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Alfred scoffed as looked at him surprised, “Me liking you? You must be out of your mind, I thought it was clear that I don’t like you, we’re basically enemies.” Even though he had spoken those words, something inside made his heart stop, as he started to doubt his own words.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 262d 1h 48s
Ivan chuckled, "If there's anyone here with something to admit, it's you liking me!"
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 266d 13h 25m 11s
“Does that mean I’m in your mind the most,” he teased the other. “If you like me just say so,” he looked at the little wood carvings and marveled at them.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 266d 17h 19m 23s
Ivan chuckled a bit, "I remember what you look like the best...and you're fun to carve."
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 271d 16h 15m 47s
Alfred was surprised at the others flustered state and that surprisingly made him more flustered. “Oh...” he wasn’t gonna lie, felt a little disappointed, thought he was somewhat special. He mentally slapped himself for thinking stupid things. “Easiest huh? What’s that suppose to
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 271d 20h 45m 35s
Ivan felt a bit bashful as well as Alfred complemented his craftsmanship, red tinting his cheeks as answered. "It's not really a matter of deserving, you're just the easiest one in the allies for me to carve....and it's kinda fun making little wooden staues of you..."
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 276d 16h 23m 19s
There was a sign of relief that the wooden character wasn’t him but an unsettling feeling came as he wondered if Alfred himself thought that he looked like Aruthir. He shivered at the thought. He blinked as he looked at the little wooden figured of him and he started quite amazed. “Woah— you made these?” He took them and looked at it in awe, “You have some talent there!” He slowly started feel his face tint with heat as he felt somewhat bashful, “thanks... but why? I didn’t really do anything to deserve this.”
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 276d 18h 2m 3s
Ivan laughed and shook his head, "Nyet, it's Arthur. You can tell by the eyebrows." He pointed to the thick eyebrows he had carved, then dug his hand into one of the pockets on the inside of his jacket. Soon enough, he pulled out two little wooden dolls of Alfred, one with him doing a proud little peace sign and another with him petting what seemed to be a golden retriever. The dolls were amazingly done, not a single detail missing or done incorrectly. "These are of you, Fredka."
He sighed and looked over at the wood, he walked over and sat next to him. “What are you carving, it looks nice-hey!” He furrowed, it looked eerily similar. “Is this me? Is his how you think I look like?”
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 282d 18h 21m 9s
Ivan looked over at Alfred, shaking his head, "Nyet, I forgot to pack one. Sorry, Fredka." He turned his attention back to the small wooden statue he was carving. It looked like an angry Arthur.
Slightly embarrassed he cleared his throat, “No.. I’m good. Just don’t come in..” he muttered of how weird the other was being and finished his hot shower, drying off and putting his clothes on. Sniffing his runny nose, he walked out the cold air making him shiver. “Arugh.. I hate the cold.. so we have a hair dryer...”
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 286d 21h 58m 50s
Ivan nodded and went to get a different towel, finding it and bringing it to Alfred. He replaced the wet towel with the dry towel, taking the wet one outside to dry before returning, "Anything else Fredka?"
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 289d 16h 26m 41s
He stared surprised as the other just came in, flustered he covered himself more with the curtain, “Wha-hey don’t just come in.” He looked at the towel and realized he forgot the towel. “Wait is there a new towel I don’t want to use a wet one...”
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 289d 16h 29m 41s
"Fredka, you forgot your towel!" Ivan said as he realized the door wasn't locked. He walked in and set the towel on top of the clothes, giving Alfred a quick smile before leaving.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 292d 13h 23m 22s
He sighed as he took off his clothes and turned the faucet on to a warm-hot temperature. As he deemed it good enough, he climbed in and sighed in relaxation as the water hit his body. It soothes and calmed him down. He jumped at the knock and looked at the door after moving the shower curtain. “Um... what?”
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 292d 18h 9m 21s

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