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Alfred sat back completely surprised at his statement. "Wow.. have you been with guys before?" He asked. "Wait? Aren't you technically the boss, you are Russia. Even if-- you can't control anything."
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 165d 14h 37m 7s
Ivan sighed, "You'd expect that, except those are simply my opinions, and those are easy to hide, sexuality, on the other hand..." He stood up straight now, letting go of his pipe. "I'd imagine my bosses would give me a fate worse than death if they found out that the most important representative of the country, it's personification, was the thing they hate so much..."
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 166d 20h 26m 38s
Alfred listened intently as he watched Ivan's nervous state. That was the first time he's seen the cold hearted Russia like that. Ha took a sip of his vodka as he let the words register choking on it once he realized what the other said. He coughed at the burn, "Ah burns--" he cleared his throat and stared at him wide eyes, "You.. you--what? You're bu," he whispered. "I was thinking something along the lines of freedom of speech or accepting gays.."
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 167d 1h 30m 22s
Ivan gulped and put his hand on his pipe, which he had hidden inside his jacket, just in case. He looked to the side as he quickly answered, "I'm bisexual."
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 167d 8h 53m 53s
He looked at Ivan narrowing his eyes as he finished his food. Alfred crossed his arms eyebrows raised, "hey hey I heard that. You better spill, you already started talking."
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 167d 9h 12m 31s
Ivan took another sip of his vodka as he heard the American become more and more intrigued, almost spitting out his vodka at their last question, leaning back as the American leaned foward in curiosity. The large nation looked ready to break into a cold sweat, staying quiet.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 168d 7h 39m 29s
"Really?" Alfred would be lying if he said he wasn't intrigued. He gave the other sons more alcohol, "Tgat sounds fun honestly," he took another chug of his, raising his brow at the last thing he said. "What do you mean by that?" He leaned forward questioning him s he finished his food.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 168d 10h 33m 23s
Ivan shook his head, taking a sip of his vodka, "From what I remember my sisters telling me, I become very pushy and refuse to take no for an answer, especially when it's something I really want. That, and I completely forget to follow the pro-hate laws." He sort of rushed the last sentence, then laid down in the grass, bottle of vodka in hand.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 169d 11h 26m 50s
He looked at Ivan and it was true that he's never seen him drunk, and Alfred was pretty curious. "Really? And how do you act if you get drunk," he took a sip of his alcohol and looked at him. "You should drink more."
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 169d 11h 33m 24s
"Da, we are, but I have a really high tolerance. I can get drunk, yes, but it takes a good amount of vodka and such to get there." He continued eating, taking more time with his food.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 171d 9h 35m 42s
"What do you mean by that," he scowled stuffing his face with food. "I think we can both agree that we are both fucked up," he drank some more of the vodka.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 171d 9h 58m 8s
"Da, you more than me." The Russian chuckled, remembering that America didn't have as much tolerance as he did.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 172d 10h 27m 45s
"Don't try it, its bland and gross," he shudders thinning about and took some of the vodka. "We seem to have brought a lot of alcohol, it might help us get away from reality," he joked.
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 172d 10h 46m 43s
Ivan chuckled a bit, giving a warm smile, "Thank you for the complement Fredka, I don't think I have ever tried Germany's food." Ivan heard him ask for his Vodka, and decided to be polite, handing him the bottle. Of course, he had plenty more.
  Ivan Braginski (aph Russia) / RamaAmor / 1y 173d 7h 41m 23s
"Ah you have a point," he laughed at that. "Though not entirely, I'd say Germany food is bland as heck," he shuddered thinking about it grabbing his food and taking a bite, "your steak is pretty good too. And yea I know, I can grill pretty well. Hand me some of your vodka."
  Alfred (aph America) / Sina13 / 1y 173d 8h 52m 24s

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