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Ivan nodded and finished his soup as he watched Alfred go into the bathroom without a towel. He picked up the towel and knocked on the bathroom door.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 338d 10h 14m 49s
Alfred quietly ate his soup, sniffling from his runny nose. It was quiet and awkward. His mind was reeling back yo that moment. He stood up, “I’m taking a hot bath. I don’t feel well,” he walked off to the bathroom after grabbing some clothes.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 338d 10h 34m 3s
Ivqn couldn't help but laugh even more, sitting down by the bed and eating his soup with an overly proud smile.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 339d 19h 45m 54s
Alfred got his bowl of soup and his spoon, eye twitching at the question. He had a good point what brownie points. “You know..” his words stopped in his throat, actually he didn’t even know. What did he mean? His heart skipped a beat as he shut his mind from any thought that was about to resurface. “Just eat your soup!” He coughed a bit again, he needed to hit the shower after this.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 339d 21h 9m 33s
Ivan laughed at the flustered American, watching him turn into a blushing mess. He'd need to do little things like that more often, it was kinda...cute. "It was nothing Fredka, really. Thank you for the soup, though." He smirked as he planned on flustering poor Alfred even more, "Though I have to ask, what would get me brownie points?~" He chuckled softly, getting a spoon so he could eat his soup.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 342d 9h 35m 30s
Alfred hummed somewhat envious of the Russians ability to withstand the cold. He looked at him carefully and decided that he shouldn’t press on the matter too much, he can ask another time. Possibly when the latter gets drunk and is more easily able to chatter about certain things. He parted his mouth to respond to the thanks but his voice halted. His cheeks flames into a burning heat as he covered the area, his head beginning to feel a tad bit more dizzy. “What-why did you- you didn’t have to be so overly gracious. Doing that won’t get you any brownie points-don’t get any funny ideas!” He was spluttering st this point. He muttered remembering that he should be the one thanking him for carrying his heavy self back here, “Also.. the soup was for thanks for carrying me back.. I should’ve been the one to do that..” he partly made that up.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 342d 11h 35m 53s
Ivan chuckled when he saw Alfred wearing the oversized coat. It was cute, like something out of a cartoon. "I've gotten lost in too many blizzards to get a cold from staying outside for too long. I'm okay, really. Thank you for the soup." He suddenly gave Alfred a kiss on the cheek, then went to put his share of soup into a bowl.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 344d 9h 51m 32s
Alfred was stiring the soup that he thinks turned out okay and flinched bad he saw the other approaching. He took the coat and put it on sniffling as he wipes his nose with the sleeve. He stared at him and squinted, “Looking at you makes me feel even more cold. How are you not freezing..” the American complained. “I made soup by the way.. you feeling okay? Want to talk about it?” He didn’t know if that was the right thing to say also he wanted to take s warm shower because he the coat didn’t help.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 344d 11h 39m 19s
Ivan slowly woke up, taking a bit to register everything. He slowly sat up, noticing that the bandage was much more comfortable now. He smiled softly, knowing that Alfred must have done it. He got up and noticed he was still in his wet boxers, grabbing his clothes and changing in the bathroom. He came back out in jeans and a white tank top. He looked over at the American, who was trying to cook despite his coughing and shivering. Ivan decided that they needed the coat more, fixing his scarf and taking out his pipe and another bottle of vodka. He set these things to the side and went over to Alfred, handing him the heavy coat, "Here, you need this much more than I do, Fredka." He smiled softly and genuinely, not wanting the American to get sick as they weren't as used to the cold as him.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 344d 23h 31m 12s
His fingers twitched as his eyes snapped open and gasped sitting up. His breathing was heavy as he rubbed his head to calm the pounding pressure. He realized the situation they were in and looked around frantic but realized they were back in the cabin and Ivan was next to him sleeping soundly his eyes traveling to his neck. Alfred lips pursed, mentally cursing himself. The Russian probably carried him and he felt bad since he was hurt and he should’ve been the one to bring Them back. He felt a little light headed and coughed a bit. He sighed knowing he probably got a bit sick from not drying up and sitting out there in his wet clothes.

His eyes scanned back at Ivan’s neck and checked to make sure his wound was okay. He grabbed some ointment and securely redid the band aid. Getting off the bed he touched his forehead and sighed. He should probably make some soup for them, he wasn’t sure how Ivan handled the cold since he lived in Russia. But some soup can help calm his nerves from his wound and maybe help Alfred feel better. He went into the kitchen shivering slightly as he made the soup.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 345d 13h 9m 34s
Ivan woke up near midnight, noticing that Alfred was deep into his slumber. He chuckled softly and got up, getting their things before carrying the American back to where they were staying. Set Alfred down on the bed and put their stuff to the side before joining the American, hugging him for warmth and covering both of them with the blanket.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 346d 18h 51m 45s
Alfred looked at the sleeping man on his shoulder and decided to let him be. He wondered if he should get help and he should probably carry this man back but he started to feel tired as well. They might get sick if they stay here but Alfred thought a little rest might not be bad. He closed his eyes and started to drift off to sleep as well.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 349d 12h 45m 55s
Ivan's breathing was heavy as he finally calmed down, feeling sleepy from blood loss and everything that had happened in the short amount of time. He laid his head on Alfred's shoulder and fell asleep, snoring softly. He had a newfound trust of the American he had once hated.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 352d 16h 6m 48s
Alfred nodded his head not saying anything or forceing him to say anything. In a way he understood, especially during the time of the olden days where things weren’t as progressive or free. He just sat next to the other trying to comfort him with silence. “It’s okah.: you don’t have to say more.”
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 352d 16h 17m 3s
Ivan hesitantly shook his head, "N-nyet...I-I was trying to be b-bold a-and bring ch-change, b-but my bosses d-decided th-that I w-was stepping out of l-line a-and..." Ivan couldn't bear to finish the sentence, besides, what happened next was easy to see. It was why he never seemed to speak up to his supervisors, even when he disagreed with them.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 353d 17h 39m 44s

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