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Jay just sighed, another know-it-all. She silently hissed at him as he grabbed her arm, sending her to cry out in pain just like a bird. She just closed her eyes and took deep breaths, she's been in worse pain than this. Try being impaled by a spear and left to die for a day but you survived just because a boy came along. She wanted her mask off of her head because at sometimes, it bothered her breathing but she didn't tell the boy. She just sat at the edge of the tub and let him do whatever.

Asphyx looked over her shoulder at Autumn and hissed, meaning no. She didn't want help. She then finally turned off everything and wiped her forehead that was covered in sweat. She had managed to make dinner and have left overs for like two weeks.

Ela smiled back with her eyes closed before jumping into the air. "It's fine! Come in!" She squealed, now knowing that this was the exact person her father talked about, from the way he looked to the way he talked, Ela remembered him.
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled at Jay kindly.
[+magenta "Hello Jay." ]
He said softly, sitting on the counter.
[+magenta "Chocolate has many health benefits if eaten in moderation. It can lower the risk of stroke, and heart failure. It also helps slow platelet clumping in your blood, and it releses endorphines to help with depression and mental health. Ideally you would eat darker chocolates, and never white for these benefit. White chocolate-"]
He saw the girl looking at him and laughed.
[+magenta "Lets get to healing you."]
He picked up some bandages and lifted the girls arm to inspect it.

Alex watched as the girl banged out more food than probably needed and laughed.
[+Green "I'll tell everyone what I know when we eat. Jayfeather seems to be out of it so I don't think we'll know everything yet."]
He glanced into the other room where the boy slept.

[+red "You want some help Asphyx?"]
Autumn asked, standing up and looking over the girls shoulder.

Trevor looked at the door and sighed, but quickly it was opened again to reveal a girl. They smiled cautiously
[+Purple "I..um...I felt something. I don't know why I'm here I just know I need to be."]
they said, tugging at the edge of their cloak nervosly.
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Ela looked back at Abe, her face showing curiosity. "Uhhh... I'ma go see him, why don't you help Jay?" She asked, pointing at the girl who sat on the edge of the bathtub, purple blood dripping from her wrists onto the tile. She then ran into the hallway without waiting for Abe's answer and ran down the stairs and to the door, yanking the door open. "Hello?" She squeaked, her girlish voice reaching high pitches.

Jay just stared at Abe, her crow mask still on her face. She seemed creepy just sitting there with scratches up her arm with her blood and her mask on her face. Her black wings were pressed against her back and her mouth held a bit of dried purple blood. There were chocolate bars, bandages, and a full first aid kit on the floor besides Jay's purple blood on the floor. "I have no clue to why she tried to give me chocolate, I hate chocolate." She said, her voice barely a whisper.

Asphyx nodded to Alex's answer, she was making a shit ton of food, from mexican to burgers with alarming speed.
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[montserrat [center Alex and Autumn both went to the kitchen and sat at a table.
[+red "What is going on here?"]
Autumn asked the boy, who looked at her and then Asphyx. He had no problem telling them eveything he knew but he wanted to wait until everyone was there.
[+green "Are you making food for everyone?"]
He asked the other girl, making Autumn pout.

The person in the woods stepped out, sporting a dark blue cloak covering most of them. They walked to the house hesaantly, knocking softly and putting theirhood down.

Inside Abe heard the knock and went to the door after making sure Jayfeather was asleep.
[+Magenta "Hello. How can we help you?"]
The boy said when he answered the door.
[+purple "I... Um...Please may I come in?"]
The boy just tilted his head at the stranger and smiled.
[+Magenta "I'll ask the lady of the house, please wait here."]
He closed the door and went to the bathroom where he knew hed find Ela.
[+magenta "Miss there is a guest at the door, I wasn't sure if i should let them in."]
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Ela also lead the girl into the house as well, bringing her over to the stairs. She led her upstairs, little droplets of purple blood leading a trail up the stairs. "I've got something for you!" Ela said sweetly, helping the girl up and down the hallway into the bathroom.

Asphyx smiled too as she entered the house and went into the kitchen. She sighed, her food cooking abilities were so much better than Jayfeather's as she stared at his steaks and asparagus. She then began to make enough food for everybody.

Jayfeather nodded slowly and laid down on the couch, using a pillow to hold his head. After a few minutes, soft snores began to come from his mouth, his face seeming calm and peaceful.
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[montserrat [center Alex looked at the girl like she was crazy. What did she mean "birds liked you"?
[+green "Right."]
He mumbled, walking after the girls.

Autumn looked over at the girl and chuckled.
[+red "Understatement of the century."]
She smiled sweetly at the girl and entered the house.

Abe got the boy to the couch and got him to sit.
[+magenta "Sh, time to rest now."]
he said, stroking the boys hair.
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The girl just stared at Alex with her head tilted again. She was never really one with words but her mouth opened for once. "The birds like you." She simply said, her eyes staring into his face. She then looked away as Ela began to tug her towards the house, using her scythe as a walking stick as she slowly walked. She felt like someone was nearby but she decided she would leave it to the others.

Asphyx nodded, her pike dragging across the ground because she didn't want to hold it. Instead, she dragged it of course. "Today was weirdly odd." She simply said, looking over at Autumn.

Jayfeather was just silent as he walked next to Abe. He was looking around crazily, his eyes just seeming like they were looking for one thing and one thing only. "Mama?" He silently whispered, looking like he'd seen a ghost.
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled and nodded softly, lifting the boy up onto his feet.
[+magenta "Lets get you inside."]
Hhe bagan to walk the boy back to the house, the girls following after them.
[+magenta "I think he should get some rest, so lets not desturbe him Okay?"]

Alex looked at the new arival and sighed.
[+green "Are you asking me to patch her up cuz thats not my specialty its his"]
He pointed to the retreating backs of the others, specificaly Jayfeather and Abe.

Meanwhile lurking in the bushes was someone, watching, waiting for the right opportunity to come out.
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The girl just stood there, leaning on her scythe for help since she felt so dizzy from using her powers to get over to the clearing so fast. She had sheathed her hunting knife in a leather sheathe on her left hip and began to roll up her pink hoodie sleeves, showing her pale wrists and arms which had two long and deep scratches going up towards her shoulder. The scratches themselves were glowing black as if they were darkness. She frowned at it, her purple eyes scanning over her injures.

Jayfeather finally felt clean, his shaking finally stopping and his eyes coming back into focus. He looked up at Abe, a slight smile on his face. "A-are... you an-n ange-el...?" He asked weirdly as if he was seeing things. He seemed a bit out of it as he calmed down and let his hands fall from his ears.

Ela looked over at Alex and nodded before running over to the new girl. She got really close to the girl before she got pushed back, stumbling back. "I just want to help..." Ela said quietly, looking at the girl. "You saved me..." She said, getting closer again but she didn't get pushed again. Ela grabbed the bottom part of the girl's hoodie and tugged her towards Alex, the girl stepping slowly but surely towards Alex.

Asphyx shook her head and looked over at Autumn, "Oh. Yeah! I'm fine." She said, reaching over and pulling her pike out of the dead anti. She stared at the spear end, black sludge all over that too. She had to clean it. "Let's go to the others." She said, turning around and going over to Abe and Jayfeather.
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[montserrat [center Abe frown for the first time since he had arived and sighed.
[+magenta "Hello. I'm Abe. I'm going to help you."]
He said, putting his hands on either side of Jayfeathers face. He closed the boys eyes as well as his own and took a deep breath. Wherever the boys blood had touched began to faintly glow pink and dissapear. The blonde boy started to bleed from his nose, but it was nothing he wasn't used to.
As the last drop of green dissapeared Abe opened his eyes and smiled, wiping at the blood under his nose. [+magenta "All better."]

Alex looked at Ela as she threw a god damn granade and just scoffed. After it was clear the eragons were all gone he walked over to Ela and ignoring the new arrival.
[+green "You okay?"]
He asked, looking slightly concerned.

Autumn stepped up next to Asphyx and looked at the body as well.
[+red "You good?"]
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Ela was still there, but a bit away from everybody. She still had her eyes set on the four eragons that just stared back at her. She dropped the heavy greatsword and just fiddled with the grenade, finally pulling the pin. She then rushed forwards with her tiny legs and chucked the grenade, landing nearby the minions. Three of them literally jumped on the grenade, not knowing it was a grenade because it was blind. After a few seconds, there was a huge explosion and a boom, the three creatures dying instantly.

The girl in the branches then watched with her head tilted curiously as the last minion rushed at Ela, making Ela scream in terror. She then took a deep breath and fell off the branch, the shadows of the night wrapping around her. She then suddenly felt cold and dark before landing on her feet on the ground but she was now in front of Ela, the monster now on top of her. The girl with the crow skull then grunted as the monster slammed into her, sending them both to the ground. There was a few seconds of dust flying up everywhere but then there was silence.

The girl was barely standing as the dust settled, a crack in the forehead part of the crow skull and several slashes in the hoodie sleeves, glowing purple blood flowing out of the hoodie and onto the ground, the grass around her died and wilted. She was terrified in her mind but she didn't show it, being powerful had it's curses, she couldn't be healed by magic and now there was a poison in her bloodstream. She had a scythe in her left hand and a hunting knife covered in black sludge in her right hand. Her wings were spread out behind her as Ela looked at her with awe on her face.

Jayfeather just was quiet as he felt hand on his shoulder, he wasn't sure who was touching him but his face was pale and his chin and cheeks were just covered in his blood, every time a droplet of his blood hit the ground, the grass grew around him, almost like it wanted to protect him.

Asphyx just stood there by the anti, her orange eyes just staring, just staring at the dead anti.
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[montserrat [center Abe smiled at Asphyx and nodded.
[+magenta "Great work."]
He said, cheerfully. Autumn walked up to the group and nodded approvingly.
[+red "Looks like we make a good team...Well most of us."]
She looked at Alex and shruged. The boy growled and flipped her off, turning to the dying Anti.
[+green "I just didn't know where to hit it thats all."]
He put his blade back in his pocket and frowned.
[+magenta "Everyone is usefull. We are all important here. even if me and the girls did the brunt of the work"]
Abe said, looking at the others. Autumn laughed while Alex scowled.
[+green "Someone should cheack on Jayfeather."]
He said angrily.
[+magenta "I've got it."]
Abe walked over to the other bo and rested his hand on his shoulder.
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Asphyx also smiled as she heard about the Paralysis potion, her pike was made for things like this. She picked up her pike from besides the anti and smiled. "Prepare to go to Hell. Again." She said happily, driving the iron tip of the pike into the Anti's other knee and just let it stand there, now pinning him to the ground.

The anti was confused and screaming, a demonic growling coming from it's mouth. It didn't get to do what it wanted, it wanted to kill and destroy and here it is, almost dead.

Someone watched the whole scene, hiding in the branches of the forest that was nearby the gates. It was a female by the look of her but she was very unhealthy, her body nothing but skin and bones. She wore the skinniest black jeans she could, showing how truly skinny she was. She then wore a light pink huge hoodie which had little pineapples over it. She wore a crow skull over her face, almost like a plaque doctor. Her intense purple eyes could be seen from the eye sockets of the skull and her purple long hair was trapped underneath the mask. But the weirdest thing about her though is the black wings that were folded against her back.
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[montserrat [center Autunm rumaged in her pocket and pulled out yet another bottle of liquid, This time it was clear, and she pulled her arm back as if it were a baseball.
[+red "Get out of the way!"]
She yelled launching the potion at the anti. It shattered on the ground around him and glowed a white color. He looked at the girl as if what she had done was useless but she just smirked.
[+red "'Paralisis potion. Now you can attack. It only lasts till it evaporates, which is probably about ten minutes on this ground type. Just dont step in the glowy ring or you'll get the same effect."]
She smiled and alex saluted her before rushing at the anti with his switchblade, careful not to step into the glowing circle.
The anti attempted to move but was frozen from the potion surrounding him.
Alex got in some really good licks but they seemed to be doing nothing.
sudenly an arrow came wizing past the boy and right into the knee of the enemy.
Anti-Jayfeather let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground.
[+magenta "Looks like i found his weakness."]
Abe said, smiling at alex.
[+Green "Dude what the fuck?"]
He said, dumbfounded by the other boy.
[+Magenta He used to be an adventurer until he go an arrow to the knee."]
The blonde boy chuckled and game a closed eyed grin, earning only a eye roll from Alex.
  Abe / EastIsUp / 286d 22h 7m 51s
Jayfeather suddenly stopped screaming but still looked broken, his eyes shaking from fear and other things. His nose began to bleed as well, his pants becoming nothing but the color green.

Asphyx yelled and charged, wanting to test the waters for the anti. She swung the pike at the anti but he caught it, yanking it from her grip. He then used to wooden end to smack her in the face. She then looked back at him, snarling. She jumped up and drop kicked the fuck out of him, it did indeed send him flying as well.

Ela came out screaming with a huge sword in her right hand and a grenade in the other. She had a smol helmet on over her head, giving her the appearance as she had ram horns.

The minions just hung back, waiting for easy prey. All of their heads were pointed in Ela's direction, picking up on how childish she sounded and children are always easy prey.
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