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[montserrat [center Alex crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at the girl.
[+green "I can't think when I have a girl trying to claw my eyes out. Pardon me for my lack of skill."]
His tone was venomous as he spoke. He knew he had something he could do, but he refused to do that.

Abe shook his head to say no.
[+magenta " He is a great fighter but he doesnt have any magical ability. Not that I've seen. Did you not know?"]
He asked, his head tilted to the side.

Autumn stared at the boys gummie worms and cringed a little. The thought of eating something that resembled a worm absolutely appalling to her, and not to mention that mac and cheese looked like magots most of the time. So maybe she was a food snob, but she didn't keep in shape by eating junk all day.
She tore her eyes from the boys plate and focused them on the colorful bowl in front of her. The variety of fruits she found was amazing and made her mouth water. She picked up a strawberry and took a tiny nibble from the end of it, groaning at the taste. It was perfectly ripe, not too sweet, but also not to sour. In fack she could tell by just looking at the bowl that every peice of fruit in it was perfect. It had been so long since she had been able to enjoy such fresh fruit and it made her feel much better than she had.
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[raleway Jay was just silent, not answering his question as she had Alex's blood on her hands. Her hands were shaking as she wiped the blood away, not wanting to actually get her clothes dirty but she did so anyways. She looked up at Abe finally opening her mouth. [#9400D3 "Does Alex not have any powers?" ] She asked, curious to what the actual answer was.

Asphyx crossed her arms and looked at Alex as he sat down. [#FF4500 "You could've tried to find a weak spot or a weakness to her powers instead of pulling that shit." ] She snarled at him, gripping her pike tightly out of anger. She felt commanding as a trainer, not wanting to see her friends dead because they just weren't sure of something.

Jayfeather shook his head, the maidens taking note of Autumn and Jayfeaher's presence. They seemed to sum up what the two's comfort food were and presented it onto the table, a plate full of macaroni and gummy worms sitting in front of Jayfeather. He looked down and dug into it, the food calming and relaxing him down. ]
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[montserrat [center Alex growled and pionted at Asphyx
[+green "She fought dirty. And she has magic."]
He walked away to lean aginst the wall beside where everyone sat.
[+magenta "Jay. Are you okay?"]
Abe asked, going up to the girl and helping her over to where he was sitting.
Trevor looked at Asphyx, very worried for his turn. He just knew he would get hurt.

Autumn groaned as the boy walked to the kitchen and sat down next to him as he slammed his head on the table.
[+red "Stop that. Thats bad etiquette. And not to mention self harming."]
She said, pushing the boy back in his cair so he was sitting up. She looked around the room and saw people working hard.
[+red "Nod yes or no, do i have to go talk to them again to get food?"]
Autumn asked, grumpiness still in her voice and the pout on her face.
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[raleway Jay didn't just get off of Alex, she actually fell off of him. She landed on her back, coughing up purple blood as she had pushed her body enough to win this match for once actually. She rolled onto her side and pushed herself onto her knees and hands, her body covered in sweat.

Asphyx smirked, [#FF4500 "So I see that Jay beat Alex." ] She simply said, there was gonna be so many jokes about Alex loosing to a girl.

Jayfeather stood there silently before walking off, going down several corridors before reaching the kitchen and dining area again. He sat down at the same table and slammed his head on the table, his eyes closed as he just stayed there. ]
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[montserrat [center Alex stumbled around a bit as the irl launched onto him, trying to get her off of him but she was latched on.
[+green "Okay! Okay! Uncle!"]
He cried out, waiting for the girl to stop.

Autumn walked out of the room silently, walking walking down the hall. The only sound was her heals as they clicked on the ground. Autumn led them around a few halls, but somehow she ended up right back where she had started.
This continued for a good ten minutes before the girl growled and stomped her foot, almost like she was throwing a tantrum.
[+red "I can't find the stupid kitchen!"]
She growled, kicking the wall.
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[raleway Jay growled, her anger appearing in her feelings. She was angry that he just wouldn't stay within her grip. She twirled her knife as it turned into a scythe. She slashed at Alex with the scythe, using the extra range to gain on Alex. She then threw the scythe to the side after causing a slash in Alex's chest as she ran forwards again. She ended up sliding underneath Alex and jumping on his back, her nails scratching at his face.

Jayfeather suddenly went quiet, wanting to ask more questions but unable to of now. He waited for Autumn to start walking to the kitchen where he would follow, the end of his leash still in her hand. He wish he could rip the damn thing off but he didn't know if it would cause another punishment for him. ]
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[montserrat [center Alex stubled back a bit as he was put into a headlock, struggling a bit before he smirked and made his whole body suddenly go slack, becoming like a dead weight, stunning the girl just enough to slip from her grip and back up enough to put distance between them.

Autumn rubbed the bridge of her nose, her eyes puffy already from her tears.
[+red "'The tonic will stop you from vomiting. I just want to go get food and go about my day! Now no more questions. Just come with me to the kitchen. I'll decide what we do after that."]
She sounded exasperated, her shoulders slumpped forward as she spoke.
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[raleway Jay choked a bit from being placed in a head lock, beginning to kick back at Alex as she struggled against him. She hissed and disappeared into shadow. She reappeared behind him and jumped up, putting him into a head lock now and it was super tight.

Jayfeather frowned as he stood up, wiping the throw up from his mouth. He hissed as he felt Autumn yank on his leash, getting up and stumbling over to her. He stood there awkwardly, the black leash around his neck now in Autumn's hand. [#228B22 "Why do I need a tonic? Are you going to punish me? Are you here to kill me?' ]He asked, sounding worried about his fate with Autumn. ]
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[montserrat [center Alex narowly missed her blow, moving out of the way just in time to get a small cut. It stung a bit but he had felt worse. He stepped to the side and grbbed the girls hair bun, pulling her back and into him, putting her in a headlock.

Autumn frowned as she watched Jayfeather. She walked up to him and looked at his wounds, frowning.
[+red "God. I'm so sorry."]
She said faintly.
[+red "I don't want to die."]
She said. Her eyes were welled up with tears at this point and she wiped at them wildly and stood up.
[+red "Okay thats enough. You need a tonic. I have things to do today."]
She said, taking in a deep breath as she tugged on the leash. This was killing her, she was tearing herself up inside, but it was better than being dead, and she was her top priority.
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[raleway Jay had gotten cut three times already, a thin scratch on her cheek and the two others on her forearms. She stumbled backwards from the punch from Alex sent her backwards a bit. She yelled in anger, shadows collecting around her as she ran towards Alex again. She slashed at Alex's right leg, wanting to at least send him to the ground. She wanted to win for Abe but at the same time, she couldn't use so much of her energy. She was already looking semi sick but she kept at it.

Jayfeather rushed down the hallway and into his bedroom, showing Autumn around before going into his bathroom. He collapsed in front of the toilet, where the bloody green towel laid besides him. He hugged the bowl and threw up and then tugged off his shirt to reveal his wounds and bruises that were on his face, neck and collarbone. He felt weird with Autumn watching him but he didn't care anymore, looking over at her with the sickest face in the world as he tried to talk but failed. He didn't want to get whipped, he didn't want to get force fed, he didn't want to be given medicine to mellow him out. He didn't want anything but to get out. ]
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[montserrat [center Alex felt the wind from the blade and the kick to his neck. He wasn't expecting it at all.
[+green ""Hey thats no fair, i didn't know we were starting!"]
He said, dodging a few hits, holding his blades tight and slashing at the girl. He had made sure the blades were dull so they would only leave scrathes if they touched skin. He was able to land a punch to her middle section, earning him enough time to slip out of the girls way one more time.

Autumn smiled at the man and nodded.
[+red "Belive it or not that just how i talk."]
She said, a bit cheery for her bratty words. She looked at jayfeather, strugling to stand and pushed him towards the door.
[+red "Uhg geez. Do not get this dress dirty! Bathroom?"]
She complained after they were out the door. She wanted the boy to lead her to a bathroom so he could wash up and collect himself.
[+red "On and this. Kinky.]
She mumbled, putting the leash on the boy. She was just following orders, that was all.
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[raleway Asphyx smiled, [#FF4500 "The only reason I made this one is because Jay, Ela and Alex have almost the same attack style and they are all aggressive. I want to see who has more speed and power." ] She said, watching closely as Jay stared down at Alex. Her orange hair was pent up in a messy bun just like Jay's was as well so their hair didn't get in their way.

Jay growled and suddenly ran forwards at Alex, her legs pumping as she sprinted at the boy. She eventually made it to Alex, jumping in the air and slashing downwards with the knife that she had, not meaning to seriously hurt Alex in a way. She then rolled underneath and jumping back up behind Alex, kicking him in the back of his neck.

Jayfeather slowly crawled over to Autumn's side, using her to stand up as he continued to throw up his own blood. [b "You actually don't need to treat him like a dog, just have something on him that keeps him from running like a leash or somethin'." ] Scorpio simply said, handing Autumn a black leash he had anyways. [b "Now off you go." ] He growled, pointing away. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe let out a strangled cry as Jay took off her sweater, not wanting anyone to see her like that, but he didnt say anything, sitting on the floor cross legged.
[+magenta "Jay don't over exert yourself."]
He called to her.
Alex smirked and pulled out his pocket knives and flipped the open.
[+green "Why this pairing?"]
He asked as he approced the farther end of the shed.

Autumn bowed her head and turned around, snapping her fingers
[+red "Jayfeather, here."]
She pointed to her side and waited for the boy to come to her side.
[+red "Eh...Im sorry but...Where can i find a leash?"]
She asked sheepishly, looking back over her shoulder at Scorpio.
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[raleway Asphyx was in the middle of the shed already, swinging around her pike like a dancer, eventually using the pike as a lance to launch her towards everyone. [#FF4500 "So today we are going to go against each other to see how powerful we are and what we excel in. First two up first is..." ] She thought for a moment, her eyes settling on Jay and Alex and she smiled. [#FF4500 "First two is Jay and Alex, do not kill each other, you have won when either the other fighter has given up or is subdued." ] She simply said, pounding her pike on the ground a bit.

Jay smiled at Alex, suddenly seeming like she wasn't even sick in the first place. She went over to the weapon wall and grabbed a small, curved hunting knife and held it tightly as she went to one end of the shed and awaited for her opponent. She was wearing clothes she could get around in, her eyes glowing as she threw her hoodie to the side to show a sports bra and her black leggings.

Ela and Hestia waited by the other's watching the two carefully.

Scorpio smirked, [b "Yes, mostly like a dog I'd say. Oh and you should whip him with a whip, he hated that as a child." ] He said as he stared at Jayfeather as he stayed laying down on his side, his hazel eyes closed. [b "Now grab him and make sure I don't really see him again." ] Scorpio finished, waving the two off a bit. ]
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[montserrat [center Alex sighed and shook his head at the girl.
[+green "As long as you dont go all evil on us."]
He said, sweeping the girl up into his arms and running out to the shed.
Abe frowned and set the girl down.
[+magenta "Alright but I will not fight you, I dont want you getting sick on me."]
He teased as he lead her outside by holding her hands. He had already seen Ela and Abe going out so he figured everyone was already out.
Trevor stayed pouting but nodded, huffing back to their room to get Hestia.
[+purple "Hestia everyone is going to train. I have to bring you."]
they picked the girl up and huffed down the stairs. They were dreading this. Everyone was so tlented at fightin and they didnt even have basic knowledge.
Elwing was already in the shed, lifting weights as everyone came in.
[+green "Arent you supposed to have a spotter when you are doing that?"]
Alex quiped. Elwing grinned at the boy and shrugged.
[#cc6600 "I like to live on the edge."]

Autumn let out a giggle as she was told to put the boy on a leash, but winced as she saw the kick. She cleared her throat and nodded.
[+red "Understandable. If a problem arises i will correct it asap. Am I to treat him..]
She hesatated, glancing at Jayfeather for a second.
[+red "Like a dog?"]
She thought it could have been funny if she didn't feel sympathy.
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