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"I'll decide once I'm drunk, for now, let's just down a few bottles," Ivan replied, taking another swig of his vodka.

[b Time Skip brought to you by Amerimochi]

Ivan groaned as he struggled to open his eyes, looking at the clock to realize that it was already 3:00 pm. He felt like he hadn't slept at all, his lower body incredibly sore as he got up, realizing he was completely bare as he got dressed as fast as possible, the only things slowing him down being his soreness and the killer hangover he had.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / -KushalaDaora- / 1y 231d 16h 49m 56s
Alfred stared at the bottle and took it taking a huge swig. He was right, it was better if they didn’t remember any of this. He felt his throat burn as he shook his head. “True.. how do you want to continue this?”
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 231d 16h 55m 6s
"I have a dimension of them in my pocket," he joked(?), giving one to Alfred, "I wanna make sure we don't remember whatever happens next."
He followed Ivan and his heart started to pound widely. What exactly were they going to do? He saw the other take out another vodka. “You seem to be filled with those huh?” He jokes as he stood there, trying to figure out what he was suppose to do next.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 231d 17h 4m 10s
Ivan nodded, heading to the bedroom and taking off his heavy jacket. He pulled out another vodka and set it on the bedside table.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / -KushalaDaora- / 1y 237d 18h 19m 14s
He stared at the Russian and slowly laughed. This was silly, this situation. What was he going, what were they doing? But at this point he didn’t care. He stood up and looked at the other, “Lead the way,” he motioned with his hand.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 238d 12h 26m 47s
Ivan opened his eyes as the kiss suddenly ended, laughing when he saw Alfred on the floor. "I guess we should have been more careful, huh? Would you like to continue on the bed, Fredka?" He gave a sweet smile, a slight blush on his face.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 240d 19h 12m 12s
Alfred didn’t know where he was going with this, but he just went along. He slipped his tongue inside leaning in more to Ivan’s touch. But he slipped from his chair and tumbled down, “Ow...” he groaned rubbing his thighs.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 240d 19h 15m 50s
Ivan felt like he was in heaven as he parted his lips slightly, the hand on Alfred's back slowly going down. He tightened his grip on Alfred's hair, getting a bit more passionate with the kiss.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 241d 7h 18m 45s
Alfred moved his lips on Ivan’s, parting them slightly as his grip on the hair tightened. Alfred didn’t think, he didn’t want to think about anything at the moment. His mind was on the other, and his touches. His tongue slowly caressed the bottom of Ivan’s.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 241d 14h 16m 53s
Ivan wasn't too surprised when Alfred stopped him, thinking that they were gonna drown him with questions and yelling. He would've never expected for Alfred to kiss him, yet here he was. And it was strangely relieving to go with it. Ivan kissed back, wrapping an arm around the American's waist as he felt the male's hair with his other hand. He felt as if time had stopped for that moment, and honestly, he wished it had, just for them.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 242d 14h 31m 20s
Alfred stared shock at the reaction, his face exploded in gear, red coloring his face down to his neck. It took him a bit to register what had happened as his brain was spiraling. The soft touch in lips still lingered. Watching the other leave he panicked as well and reached over to grab his scarf. “Ivan wait!” He started but didn’t know what to say? Why did you do that? What was that? Too many questions. And why question?

He instead, pulled Ivan down and presses his lips against the others, fingers threading into his hair.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 242d 15h 4m 12s
Ivan panicked a bit, suddenly pulling Alfred into a kiss. He pulled away after a few moments, taking a bit to register what he'd done. Once realization hit him, his face went bright red and he turned to leave the cabin, covering his mouth with his scarf.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 250d 8h 28m 8s
Alfred watched his expression and started to feel embarrassed himself for asking such a question. Though he couldn’t understand him. He leaned in, “wait what? What did you say?”
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 250d 11h 56m 35s
Ivan's face immediately went bright red as he began playing with his scarf nervously. He avoided eye contact as he murmured the answer into his scarf. He hadn't expected such a blunt question, and it was easy to see.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / KommonKaiju / 1y 252d 8h 23m 56s

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