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"Nyet, unlike Arthur, I have taste buds." Ivan got up and finished his wine as he pulled out some vodka, leaving his empty glass on the little camping table. He got one of the steaks that Alfred cooked, as well as a few veggies. He took a bite of the amazingly cooked steak, "Not bad, Fredka."
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 173d 18h 53m 8s
"Id thought yours choose rare cuz of the manly taste," he laughed a he started to take the veggies out and finished cooking the meat. It took a few minutes before he finished and smiled, "Alright, I'm done. Let's eat," he took his wine and sipped it.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 173d 21h 52m 23s
Ivan nodded and couldn't help but give a soft laugh, "Medium rare." Ivan thought about all the times they had argued, wondering why they did. Was it the tension between the two governments? Or the fact that their countries were pretty much opposites? He took another sip of the wine, sighing and looking out at the trees around them
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 175d 7h 23m 27s
Alfred sipped his wine as he grille dthe meat and veggie, adding the sauce onto it. "Of course, Americans and grilling go hand in hand." He took a bite of one of the meat to taste test and he hummed in satisfaction. "How do you like your meat?"
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 175d 10h 35m 6s
Ivan nodded as he gave Alfred the cooking utensils and sat down in the soft grass, taking a sip of his wine. Wasn't as good as vodka, but hey, it would do. Ivan continued to sip from his glass as he watched Alfred. It would be a lie to say he wasn't at least mildly impressed. "Heh, I forget how much Americans love to grill food..."
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 176d 11m 14s
Alfred watched Ivan and looked at his cooking. The other was obviously not in the right mind. "Hey hey, you're going to burn the meat. I'll grill it, you just take this glass of wine and drink," he gave the other the glass and took the utensils needed.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 176d 21m 43s
Ivan looked zoned out, as if having flashbacks of horrible things some of the leaders of his country had done, barely paying attention, continuously getting the steaks off just seconds before overcooking them, barely listening to America, "Hmmm? D-da, da..."
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 176d 16h 47m 53s
Alfred looked over and purses his lips, perhaps he went a little too far. He grabbed some of the veggie, "want me to roast some of the veggie too," he asked as he went to go get himself a bottle of wine. "Let me pour some wine."
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 176d 16h 59m 9s
"I can survive, and the only warmer places are cities, where I have less freedom to be myself..." He sighed, "Imagine that, a country hiding from his own people...poor Chechnya..." Ivan zoned out as he started to cook some of the steaks.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 178d 16h 25m 3s
"Ah yea that happens frequently doesn't it," he started to season the meat, "That's why I keep telling you love someplace warmer where you can actually survive," he handed the meat over to him.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 178d 16h 28m 8s
Ivan nodded, smiling to the American, "Then I guess I'll cook." He chuckled, "Just like whenever the electricity would go out due to snow..."
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 179d 7h 34m 28s
Alfred rolled his eyes, "I'm not going to do that. I don't need to be jack elf any more than this," he placed his phone down not looking at it. It was to get away from the World after so he shouldn't have it with him. He shut his phone and looked over at the meat. "I'll season."
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 179d 11h 27m 40s
"Da, makes sense. Just ghost him. Oh, piss him off more by making it so that the texts are marked as read!" Ivan laughed, helping to light the fire for the grill.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 180d 15h 30m 17s
"Like what? We have some healthy things too. We don't just eat meat it's also veggies," he reported back carrying the stuff as he set up the grill. He looked around and wondered what else they could use. He looked at his phone and noticed the time and the miss calls from Arthur and the texts messages. "Wow he's pisses."
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 180d 15h 33m 22s
"Da, help would be nice. And no, it is not cold cow's heart, it's actually healthy." Ivan passed some of the crap over to America, glad that he wouldn't have to carry all then.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 181d 11h 9m 59s

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