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[raleway Asphyx smiled, it did just dawn on her that it was just them and none of them were over the age of 18 actually. The closest was Jayfeather and he isn't even here. She made a cup of tea before placing it in her lap as she watched Alex walk in. She just scoffed, rolling her eyes as she really didn't want to look at him. [#FF4500 "No problem, she was very sweet." ] She finally said, smiling down at Trevor.

Jay took Abe's hand softly, her hand feeling rough but gentle at the same time. With all the training she has done her skin felt rough because of how much things she usually clung to. She slowly stood up, no longer feeling sick and feeling better actually for once. She felt light and airy just like a normal angel should. She pressed her body against his chest when she did stand up, not wanting to abandon the warmth of his body. [#9400D3 "I feel better." ] She finally said, smiling up at him with that warm smile and purple eyes.

Ela was the next one to come down the stairs, her hair bouncing as she tripped and kinda tumbled down the stairs. She stood up and groaned, wearing her red sweater and some soft ram pajamas. They were red as well and it had little sheepies on it too as she walked into the kitchen, sat down and slammed her head onto the table.

Jayfeather took a huge breath and he woke up then and there, somehow not even sleeping for like three hours. He sat up a bit from the table that he laid against and he groaned, the feeling of constant hunger nagging at him. He did however, get a lot of rest as he felt better than usual for once. He had managed to get all of his energy back and he didn't feel like he was on the brink of death for once. ]
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[montserrat [center Trevor followed her into the kitchen, peeking at Hestia on the way. They smiled softly seeing her sleep. They had always wanted to be a parent, but they never thought they would have a child so soon. Trevor chuckled a bit at the thought.
[+purple "Has it dawned on you that we are a bunch of teens living in a house together without any true adults?"]
They asked, pouring themselves a cup of tea, hoping the girl wouldn't mind.

Alex made his way into the kitchen, his sweatpants hanging loose on his hips as he towel dried his hair. He had just gotten out of the shower and felt absolutely marvelous. Trevor choaked a bit on their tea when he walked in, caught off gaurd by the way he looked.
[+green "Take a picture it lasts longer."]
He said, throwing a wink over at the two as he went into the fridge. Trevor cleared their throat and looked back at Ashpyx, knowing he had given the wrong idea. There was a tad bit of jelousy there. How could Alex look so effortlessly atractive all the time?
[+purple "Anyway...Thanks for taking care of Hestia."]
He said to the girl.

Abe twitched his finger just as the girl latched onto him, throwing off his touch on the game he was playing. He watched as the basketball on the screen when slightly off to the left and missed the basket, costing him a point. He smiled at the girl, not even angry about the fact that she had messed up his game.
[+magenta "That was a quick rest."]
He said, kissing the girl. He removed her arms and stood up, holding out his hand for her. He knew he had gotten comfy with her rather quickly, but something told him that it wasn't a problem. He wasn't raised to fall for anyone, his parents thought it was a waste of his power, but sometimes fate had differnt things in store for someone, and his fate was here. His new job had let him do things he never could when he lived at home, and that was refreshing.
  Alex H / MagicBrian / 43d 7h 24m 21s
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[raleway Asphyx nodded, maybe it was best just not to disturb Jay and her healing cycle as she healed way more slowly than everyone else did. She entered the house as well, feeling the warmth of the home wash over her and it totally relaxed her. She went and sat on the counter of the kitchen, swinging her legs a bit as her tea was boiling in the tea pot next to her. She had kinda slipped into Jayfeather's room and used some berries and honey to sweeten the hot liquid.

Hestia was laying on the couch in some pajama's, her brown short hair covering her face as she was taking a nap. She had her hands in between her thighs weirdly, mostly because her hands were cold. She smelt of fresh flowers and oranges, her hair still wet from taking a bath.

Jay groaned and sat up, rubbing her arm as she stared at her feet. She yawned as her wings fluttered a bit, showing that she had more feathers back. There were only some patches that had no feathers but they would probably be back soon. She looked over at Abe with a kinda loopy smile. [#9400D3 "I feel better." ] She said, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tightly. She felt thirsty and kinda hungry, mostly because she was healing and whatnot. ]
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[montserrat [center Trevor hugged her back instantly. They could tell she was really worried.
[+purple "I think thats a good idea. She is probably asleep right now though."]
they walked out the door andback into the house. They could train alone later.
  Autumn / MagicBrian / 44d 14h 2m 48s
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[raleway [#FF4500 "I just wish I could see them..." ] Asphyx said sadly, looking at Trevor with sad eyes. She stepped forwards and hug the other boy, her hug strangely tight. She had never felt this way before and she was sure she cared for all of them. She cared for everyone like a mother and her children. She sniffed as she pulled away from the male, [#FF4500 "I hope they come back soon... Maybe we should ask Abe if Jay needs help with anything." ] She said, looking a bit determined. She grabbed Trevor's hand as she waited for his answer, not thinking of it in anyway. ]
  |тнε ρнεσηιx| / RoyalBlood- / 46d 8h 32m 42s
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[montserrat [center Trevor crossed their arms, pouting at her laugh. Their expression changed, however, when she spoke.
[+purple "I cant go to a fight. I would be killed. And Jay is one of our strongest and she is in no position to fight. I know its a bad idea. I can feel it, and my feelings are never wrong. If we go people die."]
They picked up the weight and put it back on the shelf, moving to stand in front of Asphyx.
[+purple "They...I feel them. They are okay. Autumn is keeping Jayfeather safe."]
They didn't know how they knew this, but they always knew things like this. They would never understand their gift, but it was always a help in these situations.
  Autumn / AbracaFuckYou / 46d 9h 38m 27s
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[raleway Asphyx began to laugh, seeing that the weight had almost literally crushed his foot. She stood there with her arms crossed and she looked down, kicking at the floor. [#FF4500 "We need to go find Autumn and Jayfeather." ] She randomly said, staring at the ground still. No one else knew how much it felt weird to her without having two teammates with her. She also was thinking of what was happening to Autumn and Jayfeather right now, something bad probably. [#FF4500 "I was actually getting you because I was about to talk to everyone else about it." ] She said, finally looking up at Trevor with wet eyes. ]
  |тнε ρнεσηιx| / RoyalBlood- / 46d 9h 50m 36s
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[montserrat [center Autumn sighed as the boy fell asleep. She would have to leave him there, and he was in the way of her working. She turned away from him and walked off to finish with the inventory, turning some music on her phone, singing and danceing to it.

Trevor was in the middle of their last set when they heard their name, causeing them to drop the weight. They jumed back, narrowly missing their foot.
[+purple "Oh boy. That was close. Hey Asphyx."]
they waved at the girl.
  Autumn / AbracaFuckYou / 46d 9h 58m 1s
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[raleway Jayfeather felt the liquid in his mouth and his first instinct was to swallow whatever was given to him. He leaned back against the table, feeling like his throat was burning before it went into his stomach. He shuddered a bit, his hazel eyes looking up at Autumn's red eyes before ultimately falling asleep. His body was limp, his mouth slightly opened as he breathed in and out, his chest rising and falling with it.

Asphyx stepped back inside the shed, looking for Trevor of course. [#FF4500 "Trevor?" ] She called, looking around with her arms crossed. She had bathed and changed into a grey sweater with some dark blue skinny jeans. ]
  тнε αρσтнεcαяү / CryBaby- / 46d 14h 7m 33s
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[montserrat [center Autumn quickly hopped off the table when she saw Jayfeather fall.
[+red "Jesus you couldn't wait for it to cool down at least?"]
She asked, propping the boy up against the table. She quickly scooped up a bit of the potion and blew on it in an attempt to cool it down.
[+red "Sorry if this burns bt you couldn't wait untill it was cooled off to try and die."]
She held the potion to the boys lips, not exactly forcing it, so much as dumping it into his mouth which she opened. He didn't have to swallow, but he also shouldn't spit it out.
  Autumn / AbracaFuckYou / 47d 2h 28m 19s
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[raleway Jayfeather was silent for a few moments after Autumn had finished talking. He slowly stood up and swayed a bit as he looked at Autumn, his forest green eyes were darker than usual. [#228B22 "I-I can help you with t-that.." ] He managed to say, standing there as the potion finished. He had slipped his herbal paste into the potion before it started, not changing the color of what it turned out to be. He just then stared at the potion for a few moments before just collapsing. He laid there on the ground, feeling like he was dying as he stared up at the ceiling. ]
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[montserrat [center Autumn scoffed and looked at the boy.
[+red "You over estimate my magic then."]
She said, throwing everything into te cauldren and hopping up onto the table to sit. She swung her legs off the side and played with the fabric of her dress while she waited for the potion.
[+red "I'm not the kind of witch that really does well with things. Ii cant even use a wand without blowing something up. I'm just good with potions I know."]
Her voice didn't change from her normal confidence, nor did her face, but the words were harsh, and a little sad.

Alex snorted as he adjusted the girl on his back so he could hold her better.
[+green "Geez. You alread this attached to me?"]
He said jokingly, but under his breath. He heaved a big sigh and brought the girl to her room, dropping her when his back was to her bed. He didnt want to stay so he walked to the bathoom to take a shower.
  Autumn / AbracaFuckYou / 48d 1h 57m 47s
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[raleway [#228B22 "It should have little to no effect to the spell." ] Jayfeather said softly, just getting onto his knees as he finished his herbal remedy and placed his head on the wooden table. He then watched Autumn with interest as he waited with his head on the table, his arms limp as he was on his knees. He felt so weak and fragile, just a simple touch could break him. He needed some kind of physical contact to feel completely better, he needed to dispell his anger and sadness in some kind of way. His black hair was all greasy and pushed to the side, making him look more punkish than emo now.

Ela softly let out a breath, it was warm against Alex's back. [#DC143C "Please no." ] She said, sounding helpless as she squeezed Alex a bit as if she was hugging him. [#DC143C "Just take me to bed like you always do~" ] She said, her eyes closing. She did mean it dirty but she was too tired to do anything at this point. ]
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[montserrat [center Autumn watched the boy, working beside him. She lit a fire under a small cauldren. She wanted to make a big batch so that she had enough to keep the boy well rested. The floor felt cold and nice on her feet as she walked around grabbing things. She hummed to herself, swaying her body, almost as if dancing. She needed to calm down enough to focus, or she wold end up doing more hurt than good.
[+Red "You would think that not knowing the effect potions and other drugs would have on my spell would be a roblem huh?"]
she said, more to herself than to the boy. She twirled over to the cauldren and placed things in it gently, looking up at the boy and smileing.
[+red "It's not my fault if my magic doesn't work. Who knows what this will do to you. Maybe it'll give you your freedom back."]
She chuckled and turned away. She really had no idea what this spell would do to the mixture in the boy. She hadn't made a propper puppet potion, more of a makeshift thing. The introduction of anything new could be dangerous, but in all honesty she didn't care. If she had to she would make a propper potion, maybe tell Jayfeather she would give him his freedom as soon as she found a way out.
Alex groaned as the girl clung to his back, eering over is shoulder at her.
[+green "I should just drop you."]
He said.

Abe carried Jay up to her room and layed her on the bed, laying next to her and pulling out his phone to play a game.
  Autumn / AbracaFuckYou / 49d 2h 14m 13s
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[raleway Jayfeather slightly nodded, picking out the right herbs that would easily put him to sleep. He eventually came over to Autumn very slowly with his herbs in his arms. He laid them out on the table and he went into autopilot, his hands just numb as he crushed berries, ripped up leaves and started to mix them together and do his usual stuff. He would add this to the potion to make him sleep for a long time, enough to get all his energy back.

Ela snorted and smiled at him, an inch shorter than the boy. She jumped on Alex's back without telling him so and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs went around his waist like she was a backpack. She rested her warm cheek against his back and she fell asleep, her body feeling feverish and wet from sweat.

Jay indeed fell back asleep, her eyes closed and her breathing deep and low. Some feathers were back on her wing bones, seeming like someone had yanked most of her feathers out instead of them molting off.

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