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[raleway Jay smiled and nodded, putting down Abe's phone besides her as she looked at the tray of pancakes in front of her. She sat up a bit with her back against the headboard of Abe's bed as she waited for him to eat with her since she noticed there were two plates so she would eat one and Abe would eat the other.

Ela tried to get off of Alex's shoulders, whining as she tried to. [#DC143C "Lemme get my breakfast unless you wanna feed me." ] She finally said, crossing her arms grumpily.

The maiden straightened as Jayfeather continued to sit there. The woman bowed deeply, saying her apologizes. [b "Scorpio told me to inject his son with this so I came here to find him." ] She simply said, having one hand on the fearful Jayfeather's right shoulder. She hadn't noticed the blood on Jayfeather's collarbone yet though.

Hestia frowned, [#CD853F "Is it Asphyx?" ] She asked, sounding innocent as she looked up at Trevor after her hair was messed with. She was a huge fan of animals so she would love this new surprise and would even accept responsibility for them if it came to that. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled and began getting out the ingredients, pulling a couple babanas and chocolate out of the cabinets.
He worked quickly and cleanly, making nearly perfect chocolate pancakes with sliced bananas. He had made a plate for everyone in the room and an extra for Jay, pouring everyone a glass or oj before setting two plates aand glasses on a tray.
[+magenta "Be careful in the kitchen you two. Dont want to break something."]
He waked back up to the room, setting the tray down in front of Jay.
[+magenta "I hope you like pancakes."]
He said.

Alex grumbled as Ela climbed onto his shoulders, but locked his arms aroud her legs. Even if she wanted to she couldnt get down to eat her food. He chuckled a little looking up at her.
[+green "Well come on down and eat."]
He teased, not letting up his grip.

Autumn grumbled a little, not completely trusting them to make her food the right way, but turned back ad held up her hand.
[+red "Whoa whoa. Hold up there. Who are you and what is that? I don't know what will happpen if something interacts with my potion, he might get his free will back and no one wants that so please do not put whatever that is in him until my potion absorbs into him. "]
She was diplomatic and calm as she spoke, glanceing at Jayfeather nervously for a fraction of a second befor her face went back to almost blank with a hint of annoyance.

Trevor nodded and ruffled the girls har.
[+purple "Its gonna. Hey can you guess what I just brought to my room?"]
They asked, sounding exactly like he was on an interactive kids show.
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[raleway Ela snorted, beginning to laugh before telling Abe what she wanted, [#DC143C "Pancakes." ] She ended up saying, still laughing as she did so. She poked Alex's cheek then, playing around with him as she managed to get onto his shoulders. She wrapped her hands around his forehead, keeping her from falling off of her mate's shoulders.

Jayfeather watched Autumn go away after catching his scarf, a maiden heading over to him and holding a needle in her hand behind him. The maiden was sent by Scorpio and was just supposed to mostly poison his son lightly with the poison that Jay was sick with. The other maidens told Autumn to go back to sit down as they began to make a full course meal, singing softly as they did so.

Hestia put the cotton in her mouth, looking up at Trevor. [#CD853F "Tbis fweels weiwd." ] She managed to say, rubbing her cheek slightly. She hung onto Trevor once again, her arms around his neck and her legs around his chest. She put her cheek against his chest, wanting him to take her somewhere nice and pretty for some reason. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe looked between the two, laughing a little.
[+magenta "She's right you know. What did you want? I can make it."]
He said, taking the tacos from Alex, who growled a little and glared a playful look at Ela.
[+green "Don't say that word please Ela."]
He said calmly. He was getting a sense of Dejavu.

Autumn smiled and waved at the women before turning to Jayfeather.
[+red "Oatmeal sounds good. Its healthy and yummy. What do you say?"]
She asked, a grin on her face. She gave the boy a good look and quickly noticed the blood, her face falling into a scowl. [+red "Did you forget my orders?"]
She asked, pulling away the scarf the boy had and growling.
[+red "God damn it. You will not forget your orders. They will always be there, even if you conciously forget you will know you cant do that!"]
Se threw the scarf back at the boy and huffed off to the other girls, asking where she could find what she needed for breakfast. She was only trying to keep the boy safe and he couldnt even let her do that.

Trevor made the girl open her mouth, checking her tounge.
[+purple "Oh dear. Thats not good. Lets get you to the bathroom so you can rinse out your mouth."]
they said, picking the girl up and carrying her to the bathroom. They filled a paper cup with water and made her swish it to clean out her mouth before they gave her cotton to try to stop the bleeding.
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[raleway Jay played on the phone happily, waiting there on Abe's bed. She was playing Angry Birds because that was the only game she only truly knew. She was obviously being occupied by the game because even when she felt like throwing up again, she just kept playing on.

Ela hissed, [#DC143C "Taco's for breakfast? Are you retarded?" ] She growled, annoyed that she wasn't able to have what she wanted to eat for breakfast. She continued to sit on the counter, swinging her thicc legs as she crossed her arms, showing off her curves on purpose to Alex.

Jayfeather instantly began to walk, leading Autumn to what seemed to be a giant diner with several maidens cooking and cleaning all at once. Several of them seemed to recognize Jayfeather as they pointed at him and whispered among themselves, sounding scared for the boy. Jayfeather sat down at any empty table, tightening his scarf around his collarbone as forest green blood was around it and showing.

Hestia shook her head, her mouth filled with the own metalic taste of her own blood. She spat out the blood but it just kept coming, keeping her from telling Trevor anything really. She was still freaking out slightly, only being able to hear Trevor and not actually feel him for once. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled and shook his head at the girl, handing her the phone.
[+magenta "It has no passcode. Just download anything. But not something innapropriate please."]
He leaned down and kissed the girl again before he walked downstairs to the kitchen.
[+magenta "Good morning!"]
He said cheerfully.

Alex waved his hand at the girl beore Abe walked in.
[+green "Nope. You are never picking our breakfast again. Pancakes are lame and i dont cook."]
He turned around, the leftover tacos from the other night in his hands and threw them in the microwave as Abe entered.
[+green "mornin."]
He said back, sticking his tounge out at ela.

Autumn nodded, internaly crnging, showwing no emotion outwardly.
[+red "Hm. Well. I want breakfast, where can I eat?"]
She asked. She knew neither of them wanted to go in that room, and she really was hungry.

Trevor quickly scooped up like five cats and let out a high pitched happy sound. They thanked Asphyx over and over as they walked backwards out of the room with the cats and nearly ran to their own room, seeing hestia on the floor.
[+Purple "Ooh dear are you okay?"]
They set the cats down and rushed over to the girl.
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[raleway Jay nodded, a smile showing on her face as her bone wings folded against her back. She laid down with her head against the pillow, reaching out towards Abe with her hands as she wanted the phone. She seemed like a little baby at this point, a overly happy look on her face.

Jayfeather suddenly stopped and cursed at himself mentally as he began to speak, [#228B22 "It is my sister's room when we used to live here as children, it mostly consists of torturing devices that were used on her and her bed along with a toilet." ] He said, wanting to hurt himself so badly right now. He fiddled with his black scarf more, seeming more and more anxious as Autumn did have control over him.

Ela smirked as she sat on the counter besides the fridge, stretching slightly. [#DC143C "Pancakes." ] She firmly said, smacking her lips as she looked down at him. She tilted her head from side to side, yawning as her eyes were a tad bit bloodshot. She seemed tired and exhausted but she really wasn't.

Asphyx giggled as she pulled away from Trevor, [#FF4500 "Just take some to your room, they'll stay there and you don't even have to care for them! They're magic!" ] She said happily as she had a black cat in her lap.

Hestia began to cry as she felt around in Trevor's big bed, noticing that she was really alone. She didn't like being alone, it was her one huge fear of being alone. She sat up and rolled out of bed, bashing her head against the wooden floor boards and biting her tongue, making her cry even more. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled and leaned in, kissing the girl quickly before fluffing up her pillow.
[+magenta "You should lay down while i get us breakfast. Would you like to play on my phone?"]
He asked kindly.

Autumn looked at Jayfeather and noticed his fidgeting and sighed.
[+red "If my spell isn't working i need to know right?"]
She said, watching the boys eyes wander to the room.
[+red "Whats in there?"]
She asked, perking up.

Alex shook his head and elbowed the girl.
[+green "I think I can handle that."]
He grinned as he oppened the fridge.
[+green "What we eating?"]

Trevor patted her back, hugging her back.
[+purple "So um...The cats...Can we keep them?"]
They asked jokingly
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[raleway Jay sniffed, smiling slightly at the feeling of Abe's thumb against her cheek. She continued to hug Abe tightly, wanting him to take everything bad away from her. She wanted him to carry her somewhere where they could lay down and talk and maybe something that would help her become more... stable.

Jayfeather hissed at Autumn but he now walked besides her with his hands around his black scarf that hid his new self harm wounds. He hoped autumn didn't pick up on this, his suicidal thoughts still racing as he walked. He eventually saw Jay's room door and he stared at it as he passed it.

Ela smiled, knowing that they might not be officially lovers but they were pretty much so already. She grabbed Alex's hand again and went down the stairs with him, flirting and messing around with his hair. [#DC143C "I really care about you you fool." ] She ended up saying playfully.

Asphyx sniffed and reared her head, looking at Trevor before going into another crying fit and hugging him tightly. She felt so sorry for what she did and she wouldn't ever let it happen again. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe turned Jays eyes away from her wings and stroked her cheek with his thumb.
[+magenta "They will grow back, and I will vow to you that they will never be like this again."]
He said, his tone serious.

Autumn looked over her shoulder at the boy, looking up from under her eyelashes.
[+red "Please don't walk behind me. I said be at my side always didn't I?"]
She said, her voice gentle and sweet, almost sing song. She looked ahead of herself, pointing to the spot beside her as she walked. She seemed a bit different, acting as if she were a princess almost.

Alex raised a brow at the girl and laughed.
[+green "I would tell you that is manipulative and just plain wrong. And that its stupid to kill yourself over a dumb fuckboy like me. And i would stay with you 24/7 to make sure you dont do it."]
He stared at the girl, knowing that she was chalenging him
[+green "Sweetie I'm a demon of lust. I dont have an ounce of love in my heart. Sorry to break it to you. But I do care, and I will protect you."]

Trevor stood up quickly, crossing their arms and pouting.
[+purple "Why wont you look at me?"]
they said, looking and sounding like a kicked puppy. They knew no one could resist their pout and sad voice.
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[raleway Jay was instantly calmed down by Abe, sniffling as she hung onto him tightly. She suddenly realized that she had no feathers on her wings as she turned to look at the bones that were currently her wings. She let out a cry of distress, not liking the sight of having no feathers. It was a sign that she had literally almost died.

Jayfeather slowly and surely washed himself to the best of his abilities, smelling like roses and blossoms as he stepped out of the shower. he quickly changed, slipping on some black pants, a bright green sweater and a black scarf to hide the scratches on his collarbone. He then sighed as he was led outside of the bathroom and eventually made his way to Autumn, walking behind her.

Ela frowned, [#DC143C "You don't date huh? What if I change your mind?" ] She said, smirking. She cupped Alex's cheek in one of her hands, her face dangerously close. She could charm Alex into doing whatever most likely but she wanted to be sure that he was attached to her emotional. [#DC143C "What if I told you I was going to kill myself?" ]

Asphyx sniffled and looked up at Trevor, still crying as she felt his hand on hers. She yanked her hand away from Trevor, her hand ending up in between her thighs as she rubbed one cat with the other hand. She cuddled with cats, staying away from Trevor as she put her back against the back wall of her closet, away from Trevor. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe started as the girl woke yelling. He looked up at her and smiled a little.
[+magenta "Hope hes not planning on taking you."]
He said, holding the girl tightly in a warm hug.
[+Magenta "Calm down before you hurt yourself silly girl."]
He said softly in her ear.

Autumn quickly showered in her bathroom, which seemed to be even bigger than her room. It didnt take long for her to relize that the room was taking the shape of her dream room, and of course her extra ass dreamed of having a bigger bathroom than a regular room. She stepped out of the shower and dried her hair, putting a nice hair tonic in it. It settled into beautiful waves around her neck as she tied a small half ponytail behind her head, braiding a few peices. As always, even in a not so stellar situation she wanted to look her best. She put on a soft pink dress with nice heals as she walked out of her room, trusting that the spell would bring Jayfeather to her when he was finished. She wanted to do a little exploring on her own for a bit before he finished. Controling him was already wearing in her, but she wouldn't show it.
She walked down a long hall, her heals clicking on the tile as she stepped.
[+red "Gotta admit its pretty cool here."]
She said under her breath.

Alex notice the sad look on Ela and sighed, stopping and making her stop with him.
[+green "Listen here missy, I'm not gonna take that saddness from you! I still care about you. I just dont date."]
He looked at her sternly.
[size8 [+green "Will you two stop forgetting us?"]He asked, shaking his fists at the dumb writers]

Trevor sighed and placed a hand on Asphyx's, looking into her eyes even if she wouldn't look at them.
[+purple "Don't be sad. Please. I hate to see you sad."]
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[raleway Jay took a deep breath as her heart beat went crazy, causing her to freak out as she snapped back to life. She clutched at Abe, looking crazy as her wings were flapping, only the bones of the wings showing. [#9400D3 "I... Death visited me!" ] She said loudly, thinking she was insane and hoped that Abe wouldn't lock her in this room alone like the others had.

Jayfeather stood up from the bed, his whole head aching as he stumbled out of the room and into his own room. He looked at his room, a king sized green bed in the center, shackles hanging from the edges of the bed. There were several potions, herbs and surgical instruments all over his room as he grabbed clothes out of his closet and went into the huge bathroom. He stripped off his shirt and stared at the bruises on his cheeks and the side of his head, beginning to scratch at his collarbone, eventually cutting through his skin with his fingernails.

Eventually, he forgot about Autumn saying that he was not allowed to hurt himself as he continued to hurt himself. He eventually stopped, turning on the shower and waiting for the water to warm up. He wiped the blood away from his body using a white towel, getting it stained with his forest green blood.

Asphyx continued to sob but harder as Trevor said don't worry about it to her. She curled into a ball, the cats scratching and mewing at her with concern. They didn't want her going into a depression, she had never been that down before and she wouldn't live if she did. ]
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[montserrat [center Abe shoved his head against Jays chest, hearing her faint heart beat and sighing, relived. He picked the girl up and carried her to his room, setting her on his bed and sitting next to it, where he would stay until she woke up.

Autumn laughed dryly as he said he didnt need sleep, knowing that he would take the meds she gave him evemn if she had to force him to. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before she felt him falll down. Her eyes opened quickly and she looked down at him hitting himself.
she said, rather loudly. She rubbed her hand over her face, her eyes tearing up.
[+red "Jesus fuck Jayfeather! Just bear with it and trust everything will be okay."]
She said, her voice breaking as she turned away and grabbed clothes out of her dresser.
[+red "Go get changed and take a shower please, then come back."]
She leaned against her dresser, her back still to the boy.

Trevor gingerly stepped into the room, clearing their throat and kneeling in front of the girl and the cats, petting one of them as it mushed up against them.
[+magenta "Don't worry about it."]
They said, knowing exactly what was happening. Asphyx's emotions were so thick in the room anyone with Tee's gift would be able to tell what it was.
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[raleway Jay didn't answer again, her mouth opening slightly as she was just limp. Her heart beat once per minute, a tiny sign of life in the fallen angel's body. Jay seemed so dead, her purple eyes closed but if they were opened, Abe would only see darkness and emptiness, her soul beginning to die.

Jayfeather growled, his hands shaking as he just wanted to kill Autumn right then and there. [#228B22 "I need no sleep." ] He simply growled after everything, not picking up that Autumn looked sympathetic. He was filled with so much rage and depression, his harmful thoughts against himself coming back in his mind as he thought of spilling his own blood. His hands curled into fists as he suddenly slammed his fist into the side of his head, dropping on his knees onto the mattress. His efforts of killing and harming himself would be very hard, he could harm himself without Autumn knowing but he punched himself in front of Autumn anyways.

Ela sighed and frowned, still leaning into Alex. It was at that moment that it really hit her, her love feeling like it was denied as she pulled away from Alex. She stared at the ground as she walked with him, warm tears dripping off of her cheeks as she just wanted someone to care for and someone to care for her.

Asphyx didn't answer the door but it slowly opened, revealing Asphyx sobbing in the closet covered in cats. The room was tied to Asphyx's feelings and did it's best to help her, feeling that Trevor could do something for her. She felt sorry for dragging Trevor into a lustful situation, and all she wanted to do was say sorry. ]

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