has seen people like Akira before, especially during his school days. Akira resembles an old crush he used to have back in junior high. His overall demeanor and charisma made everyone flock to him. Too bad he forgot his name.

[#345ea2 "Every now and then.."] The last time he visited a bar, he ended up watching a group of adults laughing and enjoying themselves. Somehow he felt he would be unable to have fun like that, even if he was apart of a group of friends. Akagi has always been awkward and strange, not sure how to react to certain things, like this new model by his side. Once they arrived, the place indeed threw Akagi off in some way. He spends most of his time at home, in dim light or at some dark-lit bar. [#345ea2 "Uhh..."] No words were able to come out. He found himself walking inside, feeling so out of place here. He tried to hide himself, although he stood out wherever he went.

He took his seat and opened his menu, hiding behind it while he looked around. He gazed at the menu, not really focusing on the food listed. He ordered a drink from behind his menu.
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[font "Bree Serif" [size16 Ah, he agreed. Akira smiled and ignored the strange looks he got for asking. He tapped his fingers against the desk in rhythm as the meeting wrapped up, watching Akagi look over the drafts. Wonder what kind of guy this guy liked. He seemed like he avoided most everyone, and everyone did the same to him... Lunch was going to be interesting. He stood when the editor told Akagi to take up Akira's offer, and eyed him out of the corner of his eye as he waited for the strange man to gather up all his things. He booked a table at a little [i bar] nearby, and then smiled and pocketed his phone as he turned to Akagi.

[b [#E9967A "Don't worry, I'd like to think I'm not that bad of company."]] He winked, wrapping an arm around Akagi as he headed out of the building. [b [#E9967A "So...do you drink?"]]

A bright and modern bar didn't really seem to fit Akagi at all. But that's what made it fun, and it was a good place to test the water with somethings. For instance, if he bailed out because of the location, Akira hadn't lured him enough yet. But if he stayed despite any discomfort, his looks had probably made enough of an impression so far. So he went right inside without a second of hesitation, telling them his name and getting his usual table. They put down menus, but Akira didn't look at it, just pretended to as he actually watched Akagi over it, to gauge his reactions.]]
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[center [size13 [Josefin+Sans Exhaling deeply, Akagi finished his horrid presentation. Of course, having no enthusiasm in his voice killed the active listening. His chief editor looked annoyed along with the father-son duo. He never changed his voice, even when it came to this kind of stuff. Pretty sure most of his co-workers grown used to it where they manage to keep listening. By the looks he got, no one was on board. He didn't need to think twice about what they thought. He covered one ear with his hand once the females voiced their opinions. Since their last two magazines were brought and colorful, he assumed a change was in order to keep things fresh. He moved back to his seat and let them talk amongst themselves.

Akira chimed in with his own opinion. He agreed with the women - sadly - because he would look good in pastels, but this was about appealing to a certain audience. At least the hardest part was over with. He really wanted to go and smoke for a minute. A horrible habit, but somehow he craved one this second. Akagi remained silent, watching over the conversation about his design. Blinking a few times, he glanced towards Akira when he spoke to him. In the back of his mind, he knew he would be up all night again.

The invitation to lunch totally caught him off guard. No one [i ever] wanted to eat lunch with him, even if they needed to speak to him about work. He became flustered at the obvious tease, averting his eyes, feeling uncomfortable. [#345ea2 "Okay..."] he said. Might as well, since he had no choice but to make this a success. This will be the most interaction he has ever had with a person. His social skills aren't up to par. Forcing himself to speak somehow drained his energy.

Everyone dismissed for lunch, Akagi stayed behind to look through his designs once more. Seijic approached him, placing a hand on his shoulder. [b "I thought it was a good presentation. Don't stress yourself out on this, you have skill. Now go take up Akira's offer."]

[#345ea2 "But-.."] Akagi couldn't finish his sentence before his editor left the two alone. The air around him felt suffocating. Ah, he needed to go. He stood up and gathered his things...
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[font "Bree Serif" [size16 God, Akira forgot how much he hated sitting in meetings. Booooring! God, listening to people drone on all serious was a real kill joy. He scrolled on his phone under the table where nobody could see, although he [i did] actually listen to his- [i ahem] target. Sophisticated...sophisticated. Hm. He could pull it off, probably, but he didn't want to go too outside of his...expectations. People wanted a certain thing from him, a certain look. He didn't want to seem too...business-y.

But god that was better than the alternative the girls suggested. [b [#E9967A "Pastels? Girls, no offense, but that doesn't really work for my look nor does it work for the magazine- Dark colors are also kinda my thing so-"]]

[b [#008B8B "But you'd look so cute in pastels!]] Gods, here comes the screeching. [b [#008B8B "Imagine you in a flower crown! It'd be perfect! Everyone would wanna buy it! The hot bad boy looking all innocent in pastels-"]]

[b [#E9967A "Bad boy? Since when am I-"]] Don't snap at these girls and tell them they don't know you, it ruins the appeal. Besides, are they really that wrong, Akira. [b [#E9967A "I mean it probably would sell if it was a chicks magazine, or an LGBT magazine, but it's not- I'm sorry to dissapoint, girls, but you're not gonna see me in a flower crown anytime soon-"]]

God he needed to change the subject before they tried to push for it. He wanted this magazine. He wanted to be on every page. [b [#E9967A "So, Akagi!"]] He changed the attention over quickly, cutting a girl off. [b [#E9967A "I've actually got a few ideas of my own for the theme. Admittedly, I like where you're going with it, but I think there are some improvements to be done-"]] Oh hey here's where he could work in that lie from early. [b [#E9967A "I was hoping perhaps you'd join me for lunch so we could discuss it? After all, you're in charge of the design, right? I figured it'd be good to bounce my ideas off of you and let you [i get to know me]."]]

The end of that was flirting, but he was being careful not to let anyone catch onto it other than Akagi, who he was making playful eye contact with. He just wanted to test the waters right now, see if there was potential here. If not, he could find some other target, but this guy...intrigued him.]]
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[center [size13 [Josefin+Sans Akagi dreaded meetings. Nothing good came from attending one. It's not like he didn't like his job, but someone always has a complaint about his work. Mostly from his female co-workers. The two magazines they had, none of them were of his own creation. He was determined to make this one his own and a success. Since he is a [i man], he believes his designs will be better fitted. Just before the meeting began, Akira came through the door. He survived the onslaught of women.

The CEO and President stepped inside and everyone who chatted immediately shut up. They were both intimidating men, a father and son duo. Of course, Akagi voiced his opinions to them when he had the chance to.. or forced to do it. He wasn't one to speak if he didn't have to. Most called him a 'mute'.

The CEO, Zei, placed his hands down on the table. [b "Akagi, Seijic says you have an interesting design for this magazine. Please present it to us."]

Akagi closed his eyes and sighed. He took some copies and handed them to everyone, making his way to the front. [#345ea2 "I was going for a more mature, sophisticated look for the first issue since this will appeal to men in their mid-20s and older. He could be older than he looks. No matter how young Akira may be, I feel he can represent this theme greatly. I have no doubt that even women may purchase this issue as well. Since this new magazine will be the highlight of Akira's career, I suggest he be the only model for this one. At least for the first issue. I've already looked over the fashion and will make adjustments as needed before it's published."] All this talking made him tired. He hated these meetings. [#345ea2 "You can all look over the samples I have. I made a few different ones and how each page should be laid out. I also believe a little biography section would be good as well, if Mr. Asuka gives us permission to interview him. Men probably won't be interested, but it's all about the selling point. If it appeals to the younger male demographic as well, then we have another good selling magazine. What do you think?"]

Some of the women on the designing team already voiced their opinions, saying it should be more bright and cheerful or maybe even incorporating some pastel colors. Akagi felt like dying when pastel colors were mentioned. He got a good look at Akira when they encountered each other, he was indeed cute, but this had to be modelesque. No grown man will be impressed with pastel colors. Akagi knew he could this look off, but it wasn't up to him in the end if no one liked it.
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[font "Bree Serif" [size16 Yeah, this guy was interesting. He had [i no emotion] in the reply. Akagi, huh? He smiled more, making a note of it and planning to strike up a playful conversation until he head footsteps-

He glanced over his shoulder and then looked back to take in an annoyed breath before they got to him, watching his target walk away and frowning before having to put up his "always happy to see you" act. They wasted no time starting a conversation and he admittedly got lost in the swarm of voices for a minute before he was able to wave his hands and get them to stop talking over each other for a second. [b [#E9967A "Girls, girls, you know I'm always happy to see you but I've kind of got a meeting to go to if I wanna keep this gig-"]] There were sighs of disapointment but they all [i wanted] him to stay, so it's not as if they'd keep him from going to the meeting. [b [#008B8B "We understand. But you should have lunch with us in the cafeteria after your meeting!"]]

Oh god, curse his appeal. Okay, okay, come up with an excuse real fast you can do this Akira- [b [#E9967A "Uh- you see-"]] Shit think of something. Wait his new target was in the design department, right? [b [#E9967A "I was planning to have lunch with the design department so they could talk to me about the design."]] Ah, yes. Totally a believable lie. They sighed and nodded and walked off, and Akira let out a sigh of relief at his freedom.

Okay, time to make that lie not a lie. [b [#E9967A "Sorry, sorry, I got held up by the girls. Hopefully I'm not too late-"]] He smiled as he walked into the conference room, sitting down. [b "Can't blame you for getting distracted. I can only imagine the amount of numbers you've already gotten."] He laughed a bit at the chief editors comment. [b [#E9967A "Hah- yeah."]]

He got comfortable in his seat, eyeing Akagi from across the table. He had such a menacing air about him. It wasn't that he looked like he could hurt anyone, but he looked...

Off. Wonder what makes a guy like that tick.

Wonder what kind of person he's into.]]
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[center [size13 [Josefin+Sans Akagi stood in the hallway, onyx eyes stared down at the binder in his hand. He opened it and looked over his design one last time. Since the first issue featured this new model, he had a feeling this guy was probably young. He may have to redo the entire thing. Going for a mature, sophisticated design didn't seem to be appropriate for this issue, even though his chief editor accepted it. He may have to speak to this male personally, get a feel for his personality. Then again, this magazine had to appeal to the older male demographic.

A small sigh escaped his lips. He needed to speak to his editor about this. He watched his other co-workers walk past him. No one dared to even look at him or even say hello. If anything, he felt like a ghost within this company. He looked down at his phone. It was time for the meeting. Before he even had a chance to walk, someone came right towards him, obviously not paying attention. He only blinked, staring at the male in front of him. He took a step back. [i Never seen him here before...] he thought. [i Is this the model?] They both stood there as if time stood still, just staring at each other. He jumped a bit when the other spoke to him.

[#345ea2 "I am the design department."] he said, no emotion in his voice. Akagi examined him, definitely polar opposites. He tried to put a smile on, but it came off as a crooked grin. He never liked smiling in the first place. Clearing his throat, he closed the binder. [#345ea2 "I'm Akagi.."] The wink had him flustered for a moment. Again, his social skills were anything but good. He looked down at his watch. [#345ea2 "We should g-"] His eyes widened when a group of his female co-workers began to approach them, eyes set on Akira. He stepped out of the way and let them do whatever, walking past them. He made it to the conference room, sitting down.

[b "Akagi, always the first one to show. Good. I want you to present your design to the President and our new male model. It seems some of your co-workers don't agree with the theme you picked."] Seijic, his chief editor sat down next to him and they reviewed his current work.

Akagi agreed his design probably didn't fit Akira, but then again, this magazine is catered towards slightly older men.. at least late 20s and up. It has to appeal to everyone, not just one person. His mind wandered back to Akira. [i He is cute...]
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[font "Bree Serif" [size16 God, he was loving this. He hadn't been doing this for too long, and yet he was getting offers left and right, magazines and modeling companies fighting for him. People were vying for his affections, sending him flowers and chocolates and gift baskets.

God, he was loving it. Akira Asuka was was high in the modeling game, after only a few months of work. What more could he want?

...Definately not all these girls fawning over him as he explored the studio before his meeting. But he knew how to play the game: and nobody here was going to support his work if he was turning them down too harshly. So it was a lot of [b [#E9967A "I'm sorry, I've got plans this weekend."]] Or [b [#E9967A "I'm sorry, I've been keeping my phone off while I focus on my work, so I'm afraid my number would be useless to you."]]

As if. A- His weekends were his chill days, and B- He was literally scrolling through his phone constantly. He was a model for fucks sakes, turn off his phone to focus on his work? He needed to keep up with everything going on! But most of this girls bought it.

Eventually, though, he couldn't stand being surrounded by them anymore. [b [#008B8B "Akira, take me out to dinner on Firday. Akira, do you have a girlfriend?"]] There was only so much of that he could take. God, what gave these girls the idea that he'd treat them nicely and take them on fancy dates and be a good boyfriend? Ugh.

These girls just didn't get he wasn't into it. I mean, sure, they were fun to flirt with for a while, but none of them were [i that] fun and none of them were interesting. Just boring office workers working at boring jobs.

He ducked into a hallway for a second of peace, running a hand through his hair and looking back, expression annoyed since nobody was around, and admittedtly didn't pay much attention to where he was going until he almost ran into someone. He managed to catch himself before he did, though. [b [#E9967A "Oh shit sorry-"]]

Time to put on his smile as he glanced at them. Huh. This guy was mildly creepy looking? He looked...interesting. Not boring like all the guys and girls here. Hm. [b [#E9967A "Hey, you're part of the design department, right?"]] That's the direction the guy was coming from, according to the little map he got. [b [#E9967A "I'm the new model, Akria Asuka. It's a pleasure to meet you."]] He held out his hand with a smile and a wink, trying to asses whether or not this guy was someone he could have some fun with.]]
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[center [size13 [Josefin+Sans Masami, Akagi. A man of few words and barely looks his age. His skin seems pale in comparison to someone who has their share of the sun's rays. Dull, lifeless eyes that hold no sparkle. Underneath his eyes seem darkened, like he hasn't slept in months. The only good feature on this man is his surprisingly shiny, soft, long black hair. When he walks, he walks with a slight hunched back. He has always wondered why no one speaks to him or gives him strange looks. Rather than his outer appearance, he's harmless. A mishap caused rumors to float around the company, branding him a stalker. He's always been called a creep since elementary school.

Blizzart, Inc. was a company he worked for ever since graduating college with a degree in design. It's a well-known company that sells two popular magazines. He's unable to work on projects with others, but the president keeps him for his creative design.


Akagi only got five hours of sleep. His alarm clock woke up once again. He slept at his desk. Looking at the laptop in front of him, he at least finished up the design for this new magazine they were going to issue, which focused on male fashion. A small sigh escaped his lips, he stood up from his desk and went into the bathroom to wash his face. He took a shower and got dressed, dragging his feet downstairs to the kitchen. He made coffee for himself, then left. He moved through the crowded streets of Tokyo, letting others brush past him.

Other people around him gave him odd looks. Once he got to work, it became even worse, although the women seemed excited about something. He walked up to a group of them, wanting to ask, but they backed away. Sighing, he walked towards his own computer and got to work when his supervisor came in.

[b "Oh Akagi! You're here. We have some exciting news, we finally found a model for the cover of our new magazine. He seems to be new, but has a high reputation already. This'll be good for our sells."]

Akagi only nodded and handed him samples of the new design.

[b "These are good, go a little lighter on this color..."]

He listened to what was being told and got to work on making the changes. About an hour in, Akagi had no choice but to listen to the girls squeal about this new guy. Growing irritated, he got up and left for a moment.

[#345ea2 "Guess I'll be dealing with this for a while..."] he muttered.

It was two hours left before the meeting. They would be meeting this new.. model.
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