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[montserrat [center Abe stood at the side of the house, thinking for a bit after they dissapeared into the forest. If he knew exactly where they were he could easily transport both himself and Jayfeather right to them but the forest was too large to really tell the way they had went. The boy was suddenly by Jayfeathers side, standing with his hands in his pockets.
[+magenta "Where does he live?"]
He asked, his face twisted into a look of pure rage.

Trevor lifed their head as Ela walked in and noticed her tossled look. They looked confused for a second before their face fell and they heaved a heavy sigh.
[+purple "Ela you didn't!"]
They said, their eyes begging the girl to disprove their assumptions.
Alex chuckled a little as he looked over his shoulder at the girl.
[+green "Real subtle babe."]
He said, pouring a glass of milk. Trevor looked at the boy, disgust practicaly writen on their face.
[b [+purple "Not him girl. You can do so much better."]]
Their face was flushed red from embarasment but they couldn't hold back the insult.
[+green "Weren't you shy?"]
Alex asked them, laughing a little while Elwing crossed into the room with Asphyx.
[+green "What happened to her?"]
He asked, tilting his chin at the girl.
[#cc6600 "Too much Yaoi."]
Elwing said almost instantainiously, causing Trevor to snort, some of their own milk coming out of their nose.
[b [+purple "Children are present!"]]
they said, pointing at Hestia.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoy / 20d 5h 24m 47s
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[raleway Jayfeather sighed, [#228B22 "I take it that Jay told you about her father." ] He simply said, almost like saying that Jay's father had came back to kidnap her. He then yelled and began to sprint after the two figures, his herbal bag swinging from his side as he ran. He seemed really, [b really ] fast as he ran but he was too late, the two figures disappearing into shadows. As soon as he saw them disappear, he collapsed onto his knees. He was suddenly crying, his hands covering his eyes. He had failed his sister.

Hestia sighed and the camera became a charm after spitting out the picture, the picture landing on the table. She let her hands go across the table, looking for a fork or a spoon before she felt her plate, her hand wrapping around her piece of toast. She slowly lifted it up to her mouth, taking a big bite of it. That's what she hated most about being blind, you really couldn't eat without seeming really stupid.

Asphyx nodded, still leaning against Elwing. [#FF4500 "That shield hit harder than I thought it would." ] She said with a slight smile on her face as her orange eyes looked up at him. She had a huge bruise on her forehead, the bruise the color of dark purple as she smelt the air. [#FF4500 "Fooood." ] She cooed, drool coming out of her mouth at the scent of the food.

Elzbieta groaned as she walked out of her room, only wearing a red sweater that reached her knees as it was really huge on her. She smacked her lips, kinda enjoying the taste of Alex as she began to slowly walk down the stairs. She felt sore as she stepped down the stairs, her hand tightly gripping the rail. Her red eyes seemed a bit darker than usual but that was okay when it came to what just happened. ]
  Elzbieta Ariean Bosak / Scorpius / 20d 5h 42m 26s
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[montserrat [center Abe watched the boy jump out the window and his face fixed itself into a scowl. The sound of wings filled the room and suddenly Abe was outside next to Jayfeather on the ground. He was no good at landing on his feet, so of course it was better to teleport outside than follow the boy out the window.

[+magenta "What is happening Jayfeather?"]

He asked, almost desperately.

Trevor chuckled at the girl as she snapped a picture of them, feeling a bubble of something in the pit of their stomach. They looked at the girl and shook their head.

[+purple "Hurry up and eat, then we can go figure out what to do with you."]

They ruffled the girls hair, grinning. Their leg was tapping up and down as they continued eating, humming a song to themself.

Elwing grabbed the girls elbow, steadying her as he peered down at her.

[#cc6600 "You gonna be okay?"]

He asked.

Alex's heavy steps came down the stairs. He leaned against the door frame to the kitchen and eyed Trevor and the very tiny child sitting at the table.

[+green "When did we get a kid? I don't remember that."]

He said as he walked to the fridge, opening the door and peering in.

[b [+purple "Probably sometime when you were getting lucky."]]

Trevor quipped with a smug look on their face before they automatically looked away blushing brightly.

[+purple "Sorry."]

they said shyly, shoveling food into their mouth. Alex shrugged, also looking smug as if he had no shame.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoy / 20d 5h 58m 2s
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[raleway Jayfeather sighed and stood up, thinking that Jay had simply rolled out of bed or something. He made his way over to Abe and looked into the room, his face going from happy to surprised and then to anger. He growled as he ran to the open window, seeing someone dragging along someone with them into the forest. [#228B22 "Ah for fuck sake!" ] He growled, jumping out the window and landing on his feet.

Jay couldn't see a thing, a cloth tied around her head as she felt her feet tripping over wood and rocks as she began to get dragged throughout the forest. She had not seen who had grabbed her because she was sleeping when the window had been opened. [#9400D3 "H-Help!" ] She called softly, her voice weak for some reason as she was dragged along. She was aware of rope around her wrists and hands, tying them together.

Hestia looked up at Trevor's voice, smiling slightly. [#CD853F "Mine." ] She simply said, her hands tightening around the charm until it became an actual Polaroid camera. She lifted it up and snapped a picture of Trevor, the flash covering his body. The flash had powers that could cause pain, nausea, unconsciousness, sleepy, energized, and even joyful. She had put the flash onto energized as she took the picture.

Asphyx groaned as she opened her orange eyes and took the bottle. She emptied out two into her hand and she put it in her mouth as she swallowed them. She rolled off of the bed and she stood up, grabbing onto Elwing's shoulder as she stood. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 10h 2m 9s
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[montserrat [center Abe nodded at the avice. He could tell Jayfeather was different but it was a nice different. He smiled at the boy. He liked this new Jayfeather. When he heard the bump he was out the door before Jayfeather had even said a word, opening the door to Jays room quickly. He looked in and first noticed the curtains blowing in the open window but then he noticed the empty bed.
[+magenta "Jayfeather can you come in here?"]
He called, trying to keep his voice calm. He would have heard the door open if she had left the room, but he didn't hear anything and of course he was worried but he needed somone who knows the girl better to tell him that she probably was just quiet when she left the room.

Trevor set two plates down on the table, one in front of the girl and looked at the necklace she held.
[+purple "You sure like that neacklace huh?"]
They said, taking a bite of their own toast.

Elwing was in the bathroom, rummaging to find asprin befor he pulled out a large orange prescription bottle. It was a pescription pain killer but it was better than nnohing and he was to lazy to keep looking so he carried the bottle down to Asphyx, handing her the bottle
  RoughLove / 20d 11h 22m 40s
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[raleway Jayfeather smiled at seeing how shy and awkward Abe was. [#228B22 "Don't worry about that, your emotions will lead you on with love." ] He said, sitting with his back against his mattress as he looked at Abe. Jayfeather seemed to relaxed and mellow, his hazel eyes shinning happily. He then frowned as he heard a thump from the room across from his, knowing that it was Jay's room. [#228B22 "Go check on Jay, Abe." ]

Hestia let out a sad sigh, lowering her head against the table. She had really wanted pizza but noooo... She placed her head against the table and waited for Trevor to give her some food. Her fingers were wrapped around her mini camera charm that she usually wore, the charm glowing with a pale brown light.

Asphyx nodded, her head hurting more than ever now. She slowly laid back on the couch again, her orange hair spilling off the couch a bit. She closed her eyes and just rested, knowing she was hurt and that she needed to rest.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 11h 55m 53s
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[montserrat [center Abe sputtered awkwardly, looking away from Jayfeather before he was hugged quickly. His cheeks tinted darker as he rubbed the back of his neck.
[+magenta "I've never dated anyone. I don't really know what I'm supposed to do."]
He said softly, almost shyly.

Trevor chuckled as they flipped the egg in the pan, looking over their shoulder.
[+purple "Not for breakfast, but we can order a pizza with whatever you want on it later."]
They said, amusement in their voice. They werent sure if they had money but one of the people in this house had to have some kind of ability to brainwash the pizza guy or something so they dont have to pay if they cant. Part of them said thats bad while the other part was always up to make some trouble. That part wasn't very promonent.

Elwing jumped as the girl grabed him, smiling at her until he noticed she was in pain.
[#cc6600 "Are you alright? Do you need medacine?"]
He asked, pressing the back of his hand to her forehead to check for fever.
  Abe / RoughLove / 20d 12h 46m 3s
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[raleway It took Jayfeather a few moments to understand why Abe was asking. He gave a look of surprise, [#228B22 "A-Abe? Did she...? Oh my god, Abe I think your perfect with Jay. You can give her more things than I ever could." ] He said with a happy smile on his face. He pulled Abe into what seemed to be a brotherly hug, his body feeling warm and soft. He then let go after a few moments, looking at Abe with pride.

Hestia kept looking at Trevor, her senses still latched onto the noise and smell that Trevor gave off. [#CD853F "E-Eight..." ] She said, thinking of music. She was an old rock lover, the tune of [b Brighton Rock by Queen ] playing in her mind as she also listened to what Trevor was doing. [#CD853F "N-No pizza?" ] She whined, sounding like a kid that just been grounded.

Asphyx was slowly waking up, her orange eyes beginning to look at Elwing as she sat up. She let out a pain-filled groan, her head hurting like hell as she sat up. She grabbed at Elwing, grabbing his left arm as she had her other hand on her head. She looked like she was in extreme pain, her face showing it as she looked up at Elwing. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 14h 6m 13s
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[montserrat [center Abe continued to fidget and avoid eye contact as he just continued to pick up broken things.
[+magenta "No particular reason."]
He said, obviously lying.

Trevor smiled over their shoulder as they noticed she was keeping track of their movements.
[+purple "You got good ears huh sweetie? How old are you again?"]
He asked, cracking an egg into a frying pan. Of course he wasn't about to let the bad influence in him give the girl pizza for breakfast. The sizzling sound filled the room as the boy popped the bread into the toaster.

Elwing caiously continued his meal in the livingroom, sucking down the soul faster than he usually would before heading over to the couch to check on Asphyx.
  Aiko / RoughLove / 23d 3h 49m 6s
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[raleway Jayfeather was silent for a moment, [#228B22 "Abe, it depends on who dates Jay. If it's someone who I know will make her happy, then I'll back off and let nature and love take it's course as per usual." ] He said, looking over at Abe for a second before finishing up his floor. He threw the rag into the hallway and sat down on his butt, looking at Abe. [#228B22 "Why do you ask that?" ] He asked, his eyes narrowing on Abe.

Hestia nodded, her face lighting up with happiness as she was way too innocent to think that Elwing was up to something. [#CD853F "Pizza!" ] She said again but louder as she tried keeping up with the sound of Trevor's footsteps so it looked like she was looking at him as she sat at the table. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 23d 7h 41m 16s
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[montserrat [center Abe laughed as he bagan to pick up everything that was broken, throwing it in the garbage.
[+magenta "I'm glad to see you are not upset anymore."]
The boy said, stopping for a second.
[+magenta "I have a hypothetical question for you."]
He fiddled with a broken peice of glass as he refused to make eye contact.
[+magenta "If someone...i dont know...wanted to date your sister would you...get protective?"]

[b [+purple "Pizza for breakfast?"]]
Trevor laughed as they rounded they corner, seeing Elwing awkwardly standing against the wall, his hands behind his back. The boy smiled, jerking his chin to say hello.
[b [+purple "Uh...Hi?"]]
Trevor set the girl down at the table and rummaged through the fridge, pulling out some bread and eggs.
[b [+purple "Whatcha doing?"]]
He asked Elwing, who shruggged and backed out of the room sowly before running into the livingroom and plopping down on the floor at the far end that was hidden from the kitchen. His eyes were dull as he tried to get a grip on himself, but he just couldnt. He had barely started on the red soul when Trevor had come in, and being hungry around someone like Trevor was never good.]
  Abe / RoughLove / 23d 7h 57m 2s
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[raleway Jayfeather smiled, [#228B22 "Let's just say I didn't agree and I clicked." ] He said quietly as he grabbed a trash can and put it by the door before beginning to wash the different colored liquids off of the floor with a wet rag. He smiled and seemed so different as he cleaned, music playing from the ceiling as it felt Jayfeather's emotions. He loved that it would do that, a happy rock tune playing for them and it wasn't really loud so that they could still hear each other easily but loud enough to enjoy it.

Hestia thought of what she wanted in Trevor's arms as he made his way downstairs. [#CD853F "P-Pizza?" ] She asked, her head swinging around wildly as she tried to use her senses to figure out where she was as she was blind. She had her hands close to her stomach, not wanting to reach out and feel around with the chance that she might accidentally hurt herself. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 23d 8h 23m 46s
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled kindly and nodded before peering into the boys room. His face fell to a neutrul look as he blinked many times.
[+magenta "Why would you do this to your room?"]
He askes, laughing a little. He was in such a good mood he didn't mind helping clean up the mess, not that he normaly would mind helping.

Trevor stired a little, grabbing the girls hand and laughing lightly.
[b [+purple "I was sleeping kid."]]
They said, waking up quickly and standing up, the child in their arms.
[b [+purple "What do you wanna eat. We have pretty much everything."]]
They laughed as they carried the child down the stairs.
  Abe / RoughLove / 23d 8h 19m 22s
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[raleway Jayfeather sighed and gave a slight smile at Abe before looking in his room again. [#228B22 "Wanna help me clean? I'll give you something super cool as a reward." ] He said, staring at all the broken potion bottles on the floor. He had gone on a rampage and it was bad, his bed torn to sheds and his shelves broken, the only thing that had managed to stay alive was his desk, ink spilled all over the desk.

Hestia mumbled as she woke up slowly in Trevor's arms, her body feeling warm as she was cuddling close to his chest. Her stomach growled and she let out a small whimper, [#CD853F "F-Food." ] She groaned, poking Trevor's face slightly with her left hand, luckily she had missed Trevor's lips and eyes as she was blindly poking at him. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 23d 8h 42m 20s
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[montserrat [center Alex smirked at the girl, rolling his eyes.
[+green "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."]
He made a face at the girl before leaning in to kiss her
[size8 Thats all folks. Done with that.]

Elwing smiled awkwardly and waved as the boy left, mumbling a small thank you before walking into the kitchen and sitting at the table, just kind of looking at the soul.
[#cc6600 "I hope you are fresh."]
He said as the red soul started to snake its way into his mouth.

Abe stopped as he walked, looking at the boy wearily.
[+magenta "Um. Yes?"]
He said, phrasing it more like a question than a answer.
  Abe / RoughLove / 23d 8h 52m 49s

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