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[montserrat [center Autumn knealed beside Jayfeather, uncorking a healing potion in hopes it would help. She put the bottle to his mouth and tried to get him to drink. She couldn't figure out what was happening but she knew it had to be something to do with the red eyed Jayfeather that had appeared.
Alex stood in a fighting stance, stareing with awe at his new foe.
[+green "Fucking weird."]
Suddenly from behind the group a bright pink tinted light shined and the sound of wings flapping could be heard. As the light faded and revealed a boy in a baggy shirt and sweats. He held out his hand and a bow appered, a quiver on his back. He walked up to the group and smiled kindly at Autumn.
[+magenta "I wouldn't bother healing him and just fight. Hes not gonna be useful."]
With that he shot an arrow that hit right in the center of the Anti Jayfeathers chest, but did little to no damage.
  Abe / EastIsUp / 311d 23h 43m 40s
Jayfeather suddenly stopped and just stood there as four of the devilish looking things just came out and looked at him, nothing else came out but another human. It looked just like him, except it's eyes were red. He suddenly felt something just explode in his body and he screamed, falling to his knees as just forest green blood began to leak out of his ears and mouth. He just seemed so scared and hurt for once, his hands now over his bleeding ears. He seemed out of it, for once, he seemed insane.

Ela heard Jayfeather's scream as she held the potion bottle. She then deicided, that as Jayfeather had helped her, she would help him. She uncorked the bottle and drank, her nerves soothing. She ran back inside the house, but not for cover... There was a reason she had so many weapons in her room.

Asphyx looked down at Jayfeather, a surprised look on her face. She wasn't a healer and she wasn't the one to calm someone down with words. She was the person to defend cities and small towns. She just held her pike high as she looked at the human that looked exactly like her teammate.
  Asphyx / Scorpius / 312d 2m 56s
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[montserrat [center [+Green "Darkness? What?"]
Alex sputtered, completely confused at this point.
He pulled out his blade and ran after the boy as well. Autumn looked at the other girl as she freaked out and scoffed.
[+Red "Snap out of it girly, or you'll probably die.]
She said harshly, rumaging in her pockets before pulling out a rasberry colored liquid.
[+red "Drink this, it will calm you down."]
With that she ran up behind the rest of the group, gasping at the sight before her.
The gates emmited a bright red light which would spoop the spooiest of creatures. And comeing out from it was a human shape followed by creatures of nightmares. Black creatures with no faces crawled towards the group sllowly, their devilish teeth and claws the only thing that wasn't black. They were huge disgusting things that shook Alex and Autumn to the core.
[+green "Still not as creepy as minnions."]
Alex said, earning a side glare from Autumn.
  Autumn / EastIsUp / 312d 8m 40s
"It's the first wave of darkness." He whispered, his eyes holding nothing but fear as he took out his two sickles. He looked fearful and anxious, his fingers twitching. He then sprinted off towards the gates, he was hella faster than most but that's because he was more muscle than fat and bone.

Asphyx pulled out of Autumn's hand and raced after him, pulling out a metal stick from her hoodie pocket, it then grew into a pike. She always carried two.

Ela looked confused and now fearful. "I don't wanna... No..." She cried, crying from her fear. She wanted to go into the safeness of her room and of her house. She heard growls from outside but the monsters never came inside...
  Asphyx / Scorpius / 312d 42m 47s
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[montserrat [center Alex rushed to the window and Autumn rushed to Asphyx, both looking distressed.
[+red "I'm a friend. C'mon lets get you out of here."]
The girl said, grabbing onto the other girls hand.
[+green "What the fuck is happening?"]
He looked at the girl trying to escape and frown.
[+green "You better help us. It's your job too."]
He grabbed Ela's hand and pulled her with him out the door. They all ran together after Jayfeather.
Autumn was heasatant but when she saw the gates opening she decided it was in everyones best interest that everyone helps out.
They screached to a stop behind the other boy, all silent.
[+Green "Whats happening Jayfeather?"] Alex asked.
  Autumn / EastIsUp / 312d 46m 41s
Asphyx suddenly stood up, her hands free. "Cunts." She growled, her orange hair glowing weirdly. She then gave the middle finger to Alex, letting out all of her anger at once. She then froze, the ground shaking slightly.

Jayfeather felt the ground vibrating and his face with slack and his eyes went wide with fear. "He said it wouldn't happen today!" He suddenly yelled, running to the front door. He stared across the field, the stone gates opening and red light erupting from it.

Ela stared at it through the window. "Daddy said that monsters came from there. It's a story." she said innocently, a smile on her face as if thinking it was her father coming. She was wrong.
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[montserrat [center The girl laughed and tried to get out of Alex's grip, but the boy held her. Her face quickly turned to a frown.
[+Red "Jesus. Fine.Whatever Just let me go."]
She said, looking at Jayfeather. Alex let her go and she stepped away from him, glareing.
As Asphyz rolled off the couch she caught the atention of Alex and Autumn, who both looked at her curiously.
  Heros / EastIsUp / 312d 1h 14m 52s
"Because no one likes us." Jayfeather said, hearing what Alex mumbled. "Please just stay with us, we have food, drink, even a fucking tele." He said, pointing over to the cold steaks and asparagus on the counter in the kitchen "I'll explain everything to you during then."

"Tell me what's going on then!" Ela said, a smile on her face. She had too much innocence to be told that her father had died so Jayfeather decided to keep it a secret.

Asphyx randomly rolled off the couch onto the floor with a thump.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 312d 1h 43m 4s
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[montserrat [center
[+red "Pardon."]
The girl said, looking at the boy like he was stupid.
[+green "Yeah pardon?"]
Alex said, crossing his arms and looking at the boy.
[+green "Wanna tell us what you know because I'm seriously confused what is happening here."]
The girl just laughed and nodded.
[+red "Right... Well I'm gonna go get some backup and come back for her."]
She turned around and began to walk back to the door but Alex ran and grabbed her before she got far.
[+Green "Why do they try to run?"]
He mumbled.
  Autumn / EastIsUp / 312d 1h 47m 10s
Jayfeather calmed at the sight of the girl having no weapons. He then soothed himself back to his calm self again. "You can't take her and now you can't leave. I've been looking for you." He said, sounding as if the tables have been turned.

Ela also calmed down but she had a guarded expression. "No one is taking my new friend!" She squealed, holding her hunting knife closely.

Asphyx sighed, "I told you a fucking million times, I'm not your friend!" She yelled.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 312d 1h 58m 37s
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[montserrat [center Alex had his switchblade drawn and was in a fighting stance. He chuckled a little at Jayfeathers throwing skill annd looked at the boy really quick, making a note to make fun of him about it later.
The girl just looked around and laughed nervously
[+red "I'm not here to fight. I just came to get her."]
She said, pointing at Asphyx.
[+red "I dont want any trouble."]
The girl had a bit of an accent, which to Alex sounded australian.
[+green "Come again?"]
The boy asked, Taking a step closer to the girl.
She lowered her hood and looked at the boy. Her hair was tied up in a high ponytail and she had a scowl on her face.
[+red "I just want the girl. I have no weapons. I'm not gonna hurt anyone."]
She put her hands up as if surrendering and smiled a little.
  Autumn / EastIsUp / 312d 2h 5m 43s
Jayfeather was right behind Alex with rushing down the stairs, a sickle in his hand. "Hey!" He screamed, the first he had ever yelled his voice and it like almost shook the house. He threw his sickle with an aim of a potato, the sickle flying over her head. Damn, he could fight hand to hand, but give him anything he had to aim with, he turned to shit.

Ela turned around, dropping her chocolate. She screeched and fell off the couch in surprise with a thud. She then scrambled to get up with a hunting knife. She always had weapons on her. "Go away!" She yelled with her childish voice.

Asphyx continued to stay on the couch, not sure what was happening.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 312d 2h 18m 45s
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[montserrat [center Alex looked at the other boy, dumbstruck.

It took him a bit to take in what the boy had said, and when it finally all hit he laughed.

[+green "Well fuck. Isn't that peachy."]

He ran a hand through his hair and shook his head.

[+green "I get this feeling you aren't fucking with me huh?"]

Meanwhile downstairs the girls eyes were trained on the back of Ela's head, cautious of her next move. She reached into her pocket and grabbed a bottle of some kind and a rag, dousing the rag carefully in the pink liquid.

she slowly stepped toward the blue haired girl, holding the rag tightly. She was so focused on the girl she didn't notice the rug that was slightly lifted up until her foot caught on it. She tumbled forward, a few bottles of brightly colored liquid clattering from her pockets and the rag flying across the room.

Upstairs the boys heard the clattering and Alex was the first to practically run down the stairs, but the girl was on her feet, her eyes shining bright red being all that was seen of her face under the hood.
  Heros / EastIsUp / 312d 2h 24m 9s
"Take heed, the father is dead." Jayfeather simply said, "Some were chosen to be guardians of the gates to hell since he was the last guardian remaining of his bloodline. But with that, Ela is a guardian no matter what, because she is the last blood line of her family." He said, his eyes darting from the floor to Alex's face once in a while. "We are the guardians and we really can't abandon our post. So... I've got to stick with you and everyone else here." he said, his mouth twitching as if he was going to say something else.

Ela was still eating her choco while having her back to the door. She continued to watch TV for some reason while sitting next to Asphyx still.
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 312d 3h 34m 47s
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[montserrat [center The boy looked at the other boy and scoffed.
[+green "Fuck you."]
He said, voice laced with venom.
[+green "I just wanted to know what you planned to do with the girl. I didn't think id be here this long and the girls father still hasn't come home."]
His fists were clenched and he was seething, but some things were more important than fighting.

The front door slowly opened and a girl with a hood on quietly stepped inside, being as quiet as she could so she could go unnoticed.
  Alex / EastIsUp / 312d 3h 39m 28s

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