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[montserrat [center Abe smiled and leaned in, kissing the girl quickly before fluffing up her pillow.
[+magenta "You should lay down while i get us breakfast. Would you like to play on my phone?"]
He asked kindly.

Autumn looked at Jayfeather and noticed his fidgeting and sighed.
[+red "If my spell isn't working i need to know right?"]
She said, watching the boys eyes wander to the room.
[+red "Whats in there?"]
She asked, perking up.

Alex shook his head and elbowed the girl.
[+green "I think I can handle that."]
He grinned as he oppened the fridge.
[+green "What we eating?"]

Trevor patted her back, hugging her back.
[+purple "So um...The cats...Can we keep them?"]
They asked jokingly
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[raleway Jay sniffed, smiling slightly at the feeling of Abe's thumb against her cheek. She continued to hug Abe tightly, wanting him to take everything bad away from her. She wanted him to carry her somewhere where they could lay down and talk and maybe something that would help her become more... stable.

Jayfeather hissed at Autumn but he now walked besides her with his hands around his black scarf that hid his new self harm wounds. He hoped autumn didn't pick up on this, his suicidal thoughts still racing as he walked. He eventually saw Jay's room door and he stared at it as he passed it.

Ela smiled, knowing that they might not be officially lovers but they were pretty much so already. She grabbed Alex's hand again and went down the stairs with him, flirting and messing around with his hair. [#DC143C "I really care about you you fool." ] She ended up saying playfully.

Asphyx sniffed and reared her head, looking at Trevor before going into another crying fit and hugging him tightly. She felt so sorry for what she did and she wouldn't ever let it happen again. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe turned Jays eyes away from her wings and stroked her cheek with his thumb.
[+magenta "They will grow back, and I will vow to you that they will never be like this again."]
He said, his tone serious.

Autumn looked over her shoulder at the boy, looking up from under her eyelashes.
[+red "Please don't walk behind me. I said be at my side always didn't I?"]
She said, her voice gentle and sweet, almost sing song. She looked ahead of herself, pointing to the spot beside her as she walked. She seemed a bit different, acting as if she were a princess almost.

Alex raised a brow at the girl and laughed.
[+green "I would tell you that is manipulative and just plain wrong. And that its stupid to kill yourself over a dumb fuckboy like me. And i would stay with you 24/7 to make sure you dont do it."]
He stared at the girl, knowing that she was chalenging him
[+green "Sweetie I'm a demon of lust. I dont have an ounce of love in my heart. Sorry to break it to you. But I do care, and I will protect you."]

Trevor stood up quickly, crossing their arms and pouting.
[+purple "Why wont you look at me?"]
they said, looking and sounding like a kicked puppy. They knew no one could resist their pout and sad voice.
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[raleway Jay was instantly calmed down by Abe, sniffling as she hung onto him tightly. She suddenly realized that she had no feathers on her wings as she turned to look at the bones that were currently her wings. She let out a cry of distress, not liking the sight of having no feathers. It was a sign that she had literally almost died.

Jayfeather slowly and surely washed himself to the best of his abilities, smelling like roses and blossoms as he stepped out of the shower. he quickly changed, slipping on some black pants, a bright green sweater and a black scarf to hide the scratches on his collarbone. He then sighed as he was led outside of the bathroom and eventually made his way to Autumn, walking behind her.

Ela frowned, [#DC143C "You don't date huh? What if I change your mind?" ] She said, smirking. She cupped Alex's cheek in one of her hands, her face dangerously close. She could charm Alex into doing whatever most likely but she wanted to be sure that he was attached to her emotional. [#DC143C "What if I told you I was going to kill myself?" ]

Asphyx sniffled and looked up at Trevor, still crying as she felt his hand on hers. She yanked her hand away from Trevor, her hand ending up in between her thighs as she rubbed one cat with the other hand. She cuddled with cats, staying away from Trevor as she put her back against the back wall of her closet, away from Trevor. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe started as the girl woke yelling. He looked up at her and smiled a little.
[+magenta "Hope hes not planning on taking you."]
He said, holding the girl tightly in a warm hug.
[+Magenta "Calm down before you hurt yourself silly girl."]
He said softly in her ear.

Autumn quickly showered in her bathroom, which seemed to be even bigger than her room. It didnt take long for her to relize that the room was taking the shape of her dream room, and of course her extra ass dreamed of having a bigger bathroom than a regular room. She stepped out of the shower and dried her hair, putting a nice hair tonic in it. It settled into beautiful waves around her neck as she tied a small half ponytail behind her head, braiding a few peices. As always, even in a not so stellar situation she wanted to look her best. She put on a soft pink dress with nice heals as she walked out of her room, trusting that the spell would bring Jayfeather to her when he was finished. She wanted to do a little exploring on her own for a bit before he finished. Controling him was already wearing in her, but she wouldn't show it.
She walked down a long hall, her heals clicking on the tile as she stepped.
[+red "Gotta admit its pretty cool here."]
She said under her breath.

Alex notice the sad look on Ela and sighed, stopping and making her stop with him.
[+green "Listen here missy, I'm not gonna take that saddness from you! I still care about you. I just dont date."]
He looked at her sternly.
[size8 [+green "Will you two stop forgetting us?"]He asked, shaking his fists at the dumb writers]

Trevor sighed and placed a hand on Asphyx's, looking into her eyes even if she wouldn't look at them.
[+purple "Don't be sad. Please. I hate to see you sad."]
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[raleway Jay took a deep breath as her heart beat went crazy, causing her to freak out as she snapped back to life. She clutched at Abe, looking crazy as her wings were flapping, only the bones of the wings showing. [#9400D3 "I... Death visited me!" ] She said loudly, thinking she was insane and hoped that Abe wouldn't lock her in this room alone like the others had.

Jayfeather stood up from the bed, his whole head aching as he stumbled out of the room and into his own room. He looked at his room, a king sized green bed in the center, shackles hanging from the edges of the bed. There were several potions, herbs and surgical instruments all over his room as he grabbed clothes out of his closet and went into the huge bathroom. He stripped off his shirt and stared at the bruises on his cheeks and the side of his head, beginning to scratch at his collarbone, eventually cutting through his skin with his fingernails.

Eventually, he forgot about Autumn saying that he was not allowed to hurt himself as he continued to hurt himself. He eventually stopped, turning on the shower and waiting for the water to warm up. He wiped the blood away from his body using a white towel, getting it stained with his forest green blood.

Asphyx continued to sob but harder as Trevor said don't worry about it to her. She curled into a ball, the cats scratching and mewing at her with concern. They didn't want her going into a depression, she had never been that down before and she wouldn't live if she did. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe shoved his head against Jays chest, hearing her faint heart beat and sighing, relived. He picked the girl up and carried her to his room, setting her on his bed and sitting next to it, where he would stay until she woke up.

Autumn laughed dryly as he said he didnt need sleep, knowing that he would take the meds she gave him evemn if she had to force him to. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before she felt him falll down. Her eyes opened quickly and she looked down at him hitting himself.
she said, rather loudly. She rubbed her hand over her face, her eyes tearing up.
[+red "Jesus fuck Jayfeather! Just bear with it and trust everything will be okay."]
She said, her voice breaking as she turned away and grabbed clothes out of her dresser.
[+red "Go get changed and take a shower please, then come back."]
She leaned against her dresser, her back still to the boy.

Trevor gingerly stepped into the room, clearing their throat and kneeling in front of the girl and the cats, petting one of them as it mushed up against them.
[+magenta "Don't worry about it."]
They said, knowing exactly what was happening. Asphyx's emotions were so thick in the room anyone with Tee's gift would be able to tell what it was.
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[raleway Jay didn't answer again, her mouth opening slightly as she was just limp. Her heart beat once per minute, a tiny sign of life in the fallen angel's body. Jay seemed so dead, her purple eyes closed but if they were opened, Abe would only see darkness and emptiness, her soul beginning to die.

Jayfeather growled, his hands shaking as he just wanted to kill Autumn right then and there. [#228B22 "I need no sleep." ] He simply growled after everything, not picking up that Autumn looked sympathetic. He was filled with so much rage and depression, his harmful thoughts against himself coming back in his mind as he thought of spilling his own blood. His hands curled into fists as he suddenly slammed his fist into the side of his head, dropping on his knees onto the mattress. His efforts of killing and harming himself would be very hard, he could harm himself without Autumn knowing but he punched himself in front of Autumn anyways.

Ela sighed and frowned, still leaning into Alex. It was at that moment that it really hit her, her love feeling like it was denied as she pulled away from Alex. She stared at the ground as she walked with him, warm tears dripping off of her cheeks as she just wanted someone to care for and someone to care for her.

Asphyx didn't answer the door but it slowly opened, revealing Asphyx sobbing in the closet covered in cats. The room was tied to Asphyx's feelings and did it's best to help her, feeling that Trevor could do something for her. She felt sorry for dragging Trevor into a lustful situation, and all she wanted to do was say sorry. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe looked at the girl when she didnt respond, his eyes widening in shock.
[+magenta "No. No Jay thats not funny."]
He said franticaly, pulling the blanket back, feathers going all over the ground.

Autumn frowned at the boy.
[+red "You'll have to take a potion to go to sleep tonight. You need to be well rested to get better."]
She walked up to the boy, a little close as she inspected the gold stripe across his throat.
[+red "It was a supper clean cut but my sewing wasnt that great, but this gold stripe is gonna be pretty cool. Its like a choker. "]
She said, looking at the boys tears and scoffing.
[+red "Okay so you are a slave, thats so sad. Alexa play despacito."]
She sounded harsh but she looked at the boy with almost a sympathetic look, wishing she could tell him that he would be okay and that things would get better.

Alex chuckled at the kiss and looked at the girl.
[+green "You do understand that I'm not your boyfriend right? Its just a fwb situation.'"]
He said, blunt as ever.

Trevor was knocked right out of their ball as they heard cats, being a fan of all animals ever. They quickly flopped out of their bed and began to prowl the halls in search of the sound, stopping as they noticed the sound was coming from Aspyx's room. They paced around outside the door for a moment, trying to decide if it would be awkward or not, deciding to knock very lightly, and if she didn't hear it he would leave and never talk about it again.
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[raleway Jay didn't wake up, her chest still and silent as ever. She hadn't been breathing, her skin still pale and feeling freezing to the touch. Her wings had molted, all of the black feathers on the wings were gone into the blanket she was wrapped in. A very sad violin played in the background, seeming like it was mourning the lost of someone.

Jayfeather stood up on his bed, looking at Autumn with his darkened hazel eyes. He had very bad bags under his eyes, looking as if he was about to go insane from not getting enough sleep. He was still wearing his old and dirty clothes, feeling very oppressed as he had the look of hopelessness and depression. His hands twitched at his sides, his lips curled downwards as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Ela smiled up at Alex and nodded, wrapping her arms around Alex's neck and kissing him quickly. She then slid out of bed, looking tousled as she took off her dirty clothes and put on some new clothes, wearing some red dyed skinny jeans and a grey hoodie that was way too big for her. She went back over to her lover and grabbed his hand tightly, leaning against his slightly.

Asphyx was crying in her own room, regretting everything that had happened. She just wasn't usually happy or that happy. She had been so happy, it caused her to do something she'd never forget. She eventually got up from her orange bed, sitting in her closet as cats crawled onto her from the walls of the closet and comforted her, mewing loudly enough to be heard in another room. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe fell aseep cuddling Jay on the couche after he returned to the living room and ate. He woke up and shook Jay gently ti wake her up.
[+magenta "Hey. We fell asleep."]
Hhe muttered, rubbing the tiredness from his eyes.

Autumn tossed and turned all night, not getting any sleep. She saw in her mirror that there were bags under her eyes.
She looked at the boy, who was clearly awake and sighed.
[+red "Please get up."]
She said. It was only 7 in the morning according to her clock, but if neither of them was gonna sleep they might as well start their day.

Alex woke up leaned against Ela's closet, his stomach telling him he needed food. He walked over to Ela's bed and shook the girl awake, exclaiming that he wanted to get breakfast with her.

Trevor was curled in a ball on his bed. In his room alone. He was wide awake and mortified with the events of the night before.

Elwing however pushed the memory from his mind, Sitting in the garden and admireing the sunrise.
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[raleway Jay clutched at the blankets around her more, tightening the blankets into a little cocoon around her. She continued to stare blankly at the T.V, looking entertained. She had her mouth barely opened, her bright eyes trained on the screen. She felt the sickness come back up, retching as she crawled over to the side of the couch and threw up into the garbage can.

Jayfeather had seated himself on the side of the smaller bed, watching Autumn with forest green blush. He hated being controlled but he couldn't help but do what he was to, laying down on the mattress with his clothes still on. He still had on a black short sleeve shirt and white dyed skinny jeans that showed his legs off as he was laying in the bed. He couldn't fall asleep, his insomnia getting to the best of him but he didn't tell Autumn, mostly because he wasn't ordered to. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 190d 23h 40m 9s
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[montserrat [center Abe slipped Jay off of his lap and got up, going into the kitchen and grabbing the garbage, setting it next the couch. He noticed that Jay was so focused and smiled, going to the fridge and getting some food, enough for both of them in case she felt up to it. He waited while the microwave took way to long to heat up.

Autumn found a room, again feeling that it was the right one somehow. She looked behind her at Jayfeather before she opened the door and walked in. The room was small but elegant in a way. The bed was beautiful and extravagant, while the walls were barren and a soft peach color. She walked into the room and looked around, chuckling a little.
[+red "This place is rad as hell!"]
She said, looking at the actually comfy looking smaller bed that was on the floor with no frame.
[+red "Okay. Next order of buissenes, set a routine. We sleep tonight but we will wake up no later than 9. You will give me a tour of what you know of this place after you get dressed in your room, but otherwise you stay by my side, unless Scorpio calls for you. We will find....something to do. Is there internet here? If there is we will teach you sign language. I always wanted to learn."]
She ran a hand through her hair and sighed. She wasn't too fond of this, but it had to be done. She had to treat him like a slave and get up to not so great things.
[+red "I want you by my side even when I'm asleep. It's more convineient that way."]
She said, pointing to the bed to the small bed to tell him to cuddle down. She looked in the dresser and saw the clothes that were there, putting on a nice nightgown right in front of the boy and hopping into bed.
[+red "Get a good nights sleep but remember to wake up before 9."]
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[raleway Jay nodded, hanging onto the blanket that was wrapped around her body. She stared blankly at the T.V, there was always things you could do to keep a Jay occupied, give her wine and she turns into an overly giddy child and put her in front of a T.V and she tunes everything out except the show/movie. She didn't even feel sick anymore, her mind off of the sickness and stuck onto the thought of the movie but she did retch at times, quickly swallowing her throw up.

Jayfeather felt like his lips were suddenly sewn shut again, his lips couldn't move at all as he was dragged behind Autumn. He didn't attempt to do anything else but really follow her. He suddenly was crying however, his emotions getting to the better of him as he desperately wanted to hug her for actually saving him.

Asphyx smirked, [#FF4500 "We're gonna cuddle together~!"] She said happily.
[i I'm not going any further, this three scene can go die ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 191d 11h 18m 57s
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[montserrat [center Abe hummed in the girls ear, rubbing her back.
[+magenta "Should i get a garbage in case you get sick again?"]
Hhe asked, turning on the tv to play a cheesy romance movie. Girls liked that sort of stuff right?

Autumn looked over her shoulder as he strained to talk.
[+red "Dont give me that look. I didnt want to die And neither did you and hey you arent dead are you?"]
She folded her arms, relising as the boys face automaticaly changed she took away anothe one of his freedoms. She growled to herself and turned away, huffing down the hall.
[+red "Just follow me. And forget that i told you to talk."]

Trevor loooked between the two awkwardly.
[+purple "Um...What do you mean?"]
They asked awkwardness filling the room.
[#cc6600 "Geez Asphyx. Didn't peg ya for the type."]
Elwing quiped, awkwardly standing at the foot of the bed.
  Abe / PinocchioTheRealBoi / 191d 13h 32m 5s

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