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[montserrat [center Abe rushed back into the girls room, propping her up and feeling her forehead. He pulled the sheets off of her and rubbed her back for a moment before again running out of the room, this time into Autumn's room, holding his hands in front of her shelf as it began to glow. If she had something he could use he would know, but the power was draining him quicker than usual in his weakened state. He grabbed two different potions off the shelf, the mixture something that would be able to heal Jay enough to keep her alive. He quickly poured them into her mouth before holding her in his chest, prying that she gets better.

Autumn nodded
[+red As you wish."]
She said, kneeling next to Jayfeather after his father had gone.
[+red "I'm so sorry. I had no choice."]
She dragged his body to a door that lead outside, finding a baren spot and a shovel. Se dug a hole deep into the ground and gently placed the boy inside it. A few tears welled in her eyes, but she wiped them away quickly as she began to put the dirt back into the hole. She had covered the boy in a thin layer of dirt when she heard the bottles in her bag clink and she straightened up immediately.
[+red "Shit. Shit shit SHIT!]
she exclaimed to herself before pulling the boy back out of the hole and inside, down to the room that jay had been heald. She had a wonderful idea, and she had packed all the things she needed. She pulled out a sewwing needle and some thread, sewing up the major things that were severed before sewing to the best of her abilities the rest of his neck. It wasn't the best sewing but she wasnt a doctor. She pulled out a bunch of potion bottles from her bag and said a few incantations over them before pouring them all into a bowl. She did the same thing a second time, but with a different mixture.
It was obvious that a Jayfeather with his whole control would be a major party foul to Scorpio, but a puppet that will do as he is told would probably make the man happy. Of course Autumn wouldnt take away his full free will, she would simply order him to act like her puppet until she says otherwise, that way when the time came she would have her friend. She dipped her finger into a shimmering gold mixture and began to draw a rune on the boys forehead before lifting his shirt and drawing another on hs chest. She was chanting something under her breath as she drew symbols all up the boys arms and one long line around his cut on his neck. She held her hands above him, chanting as he began to reanimate. He was groggy enough for her to slip the other, forest green potion in his lips, smiling a little.
[+red "You will obey me. You are a puppet of this house until i tell you otherwise. I control you now."]
She whispered, but her voice bounced around in the boys skull as he sat up. She let out a quiet little horray as she yanked the boy up to his feet, puring the remainder of the potions into their respective empty bottles and putting her things back in her bag.
[+red "You stay here. I hope Scorpio doesn't kill me for this. But you are a puppet. It should be fine."]
She walked out of the room, cleaning up the blood on the floor before venturing off to find Scorpio.

Trevor grinned at Asphyx and took the mattress.
[+purple "My hero. I dont suppose i could crash with you? There is a child in my room and i dont want to wake her."]
They walked upstais, making a show of stepping up the stairs very goofily.
  Trevor / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 251d 20h 4m 9s
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[raleway Jay ended up throwing up in her sleep, the black sludge all over her purple bed sheets. She was slightly choking in her sleep, her arms covered in her throw up. She seemed to be slowly dying, a deadly poison in her system that was making her so sick. What was even worse is that only Autumn ever knew the antidote to really anything and she wasn't here.

[b "Just take the body, I don't wish to grieve over my stupid arrogant boy." ] The man said with a hint of sadness in his voice. If only his son had been like his other children, evil and angry at everything. He then looked at Autumn with a sick smile, [b "You will make my potions and you don't call me sir, please just call me Scorpio, I am a god." ] He said with a dirty smirk on his face.

Asphyx sighed, going down into the room as she stepped through the full basement, pulling out a inflatable mattress. She handed it to Trevor as a bunch of dust fell out of it. [#FF4500 "There." ] She finally said, a smirk on her face.
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 251d 20h 55m 52s
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[montserrat [center Abe watched the girl nervously as he waited for the car to pull up. When it did he gently placed Jay in the back with a weird look from the driver.
[+magenta "Too much to drink."]
He mumbled before giving the man an address close to the house.
[b "Arent you two a little young to be drinking?"]
The driver asked suspisiously. Abe winced, not exactly knowing what to say.
[+magenta "I begged her not to go to the party but she didn't listen. Teenagers you know? They are trouble."]
He said halfheartedly. The man drove the up to the house quietly and Abe quickly got Jay inside and to her room, laying her on her side and rushing into the bathroom to gather medical supplies.

Autumn flinched as she watched the man take off Jayfeathers head. She bowed her head as a sign of respect.
[+red "Yes sir. But where do i put the body?"]
She walked up the steps, but not too close to the man, both out of necesary respect and fear.

Trevor blushed at the compliment and chuckled a little.
[+purple "It's all my beauty sleep. And a great skin care ritual."]
They said, walking down the stairs to the dark basement. They fumbled around for a lightswitch before the lights turned on, revealing a bunch of spider webs. They shivered.
[+purple "Uhg. Spiders."]
  Trevor / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 251d 21h 12m 41s
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[raleway Jay was still in Abe's hands as she felt even sicker at this point, retching once again. She closed her eyes and simply passed out, her head tilted back as her hands were around her own waist. She felt so cold but she was really burning up, her forehead and cheeks soaked with sweat. Her purple hair was covered in spiderwebs and dust and looked darker than last time Abe had seen her.

The man smiled, it was a crooked smile as he looked down from Jayfeather to Autumn. He held his scythe tightly as he slashed sideways, Jayfeather's head just rolling away from his body. [b "First, I'd say clean up his body, I don't like dead bodies on my floor. " ] He finally said, crossing his arms as he looked at Autumn with authority.

Asphyx nodded, she had found a mattress in the basement. She pointed towards the little door that led downstairs, her arm wrapped around Trevor's neck. [#FF4500 "I'm sorry to say this but you look hella cute." ] She finally said, a smirk on her face. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 251d 21h 29m 40s
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[montserrat [center Abe looked at the girl and frowned.
[+magenta "I couldn't do that. You were the most wounded, and if i could go back in i would but my wings aren't working anymore today."]
He looked out in front of him, but kept walking.
[+magenta "Neithe rof us can go back there, we aren't in good enough shape and you know it. We can't do anything now."]
He stopped, deeming them far enough to call for a cab and pulled out his phone.
[+magenta "We are going home and praying that they are okay."]
He sounded stern, almost demanding, but he felt defeated. The only justification he had was that he saved as many people as he could in the only logical way he saw.

Autumn looked at Jayfeather and then at his father and her shoulders shrunk. She knew that Jayfeather was no match, not here at least. She knew if she ran she would die, but there was a way she could see herself comeing out of this unharmed. Se fumbled in her bag and looked at Jayfeather sadly, pulling out a potion from her bag.
[+red "I'm sorry."]
She said, throwing the potion at Jayfeathers feet. It went up in a puff of crimson smoke, blinding Autumn for a second. She coughed as the smoke cleared and she looked at Jayfeather, on the ground in front of her father.
[+red "If you spare me I can help you!"]
She said. Her display was something that was more for show, not normally a heavy hitter, not unless you were already injured, much like Jayfeather was.

Elwing shook his head and stood up.
[#cc6600 "She looks tired you should bring her to her room."]
He said to Trevor.
[#cc6600 "You should sleep too. You didn't really get much shut eye. If anything happens I'll be training."]
He smiled fondly at the girl with her tounge stuck out, chuckling to himself.
Trevor nodded and stood up, helpping Asphyx to stand too.
[+purple "Right! You heard the man. We should go get some beauty sleep. Think we got an inflatable matress somewhere in this house?"]
they smiled widely, for once they werent anxious, and it was pretty cool.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 252d 1h 31m 4s
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[raleway Jay seemed to be regaining thought in her mind as she suddenly frowned. [#9400D3 "Wait... What about the others? ABE!" ] She growled, a disappointed look on her face. [#9400D3 "I want you to know something, if other people are in need help because of me, help the others first... We should go back for them!" ] She said, wanting her brother and Autumn to be safe and sound.

Jayfeather was slowly getting back up, eventually on his feet as he charged again. He slashed at his step-father's neck and sliced him badly as he pushed the man to the side. He looked down at Autumn and gestured for her to come on. He turned back to the man and growled as purple blood poured out of the man's neck. [#228B22 "You can fuck with me but not with someone I care about." ] He growled, his hands tightly around the grips of his bloody sickles.

Asphyx let out a happy squeal, hugging Trevor back. She loved really tight hugs of course and she obviously showed it. She pressed her cheek against Trevor's, staring at Elwing with her tongue out like a child. She then continued to stay leaning into Trevor, beginning to yawn and smack her lips. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 252d 2h 8m 39s
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[montserrat [center Abe helped the girl sit up and began walking down the road. If he got far enough away he could call for a ride.
[+Magenta I love you too."]
He said, softly and barely audible, a small smile on his face. He was so relived to have been able to save Jay that he forgot that his friend were still in trouble.

Autumn's eyes filled with tears as she stepped down one step, away from the man.
[+red "Please I'll do anything just please dont hurt me."]
She cried. She felt pathetic and helpless and she hated it. She wiped at her tears as she stepped back, still begging for her life.

Elwing shook his head, clearing his throat.
[#cc6600 "I just dont like when people are in my bubble. Sorry."]
He watched as the girl leaned on Trevor, who lit up like a christmas tree.
[+purple "I'm so glad you are okay!"]
They hugged the girl, probably a bit too tight. As awkward as they were, any sign of affection made them so happy. Elwing smiled at the two of them and shook his head.
[#cc6600 "Geez. You people are so weird here."]
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 252d 1h 56m 30s
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[raleway Jay groaned as Abe rubbed her back, the last drops of sludge escaping her lips as she relaxed. She felt like she was burning up, her face covered in sweat as she wiped her forehead from the burning sweat. She looked so bad, her eyes almost closed and her breathing shallow. She looked better than she was inside the castle though.

The man just snorted, standing next to the dazed Jayfeather. [b "Ha, I don't need a servant but I need someone I can screw around with that's not of my blood." ] He growled, stepping towards Autumn as a scythe appeared in his left hand. It was slightly bigger than Jay's but it kinda looked the same.

Asphyx nodded, shaking slightly as she continued to lean into Elwing. She stared at Elwing's face for a while, smiling slightly at how stiff he looked. [#FF4500 "I guess you don't like me huh?" ] She said, sitting up from off of him as she continued to look at Elwing. She then leaned into Trevor this time, waiting to see if Trevor would accept her. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 252d 2h 29m 49s
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[montserrat [center Abe rubbed Jays back as she was sick, trying to sooth her.
[+magenta "It's alright. You will be alright."]
He said calmly.

Autumn watched in horror as the man came into her view, unable to move when Jayfeather charged, and still frozen when the mans eyes were on her. She stared for a good few seconds before throwing up her hands to say she was unarmed.
[+red "I'm not here to hurt you. I'm not even that powerful. If you let me go i wont come back and i wont tell anyone where you are I swear. Or I could work for you or something. Im useful! Ii can clean or cook!"]
She rambled, hoping that if she offered the right thing he would spare her. She meant it too. She would do anthing for him to not hurt her, her self serving nature being how she got into this mess.

Elwing stiffened as he felt the girl lay her head on his shoulder. He wasn't used to contact and it was weird.
Trevor smiled.
[+purple "Feeling better?"]
They rubbed her back.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 252d 4h 43m 23s
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[raleway Jay looked up at Abe as he carried her, still crying as she held herself like she was hugging herself. She didn't know what was happening anymore and she didn't understand where she was anymore. Her green and wet cheeks were popping out against her pale skin, her mouth letting out a retch as she suddenly felt overly sick. She turned around and threw up, black sludge just coming out of her mouth.

Jayfeather nodded, a man sliding into the hallway as he stared dead at Jayfeather. He could feel his step-son and it made him growl. The man was black, his skin the color of chocolate and his eyes the color of dark purple, as dark as his skin almost and he had black hair that was similar to Jayfeather's.

Jayfeather stared at his step-father for a few moments. [#228B22 "D-Dad." ] He growled, the man smiling. [b "Jayfeather, my most favorite son." ] Jayfeather snarled, rushing forwards as he slashed at the man with his sickles. The man managed to dodge and grabbed the back of Jayfeather's neck, slamming him into the wall and let him fall to the ground, dazed. The man then turned to Autumn.

Asphyx continued to cry as she was still curled up on the couch. Eventually, she calmed down and wiped her tears. [#FF4500 "S-Sorry..." ] She said, uncurling from her ball and sitting up again. This time, she was leaning a bit against Elwing, her head against his shoulder. She just needed someone close, that was comforting to her, just to have someone to lean on or to cuddle with. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 252d 5h 7m 58s
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[montserrat [center Abe quickly kneeled next to Jay, picking her up.
[+magenta "I'm sorry. I have to get her back. Get Autumn out."]
He said before he quickly telaported himself and Jay back out to the road. He carried the girl and walked to a place he deemed hidden enough. He couldn't telaport again for a while, but he would get back somehow.

Autumn looked at Jayfeather, the severity of the situation dawning on her.
[+red "We're in trouble arent we?"]
She whispered.

Trevor looked between Elwing and Asphyx, unsure what to do before he went over to the girl and awkwardly patted her on the back. He hated seeing people sad but he was so bad at consoling them.
Elwing just sat there, competely stunned.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 252d 7h 43m 46s
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[raleway Jay barely made up the stairs before falling on the top step, landing on her chest as she hit the ground. She let out cried of pain, rolling onto her back as she had her hands on her stomach. She felt like she couldn't move anymore, her eye sight blurry as she began to cry from the negative emotions and pain.

Jayfeather looked back at Jay to see her on the ground as heavy footsteps began to race towards them. [#228B22 "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." ] He repeated, beginning to panic as he looked at Abe to console Jay. He had his hands wrapped around the hilt of his sickles, ready to use them if the need rose.

Asphyx messed around with her hoodie sadly, looking lost in thought. [#FF4500 "I don't know if I even have parents." ] She said, starting to cry as she stared at the wooden floor. She curled into a small ball on the couch, her head tucked to her knees as she cried. She seemed so small and fragile at this point.

Ela took the cigarette and placed it in between her lips before lighting it with her finger again. She took a long drag as she nodded, she was going to need Alex a lot now. She blew smoke at him before giggling, seeming very mischievous again. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 252d 7h 54m 9s
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[montserrat [center Autumn made sure to keep a hold of both Jayfeather and Abe, keeping the group together as they faded from view. She followed Jayfeather, seeing his motion faintly and moving forward, pulling the others behind her.

Abe didn't have time to say anything to Jay before he was being tugged by Autumn up the stairs. He held tightly onto Jay, guiding her up the stairs as gently as he could.

Elwing smiled as she spoke, feeling a bit bad for the girl.
[#cc6600 "Elves huh? Thats fun."]
He said, his ears drooping a bit.
Trevor frowned at the girl.
[+purple "Thats horrible. I'm sorry."]
They said, feeling a bit awkward.

Alex ruffled the girls hair, lauging.
[+green "I'm a big boy. I can handle it."]
He said jokingly. He was glad she was feeling better and he didnt have to be serious.
[+green "If it starts happening again come and get me."]
He stood up and pulled out his pack of cigarettes, offering one to the girl and lighting one of his own.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 252d 8h 11m 17s
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[raleway Jay barely stood up on her feet before stumbling, managing to wrap her arm around Abe's neck to stop herself from falling. She groaned as she felt droplets of purple blood drip from her chin, her vision becoming slightly blurry. She was going to use Abe to help walk because she did not seem capable of doing so right now. A feeling of hopelessness was weighed upon her as she felt something dreadful coming up. She looked at Abe's blurry face, [#9400D3 "I-I... Love you..." ] She groaned to him, wanting him to know that if something happens.

Jayfeather nodded as he dug around in his herbal bag, producing the vial. He uncorked it and easily made them all invisible, the pain in his body slowly but surely coming back. He opened the door and looked up the stairs before gesturing them to go first. He just wanted to get out of here, the feeling of heaviness was starting to have an affect on all of them, him mostly.

Asphyx nodded even though she had no clear memories of her past and who she truly was. She had been sent on a quest that would clear her memories when she came here, expecting something easy but this wasn't what she thought would happen. [#FF4500 "I... Was raised by elves I think." ] She finally managed to say, looking at the two to see if they'd just laugh at her. [#FF4500 "And I don't remember my past..." ]

Elzbieta nodded and began to take deep breaths, her hands twitching in Alex's hands. Eventually, the horns of fire began to fade as she slowly stopped twitching as well. [#DC143C "I think it went away." ] She said, taking a deep sigh as she looked down at Alex. [#DC143C "I'm sorry if I... hurt you in the future." ] She said, thinking maybe if she said sorry now, she wouldn't have to later. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 253d 6h 39m 33s
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[montserrat [center Abe stroked the girls hair a little as she shook,trying to calm her.
[+magenta "Shush. I wont let him hurt you. I wont let anyone hurt you anymore."]
He said, Autumn was at his side now, fiddling with a bobby pin in the lock. She managed to unlock it fairly quickly and she freed Jays arms.
[+red "We need to hurry. I have a bad feeling about this."]
She whispered as abe helped Jay to her feet and she helped Jayfeather
[+red "We can use the invisibility spell and just walk out."]
She said.

Trevor nodded, a goofy childish smile on their face.
[+purple "Th-thank you!"]
They said, sitting down next to Asphyx, their legs crossed. Elwing joined them and smiled.
[#cc6600 "You guys run into this stuff a lot?"]
He asked, a little playfully.
[+purple "I-it feels like ever since we got here i-its been one thing after the other. W-we could just...um...get to know eachother...while we wait."]
They sounded nervous, phrasing the propposition like a question.

Alex held Ela's hands and kneeled in front of her as her horns flamed. He smiled and stroked her cheek, a soft look on his face.
[+green "Just breath Ela. Deep breaths And focus on the fact im not hurting you. Breath okay?"]
He said softly, never removing his gaze from the girl. He wanted to make it feel intimate, after all she seemed to like him and he knew useing that was the easiest way to calm her. Even if it wasn't true he made it feel true, but something inside him fluttered as he gazed into her eyes, almost a pang of guilt.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 253d 6h 54m 25s

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