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[raleway Jay nodded, she had heard actually. She smiled as she nodded again, blue did indeed look good on her, it made her seem more approachable. She cuddled with Abe, feeling warmer and nicer already as she coughed once before slightly retching. She was still sick but just not as bad.

Jayfeather nodded and looked sad as he followed behind Autumn. He strained to actually talk but he did it. [#228B22 "F-F-Fuck..." ] Was the first word that escaped his lips, a frown on his face. He wanted to kill Autumn right here but couldn't, he hadn't been ordered to. He was still hanging onto Autumn's hand as well.

[#FF4500 "Two things, Elwing get back over here and I'll teach you." ] Asphyx said, sitting in front of Trevor as she didn't bother to look over at Elwing yet. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 191d 13h 27m 0s
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[montserrat [center Abe chuckled softly and picked her up, carrying her down to the living room, along with a fuzzy blanket he had found.
[+magenta "Did you hear me when we were on the road?"]
He asked, a hopeful look in his eyes. Without a response he worried she hadnt heard his confession, so he had to make sure she did this time. He satr down on the couch, Jay in his lap and wraped them both in the blankets.
[+magenta "You look really pretty in blue."]
He said, cuddling her close.

Autumn turned around and frowned.
[+red Dont tell me i didnt conect it all right. God damn it. I can teach you sign language. For now just... I dont know use charades."]
She sounded harsh, but she was trying to be as nice as possible. It was her fault he was in this possition, but how was she to know he would get beheaded?

Trevor nodded as Asphyx came closer, gulping a little and smileing awkwardly.
[+purple "I wasn't allowed to date back at home. I don't know much."]
He sid awkwardly.
Elwing watched as Asphyx attached herself again to Trevor and stood up, walking off the bed.
[#cc600 "Well you two have fun."]
He said, a hint of jealousy in his voice.
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[raleway Jay nodded, she indeed was still cold as she managed to slip on her clothes before extending her hands out towards Abe. [#9400D3 "Pick me up please!" ] She said like a child, looking like a tiny purple kid too.

Jayfeather sighed as he was yanked and pulled along, one hand around the circle around his neck. He opened his mouth to say something but he couldn't, his larynx box failing so he couldn't talk. He tapped Autumn on her shoulder, wanting her to know that he indeed couldn't even speak a word.

[#FF4500 "It wasn't?" ] Asphyx asked, sitting up and sniffling. She rubbed against Trevor again, about to kiss him again. She smelt and even tasted of oranges, the fruity taste coming mostly from her lips actually. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe nodded as he rumaged to find a light blue sweater and some black leggings.
[+magenta "Are you still cold? We can cuddle and watche some kind of movie. I'll even find some popcorn to pop."]
He held out the clothes to the girl as he turned around, smiling.

Autumn walked up to Jayfeather and sighed, grabbing his hand.
[+red "First order of bussines. Follow me to find us rooms. And make conversation. Its weird if you aren't talking"]
She said, yanking the boy out the door.

Trevor awkwardly sat up and looked at Asphyx.
[+purple "I-im sorry. I didnt mean....I mean it wasnt bad...."]
They stuttered, patting the girls back awkwardly. Elwing just sat there, also awkward as hell.
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[raleway [#9400D3 "Something comfortable... And I wanna watch some T.V." ] Jay finally said, sitting on the edge of her bed as she watched Abe. She wanted the towel off from around her body but she didn't for Abe's sake. She stared at the wooden floor as she waited for him to pick some clothes already.

Scorpio smiled and left the room once again, closing the door behind him. Jayfeather looked at Autumn and was still silent, his mind still clouded over with just reawakening from death. He wanted to reach out and touch Autumn but couldn't, this felt so weird to be alive.

Asphyx sat up and looked sad, curling into a lonely ball again as she wasn't high off of her emotions now. She threw the blankets over her, closing her eyes and trying to sleep but she found out that she couldn't sleep what-so-ever. ]
  Asphyx / Scorpius / 191d 14h 5m 24s
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[montserrat [center Abe stopped playing in the bubbles and looked t Jay.
[+magenta "But the bubbles arent all gone."]
He joked as he grabbed a towel off the rack, helping Jay out into it, carrying her back to her room.
[+magenta "What would you like to wear?"]
He asked, going into her dresser and rummaging.

Autumn looked up at the man a bit of a startled smile on her face. Of course she knew he would say something like that, but of course it was a bit off putting.
[+red "I will do whatever you tell me to do."]
She said, rather vaguely. She glanced at Jafeather and sighed. This was going to be tough but in the end she valued her own life more than anyone elses.

Trevor yipped as they were pushed down, tensing as they felt Asphyx kissing him. They pushed her shoulders up and looked frantically back and forth between her and Elwing.
[+purple "Um what are you doing?"]
They asked awkwardly, blushing a little.
[#cc6600 "Oh dear. So innocent. I bet that was your first kiss."]
Elwing teased, still sitting a good distance from the two
[+purple "Yes it was! And thats not how i immagined it."]
Trevor whined out.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 191d 14h 14m 51s
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[raleway Jay smiled and snorted, laughing a bit. [#9400D3 "Of course I don't only like purple things! I love blue things as well!" ] She said happily, watching Abe play with the bubbles as she was finally ready to come out of the tub. [#9400D3 "Help me up." ] She said, reaching out towards him.

Scorpio looked interested as he looked Jayfeather up and down, even circling the boy before stepping back. [b "I trust you enough to use him for evil ways and reasons." ] He said, smiling at Autumn with a face of pride and happiness.

Asphyx smirked, suddenly understanding what was going on. She climbed onto Trevor, pushing him down into the bed as she crawled on him. Even going as far as kissing his neck before actually kissing him, being as passionately as possible. ]
  Asphyx / Scorpius / 191d 14h 27m 6s
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled as he watched Jay relax into the water.
[+magenta "I'm glad you like the smell. I figured you cant only like purple things."]
He played in the bubbles a bit, just letting her relax in the quiet.

Autumn turned on her heals, almost skipping away and down to the room where Jayfeather was, dazed and confused. The gold had soaked into his skin, only remaining on the mark around his neck.
[+red "He still remembers everything but he doesnt have any will for anything. He follows any orders that you give. He hasn't moved from the spot i left him. Its remarkable. I didnt even know if it would work."]
She was giddy, seeing her experiments were working, and knowing that she hadn't done anything completely bad to Jayfeather, even when he was free she wasn't afraid of him.
[+red "You can train him however you like. Hes like a dog.]

Trevor awkwardly sat next to Aspyx as Elwing dove in back of the two, sitting cross legged on the pilliows.
[#cc6600 "Your move girly."]
  Kai / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 191d 14h 34m 21s
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[raleway Jay smiled up at him as he kissed her forehead. [#9400D3 "Nothing of right now... But I can't really gain the energy to move until I'm healthy enough.." ] She said, loving the sweet smelling shampoo as it rinsed out of her hair. She laid back in the tub now, relaxing a lot as she felt better now already.

Scorpio nodded and awaited Autumn to show his new son to him. He waited like a child on Christmas, really wanting to get into his new present that he thought was only for him.

Asphyx smiled at the two, not sure of what exactly they were actually talking about but she didn't care. She was still innocent looking and very loopy on emotions, sitting there on the bed with a smile on her face. She almost looked like a child at this point. The bed was already messed up with fuzzy blankets all over it. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe chuckled as he leaned her back to rinse out her hair. He knew why she was asking, but he didnt mind. He would do anything for her. She was badly hurt and he just wanted to nurture her back to health. He had fallen hard for her.
[+magenta "Don't go abusing your powers over me Jay. I would do anything. What do you need?"]
He smiled fondly and kissed the girls forehead.

Autumns shoulders slumped in relief, her face visibly softening. She clapped her hands.
[+red "Than goodness. Shall I show you him?"]
She asked, less fear showing on her face, replaced with excitement to show off her latest project.

Elwing was too busy laughing to relize how awkward e really felt as he entered the girls room, holding the door open for the others as they came in. Trevor sat Asphyx down on her bed and backed up a little, backing into Elwing and blushing.
[+purple I-i dont think this is appropriate."]
They said, waving their hands in the air.
Elwing just shrugged.
[#cc6600 "Give the girl what she wants. Wheres the harm?"]
He picked, gently nudging Trevor with his elbow.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 191d 15h 6m 27s
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[raleway Jay smiled at Abe, her arms on the sides of the tub. She believed Abe this time, a feeling of safeness falling on her. [#9400D3 "Will you feed me too?" ] She asked, curious to just his answer to see if he really did care for her. She didn't mind that she had no clothes in front of him, she had lost the insecurity of her body when she gave into lust a long time ago.

Scorpio sighed but nodded, [b "I'd love that actually." ] He finally said, smiling at Autumn. He already knew what she had done, with the power of the Stars, nothing could hide from his truth seeking self. He actually didn't know that Autumn was faking about Jayfeather truly being controlled by Autumn.

Asphyx smirked and began to drag Trevor upstairs after Elwing. [#FF4500 "THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!" ] She happily said, totally sounding high and drunk as fuck even though she truly wasn't. it was her happy and excited emotions that made her look like it. ]
  Asphyx / Scorpius / 191d 15h 19m 10s
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled widely at the girl, his teeth showing and nodded, removing her clothes and helping her into the tub. He rolled up his pant legs and sat on the edge of the tub, grabbing at a strawberry scented shampoo.
[+magenta "You wil get better soon sweetie. Don't worry. I wont let anything happen to you again."]
He began to wash the girls hair.

Autumn siled a little and straightened up, looking up at the man.
[+red "Um...So ...Hypothetically if I was able to create a puppet out of your son, say someone you could make into the son you always wanted him to be, would you be angry or okay with it?"]
She asked, her voice high and frightened. She was so sure of herself when she had casted the spell, but now she was second guessing it.

Trevor sputtered out awkwardly as Asphyx played with their ears, looking at Elwing desperately, their eyes begging him to say no. Elwing was laughing at his expression when the dreaded words came out of his mouth.
[#cc6600 "Your bed is big enough."]
He said, against his better judgement. Sure he hated people being in his personal space out of combat, and sure he didn't sleep, but somehow messing with Trevor seemed so good to him he just couldn't help it. He walked up the stairs before the two and looked over his shoulder.
[#cc6600 "You guys coming?"]
He asked, noting the death glares Trevor sent his way. It would be awkward and horrible but it would be so funny.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 191d 15h 34m 17s
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[raleway Jay looked up at Abe from the closed toilet seat, looking as innocent as ever as she had throw up on her still. [#9400D3 "I need your help please..." ] She said, weakly tugging at her clothes. [#9400D3 "I'm like so cold..." ] She mumbled, sweat pouring down her face without her realizing.

Scorpio opened his eyes and smiled, stepping from off his bed with grace and beauty. [b "Yes you may Autumn." ] He said, walking over to Autumn and standing in front of her. He smelt like everything dead and alive at the same time, rotten flesh at one time and roses at the next. He represented death and life so it was appropriate of him to do so.

[#FF4500 "C'mon and sleep with us, the moon is in the sky anyways now." ] Asphyx simply said, feeling oddly drunk on her lovey and mushy emotions as she hung onto Trevor's neck like a child and played with his ears. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 191d 15h 46m 48s
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[montserrat [center Abe stod up, bringing the girl with him as she spoke, relife flooding his face as his eyes watered.
[+magenta "I know. I know. We will get you some rest but you need to bathe first. You are covered in gunk."]
He lead the girl to the bathroom, running a bath, not skimping on bubbles.
[+magenta "Oh god i hope you like bubbles."]
He stood up as the bath filled and looked the girl up and down.
[+magenta "Should i leave or..?"]
He asked, scratching his neck awkwardly.

Autumn wandered the castle for a few minutes before she aproched a door. Something was telling her this was where she needed to be so she knocked gently on it.
[+red "Sir- Uh I mean Scorpio. Pardon the interuption but may I have a quick word?"]
She called through the door, a little nervous.

Trevor's eyes widened and they chuckled awkwardly.
[+Purple "Oh. Haha. Thats..."]
They sputtered as she called for Elwing.
The boy was heading out the door when he turned a little, his side to them and turned his face to look at them.
[#cc6600 "Ah yes? I was about to go train. Do you need something?"]
He asked, smileing.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 191d 16h 1m 34s
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[raleway Jay took a deep breath and woke up, the nausea feeling gone as she whimpered in Abe's arms. She still felt sick but it wasn't that bad now, the black sludge in her body beginning to disappear. She felt very hot in Abe's arms as she looked up at him, [#9400D3 "I-I'm so c-cold..." ] She whimpered to him, her baggy and tight clothes doing nothing to help.

Jayfeather stood there, feeling gone and lost out of his mind. Half of his mind was practically shut down so he he listened to Autumn as she was his current guidance . He looked odd and even darker, his dark brown hair now black and he had huge bags under his eyes as he stood there, clueless.

Scorpio was laying on his own huge king sized bed, sitting on it and mediating. His starry and purple eyes were closed as he was a small and lankly man with tight jeans and a black turtle neck sweater. After killing Jayfeather, he had changed after he had said a prayer for his son.

Asphyx nodded, throwing the mattress to the side. [#FF4500 "Why don't you sleep in the bed with me then? Elwing!" ] She called, hanging onto Trevor as she looked back into the living room at the boy, her orange eyes filled with joy. ]
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