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[raleway [#228B22 "It should have little to no effect to the spell." ] Jayfeather said softly, just getting onto his knees as he finished his herbal remedy and placed his head on the wooden table. He then watched Autumn with interest as he waited with his head on the table, his arms limp as he was on his knees. He felt so weak and fragile, just a simple touch could break him. He needed some kind of physical contact to feel completely better, he needed to dispell his anger and sadness in some kind of way. His black hair was all greasy and pushed to the side, making him look more punkish than emo now.

Ela softly let out a breath, it was warm against Alex's back. [#DC143C "Please no." ] She said, sounding helpless as she squeezed Alex a bit as if she was hugging him. [#DC143C "Just take me to bed like you always do~" ] She said, her eyes closing. She did mean it dirty but she was too tired to do anything at this point. ]
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[montserrat [center Autumn watched the boy, working beside him. She lit a fire under a small cauldren. She wanted to make a big batch so that she had enough to keep the boy well rested. The floor felt cold and nice on her feet as she walked around grabbing things. She hummed to herself, swaying her body, almost as if dancing. She needed to calm down enough to focus, or she wold end up doing more hurt than good.
[+Red "You would think that not knowing the effect potions and other drugs would have on my spell would be a roblem huh?"]
she said, more to herself than to the boy. She twirled over to the cauldren and placed things in it gently, looking up at the boy and smileing.
[+red "It's not my fault if my magic doesn't work. Who knows what this will do to you. Maybe it'll give you your freedom back."]
She chuckled and turned away. She really had no idea what this spell would do to the mixture in the boy. She hadn't made a propper puppet potion, more of a makeshift thing. The introduction of anything new could be dangerous, but in all honesty she didn't care. If she had to she would make a propper potion, maybe tell Jayfeather she would give him his freedom as soon as she found a way out.
Alex groaned as the girl clung to his back, eering over is shoulder at her.
[+green "I should just drop you."]
He said.

Abe carried Jay up to her room and layed her on the bed, laying next to her and pulling out his phone to play a game.
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[raleway Jayfeather slightly nodded, picking out the right herbs that would easily put him to sleep. He eventually came over to Autumn very slowly with his herbs in his arms. He laid them out on the table and he went into autopilot, his hands just numb as he crushed berries, ripped up leaves and started to mix them together and do his usual stuff. He would add this to the potion to make him sleep for a long time, enough to get all his energy back.

Ela snorted and smiled at him, an inch shorter than the boy. She jumped on Alex's back without telling him so and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs went around his waist like she was a backpack. She rested her warm cheek against his back and she fell asleep, her body feeling feverish and wet from sweat.

Jay indeed fell back asleep, her eyes closed and her breathing deep and low. Some feathers were back on her wing bones, seeming like someone had yanked most of her feathers out instead of them molting off.
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[montserrat [center As the door shut the girl puffed out her cheeks, chokeing back a very angry sound as she turned on her heals, walking back to the potions room. As she stepped through the doorway she growled to herself, removing her shoes and setting them by the door.
[+Red "If you want to sleep you have to take a potion. Lucky for you those arent to hard to make. Its a waste of materials but oh well."]
She said vehemently. She angrily took things off the shelves and brought them over to a table, gathering all the eqipment she needed. She was very huffy and angry, and it was hard to hide.
[+red "Come help me make this so you can go rest."]

Alex woke and looked up t Ela, a bit groggy for exactly two seconds before he relized she was carrying him. With a groan he practically flung himself out of her arms and onto the ground before getting up.
[+green "Jesus I'm not a damsel. You need to wake me up next time."]
He crosed his arms and basically pouted.

Abe smiled down at Jay and kissed her quickly.
[+magenta "Just bringing you to the bed dear."]
He said, telling her to rest more.

Trevor waited until everyone was gone before they picked up some hand weights. They weren't too strong but they could lift heavy things at least.
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[raleway [b "You will have to either drug him to sleep or give him some kind of relaxing potion. I am keeping my enchantment over my home Autumn." ] Scorpio said, rubbing the side of his neck as he looked down at Autumn. For once, the girl kinda frightened him, seeing how cold but calm she was in front of him. He then stepped back into his room without hearing Autumn's reply and he closed the heavy wooden door behind him.

Ela looked down at Alex as she stood over him, a crooked smile on her face. She knelt down and rubbed her hands against his cheeks and eventually began to pick him up bridal style. Yes, he was bigger than her but she somehow had the strength to pick him up. She was sweaty and smelt like shit but still carried him through the doorway and towards the house.

Asphyx nodded at Trevor and smiled, slowly going over to Hestia and picking her up like a mother would do to a child. She held the child close to her chest as she made her way behind Ela to the house. She would come back to check on Trevor but her mind was stuck with Hestia right now.

Jay groaned as Abe picked her up, her purple eyes slightly opening as her face was covered in sweat and dirt. [#9400D3 "A-Abe?" ] She called out, softly feeling his cheeks. She smiled after realizing it was her mate, curling into a ball with her cheek against his chest. ]
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[montserrat [center Autumn smiled, taking in the mans apperance.
[+red "Sorry to interupt you but i have a problem. Jayfeather can barely work, and hes no use to me or you if he cant do anything. I have a feeling you are keeping him from sleep. I came to ask if there was any way he could get some rest. I don't have enough patience for the boy in his state."]
She said the words quickly but clearly, her smile still remaining on her face.

Trevor sighed, shaking his head.
[+purple "I think I'll stay here for a bit, do some weight training."]
They said.
Elwing was already on his way out the door when he relized everyone was done and Abe had picked up Jay. Even if she protested he liked being close to her.
Alex was still dozeing against the wall, not an easy person to wake up.
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[raleway Jayfeather nodded and numbly made his way to the shelves filled with ingredients. He began to take a small notebook and a pencil, beginning to write down what they currently had. Eventually, he stumbled over something that was familiar to him, a rock that had sprouts in it. It had been a gift from his mother of course and he teared up at the sight of it. It hit him hard, the tiredness replaced with a longing silence and sadness. He reached out to touch it but recoiled, knowing he was doing something he wasn't ordered to do.

Scorpio opened the door, his purple hair all floofed up as it looked like he had a lion's mane. He leaned against his doorway, looking drowsy in some purple pajamas. [b "Yes Autumn, what do you need?" ] He said with a gentle but venomous voice as he was against his large wooden doorway.

Asphyx was breathing heavy as she put a comforting hand on Trevor's shoulder. [#FF4500 "You did fine, I will let you choose someone to help you with fighting if you wish." ] She said softly with a smile, her orange eyes going over the unconscious Jay and Hestia. [#FF4500 "Let's all go in guys." ] She said loudly, looking around with pride at her teammates. ]
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[montserrat [center Autumn sighed, crossing her arms. [+red "Well what am i supposed to do if you can barely function?"]
the girl asked, turning back toward the door and walking out.
[+red "Stay here and take inventory for me. I'll organize when i get back."]
She walked out the door, completely intending to talk to Scorpio as confidently as posible. She walked fast despite her bodys protests as her heals ached. She aproched a room that she knew she needed to be at and knocked before stepping back, her hands clasped together behind her back.

Abe looked at the two girls asleep and smiled a bit. He was tired, having exausted his wings quite a bit. He wasn't made for lengthy close ranged combat, but that didn't mean that he wasn't good at it. His wings provided the perfect escape from anything, but were easily exausted. He didn't use them often enough to have grown the right amount of muscle. It was certainly something he planned to work on.
Trevor, much like Jay and Hestia, was exausted, but they hadn't fought hard, more like evaded to the best of their ability. Their inexperience was apparent, being easily taken down in every fight. It was humiliating in a way, causing a bit of anxiety. They stayed to themselves, arms crossed and eyes glued to the floor.
Elwing was the least phased of the bunch, having refused every fight. He didnt train like they did, and he prefured to watch everyone and learn the skills they had anyway.
Alex had dozed off after his match, deciding he wanted to sleep more.
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[raleway Jayfeather forced himself to get up and stumble over to Autumn, feeling numb as his body wasn't really his own anymore. It was owned by Autumn, she had unbound power over him, maybe even more than she thought. He shook his head after hearing that he had to sleep, it's not that he didn't want to, he in fact [b really, really ] wanted to go to sleep. It was something his father had cast on him, the ability to never be able to go to sleep as long as he was in his home.

[#228B22 "Fa-ather... I can't." ] He finally mummered, looking like a zombie as he had black bags under his eyes and his lips were a shade of dark red. His body was sagging a lot, his shoulders slumped over as all he wanted to do was to collapse right there on the spot.

After several hours of battling and training, Hestia collapsed on the spot right besides Jay as the other girl did the same thing as well. They had both pushed themselves as hard as they could do, Hestia being only a child and Jay being still hurt and sick. The two closed their eyes and passed out besides each other, their heads facing away from each other. ]
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[montserrat [center Autumn stood in the doorway to the room for a good minute, taking in the sight she was seeing. She took small, slow steps inside, looking over the shelves of ingredients and taking a mental note of every one of them. She quickly regaurded the torture insterments at the back of the room, deciding not to pay much attention to them. The room seemed cluttered yet organized. But seeing how she was the one who was making the potions now, this was probably her room, and she could organize it how she liked. She looked over at Jayfeather and frowned.
[+red "Jayfeather please come here."]
She said. Its wasn't a demand and she wasn't ordering him, but she wanted to help him as best she could without raising doubt of her loyalties.
She wasn't the type to torture, or let someone she knew be tortured, thats why she went on the mission in the first place. From her position she knew this was the best thing she could do for the boy. Everyone back at the house needed him and she wasn't ready to die. She was gonna make sure she lives to be older than her mother, and that was a promise.
[+red "I need a paper to take inventory of this room. I like to know what I'm working with. And i would like you to get some rest, you are no good if you dont sleep."]
She said.
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[raleway Jayfeather stopped in front of the room that was next to his own, grabbing at the door handle. He swung open the door, the room was huge as it had all the potion ingredients in the world were lined up on shelves in the room. In the very back of the room there were all kinds of torture devices and whatnot that Jayfeather just straight up didn't look at. There were several potion books, cauldrons and crystals over wooden tables as well.

He let Autumn enter the room before crawling to the corner and curling into a ball, his arms wrapped around his legs as he tucked his head into his knees. His stomach growled and he felt sick, probably from not sleeping enough. ]
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[montserrat [center Autumn walked after Jayfeather, her feet starting to hurt a little. It had been too long since she had worn heals like the ones she had chosen. As they reached the first room she glanced into the opened door, cringing at what it had been called.
[+red "A mating room?"]
She said, a mix of curioset and disgust in her voice. She followed again as the boy grabbed her hand, letting him practically drag her at the snails pace she was going because of her shoes.
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[raleway Jayfeather silently began to walk quickly so he was in front of Autumn now. He began to walk down the long corridors, eventually reaching the spot where he would start his tour. He swung open a red door and looked in it, a bunch of love seats and hot tubs in there, [#228B22 "This is the mating room." ] He said as his voice was strained as if saying it disturbed him. He then let Autumn look in the room as he stayed outside, not willing to bring himself to go in there. He then grabbed Autumn's hand as she stepped back outside of the room and began to drag her to a room that was right next to his old room. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe looked up as his name was called, a small smile on his face.
[+magenta "Thats a good pairing, though I will say I do better in more open places."]
He said, standing and walking over to where he sould be. An ornate longsword and sheild appered in his hands, though he held them to his sides.
[+magenta "Whenever you are ready."]
He said, kind as ever.

Autumn looked at the boy, noticing he was done, and then looked at her own bowl. She hadn't even made a dent yet. She frowned and stood up, pushing in her chair and eating one last peice of fruit.
[+red "Come on. I ate enough, now give me a tour of this place."]
She said, turning her back on the boy and pulling him after her as she left the room. In truth she hadn't eaten enough, her stomach was begging for more food, but it didn't feel right to eat in front of Jayfeather when he had loooked so hungry.
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[raleway Asphyx sighed and looked over at Ela and Abe, her eyes narrowing just like they had on Jay and Alex. There was a reason why she was putting them against their friend's loved ones. [#FF4500 "Abe and Ela." ] She firmly said, waiting for them to get into their places.

Jayfeather had finished his meal quickly, for some reason it made him feel more hungry but the maidens kept food away from him in a cruel way. They knew he was unhealthy and that he hadn't eaten in like ten days and used that against him, smirking as they passed him with steaming hot plates of food. ]
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